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Sudanese president sees separation of South Sudan possible

CAIRO, April 1, 2005 (KUNA) — Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir said it was possible that the southern part of his country would decide to separate by the end of the current transition, but underlined his confidence that residents of the south would favor to remain united with Sudan.


SPLM leader John Garang (left) shakes hands with Sudanese president Omar El Bashir (right), in the presence of Kenyan president Mwai Kibaki (centre) Wednesday April 2, 2003

Bashir told the Cairo-based “Al-Ahram Al-Arabi” Magazine in an interview to be published Saturday that Arab joint action would remain targeted, noting the activities underway in southern Sudan indicate that the Arab nation was always targeted (by enemies).

He mentioned that the war in southern Sudan started in 1955, one year ahead of Sudan’s independence in 1956.

The Sudanese leader accused Israel of exploiting of the situation in the Sudanese troubled region of Darfur, to interfere in his country through alleging the Darfur issue was Jewish-related.

Al-Bashir, whose country will host the next Arab summit, said the Arab nation was passing through difficult circumstances and that Arab leaders’ only option was unity. He praised their support to Sudan in resolving the Darfur issue and in creating peace in the south.