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South Africa Mbeki raises voice to suspend Sudan Bashir’s indictment


July 26, 2008 (JOHANNESBURG) — South Africa President Thabo Mbeki joined calls for suspension of the Sudanese president’s indictment saying it would destroy efforts for peace in Darfur and hinder the implementation of another peace agreement in the south.

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South African President Thabo Mbeki poses with his Sudanese counterpart Omar al-Bashir in Cape Town on November 6, 2007

Sudanese president Omer al-Bashir must not be indicted for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes Mbeki said adding "It is important that both of those processes should proceed and both of them require the very active participation of President Bashir."

Mbeki was speaking to the South African Pubic television (SABC) in an interview conducted with him last Friday in Bordeaux France where he attended a European Union-South Africa summit with the President Nicolas Sarkozy, current EU head.

The two presidents in a joint statement called for a speedy deployment of Darfur peacekeeping force, and expressed their support for the progress made in the CPA implementation. They also hailed the adoption of the electoral law and Abyei roadmap.

"I don’t know how they would do that if an International Criminal Court says here’s a person who has been indicted, because they then must stop interacting with him because this is a wanted criminal, and I don’t know how you then implement all of those things." He said.

Mbeki and Sarkozy in their joint statement also emphasised the importance of putting an end to impunity in Darfur.

Speaking to the press with Mbeki, Nicolas Sarkozy said "South Africa and the European Union are calling for the Sudanese President Bashir to make the necessary gestures and efforts for the international community to understand that he got the message addressed to him by the international criminal court."

However Mbeki told SABC he would meet the Sudanese president to discuss the ICC indictment with him without giving an indication about the date of their meeting. South Africa is a non permanent member in the U.N. Security Council.

The ICC’s prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo asked pre-trial judges last Monday to issue arrest warrants for Sudanese president Omar Hassan Al-Bashir.

Ocampo filed 10 charges: three counts of genocide, five of crimes against humanity and two of murder. Judges are expected to take months to study the evidence before deciding whether to order Al-Bashir’s arrest.

ICC Judges are expected to take months to study the evidence before deciding whether to order Al-Bashir’s arrest.


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  • 27 July 2008 07:26, by Majak-da

    Whether Mbeki raises hundreds of voices seeking ICC charges drop, it is not the first time.

    Mbeki failed Zimbabwe nationals for his freindship with Mugabe. If he says ICC charges are not true, then the daily voilate crimes in his country are not true. Those crimes claimed live of Africa hero Lucky Philip but Mbeki did not do anything to show that he has a love for Africa. How dare is Mbeki to talk about terrorist Omer Bashir?

    This is nonesense of Mbeki. To hell you go with your Bashir!

    repondre message

    • 27 July 2008 16:55, by abdelgadir Alim

      Bashir should not be indictment

      The wise says quote:
      which means the dog barking will not stop the camel progress as it does
      not pay attention to its barking or actions at all !!!!!.
      This reminds me of the Okambo of ICC accusations to the President Albashir it is like the dog barking ,high in sound, but will never stop Sudan ligament rite in development and progress.
      - Most people does not know much about Sudanese,their traditions ,their behavior in case of hardships, their determination to firmly stand
      against who ever dare to collectively insult them. When you selectively and
      falsely accuse the top man who represents the state sovereignty with
      genocide on political basis, and without acceptable & accurte legal grounds
      <Okambo did not send fact findings committee to Darfur to collect legal
      evedinces,instead he depnds on witnesses whom were classified as Sudan
      Government ploitical enmies>.In the mean time,sending his claims to ICC
      in the name justice which practicaly means he is :
      Okambo`s mistake is that he only accuses one person< The Prsident>
      while political leadership appear in its general face to be collective resposibilty.Specially, when it deals with African tribal conflicts.
      "it is desertification that leads to resources shortages" according to the
      latest UN Ban KI Mon valuation for Darfur conflict.
      It is NOT by any means genocidal crimes based on racial or color bar.
      Also the final result of the UN facts findings committee sent to Darfur cofirms that it is NOT genocide. .
      We say it is farmers/herders cofilcts over diminishing resources ended up
      with armed tribal clashes at least this how it is started and this its original
      correct name.
      Others can label it with what ever names they like ,but not to force us
      to accept their labeling in the name of International Law.
      That is why we feel the selection is intentionally designed for Sudanese
      humiliation and not for a government that assume responsibility towards
      solving up of tribal conflicts .
      We are people of precious qualities that some times under-estimated by
      others,we love justice & equality, and do not accept oppression or arrogance.

      Mean time ignoring conflict other factors, like parties who supply out
      laws millities with modern sophisticated weapons,politcal assistance ,safe
      shelter, financial support, and intensive media backing that keeps the problem unsolved and keep Unity Government and its PEOPLE under constant polictical black male and pressures, is a second reason for us to suspect the basis of the ICC charges.
      As a matter of fact we have to ask ourselves a question !!
      Who is this Okambo ?????
      Who is behind him ???
      Do we have even solid information about his back ground !!!!!
      Has he sound professional reputation or there is some doubts/rumers ????
      <Holland Telegraph news paper reported that Okambo have sexually harassed
      female journalist from South Africa but he dined accusations and fired the
      ICC media manager who passed information to the press.
      Later the employee received financial compensation through Swiss court ruling after he took the case to the International Labour Orgaznization.
      The news paper also reported that a number of ICC employees resigned
      because of in proper treament of Akambo to them.Persons like this,are usually weak and shaky to the extent that any party can easly balck male them and dictate what ever they wish them to do !!!
      Is a person with doudtfull conduct is trust worthy to accuse an Honest elected President with serious charges of honor and unhuman behavier ????? Some parties are urging him to implement CPA,DAFUR PEACE DEAL,ABYEI AGREEMENT ,in the same time wish to see indictmented. Again,we suspect the motivations of Okambo and the parties for political blackmaling. !!!!
      <France promised to remove the ICC accusations if Sudan government
      agrees to surrender Koshib and Haroun to ICC.!!!.
      What kind of funny international law is this ? !!!
      And what an one eye justice that France is suggesting !!!
      We beleive,that such suggestions will ruin the ICC reputaion and such
      suspeted persons will for sure damage the court creditbilty.
      It may be a curse to the intenational law applications,and may destroy
      for ever its expected roll to establish international justice which we are eager not to be delayed.!!!!!!
      Mosloftich arrest come up now to push Serbea memeber ship to the European
      Union and not for the sake of thousands of poor Muslims whom been sulatered
      by this war criminal lont time ago.
      UN Security Council gave the ICC list of 51 Sudanese leader, we believe
      other names designed to appear later on as one President said referring to ICC charges:
      We can not comment on this descion before we see Sudanese reaction
      <he means the adverse reflections on Darfur peace and stability despite
      his awareness that such action will not help the weak victims or justice>
      and then they will start playing with the remaing names to shake Sudan
      stability by:
      - Creating application difficulties for CPA agreement and unity goverment.
      - Try by all means to compelicate Abyie peace deal.
      - Using their utmost efforts to stop Darfur expected peace deal.
      - Using UNSC resolutions<30 so far> against Sudan government,politicaly,
      economicaly,legaly, to weaken its roll to establish law and order.
      - To encourge neibouring countries to create borders clashes .
      - To create un countable problems and pressures to weaken Sudan .

      The final goal is Sudan falling into pieces and be ready to be easly
      divided and swolled up.

      We assure here again , that our enemies do not CARE about Darfur human
      sufferings, their urgent need for stability, or their necessity for normal life rather than continuing with their wicked undisclosed Agendas.
      <Sudaneseonline.com> .

      Hope that some of what they call themselves Darfur rebels can be able
      to understand this simple & obvious fact,& negoiate to obtain compesatation
      for those who lost lifes and properties,ask to punch the offendors,instead of distroying their regional infra-strucure and loose more lives.
      The whole wolrd have seen thorusands of Darfur people,tribesmen,riders of camels and horses,men and women cheering and greeting Albashir who
      was riding on uncovered wagon as a popular natioanl hero and leader. He
      visited the three main cities of "the torn war district" as they call it in
      western media,but to their disappointment not a single built was shot during the SUCCESSFUL and turning point TOUR .
      Resrisetatives of the three tribes whom Okambo
      accuses Albashir have commited genocide were within the crowd supporting their President and denying ICC accusations. Albshir himself was seen dancing and japping in the air with his hand stick with the crowds and national music.
      This clearly indicates, leader/people warm relations and respresnts solid
      proof against ICC false charges of haterate,war crimes,rape and genocide.
      Okambo have to understand now that a man planed to exterminate three main tribes can not stand in front of throusnds of their families members in high and uncovered open place and give a long speach and dance happly with them without getting killed,or least assasination attempt.
      This seen represent true and open evidence that will destory and for ever
      Okambo’s creditbilty,in the same time will shake the judges legal grounds
      of pre-planned genocide.

      It is high time for us to start useful negotiations to reach perminant
      and peaceful settlement without any outside mediators.

      We confidently beleive,that Sudanese people are deeply aware of what is
      going around and will surprise all with the un-expected :
      political reconciliations ,all over stability,capable of solving problems without others poking of noses ,able to defend borders from foriegn introders,control of internal security , continue building with
      infra-structure projects,safe guard and encourage Arab investors, perform the elections in time ,exploiting natural resources with alternative regional and international parties,increase oil production,achieving peace and stability in Sudan and the region, and come up with Strong, Democratic, and United Sudan.

      We believe ,we set the best example for our neighbors tofollow, and are able to teach our enemies a lesson in how people defend their freedom and natural resources.
      Sudan opens the door for equal and fruitful international co-operation.
      Again the dog is barking and the camel is firmly walking on and on and on!!!!!!!
      It is our destiny to be like the walking camel,continue with our building up of our infra-sructure and progress to share the world solving out its two main problems Enregy crisis and Food shortage and let Okambo continuebarking, as he is ultimatly will be weeping !!!
      Abdelgadir Alim-NY

      repondre message

      • 27 July 2008 18:05, by Ahasakmoi

        Addelgadir Alim(Arab),

        Days of your fellow Arabs as Sudanese intruders certainly appear to be numbered. Don’t ask me how, when and why?


        I am very much eangered with your myopic and oversighted look into the ICC issues regarding Bashir’s indicement, and relating it to the onflict in Darfur. Are you a sudanese?, if yes, then you are ateporary sudanese citizen, of course the Arabs. We are still working ways of making you free our land for the suffering black Africans. I can believe what Amer Musa, is doing, the Arab league secretary who is trying to denounce the attrocities committing in Darfur when the see fire, so where have they been when the Darfurians were raped, killed and continued to be raped, killed in their own eyes, truely, Arabs are terorist, they have completely no agony of human suffering.

        Alim, what has drawn me into shock from your comment is, when you nsaid, there is no Genocide in Darfur, and the war there is a tribal war, between herders, yes..., don’t you know that, the tribal war constitue genocide when the other tribe is supported to eliminate the other one. Mine you, your facts are wrong, where can a tribe like the fur, Masalit, and may be your messeriya get the weapons of mass distruction from, antnobs that keep on bombing their camps day and night?, you are just kidding, and your comment is baseless and as an Arabinized mind.

        Can you imagine your quote here, that, ’’ we are people of precious qualities, that some tribes under-estimated by others, we love justice and equality, but we don’tt accept oppression and orrogant’’, please, before, I reduce you to molecular level, can you tell me, what you mean by such expressions?
        You are taliking of we, do you include the Darfurians and the Southerners?, which others tribes under-estimated others?, your Arabinized tribes, you idiot. Which justice are you speaking of yet you are defending your cannibalist father Albashir, who denied justice to all Sudanese?, then why can’t you shut up and leave Ocampo to do his job?

        It seems you don’t know Ocampo, by asking the questions like ’’ who is Ocampo?, first ask yourself where is Sadam Husein?, Then you will surely have no doubt of who Ocampo is....

        We all wait for your exit from Sudan, and our celebration during the hanging of Albashir that day, God is great and I hope, God cannot keep on punishing the innocent like the way southerners have suffered, and now Darfurians, so your days are drawing nearer.

        I wonder who gave you permit to be in NY.

        Ahasakmoi Lo’Osonya,


        repondre message

      • 27 July 2008 18:24, by AramanaCaani junuba

        Dear Abdelgadir,


        You are clearly playing a Devil’s Advocate [DA] and it will take months,years and years for you to understand the plight of sudanese people and the troubles and sufferings they have been inflicted upon by your brothers in power,in tyranny,in impunity,in injustices,in genocidal intent,in extremism and terror.it is not easy for you to understand and confess in good faith that your brother AL BASHIR IS AN ICC MATERIAL AND SURELY DESERVE IT!!! IF Omar hosted The well known international criminal BILADEN OSAMA,what is so far different with him? And who actually elected him and when was that election?
        Regarding his visit to the Troubled Region of Darfur,it was just a Mockery Journey after he has realized that he inflicted alot of pain and suffering to the people of Darfur though his goal of wanting to wipe the three ethnic groups of DARFUR has not been achieve FULLY but the international community has detected that.
        please Abdel gadir,if you don’t mind,could you tell your short sighted ARABS that they need to be EXPOSED TO THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY AFFAIRS instead of them being taken by surprise and only limits their minds to Middle East and other arab villages? this is very important,because every human being is entitled to every right including the right to Know.Then in sudan we are not only encouraging what you call ’ARAB INVESTORS’BUT any one who deserve to invest in sudan soil!! Or are you suggesting that Sudan is an Arab country? please my dear,FORGET ABOUT THAT DISTORTED HISTORY OF which your failed and corrupt brothers fabricated.sudan’s people,culture,society,economy and History is all AFRICAN.wait and see.....
        MY advice to you is that forget about AL BASHIR,IF you do exactly that you would have fewer problems haunting you day and night.Morn him when the robe is on his arrogant neck! infact if he were a good human being who values human rights and shun evil he would have RESIGNED even before the genuine investigation results of ICC were officially out.BUT he arrogantly says ’he would never kneel down to any forces or international community except Allah!’ If Allah accepts persons like ALBASHIR then you people better look for a different Allah because that Allah is NOT A TRUE GOD who value good rather than evil!
        Do you hear me Abdel Gadir? better take that into consideration and with alot of seriousiness.


        repondre message

      • 27 July 2008 21:04, by Petero igaa

        Dear Abdelgadir,
        I am responding directly to your personal concern over the President of the Republic of Sudan.
        In real life, the head of the family; in the case of Sudanese Culture is the Husband. Whatever goes wrong in that family esp. with the neighbours etc, the first person to account for is the Family head.

        Your claim about the war in Darfur between herdsmen and Farmers is not true to greater extend. Such conflicts are there in Sudan but do not blow a mega proportion. The Darfur case is exceptional: The Government of Bashir should have gotten in Darfur with clear picture; to stop the conflict, by creating a buffer zone between the "farmer Herdmen conflict area" but to the contrary he went ahead to arm the herdman and expose the farmer to the prey. We are in a scientific and modern world Abdelgadir with "huge ears and large eyes"

        ICC has seen Bashir siding with Herder against the farmer. The international community has been trying to help Bashir when the government was expressing difficulties in handling the situation and gave all the chances that exist under this planet to solve the problem in Darfur instead Bashir went ahead to implement his plan/Government Agender, if I can call it this name.

        One other element of concern which would not justify your claim is that: There are individuals in government who have been accused of executing the plan and should be handed over to ICC, so that the head of the family is not put in question, by the way that is how it works: If your kid hits a neighbours kid, the family head of the offender takes responsibility by bring the offender for justice which the offended deserve, in this way the head of the family is cleared from direct responsibity.

        Further more, recently Bashir was asked to handover the culprits mentioned above, he went wild; making serious statements, pointing fingers or removing splinters in other eyes than allowing his to be removed. I quote. "Go to Iraq, Plastine, Gaza, Lebanon" there are humiliation and killings taking place in those countries and cities. Is he trying to tell ICC that infact he is carrying genocide in Darfur in revenge for the killings in those Countries mentioned above and it is justified! I would say surely Bashir is part of the killing in Darfur based on this behaviour.

        The Best thing for Bashir to do is to go to the Hegue and clear himself, otherwise the way I look at this case, he cannot win it by being in cahoots with others. I am worried that if the the Camel go on and provoking the Dog to continue bark, then one day the elephant will strain the Camel in roaming and end up isolated in the Hague.

        I rest my case.

        repondre message

      • 28 July 2008 05:22, by malek, ’odili the great’

        Dear alim,your commend to the article is really Boring and confusing,beacuse you did not understood english culture before posting of that statment of public web.just write in arabic and call someone with english skill to do it for you.
        On the views of bashir and is crimes system,i hope no one will return the decision made by the ICC evden if you riot in khartuom to prevent the move agaist detaitor.ICC is the internation organisation headed by international poeple and you should take this at sudanese level.
        it is so opposit to call bashir ’top man"do you think if bashir go for his cirms closer answering the country would get an other man to run it.all the top people are the criminal wanted worldwide.
        finally you need to shout up on tradition and cultured of sudanses that you have claim,what you know are the arab cultures which doesn’t fit you to know sudanses culture

        repondre message

  • 27 July 2008 20:33, by Gatnath

    In the other hand, I would like to pay my respect to the president Mbeki, as I believe he did so for his love for Africans including al-Bashir who claims to be an African, as he has been protecting our greater president Mogabi, there is nothing wrong of protecting African pride as we wouldn’t always relay on Eurpian or USA to solve our problems! I know it will take us ages to relay on ourselves 100%, but let us remember that the journey of 1 million mile strats with one step!! let us not blame Mbeki for trying to protect African dignity!!

    repondre message

    • 28 July 2008 01:49, by Moe Montana

      You all chat PURE bull shit! Enough retarded crap from all the South! You have been given approx. 6 Billion DOLLARS! As the profit from oil is split 50-50 between the north and south!

      What has the south done? In the north we have towers going up, roads being built, hospitals, schools, universities! What has the south done?

      You the people of the south are slowing our development in the North with your CORRUPTION! So you know what, honestly, we’re trying to be africa’s dubai and MORE, so i say: The north should split from the south. And guess what?



      repondre message

      • 28 July 2008 02:39, by Omer

        I Completely agree with Moe Montana, the Southerners have done absoultley nothing with their share of oil wealth and they still come to find work in the North depsite their hostile attitudes and sentiments.

        It would be much, much better if the South left but as a policy, all southerners must be REMOVED from the North as they are no longer apart of our country and then they can go and build their country whatever way they may please.

        As with the issue of Abyei, unless the southerners can produce credible proof that it belongs to them other than the stupid quote of "it belongs to the South", abyei will be the permanent land of the messyria.

        repondre message

      • 28 July 2008 10:58, by Reuben Ngooth

        Mbeki should mind his own problems in his own county.

        HAHAHAHAHA, how can Mbeki break the silence to talk about Sudan when he is unable to solve a problem in his country? How can he talk about ICC being in a mess while his country has been busy killing foreigners but he is defeated to tackle it?

        And this Montana boasting about what they have done in the north, you are just like a thief boasting of the thing he had stolen. You built your north yes. But with oil that was stolen from south. Do you want to tell us that north was built in one day? My poor friend, you Arabs are the great cheats and thieves in the country. You all deserved to be hung.

        South is gradually building it self. You are also another thorn in the development of the south. With you at the apex of oil sale, there is nothing that will benefit south through you. To my surprise, you talked about the development that had taken place in the north and yet there is a massive outcry from many parts of the north that not everyone is gaining from your proclaimed development. It’s wonderful to hear from Arabs that some of the Arabs tribes are being marginalize like south by the same government which claimed to be popular in the north.

        repondre message

      • 1 August 2008 16:31, by Gatdelha

        Mother f******* Moe Montana!

        if you are investing your share of oil in building towers that are going to be either distroyed or captured by our African Movement Front fighters, very soon, doesn’t mean you are fools! why don’t you thank about where our share of oil revenue goes! maybe we are building our millitary capacities because we want to get rid of your asses in Sudan that you have been ruining for ages!

        repondre message

      • 1 August 2008 16:35, by Gatdelha

        Mother f******* Moe Montana!

        if you are investing your share of oil in building towers that are going to be either distroyed or captured by our African Movement Front fighters, very soon, doesn’t mean you are fools! why don’t you think about where our share of oil revenue goes! maybe we are building our millitary capacities because we want to get rid of your asses in Sudan that you have been ruining for ages very soon!we don’t want you in Sudan, so we will let you go to hell whether you like it or not

        Long live African movement Front in Sudan!

        repondre message

  • 28 July 2008 04:21, by Leo Abi

    We are all very concerned about the indictment of our president Mr.Besir by the ICC. We appreciate the effort of the African leaders to struggle for the suspension of his indictment. On the othere hand, we are also very much concerned about the suffering and bloodshed of fellow Sudanese, our brothers and sisters in the war torn region of Darfur. Now as the African leaders struggle to suspend the indictment of Basir, I hope they are convinced that he will be a different man who is a peace loving and will stop genicide. And if the African leaders are convinced, I know they would have done better things before it reaches this stage with a lot of horrible bloodsheds in the world’s history. On the other hand I would like to say that, we do not need to worry much about the indictment of Mr. Besir because he is going to prove the ICC wrong with all the evidents he has. Thhis is going to bring strange to the country Mr. Besir will prove himself innocent. My feeling is that we do not need to suspend the indictment but allow Mr. Besir to bring pride to our country by proving himself innocent.

    repondre message

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