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Ugandan rebels kill 50 people in South Sudan


By James Gatdet Dak

January 6, 2009 (JUBA) — The Ugandan rebels of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) have killed more than 50 people in Maridi County of Western Equatoria state of South Sudan in the last two weeks.

According to the Chairperson of the Specialized Committee on Culture and Information in South Sudan parliament, Hon. Bashir Bandi, the LRA rebels have targeted Maridi County after crossing into Southern Sudan from DR Congo.

The joint military operation against the Ugandan rebels was launched last month by regional forces that included Uganda and DR Congo.
Bashir who represents the Maridi County in the parliament urged the Government of Southern Sudan to arrange necessary security measures to stop the LRA attacks on the civil population.

The rebels are also reported by the state authorities to have killed dozens of people in separate attacks on other counties of the state and that civilians are also fleeing from Yambio, the state capital, in fear of their attacks.

Last month the Government of Southern Sudan announced that it would close its borders with DR Congo to prevent the LRA from penetrating into its territory during the joint military operations.

The Juba-peace process mediated by the Government of Southern Sudan for the last two years brought relative peace in the region, but the recent resumption of military operations have resulted to loss of more lives and brought fresh fears for attacks by the notorious rebels.


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  • 7 January 2009 04:07, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

    Might be LRA, but if we can have time to investigate, I personally beleive that those killers will be among SPLA/M members. Because the incidence that had happened in Juba to the family of Equatorians memeber proves that those sons who were reported to be in training are now in action within the streets of Greater Equatoria. We the people of Greater Equatoria at this tornado period of time, we pray that let the election come quickly follow by Capital out of Greater Equatoria and this will give us a clear route to prove why we are always in sorrow. Enough is enough i will never mention anyone at this stage because am not in my mood. God is Great !!!!!!!

    • 8 January 2009 10:39, by AUGUSTINO DENG

      Haaa! Haaa! Dear Mr Big Logic Boy, I got you brother! First of all, who are you by the way? Do you really have a sense of inspirational that reflected you to judge the right and wrong? I’m wondered indeed everytime I take a look and read your article or whatever you have posted,it is full of mess and a lot of garbage that look very awful. I don’t know exactly how you come to being as a human and not something else.

      To assure you dear friend, you better watch out about Dinka people otherwise your life will be miserable. If you have any problem with Dinka, then please be specific and striaght instead of diverting your thought around nothing.
      I believe there is no connection between LRA and Dinka people if you are not a kind of a person who can just rush and throw the blames without reasoning capacity.

      How come that Dinkas are they killers? If Dinkas are they killers, will you say in your article that let pray for the election so that it come quickly if you are not missing out something in your brain? Who are they people going to do the election without Dinkas’ recommendation? Do you think or believe that you can pass the election without Dinkas?
      Please dear friend, act like an openminded person who know the philosophical views of the other people moods, okay.
      It is better for you to praise Dinkas people a lot because they open your eyes since you were born blind by your parents.

      How come that you don’t know your master so call Dinka? To tell you the facts, we Dinkas, we don’t have such kind of animosity like what you have in your "dull heart". But, one thing we know especially we Dinkas, is that when someone provokes us, we don’t give him chance, otherwise he has to leave or surrender himself to us. So, I know one day one time, you will surrender yourself to us. And believe me or not, if you do it so, we will castrated you like a He goat. So, it is better right now to have kids before castration took place.

      According to what I realize, you really need a physical check-up for your brain whether is functioning properly or not, otherwise within some 2 or 3 years coming you will have a "Bipolar Disease" in your brain trust me.

      Don’t ask me who am I? I’m with you!


      • 8 January 2009 14:48, by Gatwech

        Hello Southerners,

        Driven by jealousy and tribal sentiments, some crook GOSS politicians thought it was politics as usual to shoot down Dr. Riek Machar’s peace initiatives so that he does not get the credit as Chief Mediator in the Uganda peace process. Now the Museveni’s manipulated military operations on the LRA inside Congo has backfired on South Sudan’s innocent population. Our poor politicians have provoked the tamed LRA back into interior Equatoria region. You could feel fears of danger every where in Greater Equatoria. People have sensed the mistake committed in abandoning the peace process and declaring a war we have not analysed and prepared for.

      • 9 January 2009 22:26, by Toang Tiach Tot

        Dear mr.Augustino Deng
        my dear brother iam advising you with the word castration you have quoted to mr.logic please donot promote tribalism like other writers such as Mr.Gatwech and mr.Biar who are confronting always please be carefull when commenting. there are alot of people busy reading what we are putting in the website. it is true that our leader must be some one among one of the south sudan tribe but his tribe men should not say that we are superior because of their tribe man’leadership this is totally unfair .you are among those who worsen the leadership of late Dr.John and now you are repeatng it with the Salva Kiir’s leadership you are not among those who make him a president of Southern Sudan it is a SPLM Leadership council who appoint him to be a successor not Dinka community He is not snatching it with a coup
        where by SPLA which is blamed by this man for the death of the EQuatorians is not a Dinka army you cannot say dinka wll castrate mr.logic where by he is blaming SPLA Whose his native Equatorian are serving in it.please stop such a disasterous comment other why you are promoting hatred among southerners

        • 10 January 2009 09:06, by AUGUSTINO DENG

          Dear Mr Toang Tiach Tot, reflects to your comments, I believe that everybody like a piece of advise as I read your article.It make me so delightful and I feel like responding some of your words. However, in your comment, you have mentioned that I’m making a "tribalism" like other people such as "Mr Gatwech and Mr Biar". First of all, what kind of tribalism am I making right now? Also, you said that I’m among those who worsen the "leadership of the late Dr John Garang"."Did you ever heard one day that Mr Augustino Deng, firearms in term to over throw John Garang?" I don’t think dear brother whether I’m the one causing these atrocities for Dr John Garang’s leadership. Maybe you got confused somewhere around to what I mean when replying back to what Mr Bic Logic Boy had posted about the attack made by LRA which kill 50 people in Equatoria.

          To be specific with you, I want you exactly to tell me what Mr Big Logic Boy mean in his quotation when he said "maybe the SPLA who kills these people if we try to investigate the causes". Now in his quotation, what did you analyzed or infer about? Who are the SPLA by the way? To assure you with full details, he mean that Dinkas are the people controlling the SPLA. So, that is why he said that word. If he didn’t mean it actually, then he is not suppose to said that because SPLA is not for Dinkas alone,but for everybody including Arabs.

          Dear Mr Toang Tiach Tot, I know that maybe you really know what Mr Logic Boy mean. However, if you don’t, then we needs to analyze things first before hand because some people use words which are very impressive and they don’t even know whether those words can indeed affect someone emotional feeling. On the other hand, you pointed out from my comment about using the word "Castration".

          Indeed, I said that word becasue I thought that Mr Logic Boy will response it, but he didn’t. To be honest with you Mr Toang Tiach Tot, I’m really oppressed by the words Mr Logic Boy use all the times when posting or comment on some other articles people have posted. Everytime I read his article, it is full of cursing words or profanity languages which are not even motivationally encourageable to people. So, my advise to you is that if he want to comment on someone article, that is fine to me, but not about "Dinkas" as a whole because not every Dinkas have problem with him otherwise he has to be striaght and make his point clear. Also, remember when dealing with such kind of problem, you need to take your deep breath and look forward how to track down the incident.

          Thanks you so much for your piece of advise.

    • 10 January 2009 04:37, by hawa

      Big Illogic go and fight LRA if you a real man who defends his own people, why request the country to act. You simply want dinkas to help you coz they are the real men of the south.
      Always hawa.

      • 10 January 2009 19:21, by Wilson Wutchok Dhal

        Deng where every you are let me tell you the same advice my dear, am among those who hate Logic’s abomination against Dinka However, i realised later that the man is a big pool of which if you follow immediately you will be like him, So let us leave him to do what every he want to say but he will not harm event 1percent in our community.

        SPLA/M GOSS and south sudan are not for Dinka. I want also to correct one thing from Toang ToT when he mentioned those who are promoting tribalism he mention " Gatwech and Biar" My dear beleive me or not you missquote mr Biar by mistake, he is the only man who can comment according to what has been written on the website and you were correct to have metioned Gatwech bse at the moment he is likely to confuse every one about Riak when every he wanted to comment then his subject will be Riak and we know Riak is our leader but if he want to critise all of the south bse of Riak eee eee that will be a big mess.

  • 7 January 2009 04:16, by nyadeng Garang

    Regional governments of D.R.C. southern Sudan, and the government of Uganda need to undertand that no one win guerilla warefare. The governments can not defeat the LRA nor do the LRA defeat the regional governments. The attacks will just continue and it will never end.

    There has to be a peaceful and patiant approach to the Uganda conflict by making sure that the rebels are treated equal similar to Uganda government. The use of words like killers, terrorists, and child rapists against the LRA fighters is not a good approach to peace.

    They must be treated as an independent rebellion who have a point to bring across. Their voice must be respected in the peace process but I can see the Uganda government exploiting the process through their counter-partner which is the United States of America. The US fooled the regional governments that if they waged a joint operation against the LRA that they were going to bring the problem to end. This was a myth judgement.

    The people of southern Sudan who supported the idea are now paying the price. You fools should have listen to Dr. Riek Mhachar who refused the idea from the start.

    • 7 January 2009 04:26, by hawa

      We all mourn the death of those innocent people. God will rest their soul in peace. Back to the point, logic we need to to be united and fight this common enemy by not always yielding and be suspicious. you are messing your name though you hide them.

    • 7 January 2009 04:30, by Lokang

      what the hecks is going on with this LRA? why are they killing other country’s civilians instead of pressing their issues on their government? did SPLA killed any of Ugandan citizeen during its struggle? I am ready waiting for the green light otherwise this LRA will see how we will trace them in their hidding bushes. Once the orders are given they will hate themselves for putting hands on Southerners for this length of time.

      • 7 January 2009 06:29, by Issac William

        Leaders of the world and of any country particular play crucial role to achieve real happiness of its people. Educated and capable leader leads his/her people and country to a peace and prosperity, while the cruel, erratic and incapable leader brings people to the world of sufferings and ultimately ruins a country. Leader must not only be educated and experienced but it is important to be an intelligent and sensible to the problems faced by his/her people. Leaders of the government should win the trust of people by being strategically friendly avoiding any kind of provocation or war with allies and must also allow a degree of transparency in the day to day working and the governance of the country.
        Mr. Kiir does not lead; he is being led. He is weak and seems to be controlled by other (Dink). I don’t want to hear him say one thing today and the opposite tomorrow. To be an effective leader, you must learn how to share your vision with others in a way that helps them commit whole-heartedly to the same dream. Inspire others and there’s nothing you can’t do. Lead by example; share the dream; commit to the cost; and keep hope alive. Nobody wants a leader who follows the public mood or a leader who looks like a deer on the head lights, but one who shapes it.
        In a country with a population of over a million people, it is pathetic that our leaders can’t even read. Don’t you think our country needs and can do much better than this? We still follow caste, region and reservation politics. Why do we keep selecting/electing no-good, gold diggers to power? What can we expect out of tired and septuagenarian politicians who only know how to play dirty political games and are only concerned about saving their seats of power? Why do we have illiterates and criminals making policies which affect over a million people? Is that the best that we, as a democratic nation, have to offer? What we need today are young, educated, polished and sophisticated politicians who will bring some efficiency to the political system. It is shameful to hear and read about our uneducated president and MPs using the choicest of abuses and exhibiting crass behavior in Khartoum and Parliament House. We have to start looking beyond caste and region politics.
        Before and after the British colonialism, the Sudan as a nation repeatedly failed to produce a strong leadership in each and every level of its government. Sudan have yet to experience a sincere leader that can rise up and lift its people from ground, like Gandhi, Washington, Dr. King and many others did for their people and nations. The Sudanese people have been unfortunate to have the opportunity to select their leaders, and no one ever gave them the chance to know the qualities that a good leader should have.
        Throughout the history and the biographies of the world leaders, one cannot avoid, but notice that every leader in our history had some form of education, whether elected or selected, and before one becomes a leader one must prepared for it, whether thorough schooling or acquiring leadership skills. One must also be prepared before he allows himself to assume any leadership position. Apparently, Southerner or Sudanese’s leaders fail this critical step, instead of educating or preparing themselves, they devote most of their time building tribal/clan loyalties; which in turn produces leadership conflicts that we are witnessing today.
        Couple centuries ago, when 55 delegates who attended the United States Constitutional Convention were a distinguished body of men who represented a cross section of 18th-century American leadership. They were called the Founding Fathers of the USA, all of these men were not from same tribes or clans, but they all had strong educational background, thirty-five of the Founding Fathers were lawyers or had benefited from legal training, and some had also become judges. They all had a true education and knowledge (an education or a knowledge which freed the minds out of tribalism). Again, this shows how important it is that leaders must possess some form of true education, before or if that leadership is intended to succeed.
        I think it is a time that the Southerner people to think something different. The public deserve better leadership same as the rest of the world, a well-educated and honest leader who puts his/her individual and tribal interest behind the interest of the nation. Not like dictator, illiterate, militarily oriented, tribally minded or/and uneducated leader like those who created and put the Southerner people the continuous suffering and the anarchy. South Sudan need a real chance of having knowledgeable leader and parliamentarian; it is unfortunate to see that the Southerner public to be represented by a bunch hypocrites with no college education, a bunch that cannot knowledgably and civilly hold productive discussions.

        • 7 January 2009 09:19, by Enosa Aguno Zungo

          The LRA in this context of touching Maridi! they have touched fire and Maridi have been the sample of South Sudan for for the rest of Counties in South Sudan.Whoever is backing the LRA and in loughing mouth about the killing in Maridi should make sure that the sons of Maridi are ready now to attack LRA to the dust of it.Killing innocent people in cold blood in front of God is a sin and sin always leads to ever lasting death!!! LRA you will finish in Maridi soon.
          Enosa Aguno

        • 8 January 2009 02:32, by Lokang

          Issac William,
          I know that you want to get people’s attention into message but all invain no one will talk about it since it came from dead minded man.

        • 8 January 2009 12:00, by Gen. Double Wood

          Oops!, sorry Mr. Isaac William,

          You have posted this lengthy article here again, i thought that comments are always point-specific and i don’t know why you have to type this atenth(1/10) page of pamplet that you are writing(may be)and post it as comment for almost any news you read over this website.

          I am not against your prophecy that Mr.Salva kiir is not a leader. If a mere Male like you does not oppose him he will never do his accredited jobs expected out of him and his Gov official.


    • 7 January 2009 11:21, by mathem jech amer

      Nyandeng Garang,

      You’re really fool.Riek has been the Peace Mediator between LRA & Uganda government and is the cause of failure to the signature of the Final Peace Agreement. He used to go to the bush and doesn’t disclose what he discussed with Konyi and the outcome of the meeting.

      Aaahh! Brabo LRA! Equatorians have been claiming of staying without Dinkas and now they will soon rely on them. Why not protecting yourselves from LRA? We fought with Maraliyn/Bagagra and we haven’t happened request any foreign interference in our fighting.

      SPLA please keep quiet(I refer SPLA as Dinkas because Mr.Big Boy calls us as such).Wait Equatorians to request your help and later claim yourselvs to be their master.

      Mathem Jech Amer,
      Yei, South Sudan

      • 7 January 2009 21:44, by nyadeng Garang

        You’re one of those southerners who supported the regional operation against LRA last month. Since the operation began, it became quite difficult that the regional governments thought they were going to wipe out LRA fighters and killed Kony.

        Thier calculations of the operation became wrong and a myth. Now, the LRA are retaliating against southern Sudanese civilians, Congoleses, who were part of the process. The LRA know that these civilians were parts of the process becasue they also have supporters who are online just like us and are reading our ideas.

        Last month many people like you were in support of the operation. This prove that what come out of your mouth come back to you. Don’t blame LRA for their action, blame the regional government’ calculation thinking that they were going to defeat LRA from their jungles.

        Dr. Riek opposed the operation from the beginining. How can you put this blame on him when he was patient to take a military action. Dr. Riek is right on all these issues. First, he argue that in order for Kony to come out of the Bush, the ICC indictment has to be dropped.

        Both Uganda government and their Western backers never listen because they do not believe in peace but chaos in the region. Dr. Riek is a peace maker and he has done enough to solve the issue of LRA and the governmennt of Uganda peacefully. But, his role has been turn down. If you think that you can defeat LRA that way, go ahead start attacking them.

      • 8 January 2009 12:42, by mr big eye

        You Bustard Mother fucker animal so calling yourself mathem jech amer , you are very stupid like the ass of your mother, what did you do in this liberation rather than moving from country to country seeking for refugee in kakuma, iffo, adjumani, mirei, masindi, canada, usa to mention a few all are occupied by u empty minded fools just washing and cleaning peoples wcs a shame on you, and sorry for God to have wasted his time creating a person like you, a donkey’s mind is better than yours you mathem jech amer who is not understanding anything, how can a normal person eat his own waste and drink his vomits? If you want to tell the world how stupid and useless you are talk of your own self as an individual and leave a lone generalizing dinkas, if I can ask you, do you know how many great hero’s from equatoria died in this struggle, if you don’t know anything you better remain enjoying that food which is other people children’s blood which you don’t know how it came and remember that God will judge you one day, there is time for everything who knew
        that one day peace could come to southern Sudan, one day your proud ness might turn into an ever lasting sorrow

        How can you say such words?

        o Aaahh! Brabo LRA! Equatorians have been claiming of staying without Dinkas and now they will soon rely on them. Why not protecting yourselves from LRA? We fought with Maraliyn/Bagagra and we haven’t happened request any foreign interference in our fighting.
        SPLA please keep quiet(I refer SPLA as Dinkas because Mr.Big Boy calls us as such).Wait Equatorians to request your help and later claim yourselvs to be their master.
        Mathem Jech Amer, Yei, South Sudan

        How can a true son of southern Sudan say such words if he is really in his mind, unless or otherwise I don’t blame you so much because it will make me look a fool too like you

  • 7 January 2009 14:23, by Angelo M

    I honestly agree with Nyadeng Garang that "Nobody win against a guerilla warfare- Consider 21 yrs of civil war between Khartoum and SPLA. Compare history and learn!

  • 8 January 2009 14:37, by Gatwech

    Hello Southerners,

    Driven by jealousy and tribal sentiments, some crook GOSS politicians thought it was politics as usual to shoot down Dr. Riek Machar’s peace initiatives so that he does not get credit as Chief Mediator in the Uganda peace process. Now the Museveni’s manipulated military operations on the LRA inside Congo has backfired on South Sudan. You could feel fears of danger every where in Greater Equatoria. People have sensed the mistake committed in abandoning the peace process and declaring a war we have not analysed and prepared for.

    • 25 January 2009 18:48, by mack waweru

      I am begging my brother Augustino Deng not to talk on behalf of Dinka people if he wants to "castrate" others. I don’t know what future lies ahead of these tribalist oriented brothers. When other deranged tribalists talk of SPLA being the killer of innocent Southern civilians, they should know that what they are doing is treason. SPLA fought to liberate these very people, how come now then to turn against them? You will positively answer for these malicious fabrications against our "Gallant Army one day.

      For Dr. Riek, he has made history and a lot of credit to his name. Mediating between LRA and GoU was his love for lives of many in the region. Observers know what he has accomplished for Southerners. He was the champion of "self Determination" and it has come to pass and will be achieved in 2011.

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