Monday, December 6, 2021

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New batch of Minnawi troops arrives in North Darfur

SLA-MM fighters arrive in El-Fasher on 17 July 2021 (ST photo)
SLA-MM fighters arrive in El-Fasher on 17 July 2021 (ST photo)
July 17, 2021 (EL-FASHER) – A new batch of troops affiliated with the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army led by Minni Minnawi(SLM/A-MM) arrived in North Darfur on Saturday to take part in the protection of farmers in the state.

The force, which consists of hundreds of fighters, armoured vehicles and four-wheel drive vehicles, was welcomed outside the tricks of the city by the SLA-MM Chief Juma Hagar and the Head of the SLM-MM section in North Darfur Mohamed Youssef Abu Hareira among others.

The group did not mention where these troops were based before reaching North Darfur. Previously UN reports mentioned the presence of the SLA-fighters in Libya alongside the forces of the Libya National Army of Khalifa Haftar.

In statements after the troops’ arrival, Hagar said that these forces will participate in the joint forces to maintain peace and security in the Darfur region in accordance with the provisions of the security arrangements.

“In addition, they will be participating, within the joint units composed of regular forces and the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF), formed by the state government to protect the agricultural season” he stressed.

Abu Hareira, also, confirmed the SLA-MM fighters to protect farmers and to take part in the joint protect force to maintain security in the region.

The government and the peace groups of the SRF have agreed to implement the security arrangements. However, the government says struggling to have the needed funds for the implementation of the expensive process.

However, almost all the fighters of the former rebel groups now are gathered in different cantonment sites in Darfur.

Leaders of the armed groups stress the need to speed up the process saying the delay in the implementation of the security arrangements pushed some of their uncontrolled elements to commit some attacks and looting in the cities and even the capital.

In Kadoguli, the Secretary-General of the Third Front (Tamazuj), Okasha Suleiman called on Saturday to expedite the implementation of the security arrangements, stressing that the move is crucial to reduce the “negative phenomena in the capital and the states”.

He stressing the group is cooperating with the security forces to resolve the violations committed by some members of his group.

Tamazuj members were involved in several bloody looting attacks in Khartoum state. Khartoum governor recently called on the government to order the group’s elements to quit the capital and to hand over the culprits to justice.