Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Sudan arrests group suspected of planning violence

June 27, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – The Sudanese police arrested, on Sunday a group of supporters of the former regime suspected of planning violence during protests to commemorate June 30, 2019 events.

Resistance committees will organize a popular rally on 30 June to commemorate the second anniversary of national protests on 30 June 2019 that forces the military council to accept handing over power to a civilian government.

The General Attorney “arrested a group of remnants of the former regime who were planning to cause chaos, violence and riots,” said a statement issued by the Empowerment Removal Committee.

The Committee further said that the group was planning to use the peaceful processions expected on June 30 to undermine the constitutional order.

The authorities were able to identify them through close investigations, monitoring based on reliable information, stressed the statement.

Judicial sources in Khartoum told the Sudan Tribune that more than 10 people were arrested, including officials of the former regime affiliated Student Union and a former officer in the General Intelligence Service.

On Saturday, the authorities arrested a retired Major General of the General Intelligence Service, Mohamed Hamid Tabidi, and a young leading member of the former regime, Alnuman Abdel Halim. On Sunday they arrested Muhanad al-Sheikh, a journalist close to the former regime.

On Thursday, the committee said that it had thwarted a plot to undermine the transitional authority through armed violence.

Also, the authorities confiscated 20 mobile phones smuggled to the leaders of the former regime in Kober and Alhuda prisons.

Officials said the detainees exchanged messages with their partisans outside prisons about the planned protests on 30 June.