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Nuer prophet’s divine Rod and Pipe to return after 80 years in UK


By James Gatdet Dak

April 22, 2009 (JUBA) – The United Kingdom authorities will next month return to Southern Sudan a Rod and Pipe belonging to a Nuer prophet after nearly 80 years in exile.

Ngundeng’s Pyramid (Lou)

The family of Prophet Ngundeng Bong this week announced that the Arrow or Rode, which is called Dang in Nuer language and Pipe, also called Toony, will be returned to Bieh (pyramid), the Prophet’s headquarters in Waat of Jonglei state on 5th May, 2009.

Reat Bol Ngundeng, one of the Prophet’s grandsons, confirmed the arrangements for the return of both Dang and Toony to Bieh (pyramid), which the family considered divine and historical for the people of Southern Sudan.

The 60-feet tall pyramid, surrounded at its base with numerous elephant tasks, was built in 1800s. By 1920s, the British administration attempted to destroy it leaving only about half of it intact.

Prophet Ngundeng died peacefully more than one hundred years ago in 1906 at his headquarters (Bieh) in Waat and did not experience any direct contacts with the Anglo-Egyptian government or with any other government.

However, in 1930, about 24 years after his death, the colonial British administration reached Bieh and confiscated his Dang, Toony and Drum (Bul) after they assassinated his son, Guek Ngundeng.

The Drum was returned to Bieh in 1978 after it was kept in museum in Khartoum for nearly 50 years.

But the Dang and Toony have been kept in London by the British government since 1930.

They are expected to be accompanied to Bieh in Waat by a number of Nuer senior government officials, traditional leaders and elders.

Professor Douglas Johnson, a British national and the author of the book, Nuer Prophets: A History of Prophesy in Upper Nile in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuaries, will accompany the Prophet’s belongings in person from London to Waat.

Dr. Douglas is a renowned historian who has lived and worked in Sudan for more than 40 years. He also served as a consultant for the Government of Southern Sudan on the issue of the North-South border demarcation process based on the 1956 boundaries.

Ngundeng’s family members believe that the return of Dang and Toony are timely and important as foreseen by the Prophet in 1903.


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  • 23 April 2009 03:05, by Michael Madit Magot

    The so called prophet Ngundeng is in doubt because nothing has ever happen that he foretold except Nuer defection into NIF.
    All that are told about ngundeng are the thing which had already happenned.
    All in all Ngundeng was not a prophet but rather a mere magician whose bad deed can not be proved.

    • 23 April 2009 03:46, by junub

      The reporter is Nuer so what do thinks. Let them lie to themselve eventhough they don’t know why is it taken back. Quetion is where are they going to keeps it while Murle is burning villages to ashes?

      • 23 April 2009 04:23, by Nile

        Dinka losers stop running your bigs mouths here, those are prophet’s assets which were stolen by British during the Nuer resistance. you don’t have any Ideas how many British soldiers got killed when they tried to destroy the Pyramid. Sudan government can’t even try to burn the holy place let a lone Murle. stop being jealous because Nuer got a history and you don’t have any.

        • 23 April 2009 08:11, by mathem jech amer

          Nuers claim they are strong,why are your godly assets taken without depending them? How divine was Ngundeeng? Why was his Rod & Pipe taken if he was really a prophet?

          Non of Dinka property has gone abroad, how brave they are? Shame to Nuer & their poor proclaimed prophet!!

        • 23 April 2009 14:35, by mr x

          to all of you my people it is good to prophet to came back to tell they people of south sudan that he can helping them to solve the remain problems inside they communites so that people can belive that the prophet had came to south sudan first nuer and dinka bor and murle cases to solved them. and second agar in lake state because they fight each another too. so that people of south sudan can belive him there is no problem for that but there is some one who called they people of south sudan that they are coward or jungles so please you make another people to hate another small tribe because may be some one in the small tribe may need leandship and leadership need people to veto for you so that you can winne election please think about it and thank you so much indeed

      • 23 April 2009 04:41, by Magos

        Hey welcome back home prophet’s Ngundeng family,It is long time since Arab pack you up with out reasons so come and unite with southern sudan and work togather peaceful with out rebellion against SPLM /A and I would like to a ware all Nuer communities that Ngundeng was n’t Nuer prophet’s he was southern Sudan prophet’s,He spoke out the reallities that Southerner are going to achived their right or independent in the future and I think it is true we are now in front door for achieveing our right and almight God will blesing Southern Sudan and leaders.

      • 23 April 2009 20:43, by Wiyual Wech Puk D. Payol.

        Oh!! mrs Junup how far will you learn to leave your marginal tribal idealogy?

    • 23 April 2009 04:14, by aguthon

      Ngundeng was a bias prophet. He just based his divination on Dinka domain and people, no one else and no where else. What kind of prophet was he? He wasn’t a prophet even, but a day-dreamer!

      Aguthon reckon that John Luk Jok would be the next South Sudan leader, given that he believes in Upper Unity; but other defectors and divisive leaders like Riek and others whom I don’t want to mention are just political dead meat.

      Aguthon challenges Ngundeng’s divination by weighing and reconsidering his words of prediction critically but found out that a day-dreamer had no point whatsoever. His prophecy was bias in all contexts, and therefore not applicable to a contemporay South Sudan.

    • 23 April 2009 08:39, by jmnda me

      it is a very good news. and we should all celebrate for return of dang and toony.
      it is going to be an historical moment for all of us in southern Sudan.(it’s a new day)
      my flow southern Sudanese.please let’s stop attacking one another.south Sudan is no a name of a tribe.it is combination’s of all our tribes.there for we need one another. the history it doesn’t have to be in my tribe or your tribe it is in the south Sudan be proud

      • 7 May 2009 15:07, by Aspelta

        Thank-you for this message of unity. I am African American living in the United States and I know that we (Black People) need to unify...not based on tribes but based on our common black ancestry and worldwide oppression. For those of you who are saying negative things, ask yourself who is now taking Sudan from you? And who took ancient Kmt (Egypt)? Stop fighting with each other....if you don’t agree with the Nuer local tradition and you have nothing positive to contribute publicly, just remain silent....we have a common foe thats eating Africa a piece at the time....WAKE UP and be Unified!

    • 23 April 2009 08:43, by jmnda me

      it is a very good news. and we should all celebrate for return of dang and toony.
      it is going to be an historical moment for all of us in southern Sudan.(it’s a new day)
      my flow southern Sudanese.please let’s stop attacking one another.south Sudan is no a name of a tribe.it is combination’s of all our tribes.there for we need one another. the history it doesn’t have to be in my tribe or your tribe it is in the south Sudan be proud

  • 23 April 2009 04:05, by Jok de Mabior

    These items belong to Nuer. They have every right to Celebrate. The rest can join in or stay way. I think this comes down to culture and beliefs; Nobody is being forced here.

    But if they were to be placed in museum, will that make people think these items belong to the nation?

    • 23 April 2009 05:00, by GatNaath

      Dear all,

      These items symbolize South Sudan nation and it is be our pride collectively!!

      Please! Let’s stop being cynical, ok!!

    • 23 April 2009 05:02, by Kim Deng


      We can give many thanks to Dr. Johnson who did not only work hard to bring Dang & Tony to where they belong, but also for the great job he has done towards Nuer Prophet’s Book. What a warm and joyful welcome to those historical materials (Dang & Tong) which were looted since 1800s.

      Prophet Ngundeng is not for Nuer alone, but all living things as Moses, Jesus, Budhis, Mohamed is for everyone who might decide to follow base on his/her choice. But for those of you who see Prophet Ngundeng differntly from the way you see other prophets (Moses & Jesus) just keep yourselves away from those items (Dang & Tony) instead of disturbing others.

      For the case of very tiny Murle, don’t worry they will never reach greater Akobo let alone the Holy place call Wechdeang/Bieh (Waat.) Anyone who is willing to join and celebrate Dang & tony coming to Holy land is more than welcome and don’t forget that everything will be free of charge. The Anyuak ethnic group is going to be the first tribe to be invited to the Holy land (Bieh) since that "Tony" was made by an Anyuak Blacksmith guy in 1800s.

      See you all there and enjoy the wonderful celebration.


      Kim Deng

      • 23 April 2009 05:20, by Gatjang


        Jesus is not a prophet but a true son of God. Let talk about prophets because they are God messengers but not sons.

  • 23 April 2009 05:11, by Gatjang

    Called him a prophet but who send him to foretold evil? Untied Kingdom had make money on Dang and Toony and it is about time to return them to the useless Bieh. Nuer are fighting the useless war the since the time of ngundeng until to day because of his lying messages.

    • 23 April 2009 07:04, by Nal Dit Kum

      The greater naath nation should be proud of themselves because they are known around the world. Social sciences department in most of the universities around the world are teaching courses about the Nuer society.

      Compare to coward Dinkas, no one know anything about you guys. Now, leave the prophet alone and let him stay in peace since most of his prophecy are becoming reality. Ngundeng wayee!!!!!!!!!!Riek Machar Wayee!!John Luk Jok Wayee!! Matip Wayee! Gatdet Wayee!Bul Koang Wayee, Tanginye Wayee!!

      • 23 April 2009 09:14, by Aduol Liet

        MR, Naldit Kim. The new Southern Sudanese history will show everythings later on in time to come. The Sudan government did not tried to appointed one man from Neur to be either vice president or any big positions like Matip Nhial and DR, Riek Machar Teny for many years simply, because such a arrogant activity which Neur people have brought up now were the fact the Sudan government denying you. The good things you guys did now is just a matter of fact that, your hateful to all Dinkas people will let all Dinkas have more united than ever and it is very good things that, you guys want to go back to faction again where Neur people become well known of not a shameful Tribe in Southern Sudan when surrdendering to Omar Hassan al Bashir in 1991 and now we are seeing such activities come up again. I think we have more and more expricences about this unusually behaviorla and we are not going to allowing this such hateful and too much arrogant if they Dinkas people are present in Southern Sudan. What you guys beig telling people since from the beginning of the SPLM/SPLA Movement about god of ngundeng or whatever you name was so fake indeed and far from that conclusion negatively prophet. Any way I had recorded it down that false statement from those who said so however,I find nothing to be true and therefore, it would be better for any one from Neur to say we were just making some prediction base on the Neur tradition beliefs I think any one will understand that unfortunately, there are many things you guys siad about ngundeng statement or prophecy hence, they are not true so it the Ideology base on logical matter and it is partially correct.

        Look Neur people are going back again this is something obviously that, they are now neglecting themselves, then later claiming about Dinka. They do n’t get it the reason why many others Tribes in Southern Sudanese are silent about them and it was because they Southern Sudanese people and all others Sudanese citizens in the Sudan are observing them very closely perhaps, we Dinkas people do n’t support such Ideas of hateful and we do n’t real bothering people that we are very strong people in Southern Sudan only the Southern Sudan history will tell us. I do n’t care about those you mentions above because they are all criminals people made too much destructions in Southern Sudan and I wish DR, Riek Machar Teny and his deputy Gabriel Taninye must face ICC case, because what they did in Bor community was absolutly real gencoide and I urgent my colleagues Dinkas of Bor people to reported this case to the ICC judges. I can remembering Nuban people but I do not really knowing what good things they Neurs people did within Southern Sudan movement. Neur people don’t even tell each other that, let us repair it our bad history in Southern Sudan,in Southern Sudan they are very bad with other Tribes Murle and Anguak. Now they just keeping same repeating such activity unfortunately, there will be no forgiveness if they don’t try to be nice at this time. Well, Matip Nhial is the most well known looting millions of Cows from the Dinkas civilians for many years in between Dinka of Bhar el Ghazal Regions and Benitu, he was arming himself while he was not a army either so why are you naming these criminals people who have been looting civilians in the communities. Please be advice that, we all knowing our back-ground very much so do n’t try to name those we known them for the bad things they did within Southern Sudan.

        Aduol Liet.

        • 24 April 2009 02:47, by junub


          Thanks you said it all.

  • 23 April 2009 07:58, by Jakok Loakloak

    Long live Ngundeng Bong the God of peace and prospherity. No South Sudan without the Daang and Tony Ngundeaang. We the sons of Lij welcome home the the lost property of the God of Southern Sudan. From Lij tree to Biee we hail, "forever strong.. long live kuoth Naath."

    Jakok Loak Loaak

    • 23 April 2009 19:00, by junub


      Pleae stop lying to yourself and to Nuer people that witchcraft Ngundeng is a prophet or God of Southern Sudan. You needs to know too that those items of his were been kept in the museum toilet, so don’t tell us nonesense about them.

  • 23 April 2009 08:25, by Johnny




    • 23 April 2009 09:15, by Jakok Loakloak

      Hi Johnny,
      I am here in Juba Town the pride of South Sudan and here we all hail Ngundeng Bong. The true Jiengs, Bari and latuku and all tribes of the south say praise to thee..
      You must be out of the country and completely confused by the complexity of the outside world that you cannot distinguish between your heritage and belief. My hamble question brother is, do you have to be named Johnny to enter the kingdom of God? and what does Johnny means anyway?

      Jakok spoke!

    • 23 April 2009 10:14, by Bior-raandu

      Thank you very much dear Johnny, there is no other Prophet after Jesus.

      I advice that, a true christian should not participate in that occassion for the sake of Our God name

  • 23 April 2009 09:33, by Rodolfo Riak

    Good news

    The return of historical items to the mother land is the good news for all southerners and not Neurs alone. My request to the southerners, especially the Goss is that they must check for more items that might be left in British museums. we want to have back our historical items for concrete hisory of south sudan. we want to know who we are.

    • 23 April 2009 10:37, by Tolossa

      Every one!!!!

      Don’t undermine Ngundeng’s propehcy.

      Prophet is a one who can tell about what would happen in the future and what had happened years back.

      The term prophet can be interpreted in two ways:God’s way and Lusiper’s way.Luisper is powerfull but not more than God.He was given a limmited power ,hence could use other individuals to propechize for him.

      Now ,if Ngundeng tought Bible,he would be characterized as a God’s prophet,but out of this he would be charaterized as Lusiper’s.

      I hope you will understand this.


      • 23 April 2009 10:48, by Morris Modi Loro

        Hello Fellow Nuer,

        This is a great thing for you as a tribe if the NUER history and traditional instruments went as far as UK and its on its way back to Waat.

        I advise all NUER communities, Government officials, Elders and youth to all take part in this veryu important NUER traditional even.

        Morris Modi Loro,
        Juba, South Sudan.

      • 23 April 2009 12:24, by atmospheric

        It’s a happiness to recover those valuable things that belong to us.
        Welcome home and lets celebrate !!!!!!!!!!!!!.

        I’ve read comments from some fellows of Dinka .Guys, that show a pure jealousy ,if you don’t believe in Ngundeng’s prophecy than mine your business and don’t talk nonsense while you don’t know the history of our prophet Ngundeng.
        That’s impossible to obstruct the sun with your finger,get that right .My advice to you
        is,stop that immense characters of jealousy and envy Dinka has toward Nuers ,that will drown you to hell.

    • 23 April 2009 11:14, by Dengtaath

      There was a question raised by GATJANG,he siad if Ngundeng a prophet then who sent him to the Earth? Jesus is the only prophet because he was sent to the Earth by God according to the GATJANG. Listen Gatjang, The name Ngundeng is a compound word,ngun mean given, deng mean God of creature. When you put two compound words together, you get the name Ngundeng that mean given to us by God of creature.

      There for your cliam to deny Dengtaath in his willing to offer Ngundeng in order to serve our land from agression of British during the colonial period can be seen by those who knew the history of Dengtaath as niave.
      Ngundeng is the only way for us to know the God.
      Let us feel proud with the only prophet given to us by Dengtaath.
      Welcom Home Dang in YielJuoch and Tony.
      Proposer Douglas Jonson is calling him the prophet of Sudan in the Nuerland,is not just a Nuer prophet but for all of us specially the Southerners.

      Please Dengtaath is a God of your ancestors who foretold lots about our future, you need to recognise hime.

      Thanks dengtaath

      • 24 April 2009 05:29, by Gatjang

        Hello Dengtaath

        I know you are not going to come back and read this, Ngundeng did his part in 1800 to 1900 but this is 21st century. Ngundeng was a prophet from other side but not from the Almighty God side.

    • 23 April 2009 12:45, by Jakok Loakloak

      Brother Riak,
      Your point is clear and to the point however, people like the ones responding above does not value the heritage and our rich history for pure tribal chauvenistic purposes only. Why should we be ashamed of tradition and believes. Is not moses for the lost sons of Abraham or do we need a scientist to prove that?


      • 23 April 2009 15:21, by Malou Riak

        Folks, once and for all, the world know that the born with (divinity) Nuer Prophet Ngundeng Bong Chan has been an exited human beings, and also prophesied the coming of (marol) before nobody ever expect it to happen. This terminology sometimes is known as (rol-mac), meaning people with guns, wore cloths, and in his explanation, their color and languages are different than the Nuer including the other inhabitants of the southern Sudan.
        Why being jealous stop jealousy. It is dewing no postponements
        My advice to you readers let those who mind, mind of their own and let those mindless go their own. why are you barking here?!!!!


  • 23 April 2009 16:49, by John M W M

    Hey Guys

    Who is Ngundeng?????????????????

    First, I would special like to remind those of my fellow guys that I don’t criticize your witchcraft leader so-called Ngundeng, but I am real so much tied up with those guy who alway interpolate, playiarism, and fraud history. In addition to that, I have some questions to ask’’ every Prohet had have his desciples, preachers, or messegers but why Ngundeng did not have?

    Who were they desciples of Ngundeng????????????????. list down their names if it is possible.
    who were eyewitness of Ngundeng as Prophet??????????, give evidences including testation documentations with specific reasons explanation.
    what Testament book does Ngundeng proselytize into?????. Like Jesus Christ, son of Almight God believe in Holy Bible and his twevle desciples either. However, even in Islam, Muhammed conversion in Holy Qu’ran with his pretenders desciples so-called Messegers of Allah, please feel free to response postively. Please I am not abid with people who speak lies.

    I Iive in the Arab Republic of Egypt

    • 23 April 2009 19:24, by Nal Dit Kum

      You are asking about Ngundeng’s disciples? Here they are in order.

      1. Dr. Riek Machar
      2. Matip Nhail
      3.Gatdet Yaka
      4.John Luk Jok
      5. Tanginye (Khartoum)
      6. Bol Koang (Division 3 command)
      7.Dr. Riek Gai (advocate against SPLM conspiricy in the northern sector
      8.Dr. Bajamen Mariel (Minister for Regional Cooperation)
      9.Gai Tut
      10. Choul Deng
      11.Kuany Latjor
      12.Naath Nation
      13.Naath Disporas

      I hope I have answered your concerns. Now, stop looting southern Sudanese money.

    • 14 May 2009 05:14, by mariar

      Good questtion Mr John.But the really thing is that, there is no, and will be no body among the Nuer people, who can answer you. Because all they do is to follow. And trust me , if you can take some sacks of sugar and start puting them down from Nasir all the way pass Khartuom, these Nuer people will follow up sugar all the way to Egyp. And if you ask them, they will claim that, Ngungdeng siad it.And it is because they don’t have selves relianse reasonable thinkingability and a good jugdement of some things. But do not missunderstand me, because it is true that not all the Nuer people who are good even though I love them.

  • 23 April 2009 16:53, by Kabarika Jackson

    What else could we southerners be proud of? Could we may tribal difference divide us from having joy? We are all southerners with difference cultural backgrounds. Nyundeng might have been a prophet during that time, and people living by then might have seen and experience her/his work of prophecy. But the most illiterate dogmacy we netters are having toward one another is the status quo of "Hatred".
    Why don’t we people in one spirit of solidarity Join our countrymates the Nuer people in celebration of "Prophet Ngundeng" return? Other than giving a cheerful ululation for one of our own kind for that historical disclosed, we went as far as calling names and some bunch of idiotic discription. I agree with one of the writer who says, "You can either joing to celebrate with Nuer for the return of the prophet or stay away". Just as simple as that. It will do no harm to you if you chose to celebrate or abstain. But the fact of the matter is, that statue will be brought back to South Sudan where it was taken. I also think, it will be a honor if our brethren the Nuer will one day consider stationing that pyramid in a nation museum. Just a thought other than criticism. Peace to ya’ll.

    • 23 April 2009 19:19, by junub


      Try to know at least to distinguish the returning of Nyundeng’s toys and the witchcraft’s returning. What do you means of the returning of the dead Nyundeng? If the witchcraft Nyundeng is a prophet then go ahead tells us what could Wurnyang be on your prospective. The problem I thinks you might not know what witchcraft Wurnyang is either. Let the fools keep talking about witchcraft Nyundengs’ toys which Murle rustlers will burn to ashes if not taken to Pibor.

      • 24 April 2009 17:14, by Kabarika Jackson

        Hi Mr. Junub,
        Am neither a animist, atheist nor a agnostic being. I believe in supernatural being. Seeing fellow Southerners, the Nuer people celebrating the return of their "Lost and found" prophet, I can not illiterally condemn their believe in what they thought to be their foreteller. Who am I to question and bring justification to someone’s belief? Not everyone share the same doctrine of religion that you might be confined to. As Malcom X once say, "we should not let religion divides us from our mutual understanding". Beliefs and religion should be put behind our mental balconnies when we are dealing publically. Mind you telling me where you hail from just for the sake of learning how committed religious confined is your culture/tribe then I may gladly tell you have my people belief in theirs. You should not justify others through the prospect of your religion. Respect others’ beliefs and you will be respected too. There many ways of skinning the goose, "respect to be respected".

  • 23 April 2009 20:06, by RED ARMY INTERNATIONAL

    The British Government and the Senior Proffessor has worked out noble job returning historical evidence of Ngundeng, I think Nugundeng proved to be effective even if his pipe or other person effects can not get lost easily.

    We need to appreciate the fact that Ngundeng is Senior prophet among the Sudanese not only Nuer. He will be a source of income for generation in Sudan. Critics, you don’t matter in this stage only facts matters. The Nuer should understand that all critics are only failures, who are frustrated by their failures. What lingers in the mind of many critics is the historical imbalances that created the deep split among the Southerners. The egocentric, selfish, self-impostors are again speaking loudly.

    Remember, what made you hated among many Southerners is your pride, love of personal gain and suppressing others ethnic minorities in South Sudan. The recent reservation expressed by Juba State council was because of your amibitious land grabbing in South Sudan. You have maltreated the minorities but you are a bit jealous of tribes that expose your wiickedness. The gross malpractices that had brought mistrust among the Sudanese, especially where created by people, who think they are everything in the South and in fact no one can be everything in life, you fail to understand this very basic point.

    Let us celebrate together and forget the diabolic thing, you have caused by yourself. The other tribes in South Sudan are hating Nuer and Dinka because they said to be overbearing in controlling governments seats and high military positions.

    Professor, Douglas has made a substantial amount of dollars from the book, he had written. Historical evidence will be needed by the next tribal-free-minded generation that will find it useful. I encourage all the Sudanese to celebrate the return of NGUNDENG antiquities.

  • 23 April 2009 20:49, by Controller

    Prophet Ngundeng is the true Prophet and true son of God like Jesus Christ.when The Prophet Ngundeng died, was buried. then, He was resurrected after three like Jesus like Christ. Prpophet Ngundeng shown himself to the whole World sitting in the middle of the sun in the sky.The Dinka will not believe it, because their grandparents stold the fruits of Prophet Ngundeng during the time they went to Pyramid to worship The God.Instead to worship the Prophet, they started stealing the properties of the Prophet.they will all gonna die for that chronic stealing.

    Thank you all

    • 24 April 2009 02:34, by junub


      Fruits! Did you really means to say fruits? Who told you the witchcraft Nyundeng eat fruits? Please your witchcraft Nyundeng haven’t ate any fruit but Ngamkur until he die in vain.

    • 24 April 2009 05:03, by Alier

      It is okay for Nuers to have their own prophet. Nobody really care ngundeng is a son of God or a witchcraft. I would probably advice nuer not to be very stupid with this ngundeng thing. They should know that prophet like Wurnyang will lead them to harm themselves with false believe of charlaton Reik thinking he will be a president some day.

      • 24 April 2009 13:43, by kuol

        Ngundent talk a lot no doubt about it. He predict the death of Late John Garang and even how Kiir will be kill by Arab.

        My advice to you guys is, don’t just talk like you are not ground up, Ngundeng’s spirit still alive so don’t joke to Prophet He can destroy you and your generation.

        Now this will be the time for Dinka to step down for leadership and Machar take over the power that he will leade us fairely.


        • 24 April 2009 14:42, by mack waweru

          For those who repute or even deny that " Ngundeng" was not a prophet, I can say, they are people without culture. The British believe that he was and our people of that time acknowledged and vinerated him. Why should we refuse our own heritage. Ngundeng didn’t chose to be born Nuer, but God did,and the most important central point is that he prophesied every event that we southerners have seen fulfilled.
          What is happening to us at this very moment, he said it and we still have hope that at the end everything will turn out for our favor as he said it.
          Do you want to believe in what comes out of Asia? If a prophent is someone who talks about what will happen in the future, then Ngundeng qualified for that and it is our hope and pride.
          WAAT is our Historical Site from today onwards. A museum must be built there for these holy and valuable items and as Southerners, we must be proud of Ngundeng.
          Those who don’t want, should throw themselves in the NILE RIVER. Yes, we are Christian, but Ngundeng is our own, not from Asia.

          Mack Awer

  • 24 April 2009 14:55, by Dinka Aliap Chawul

    I disagrees with everyone of you who is tribal or envy about the returns of Ngudeng`s property and i can say Southern Sudan items that were looted by Arabs and the Europeans.These are our prides and as i know every community in Southern Sudan have their local prophets like Ngungdeng so let us not be jealous or be tribal on what was brought back to us after been out for longtime. As i can tells u their is a small village in Rumbek east called LOLNHOM in the far south of YIeK area where all young people were brought up from all the entire villages for executions by Turks well known by local people as Arabs Malualthith in 19th century and you will definitely finds what miracles that took place and how the Moon felt(u will disagrees but that is how story goes with the survivors and the victims of that terror)on a tree called Abyie where these notorious people were based and how they escapes from gods punishment and the locals warriors that used spears,arrows,sticks,shields etc.Against the gunmen from Turkey.So let us be fair on what are discussing about,HOWEVER GOVERNMENT SHOULD TAKE CARES FOR THESE BROUGHT BACK ITEMS BECAUSE SOME AREAS ARE NOT WELL PLACED/SECURE FOR THE LANDING OF SUCH A SPECIAL ITEMS.God Bless our returns Items

    • 24 April 2009 20:38, by Nal Dit Kum

      Nuer are going to spread Ngundengism the same way Islam and Christianity spead. By a century from now, all the Dinkas will be followers of Ngundeng. It will be spread in two ways; first through civilization if that doesn’t work out, the Dinka will be forced to believe Ngundeng whether they like or not. This will include paying of taxes to ’Gatluak’ in Bieh who will be the head of the new religion.

      Then, by 100 century from now Ngundengism must be the sole religion in the world. The Nuer will use Ngundengism as a way to explore the world the same way other religions did int the past. They Nuer will use the new religion to civilize the primitive people starting with the Dinkas first.

      In order to be ordian for the converters, one must give up one of his daughters first to one of the Nuer guys. The converters will have the freedom to choice who they want to give their sisters, sisters, or mother to among the Nuer. There is no penalities on that just to make that clear to my Dinka Bor dumy.

      More information will follow soon. If you want more information on the new religion. Please call me at 888888888888888, Nuer time.

      • 24 April 2009 23:58, by Matiop Panchol

        Stop talking nonsense on this important matter Mr. Buffoon. First of all, the return of such historical items to South Sudan is important to all Southerners because they mark a national history. Second, Ngungdeng is knonw as a prophet in all of South Sudan and especially among the Dinka and Nuer because they are neighbors, they intermarry and they share cultural values. He is not known through any of the ludicrous descriptions you gave. So Mr. Buffoon, wake up from your wildest, barbaric daydreaming. Talk like a mature person, not like a babbling toddler.

        • 14 May 2009 06:03, by mariar

          Mr Panchol, You are very blind my friend and listen, if you like the ideal which made by Wurnyang in 1991, then you must be a ellusion believer or something I can’t explane because I don’t like anybody to die. And if you would examinding it, then you might really understand what every one talk about.

      • 25 April 2009 15:39, by Dinka Aliap Chawul

        Akit;YES Christainity and Islams were spreads through many channels throughout the world but why this Nungdenism dealt with immediate neighbours?.My Nuer brothers why no any single individual amongst who is patriotic? but anti-Dinkaisms all day and night with uncontrollable and unsized mouths especially on this site.This is not a Dinka or Nuer website!!! use it responsibly

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