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Ruling party merges with former Sudanese president party

KHARTOUM, Mar 2, 2005 (SUNA) — The leaders of the ruling National Congress party (NC) and the People’s Working Forces Alliance (PWFA), Omer Al-Bashir and Jafar Mohamed Nemeiri, respectively, have called for establishment of a united front to re-build the homeland, confront the challenges and maintain the nation’s unity.

nimeiri.jpgThe NC and the PWFA Wednesday declared their merger in a united entity. Addressing a meeting between the leaders of the two parties, Sudanese president Omer Al-Bashir, described the merger between the two parties as a step to boost the relations between the political parties in a new spirit and to unite all the people of Sudan.

He said that the merger will have positive impact in the current stage and the future.

President Al-Bashir pointed out that both the National Salvation, Al-Bashir’s regime and May, Nemeiri’s regime, “Revolutions” were erupted for the sake of the unity of the Sudanese people and the internal front toward paving the way for development and progress.

He called for establishment of a united national front that includes all the people of Sudan, far away from political fanaticism.

Al-Bashir stressed that the efforts will be continued to realize security and stability in Darfur and to quell the attempts to ignite sedition fire in east Sudan.

Meanwhile, Sudanese president has praised the efforts and accomplishments of the former President Jafar Nemeiri during the period of his presidency to Sudan, especially his declaration to the adoption of the Islamic Sharia.

The leader of the PWFA, Jafar Nemeiri said at the meeting the merger between his party and the National Congress was motivated by the desire to confront the challenges and conspiracies and to reach an end to the conflict and blood-shed in the country.

He called on the government to open a new chapter of relation with the opposition and to declare amnesty for those elements who did not commit crimes against the homeland.

Nemeiri said that the merger will enable his party’s leaders to reflect their experiences with regard to implementation of the peace agreement, referring to the 1972 peace agreement.

He affirmed the Alliance commitment to the recent peace agreement as well as its support to the government efforts to expand security and stability, combat terrorism and to enhance Sudan relations with other countries.