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SPLM office in Khartoum seeks to boost ties with political parties

KHARTOUM, Mar 8, 2005 (Sudan Tribune) — Under directive of John Garang, a delegation from SPLM office in Khartoum lead by Agog Ma Kor, paid a visit to general political parties in Khartoum.

Head of delegation, member of the SPLM Executive Office, Agog, said the visit is part of preparations for SPLM delegation arrival in Khartoum on March 10 – 15, in addition to strengthening ties with other political parties.

He said the SPLM delegation began by visiting the headquarters of the Democratic Unionist Party in Khartoum where DUP General Secretariat expressed determination to strengthen ties with SPLM by focusing on exchange of visits.

Agog added that the delegation also will visit Umma National Party and will meet its members of Executive Office.

Meanwhile, a delegation from SPLM will travel to Dongola in northern Sudan and Kosti in central Sudan to open the SPLM offices there, while another delegation will head to Medani to take part in celebrations marking the Women’s International Day.

First Vice President Ali Osman Mohammed Taha and John Garang called for accelerating implementation of the peace agreement, announcing that SPLM delegation headed by Executive Relations Secretary Nhial Deng is to arrive here in mid-March.

The SPLM delegation comprises 70 members and that the delegation will visit the Blue Nile and South Kordofan areas.