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Salva Kiir’s lost credibility in South Sudan


By Charles Kisanga

March 23, 2009 — On the 20th February 2009, I published an article titled “Salary Crisis Looms in South Sudan”, whereby I detailed the issues of lack of money being suffered by Kiir’s government which had been brought about as result of falling oil revues plus mismanagement and corruption whereby billions of funds for South Sudan has disappeared in thin air after being diverted and eaten by the corrupt elements of Kiir’s corrupt rule.

Many people might have not taken my analysis seriously enough until now, but events in the last month have proved otherwise. Salary delays and lack of salary payments have seen threats of strike action everywhere in South Sudan and as a result Salva Kiir tried to cool temperatures by giving some money (or call it stipends) to the more threatening cases in South Sudan. By March 2009, the Governors’ forum was even threatening to let it be their people to decided rather then them; the reply on the issue of lack of salary payments in their states and then it would be GoSS President Kiir then to reply directly to the people’ s grievances in the states. Fearing more troubling unrest in all the South Sudan states Salva Kiir let some money be dispatched to pay workers in the states at least for the month of January 2009, but not everybody was getting paid fully and there is a lot of anger still brewing in the states.

The SPLA units, because many of them are far from headquarters in Juba, have been neglected in many payments until now. I’m informed that many soldiers are just given stipends where people have to queue to get it and it is sometimes less then the salary they are supposed to get. A lot of the SPLA money is being eaten by so called lost boys officers from Kiir tribe many of whom came back from the USA and Australia to take up senior military jobs at the SPLA headquarter in Juba. Together with well known corrupt leaders of the SPLA they are the bosses who run SPLA now and eat money as they wish. The rest of the SPLA soldiers and those who fought and suffered in the liberation war but never got exposed to the Western world are forgotten and left to manage with meagre payments. One senior officer told me many of the SPLA soldiers from other tribes are all underdogs in SPLA Army and their positions are in-effective. Any junior officer from Kiir tribal clique gets more power over those with big titles from other tribes because they have direct access straight to the commander in chief and they can tell others that they are in charge of this and that without dispute since no one else have that tribal link. Since January SPLA soldiers who are around Juba and other important areas had been paid at least one month wages while those who are far away in far flung areas and unimportant areas had been forgotten or sometimes their Senior commanders many of whom are all from Kiir’s tribe come to Juba and take the money and head to Kampala or Kenya with it to despot it in their private accounts leaving the soldiers at the mercy of nature. As such the disabled SPLA soldiers arrears build up to seven months now for the disabled ones even at a time when SPLA had a budget of $1bllion last year. The disabled soldiers and others are the marginalised one as much as it was during the liberation struggle. So it is no surprise that after suffering and going through all these the disabled soldiers had to resort to mutiny in order to be heard. Hence they staged a mutiny in Yei and Nimule and blocking road transport from Uganda to Juba from Wednesday 18th March to Friday 20th March 2009.

The areas of Equatoria from around Tambura through Yambio to Yei, Nimule and most of Eastern Equatoria formed the corridor of SPLA power base and headquarters during the last decade of the SPLM/A Liberation struggle and it is here that the bulk of the disabled soldiers had stayed since the end of the war and return of the peace since 2005. Hence it is not surprising to see them rise up to face the injustice imposed on them by the corrupt SPLA elements connected with the regime in Juba. These soldiers are from all the areas and should not be seen in the context of Equatoria. They are already joined by all of their colleagues from all the tribes of South Sudan and they like nothing short of their salaries.

Besides the case of disabled SPLA soldiers other fighting were taking place all over South Sudan. In Jonglei up to a thousand South Sudanese have died in the past month in interactional fighting between Lou-Nuer and Murle. The number of the dead overwhelms any human reasoning and puts scorn on Kiir’s claim that his appointment of Major Gen. Kuol Mayanga was going to solve the problem of inter-factional and tribal fighting in Jonglei. It is inconceivable that 1000 South Sudanese can die in ethnic fighting in a month and Kiir is not bothered at all and the man is jus busy helping his tribal and corrupt SPLM elements to continue to loot whatever remains of the coffers of South Sudan. Yes he went to Yei because the soldiers can easily drive to Juba and cause mayhem in a matter of days rather then weeks, but what about the 1000 dead in Pibor county just a few days ago?.

Also on the 24th and 25th February 2009, respectively fighting in Malakal resulted in around 60 deaths and more than 100 people wounded. Malakal was then looted to the skeleton and even Upper Nile University was not spared. In Lakes state and other states of former Bahr el Ghazal daily ethnic fighting and cattle rustling means dozens or sometimes hundreds are killed each month. The same things are happening in most of Equatoria and in West Equatoria we have problem of LRA atrocities which only the local defence forces are now able to respond to after organising defence groups to defend their villages. SPLA soldiers in WES mostly say they cannot fight Kiir proxy war as they are hardly paid their salaries. Hence people are going backwards in South Sudan and not forwards.

Hence every where in the South Sudan the same things are happening daily and depicting the signs of one of the failed governments in the Africa reaching the proportion of Zimbabwe. What difference do we have any way with Zimbabwe since we can’t even count those who continue to die from related ill-health ( hospitals are so poor that admission there means death) and via insecurity? Well if over a thousand died of cholera in Zimbabwe but we have the case in South Sudan where over a 1000 people are killed through inter-factional fighting instead of by cholera and yet the Government of Kiir cannot address the underlying issue because GoSS thrives on tribalism and corruption and they like it when people fight tribal wars. We have government which is bankrupt beyond words and cannot get any money from other sources except wait on Khartoum to give whatever they can afford. On the other hand we have all neighbouring countries such a Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia a and even far away flung Eritrea coming into South Sudan to cash on the corrupt regime’s poor administration. Foreign Businesses rakes in millions of dollars within a few weeks without ever getting to pay really taxes due to the corrupt nature of the Government in Juba and the businessmen can easily do by paying bogus taxes and bribery fees to few officials and then are able to get away with anything such as siphoning away millions of dollars to their home countries. So every months Khartoum sends up to $100 million a month which soon find its way to Uganda and other countries through foreign business and corrupt GoSS officials, leaving South Sudan deprived of currency and its banks dry. The Kiir’s system of Self Service government and inefficiency can also be seen via GoSS officials lavish lifestyles with all food items and expensive goods imported from Kenya and Uganda without introducing any self-reliance to get their population to produce even basic food items such as vegetables and preferring instead for everything to come from Uganda while Uganda takes back all the huge profits unchallenged because in GoSS everybody is for himself/herself to make money. The culture of excessive greedy introduced by Kiir to South Sudan may be going to hurt the area for generations to come. The talk in South Sudan nowadays among some common people is that: “ who is going to cultivate for others while everybody in GoSS is eating oil money”, and hence the oil money given by Khartoum in fulfilment of the CPA has also introduced the culture of dependency on money from North and goods from other African countries which is very destructive for an emerging country whereby people should have been working hard to develop their natural and agricultural resources as well as investing in our human labour and talents to induce rapid growth..

The failure of Kiir GoSS administration and the bad governance accompanying it is now being depicted by the previous enumerated catalogue of problems being suffered by the people of South Sudan from ethnic fighting, to inter-factional fighting, to foreign LRA rebel atrocities to hunger where officials and SPLA are not receiving any pay dues, then to cattle rustling: in fact the catalogue of failures are endless. In a democratic country where voters and people have a right to have a say in the government of the day running the country and affecting their lives, Kiir should have been forced out of office long time ago. But this is South Sudan with a lot of tribal vested interests and the people have yet to learn that those who run the government are answerable to them but people are beginning to catch-up as can be seen by the mutiny action of disabled SPLA soldiers who were also joined by many others form the regular SPLA

On Thursday 19th March 2009 GoSS President Salva Kiir paid brief visit to Yei to speak to the leaders of striking soldiers and persuade them to end their action and promising them immediate salary payments of at least tow months. The next day Lt Gen Kiir was also trying to assemble together other SPLA units from Juba to go and quell the rebellion by disabled soldiers should they not call off their action and accept his offer of two salary payments plus some dry ratios.. The plan of Kiir was first to try convince the disabled soldiers that if they receive some dry ratios now plus two months pay then the rest of four months will follow soon and they can stop their protest But suppose they were not to stop their action and continue to block road and demand all arrears then Kiir was trying to put together other units ready to send to Yei and the boarder towns in order to quell the mutiny by force because the dispute meant Juba was already under siege with soldiers blocking all supply routes from Uganda there was no more fresh food supply and prices were already shooting up beyond the reach of many. The forces which was supposed to be assembled in Juba ran into problems quickly because many soldiers refused to go and face their colleagues in showdown and others complained they themselves had not been paid for four months and how will they go to quell a rebellion by others who had not been paid for seven months? Luckily for Kiir he can survive another day as the mutiny soldiers have disappeared to hand their families some of their cash for shopping and the bags of grain received to their families to allow them to afford some food for the coming days. Hence Kiir can survive another day before another serious action comes along to finish off his tribal and corrupt regime in South Sudan not to mention that many other soldiers remain unpaid still and he can rest assured that more mutiny will be coming since its is easy to get your salary paid when you take up a gun. A government forced into such as humiliating position like Kiir got from mutiny soldiers should have resigned already but we can excuse Salva Kiir as he has no clue about the right procedures of a government accountable to the people.

Events in South Sudan in the past few weeks can easily mark the beginning of the end game for Kiir’s corrupt administration in Juba and I call upon all peace loving South Sudanese to work for change and take the failures of Kiir administration very seriously .There is no government any where in the world where 1000 people get killed in a spate of two weeks and the President does nothing and he is allowed to continue with impunity and then the next thing again comes along where munity soldiers take over the roads because they have not been paid for months and still the government is not forced to resign. Any one of the catalogue of failures and morale decadence faced by Lt Salva Kiir corrupt government is enough to bring down any democratic government and even a dictatorship cannot last that long because the next time the problems comes back they will have more severity and more and more people will continue to die and suffer. The situation in South Sudan today cannot be called peace when many live with insecurity, mutinies for salary, tribal clash clashes and so on. We need a change where all these misrule features will be replaced by a government accountable to the people and based on equality, justice, freedom and inclusiveness for all. It is up to the South Sudanese people to exercise their democratic rights and express their need for change. SPLM Patriot is ready to lead change so that an SPLM patriotic government is formed whereby we shall do away with tribalism and corruption and a return to rule of law where every citizen will have respect for one another and peace dividend can come to all.

Eng. Kisanga is former SPLM NLC member and leader of SPLM Patriotic organisation which is fighting for change in SPLM/A direction. He can be reached on cbkisanga@yahoo.co.uk, Tel: +44-770899 8373

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  • 24 March 2009 05:05, by Mimama

    What is the problem of these thugs with Kiir Mayardit?
    Almost every article is titled to Kiir whereas he is just the head not the party.
    Any sane person must criticize the administration not kiir alone even though he is the leader.
    All mistakes are not made by kiir but the party.
    Be senseful please!

    • 24 March 2009 07:57, by Mayom hawk

      Dear Mimama,
      When there is a family problem, they don’t blame the priest who offered the matrimony but the husband and wife. This if the case here, should we blame Kenya for the failures in our government. Kiir is the first to mention is sensibility exists in your English vocabulary.
      There is no one who encourages all these failure causing agents as in Corruption, Nepotism, Tribalism, and now the worst is clanism, all that has a geneology uniting after six generation to Kiir’s is involved in the greatest corruption with excuse of i am from the lineage of the president and can disrespectfully talk to other Warlords who were recognised as great men behind this CPA those days. Now you find out someone from nowhere appears and claims powers beyond imagination.
      How long shall we stand aside and watch the games played in the courtyard of Kiir while he keeps quiet. Silence means he is part of it. There is no way i can say Kiir is not part of corruption because he has NEVER ACTED on anything except on guys who shared some social necessities with him whom he sacked. The only sacked guys were not sacked for anything good for South Sudan because the guys who replaced them now are not doing anything for the same south sudan whose name was used to sack guys even from a party which was not formed with Mayardit’s wealth but by blood of southerners who died courageously and with hope that today will be made different by the libation of their blood for the cause. Kiir is part of SPLM not the founder or owner because he contributed as others contributed otherwise those who understand the SPLM/A died.
      Kiir has portrayed the weakness of the guys from a great region (Bahr El Ghazal of history) Great men rose in the region before those of Kiir, the Great Catholic Bishop Erneo Dud, The first Lawyer for South Sudan is from Western Bahr el Ghazal, Great Orrator Deng Nhial is from Bahr el Ghazal. There is nowhere silence will satisfy the people because this is our difference with other creatures:the gift of communication. Kiir is just like one of the trees around, does not show happiness or unhappiness with what is happening. The trees are better because they can make noise when there is wind blowing and can break if it is severe to show that it is not happy with the wavelength applied by the wind.
      Kiir is waiting for elections that will not come to reshuffle his team mates because he fears more confusion which is a weakness itself. Fear and you will NEVER be confident.
      We are just looking for how we can try someone else apart from Kiir as southern sudanese. We are just tired of Kiir’s indecisiveness, general authority weakness, gullibility, most of his decisions derailed by family members for their own benefits forgetting the people of South Sudan for family interests not even Warrap community interest to make it bigger.

  • 24 March 2009 13:08, by Deng Dekuek

    There is nothing analytical or academical about this article other than a fact that it is a personal attack on General Kiir driven by tribal affiliation and delusional aspirations and expectations of SPLM.

    I don’t know about USA but there are no people from Australia who went back home and have been given senior military positions whether they’re Dinka, Nuer, Shilluk or from Greater Equatoria. NO ONE from Australia has been given such a position. In fact the opposite is true, most have gone back and have come back disappointed. So your claims that people from Australia have gone back to be given senior military positions is misleading and thus a blatant lie.

    Some of your claims about Malakal and Jonglei are exaggerated and based on speculated assumptions and this is what I would call gossip!!! Now don’t misunderstand me, yes, we have a problem, corruption is there but how is it going to help when people keep writing thoughtless articles which are alienating and keep pushing people like Kiir into a corner. Blaming this tribe and that tribe and exaggerating things unnecessarily and generalising things 5,000 km away.

    We have to change the sudanese mentality which states that ’if one onion is rotten the the whole sack is rotten’!!!!

    And this makes me wonder, how can a man reconcile himself to make an audacious claim that he is fighting to a change SPLM 3,000 miles in UK and make claims on 3rd hand information obtained through phones. If this is your approach on how to change SPLM by making personal attacks and exaggerating things then you can be sure that you don’t have my support and my more people who might be like minded. :)

    • 24 March 2009 13:10, by Deng Dekuek

      There is nothing analytical or academical about this article other than a fact that it is a personal attack on General Kiir driven by tribal affiliation and delusional aspirations and expectations of SPLM.

      I don’t know about USA but there are no people from Australia who went back home and have been given senior military positions whether they’re Dinka, Nuer, Shilluk or from Greater Equatoria. NO ONE from Australia has been given such a position. In fact the opposite is true, most have gone back and have come back disappointed. So your claims that people from Australia have gone back to be given senior military positions is misleading and thus a blatant lie.

      Some of your claims about Malakal and Jonglei are exaggerated and based on speculated assumptions and this is what I would call gossip!!! Now don’t misunderstand me, yes, we have a problem, corruption is there but how is it going to help when people keep writing thoughtless articles which are alienating and keep pushing people like Kiir into a corner. Blaming this tribe and that tribe and exaggerating things unnecessarily and generalising things 5,000 km away.

      We have to change the sudanese mentality which states that ’if one onion is rotten then the whole sack is rotten’!!!!

      And this makes me wonder, how can a man reconcile himself to make an audacious claim that he is fighting to a change SPLM 3,000 miles in UK and make claims on 3rd hand information obtained through phones. If this is your approach on how to change SPLM by making personal attacks and exaggerating things then you can be sure that you don’t have my support and MANY more people who might be like minded. :)

      • 24 March 2009 16:04, by lash

        Mr.Deng Dekuek,

        If we can not face the truth, nothing good will come out of us. Why are you denying something that is so obvious? are you aware of what is happening in Southern Sudan nowadays?

        President Kiir is a great shame to all of Southern Sudanese people through his incompetence, indecisiveness, and nepotism. All cicles of corruption happening in the South begin and end at Kiir’s gate. This is why he is not acting whenever there is a case of corruption.

        Kiir has turned South Sudan to a great jungle where people are allowed to kill and loot themselves with impunity. There is complete lawlessness for the first time since South Sudan has known government. Even during Khartoum’s period we have never seen anything like what is taking place today. Truely there is no government in Southern Sudan in its real meaning.

        Even the perish of nearly 1,000 human lives in jonglei has hardly moved president Kiir. up to now there are no tangible measures taken to see that the tragedy never repeat itself again.In fact, the incident to him is nothing more than natural disaster that is beyond human capability.

        Keeping Kiir in office in the coming election is nothing but sucidal to the people of Southern Sudan.because he lacks every basic aspect of good leader, starting from poor educational background, to the inexperience in politics, up to poor and weak personality. No doubt he is avoiding his post as the first Vice president of the republic in Khartoum and hiding himself in Juba to disguise his incompetence before Arabs. He is been defeated in every single motion both at the presidency and the council of ministers. This why he has no achievement whatsoever little at national level.

        Therefore,disposing president Kiir is not only a priority, but a duty for all those who have a vision of peaceful and prosperous Southern Sudan. It is a duty in appreciation for those who lost their lives in action for the cause of Southern Sudan...

        • 25 March 2009 04:21, by Deng Dekuek

          Better the devil you know than the angel you don’t?

      • 24 March 2009 17:04, by mack waweru

        This article really has shown that its owner is an "ENGINEER OF LIES. If General Kiir is a failure, what is an alternative then? People talk for the sake of talking rather than producing suggestions how to stamp out corruption. Why not go back to Juba and provide good leadership to Southerners if you see that Kiir is not doing anything.

        What shortsighted and minded people needs to understand is that, we as Southerners have duties towards our government by paying taxes, rates and levies. Show interest and support in the activities of the government,show that we have patriotism to South Sudan instead of states, tribes and sections or clans. But, the majority of us are not doing this,but only mouthing Dinka. The sheer lie is that these people have no evidences to backup their claims.
        People must know that 99% of our income comes from oil revenues which is under the control of the north.There has been money delayments with transfer by the NCP who wants to strangle SPLM for not standing with them to confront the ICC and international community. Should we just to conclusions that Dinka eating money without concret findings, basing them only on what we hear from enternal enemies of Southerners. Why not tell our state governors that they have to act to a little bit relief the GOSS dependence on NCP finance minister.
        Southern states authorities don’t collect taxes and customs that are suppose to flow to government’s coffers such that to pay all its executives and provides amenities like power, roads and hospitals,etc.I think this blind blaming game must stop and work hand in hand with our semi-government because the oil revenue share does come on time or cover all services in ten states,paying MPs, the Army and central government ministers.
        Assess and evaluate things and then talk, but not sabotaging and try to turn people against GOSS,Kiir and Dinka tribe.
        Corruption is a menance that has been around since creation-Satan was a corrupt angel as well as Eve and Adam. You are also corrupt when you lie against GOSS, Kiir and the whole Dinka tribe. What we all need at the moment is to support our leadership regardless of its weakness and then let’s start criticising ourselves after 2011, whereby we can put all our efforts together to curb or lower corruption and fire or kill great corruptors if appropriate.
        Finally, to bridge the gap that delayment of money transfers from Khartoum causes to GOSS, we need to argue our state authorities to collect taxes and customs in all corners of the South Sudan. Even you Mr. Engineer must pay your taxes to GOSS,but not accusations while in London, or better keepout of our affairs if you have a British citizenship. What your article is about is not "correction as the title indicates, but attack and character assissination and distortation of facts and treason.

        Mack Awer

        • 24 March 2009 18:04, by lash

          Mr. Mack

          Your big problem is that you assumed that others are lying for the sake of lying while you and your loser president pretend to be unaware of the crystal clear tragedy looming all over Southern Sudan. You are simply hypocrites!

          What more evidences do you need at the time even kids know that Kiir and his tribal clique are our doom? What more proofs do you want apart from the cases of Arthur Akuin and the thief that was caught at London airport with 3.000.000 USD in his suitcase, and who happened to be Kiir’s relative?

          Why more than 99% of our revenue comes from the oil? what is Kiir administration doing to see that Southern Sudan is independant of NCP grip regarding the rich resources we have? What has this loser president done to see that Southerners are self-sufficient in term of food items?

          Who told you that people did not support president Kiir? Kiir has enjoyed unlimitted and unprecedant support, we’ve even called him Jushua but unfortunately, he turned out to be Juda. He has betrayed every single hope bestowed upon him.

          If Kiir is a failure what is an alternative than? This question in itself is a humiliation to the people of Southern Sudan because you are simply connecting the fate of the whole nation with that of a primitive, inexperience, and weak leader, at the time when there are thousands of other well qualified, far experienced, and much more patriotic Southern cadre who are ready to take this nation to the shore of peace, prosperity, and togetherness. For your information, Southern Sudan was great far before Kiir was born and will surely remain so after his departure.

          Praising the devil would not bring anything good. This man, Kiir, has become a liability and a heavy burden. He is so incompetent and indecissive. It is high time to relieve our shoulders of this burden and tell the truth even if beneficiaries like Mr. mack are unhappy because our heros and heroins did not die for this kind of directionless and dysfunctional system of governance. Enough is enough.

          • 24 March 2009 19:17, by Toney Toney Matot

            Mr, kisanga and the like seem to have lost their senses if we southern sudanese people could not thank president Salva Kiir for the great achievement he has done by uniting southerners.since everyone here now posting his article full of misleading words on this web site.it means that we are in full freedom and democracy which most of the people had been talking about.
            when the movement splited into many factions, there was a claim level Against our late hero Dr. John Garang De Mabior that he is a dictator but he was not because he has realy read the mentality of southerners if they are allowed to practice their rights, they can come up with different agendas as we have just observed by now.
            the eating commanders are those of oyai Deng Ajak,Jadalla and Salva Mathok.of course Kiir can be blame of allowing such corrupt individuals to serve in his government to spoiled him. but also we should remember that if Salva Kiir decide today to remove those hyanas,immediately you see people reacting badly from Equatoria,upper Nile and Bhar elghazal as all of you have witnessed when Auther akuien was accused of having misuse south sudan fund,he was release by force by people of g/Aweil.however let us sense well by not preaching tribalism.
            Toney South Sudan

        • 24 March 2009 19:39, by Charles Kisanga

          Dear Readers,

          Thanks for all your comments on Sudan Tribune.
          For those criticizing the writer and closing their minds about the mistakes and failures of Kiir; such sticking to fallacy won’t help the cause of South Sudan. There is no where in the world where you can ignore government failures. All of us should agree there is a problem otherwise people do not just die in country when there are no problems. Soldiers do not mutiny where there are no problems. Foreign troops and rebels do not exist in a country if there is no problem. There are many indications before we even talk about corruption, nepotism and tribalism.

          As for the writer and the challenges of going to Juba, that is not difficult because I was in Juba last year but Kiir is scared of those who have solution to his problems. He is surrounded by looters who would never give way for him to engage others in solving problems by bringing in new faces. Until Kiir gets courage to remove corrupt and tribal elements from his GoSS and initiate progress he is the one to be blamed for the shortcomings of the GoSS and he has to bear full possibility for all the malpractices of GoSS.

          In the new modern world I do no t need to be physical in Juba to work for South Sudan and help bring change because even in Europe I can live in America and work for European companies via computer networks and other technologies. The idea of the looters is that those who advocate change go to Juba so that they are silenced and cannot help. Every political leader who takes refuge in another country and advocates change and reform in his country eventually go back home when conditions permit. Sometimes leaders may spend up to 20 years in exile fighting for change but eventual change happens and sweeps them in. So it is not my decision to be in UK but the decision of corrupt and tribal elements of GoSS under Kiir who go to great length to fight inclusiveness and hinder reform and change in SPLM because they do not want their income from corruption to be stopped by introducing good governance. Their position is understandable because the thief cannot just stop stealing but they have to be stopped by some mechanism and that is why they make it difficult for us to reform SPLM and hence we have now to come via NEW Patriotic SPLM which will introduce wide ranging reforms such as firing corrupt ministers on the spot, taking drastic actions to control money flow and then reform the SPLA to provide security and keep the peace.


          • 24 March 2009 21:57, by Ambago

            Dear brothers and sisters

            There has been much talk in the world media about the state of affairs in south Sudan.

            None of what we read is in any way pleasing to the ears and yet we are all caught up in the confusion as to what exactly is going to be the fate of our country (South Sudan).

            Anyway in order not to anger those of us who have adamantly decided to support the status quo, I have this to say:

            South Sudan is indeed a very rich country and the oil is in abundance to cover even ten generations to come.

            Everything is fine and thanks to the government of the day that now south Sudan has bred more wealthy people than any other third world country, and mind you all these just happened in the last four years.

            There are indeed some fights among the people here and there, and it can not in anyway be considered as tribal clashes, but rather a cultural activity where young people take part from time to time. But of course due to the rough nature of the tournaments some casualties do occur from time to time. Not a big deal. Generally the whole situation is under control.

            As for the salaries, well everyone can see for themselves that the whole population of south Sudan is on the payroll. So we expect the entire citizens of south Sudan to be getting there salaries fully and in timely manner. And though there are no much vacancies available for those who actually want to work, but of course whether they work or not, the most important thing is that everybody is being paid a salary.

            As for the current military show at Yei, Kaya and Nimule, this is just a normal and usual exercise being taken by the former SPLM combatants to simulate a real situation; unfortunately some south Sudanese in the Diaspora misunderstood it to be a mutiny.

            We now produce food and even export the surplus to all the East African countries. Weekly south Sudan exports tons of very fresh tomatoes and cabbage to Uganda, and other neighbouring countries.

            Money obviously is not a problem and every south Sudanese is entitled to big loans without any guarantee. The GOSS is aware that southerners are just coming out of the war and they have nothing, so why not give them the oil money. This is what they call capacity building which have enabled a good number of intelligent southerners to buy homes abroad and send their children to schools in the neighbouring countries as our academic curriculum is just starting from the scratch.

            GOSS supports the ICC and at the same time SPLM is fully behind President al Bashir and ready to escort him on all his trips which started with Asmara, then next is Cairo, Doha…………….but not the Hague (sometimes we recognise it sometimes not).

            This is the standard article which some of us expect southern Sudanese intellectuals to be writing on the websites. If this is what you want to read, then please take your time to read this article over and over again as you may not find its like again.

            • 25 March 2009 06:48, by Nile

              the details are all facts and proves I trully Agreed with you Charles.

              • 25 March 2009 17:24, by mack waweru

                Dear Charles and the other opponents,
                Let it be known to you that I’m not denying that there is no corrption and the negative qualities you mention regarding the GOSS. My main problem with you is purely a personal attack your group directs squarely on Kiir as if all those misconducts are his product or committant.
                Yes, I quite agree with you that Kiir is the top, but the people who are doing those malpractices are the ones to blame. We have the commission that was formed to investigate corruption and the parliment that can pass any resolution to address them and I believe any findings that your research on corruption can produce, is suppose to come to their attention to verify it, but not on the internet where idiots only post their comments to attack Kiir’s personality just because he is Dinka. The solution will not come when harsh critism is directed on Salva who I see also as a victim of the corruption which he is not a part.Generalising this as Dinka practice is unacceptable for us. GOSS, SPLA/SPLM are not Dinka composition as every living human is concerned. Individuals committs those practices and we cannot collectively put it on one whole tribe and if that is the case as you people believe it. then I think South Sudan is Dinka nation,and would be futile for others to criticise them for whatever affairs they are involve in.

                When I talk of evidences, I mean any information the detractors have that implicates President Salva Kiir personally to have abused his power or that he has flundered public money. I acknowledge that corruption is there,but can it be there by itself or are there perpetrators from all Southerners who are part of GOSS?
                As you claim to be observers and defenders of Southerners’interests, I challenge you to identify the culprits by names and positions, even president Kiir himself. Then present your findings to the commission against corruption or to the assembly. But writing on the internet in such a manner, only undermines us all and gives chance to our enemies to advance their agenda of trying create chaos and instability among southerners so that to mislead us and our entire leadership to abandon the set gaols of our 54 year struggle.
                Some of you may believe that I defend Kiir or GOSS because I’m working in the government. No. I am not. I and you=We want the South to go towards where all of us know and let the individuals who want to fill their pockets now intact and until that appropriate time. This is only my concern. Good South Sudan will come and that would be when we exercise our patience,and it will always be there and bad guys will go.
                Money is good and those working, want it, but but bear in mind that "Love of Money" is evil as the Holy Book says. If we talk about this issue now, evil will surely step in and tragedies that the enemy wants or be-wishing us will come in. This is my concern.
                We talk about Dinka tribe, or say, all tribes and inside these tribes there are sections, then clans and family kins. This is South Sudan! To address this complex make up needs time,patience and stong laws and that will only be achieved only when we have solid structures that permit to build a strong nation that we yearn for. Do we have a nation structures or are we starting from the scratch? I bet we don’t unless I have smoked something,and which I don’t.So the first to those structures are people like you Charles and many others who have acquired decent education and knowledge, who hate tribalism, but have love for the nation and all people that nation may contain. That is "New Sudan" of the SPLM, from Nuba Mountains to Blue Nile and South Sudan. The old will go and the people with new ideas to do away with those cursed issues you people and see as setbacks to the nation. But preaching hate against Dinka, Azande, Nuer,etc or individuals will not solve anything for us.

  • 25 March 2009 19:19, by liberman

    The Jewish support south part of Sudan to get full liberty like Israel did from this Arabs.Lets fight them together if we have to win against this losers.

    • 10 April 2009 05:44, by manyok R

      Charles Kisanga, is a known anti- SPLA in general. However, what he is saying about Slava Kiir’s corrupted leadership has some truth in it. This is becoming a common belief in South Sudan. Therefore, it is not him alone who is disgruntled about Kiir’s destructive leadership. So, let us not dismiss his assessment about Kiir’s failures as a political blackmailing. Slava Kiir had proved his own weakness to the South Sudan beyond belief. The Kiir has nothing to offer to South Sudan other than to unintentional mislead us into disastrous politics.

      • 10 April 2009 07:28, by AUGUSTINO DENG

        Hey Mr Mayok R,

        You are absolutely right about that Mr Mayok R. In fact, Salva Kiir, is not the only corruptor in Southern Sudan alone. There are many others apart from him who are "dwindling" some money. For example, Dr Rick Machar Teny Dhurgon and the rests of the other people who were been integrated recently are alleged to this corruption happening in Southern Sudan, believe me or not. To tell you the truth, let them corrupts. They think that this is the end of everything in Southern Sudan, but still they don’t know what is a head of them.

        • 10 May 2009 18:17, by mack waweru

          It’s so bizzare for those unpatriot propagandists, opportunists, traitors and sellouts to describe Salva Kiir that way, but they themselves are the ones who have lost their credibilities. Salva Kiir, since the "ANYANYA ONE" till now is steadfast. He never wavered in serving his people and has no spot in all his records to be associated now of wrong doing. He has no assets outside or luxries. How come then for those cynics and traitors who got chance of getting education, and luckily being in the West by the efforts and sacrifices SPLM offered them and at the end turned to attack Salva Kiir who championed the cause upto the present?

          I still challenge the enemies and scums to produce evidences that Salva Kiir is corrupt. Al of you are corrupt in words and deeds when you blindly out of curiosity and for sake of criticizing to attack innocent leaders without solid bases. Corruption does not only mean taking money, but in many areas, like in case of you internet journalists and liars who simply want to undermine SPLM for known reasons and agendas.
          Salva Kiir is popular and he will remain so, accept here on Sudan Tribune.I know this website belongs and funded by the enemy as a launch pad to attack SPLM under the pretext of free speech and I know too, that many commentators are not Southernern Sudanese. The Majority are Arabs who have impersonated Southern names and disguise themselves as Nuer, Dinka and Equatorians, then the innocent real Southerners jump in to protect their tribes and tribemen who are being attacked by those Arabs like GATWECH, FAMOUS LOGIC BOY and others more who attack Dinka, prompting real Dinkas to response harshly against the other tribes who are blameless.
          I want southerners to discover and fully understand what is happening on the internet. For those who are disatisfied with GoSS and SPLM, it’s your absolute right to criticise by using right channels to reach to them, but not in this vast sea called internet which is full of contradictions and biase and where our enemies full have control.

          Mack Awer

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