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Rumbek residents react to ICC decision


By Manyang Mayom

March 4, 2009 (RUMBEK) — The warrant of arrest against Sudanese President Omer Al-Bashir has led the Rumbek community to worry about the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) document signed in 2005 between the National congress party (NCP) and Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM).

Rumbek inhabitants stayed close looking direct into the television and accessing over the internet seeking for breaking news against President Omar Al-Bashir.

Citizens feel concern on how to protect the United Nation (UN) peacekeeping forces against the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF). UN peacekeepers in Southern Sudan are assumed to be safe because SPLA seems that it could lend support protection to the peacekeepers.

In the opinion of Mohamed Hassan, a businessman in Rumbek market, Bashir’s crimes are his own crimes that should not affect the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). He has that right to face the International Criminal Court (ICC) because he executing killing campaigns in Darfur and in Southern Sudan before the CPA document, said Hassan.

“Nowadays, the campaigns of killing are over and court of accountability must take shape,” said Hassan. “The commanders of Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) had committed more crimes and those who where implementing the crimes think that they are beyond laws but one must not escape the justice.”

However, an SPLA officer said that the protection of the UN peacekeepers in Southern Sudan will be okay but those in Khartoum and Darfur are targets that need serious protection. He viewed the criminal charges placed upon Bashir as the man’s own.

Thousands of Rumbek inhabitants whose relatives stay in Khartoum are staying in a fearful atmosphere because they feel that there will be no protection to their people in Khartoum from Bashir’s allied security forces.

In consequence of the ICC decision that was announced at 4 o’clock Sudanese local time, there were more security SPLA cars and pickups lined up in Rumbek market but their reason for standing inside the market was unknown.

Furthermore, the SPLM Lakes State Secretariat office held a joint meeting on Wednesday with members of the National Congress party in the SPLM office in Rumbek for the first time since a struggle in the parliament involving NCP members and SPLM members.

According to Lakes State SPLM Secretary, Samuel Mathiang Keer, there must be no protest against the ICC decision of the indictment to President Omer Al-Bashir—an order from the SPLM leadership in Juba.

“We have to respect the ICC decision… If anyone likes to protest at the grassroots level about ICC decision, it is unacceptable,” said Keer.


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  • 5 March 2009 04:11, by Maruon Ayiei

    They might be "nuts" if that the only they should be worried about. Al Bashir is a fugitive period. Move on Southerners. He is Toothless and in cage.

    • 5 March 2009 09:52, by Tilling

      Dear readers,

      I really don’t understand why people are carrying about Al Bashir arresment, and he is man who loose the live of 2.4 million people during the 21 years fighting and displace over 6.4 million.

      During that time the ICC have not looked in to our suffering and if they have decided today to call him onbehalf of Darfur well and good let him go to the court.Mr. Al Bashier please report yourself to ICC in time.

      My people of Rumbek town, you are fake, react on something that you can be appericated, no way that you can stop Al Bashier not to go to the ICC. And he must go as I know well, nothing can destroy the CPA. The CPA was not for you Rumbeken alone, it’s for everybody, shame on you all and never repeat such a stupid thinking again.

      My prayer aer let Al Bashier go to ICC

      • 5 March 2009 20:34, by Daniel Khot Duoth

        I don’t think that, there might be any single of us should react against an arrest warrant for presdient of sudan. For instance, I am pretty sure that, we are not the people who shoud defend him from the ICC. Because, we have been fighting for so many years and most of brothers and sisters had lost their life due to fight for our freedom. For me personal, I am very proud of ICC to charge the studip president who has been killing my people in Suoth sudan. In fact, I will never forget our (Heroes) in south Sudan land who were disappeared until now. I hope, God listening our praying all day and give us our motherland that look similar to our skins. For those who think that, it is not a good idea for ICC to take action against president. I hope that, you guys need to rethink again and follow your brothers who fought for our land longtime ago. The land we fight for is coming to us within many different ways. Please let see what will happening now from Arabian countries. By Daniel Khot Duoth

  • 5 March 2009 05:39, by Freedom Fighter

    I fully understand why they are worry for their love ones in Khartoum. One of the reasons I think is because they are well aware of ruthlessness and inhumane nature of Omer Albashir which they experienced first hand over the last 21 years of war. Another reason contributed to their confusion is the lack of information and general enlightment which their local SPLM failed to provide them with. Both SPLM Secretary general Mr. Pagan Amum and his dupty for Southern sector Mrs. Ann Itto need to know that runing a party requires more than making political statements and delivering lectures.

    • 5 March 2009 05:48, by junub


      Of course, you could be right on one hand that there are some things they have to dedicated their task on alot, but not really to the naive writing of Manyang Mayom.

  • 5 March 2009 06:54, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

    ALL the tears which are being shed by junglese (dinkas) are not part of CPA, it is opposite to CPA. If they believe that the arrest will break the CPA why not other communities in South, it’s because they are the shareholders of this CPA while the other communities are stakeholders? To me big No to whatsoever they are hiding behind the umbrella of CPA, it is clear and open that junglese are arabs cousins, some even are being oraginsed to work in servant company in North by their own community. The entire of junglese are two heart individuals one in South and another in north. Both this hearts are for earning food and loating money. Just go to Khartoum you will see that 80% of those dinkas who are living there are all serviving through slavery work calling the arabs their masters in terms of respect in their relationship.

    Junglese community why don’t you learn from Equatorians, dig for yourself and your family to stop you from staring at someone’s property. Arrogance is your pride, this is why you are always being used like donkeys by arabs and still enjoying the laborious life you are lving under arabs regulation. This is why in South junglese is 75 % Islamic compared to Equatoria which might be 0.5% or 1 %. See yourselves, Mohamed Hassan is from north to buy your kids and ladies, even using some within your community within your own state of jungle, not a shame on your lost community. It is hard to explain your own future, I do have the whole vision of your community but i can’t tell. Just live your lives and enjoy your relation whether it is positive or negative. However you must stop going opposite to the real direction. This madness and wildnes of your community need proper attention from the wise community, but for now i will leave you under murle and nuer since it is not a serious case that requires our help of GREATER EQUATORIANS.

    • 5 March 2009 20:41, by Dongway Doorich

      to BiG-nonsense and Small Logic

      please please do not touch and insult the hold tribe for no reason. if Dinkas are worried , it is their right because they will be the one to fight again meanwhile all of you will run back to your holes. person of your type do not know how painful it is when it comes to fighting .a useless foreigner like you is not invited to talk in local affairs of the country. define yourself first then come and talk to Dinka.
      why don’t you remain in your ’BAR’ drinking as you usually do.
      how come that a stooge like you who has nothing but three W ( wine , wife and wealth ) talk politics .please think of why you refuse to grow and remain close on the ground like snake .only 1cm fellow cannot talk with blessed tribe like Dinka plus other good tribe but not your type. respect your self you drunkard otherwise war is coming again . you will suffer my friend if you are in Sudan and if not in Sudan , your people will pay consequence of your bad acts.people who are worried are the people who need 2011 to come without any disturbance so that southerners may get their hidden right you drunkard . do not talk against the tribe again clear?. you will let your people once it break again pay huge price that you can not imagine .talk like responsible person .there is time for every thing. these are critical hours that do not need short coursed people of your type but liberators and not drunkards. think twice please.

  • 5 March 2009 07:15, by Chol Manyiel

    Mr reporter, your report would have been very nice if you would have not used the word ’react’in the heading of your report. You would have also put ’react negatively’ or ’react positively’ towards ICC decision but saying react towards ICC decision is un-understandable. I was shocked when read the heading of your report but when I read the full article, I was relieved.

    Reaction towards ICC decision may likely has this contents; violence,demonstration, looting and protestation which neither of them has happened here in Rumbek. So next time you need to review your reports properly by replacing uncomely words with comely words before posting it to the websites so that people should understand what you are reporting.
    The right term you have to use is the word ’worry’ if it is necessary according to how you picked what you are reporting.

    • 5 March 2009 08:55, by Danford


      I have been watching your writing carefully all a long, you don’t know the ethics of reporting.

      What do you mean by saying thst there is a protest in Rumbek?, then it has clearly shown us the deals between you Dinkas and Arabs, and perhaps that was the reason why people like your Kiir and Alor were opposing the idea of the ICC, Now let them go to the Huge and demostrate there.

    • 5 March 2009 09:27, by 13012 Shepherd


      If you have nothing to present to your employer the Sudan Tribune as an article so that your salaries are approved on time, then don’t ever lied on behalf of lakes state citizens for your own good.
      Why should they worry when Beshir and his outlawed government are accused for crimes against humanity in Darfur.

      However if chooses to terminate this peace agreement and begins to misbehave then we shall teach him a lesson not to forget even in Hague

      Big _illogic_ Boy

      There is no worry at all in Rumbek or Bor, however when there is a threat threatening the CPA, then those who fought for it are the ones to worry since they are going to fell victims. But for those know how to snick in to Uganda and attain citizenship with simplicity are not concerns about it. However I think this time it be a different story, all shall participate when it turn out to be a real war and the borders are to be closed then you will have no choice but to face Beshir army in front line which you hate very much.

      The most people who are enjoying the fruits of peace accord are equatorians though they seem to ignore it. All the money in Juba goes to hand of the so called Central Equatoria State. The state ruled by a famous militia man who cares about nothing but his stomach.

      13012 Shepherd.

      • 5 March 2009 10:49, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

        You dog you might be having your own sickness about Central Equatoria. Come to Juba and inspect the resturants at around 6 pm, all occupied by junglese tall in their teeth like their bodies, rought faces like their tongue and dirty in view like their own food in their home of jungle state. What CPA are you crying for another than selling your girls to arabs. CPA comes to South because of us Equatorian who lost a great number due too the bravness that we had shown. coward junglese were behind us loating, raping, slaughtering of Equatorian chickens plus goats as well. Don’t turn the things opposite, anyway i know your madness that you always deserve to say positive things on yourselves. The crimes of junglese in South cannot be extenuated in such way my friend, i feel sorry to call a jungle man my friends i better call my own four leg dog. He is much better than you junglese because he does positive thing gurds my family at night from thieves like yourself who survive throught stealing.

        • 5 March 2009 14:17, by Julia Anok

          I don’t know what do Rumbek community know about cpa? while the disturb themselves as well as neighbor communities with nonstop violence since cpa was signed.Do you really know how sweetness of life is? thank God for showing you the faith for worrying about the protection of your people in north,i hope that faith to continue among yourselves with in south also.You have already bring bad image to lakes state with nonstop fighting of yours.Some communities within lakes can fight sometime but not yearly as yours,it show how failed group you are within Dinka community.You may think that i may be one of your neighbors whom you fight with but no my community reside in eastern part of lakes or reside near river nile.They arrest warrant of Bashir have nothing to do with cpa.

          J. Anok in UK

          • 5 March 2009 15:40, by peter wade

            Dear all readers,
            Reporter Manyang Mayom has not done any mistake in his report.All of you who are writing nonese, please step back ward first and think before posting. His has done his duty and what remain is the action and reviews. The opinins is wrote was not his own belonged as Manyang Mayom. The deduty of report is to explore what is happening on ground as his did. Stay support the arrest of Bashir and I believe Manyang is not the cause of crisis. Remember that journalists are allow to do their best nor you who have no skill talk about him. Manyang had been informaing you all around the world and no reactions against him one time. Now the issue of ICC brought headach and this is not corrects for you readers to focus about Manyang has master supporting ICC interest. What his wrote is correct and sure

            Peter Wade

  • 5 March 2009 23:55, by kidit

    I am absolutely mum about the nature of the people of South Sudan. Instead of insulting each other on tribal lines, we should ask ourselves, why the world really dislikes us? the so called Darfur war is just 3 years old and only 300,000 died, whereas, southern Sudanese people have been dying since 1955; almost 4,000,000 death and there has no fierce reaction as it’s right know with Darfurian benign case.CPA was supported by some countries becuase we where at the strong position. Let us think about this carefully before we throw here and there some uncivilized words.

    • 6 March 2009 10:02, by kaiko

      TO big logic boy
      i agree with what u write,bcose these junglese are always wrong,most of their behaviors in juba here and in greater equatoria at large is wrong,bcose they r wrong.they leave their states and all come greater equatoria to do wrongs,who do u thing will develope ur states u wrongs?plse go back to ur states and do something rigth there.the governor of jungole has call upon u the youth to go back to ur states,bcose what i have seen on bor town is really a shame to u guys.no youth only older people u can see.so wrongs try to rigth, alrigth?

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