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The 1991 historic move is a blessing to Southern Sudan


By Gatkuoth Lam

July 3, 2008 — Members of the Dinka Bor community around the world have turned the 28th August a day on which they propagate every year claiming that thousands of their community members were massacred in Bor town in 1991 by the then forces of the SPLM/A-Nasir faction led by Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon.

Dr. Machar defected with Commander Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin and Commander Gordon Koang Chol with their forces in a historic move for better change from the old SPLM/A led by the late, Dr. John Garang de Mabior, which Garang then re-named ‘SPLM/A-Torit faction’ after the split. The move was declared on 28th August 1991 in Nasir town in Upper Nile region.
The reasons for the split were clearly articulated by the then SPLM/A-Nasir faction leadership and were understood and still being understood by the concerned people of Southern Sudan in particular and the international community at large. Before the split, the SPLM/A had no clear objective for which the people of Southern Sudan fought and lost two million souls. There were no proper structures put in place for clear responsibilities, which would also guarantee collective decision making in strategizing for the Movement’s programs and executing its war against the Khartoum government. There were also gross violations of human rights by late Garang’s leadership. Dr. Garang was using the Movement as his own property. I will shed some light on these issues in the next paragraphs below.

Since the inception of the SPLM/A in 1983 until 1991, if you asked any SPLA officer what he was fighting for, he would not provide a clear answer simply because he did not know what he was fighting for – or simply say he was not enlightened on the cause of war. I remember when I was in Itang in 1986 and asked a friend of mine who was also a SPLA officer what he was fighting for, he just replied “I don’t know but John Garang knows”. And he continued to say “to me I think we are fighting to liberate South Sudan territory from the Arabs who dominate us.” Even those who thought to be SPLM politicians were not sure about the objective for which the war was launched. And to inquire that from Garang himself for possible correction was deadly.. Tens of thousands of SPLA soldiers lost their lives in battles while not clear about the cause they died for and the destiny they wanted to reach and achieve. This was the pre-1991 situation in the Movement.

There were no proper structures established in the Movement although there were sufficient educated SPLM cadres who could run every necessary structure if established at the time for better strategies on policies and successful execution of the war. Dr. Garang instead established only what he called ‘Political Military High Command’ in 1980s in which he installed semi-literate personalities on most senior positions in that single structure. Dr. Machar was a member of that structure, but intentionally put in the bottom of the list by Garang. The Political Military High Command was mandated by Garang himself to look into matters related to both political and military. The group’s most powerful personalities lacked any political experience and could not even see what was wrong with the objective of the Movement, let alone the importance of establishing a separate structure for SPLM. The way they executed the war was not also professional and this might explain why they could not capture a single major city among the three capital cities of the three regions in the South for twenty one years until the CPA found a way out in early 2005. Worst of all, members of the Political Military High Command could not meet to decide what to do next as a collective body. Many of them did not even know their faces, they just heard of each other’s existence somewhere. Those who were fighting in the battle fields like Dr. Riek Machar in the early years of SPLM/A were depending on orders from Dr. John Garang without their views being put into consideration on how to effectively wage the war.

Late Garang also conspired against his colleagues he perceived to be a threat to his leadership because of they were highly educated. He used to expose PhD holders to battle fields instead of utilizing them to formulate policies for the SPLM as a political wing.

He ordered Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba to attack the government forces with child-soldiers in Jokou town. Dr. Nyaba lost one of his legs in the operation and came back with few survivors of his child-soldiers.

Garang also ordered Dr. Riek Machar Teny, another PhD holder in Strategic Planning in Industry to attack Malut in Upper Nile, which Dr. Machar captured in mid 1980s. After capturing Malut, Garang ordered Machar again to move up to Mayom in Unity state to capture it where the present President of the Republic, Omer Hassen el Beshir was the commanding officer in Mayom before he became the President in 1989. Dr. Machar’s forces got into very fierce battles with Beshir’s forces. His forces wounded Beshir in his leg, but failed to capture the town because they could not get reinforcement.

Late Garang also ordered Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin, another PhD holder in Petroleum Engineering to move to eastern Upper Nile to command SPLA forces in the area in 1980s.

Gross human rights violations were committed by late Garang’s forces against a number of ethnic groups in Southern Sudan, which included massacres. One of the worst massacres committed by Garang was the war he launched against the Gaajaak sub-clan of Jikany Nuer in 1985. The war was launched against the whole sub-clan simply because of an argument over fish between a villager of the sub-clan and a SPLA soldier. The villager went fishing with some of his colleagues, caught a fish and was ready to take it home. Some SPLA soldiers came to the river, and as it was common behavior among the forces at that time, wanted to take the fish by force from the villager. The villager resisted and was then shot dead by one of the SPLA soldiers. Villagers from a nearby village heard the gun shot, rushed to the scene and found their colleague dead. They immediately retaliated by killing a number of SPLA soldiers on the spot. The remnants of those soldiers ran for their lives back to Bilpam, which was the then SPLA General Headquarters on the Ethiopian border. They reported the incident at the Headquarters. The SPLM/A leadership was furious and decided that the whole sub-clan be disciplined by wiping them out of their villages. This was how the war against the Gaajaak sub-clan of the Jikany-Nuer started in 1985, resulting in untold massacres of human beings and their cattle.

Many people who used to hear late Garang’s ambitious comments on the territory occupied by the Gaajaak sub-clan before the war knew that the fish incident was used as a pretext for war against the Gaajaak. Dr. Garang used to tell his Bor intellectuals that the territory occupied by Gaajaak was in fact a Dinka Bor land. He used to explain that the Dinka Bor community was displaced from the land during the Nuer expansion from Bentiu in Western Upper Nile hundreds of years ago. Perhaps by wiping out the Gaajaak from the territory, he would have encouraged the Dinka Bor community to resettle in the land so that they border Ethiopia and resolve their current status of being landlocked in the Bor’s tiny territory in Jonglei. He was not happy also with the way the Nuer inhabit a huge territory without being isolated by other tribes – their land which extends from Western Upper Nile bordering the Nuba Mountains in Southern Kordofan in the north across the River Nile in Upper Nile region up to the Ethiopian border in the East.

Dr. Garang dispatched both late Kerubino Kwanyin Bol and late William Nyuon Bany to personally command that war against the Gaajaak sub-clan. For those of you with short-lived memories, late Commander Kerubino Kwanyin Bol was the Deputy Chairman of the SPLM and Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the SPLA forces. He was number two to Dr. John Garang. Late Commander William Nyuon Bany was the Chief of Staff of the SPLA forces; the post previously occupied by Comrade Salva Kiir Mayardit and currently occupied by Comrade Lt.. General Oyai Deng Ajak. You can imagine how Garang was determined to entirely wipe out the Gaajaak by letting loose those powerful military commanders to massacre the unarmed Gaajaak sub-clan. Both Kerubino and William went to the battle fields to personally command the fighting. The war resulted into untold losses where thousands of people were killed, several villages completely wiped out and burnt to ashes. However, the SPLA won some of the battles but lost the war against the community! Dr. Garang failed to get the territory back to Dinka Bor community. In that war against a sub-clan, the SPLM/A lost a highly educated son of Southern Sudan, Dr. Francis Ngor, a PhD holder after late Garang ordered him to command a force against the community and his forces were annihilated. He was captured and killed by the villagers on spot.

The two parties finally decided to stop the fighting and came back to the peace table and forgave themselves for the sin. That crime against humanity committed by Dr. Garang against the Gaajaak community might have been forgiven but not forgotten. Of course the Gaajaak community may not file criminal cases in The Hague against those three most powerful leaders of the SPLM/A at the time because they are no longer with us on this earth. I personally ask God to forgive late Garang and his colleagues.

Similar atrocities were also committed against other ethnic groups in the South such as the Toposa, Murle, etc. by Dr. Garang’s forces in the 1990s. All are documented!

The claim by the Dinka Bor community intellectuals that the 1991 SPLM/A split resulted in the massacre of Bor by the then Nasir faction leadership was and still a propaganda campaign against personalities like Dr. Riek Machar. Of course, there was a fight over Bor town which actually resulted in the lost of, maybe, thousands of lives. This cannot be disputed! But who can the Bor personally hold responsible? The fight over the control of Bor town to my best knowledge was not ordered by the leader of the then SPLM/A-Nasir faction, Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon. These were some of Dr. Machar’s military officers who felt very angry after hearing the news that Garang’s forces were killing in cold blood Nuer officers who were on Garang’s side in Equatoria region. Dr. Garang’s forces, particularly from the Dinka ethnic group decided to kill in cold blood every Nuer officer on their side in Torit town simply because a Nuer leader has challenged Garang’s leadership in Nasir town.

These angry Nuer military officers from the SPLM/A Nasir faction mobilized some of the Nuer armed civilians who are neighbours to Dinka Bor and attacked Bor town. They had fierce battle with Garang’s forces stationed in the town. After several hours of fighting they overran the town, which resulted in lost of hundreds or thousands of lives and massive displacement of Dinka Bor population up to Equatoria region. I personally feel sad about the incident. But the Dinka Bor community members should not use it as a propaganda campaign against Dr. Riek Machar for reasons best known to them. This is a pointed finger at the wrong person. They should learn the truth about the incident, what provoked it and who organized the attacks.

The same was true with the attack on Malakal town in 1993 by the armed Nuer civilians organized by the late Wurnyang Garkek. Late Wurnyang claimed to have been possessed by God’s spirits and that the spirits directed him to help liberate the South. He successfully organized a force that was popularly known as the ‘White Army’ from the Nuer civil population and ordered them to capture the capital of Upper Nile region, Malakal. They attacked the town and captured about seventy-five percent (75%) of the town. The Sudan government forces held certain positions in the outskirts of the town. Because Wurnyang’s armed civilians were not trained soldiers and had no supplies of ammunitions, when they realized that they were running out of ammunitions, they started shouting in the town calling on their individual colleagues to supply them with some bullets if they had plenty. The government soldiers came to realize that these were just armed civilians and that they had run out of ammunitions. The government forces gave them a final full thrust and chased them out of the town. The town again fell under the full control of the government’s forces. The government forces first thought it was Dr. Riek Machar’s forces attacking the town, but this turned out to be somebody else organizing and ordering the attack on Malakal town.

To me, as a person who has been in the SPLM/A since its inception in 1983, I see the 28th August 1991, split as one of the most blessings the people of Southern Sudan have received from their creator. Of course, the split resulted into setbacks when it came to military activities against the Khartoum government, but has revolutionized the SPLM system and set a clear objective for the satisfaction and achievement of the aspirations of the people of Southern Sudan.

The 28th August 1991 Nasir Declaration, which was code-named ‘The Creeping Revolution’ under the then leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon, called for Self-determination for the people of Southern Sudan to determine their political destiny. This is to be determined in a referendum on vote for separation or unity and to be supervised internationally in Southern Sudan. This patriotic call by the people of Southern Sudan was resisted by late Dr. Garang until the year 2002. Garang was instead calling for a United New Socialist Sudan in the 1980s (a vision he copied from Ethiopian President Mengistu Haile Mariam’s New Socialist Ethiopia). After Mengistu was overthrown, he then changed the vision in 1990s to a United Secular Sudan (or New Sudan as he called it). The viability of this big dream or vision was in question as many people saw and still see it as just a beautiful dream but unrealistic in its achievement and was meant to confuse the cause of the people of Southern Sudan given the complexity of the problems in the Sudan and their deep rooted origins. Subsequent American administrations in Washington DC dream of a ‘New World Order’ which they now find unrealistic to achieve for the whole world. Every body can dream beautifully, but making the dream come true is the question. We need to be realistic in our visions!

The 28th August 1991 Declaration also called for democratization of the Movement by putting its structures in place, particularly the arm of the SPLM which was treated subordinate and incorporated into the arm of the SPLA by Garang’s leadership. This explains why in the old days of the Movement, Dr. Garang put the SPLA first by calling the Movement the ‘SPLA/SPLM’ instead of the ‘SPLM/SPLA’. This was corrected after the 1991 historic move for better change. The Movement was also lacking its legal institutions. Garang was every thing! After being challenged reasonably by the Nasir faction leadership on these issues, he reacted by organizing and calling for the First SPLM National Convention in Chukudum in 1995. Before the Convention, and in the months leading to the time the Convention was called for, Garang felt much pressure on his leadership from within his faction and began to understand the need to establish structures for the Movement. There were voices who called for change on how the Movement was being run by one man.

For fear that many more intellectuals and military Commanders would continue to defect to Dr. Riek Machar’s faction, Dr. Garang found himself toothless and could not resort to his old ways of either murdering his political and military opponents from within in cold blood or silencing them in prisons without trial. His leadership survival at that time after the split significantly depended on how Dr. Machar would handle his coup against him. If Dr. Machar were to choose to overthrow Garang militarily as the last resort by attacking his positions in Equatoria region, Garang’s leadership would have come to pass in those years. Machar instead chose to engage Garang in dialogue to resolve the issues that caused the split and would only fight in self-defense if Garang attacked his positions. This helped Garang to re-organize his forces that were in the state of panic. Luckily and by chance, Garang used Machar’s peace talks with the Khartoum government to accuse him of collaborating with Khartoum. This also helped him to regain support from those in the region and Western world who wanted the war to continue in Southern Sudan. Dr. Machar’s position not to escalate fighting by removing Garang using military might in Equatoria region, where he shifted his bases and fighting force, resulted in sharp disagreements with his colleagues which also resulted in further splits within the Nasir faction. Can you see this dilemma which was not completely taken note of by Garang’s faction?

The 28th August 1991 popular Declaration prompted its leadership to strategize on how the liberation struggle could be achieved. The leadership chose the path of peace as the way forward. They engaged themselves in a series of peace talks with the present government in Khartoum in Abuja One and Abuja Two and subsequently signed the Khartoum Peace Agreement in 1997. Dr. Riek Machar incorporated other factions which also defected from late Dr. Garang’s faction and became their overall leader. These factions included the Bahr El-Ghazal Group (BGG), led by late Kerubino Kwanyin Bol, the Bor Group (BG), led by late Arok Thon Arok, the Equatoria Defense Forces (EDF), led by Dr. Theophillus Ochang Lotti, and some other groups. Dr. Machar signed the famous Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA) on behalf of all the factions that joined his Movement, the South Sudan Independence Movement (SSIM) with its military wing, the South Sudan Defense Forces (SSDF). For the first time in the history of the Sudan, the Khartoum government conceded the right of self-determination for the people of Southern Sudan in the Agreement. This was also enshrined in the National Constitution of the Sudan in 1998, which clearly articulated that this right would be exercised in an internationally supervised referendum after four years from 1997. The referendum was to be exercised in Southern Sudan in the year 2001 about seven years ago.

Dr. Garang at the time vowed that he would not sign any agreement with the Khartoum government under President Omer Hassen El – Beshir. He used to say that the Khartoum government was too deformed to be reformed and that he wanted it removed by military force. He called the Khartoum Peace Agreement a sell out despite the inclusion of the clause ‘self-determination’ in it plus many more achievements including Southern Sudan retaining a separate army. The significant thing I personally feel was missing in the Khartoum Peace Agreement was the involvement of the international community, which distanced itself from the Khartoum Peace Agreement on a number of interests that I don’t want to write about here. The Khartoum Peace Agreement, like any other agreements signed in Sudan, was violated by the Khartoum government in the year 2000. Dr. Machar, after championing self-determination in the Agreement, decided to resort to other strategies back in the bush to bring late Dr. John Garang to the developing peace process and indirectly revive the Khartoum Peace Agreement in a comprehensive form based on self-determination!

On 6th January 2002, the two factions of Dr. Machar and Dr. Garang merged in Nairobi. This time with bold declaration that the two groups agreed to resolve the issues that led to the split within the SPLM/A on 28th August 1991.. The right of self-determination for the people of Southern Sudan as called for in the Nasir Declaration was officially accepted and became the official objective of the Movement to determine the future political status of the people of Southern Sudan. Democratization of the Movement and respect for human rights were re-affirmed because Garang had already adopted these principles after the 1991 split and before the merger in 2002. But the Merger Agreement recognized that more work needed to be done on these principles. The Nairobi Merger Agreement also called for a Second SPLM National Convention to be held within three months to elect the leadership of the ‘new’ SPLM. Dr. Garang delayed the convening of the Convention indefinitely for fear of being defeated in the election by Dr. Machar or any other candidate. The Merger Agreement also called for serious revival and resumption of peace talks with the Khartoum government.

As a result of the Merger Agreement between the two leaders with renewed spirit and quest for peace, just after six months from the merger, the first protocol of the CPA on self-determination for the people of Southern Sudan was signed in Machakos, Kenya in July 2002. Commander Salva Kiir Mayardit, the then Deputy Chairman for Military Affairs signed the Protocol on behalf of the SPLM/A. The road to peace became irreversible!

On 9th January 2005, the SPLM/A and the National Congress Party-led government signed the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). Dr. Garang signed on behalf of the Movement while the then First Vice President of the Sudan, Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, signed on behalf of the Sudan government. If you read the CPA in comparison with the Khartoum Peace Agreement, you would be convinced that the CPA is not more than a revised text of the Khartoum Peace Agreement with the exception of the international support and the United Nations Peace Keeping Forces in the South. However, the effectiveness or not of the international support and the UN Peacekeeping forces in Southern Sudan is another thing one may evaluate.

The clear message I want to send to those who might have been blinded by tribal sentiments and cheap propaganda against leaders who have greatly contributed or actually revolutionized our way forward as the people of Southern Sudan is that they should get realistic and honour these great leaders like Dr. Machar with utmost respect.. 28th August 1991 Declaration should not be used for negative propaganda, but instead be remembered as a blessed birth day on which a clear path for the liberation and freedom of the people of Southern Sudan was set. The road to our freedom is still long and painful! We need to get united as one people with one objective that will lead us to our desired destiny. Propagating on the so-called Dinka Bor massacres with fabricated negative stories attributed to innocent and great leaders like Dr. Riek Machar will not help the cause the Dinka Bor want to achieve in Southern Sudan or in a united Sudan.

The author is based in southern Sudan.

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  • 4 July 2008 04:15, by Panther

    I can not believe you actually used the terms "unity" and "one people" in this hateful and misleading article!!

    • 4 July 2008 06:45, by Majak-da

      This is one of the article written by shameless - evil possessed character calling death, blood shedding and displacement of innocent people blessing. Where did you learn your first language Gatkuoth? What did your mum or dad tell you about to bless or curse and results of fight?

      Calling 1991 Dr. Riek and Lam Akol decision to join Omer in Khartoum a historical and blessing is a big shame to the people of Southern Sudan.

      What matters is that where you grew not what you study so, I can blame English for your unworthy selection of words.

      • 4 July 2008 07:02, by Gatwech

        Bravo Gatkuoth,

        Brother, your article is very informative and educative to those who do not know how their aspirations were being initiated or championed! Their minds may be preoccupied with tribalism, hatred and jealousy towards Great leaders from other tribes, but truth should be told boldly no matter how it hurts! This is exactly what happened! Let them learn the truth and the truth shall set them free!

        • 4 July 2008 09:18, by Deng Akol Agut-tungdoun

          DEAR BROTHERS,

          Sudan Tribune as a site become a dumping place for all sort of rubbish. I doubt if surely a mature Sudanese citizens who is mature politicanly can just post the above nonsense on the public web site.

          I doubt your reasoning abillity, am some time forced to refered myself to Chinua Achebe writing. I must quote clearly what Achebe do say about those guys who knows not!. "it’s hard to put someone on the lists of foolish people when he has not spoken, mark him a crazy man and wait, if he adds some wards on top of his crazy acks you may know that his mind is still spoilled."Gatkuoth a son of a foolish man and a foolish son himself , have now spoken his mind for the world to judge his foolishness.

          Gatkuoth is just but a peace of the above statement. He is just a empty headed naive and idiot who like inciting hatred between the communities. You are steping at our previous wound!. You guys like attaking us at the back when we are in the middle of dealing with mundukurus. Stop provocking the situation becouse this time mundukurus are gone nothing on this planet will stop us from dealing with foolish people like The above Gatkuoth and his foolish ICC wanted Riek Michar.

          It look like no even a single man who can advise the above imbiciles. The son is just like the father. They all know not.
          Achebe like saying that "He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not is just but a fool." Gatkuoth, Gatwech and all that starts with Gats including Riek Michar are all foolish people.

          The truth of the matter is Riek is a wanted criminal. It is not a propaganda as you naive people may take it I must tell you the truth.

          Yod idiot Gatkuoth, you call masacre a blessing? Oh my goodness!!. You ar really a foolish devile, a Basheir dogs. And this begger call Gatwech is shamelessly cheering up!!.
          Be bless,

          Deng Akol Agut-tungduon, aman far away from tribalism.

          • 4 July 2008 12:20, by Gatwech

            Deng Akol,

            So now you cry after facts about what took place is posted, but when your people were posting lies against Dr. Riek Machar you did not cry! What a poor judgement! Don’t cry, baby, don’t cry!

            • 5 July 2008 19:46, by Mohamed

              Folks, your lungs ran out of oxygen when an article is written in favour of Dr. Riek. It is obvious that Dr. Machar is a KING of a rainny season, rich but happy yet. Crying, jumping, finger pointings ,etc. .. will not help. DR. Riek Machar is a LONE star among the stars in the Sudan politics. Like it or not... is the KING!


          • 5 July 2008 06:57, by Gatwech

            Deng Akol,

            What lies are you trying to spread here on the web. When did you people fight Jalaba or Mundukuru as you wish to be? Your commanders were among the most coward in the liberation struggle. Ask who were the most effective forces that captured many SAF barracks and towns in Southern Sudan if your uncles did not pass the message to you. Your commanders were just sitting idly either in Itand refugee camp or at Bilpam GHQs, just waiting for promotions over SPLA radio by John Garang doing nothing! Some fled to Uganda and Kenya, etc.

            Again, John Garang never in his life time confronted even a single Jalaba soldier in the real frontline! How dare can you even compare him with Dr. Riek Machar who captured towns under his direct military command in the frontline and even wounded President Omer el Beshir himself in the leg, when Omer was commanding SAF forces in Mayom, Unity state before he became President in 1989! Ask your uncles they will tell you that this is very true. Why don’t you accept facts instead of choosing to get addicted to telling lies and denying facts or resorting to the saying that your people were born to lie.

            Again, empty threats, like a rat threatening a cat! For you to say that once we are done with Mundukuru you can deal with us makes one to vomit hearing it. What I know is that you will not dare even writing nonsence on this web if we are alone in the South. You would kneel down without and preconditions. This is the secret behind the vision of late Garang to keep Sudan united, fearing that his community would not face my community if left alone in the South without a higher Jalaba authority that would help him maintain his leadership. Don’t a provoke a situation you would regret for the rest of your poor lives!!!

    • 4 July 2008 19:27, by Jay

      The bamboozle like Gatwech and other dupe who think the split of 91 was a way for self-determination, you don’t run and joint the adversary who is fighting to conquer Sudan in general and later claim the credit that has nothing to do with you, it doesn’t make sagacity, it only make sense to idiots.
      The fact is you would have scored political points if you would have defected into different country other than just going to Khartoum.
      Go back to your uncle to advise you of other senseless idea to sell on line if there is anyone who can by it.
      Second are you the only one your uncle hired you knows how to hit the PC keyboard?
      I wish you all pinhead out there good luck.

      Jay Agutran.

      • 5 July 2008 17:08, by Gatwech


        There are many more who agree with me and the facts I present, only that they are not interested to argue with you people. They think you are unworthy to argue with them since you are fools! They just ignore you!!!!

    • 4 July 2008 21:22, by factual guy

      Unlucky factual guy back from commercial break (holidays).
      I have recommended being unlucky because of having coincided with such an irritating article.

      It is brainless to hear people like Gatkuot formulating alot of claptraps which are backward gears toward development of S. Sudan. Though the article was not formulated by you, the generator supplying you with all these garbages is misleading. If Dr. Riak is a man of vision as you suggest it, why is it that there are no reasons for his revolving back to the NCP?

      When your own dog turns wild against your goats or sheep, there are two alternatives you can resort to, of which include; forgiveness and killing it (dog). Dr. Riak is a dog who in 1991 turned wild against Dr. Garang by fleshing S.Sudanese generations of which he did not know what he was doing few hours later he ran to NCP shortly after that he came back to the person whom he has crimed against. So he has to be forgiven as he had known later that what he was leading to was a path to ‘pakana’ (toilet).

      When we dig up realities, what were the reasons Dr. Riak always succeeded in a fight he launced against the civilians eg Dinka Bor in 1991? It will take you some more years to consult Dr. Riak for the answers to be outlined for this question.

      People like Gatkuot when ones feel his stomach is full beyond saturation (bliss) point, they resort to thinking of what will take back prospering S. Sudan into wars by coming up with such a useless article.

      • 8 July 2008 14:05, by Bol Bol Bol

        My dear friend, you better keep quite. You don’t have a reason for you to propagate with. 1991 killing of Dinka Bor is not by Riek machar’s force, revise the history if you are not known of it. Its only Dinka Bor’s civilian neighbors whose their sons and brothers are killed in late John Garang ’s side killing them, because of what you Dinka Bor done here in Equatoria killing all Nuers Officers and soldiers with you.

        Immagine, all Gajaak-Nuer land were burned down with the order of John Garang in 1985, and also the scene happened in Toposa and yet you never consider this as a problem.

        Shame, shame, shame,...Shame on you Dinka Bor

    • 5 July 2008 08:22, by Mohamed

      This is one of the important piece of the article ever written. These bunch of idiots failed mesirably to realize the fact and jumped to the conclusion without judging the nature of the article itself. Indeed, the 1991 revolution was the one of its kind since the 1955 independence of the Sudan. Like it or not, it was and it will be for ever. It was historic and always be remembered and celebrated.

    • 7 July 2008 06:32, by DUT DONGRIN

      Sudantribune should not allowed this kind of comment on this board.for they will not do us any good.before people began to exchange bad words.sudantribune should block this kind of comments.and gatkouth please learn how to write useful comment to the public than messages of hate.group up

    • 7 July 2008 22:05, by mack waweru

      Dear brother, Gatkuoth, I can point out to you that you don,t have an insight and information about SPLM/A as reflected by your article.
      From its inception in 1983, the movement presented its paper position to the then regime of Mengistiu El Mariam in order for it to be recognised to operate get support. Therefore,the objective that you allege was not explained out to freedom fighters was outlined in that paper. If SPLM had opted at that time to fight for the liberation of South Sudan,Ethiopian government could not have allowed it to operate in its territory because it was itself facing the same problem in its two regions like Eritirea that came a nation in 1993, and Ogaden. Addis Ababa is also the HQs of OAU then to support separatists. So the vision and objective of SPLM was already formulated before 1991, ’split’ that you personally qualified as the ’Creeping Revolution’, meanwhile it was a"coup" planned by the NIF before 1991,when those doctors were those war zones.
      The 1991 event was initiated by the Khartoum regime when it used Southerners inside, like those of Mungo Ajak, Musa Mak Makur, Galuak Deng Garang and Daniel Kodi.These people presented the two leaders you describe as champions of self-determination, incentive package to sign peace with them. I think you have herad of the "Peace Within Proposal"! Our two leaders were bought and decived by the Arabs when they were promised that they will be granted "South" after five years if they agree to sign peace with them. To make that possible, it was first agreed that Garang must be ousted from the SPLM/A leadership.When that was not achieved, they finally gave in and sign what became KPA that lacked substantial tangible benefits for them and Southerners whom they represented at that time.You also need to ask yourself why did Riek and Lam further split. If Nasr Faction really was fighting for the cause of South Sudan, its leaders could have not sign peace with Khartoum regime while getting every assistance and support both militarily and finacially from it. How come that you sign an accord inside your enemy camp?
      So brother, those leaders were bought and their conscience held that against them. Within the bottom of their hearts, they know what they were doing and not you to speak for them. Be yourself a nationalist. There is much work a head of us.
      The achievements of the SPLM/A weren’t brought about by any particular tribe or individuals as you want us to believe, but by all Southerners, both inside and outside respectively.

      I can personally agree with you that indeed horrible things had happened during our struggle and those agonizing events cannot justify some camps to vindicate themselves as ’victims’. All Southerners have paid the price. This is how histroy can be made and as people struggling to emerge as a nation state, cannot regret what happened, it was so because freedom comes with ultimate cost. Let’s look to the future and right what went wrong. As you said you were there from the inception of the SPLM/A, I came three years after at age of seven. I was in Itank refugee camp in Telon 7 and I and everyone else know what happened prior to 1991 and after that.
      Therefore, brother use your knowledge to plant seeds of peace, love, harmony and co-existence among our people, and and not to revisit the ills of last century. Those unfortunate events will be used to warn the coming geneations so that they cannot fall into it, and as history to show to them how we managed at the end to achieve aspirations and God given rights. Personally, no one to blame for what happened because they happened as results and price for our struggle for freedom and justice.

      Mack Awer Riak, was a former Red Army/Minor in SPLM/A, residing presently in Cairo,Egypt

      • 8 July 2008 15:36, by Gatwech

        Mach Awer,

        You simply don’t understand. Dr. Machar’s vision and peaceful strategies is what you people are following and enjoying unknowingly, instead of lost vision of Garang which has no support in Southern Sudan. Just overcome your hatred and jealosy towards great achievements scored by your non-tribe leaders. Learn to appreciate others, then you will realize the beauty of truth.

      • 10 July 2008 12:09, by mack waweru


        First of, spell my name as MACK and not MACH.

        Yes, the world of internet, like any other information outlets, is sometimes muddled with plethora of destractions, distorttions,lies and self-interest agendas and egos that certainly cannot serve and contribute to the cause of ’South Sudanese’.
        The article you posted and staunchly supported by the likes of Gatwec and others needs a collective legal response from all Southerners and the authorities, in particular. It is a high profile article that must be confronted because it is a "TREASON" against the semi-nation that we are building through blood.
        I’m not supporting any leader as you are doing, because they are my leaders, whether they have erred or not. If you are a historian, be impartial.
        Many internet pundits have seized the opportunity generated by this article of yours, by coming up with their own figures of thousands of various tribe people massacred by the SPLA in Junglei and Equatoria, and how it has surpassed the Arabs in killing Southerners. What a fraudulent! Didn’t you people traced history since TORIT MUTINY in 1955, till 2005, how successfull regimes in Khartoum decimated Southerners? Haven’t you knowledge how Arabs frces raped women and men in the South? Has SPLA Forces done this inhumane acts against Southerners? Why are so bitter against SPLM/A? The Revoluntionary Movement that liberated you such that you are able today to write on the internet. Are you real in person? Are you really from NAATH Tribe, the nationalist people that English people wrote about in their colonial archives? I challenge you to disclose your whereabout in South Sudan, and come out to prove to the public that SPLA/M is a failes movement. Some of your supporters allege that SPLA forces had killed thousands from Nuer Gajaak subsection,Lokoro,Didinka,Toposa,Murle,Iroko,etc. Is this not a very high degree treason if you haven’t smoked or drank something? You will not escape justice.
        People like you and others should, in general terms, hold themselves accountable to some basic guiding principles of free speech of which its attainments are sometimes extremely difficult to relay stories or articles that may not cause sensations. A true Southern Sudanese should be authentic and not gets himself driven by emotions of tribalism,egos and bliss of creating chaos and at the end, to dismay of many people, materialised to be mere lies that lack substance.
        As for HIS EXCELLENCY, DR. RIEK MACHAR TENY, he is my true leader and I acknowlede that I and masses of Southerners are enjoying his contributions and achievements that he and others, including myself have struggled for. Besides this, we cannot forget some of the mistakes he and others have done, things which were our setsback during the peak of struggle. No human is perfect, but that doesn’t entitle us to make mistakes, and they do occur, one must admits and apologise to the people he wronged. Yes, Dr. Machar, betrayed us, but he has recognized that he was wrong and came back and I have confidence in him and other leaders in Juba, they together with their united efforts and vision, lead us safely to the other side of the Jordan.
        Therefore, you cannot talk on his behalf. He is a national leader and can criticised for whatever he did wrong.
        I’m not a tribalist as you put it and what I said testify that.

        Mack Awer

  • 4 July 2008 06:04, by Jayo

    Hahaha,foolish Gatkuoth calls it historic when one surrender to the enemy to fight his people.Riak himself accepted the fact that only NIF was benefited by his treasonry move.Why on earth did he become a friend of the enemy of South Sudanese people?-cowardice.As Dr Garang said,Riak will remain in the history of South Sudan as someone who betray his people by joining hand with the enemy to fight his brothers.Thank to writers like Dr Nyot Kok,Dr Lesh,Arop Madut who have clearly documented this shameful episode in their books for posterity.

    This link will speak by itself.

    Riak’s shame


    • 4 July 2008 07:26, by Bol Joseph Agau

      Dear Brothers,
      You are writing some good comments but i want you to know that Riak and Riek are not the same in spelling and meaning as Plagiarism and plagiarsim are not the same in spelling and meaning. Whatever plagiarsim means i don’t know. But i know plagiarism in English.

      View online : The 1991 historic move is a blessing to Southern Sudan

    • 4 July 2008 07:50, by Gatwech


      Don’t also forget that the historic move of 1991 which principles and objectives Garang adopted ten years later will always remain a historical blessing to Dr. Riek Machar.

      His wise strategy by signing the Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA), which became CPA, was to drag the government to commit itself to self-determination and then came back to drag late John Garang to the same self-determination which was the basis of the CPA, like it was for the KPA.

      Your problem is that you cannot understand how strategists strategize their way forward.

      Blame yourselves for lack of strategies!

  • 4 July 2008 06:38, by Abuoi Jook

    Poor Gatkuoth!
    You shamlessly lied in this article about the production of CPA and false attribution to so-called Dr Riek.
    let me remind you that the call for liberation of marginalised was voluntarily listened to by patriots regardless of being DOCTORS, ENGINEERS, LAWYERS, PSYCHOLOGIST etc. so whoever went to bush did so for freedom of marginalised.

    on your shamless lie about the Riek forces attack on Bor natives, i wonder whether Bor Dinka keep cattle in Bor town or in their villages as per your alleged part of the history.
    many of Bor people masacred in 1991 were not killed in town but after their cattles.
    on 1991 defaction, the issue remains a betrial at a time where SPLA was about to achieve victory on the enemy which your unreasonable philosoper turned down.
    nowhere in this planet had peace made in the hands of enemy like your master Riek did in Khartoum controlled by Omer.
    So, CPA is totally different from khartoum agreement or whatever you call it.
    what southern government did riek formed after agreement.
    again there was no merger but riek joined SPLA instead that’s why SPLA remain as our umbrella.

    • 4 July 2008 07:03, by Gatwech

      Bravo Gatkuoth,

      Brother, your article is very informative and educative to those who do not know how their aspirations were being initiated or championed! Their minds may be preoccupied with tribalism, hatred and jealousy towards Great leaders from other tribes, but truth should be told boldly no matter how it hurts! This is exactly what happened! Let them learn the truth and the truth shall set them free!

      • 4 July 2008 17:40, by Zechariah Manyok Biar


        You are supposed to keep quiet and let other people defend you because the article is your article. Or don’t you know that the analysis of style can lead to the identification of the writer? Go back and check all your articles in this website and compare the style with this article and you will not defend it anymore.

        My advice to you is that Dr. Riek Machar is the leader of South Sudan. Do not let the people hate him. You once quoted your psychology teacher here in the USA. If you are really a psychology student, then you will understand what I am saying. If you scratch a scar every time it itches, then it can become a wound again. But if you ignore the itching, then the itching can stop. I don’t think Dr. Machar can agree with you in what you are doing. In the same way, Dr. Garang would not have supported those who are trying to defend him.

        Liberation war did not start in South Sudan. If you know what liberation is all about, then you cannot waste your time defending or blaming liberation leaders. What people do after liberation is to build the future and appreciate the liberation leaders for what they have achieved, not what they did during the difficult road to liberation.

        Those who are driven by impulse are not fitting to be part of public discussions. Because they always have little to contribute to the betterment of the people they wish to correct. Let us tolerate one another. I like your article because it is the expression of the unconscious part of your mind. Of course nobody is perfect in this world.

    • 4 July 2008 07:09, by Mabior Ayuen Dengajok

      Dear Gatkuoth, what you try to show is make nuer and dinka bor more hatred.
      "Its like steped on some one wound"

      This time is time for forgiveness not time for reminds. You are really idiot and plus those who allowed your article are also narrow minded people.

      Poor eduducated people always think unreasonable things

      • 4 July 2008 07:57, by Gatwech


        You see how dictatorial you sound like your late uncle Mabior? How dare you even threaten the website administrator? Look at what your people write about Dr. Machar and were posted on this website, did Dr. Machar’s supporters threaten the website administrator. You people are foolish!

        Again, the Nuer cannot fit against the tiny helpless Bor clan. Even one clan of Nuer cannot fit against the Bor clan. Bor are only cursed to provoke people for their downfall. This is what I know!

        • 4 July 2008 09:53, by Deng Akol Agut-tungdoun


          Bor are not that tiny in their hearts as your colloberator clan. They are to be remember in the history of Africa for generations to come. They fought black arabs like you and your uncle, plus the true mundukurus for 21 years(twenty one years)that is almost a century.

          This was not acknowledges until Basheir himself said that he (Basheir) had cheated almost every clan in junub al Sudan using Kanana sugar, but there remained only three clans uncheated and unbeatable. these thre clans where Bor,Bgs and Lotoho of Mamur. What a big shame!!!. Can a man be cheated by just sugar.

          Deng Akol Agut-tungduon, a man far away from tribalism.

          • 4 July 2008 12:26, by Gatwech

            Deng Akol,

            What a lie!

            Was it not your uncle Abel Alier who sold Jonglei to Egyptians to dig the canal without considering concerns of Southerners. And again, Garang just liberated his stomach in foreign hotels and took the Dinka Bor to refugee camps far from the battle field. Don’t lie, you are such a weak clan without contribution in the struggle rather than greed for what to get for your stomachs.

            • 4 July 2008 13:19, by Deng Akol Agut-tungdoun


              You are really blank in the head, you don’t know the history of Sudan, leaves alone that of Jonglei canal.From there I better say bye-bye couse I can not argue with nobody. You are nobody according to the history of this daer country of ours.

              Be Bless.

              Deng Akol Agut-tungduon, aman far awayfrom tribalism.

              • 4 July 2008 17:45, by Gatwech

                Deng Akol,

                You have just ran away without telling me the history of Sudan or Jonglei canal if my facts were wrong. Tell me the Jonglei canal history if it was not your uncle Abel Alier who agreed and gave Egyptians okay to dig it. Do you have any other fact than this. Just tell me!

          • 5 July 2008 08:31, by Mohamed

            This is bullish idea! Bor are actually not even tiny as you can imagine. They are bunch of liars like their big dady— Abel A-liar. They will be remembered for their wrong deeds and be subjected to cruel punishment by Awiel and Gogrial people.

        • 4 July 2008 10:21, by samuel nyok kuat kur

          Guys, i don’t see the reason we write on this website.

          Now its seems to me Arab has right to say southern Sudan will not become a separated state, due for tribalism in every corner in the south, and i knew the reason for this tribalism, is because most of us don’t know the meaning of the state.

          Some of us thought the state its ruled by laws of Dinka, or shelok, or Zandi, or Nueror jurchol,or primitive minded,as its seems on the internet now, what is always written here is not supposed to be written here, because this electronic board is not for the kind of these writings we always do. i am not so educated than everyone of you guys, but i have to warn you guys, so our country would dragged to the flames of primitive, we are doing none senseless things. when we are insulting each others on the internet,what do we thing guys ,it seemed we are not civilized writers,we should cover our deferences not to open it to the world, which will make other people to laugh at us. In additional, you we involve others in our nasty discussion.
          I don’t know who is Dr. John Garang God bless him among you guys or who is Dr. Riek Machar among you guys. I don’t think no one, and why the headache everyday? if you do not have anything to do guys don’t soil the Name of Dr. Garang, he bought you the south with his blood, or don’t abuse Dr. Machar name because he is not primitive like we seem on internet everyday.

          You should stop abusing the names of our leaders ,and the name of our soil southern Sudan, i doubt you brought strange behaviours from your deferent places you all grow up, if it is from Ethiopia or Kynia or Uganda or Cuba, western countries. the very bad behaviors. and we don’t know what are we writings worth guy, it could destroy the south completely. if we don’t know we are not worth to be alive, even we feel we are politician for how we write , believe me guys we are not.
          We should stop attacking each others or don’t call ourselves southerners.

  • 4 July 2008 07:16, by John Garang alias Johnsalt

    Sometimes, It is prudent to call a spade a spade and NOT a big spoon. I felt pressured and to compromised my self-control due to such a terse writings. It is what a true writer should consider null and void. In my view, Gatkuoth may want to use his beautiful language to mudsling the very fact of the intended atrocities committed by SSIM ’read’ SPLA/m Nasir Faction.

    A good writer, I think, is anyone who prepares and analyze his purported piecemeal for the good of any reader irrespective of where they are and where they come from. And therefore, mr. Gatkuoth has to know messing the originality of an account is a crude and rude of any writer. It epitomizes one as sub-standard and slow-witted in the field of his/her like. Please discover more in journalism/writing.

    I simply beg you, "sir" to stop such half-baked facts..................

    • 4 July 2008 12:30, by Gatwech

      John Garang,

      The facts and the truth hurt you, ah! Take it guy, or commit suicide and die again if you are resurrected or still alive. The truth will always prevail!

  • 4 July 2008 07:22, by Jayo

    To those who try to vindicate Riak for his betrayal by using cheap lies,who do you think will accept that lies in South Sudan.Whatever you say or write,the memories of the twenty-two years of SPLM-NIF war are still fresh in our mind.Everyone knows what happened,who is the hero and who is a foolish slave of Bashir,who cooperate with Khartoum to fight his fellow Southerners and who bravely fought JELLABA to free the marginalised Sudanese people.

    • 4 July 2008 07:59, by Garang Ayang Kuoi

      I have read this article over, over and over again, but unfortunately, it is one of unworthy piece of work I have ever read before; for many reasons. First, the author might have been under some kind of medication which twisted his choice of words, or he might be a eighth grader who luck intellectual understanding of the past and the future, or he might be an agent of the enemies of South Sudan employed to preach hatred. There is no any reason for an intellectual and well educated human being to ignore the feelings of thousands and thousands of victims of that evil rooted 1991 crime against humanity. Onething is clear and must be understood that the victims of 1991 may forgive but will never forget. My advice to the readers of this disgraceful and reckless article is that, stay away from replying it because your replies will make the fool feel worthwhile to debate intellectuals. May God bless our people, and may he help us defeat this kind of empty mindedness.

      Garang Ayang Kuoi


      • 4 July 2008 12:32, by Gatwech


        You read again and again and ask yourself to remember all those facts! Have a deep breath and swear to judge truthfully, you will find that the article is the most factual one ever written on this website.

  • 4 July 2008 09:07, by Daniel Kalaka

    Oh! Gatkouth Lam ,have you wake up from sleeping or what? your article doesn’t reflect anything for the achievement of CPA that you are trying to articulate.And when you trying compare the khartoum peace Agreement with CPA there is big defference between two .Don’t blindful the people with your meanless articles!!!. Yes you are trying to active history ,but with repeated wounded wound which people of southern sudan had give DR .Riek as what DR. Garang did to him when they met in Nairobi in 2002.What put me to say this ,I have just quote your words which says SPLM/A took arm without clear structure of the movement and did not define/enlight the people about their objective of movement which mean you even yourself are not aware why SPLM/A took arms in 1983 Movement.

  • 4 July 2008 10:12, by Dmangau


    I am very much sorry and am not wrong to call you foolish.the long article that you post to this website as no meaning at all.you can not called so split of 1991 blessed move. in which away for sure.

    I am very happy because we may write whatever we think and post it to the net but still the different between Dr. Riak and Garang is clear. it is very sad to hear that the reason of the SPLM/A were not clear.if the objective were not clear why do Dr Riak came back after being shame by Arabic.
    you mean that split of killing citizens were clear objectives,you should not says.you should not says understood by southerns but Blind Nuer, not all Nuer but fews who can not know different between good and bad.

    you should you mad Gatkuoth , Garang started the moment with people and people who see very far stayed to the end of CPA. BUT bLIND and Greed ran to arabic and back without nice and clear objectives.

    Pliz Gatkoth, you shouldn’t call blessed move.

    • 4 July 2008 11:05, by Biar-again

      Gatkuoth and Gatwech, lost boys

      Iam happy to be at the site today though i missed yesterday, i was in a quizz.

      Alright, i just want to ask some questions on this article and they are answerable by either GK OR GW.
      Well, it was Dr Riak whom the idea of self-dtermination emanate according to you, but here arises some questions on that;

      .How does it come that Dr Riak initiated the concept of self-determination and latter on become Dr Garang’s strategy of handling the future of Southern Sudan?

      Who defected and joined the common enemy between Riak and Garang?

      Where is the Sudan Peace within that was signed by Dr Riak in Khartoum, that you claims to be the origin of Self-determination?

      Why was it not possible to eliminate those Dinka officers in SPLA/M Nassir Faction as SPLA/M Torit Faction did rathar than mobilizing the fellow tribemate to kill innocent people in Bor?

      Was Dr Riak liberation of Southern Sudan based under which criteria?

      He was claiming Southern Sudan from the dominant Arabs and he latter on joined Al Bashir. Can you elaborate this to the readers?

      Guys, what was the reason of calling Khartoum Peace a Comprehesive Peace Agreement?

      I personally believe that, Dr Riak become the liberator after the death of Dr Garang and with that people should not jubilate much amidst uncertainities.

      Biar_Again is a pure prototype of Mr Biar Peter Ayuen Aguek.

  • 4 July 2008 10:31, by samuel nyok kuat kur

    The 1991 historic move is a blessing to Southern Sudan 4 July 2008 10:21, by samuel nyok kuat kur

    Guys, i don’t see the reason we write on this website.

    Now its seems to me Arab has right to say southern Sudan will not become a separated state, due for tribalism in every corner in the south, and i knew the reason for this tribalism, is because most of us don’t know the meaning of the state.

    Some of us thought the state its ruled by laws of Dinka, or shelok, or Zandi, or Nueror jurchol,or primitive minded,as its seems on the internet now, what is always written here is not supposed to be written here, because this electronic board is not for the kind of these writings we always do. i am not so educated than everyone of you guys, but i have to warn you guys, so our country would dragged to the flames of primitive, we are doing none senseless things. when we are insulting each others on the internet,what do we thing guys ,it seemed we are not civilized writers,we should cover our deferences not to open it to the world, which will make other people to laugh at us. In additional, you we involve others in our nasty discussion. I don’t know who is Dr. John Garang God bless him among you guys or who is Dr. Riek Machar among you guys. I don’t think no one, and why the headache everyday? if you do not have anything to do guys don’t soil the Name of Dr. Garang, he bought you the south with his blood, or don’t abuse Dr. Machar name because he is not primitive like we seem on internet everyday.

    You should stop abusing the names of our leaders ,and the name of our soil southern Sudan, i doubt you brought strange behaviours from your deferent places you all grow up, if it is from Ethiopia or Kynia or Uganda or Cuba, western countries. the very bad behaviors. and we don’t know what are we writings worth guy, it could destroy the south completely. if we don’t know we are not worth to be alive, even we feel we are politician for how we write , believe me guys we are not. We should stop attacking each others or don’t call ourselves southerners.

  • 4 July 2008 10:59, by Ring Majak Kout

    Dear southerners!!!

    I am very puzzled by the behaviour of writers and information they are posting in this site. Most of us who do not know that much about struggled and it’s implication during the war, we are struggling to gain accurate and relevent information. Many people who are contributing in this site are blind-folded by dark sights and cover up for their tribal leader for the sake of leadership. Since there no other sources that could feed the Hungary mind of brothers and sisters of my generation age 24 and under, most us went on hunting in cyper sonic of technology to gain more knowledge about what is really going on back in southern Sudan(home). Unfortunately most of information we gathering are very deceptive and misleading. I would like to pint point to those with an old mind of tribalism to stop posting rubbish in this site, because most of us who are visiting this site are generation of tomorrow and we don’t care whether their leader come from a different ethnic background of many tribe of southern Sudan.

    Again I will plea to any writer or reader to be more tolerant to our people in southern Sudan, overcome your obstacle, learn how to move on and don’t exposed your self to an enemy. Love you all Mum,Dad, Brothers and Sisters of beloved country southern Sudan.

    Ring Majak Kout

  • 4 July 2008 12:21, by Gatwech

    Deng Akol,

    So now you cry after facts about what took place is posted, but when your people were posting lies against Dr. Riek Machar you did not cry! What a poor judgement! Don’t cry, baby, don’t cry!

    • 4 July 2008 12:57, by Isaiah Deng

      The whole people in Southern Sudan are watching the people who will bring hatred agianst other tribes. I believe Dinka will never let the mistake repeats itself from as what happened in 1991. This was a good history brought up by Mr Gatkuoth to write about it.

    • 4 July 2008 13:59, by Deng Akol Agut-tungdoun

      Whaaaaaaaaaah ah haha!!,

      So you have known that Gatkuoth and you do talked lies?. Thank you bush boy.

      From here now I can just gives myself a credit for am very much successful in taming you guys to become true human being who can just admits the truth. You are now a tamed Gatwech!! not like that monkey call Gatkuoth.

      Gatwech please joint to tame your brother Gatkuoth Lam.`I hope you have changed once and for all

      Be bless brothers.

      Deng Akol Agut-tungduon, aman far away from tribalism.

      • 4 July 2008 17:51, by Gatwech


        What is that cry Wha aaaaaaaha? Are you safe and mentally fit? I am worried because what followed your cry could not be understood. I wish you well!

  • 4 July 2008 14:28, by Kasinu

    Poor Gatwech and Gatkuoth and Gatriek.

    I want to refer you to Dr Garang objection letter to Joseph Lago during adis-ababa talk of 1972.

    This a small except of the begining of what south sudanese are enjoying today.

    Dr Garang ambition for self determination started when Riek was in his secondary or university education.

    Dr Garang wrote: there are only two possible ways of resolving the sudanese crisis. the birth of two nation states out of the present(geograhpical)sudan, the political autonomy for both the south and the north (and or any other part that so demands) in a federated united new sudan. political autonomy in this usage means that the autonomous regions have adequate political power, in terms of armed force, to protect the regions against encroachment by the federation or by one regions in the federation, and furthermore, that a region retains the right to secede from from the federation if its interests are adequately serves by the federation. (It must be clear to southerners that the retention of the right to secede from such federation must guaranteed by the federal constitution and by the existence of physical southern armed forces).

    • 4 July 2008 17:57, by Gatwech


      Don’t think you have made a discovery on self-determination. The issue of self-determination was raised even before John Garang was born! Those of Both Dieu from Nuer talked of federal system and secession since 1947. This is why I call Dr. Riek Machar the ’champion’ of self-determination, not the inventor of self-determination because the word existed in vocabulary before Sudan existed as a modern nation. Even if Garang knew about the word self-determination, he did not take it as the right vision to resolve and achieve our aspirations. Dr. Riek Machar thought correctly in his vision and understood the importance of self-determination and so he championed it up to this point. Do you see the difference?

  • 4 July 2008 15:06, by Kuachthoor

    I believe this article is full of the same stupid ideas, i couldn’t finish reading it because its first paragraph pissed me off. Since the start of the war until the signing of peace, Dr. Garang was the leader of the movement and no stupid mind can ever say that the movement had no clear vision and mission, that is outrageous and offensive. The folks of the Nassir faction you are talking about had been to Khartoum and failed to make their so-called reasons-for-fighting heard. When they came back, SPLM/A was still the same. This shows how greedy for power they were. Their mission was to take over the leadership for a greedy intention, just to eat. This article is simply based on tribal hatred with no honesty and humanity. It’s title is supidly framed. Blessings come from God and God knows what he can give, when and how. God blessings are unconditional. Some people do not have to die for Bor to be blessed. Am not gonna waste my time commenting on this unreasonable so-called article because the mind that decided to write it is the same mind that was responsible for the killing in 1991.

  • 4 July 2008 16:38, by Ayuen Buol mum

    Hello everybody....I can say take it simply because a reader can see and examined the character of how the writer put up his/her ideas. There is nothing in this article than being a bias and lack of creditibility to the history of southern Sudan. Just a kind of exaggeration, and excessive pride of his tribal men and that is all.

    I don’t see those of Gatwatch and Gatkouth being stouches of the Nuer, they are betraying their community unknowingly and lack of grown up ethics.


    • 4 July 2008 18:03, by Gatwech

      Hello guys,

      You failed to mention which part of the article is not based on the facts. For me I have read it through and confirmed the truth of the matter. Facts are there and ask your fathers and uncles they will also confirm to you the credibility of the article. I don’t blame you because you don’t even know the things that occured during the 1980s, this is why you simply discard them as lies. No matter how it hurts you, the truth will always be there and speak for itself. Or you know that the article is factual but you don’t want to admit the truth, ah. Swallow the pills guys no matter how bitter they are. The truth deserves to be told!

    • 4 July 2008 18:19, by Tehjiek Nath

      Hey guys!!,

      What is all these noises about?,first this is not the only article which patronizes certain communities or individuals,much had been in the happening already or is this the deepest?Certainly some guys take the article as anti-Bor,but that is not the message,if I may correct your thoughts.
      The writer without doubt want to shed some lights into events of our days in the bush and what had gone wrong,that is exclusively his rights.
      Many of the things said by the writer are correct beyond any doubt and the dismissal that he did not base his writings on facts is just but an attempt to derail the message.

      Tribalism which is cropping up among the minds of the south sudan’s generation today is to be blame for any mess we are creating and in only a series of defamatory articles does this latest one lies,if by any account it is to be that way as alleged.

      I urge any reasoning person to ignore personal and tribal interest for the national one,we are all in the same pot and would do much damage to our interest if we are every time on each other necks,I suppose you know this well.

      • 4 July 2008 19:32, by Kim Deng

        Jayo and likes,

        You will never admit the fact if it comes from other ethnic groups rather than yours, but keep in mind there are others who alread wrote some books about the positive side of Nasir declaration of August 28, 1991.

        Keep crying and use any word you want to call your savior Dr. Riak Machar Teny-Dhurgon.

        Mr. Gatwech,

        I’m very proud of you,sir for your tough confrontation toward these coward guys without requesting back up/some help from your brothers like Mr. Bilpam/Kim Deng.
        Keep educating them about the truth until they realize the fact as thier King did ten year or so later.


        Bilpam/Kim Deng

        • 4 July 2008 21:57, by Chameleon Chameleon

          When will Southerners stop writing such fabric and insensitive articles that support tribalism and disunity. Gatkuoth, you said that Dr. Riak defect from the SPLM/A because he want some changes from the movement because Garang run the movement alone and undemocracy.In other words, you went further saying that SPLA is not a fairness movement that’s why he defect. Okay, to show weakness to your uncle Dr. Riak, why he didn’t means what he was trying to achieve and come back with nothing and plead forgiveness from Garang, the one he wants to run the movement.To assure you honestly folk, try to give credit to where it is due, otherwise you will end up being a fool and naive politician.

  • 5 July 2008 09:27, by elijah mwenye

    Dear Lam or whatever they call you.
    your article is a nerve racking to read. I don’t know what you were thinking. it is ridiculous, disguising article. I was almost fainted when i saw this article. I always thought people like you learned from the past. How could you called a disastrous massacre of 1991 a blessing if you had a human sense. I think you knew what you were doing by writing this sloppy article. You did not even think twice before you post something hateful to the public website . it is not me alone who is annoyed by this but you need to be careful when writing something like this. I can not believed my ears you call a killing, raping and murdering of innocent people a blessing, this sound sadistic and outrageous to people who came a cross it.By the way, do not activated the old wounds in people’s heart.I don’t care if you were praising your evil man, Riek for what he had done. You nuers people think that we forgot what you had done to us. we did not forgot it.I do believe not all Nuers are into this, anyone out there should condemn this man. I think he is a mad man. if not, he might be delusional.I don’t believe in the idea of people using Riek as a shield to cover all Nuers ass. there are some element among Nuers who are psychic like DR Chand who went to create forever lasting conflict among Dinkas and Nuers.Riek never had a vision to lead the Movement without Dr Garang. If he had that vision, he shouldn’t had fought the SPLA in the 1990s. He is totally failure man. if it wasn’t for Garang he wouldn’t be in that position he have now.
    I accept the fact that he is educated man. but he is a lost man like a goat among sheep.
    please, please, Lam, if you are learning how to write a better or want to became a writer. you need to take some kind of intensive writing classes just to boost your ability to write well. it doesn’t mean your article wasn’t readable but you know what I mean.....

    DAN D....

    View online : "the 1991 historic move is a blessing for south sudan

  • 5 July 2008 13:25, by victim majok ayuen

    I believe that none of you mind about the tormenting situation you are trying to subject your peoples to when you in your hidings incite them to hate themselves. Your vague ideologies are just but scorching technics of replicating the root-virus of our people known as the tribal conflicts. before I advance to advise you further let me ask you a social question, Who among you would not want to be a leader of his people? and who among you would not want the support of a NUER or a DINKA if at all you
    vie for a higher government positions? are you not politicians?
    you may answer these to your best intrest but the fact about ground politics is that nobody want to be a labeled enemy of his own people! this is the golden rule of african politics.
    My best advise to all of you who keep on challenging each other on this electronic board like the way my friend Nyok term it, is that stop escalating this tribal nonsense you are above it leave it to the visionless. Reminding ypourselves of those days is like washing your dirty-Underwear in the public, can you guess what conclusion the public will draw about you!
    let us instead build our nation rather than destroying it with barbaric-out-dated so called tribalism WE ARE FOR UNITY despite the past. Brothers if something is not worth living for then it is not worth dying for.
    tribalism is a social venom that hurts every one within reach let’s change before it will be too late to change anymore!

    this is the voice of concern in search of social redemption

  • 5 July 2008 16:33, by Gatwech

    Deng Akol,

    What lies are you trying to spread here on the web. When did you people fight Jalaba or Mundukuru as you wish to be? Your commanders were among the most coward in the liberation struggle. Ask who were the most effective forces that captured many SAF barracks and towns in Southern Sudan if your uncles did not pass the message to you. Your commanders were just sitting idly either in Itand refugee camp or at Bilpam GHQs, just waiting for promotions over SPLA radio by John Garang doing nothing! Some fled to Uganda and Kenya, etc.

    Again, John Garang never in his life time confronted even a single Jalaba soldier in the real frontline! How dare can you even compare him with Dr. Riek Machar who captured towns under his direct military command in the frontline and even wounded President Omer el Beshir himself in the leg, when Omer was commanding SAF forces in Mayom, Unity state before he became President in 1989! Ask your uncles they will tell you that this is very true. Why don’t you accept facts instead of choosing to get addicted to telling lies and denying facts or resorting to the saying that your people were born to lie.

    Again, empty threats, like a rat threatening a cat! For you to say that once we are done with Mundukuru you can deal with us makes one to vomit hearing it. What I know is that you will not dare even writing nonsence on this web if we are alone in the South. You would kneel down without and preconditions. This is the secret behind the vision of late Garang to keep Sudan united, fearing that his community would not face my community if left alone in the South without a higher Jalaba authority that would help him maintain his leadership. Don’t provoke a situation you would regret for the rest of your poor lives!!!

  • 5 July 2008 18:27, by Deng Chol Malual

    Gatkuoth Lam,
    I wish you would have been a educated human being like me to see into Reik’s political path and what he has done to greater community of Nuer as a whole.

    Well if you don’t know,then I may be force to give you insights on Riek’s attrocities to Nuer community as you can see below:

    Attrocity 1: Riek collaboration with the Arabs from 28th August,1991 to 2002. Marked him a collaborator and vision-empty-minded person and that is the current history & story position of Nuer as a community.

    Attrocity 2: Riek’s signing the petroleum mining with Jalaba showed that he was thirsty for wealth-grab(food) and therefore,depict that he is a man for food, likewise, he trained his people to be food-visioned community only.

    Attrocity 3:Reik’s collaboration deleted Nuer community out of the heroic list of the communities who fought for this Southern Sudan freedom. To which,he is enjoying Salaries and other scams.

    Attrocity 4:Riek’s daily loitering and random movement between parties cultivated the real ancestrial history that Nuer can only think myopically for to day and not or no tomorrow. To prove me right,the current CPA freedom is part of the Dinka & Garang tomorrow’s vision.Which I hope is very enjoyable and sweet to all as per now.

    Attrocity 5: Riek’s defected in Lou-Nuerland and used Lou Nuer knowing that the war will have repercusions on Lou and that, his closest Nuer of Unity State will be at the safer side. To prove me right, see the worst situation the Lou Nuer currently in verses Nuer of Unity State where Riek came from.

    NB: Riek’s attrocities toward Nuer community were not exhausted.I belief Nuer themselves can add much more to the few mentioned above.

    Attrocty 6: Riek is likely to will cause other setback to you people if don’t take great care.

    In my conclusion

    As the Nationalist of Southern Sudan I would rather suggest that Riek is deterriorating the good history of Nuer people at large therefore, Nuer as a community should better come up with other person that can be able to manage Southern Sudan leadership if that is that vision.

    NB: to Nuers,please reread my analysis and think positive on them, make adjustment without emotions as I did to this letter of Gatkouth Lam.


    • 6 July 2008 09:24, by Gatwech

      Deng Chol,

      What you wrote does not make sense! Do you know how you people of Bor of Garang killed those of Bahr el Ghazal? Do you want me to name them by their names?

      Dr. Riek Machar’s strategies will not be understood by most of you because of your poor IQs! The fact that he let Beshir export the oil aroused alot of interest from the American government to end the war and invest in the same oil. This was why they pushed for the CPA to be reached, knowing that we were not just a bunch of poor and helpless people, but rich with economic potentials for the world. Your uncle Garang is responsible for the death of 2 million people and displacement of 4 million in Southern Sudan. Can you explain how they died?

  • 5 July 2008 18:52, by James Okuk Solomon

    I went keenly through this article written by Gatkuoth Lam and found nothing but more truth in it. I admire and agree with the message conveyed that:

    1) Late Dr. Garang became popular internationally because of the CPA which recognized the right of the people of Southern Sudan for Self-determination. His dictatorial management of the SPLA\SPLM from 1983 - 1991 did not give him credibility at all.

    2)It is important to utilize the expertise of the intellectuals of South Sudan in the right place if the SPLM and the SPLA want to succeed in its mission.

    3) There is no difference between the massacre of Bor sub-clan of Dinka in 1991 and the massacre of the Gaajaak sub-clan of Nuer in 1985. The lives of both of these communities are valuable to Southern Sudan. It was not good of Dr. Garang to have allowed the killing of Nuer, likewise it was not good of Dr. Riek to have allowed the blood spilling of the Dinka. May God forgive the sins of Dr. Garang because he has already gone from us and will not come back to apologize for this grave mistake. Dr. Riek is alive and still have the chance to examine his conscience and decide whether to apologize to the living victims of Bor Massacre. He might not have ordered the massacre directly but it happened under his leadership, particularly based on the fact that he did not account those who did that heinous act afterwards. Apology is not a shame because it creates a space for forgiveness as it is known that all human beings are liable to sins.

    3) Let us say the truth about the bad things that happened during the time of struggle, but the aim should be forgiveness and not avenge or revenge which revive and add fuel to the fire of hatred. The truth hurts when it is bitter (like the case of killing), but the truth also heals when it is said with the intention of apology and forgiveness.

    4) Despite the dark side of our history of struggle, we also need its bright side which can unite us strongly for the rest of the remaining period of our long and thorny journey to freedom from the cunning oppressive regimes in Khartoum.

    5) We should admit that we are different tribes with different mentalities and stereotypes about each other, but we should also get convinced that we are the people of South Sudan in spite of our differences and difficulties. We need to accept each others as One People with One Purpose of achieving the independence of South Sudan rather than rejecting each other as enemies with many purposes that can destroy our common interest and make our Northern enemies happy.The South need the Dinka of Bor as well as the Nuer of Gaajaak. The South needs every tribe of Southern Sudan because each of them is valuable and each of them count for South Sudan.

    6)Long live all the people of South Sudan as they learn to tell the truth and forgive each other for the sake of the common good of their awaited independent African State far from the indoctrination of the Arab World.

    • 6 July 2008 03:22, by Deng

      Mr. James Okuk, I am sorry to see you saying that this article carries the truth. It is unfortunate that people with higher education can not reason properly. I do admit that SPLA caused attrocities to our fellow citizens but that’s always common among the gurrila fighters. SPLA committed crimes against Nuers, Equatorians and Dinkas alike but can be forgiven because the shed their blood to give the rest of us freedom. We are able to breath because of them. There is a reason to forgive them. Had it not been for them, we will still be struggling right now with lots of difficulties.. Apart from equating Gaajaak Nuer and Dink Bor massacre, do you think that what Dr. Riek did was worth doing? People might not feel bitter about what Dr. Riek did because it only affected Dinka Bor. But you should also remember that it was only because of God mercy that SPLA were able to withstand the pressure from both SAF AND Riek’s Forces in 1991. Did you know that SPLA forces were almost defeated by Arabs with the support of Dr. Riek? Did you know that SPLA left with only Nimule to called it a total defeat by the SAF? What of if the SPLA were defeated in Nimule, shall we be talking all these nonsense right now? Guys get everything right. Defection of Dr. Riek was a total disaster to southern Sudanese not Bor. SPLA was first dominated by Dinkas in 80s by by 1990 many Nuers had joined and were almost equal to Dinkas in Number. If Riek had not defected, the Arab would have not withstand the pressure from the SPLA forces. Riek really did a diservice to his own community. Nuers had contirbuted to the liberation of southerners greately and would have stood their ground to the end but Riek just misled them to do the unworthy. The reason why most people are bitter about Dr. RIEK is because he did diservice to SPLA and came back shamelessly. We are not bitter because he had killed Bors but because he created confusion among his community sections and his community against the south as a whole. Dr. Riek set Nuers against Nuers, Nuers against Dinkas and Nuers against southerners. That is a shame. Dr. Riek needs to apologize so that we stop talking about all this things. But if you (James Okuk)think that defection of Dr. RIEK was a blessing to southern Sudanese, then you must be living in a world of fantasy. Just put aside the killing of innoncents but analyze the effect of Dr. Riek defection to Khartoum on the performance of the SPLA against Khartoum in 90. If God was not on the side of southerners, SPLA would have been defeated by SAF because of Dr. RIEK in 1991 and there would be no such thing as CPA right now and there would be not this article on the internet

      • 6 July 2008 09:40, by Gatwech


        You see how you shamelessly contradict your very own conscience! You said it was right for SPLA to kill civilians in the South as a liberation process, what a madness!

        Again, you agreed that the SPLA was defeated by the SAF forces of Jalaba after Dr. Riek Machar’s defection, confirming that you were very weak minus Dr. Riek Machar. Don’t forget that the SPLA never scored a final military victory, but rather joined Machar’s peace process and this was how the CPA came about. So what was wrong with Dr. Riek Machar’s split to change for peaceful strategies towards ending the war. It was Garang’s evil forces who attacked Machar’s forces after the defection. Don’t forget Garang’s evil by a attacking a leadership meeting of Machar’s faction in Kongor which resulted in the killing of an Equatorian veteran politician, uncle Joseph Oduho when the mad commander, Kuol Manyang Juuk was told to carry out the murder mission.

        If Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. Lam Akol’s vision was wrong, then why did Garang adopted their vision with those principles that you now enjoy and think are best principles in the CPA?

        Again, you lied that the Nuer joined the SPLM/A in 1990s, what a big lie! In fact when the SPLM/A was formed in Itang refugee camp in 1983, the Nuer were over two thousand while the Dinkas were only 75 plus Garang. Ask you uncles they will tell you that when Garang left Bor to Ethiopia to form the Movement he was only moving with his family, not even a single soldier went with him. So where does this lie come from?

        James Okuk is right because his conscience tells him to stick to the truth, and not to deny the truth like you guys who always want to lie and deny the truth.

        • 7 July 2008 02:01, by Alier

          Heros and patriots should not waste their time talking to traitors. Nuer will always be remember as treacherous and brainless community in the history of South Sudan. Riek is a dead meat walking!! You nuer talk your stupid empty brain but you soon come to tame with your stupidity.

          • 8 July 2008 15:01, by Gatwech


            You sound like somebody whose mind almost blew up, ah! Take it easy, guy, just learn to repent!

            You insult the whole Nuer as brainless, why follow Dr. Riek Machar’s vision on self-determination, democratic transformation and respect for your poor lives?

            Again, how come my Nuer grand fathers enslaved your Dinka grandfathers until the British rescued you people? Do you think you changed overnight. I doubt that!

      • 7 July 2008 16:29, by James Okuk Solomon

        Please Deng be truthful and do not be blinded by tribal sentiments. I did not see Dr. Riek Forces moving together with SAF to attack the SPLA. His forces just remained neutral in their designated places. If Dr. Riek did not have Southern Sudan in his heart, he would indeed have done what you think and it would have been the end of the SPLA/SPLM. However, I do not believe that the end of the SPLA/SPLM would have been the end of South Sudan because the South is far more greater and older than the SPLM. the South was already there before the SPLA/SPLM was born and it would always be there even if the SPL/SPLM would have disappeared like the case of Anya-nya I.

  • 7 July 2008 16:10, by James Okuk Solomon

    Hi Compatriots.

    I look at things with a different lens. I am afraid that it would have been a disaster if SPLA/SPLM captured the Sudan by force: its arrogant members would have only shifted the injustice from the Jellaba to Junubin, SPLM would have become oppressive to the people of the Sudan, the desire for Independence of South Sudan would have been dashed, and another civil war would have been waged against the oppressive SPLM Regime of Dr. Garang like what was done to the successive oppressive Regimes in Khartoum during the war time.

    Indeed it was a blessing that SPLM got the current power through peace that came as a result of 1991 split for change. Long lives all those who brought the right changes within the SPLA/SPLM administration. Honour to Dr. Garang in his grave for accepting these changes for the sake of South Sudan.

    • 8 July 2008 03:56, by Chameleon Chameleon

      James Okuk,

      Be rational and sensitive brother in your comment. I think most people always appreciated your article because they are well connected and relevant to what Southerners expect from patriots and young politicians like you.Thus, do you reasonable believe what Dr. Riak did in 1991 was not a totally setback to the SPLM/A at large and Southerners in particular. You said that Riak forces and SAF were never united to attack SPLA. You went further saying that Riak forces are neutral, Okay, whom did they supported and why they went to Khartoum if they are not against SPLA/M?

      In reality and what I know so far, I believe that your comment is out of blue and totally fabric, Riak forces and SAF were united against SPLA. In this case, if you don’t believe me then I would rather like you to do more research about that and tell Sotherners the truth instead of supported naive and insensitive people like Gatwec and Gatkuoth who have a different subject that’s strong hatred against Dinkas. How can Southerners be progress in this way while Dinkas defend Dinkas and Nuer defend Nuers and likewise other tribes leaving the truth behind. Needless to say, I doubt how respected people like you supported basless articles that don’t make sense and sound fruitless to readers.

      • 8 July 2008 15:10, by Gatwech


        You are really a chameleon and this was the nickname given to late John Garang because he used to change like a chameleon without any notice. Now you have admitted that Dinka defend Dinka and so Nuer defend Nuer, but your irrational thinking dragged you to accuse only me and Gatkuoth (two Nuers), leaving the Dinkas free. Do you see how you people can also be seen running short of truth and justice by people from other tribes like the famous and popular writer James Okuk Solomon?

        It is true that Dr. Riek Machar’s forces did not join with SAF to clear the SPLA, because if it happened like you would had wanted it to be for the same of accusations, the SPLM/A would have been a history long time ago, as stated by Gatkuoth and seconded by many others including James Okuk.

        So don’t lie, please, I beg you for your own dignity!

  • 8 July 2008 07:36, by James

    Hi guys:

    I am sorry to answer this article late, but the fact remains that, Mr Garkouth was completely telling the truth about our ruthless late Garang.

    God bless

    • 8 July 2008 11:42, by Mr. Long John

      Gatkuoth,a waste to the South!
      Let us in unison moan his shameful birth day.

      I have been silent for sometimes but your article arosed feelings in many if not me.I have always stick to peaceful writing to promote peaceful co-existence but just to get myself on this irritating article written by irresponsible person.You are a shamful son to your parents and to the South as a whole.You need to be truthful to yourself.If you called the massive killing of civilians in Bor,1991 a blessing then I think you must be a sick person.If you utter that word once more,believe me it will stuck in your throat and you’ll see an end to this world.

      Your Machar would have appreciated the time with a potential leader like Dr. Garang because a time well spent with a potential leader is an investment but to him Dr.Monkey (Machar)is a waste since he has that chicken brain.He has not benefited because of his ignorance and self egocentrism.I have always warn against the use of this site for nasty things but the Idiotic Nuers always seems to be the setback.The Sudantribune site is for things that are productive in Nature and this will be the last warning to the fucken confused Nuers like the author of this article and Gatwech who once seems to change to my advise.We should not be fed with fabricated issues daily by the dishonest community.
      Shame on you Gatkuoth.

      The leaders who had the desire to emanate from Garang have remained in South Sudan history and to the outside world as popular and successful unlike your feculiar Uncle Machar. The Like of Hon.Wani Igga,H.E. Pagan Amum just to mention but a few.They fervently remained faithful to Garang and to the South as a whole during the struggle and that is why they are known as patriots.They did nothing to sell the South like your empty minded Dr.Machar Teny.Even his name can tells.He is a sinful man.Dr.Monkey is a man who can not go on an empty stomach as no Nuer can do and that is why he fed up easily to sell the South.Live in the bush was tempting and that is why he ran to Khartoum to atleast find some ways of getting all meals.What Dr.Garang did not calculate was that an hyena will not go for a day without food then expected to remain loyal and faithful to the term of stay in the house.Above(among others) gives all reasons why he defected.

      Garang personality was the best ever and it’s an offence rating him with Machar.Let Machar understand the simple code of leadership below:

      Excellence breeds character, and character breeds excellence.

      Mr.Long John is residing in South Sudan working day and night to educate southern Populations on the importance of peace and the call of God for His beloved South Sudanese.

      • 8 July 2008 15:23, by Gatwech

        Long John,

        What a shameless Long John! You can see from his very name that he is just a product of a lost world, he doesn’t reflect a true Southerner. I don’t know where did his parents find themselves when they named him like a stranger.

        Let me tell you, Mr. Long (British?), John Garang was only liberating his filthy stomach using that lost vision of greedy and poor dictators.

        Why did he joined Dr. Machar in his vision for self-determination, democratic transformation and respect for human rights, which you guys shamelessly seem to enjoy on this web without appreciation!

        Do you ever think a coward Dinka that has historical cowardice would ever liberate the South. Look how Salva Kiir is always like a chicken when things become hot. When he foolishly allowed Pagan Amum to create a crisis with NCP, despite Dr. Machar’s wise advice to keep the gains of CPA on track, he chickened away and refused to go to Khartoum to face Beshir in the so-called Presidency. Instead, he sent Dr. Riek Machar who changed the whole situation and saved the CPA.

        When Abyei was on fire, the chicken Salva Kiir feared to go, but the true liberator, Dr. Machar went to Khartoum and saved the people of Abyei!

        It is not surprising to me, because I know a Dinka leader would never free the South at last in their greedy, selfish and cowardice leadership. Just wait for your few fucken days left for the last Dinka licker!

        • 8 July 2008 18:14, by Axan

          Dear Good S.S,
          Leave Lam and his henchmen alone,

          A lie that you learnt while in your childish or teenage ages is not erasable. If any audience, whether you are for Lam or not, knows the history of SPLA/M and its controversies, you can tell these were the same stories attributive to why X or Y left the Movement, and these authors, the like of Gathkouth Lam were young inexperience boys who were in the processing of learning. They just picked up what was said, and now wanted to put their past into writings....Lam is innocent because the old wrong past misled him.

  • 8 July 2008 13:32, by Bol Bol Bol

    Bravo Gatkuoth! this is very clear message and true picture of our Movement run by Dr. Garang. The 1991 history is a very blessed move to marginalized Southern Sudanese within SPLA/M. I think dinka Bor will not repeat this rout habit on the nation of this country. Its a really big shame on them even their very black skin of all Southern Sudanese never ashamed of their very bad acts. Late Dr. John Garang were hated the educated Southern Sudanese for the sake that he could blind fool the other that he is the only man and worrior in the South. And because his bold mine could not be read by other when doing good things. Thanks to God for saving this nation against this evil leader.

  • 8 July 2008 15:24, by Gatwech

    Long John,

    What a shameless Long John! You can see from his very name that he is just a product of a lost world, he doesn’t reflect a true Southerner. I don’t know where did his parents find themselves when they named him like a stranger.

    Let me tell you, Mr. Long (British?), John Garang was only liberating his filthy stomach using that lost vision of greedy and poor dictators.

    Why did he joined Dr. Machar in his vision for self-determination, democratic transformation and respect for human rights, which you guys shamelessly seem to enjoy on this web without appreciation!

    Do you ever think a coward Dinka that has historical cowardice would ever liberate the South. Look how Salva Kiir is always like a chicken when things become hot. When he foolishly allowed Pagan Amum to create a crisis with NCP, despite Dr. Machar’s wise advice to keep the gains of CPA on track, he chickened away and refused to go to Khartoum to face Beshir in the so-called Presidency. Instead, he sent Dr. Riek Machar who changed the whole situation and saved the CPA.

    When Abyei was on fire, the chicken Salva Kiir feared to go, but the true liberator, Dr. Machar went to Khartoum and saved the people of Abyei!

    It is not surprising to me, because I know a Dinka leader would never free the South at last in their greedy, selfish and cowardice leadership. Just wait for your few fucken days left for the last Dinka licker!

    • 8 July 2008 17:52, by Axan

      Hello, Mr Author,

      Class-consciousness would have been the best title for your article... and get it right, I am not supporting Garang or anything, but, at least, any human being with conscious rationality would be grateful for Garang’s contributions to current window of peace in southern sudan. If it was not for him or determination and persistence of the SPLM/A then leadership, Riek would have been wandering in Nuer villages anow, because the NIF/NCP are not stupid to keep a fool: and tell me if I am not right, that was why he deserted his KPA in Kartuom.

      I wonder if Riek Machar was actually forthcoming in his desperate moves in ’91 and after or else, he would have ended the suffering of masses in the south after his infamous KPA...an agreement that did not availed him anything, but rethinking tracing his old impressions to the SPLM/A he left.


      • 9 July 2008 11:50, by Mr. Long John

        The Colonial Era,

        Free lesson to Gatkuoth & Gatwech:

        One reason for the decline of conversionism was the rise of a competing group of ideas that can be labeled "permanent trusteeship" or paternalism. The point of departure was pseudoscientific racism, with its view that Africans were permanently inferior to Europeans and could never successfully adopt the "civilization" of Europe. Believers in trusteeship nevertheless regarded Africans as human beings deserving the protection of their "superiors.
        "A third general category of imperial theory was less concerned with moral principle, even more rigorous in its insistence on racial inferiority, and infested with cultural arrogance. This school of thought can be called "racial subordination," though the Afrikaans word, baasskap (domination), may be even better in catching the essence. In this view, the best possible future for Africans was neither Westernization nor autonomous development but subordination as servants in a Western society-and permanently so."

        "in South Africa, the official defense of racial subordination came to be set in terms of apartheid, or separate development, which is actually a variant form of permanent trusteeship."
        "Administrators went to Africa as adults, already set in the forms of Western culture and prepared to see Africa only in the light of attitudes they brought from home."

        GATWECH, I am trying to be unfair to myself because changing words with you and writing these ugly names(Gatwech & GatKuoth) is really unfair to my own self but since there is no otherwise I have to educate you. You are a pig. Last month I taught you how to behave but since you are possessing pig’s head I tend to think you have forgotten the lession and that is why I have given you the above free lession.
        Gatwech and Gatkuoth, Iam trying my best to educate you of the things that we(Dinka) considers wrong and which are normal to you Nuers. The problems enlightenned above are what made the Greater Equatoria and the Greater Dinka regions to escaped from Arabs’ domination and for self-determination which they obtained after you Nuers left the Movement—Machar later sought to rejoin the SPLM when he saw some seeds of peace germinating.We(Equatorians & Dinkas) have been honest through out the struggle just because of the nasty things associated with Arabs and in which you Nuers took interest.Check the stamp printed clearly on your battocks(Gatwech & Dr.Monkey) by the Arabs when you were here forging live with them Khartoum. Can you asked your lords in the west(Australia) where you work as a slave(Dogs washer) to erase it out or were you told that it is un-erasable? I think that would be the best opportunity for you before you could come home.


        "It is impossible to overemphasize the influence that Christian missionaries have had in Africa. It should at the same time be pointed out and recognized that much of their influence was of a cultural nature rather than merely of a theological nature. They have indeed taught new theologies, but they have also taught literacy, new ways of expressing basic theological notions, new moral precepts, and the principles of bureaucracy. Christianity and Islam both bring the morality of the individual into religion"

        I wonder why the missionaries taught all these and left my brothers from the Nuers with no Knowledge of how to express ones self.Is that related to your ignorant nature and hatred well printed in all you?What a big shame.

        Gatwech I am sorry if really I cannot get you out of your filthy mind. My prayers remained in God’s hands for your quick recovery.I know a donkey’s thanks to its lord is------- do to mind all that and I don’t really mind.

        Mr. Long, the true Southerner.The heading of Gatkuoth article is and will always remain as a curse to him and his supporters.

  • 16 July 2008 13:45, by Jacob

    Gatkuot Lam, Idoubt you whether you are Nuer.Because I have been following your writings but I came to conlusion that you are not A NUER.I was in Ayod on 3rd/07/2008.The Nuer in Ayod are peace loving community.May be you that of People who didn’t know their fathers and the origin.You called 1991 killing as ablessing yet photos are still kept for reference.

    Ithink you are the same like Bashir killing his own people in Dafur-Sudan.

    God is the witness,because useless sons like you were beaten by thunder in PANYANGOR IN 1991 AND THAT WAS THE END OF NUER WAR WITH DINKA.

    God may answer you.


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