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SSDF rejects South-South Conference resolutions

South Sudan Democratic Forum/USA

Press Release

April 25, 2005

The South Sudan Democratic Forum/USA Unequivocally Rejects the So-called Covenant of the People of South Sudan Signed By SPLA Subsidiaries in Nairobi, Kenya on April 22, 2005: The Democratic Forum/USA Calls on the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, and Norway to Save the People of South Sudan from an Imminent Civil War

The concluded three-day one sided conference, incorrectly hailed as South-South Dialogue held under the auspices Moi African’s Institute on April18-22, 2005, did not fetch but more confusion to an already fragile political situation in South Sudan. Apparently, the cacophonous issues, which the conference was intended to address, were not addressed and other political and armed groups in and outside Sudan were not invited. The conference overlooked the issues of the power sharing in the South during the interim period, tribal and ethnic tensions, allocation of reconstruction resources, the issue of the capital, and the integration of all armed groups into one united Southern Army, among other things. Instead, irrelevant subjects to the root-causes of the conflict that led to the fragmentation of the SPLA into many movements were polished in an attempt to depict and sideline particular ethnicities as opponents of the so-called Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

Even with advice to Moi Foundation through Gen. Lazaro L. Sambweiyo. The IGAD Mediator to the Sudan’s peace process, the conference was conducted in an iniquitous unethical manner, which made its resolutions extraneous. The South-South Dialogue is a process of reconciliation and healing of wounds and not a place to challenge or change leaderships, we’ve told General Sumbweiyo. During our long phone conversation, General Sumbweiyo noted the importance of the SSDF and Diaspora involvement in the process of reconciliation, taking a serious observation of the Northern Ireland civil war where the Diasporas’ money contributed in the escalation of the conflict. We were baffled and stunned with President Moi’s undiplomatic conduct and the far-flung approach he conducted South-South Dialogue.

The events of April 18-22 did not take a reconciliatory tone but a confrontational one. The language of Professor Moses Machar, head of Sudan’s ruling party delegation to the conference, noticeably expressed his pettiness in dealing with sensitive issues in an established manner. We are at a time where symbolism is intrinsic in widening political debate to ensure popular acceptance. The four key-note-speakers who opened the conference were all members of the same tribe (Dinka). This sent a very negative signal to the rest of the south that the conference was a showcase to advertise political savoir-faire of one tribe, the very reason why we went to war against the Arabs. South Sudan encompasses many tribes just like Kenya and other nations of the world.

The mistake committed by Moi Foundation could indeed escalate the situation into an uncontrollable state where the peace we all are hoping for could be in jeopardy. We are humans and human are bound to making mistakes, with good faith such mistakes can be corrected so that we can move forward without leaving anyone behind.

The Position of South Sudan Democratic Forum/USA, which is an alliance of the South Sudan Referendum Forum (SSRF), South Sudan Civic Societies, the Sudan People’s Democratic Front, The South Sudan Liberation Movement (SSLM), and the South Sudan Defense Forces (SSDF), is:

1. We unequivocally reject the so-called Covenant of the People of South Sudan at its entirety for partiality and for falling short of addressing the issues of conflict in the South.

2. We call on the IGAD and its friends the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Norway to salvage the situation by calling for an inclusive South-South conference.

3. We call for a formation of a preparatory committee that will work to set the agenda for the conference from all the known southern political and military groups that operate in and outside Sudan.

We hope for the best and God bless.

– Thomas Tut Doap, Acting Chairman
– South Sudan Democratic
– Forum/USA
– Email: [email protected]