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Expelled Sudan SPLM official accuses Salva Kiir of ‘dictatorship’


February 24, 2008 (KHARTOUM) — Telar Deng, former state minister at the presidency launched a fierce attack against Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) leadership and accused its chairman Salva Kiir of being a dictator.

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Telar Deng

“There is no democracy in the SPLM and they were never democratic to start with. If they were why are their members prohibited from criticizing or blaming the chairman or the Secretary General” Deng said in an interview with the pro-government Akhir-Lahza.

“The chairman is now the center of everything in the SPLM since he is the one who expels people from the movement and the army without consulting with anyone in the political bureau he added.

Telar Deng along with Aleu Ayieny, the former state minister of interior, were expelled from SPLM’s political bureau and the national assembly as well as the SPLM’s membership in general as of December in a decree issued by Kiir.

The chairman’s decision was taken on the grounds of the report by the investigation committee that was formed to investigate Telar Deng’s statements in which he accused some SPLM members of plotting to topple Salva Kiir and Aleu Ayieny’s repeated statements in which he accused the Ugandan government of being complicit in the death of the SPLM’s former leader, John Garang.

But Deng said in the interview that he did not meet with the investigation committee though he said he appealed the decision.

The former SPLM official said that the two main reasons for his expulsion because he said that the Secretary General Pagan Amum “does not respect Salva Kiir and gives him no consideration”.

Deng said the second reason is that some people around Kiir told him that the chairman and the nominee for the secretariat “cannot be from the same region [Bahr El-Gazal] because other SPLM members won’t like it so you have to expel him so as not to jeopardize his chairmanship”.

“The SPLM chairman has no right to expel or suspend any member; this power is vested in the political bureau” he said.

Deng said that his expulsion is in line with other non-democratic practices inside the SPLM.

“There are things happening inside the SPLM that cannot be imagined. There is a General in the SPLA named Berto Mamul who has been imprisoned for over a year and a half with no charges being brought against him. There is also Queen, John Macor and Martin Macway as well who have been detained without investigation or charges or prosecution” he said.

“The purpose of these bogus accusations and non-genuine trials is to reshuffle the cabinet and bring in new people which is what happened” he added.

Deng also noted that there is a power struggle within the SPLM between different factions.

“There is an ideological struggle between those who believe in new Sudan as a strategic direction for the SPLM in the context of getting rid of the ruling National Congress Party (NCP)” Deng said.

“Nowhere in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) does it mention anything about the new Sudan. The CPA is an agreement to end the war and achieve peace and democratic transition” he added.

He further accused some SPLM figures of seeking an alliance with Northern opposition parties to weaken the NCP.

“Why should we go to the Northern opposition parties to discuss the CPA? If we wanted to change the agreement why did we sign it in the first place? Why don’t we just sit down with the party who we signed the agreement with?” he said.

The former SPLM official that this is direction taken by the “northerners” within the SPLM who are “unhappy about the CPA because it grants the south the right of self-determination”.

“Where would Yasir Arman, Malik Agar, Mansour Khalid, Deng Alor, and Luka Biong go if the South decides to secede? They are all communists and all of the people in the SPLM Northern sector are communists with only one southerner present” he added.

Deng said that the SPLA units are hungry and “they are tying to provide food for themselves through their rifles. When they are hungry they create this anarchy we are witnessing”.

On the economic front Deng said that “there is no development in the true sense of the word”.

“There are roads and hotels inside Juba and nothing else. This is contrary to the vision of Late Dr. John Garang who said that he will move the city to the countryside. Currently it is the other way around” Deng said.

“There are no roads in the countryside or services or goods or water or health or schools. The legitimate question is that where did the oil money that add up to $3.5 billion go? Why wasn’t the government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) able to get assistance from other countries?” he asked.

“There are phony jobs that exist in the south that are in excess of what is needed and their salaries are higher than anywhere in the world. The junior officer in the south is paid $4,000 monthly and there are commissions with managers who do nothing with an army of employees such as commission for combating corruption and human rights” Deng added.

Deng also accused the SPLM leadership of having multi faces on the issue of unity or secession from the north.

“The SPLM in Egypt say that they are in favor of unity, in Nairobi they are for secession and in Khartoum for the new Sudan. There is no clear direction for the people to vote for. In addition to that they ignored the Nuba Mountains and Darfur. No SPLM official has bothered to visit the region since the CPA’ he said.

“They have not appointed any leaders from Nuba Mountains since Youssef Kuwa passed away because Abdel-Aziz Al-Hilu does not represent the Nuba people and he is from Darfur Masalit. We in the SPLM have no plan for developing the region who stood by us during the civil war years” he added.


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  • 25 February 2008 05:23, by Duop Chak

    Mr. Telar,
    I have to remind you that South Sudan is more than our personals and in order to overcome these issues we must first work hard for our people. If you believe your case is justified then you have right to make your case before South Sudan Supreme Court and/or related body. We don’t need more divisions this time in Southern Sudan, and I’m urging you to help build our young nation (soon to be determined).

    Wishing you success in your future endeavors,

    Duop Chak

    repondre message

    • 26 February 2008 02:18, by Lago Gatjal Riaka

      Mr.Doup, there is no such as Supreme Court in Southern Sudan and even if there might be one, it might not function right by interpreting the law.

      Although there might be a group of individuals who might be capable of interpreting the law in Southern Sudan, first of all there is no law to interpret. Therefore, in this case, your arguement is a weak one to raise.

      Teler Deng is raising an important issue regardless of what you think about him. He is a true
      Southerner, he is a native born of Southern Sudan and deserve to speak up against what he sees in leadership of

      Moreover, you seem to be urging Teler Deng to help contribute to building our young nation; Southern Sudan. First, I would like to clarify something before I deconstruct what you mean here with contrary to SPLM leadership in Southern
      Sudan. When you say Southern Sudan, you are refering to an autonomy region,and maybe a province which does not qualify to be young nation since Southern Sudan still part of Sudan.

      Nonetheless, the so call SPLM does not advocate for an independence Southern Sudan because of its vision of a New Sudan calling for a secular democratic Sudan in which Southern Sudan would still remain in the union.

      Deng is a true Southerner who I believe from his writings would love Southern Sudan to be an independence and who believe that it is important to work toward independence South Sudan and that is why probably he is at war with people like Salva Kiir and his stupid man Pagan Angos. These individuals with their SPLM vision want to ruin Southern Sudan interest. It is good that Aleu and Teler are dealing with them in dialoque.

      repondre message

      • 26 February 2008 07:54, by Chol Nyok

        Hi Boy,

        I am pleased to read your commence and critism which portrayed that you as a true disciple of Telar Deng. Mind you, your man has no fix acussations and faith in SPLM/A leadership. Mr Deng is struggling to brain wash Southerners by using slogans from Late Dr Garang and that will not blindfool the people of South Sudan to trace who is Telar in colours.

        We all know that Kiir is a military oriented and unskilled, far worse lack vision that all Southerners can believe in however, what can we do? If we topple Kiir’s government at this point before 2011 that we have created a vaccum which can be used by our enemy in the north to divide us.

        Moreover, Telar did expose his vision and position instead he is preaching malices which are not combining. We know SPLM/A has bad records of corruption, human right abuses but they covered them up in the name of liberation.

        Please I would advise you and your man to form a political party because he is a politician and not to blackmail Kiir’s leadership and humble man,‘Pagan Amun’. Pagan has got no power struggle with Salva Kiir and even the rest of Garang orphans. They believe in principles of SPLM/A as liberation party for the people of Southern Sudan and other marginalised areas.

        Ask your man to stop gossiping.

        repondre message

      • 26 February 2008 12:09, by Ahasakmoi

        Dear Friend, your article has nothing that can help us to build our nation as it doesn’t embraces any nation development but egotry. Your interest in posting it, is to support Teller may be he is your uncle or tribeman or whatsoever the case may be who knows, but that is the way for failure. Are you really in Sudan and for Sudanese ?

        Do you remembered when your Telar accused Pagan Amum of treason? Furhter more,Check his lastest intewrview, he is still going ahead with another baseless acusation and people are wondering, what could be the problem with Telar, is it because he has lost SPLM membership.? For if he is your uncle, tell him SPLM is not the only political party in the south, so let him not finish off his crocodile tears before our refurendum.

        For your information, if that is how we can support things, then I am worried of your future, how can you say ’that we have no supreme court in the south ’? ,that is perhaps why I had aked you earlier that, are you in Sudan or you are a lost boy ?

        Of course we all know that there is corruption in SPLM but do you know that your Telar was one of those involved in such dubius contracts? If he can sell us the southerners to the so-called Khartoum regime, is there any difference between him and those who harvested lots of money in their granaries in the south ? Absolutely, No. We only wish Telar safe journey to his new political party that can serve the interest of NCP better than SPLM.

        If he cannot, then let him Go to exile or do other business than Rubbing the heads of our politicians all the time.

        repondre message

      • 26 February 2008 13:40, by Urbano Tito Tipo

        You are right Mr. Gatjal Riaka. Thanks for your constructive commends. There are still people dreaming of an independent south sudan. We are already in the hands of unionist/communist. Our friends should prepare for the next war if they want an independent south sudan. You will see in the next SPLM convention in May 2008. The prominant SPLM members will be left out. Now these fellows are nominating or orgainizing underground elections in the states. Most people who will go are from NCP posing as SPLM members as I could see. God save our souls.

        repondre message

        • 27 February 2008 00:09, by Ahasakmoi

          My Friend, God is not saving your soul but satan in NCP will destroy your soul. You are the very persons confusing southerners, instead of God saving you, your soul will be punished and you will obviously receive the punishment you are looking for. Are you not tied of 21 yeras in the bush, where was NCP ?

          Please take care

          repondre message

      • 27 February 2008 23:38, by Kur

        The guy is now claiming things that are stupid and baseless. When Telar Deng was a shadowy member of the SPLM, he became the minister. Within that context of having a ministerial position, Salva Kiir was not a dictator. Now having lost his position within the movement, the true picture of this political demagogue has now emerged. He is simply a political prostitute. So my friend, I want to address you as a supporter of Mr. Deng that Southern Sudan will never miss people like him. He is a disease and the SPLM leadership was right to get rid of him. He was using the SPLM’s political card to enter the government, but he was actually working for the NCP.

        repondre message

  • 25 February 2008 05:46, by James James

    Mr. Telar Deng:

    I know you spoke very clearly and so louder than thunderstorm, but, you check this out brother, the time you people rented houses in Nairobi, kafanguria,Kitale, Eldoret, Nakuru and Kampala, some of us were sleeping on sorghume bags in Kapoeta, Narus, Buma, Bor, Torit, new cush Ayod, Pachalla,Tony etc, and you were with Dr. Garang day and night without saying a word, regarding the suffering of those in those mentioned areas.

    So what made you to be very vocal this time ?
    Get me right homy, I know there is no develpment in south Sudan, there is corruption, but according to me, that should not be loaded on Salva and Riak, because you people have been talking of Garang foot-step, so Salva and Riak are just following Garang footstep. this is word you have initiated before Salva came to power.

    I think for now, You better join NCP or keep your food mouth shut.
    we don’t care whether you schedule interviews with Uomdurman or Iran just go ahead.

    I hope you like that.

    God bless.

    repondre message

    • 25 February 2008 15:47, by Trueson of Southerner

      James James,you will be better than unlogic,because I can see that you are improving and truned away from rubbish comments based on un-founded facts.
      Please keep on regaining the positives attitudes of humanity and respects.
      Please don’t hesitate to recieved my congratulation for the good comment you posted for the first time, which i don’t expect to happen from you and it may not continues,but through my tireless prayers,you will be better in the near future.thank you.

      repondre message

  • 25 February 2008 05:47, by John Garang alias Johnsalt

    Oh my God! what a hell can a man of substance bluff like a toddler. Mr. Telar Deng needs to be inform, it is not democracy to go and wash your dirty linen in somebody’s place. I doubt whether you do extend your family or domestic hiccup to other married men to hear. Rem. you re only casting yourself deep into the abyss of a mere simpleton and scum of our society. Your interview with the pro-NCP newspaper is a sheer indication of lust to enter in bed with anybody to satisfy your ego. Anybody who solicit audience thro NCP is complicit in the filthy tricks of the arabized and monoplized NCP of the minority.........I think your dire desire is a love of power and not a power to love your own fraternity. Watch out ......

    repondre message

  • 25 February 2008 06:24, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

    The issue of Kiir leadership is a big and long history if we are to come and negotiate its it may take 48 days debate.lets talk about current and future theories not John garang the world still existing without de word Garang,if you still dreaming about him than lets form new name apart from SPLA/M.the policy of tribalism selection of leaders in SS should be abolish we need anyone with ability of driving a real nation would be accepted to make an exercise not appointed by Kiir.i would like to make it short that dont compalin about selt determination of SPLA or SS we have rights and power to gain our expression of SS and there is no need for our black chamleaones Yasir Arman, Malik Agar, Mansour Khalid and Luka Biong as there will be a single room for them no where else also in other hand SS has not different to a lorry driven by unqualified driver who cannot manage all satuations anywhere at anytime thats why Mr Kiir is just standing on bridge as the result he keep saying unity in SPLA,secession in Nairobi and khartoum.and such confusion of your own people will make him to lose,one major issue the capital of SS is just a word but the evironment and sanitation has no different to a pit latrine as now people are complaining about turning a village into town,why are you sticking to garang opinions,its because you lack logically process nor there is an attempt of removing Juba,how do you begin the foundation of your house according to builder not from main areas before going to sides well we have realsed that the minerals and reosurces of SS are for personal and regional benefit not SS general,anyway lets put it sideway as our dreams are in prograss but lets beleive in better nation.corruption among tribalism empowering a nation and laying to people without specfic mission and goals should be abolish before tomorrow.

    equality,respect,and reality are de ways to achieved
    good nation comes from good leader

    thanks everyone,i appreciate the presenatation of this topic

    repondre message

    • 25 February 2008 07:17, by Trueson of Southerner

      Mr Logic,you better stopped the comments as you don’t know how to presented your opinion logically,because your comments is alway have alot of contradiction as they are not straight forwards.secondly,you don’t narrow your paragraph to give a clear and meaningful statement to the readers;besides you don’t separate your sentence with comma,semicolon or even fulstop.please you are not logic or rather you are not healthy in mind.I guess you posted your comment under the circumstances of drunkness as you are addicted to,because i know you better.

      repondre message

      • 26 February 2008 12:18, by Ahasakmoi

        True son of southern Sudan, please, can you leave Logic alone. This man is suffering from what to do as he cannot gather information, so far he has collided lots of individuals and I wish, I could see him personally to conclude how logical he is. This is very controversial to his name logic.

        Degallas Ahasakmoi

        repondre message

        • 26 February 2008 13:37, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

          look at this group of SS pigs how stupid you are bloody idiotic man like trueson of bitch,where are you sleeping at the moment in bar nor toilets.totally crazy and drunkard intending to reply me.what do you know about me bloody fucking man.

          repondre message

    • 25 February 2008 07:34, by Thon Raan

      Mr. Logic, your dreams will never succeed because you are lacking logical ideas. I went through your comments and they are bogus and insipids contradictory to the artilces.

      Mind you brother, this man here by name Telar and the rest includng yourself are the protagonist of the failure in the SPLM leadership. We people of South Sudan and in particular Dinka Community will and shall never forget Garang eventhough you guys shed a crocodile tears in Garang’s death.

      Juba is rubbish to be consider as a national city. How come a latrine with sissies be a city while fine and colorful places are there. I can’t mention them but you know who they are. Your dull brain is driving you crazy brother. A city should be in the middle like Garang’s mind because Garang thinks of something within and is beneficial to everybody in Sudan. Kiir like other leaders in the SPLM is also trying to do so. I encourage you brother to adopt or apply the same logic instead of babbling.

      Thanks to you.

      Thon Raan.


      repondre message

      • 27 February 2008 00:44, by Ahasakmoi

        Mr Thon, what you are trying to gather is good to you and your selfish interest. How do you say Juba is a rubish pit or dirty city, it’s just becase you wish it to be at your home town or your mother area, but that is not the case. You have to be serious on what you are saying.

        You can try and try for hundreds years still it wil remain in its place. I would rather advise you to join other individuals in developing our city after which we shall shieft to where you wish yours to be. We have learnt of your foul plays about sabotaging any developments to be done in Juba, but we don’t reach any how.

        Juba doesn’t belong to Equatorians alone but the southern city for all southerners as I can tell you, please stop misleading the community on such baseless thoughts ok.

        repondre message

        • 27 February 2008 08:45, by Thon Raan


          I’m really well-up and comfortable in my home area. I agree with you brother that Juba is not for Equatorians actually.

          I learn and read history of Sudan and I know the boundaries that lies to each community in Sudan as a whole.

          In restrospect, Juba people are never sincere and realistic in their doings or maybe we have seen some changes in you the new generation of Greater Equatoria. The reason why I called Juba rubbish is because of its people’s wicked hearts, fearfulness, and Loyalty to enemy that is Arabs.

          People are trying to bring you back but still some elements like LOGIC and the rest are getting mad. Thanks for your kind respond.

          Thon Raan

          repondre message

    • 25 February 2008 19:43, by Good South in Ruin!

      Mr. Logic, your access to internet services is just a privilege not a right, right?

      Your ambiguous writing in whatsoever comments you have made has already told on you and everyone lash back at you.

      Again, you have such a feeble command of language that can’t even express your point clearly.

      You are just a sheep or pig! Can you please drop the kitchen gossips and join the democratic forums of Southern Sudan to help us steer political crisis in our being-born nation?

      Having read all your unsighted (blind) reactions with keen interest as a patriotic equatorian, I have seen no green future for equatorial in you.

      You can’t even merely separate sugar from salt!
      I am not at a point of insulting you but someone – who claimed to know you more– has previously put in plain words that “clever water” may be your providence.

      Since peace has come, and markets are prospering in Equatoria, why can’t you take your figure seven (a hoe) and cultivate cassava for us – Equatorians.
      There you can earn a prestigious living than pretending to be who completely, you aren’t!

      A man who pays attention when corrected is wise!

      Ngiro lo Juan,
      Jama Juba, Sudan

      repondre message

      • 25 February 2008 22:35, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

        trueson of bitch,for truth your starving in foreign countries not in Juba please come to konyo konyo market and get same physical advice not torturing just come and experience what i have for you.your the real parasite who stick in Kiir’s socks and enjoying the remain of foods that Mr Kiir has eaten,
        your always dreaming about him and his remains that you enjoy would he be as an Arab,man i think you would be getting a hot deal for you own action,and for sure as soon as the leadership comes to an ends Mr trueson of bitch you will die because there is other place to go.can you find out by going around and make a survey about current empowering of SS,talking about my parents what do you know about them its like your parents living in the bush naked and sleeping in the ash,your parents are totaly unlucky for giving birth to you SS idiotic man.

        Good South in Ruin

        if your intending to be Equatorian i beleive that there is no room for you in Equatoria as equatroian are not moron like you acting crazy enjoying the company of servant ruled by pigs.your half Arabs and another half SS i may give you chance of participting about SS general not Equatoria.you telling me hoe its our mottor general(equatorian) we learnt to achieve through it.

        should any individual be relaying on sameone like a dog relaying on his master,than your the last and the list SS as trueson of bitch who will die anytime as soon an end comes to face.

        repondre message

        • 26 February 2008 00:54, by John Amule de Lokolong

          Mr Logic

          anyway we know how SS should be operated and handle confidential,but please dont attempt to make self expression at this stage just tolerate whatever you have in your dreams.because all we have different opinions and beliefs but i beleive that lets struggle on one side and promise to achieve before everyone can act.we knew that Mr Kiir has no proper and logically process of self determination as written in the article that he never stick to single goals as on each side he express different ideas and i can see that you and trueson are driving youselves back wards instead of putting the errors in correct orders.can you please concentrate on the written article instead of throwing rotten words on this site.remmeber mistake is done by people and corrected by people also.if we beleive that Kiir nor the proposer is wrong its our duty to overcome the issues not posting such ideas,dont indcrease the fire its good to reduce for the safety of others

          thank you

          repondre message

        • 26 February 2008 15:19, by Trueson of Southerner

          Mr Unlogic,you are going to die fool since you don’t have a side to supports,because you are not actually a southerner by Nationality,but want to cover under the umberlla of Equatorian.being sleeping in Konyo-konyo market revealed your identity that you are just a bitch and rubbish.you are talking about me being in foreign Country and being parasite to President Kiir,what a hell going on with you dog ? you have to differentiate whether am in Southern Sudan living with Kiir or in the foreign coutry living on my own so that our readers can benefit from this debates.Let me tell you that am with President Kiir only as southerner following and give respect to my Goverment and entire Leadership under him,but nothing esle.

          am not against his leadership as you son of dockey(janaumaar) as you talk of over-throwing the Goverment.

          Friend you can not overthrown a goverment in Konyo-konyo Bar,check yourself,who are you?
          again you will die fool.

          repondre message

        • 26 February 2008 16:48, by Good South in Ruin!

          Mr. Logic, your self-acclaimed Logics have made you foolish

          How can you deny me ‘ngiro lo bang’ the right to participate in Equatorians affairs.
          You are just selling this name of Equatoria at serve me cost - stop betraying Equatorians!
          You are more than stupid. Do a mamali lelo.
          ’Ku do koden, Jur lo anika’ but we can not govern with foolish minds like yours. Depend on the otherwise politics drown you early.

          Tinate duma,
          Ngiro Lo Juan

          repondre message

          • 26 February 2008 21:55, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

            Good South in Ruin!,Lokolong and Trueson of Bitch,your yelling there in your street lives but nothing else,just live and wait also i warn you to be more tight on Kiir underwear for your own safety.if am intending to be an Equatorian not bad but am not dying like you feeding on remains of others am self confidential individual with strong ambition not like your leader standing on bridge like a prostitute btn two males.bloody moron people using their rotten language aganist me,if you keep insulting in your fucking languages where you have grabb from other tribes during SPLA you better use in your bars.

            repondre message

            • 26 February 2008 23:33, by John Amule de Lokolong

              Mr Logic

              am the real Equatorian aswell i can read the writting of mr Good South in Ruin!,its not aganist you its a point of telling you that,your going on wrong side not wrong but wrong time of acting,(ku do aju lio pureni pure yi aje gown bak ?utu logon i ?erot na Equatoria ama ba?a gwe ko taju).for truth take this few advice if you can read my writting my friends as i dont you yet,dont hide yourself be proud as SS not Arabs or LRA member,if your not my friend dont attempt to be Equatorina in such expression and disasters you always keep vomiting like same one who have eaten a rotten lazard or snake poison

              thank you

              repondre message

              • 27 February 2008 08:16, by Good South in Ruin!

                Dear Amule lo Lokolong

                Mr. Logic is a lost Equatorian.
                His bluint spear in politics can never do anything without you and I behind him.
                Can you imagine how is responding to us when we cheated others to make him understand in Kutuk na bang?

                He is so silly and foolish to be changed. A man preserves what he needs to pursue.


                repondre message

              • 27 February 2008 12:15, by BIAR PETER AYUEN AGUEK

                The Web is getting dirty!!

                It is unhealthy to see such a beautiful web being use for insults and self expression by those guys who claims to be honest and generose. Can you please evaluate yourselves of such a scenario? In the first place, a good citizen is the one who obey and dignify the image of his Nation, in which you guys are contrary to it, can you imagine the time and energy you wastes not only exchange of unproductive words but to an extend of abusing our leaders? Please brothers, let us be good citizens of which the future welfare of the nation leans, beside that, we need to avail respect to our beloves leaders though they are not perfect, we don’t have to hire the wises out of the nation to rules us, it can be a paradox. Therefore, we better concede and meld together for the peace and prosperity of our baby country or we shall remain the backwarded community/society in this planet.

                Let’s unite to face one major enemy and let’s divorce the home/internal wars, for it is unending, since those minor wars exist since the creation and they don’t have any greater impacts, both negatives and positives. Infact, they are not real wars but grudges developed due to starvation and wel-rooted hatreds by the enemy and if we fail to accomplish that the world will come to an end yet we still in dillemas.

                Biar can be reached at awumbeny@yahoo.com

                I love Southern Sudan.

                repondre message

            • 27 February 2008 08:01, by Trueson of Southerner

              Are you still alive? when are you going to die so that,we are relieved from your sick ideas and rotten comments? whom are you going to listen to so that,you stop your foolishly reply to the blessed fellow true southerners who are trying their best to get you out from the bar and latrine you made your sleeping room ?
              Brothers,let leave him,he is a dead person,he is even suffering from HIV/AIDS.

              repondre message

              • 27 February 2008 09:00, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

                look at this son of bitch copying the writting of others,its not your remains from your master.your dreaming of killing people.if thats how your view is going work my friend you will end up like others crashing and murdered like a chicken without a witness.if your dreaming to be SS iddi Amin hopeful you will die like a dog,you better keep cleaning the socks of your boss.if he is an Arab i beleive that your anus will get a hot deal for your fucking action as his servant,come out from brothel areas stupid brought up by pigs parents

                repondre message

                • 27 February 2008 11:46, by Trueson of Southerner

                  Yine meth apeeth,ku yin jaanaraami,ku yine joo,ku yin yene moor kaau e kadhuruuk.what did you know about southern Sudan,while you are not a true citizen ? a dog is better than you and we will be getting rid of you soon.
                  You have no future since you spent the whole day in the barr at konye-konyo market.

                  go away after me otherwise,i will made a search in Konyo-konyo to arrest you for life.
                  Let yourself be fucked by Jalabiin in konyo-konyo through anus,because of money for your drinking,but the will be fucking you to death with circumised organ.

                  repondre message

                  • 27 February 2008 12:03, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

                    you have experience the Penis of Arabs in your anus that is why you keep talking about them.am a prospererous man trading international not like you fucking son of bitch,big prostiute and brought up with brothel money.can you come to konyo knoyo and see what i have bloody stupid.what do you know about me mr idiotic SS.your the fucking crazy guys who fucked cattles instead of girls look at this,how comes that i will work under rules of cattle fuckers

                    you need more fucking as your master is not an Arab,come here i will give you free help and i will never touch your terrible Anus

                    repondre message

  • 25 February 2008 07:32, by martin simon wani

    My goodness, so Southern politicians still maintain the atitude of running to Khartoum to critisise their brothers in government of Southern Sudan? brother Deng it is better for you to form your own opposition party in Southern Sudan than to lounch attaks on the leadership and government of Southern Sudan from Khartoum.

    repondre message

  • 25 February 2008 08:23, by Samani

    Why Oh why do you keep rambling on whenever someone criticizes the SPLM. Mr. Deng might be seeking revenge for his dismissal, but he made some very serious accusations that are already being questioned by many people. Yet no one seems to answer but are quick to call people ’pro-NCP’.

    So instead of complaining about how he missed or doesn’t separate sentence with comma, semicolon or even fullstops. Or ’lacking logical ideas’. Lets look at his claims :

    1)The chairman is the center of everything in the SPLM since he is the one who expels people from the movement and the army. True/False ?
    2)Ugandan government of being complicit in the death of the SPLMs former leader, John Garang. T/F ?
    3)Secretary General Pagan Amum “does not respect Salva Kiir and gives him no consideration”. T/F ?
    4)The nominee for the secretariat “cannot be from the same region [Bahr El-Gazal] because other SPLM members won’t like it. T/F ?
    5)There is a General in the SPLA named Berto Mamul who has been imprisoned for over a year and a half with no charges being brought against him. There is also Queen, John Macor and Martin Macway as well who have been detained without investigation or charges or prosecution”. T/F ?

    6)There is an ideological struggle between those who believe in new Sudan as a strategic direction for the SPLM in the context of getting rid of the ruling National Congress Party (NCP). They are all communists !! T/F?

    7)Nowhere in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) does it mention anything about the new Sudan. “The CPA is an agreement to end the war and achieve peace and democratic transition” . T/F?

    8)There are no roads in the countryside or services or goods or water or health or schools. The legitimate question is that where did the oil money that add up to $3.5 billion go? Why wasn’t the government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) able to get assistance from other countries? Ooh how many times i’ve asked this question !! T/F?

    9)There are phony jobs that exist in the south that are in excess of what is needed and their salaries are higher than anywhere in the world. The junior officer in the south is paid $4,000 monthly and there are commissions with managers who do nothing with an army of employees. T/F?

    10)The SPLM in Egypt say that they are in favor of unity, in Nairobi they are for secession and in Khartoum for the new Sudan. There is no clear direction for the people to vote for. T/F?

    Now i respected the person that said ’We people of South Sudan and in particular Dinka Community will and shall never forget Garang. His lose was tragic and a lose to all Sudanese. But hes gone now, those of you who think all this done now is in his name are fools. The different people that make up the SS Gov. each has his/her agenda and im sure it has nothing to do with Mr. Garangs dreams. One thing im sure Mr. Garang would like to be answered are those 10 questions above. I would like them answered as a curious observer, i would have thought most people in ALL of Sudan would too. If you can answer them please go ahead otherwise dont enlighten us with your ignorance.


    repondre message

  • 25 February 2008 08:35, by Loidemony

    Mr. Telar Ring as a mere Sudanese has every right to criticise the current GOSS. Not because of his qualifications or where he comes from, but because every Institution or a Governmental body deserves criticism. This is a way of moving forward and without pressure from the outside forces, there is no pledge or even surety of doing quality service to the people. I’m not trying to justify his claims however; these allegations ought some accountability if indeed they are deemed to be true. C’mon people! Wake up to yourselves! You are entitled to more privileges than you currently think.

    Peace out!
    Wen Mayom,

    repondre message

    • 25 February 2008 14:57, by Abuoi Jook

      Hi everyone there!
      My respond to Mr Telar Deng is that of stern disappointment simply because Telar has been in the SPLM Government before the claimed imprisoment without charge to General Obote Mamur and other named persons yet Deng neither aired out this nor questioned the GOSS.

      However, after his dismissal, he quickly poised sharp condemnation of the arrest to General on the SPLM and went further ahead to a point of defending NCP from SPLM that the party gained support from Northern opposition parties.

      This steadfastly tells alot the personality of TELAR as a fairdinkum SOUTHERNER seeking refuge from NCP thus cast doubt on his claim and leadership.
      However, Telar has got right to defend his dismissal within the parametres of SPLM not in NCP. Again Telar could have complained about the so-called imprisonment without charge when he was a minister and a member of SPLM Political Bureau not now. watch out guys from this man, a realist always points out mistake when he/she is in power not after the downfall!!

      repondre message

  • 25 February 2008 18:02, by Ben-Fu

    Dogs that steals does not respect their owners or their home.
    Well this time they were not allowed to steal in Kiir administration and so they are shivering. Time changes everything; all those good days are gone and now is time for Telar and Aleu to apply for a position at Bashir kitchen so take it and tell lies Telar and Aleu. We all know that you are betraying us.

    repondre message

    • 25 February 2008 20:24, by Atem Abou

      Oh my good God! How can our own politicians become so infectious as commuicable diseases.They become so dangeriouse to the south Sudanese and even to their own selves. Please Mr.Deng if you want to die, you better die alone then bringing problems to South Sudanese who Have struggle for more than two decades to get their freedom from your collibrators in Khartoum.Please you better joint NCP now then wasting your time.barking like a mad dog in Khartoum will not bring milk to your child nor to yourself.It was you who caused to your self this problem by refusing to come to the investigation committee which was formed by his H.E lt.General Salva Kiir Mayardit.For sure your are unknowingly killing your political interest in the south. I mean to say that your political image in the south has total died.

      repondre message

      • 25 February 2008 22:35, by Deng Thiak Adut

        I ought not to respect the scummed-bag…he is not answerable to public, since he was himself among the top corrupted ministers. The man is confused and disgraced, and he simply wants to bring down few fellows who were in the organised criminal enterprises of money laundering. I wish I had the power to prosecute this sadist. He is the phenotype of the corruption.
        The problem with Kiir is that, he does seem not apply the simply method of deterrence. Dismissal is not enough in the eyes of the public. Ministers keep stealing the public funds, and the remedy the public get is dismissal. This is absurd. What it the role of public prosecution, or is there such a thing called ‘the Department of Public Prosecution’? I suggest that, MP should be personally liable for the debt, or the money owed, laundered or stolen from the public account. Criminal prosecution is appropriate remedy under the above circumstances

        repondre message

        • 26 February 2008 10:15, by Snappy Diddy

          Mmmmmmmmmm!!! I have been silently observing your disucssions online, but alas! I am, at this stage prompted to have a say...... It is disgusting what brings boys on discussion forums where logical issues could be discussed logically, only by adults with sense of maturity in their thinking.... please let’s refrain from distorting critical issues that need critical thinking. Here we are talking about some Mr Deng using Khartoum to find solace and launching attack on Mr Kiir instead of doing so to a system headed by Mr Kiir, he is disatified with, making everything too person.... Mr Logic comes in with his illogical thinking and diverts the whole discussion to feature him! The likes of Logic boy lack critical thinking and they better watch out.....

          For the rest, it is worth-noting that we all got our reserved views on certain political issues. It is Ok for Mr Deng to criticise Kiir’s regime but he would rather seek to redress that issue in Juba to gain the support he so need from Southerners. I agree with some contributor who said Mr Deng has to lodge his claim with the Supreme Court of South Sudan which has a jurisdiction over the claim and a different jurisprudence to that of Khartoum.

          Wishing us all the best in addressing our national issues.

          repondre message

  • 26 February 2008 12:43, by Ahasakmoi

    Mr. Telar, the truth is always bitter, you have tasted it, how does it taste ?
    You blindly accused Pagan Amum without any valid truth just to take off his post according to your nonsense? I have really understood that you are the true NCP supporter, Telar how do you pronounce treason ? how can you denounce it if it was you ?

    If our pary has given you exit, it does not give your photos to other political parties so as not to accept you or blocking you from joining them. For how long will you keep on accusing SPLM and shading off your crocodile tears about your removal and do we care ? we are southerners !

    Again, you are still going on with such selfish accusasions, so what do you think we can do for you ?
    If we were to leave you to manage the leadership of SPLM alone, do you think you could manage with your selfish motives ? Though you are related to Salva, he must suck you, because you are one of the persons confusing the president, you should now taste it and feel it.

    Please, for you to be obsorbed in the south, you should keep quite and leave the political brains to fight for our destiny than rubbing their heads together.

    Wish you safe journey to other parties or you can join your NCP that is working with you to sell and feed on our blood. Have you ever discussed with them the problem of Darfur ? If not why are you throwing it to SPLM ?

    Safe journey Mr. Telar

    repondre message

    • 26 February 2008 15:14, by Snappy Diddy

      Dear all,

      I would like to say a thing about Mr Tilar. As many of you may know, he is an-ever-confused-element! His records are well known in the movement during the struggle. I am not amazed at his behaviour at the moment or other further confusion he may cause to South. Please don’t be bothered about him, let him continue to suck from the fountain of the precious blood of our fallen heros and heroines and he will be answerable to his malicious deeds someday.

      Those who have the same thinking as Mr Tilar are as worse as him and may as well at their discrete join him but stop confusing the conscious populace of the South at this juncture.

      Long Live the People of the South! Long Live our struggle for a genuine cause!

      repondre message

      • 26 February 2008 19:05, by Wilson Wutchok Dhal

        Logic are back with your stupid ideologies of moving parallel to the way where THE true southern peaple are going? if you could have accept my advice,then i would have solve your problem since last two weeks.
        Dear advicers regarding mr Logic, Let us leave him like that.Because there is a word which said if you ask or give advice to a fool then he will turn you to be his potential enemy.

        repondre message

        • 27 February 2008 13:01, by John Mou

          Dear all,

          Thank you all for your discussion. Your hot discussion shows that you are all much concerned about the future of your people in the south and therefore I would like to add my remarks.

          I was confused when some of us in the south brand those who were repatriated from the north back to the south including those who were in the towns during the war as Pro.NCP.

          The Government of Southern Sudan under the leadership of Gen. Salva Kiir and the governors of the states have paid a price to return those people to their home land which has annoyed some people in our communities.

          Let me quote the following from your comments: Ahasakmoi wrote that, “If he can sell us the southerners to the so-called Khartoum regime, is there any difference between him and those who harvested lots of money in their granaries in the south? Absolutely, No. We only wish Telar safe journey to his new political party that can serve the interest of NCP better than SPLM.” While Urbano Tito Tipo puts it like this, “You will see in the next SPLM convention in May 2008. The prominant SPLM members will be left out. Now these fellows are nominating or orgainizing underground elections in the states. Most people who will go are from NCP posing as SPLM members as I could see.” And John Garang alias Johnsalt, “Anybody who solicit audience thro NCP is complicit in the filthy tricks of the arabized and monoplized NCP of the minority.........” Just to mention a few.

          From the above, it has become crystal clear that the arabization and monopolization of the NCP is not limited only to the returnees and the residents of the southern towns during the war but to even those in the ranks of the SPLM like Telar Ring, Aleu Ayeny and others.

          Therefore, let us not discriminate our fellow citizens who are coming back to participate in peace building of our nation, Southern Sudan.

          repondre message

          • 28 February 2008 02:20, by sudanson

            Dear Telar Deng, you were a respected individual in the struggle of the black people in Sudan, why did you have to let yourself be bought by Arab money to betray your own blood? if you do not like the leadership then show some respect and go and form your own party,ok why Telar and his like are not investigating the corruption that is going on by NIF for decades, how about the dictatorship Omar el bashir, why Telar deng not critisicing him too? how about the 2 million people killed in genocide in southsudan by NIF and human rights abuse going on in northsudan today?
            South Sudan have been destroyed and cannot be build in just 2-3 years, whoever expect to see southsudan look like New York or London or Tolyo in just 3 years is just a waste dreamer, President Kirr is moving South Sudan int he right direction and with time South Sudan will s tart to do very good with the will and determination of the leaders,Southerners support the leaders and make constructive critism but not condemn or insult them, Where will southsudan go or what will it achieve if devil NIF manage to destroy its leaders? The answere is simple, the whole southsudan will fall apart and this will be the end of black race in Sudan.
            Dear Telar Deng why do you have to side with evil NIF party and it false media against GOSS leadership who is doing his best? you will be curse by the god of the blacks for being a traitor.
            The struggle is not over yet, we are just half way through.

            see you all Sudanson

            repondre message

  • 28 February 2008 03:18, by Ben Oduho

    Mr. Telar Deng as former SPLM member and ordinary citizen has the right to critize the Chairman of SPLM, SPLM leadership, GOSS, for all he has disclosed but this should not be done undercover of NCP.

    Criticism is healthy practice in a democratic state but it has to be constructivie and should not be used to demonize ones opponents, adversries but to lay out the problem. Instead of attacking the problem he selectively attacked those he considered as instrumental to the survival of SPLM/A as movement then and a party now.

    Some could considered Telar assault on SPLM leadership as a revenge for his dismissal, yet we know there mechanism by which such grievances could be addresses. This is not real matter. The crux of the matter is why is dismmissed.

    Since Telar joined the movement he has always been a critic of SPLM/A. His crtiticism in past like now was selective attacks aimed at demonizing the leadership and destroy the movement from within not to correct.

    At one point Telar possed himselve as guinune SPLM by appealing to the core of SPLM values of democracy, equality, justice for all at other moment he want to demonize and undermined the entire SPLM establishment

    Those who are with him in Khartoum know that it was him, Telar Deng, and chorots planted in the presidency who undermind the powers and gives no consideration to Salver Kiir not Pagan Amum Okec. The truth here is that Pagan was not just trying to save his leader but to save the movement from disingtarating and SPLM as party from disintegrating. Had it been that Pagan was undermining powers and gives no consideration Salva he Pagan would not have nominated Brother Salva Kiir as the succesor of his father as some claim him to be son of Garang.

    Those who know how Khartoum government worked in the past and present and now know that NCP like other parties that ruled from Khartoum has not abandoned its policy and strategy of "divide and rule" and tactics of "kill slave by slave ektul al abid bil abid". Since this policy and trategy worked in the past by setting southerners against one another and African against one another tribes against tribes, Arabs agains Africans, Muslims against Christians there is no reason to belief that it is not being used now and will not be used in future. If it is not going to work this time around it is because SPLM under leadership of its wise leaders has exploded this myth of pitting a brother against a brother, North against South, Arab against Africans. However, we are not that naive belief that is not bieng used,sure the strategy still working and it will remain their secret weapon unless all of us everywhere in the Sudan struggling for justice, equality, democracy and freedom know it, attack it from its roots and render it useless as an ideology and instrument for resolving domestic dispute.

    To accuse Gen. Salva kiir of abondoning the cause of the people of southern Sudan by allying with northern parties, and Cairo is not just diversion but a big lie intended to create confusion, political wrangling and infighting among southerners as the case was in the 70’s after the signing of Addis Accord and during 90’s during the liberation war a classical example Gobles theory in use. Repeat lies sevearl times until the lie is believed

    To acusse some members of SPLM as communist was and is yet another strategy Khartoum has always used to undermine the opposition credibility infront of the Sudanese people, southerners in particular and Western nations in general who saw communism as a threat to their national interest yet at the same doing bussiness with communist nations like China. This is was and is not just double talking on their side but another strategy intended to drive wedge among southerns in the way it was in the past.

    Making alliances and coalition has been there since time immimorial whether in time of peace or war. Thus making alliance is part of part and partial of the overall strategy isolating good guys from bad guys. I mean having alliance is not bad at all, it was used by successive Khartoum regimes like Umma Party when it created on hand hand the Tribal Malitia and ally and on the other Arab and Muslim countries during the last 49 yars or so of the war in the South If they were able allie with southern parties against legitimate rights of the people of Southern Sudan and the people of the Closed District in past and against SPLM/A then, and SPLM now why not. The have been able to move the southward why not we move northwards. Instead of waiting to fight the enemy in your back yards it better to to take the war to the enemy it was on this briliant strategies and tactics that SPLM/A was able to gulfinize the marginize people of the Sudan which Sudan African National Union failed to do in the sixty due said policies strategies by successive Khartoum regimes

    While people like Telar critices SPLM and Salva Kiir in particular, for encroching into what ruling eleite in Khartoum considered as its strongholds (northern territory) none of these individual who are opposed to these bold move made by SANU and SPLM to challenge northern parties for sopermacy in Sudan has ever critized those southerners who allied with Khartoum against their own people. By supermacy I mean struggle against the opposite for control of people land, territory and natural resources in the Sudan

    Making alliance is not bad as such, the question is why make alliances and with who. If you are not clear why one is veturing into unknown territory. I bekief the basis for making alliance is there. One of it is that they say the "enemy of your enemy is your firend" The question is in these chain of alliances who is the enemy and who are your friends. If Telar suggest that it was wrong strategy on the side of SPLM to engange the moderate Arab countries, opposition parties in the North and win their support but it is OK when that ball game is played by some them then Telar and other like him has credibilty problem not just among southerners of which he is one but also among the people of Baher el Ghazel and Dinka people in general from which he comes from.

    Telar like some of his sponsoros have no clear goal and Objectives not only for saving the Sudan, country in verge of being declared as failed state or for the people of Southern Sudan and South that on verge of being a free nation.

    The principle of "divide and rule" has wrought havoc once subjugated people: can it be said that pan-Africanism or African solidarity , sudanese nationalism for that matter form part of this principle? _____ ’If the term conveys the idea of a continental, national is a union between the opporessed and oppresors each retaining the status quo, then they are destructive and constructive; but if they mean a union of once the oppressed Africans some whom of today are free, some under subjugation, then here is another challenge’ to Sudanese unity and making alliance. The challenge is which side side must be taken___either with the oppresssed or oppressors

    Instead of sitting by the fense I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT Brother Telar should be brave enough like those who joined NCP, SCP, orchoose to ally with northern parties for a clear strategic objectives instead of those who decided to form their parties that have nothing to do with alliance yet recieve support from the same parties to form one for themselves and let SPLM alone. We shall have fair competitive elections in order to save the lives of our people by proposing policies strategies and tactics of moving them away from war to constructive political engaement for our own prosperty and prosterity of our children.

    repondre message

    • 28 February 2008 05:55, by future of southen sudan

      This is not the time of criticism it is the time of stading together and solving southen sudan problems and thats what ss people should consider. telar deng is not wright splm is still young and everyting will take baby steps and he should be helping. and let me tell you my homie southen sudan is not a democratic state yet but if we work togethere it will be.and telar give me a break i remember when you live in nairobi you hide behide mr john garang back and now you accusing mr kiir of ’dictatorship’well let me tell you if he was you will be dead by now. please if you want you join north do it but remember us the new generation will not forgive dump people like telar.

      repondre message

    • 28 February 2008 11:59, by BIAR PETER AYUEN AGUEK

      your comment is good but......

      Be brief and precised, summarise what you want to say, like this is abnormal and people are not interested in bulky things these days, is a piece of advice i hope you will love it. Thanks

      repondre message

      • 29 February 2008 01:32, by future of southen sudan

        Yo I love your comment but you know Sudanese people this day think just because you have come to western world and have a good knowledge of what democrat is does don’t mean criticizing the gov and also doesn’t mean you are better. Bulky things these days are what people need if you want to express your self.

        P.s Learn from negative and turn then into positive. thanks for your piece of advice

        repondre message

        • 29 February 2008 20:01, by Peter Malek

          Dear friends who greatly contributed with interesting ideas towards Mr. Telar Deng reaction of accusing Salva Kiir as a dictator leader. I would like to add my voice that it is true to criticise our leaders with an objjective criticism, but not sujective like the one of Telar.
          I wonder why Telar the former SPLM member and former SPLM defective member as well, comes up with this idea at this time while he was somtime back when he was Minster exalting Kiir as consultative leader!
          In my view for sure there is something wrong with Mr. Telar at this time, somthing paining him which is something not of the interst of Southern Sudan in particular and Sudan in general which made him so mad. It is his own ego of snatching leadership, he does not deserved.
          Those who want to give him the position of SPLM Secretary general shoud bear in mind that Mr. Telar is not a man of principle and the early nineties can tell his historical defective against the SPLM. Those ignorance and blind supporter should read the history of Telar to become a true SPLM/M legacy builder. They are so blind.
          If he were Kiir he would have created more more outlaws like himself rather of reconciling the Southern anti SPLM/A.
          forces I urge you that a leader is a mixed of natural experiences and beliefs. Telar was not faithful from the very beginning and that why he defected the SPLA/M in her peak of struggle. Then what experience does Telar has now to contest to the higher position of the SPLM?
          Look Pagan Amum went to bush in 1982, i was a member by then in secret cell when I was student in Malakal Higher Secondary School, one students from Greater Bahr El Ghazal then. Pagan did not defect from that time up to the time CPA was sigined on 9/1/2005. Who has the legitmacy now in term of struggle? You yourself can tell.
          Our president joined the SPLA/M in 1983 and had that tough experiences and he did not one day turned against. Look the leadership is not a somthing that can be expressed by words, instead by action and loyality. Who told you our President is an experience President. He is the product Sudanese Army colloge at Kerery like Omer el Bashir. Kiir knows what to do. He will not one day led down the interest of Southern Sudanese people. He is not two minded like Telar. The corruptions we experience today is from wrong elements like Telar. So do not be cheated with the someone speaks, take action.
          Peter Malek

          repondre message

    • 28 February 2008 12:02, by BIAR PETER AYUEN AGUEK

      I mean the above Mr X

      your comment is good but......

      Be brief and precised, summarise what you want to say, like this is abnormal and people are not interested in bulky things these days, is a piece of advice i hope you will love it. Thanks

      repondre message

  • 8 March 2008 02:54, by Demosthenes

    My God southerners are vindictive. Its like we eat our wounded. I wonder how such stupid people will ever hope to run a country. Has anyone considered the possibility if what this man is saying to be true. People should stop and think about what they say sometimes instead letting such ignorant bullshit escape out of that ass of a head of theirs. Have you noticed that people acknowledge what this man is saying to be true. The government of southern sudan is corrupt to the marrow of its bones and is gobbling up tons of cash that belong to us all. Who is supposed to benefit from peace. All of us. I can hear GOSS laughing all the way to the bank. We all know its true. But instead of looking at the people accused, they choose to attack the messenger. Grow up, the way we think is really sad. We the people are the laughingstock of our own leaders and the world at large. Telar, say what you beleive and I hope everything goes well for you and your family. Most of the negative comments sound like they come from bitter individuals who couldnt dream of ever becoming a minister.

    repondre message

    • 19 February 2014 01:33, by Bentiu son

      Fucken,natterer,gossiper n Dinka-Nuer boy aka Teller Ring Deng n Alew Ayuel,what happen today for you in the same brutal dictatorial regime of Salva Kiir? Why you both licking Salva Kiir n his husband Museveni asses now? Is he the same Salva Kiir whom you had accused of being a dictator, visionless or flip flop President who lost SPLM vision, mission or princilpes? Waw!shut up blood money suckers

      repondre message

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