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U.S. firm to invest in agriculture in South Sudan


January 2, 2009 (WASHINGTON) — A privately held U.S. investment firm entered into an agricultural investment with a company controlled by the son of a South Sudanese general.

A farmer weeds a field in southern Sudan of sorghum grown for seed. (photo FAO)

Jarch Management Group, Ltd, which is registered in the Virgin Islands, is managed by commodities traders and former State Department and Central Intelligence Agency officials, among others.

The investment group announced that it has purchased a 70% interest, by way of sub-participation, in a company incorporated in Juba, the capital of the autonomous region of Southern Sudan. This company, Leac for Agriculture and Investment Company Limited, is controlled by Gabriel Matip, the eldest son of General Paulino Matip Nhial, deputy commander-in-chief of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA).

In addition, Jarch has leased a large tract of farmland in Mayom county of Unity State.

“Jarch has leased approximately 400,000 hectares gross of prime farmland from General Paulino Matip. In addition, Jarch will acquire more farm land within Southern Sudan,” said a statement issued by the investment group.

The statement also noted that Mayom county, where the farmland was leased, contains some mineral resources, for which contracts will be executed by the Government of Southern Sudan in early 2009.

A number of commanders of the SPLA are members of Jarch’s advisory board. These figures are drawn particularly from influential members of the former insurgency in Nuerland, including Paulino Matip and Peter Gadet. Notably, Vice-President Riek Machar and Major General Gulwak Deng were also invited to join the advisory board.

Through Gabriel Matip’s company, Jarch Capital will have the right to grow products including cereals, oil seeds, vegetables, fruits, and flowers and can process these raw commodities for both local and export use, given the approval of the southern government’s Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development.

While U.S. companies are banned from doing business in Sudan, which the U.S. considers a state sponsor of terrorism, agriculture in Southern Sudan is exempted from sanctions provided that the Khartoum-based national government does not have any stake in the business and provided that no imports or exports pass through non-exempt areas.

“Jarch will only deal in Southern Sudan and will not involve any entity from the Government of Sudan,” said the company statement.

The privately-held firm operates in Africa to extract natural resources. The company is chaired by Philippe Heilberg, who during the 1990s worked in the commodities division of American International Group, a giant American financial company that nearly collapsed in 2008.

“Jarch continues to see tremendous opportunities in South Sudan as it continues to emerge to realize its full potential,” noted the investment group, which will look for a partner to help it maximize the value of this opportunity.


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  • 3 January 2009 07:51, by cansellor


    thanks to the US company determineed to invest in SOUTH SUDAN particularly in UNITY STATE. I hope that Agricultural project will help to consolidate SPLM political stability in UNITY STATE. because our brothers NUER in UNITY STATE are the most vunerable community among others South Sudan’s communities in terms of hunger crisis. lack of food always triggered a severe disloyalty to their brothers DINKAS that always led to defection and waged a war back to their home soil.Like what we have seen now,they are trying to assasinate themselves and always accuse Dinkas of being corrupt and so many fales acussation that are not truth.

    repondre message

    • 3 January 2009 08:06, by Jayo

      I hate the tribalism on this website.There are few tribalist who only plan to sow seed of hatred among the people of South Sudan through hate compaign.

      Please my advice to you all is to focus on your miserable lives and don’t just talk of Dinka,Nuer,Madi,Toposa etc etc.

      repondre message

      • 3 January 2009 09:35, by Emo Tongun

        To Concellor,

        IT looks this man is a gay or a hooker. He don’t have any topic only Dinka , Dinka Nuer Nuer. Let growup from this trible thinking because him: for sure he will not progress at all never,never.

        We are still at war, don’t think that we are already save. Abyei in crissis from Missiriya tribe, our Dinka brothers are being kill humiliated by Arabs President Bashir’s nomade millitias: so, Southerners need to unite now before it is too late.

        2009 President Kiir started with a very good sign, so Southerners come together to fight the real war in Abyei.

        Kiir is a kind hearted man, polite, and humble.

        Concellor is just an idiot, mother fucker, bull shit; let him refrain from this backwardness symtoms. It seemingly he is learning to write in English.

        Nuer are hard working people, don’t spread your hatred against Nuer for nothing. We in Equatoria always will give support if anybody did something good for the public.

        This is the kind of work we need, or wanted to hear, every people from each state to develop their state like that. Now in Unity State projects by Nuer that is very good,

        And tomorrw in Bor town projects by Dinka Bor,

        Also in Equatoria projects by Equatorian people. Then we will form and Integrated of these three projects, and form a strong Unity. That is why we are advcating, saying let anybody should go and develop his ancestral land to avoid any insecurity, clushes between any tribes,

        Unfrotunately, Bor Dinka in Equatoria fail to understand this vision.

        They wanted to creat another war in the Southern Sudan. Consequently, that will not take 3 to 6 years South Sudan will go on flame.

        Councellor, Whatever Israel will do with their millitary might, kill Palestinians people today, in Gaza, tomorrow they will pull out, and the victory will be to Palestinians to the people. If you don’t seen that ask me later.


        repondre message

        • 3 January 2009 11:50, by cansellor

          coming to you MANH_AGUEEC!! ANGWALA MORBIIT!!

          WHere did you learned the word Angwala from Dinka language? I think your mum and sister has been in relationship with the one of the Dinka men, or you yourself has lick one of your Dinkas boyfriend dick before you broke up and form a relationship with new boyfriend Gatwech. ha!ha!ha! I got him right! manh-aguec don’t fuck around with me alright?

          repondre message

          • 3 January 2009 21:20, by Emo Tongun

            To Concellor the Gay Man.

            NOW anybody in this commentry site new that Concellor is just a gay man, shallow, narrow-minded, wicked. He could be sick with HIV/ AIDS: He may die soon, so, he just wanted to talk of Dinka, Dinka, Dinka, Nuer,Nuer, Nuer. Please don’t spit the oddo in your mouth in this site, just go to your Egyptian man to fack you again; as we all know that you are working (O’Sheen) in Egyption house. May spy sent all the details about you.

            Nuer are people of respect, and they don’t talk nonsense like you Concellor the dick-headd son of a bitch, wether your are from which Dinka.

            In school i have many Dinka friends, they talk good too; not barbarc like you.

            hThis temporary situations in the South some wicket SPLA from small clans of Dinka, wether they are from where: Now wanted to spoil the whole name of a tribe Dinka with with their silly understanding that we are brave, all Southerners are brave. We will not move out from your ancestral land; because we have guns in our hands, so we will kill you if you complain.

            And saying why did you ran a way to a refugee camp?
            This is a natural precautional move to save the lives: Just like what our Dinka brothers in Abye were doing. They must evacuate whenever they so SAF and its nomads Missiriya entering the Abei town. They should not wait until to see innocients lives are being taken away.

            So, Concellor Mr. Gay do not balking about Dinka all the time. People in the net are sick of you now, even Some wise Dinkas do not agreeing with your fucking, idiotic tribalistic nature.

            Dr, Mashar free the six children, give him applaous, and support. This kind of progressive mind is what we need in the South; but not somebody like silly, stupid Concellor. I don’t want to waste my time with ignoran Dinka

            In fack, you are spoilling the democratic future poliics for the Dinka tribe. Because avery tribe is in the SPLA now, and now body will see his brother being killed, and he has the gun in his hands. So, Concellor watch your back!!!.

            So, don’t speak of Dinka mighty again.

            Israel mighty SOON, SOON, SOON will pulled out of GASA from Palestine Land. And the VICTORY will be to the Palestinians people. Come and ask me if you don’t want to believe.

            So, these few SPLA IDP’s , must re-think the danger of occupying other people’s land, not now, but 10 to 20 t0 30 years a head. anybody will be in the millitary. If you kill 2000 innocients lives from my tribe today, tomorrow i will retaliate a revange war to kill 4000 innocients lives from your tribe. So, Stupid Councellor Don’t speak of Dinka, Dinka again, because even Dinkas people are sick of you.

            Watch your Mouth!!!

            My spyies are alart!!! watching, following you.


            0.5 from Y*** A***.
            President Kiir did exellent job,so give him applaous, support him, this is the kind of move we in the South wanted to here, and see.

            repondre message

            • 5 January 2009 13:27, by cansellor

              Hey!! Mr piglet.lunatic, nancy devile’

              whatever diabolic tittle suit you, I am here to give you a strong warning. don’t fuck round with me alright? I know where you live in Australia. just send another stupid measage and you will face the consequences in a matter of hour. you are not appointed to analysed people comments alright?

              repondre message

  • 3 January 2009 09:29, by Gatwech

    Bravo Gabriel Matip,

    I congratulate the American company for its bold decision to develop agricultural industry in Unity state that will spread to other parts of South Sudan. Americans have been the true friends of South Sudanese and I also congratulate the son of Lt. General Paulino Matip Nhial for winning the hearts of the company managers to turn South Sudan into a basket of fruits. Oil and agriculture are the back bone of our economy. South Sudan Oyeee............

    repondre message

    • 4 January 2009 08:35, by Mr, Red Fox, Awan thieth

      To: Gatwech

      This is a good news to the Unity State in particular and to the Southern Sudan in general. I thank those who joined hands and work on it. If you make such comments like this one, you wouldn;t have any problem with anybody at all. Don’t try to say anything different in this case. thanks

      repondre message

      • 4 January 2009 09:11, by Ben-Fu

        So, these Commanders already start selling the land to be tills by strangers just as the rest are taking oils and all kind of resources on the land. I hope the next generation will not be left with land headache like what is happening in Zimbabwe.

        It is cheaper to purchase tools for local to do it then being fools by greedy foreigners to cheat people for few promising empty promises.

        Any way, let who ever selling their land sell it, but I hope the GOSS must not try to agree for everything that sound good on their time.

        Every State has a family that own the land from the beginning of time, the land does not belong to the government or businessmen, it belong to the people.
        Let not everyone be fool by money to sell the land that has kills million of our brothers and sisters.

        repondre message

  • 4 January 2009 19:02, by Lucia Kur

    I congratulate you Mr. Gabriel for initiative to invest in agriculture.
    It is good to do investment and to utilize the natural resources in Southern Sudan. But it is not good to let others have the lion share of our resources and interest of these resources, how can the investment group from America have 70% of the interest while the land is ours?, we are suppose to have the 70% and the American investment group to have 30%.

    Giving chance to foreign investors with high interest share is one of the reasons that keeps us African/Southern Sudanese poor forever I’m telling you this kind of offers to foreign firms will definitely lead us to be controlled by others and continue be people with weak wills and powers, lets be careful not to let foreigners have our chances for investment like what had happened in Zimbabwe where more thane 80% of fertile land was being invested by the whites while the native Zimbabweans are sinking in poverty, and the revenues of those investments was for the benefit of Britain alone not for the native Zimbabweans. Are we trying to create a state of economical colonization and after that we go again to the bush for freedom? Why can’t we do the agricultural investment by ourselves and have the 100% or 70% interest by ourselves? Do you mean we Southern Sudanese don’t have that money to invest in that free of charge lands in Southern Sudan? Please let us stop undermining ourselves instead let us have faith in our educated people of Southern Sudan who are experts in agriculture and business whom you can relay on for this kind of investment.
    In conclusion, let us have our 100% cake instead of bagging 30% from forigners for no reason.

    repondre message

  • 4 January 2009 21:53, by Justin Chicago opiny

    It is very unfortunate that many of the SPLA commanders and
    politians are involved in business matters and investment with foreign investors. When you are in government with position of authority you are not suppose do any business
    in whatever way in doing business while in government because you will be serving two masters
    at the same time, your business and that of the government.

    I think the SSLA must come out with a bill baring politicians and others in the government with position of authority. Once you are out of government then you can do whatver business you want. When you are in government and doing business this is in itself another form of corruption
    and leasing land to foreign investors by individuals is also
    corruption. Being in government does not mean that you own the land that belongs to the community. we must be careful
    how we use our power when in government.

    repondre message

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