Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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Sudan rules out ties with Israel

albeshir_tete_peti.jpgKHARTOUM, March 24 (AFP) — Sudan ruled out establishing diplomatic relations with Israel but said it would not oppose other Arab countries from doing so, the official news agency SUNA reported.

“Sudan will not normalize ties with Israel as long as it continues to occupy Palestine and Arab territories and objects to the return of the Palestinian refugees to their homes,” said President Omar al-Beshir.

He was speaking to reporters on his way home from a two-day Arab summit in Algiers that ended with a declaration renewing an Arab initiative for Middle East peace.

Initially tabled by Saudi Arabia and revised by Jordan, the Arab initiative calls on Israel to withdraw from all Arab territories in exchange for normal relations with Arab countries.

“Based on the Arab peace initiative, Arab countries will therefore consider the Arab-Israeli conflict over and will set up normal ties with Israel within the framework of a comprehensive peace,” said the Arab leaders.

Three Arab League member countries — Egypt, Jordan and Mauritania — have established full diplomatic relations with the Jewish state and a number of others have low-level ties with Tel Aviv.

“Sudan has no right to prevent others from normalising ties with Israel because this is something connected to the sovereignty and vision of each state,” the Sudanese president said.