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Rod of Nuer prophet to arrive Juba by mid-May


By James Gatdet Dak

May 8, 2009 (JUBA) – The Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) has confirmed that a historical cultural artifact taken from South Sudan to England in 1920s is expected to be brought back to Juba by mid-May.

This staff is a type of object known to the Nuer as a dang. It originally belonged to the Lau Nuer prophet Car Koryom. It was taken from him during his capture by the British authorities, sometime between 11th and 19th February 1928 (photo Pitt River Museum).

The rod, known as dang in Nuer language, belonged to Ngundeng Bong who was believed to be a prophet by many in the region.

Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar confirmed to the GoSS cabinet meeting on Friday that it would be brought to Juba on 16th May next week; a ten-day delay after the previous announcement of 5th May by Ngundeng’s family members.

Ngundeng Bong, who was born in late 1830’s and died peacefully in 1906, was believed to have connections with divinity among the Nuer and some other tribes in South Sudan because of his foretold prophesies which they believed to be divine and being fulfilled.

Machar explained that the dang (rod) was taken precisely in 1927 by the colonial British administration and ended up in London where it was kept since that time.

He said it was recently put on sale in England, but was recovered after the British national, Professor Douglas Johnson, alerted the Government of Southern Sudan about the fate of the historical artifact.

Dr. Douglas Johnson, who lived and worked in Sudan for the last 40 years, is the author of the book, ‘Nuer Prophets: A History of Prophesy from Upper Nile in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries’ in which he wrote about Ngundeng’s birth, lifetime and some of his prophesies.

He also served as consultant for the semi-autonomous GoSS on demarcation process of the North-South boundaries.

It was not clear whether the Government of Southern Sudan bought back the artifact or the British government simply agreed to give it back to South Sudan.

Dr. Douglas is expected to bring the dang in person to Juba. The artifact will be received by the Minister of Culture, Albino Akol Akol, among other senior government officials and community elders.

GoSS officials also discussed the location in which the rod would be kept for safety reasons until a concrete permanent national museum is built.

The Prophet’s headquarters called Bieh (pyramid) in Waat, Jonglei state and Juba, the capital of Southern Sudan, were suggested as possible locations.

Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Dr. Luka Tombekana Monoja, further explained that the Prophet’s dang is a national historical artifact for the people of South Sudan and should be kept at the Government headquarters in Juba.

A celebration would later on be organized at Bieh in Jonglei state by Ngundeng’s family where many clans elders from the Nuer community in particular and other South Sudanese communities in general would be invited to attend.


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  • 10 May 2009 06:51, by BLACK DEMOCRATE

    Dear readers,
    Juba is not a Capital for only Nuer cultural divinity but for all Southerners.

    I critize prophet Ngundeng and his Nath since his prophetic claims fall on Riak Machar to be the president.

    Please, Rhod wouldn’t be taken to Juba but it can be kept at Lou nuer home land or bieh.

    But Across stick for Jesus in Juba.

    • 11 May 2009 07:53, by Jeremiah Mach

      Hey black democrat, you are either a gost or Satan choose which ever you like to be call, We don’t mind as a people of Southern Sudan where our cultural heritage comes from

      • 11 May 2009 09:19, by BLACK DEMOCRATE

        Dear Jeremiah or criminal,

        Being made mad by devil spirit will never aware you of the right words.

        Your unclear watery eyes never really obesrve our comments legibly.
        Anyway,in certain chapter from Bible,it is said that many prophets will rise and do miraclous things pretending to be real prophet or as Jesus in the ending of world. Whether he rose the dead Galuak, dhurhong and Teny(Riak’s grandfather)I will never believe his prophesy.

        It ’s upto you, kneel down to worship him or oil your rhod with Lou nuer butter it is upto you but not in Juba otherwise mr. General will do any harm physically or logically.
        If I am satan or ghost, I should not hate other satan but being a believer force me to hate satan !
        Thank you mr Baal or Idol.

        The writter is a milk boy born in the state of RK And been away for millitary and laws.

    • 12 May 2009 08:55, by Rambang

      When you put hatred a head, you will loss even your own family. The whole world is happy to see this historical rod back into it home land, and now Mr. Mawunduoch don’t want it because of personal hatred he has for Riek Machar? Ngundeng did not mention Riek Machar in his prophecies. I don’t know where you haters get this from. And if he did, it will only be normal because evil men always hated prophets this way since the beginning of history. This is because they do evil which the prophet must condemn. So your hateful heart won’t stop the rod from coming any way. Just keep the hate up and the Naath will still exist.

    • 13 May 2009 11:51, by Arochthon

      Mr Black Democrat

      I agree with you my learned friend.
      Yes it is true, that what should have come out from the brain of a learned persons,you are great. Imagine,how come that a blessed nation that has already forgotten devils be back dragged to worship idols?

      My message to the vice president of south Sudan Riek Machar is that, think for other means of getting leadership rather than bringing us ghost which is belong to nuer as a tribe. who was ngungdeng and which part of Bible did you find him being mentioned with his dooms prophesies? Can’t you even get shame of it in the eye of twenty one century? The world is moving for forward with its technology and Nuer is still practicing witchcraft, What a foolish and persistent vegetable vice president are you?


  • 10 May 2009 07:27, by Nal Dit Kum

    Ngundeng is for all southen Sudanese includind Dinkas.

    • 10 May 2009 08:01, by Pandit

      Riek still belief in evil face. Where are Equotarian? Could they have to allowed Nuer evil to what they called their land? I want to hear it from Illogic Dog and Buster Roach.

      • 10 May 2009 08:17, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

        Mur-Muk pandit, we don’t have evil culture like you dinkas, we valued everyone, don’t fool around with your fucking ideas. An object will not occupy any space compare to what your fucking dogs/junglese are doing in WES. Stop that evil spirit of killing the innocent Equatorians in the name of LRA. For how long do you think that you can exist in this World with your illiterate GOSS. Stupid keep your mouth shut.

        • 10 May 2009 08:27, by Pandit

          Illogic Dog I well understanding your weakness now. Look Bor is a capital of Jonglei state and my people from Bor are not going to allow that evil face into their land like the way you want to wellcomed in your Equatorian land. Mr. dog you are learning Dinka language now and it is going to be a language of your community tomorrow.

      • 10 May 2009 11:22, by Hillary B.M.L,M

        Hi! You two, Black Democrate and Pandid, you know very well that Equatorians are not hostile people. Juba is not for Denkas but for every one who do good things like the owners of the Area. If you Denkas are doing good things in Juba sure no one can criticize you.

        Hillary B.M.L,M is back again (hillmodi@yahoo.com)

        • 10 May 2009 12:57, by AUGUSTINO DENG

          Hey Hillary,

          First, I want to know really whether you are the wife of Clinton, the Former President of United State of America. If not you, then do you mean that Dinkas are bad people? Please describe yourself to me clearly so that I can know your point of vision in this website whether you stand for unification or you stand for tribalism matters. Your reply to this massege of mine is highly appreciated and I will love it so much.

      • 10 May 2009 13:05, by makungu1


        His is what happened when you are running out of ideas (Riek) now is out of ideas that is why is trying to be good man in S/sudan what are we going to do with Rod. back ages ago this was what tell them to come to bor. anyone know what i mean i mean 1991.sorry let them ketp it in london

        • 12 May 2009 20:47, by Both Buom Mok

          Dear all
          barking dog I,m not see any point that make you to bring up a leader or history back round of 1991 yet you have out of Bor county that time.if you are out of mine check you mine what was exactly happen.Jonglie is going to be divided into two Bor and Waat state let the rhod and pipie arrive in Waat.
          Any things from Lou Nuerif you told make sure you are in the hole with snake and lion out sideno help.

      • 11 May 2009 12:14, by Wiyual Wech Puk D. Payol.

        Hello,panthin Juba is not for Equatorian alone to not accept what the GOSS cabinets agreed for, to be in juba.Ngundeng is for all southerners not only for Nuer or Dinka.the culture of bringing back dang from london is not the popularity of Nuer as tribe but the whole tribes of south sudan.please turn back the tribalism and work forward for unity.

      • 12 May 2009 09:06, by Rambang

        Riek never claim any thing to do with Ngundeng. But you guys are too scared of the man that you can’t sleep. If your mind is so obsess with, then you got a cancer in you mind because he is not going any where.

    • 10 May 2009 08:02, by politica

      To Nal

      aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwuuuuuuuuuuuu. who told you (door eme)? to hell with your Ngundeng (Gare).

      (Liel Toh)

      • 10 May 2009 08:58, by Nal Dit Kum


        You like it or not, Ngundeng will be honored throughout southern Sudan. A status of Ngundeng will be place in Bor town soon.


        Don’t listen to these bastard coward Dinka. Equatorians and Nuer must work together to eliminate these thieves from the government whether they like it or not. We are the majority if combine.

        We can change the direction of the country by any mean whether is through democratic election or war. Keep fighting these cowards.

        As Nuer, I know the Dinkas very well and you should never be intimidiated by them. They are cowards. They never stand up for anything. They only like to use other tribes to achieve their stupid New Sudan ideology.

        • 10 May 2009 09:51, by politica

          To Kim

          "ejin yong gadamaar ke ejin door"

          all you are telling here is all you have tried long time ago and didnot work man. Equatorians with my regard to some of them ,yourselves and arabs have been working togather to eliminate dinka but you later realised that you all were hunting in a dangerous ground that will elinimiat you all and set Dinka free. Dinka with help of some good hearted fellows from different tribes of sudan and southern sudan in particular have managed to take away the arabs that you are inviting again.think of what will happen to you if you try this time without your uncles Arabs. useless and naked fellow like you diserve nothing but (ngoth).


        • 11 May 2009 06:51, by Aduol Liet

          MR, Nal Dit Kum. Equatorians people will not accepted Nuer Idiots for some reason, because they love peace despite your bad attitudes you guys have always will have no room in Southern Sudan. The whole Sudanese people knows that, Neur movement led by DR, Riek Machar Teny and his deputy faction MR, Gabriel have tried everything but it didn’t work out for Neur people.Look we Dinkas are they most lovely to be peaceful to all others Tribes within Southern Sudan and perhaps, the whole Sudan unlikely to Neur arrogant and people of destruction and you guys have no friends around your communities this is of your bad attitudes. At that time DR, Riek Machar Teny did stupid things in Bor and others communities around Neur, they Dinkas people were not actual mean to have war with Neur people simply because we seem to be brothers and they Dinkas people always have main goals however, if you guys fail not to follow the path which every one should then, we are not going to accept any stupid thing happen again in Southern Sudan if they Dinkas are present in Sudan. You try to be polite to Monyjang people in Southern Sudan otherwise, the Sudan’s Omar al Bashir will not accept you this time since Neur people are well known for surrending to Omar Hassan al Bashir, later surrending to Dinkas led by late DR, John Garang, your destruction made by you guys is real make you all Neur bad people in all Sudan level. This time around, all they Dinkas are very much observing Neur activites very single day and if Neur don’t adjusting them we will probable show them in the second time, we know that you guys tried very hard to defeat Dinkas but Dinkas manage on both sides which is Nassir of Riek Machar Teny movement and Omar Hassan al Bashir ( SAF )But nothing happen. This second time will be the Dinka turn, all Dinkas will show Neur lesson so that Neur they behave good.

          Aduol Liet.

        • 13 May 2009 12:25, by Arochthon


          Birds of same feathers flock together(collaborators).

          Remember you working together or tear apart will not weaken the government of south Sudan, however the contentious issue in this case of rode is that Equatorians are witchcrat believers and nuer are devils worrshipers as well and culture less tribe, which depend only on grabbing neighbors’ wealth, and in this instance you will not have durable peace. The only thing I know will happen is that, you will just quarrel over those devils as vultures in the animal’s caucus ending up scratching your faces.


        • 13 May 2009 12:27, by Arochthon


          Birds of same feathers flock together(collaborators).
          Remember working together or tearing apart will not weaken the government of south Sudan, however the contentious issue in this case of rode is that Equatorians are witchcrat believers and nuer are devils worrshipers as well and culture less tribe, which depend only on grabbing neighbors’ wealth, and in this instance you will not have durable peace. The only thing I know will happen is that, you will just quarrel over those devils as vultures in the animal’s caucus ending up scratching your faces.


      • 10 May 2009 09:01, by Akol Liai Mager

        I am proud with GOSS sucessful efforts to bring back home the Rod. The eople of New Sudan from South Sudan, Nuba Mts, Beja, Darfur and South Blue Nile whose cultures were nearly eliminated by Racist Arab sucessive regimes in Sudan all should be proud for the come-back of their cultural Pieces that have been stolen or illegally taken out from our land.

        Juba, Torit, Abyiei, Fashoda, Raja, Rumbek, Gakrial [Gogrial, Nasir, Tumbura etceteras are our cities qualified to host our cultural identities.

        Ngundeng, Arianhdhit [Araiaath Makuei] and many others in our marginalised communities are not short of Prophets and all of them cared for people including non Southerners.

        I am very disappointed with above comments because they remind me of what Taliban/Alqaeda notorious regime did in Afghanistan. It wasn’t short of a Devil act when Taliban/Alqaeda leaders ordered the distruction of Budith Temples in Afghanistan over seven year ago.

        Taliban leaders do not believe in a great work done by Afghan ancestors, however, the above comments implied Taliban culture.

        I hope UNISCO form an itervention force to protect World Heritage that rmind us of our ancestors work. This is because if a Taliban like regime come to power in Egypt, the Faroh Miraculious work will be lost just in a minute.

        It is not a bout being a good Christian, Jew or Islam believer, it is about culture and acknowledgement of our past generation art, religion, land relations with God.

        Finally, GOSS has done a wonderful job that deserve appreciation.

        • 10 May 2009 10:35, by ethiopia

          Islamization, Christianity, and others believe like Nguandeng, nyikang Mayual and what so ever people believe should be separated from the government. Naldit and kim plus Gatwich are refugees outside the country and are not mature to engage in a valid and positive contribution on any topic, which can help South Sudan people their aims is only to support tribalism among our beloved region.

          Big logic your movement ERM is defeated by LRA in WES organizes your forces and makes deliberate attack to LRA instead of attacking your counterpart dinka. Your negative agitation against dinka will end up on your neck.

          • 10 May 2009 11:27, by Mimama


            The British sold ngundeng’s rod to nuer after spending sometime in the market with no white people buying it.
            What an awkward phenomenon buying your prophet’s rod from colonisers.

            The Southerners must not allow the magician’s rod be kept in our capital Juba.
            It may poison the city with Nuer’s chaos which ngundeng has no power to control.
            The only prophet that the entire southerners know is called Kon Ajith and he hailed from Bor.
            Any other acclaimed prophet is fake and should not be paid attention by Southerners.

            All the evil prophecies of ngundeng are ranging from invading neighbours all of which are evil intends.
            all i know is true of ngundeng is his prophesy that Nuer would be arabs’ slave during the civil war before returning to eat their vomits.


            • 10 May 2009 12:47, by BLACK DEMOCRATE

              I wonder to hear the rhod of Nuer prophet to arrive in Juba and I am amazed to such a dull excitement from some South citizens !

              Certain proverb says " look before you leap’ which is equivelant to think well before you do something valueable.

              Dear educated Akol Liai Mager, ’are these really the things you are proud of ?!

              Several weeks back,some common comments of yours had been meaningfull but I think you fail today.

              I am personally from the one state you mentioned above but I happen to resist Ngundeng evenif I be unable to.

              Simply because his prophesy is about segregation among Southerns, misquote me!

              And because whatever about Ngundeng ,is not a statement of fundamental principle of liberty but a serious of concession addressing long standing grievances and condemning South unity that would cause segregation leading to arbitrary government.

              Anyway, I can’t insult Ngundeng but I was asking them to keep the Rhod at Bieh not in Capital City.
              Things like that have never been in Cities like Nairobi,Ougadougo,Antenanarivo,New York or any Capital City.
              Judge me wrong but the truth means its meaning .

              Rare general mawumduoch@hotmail.com

        • 11 May 2009 07:27, by Aduol Liet

          MR, Akol Liai. I am sorry what are you real talking about? Do you mean the Southern Sudanese people are going to believe with such evil traditional or what do you mean exactly? Equatorians people do have their evilness like this untrue misleading the world. Dinka does same things as evil beliefs but it doesn’t mean that, people will leave their office to go and talks with such meaningless. DR, Riek Machar Teny is some one who assume himself to enagag in everything even evil too, this Ngundeng he was not supposedly to talk about unfortunately, he went to talk about Ngundeng instead the tradional people will explain to the rest who belief evil as well as Neur people are so bad because they believes in Ngundeng god.

          Please stop it misleading people on this thing, the statement which was been said for this Ngundeng for many years are not true. and I would like to tell you that, they Gogrial people doesn’t believe in Ngundeng traditionism again stop your supporting evil of Neur period.

          Aduol Liet.

          • 11 May 2009 10:21, by Akol Liai Mager

            I believe, the point I made is not about believing in ngundeng or not. The point is about people and acceptency. If you are engaging with people, you must understand their Past, Present and the Future. No matter how bad or evil the past, it worth documenting. Have yours, this is my personal view.

            Think, if you are in somebody place what would you have done differently?

            The only reason that brought half a centuary war between Arab and non Arab [call it South and North if you like] in Sudan is because Arab thinks they are superiors than others, that wrong and should not be inherited from them.

            All people are different in thinking, feeling sensing eceteras. However, having different opinions, different approach to the problem not only normal, it makes differences towards acceptency and readiness to cope with some hot potatoes needed for coexistence purposes.

            Jesus Says; "I did not come to destroy Moses laws, I came to make them better" I may not be accurate in my qoutation, but the point Jesus wanted to make was that; the past has to exist in our memories while we continue on our journey in the new direction.

            I am not jealous about comments that criticised my comment because people can agree sometimes, but not necessary on all issues.

            Sorry for those of you who might have been offended by my comment, but I stongly believe I have good reasons to be proud of Dr Riek did if not GOSS that brought the Rod Home.

            I wonder why some communities’ Geologists are desperately digging here and there trying to trace human arts/lives back to thousand years while we are desperately trying to hide ours?

        • 11 May 2009 20:10, by Deng Francis

          Hallo Mr. L Akol,

          Thank you for your positive comments-really appreciated.

          I know guys are looking at tribes not what is really cruciall for the people of southern sudan, and not necesarily talking about tribalistic issues. I really wonder whether these guys were taught at schools how to talk these things.... or were taught to hate their fellow compatriots.

          You know if you continue to be like this, then you are nothing other than useless who can never be a future leader. we dont want a tribalistic leader!!

          i really advise those of you who are thinking beyond tribal kind of things to refrain from this.

          Deng Anderson

    • 10 May 2009 12:39, by AUGUSTINO DENG

      Hey Mr Nal Dit Kum,

      If you like that rod, then please stay with it and don’t ever generalized the whole people to our own idea. If you get sick or have a pain in your body, will it mean to you that everybody is sick or have the same problem?

      Please think twice before you relied your reasoning capacity and don’t ever baffled things whenever you comment.
      Make sure that you analyzed your own comment and see how other people will react to it. Second, what kind of name are you calling yourself like that? Are you from Dor people of Equatoria or Nuer?

      • 11 May 2009 07:41, by Ajith Deng

        OMG! this people are still belived in such idology of NGUNDENG’S Status of Worship kind EVILS.Absolutely, such kind Rod of Prophetlike mentioned above will make people turning away 4rom GOD and Believed in this kind of Mischievous sprite instead of Accepting Almighty as God sa "Awesome and Wonderful Power and King of King" than they belived in evils this like prophet NGUNDENG.Despite outcome of this evils thing Brotheran and Sisters of Southeran Sudan and Sudan General.I reckon that, this not really good idea but it’s up to you either if u all want to!

        May Almighty and power of all above thing be with you all and forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 10 May 2009 14:06, by pills

      Ngundeng is a great personality that every Southerners must be very proud of. Let us all celebrate the return of his dang. I urge GOSS to give all possible protection to such a national icon.

  • 10 May 2009 12:15, by AUGUSTINO DENG

    I can’t believe this nonsense shallow belief from Nuer Lou tribe. What is that rod mean to the Southern Sudan? At the same time, why is it expected for this rod to be brought to May 16th? Watch out carefully you people of Southern Sudan especially the Dinkas people. Dr Rick Machar Teny, is very delightful because he think that he is trying to restore Nuer heritage, but he is too late to bring unification through that "FEIGN ROD". Second, Dr Riak Machar Teny, want to use Nuer magician so that he can "charm" and get the chance of position.

    Believe me my dear brothers this rod is a magician rod that Omar Bashir use to carried with him every time he traveled and I believe some of you have ever seen that rod before. That rod was designed by General Tumbara of Equatoria and gave it to Jeffer Nimeiri in 1983. Then after that, Jeffer Nimeiri gave it again to Sur-daap and then from Sur-daap to Sadiq-El-Mahidi. After all, Sadiq-El-Mahidi gave it to Omar Bashir on 6/30/1989 and that is why Omar Bashir captured Kurmuk Town in 1989 and the rest of the other towns such as Pachalla, Maridi, Kapoeta, Lyeria, Yei, Gogrial, Akobo, Nasir, Ayod, Madingbor, Kejo-kejo, Gemiza,Torit, Panrieng and Abiemnom town and so many more in year 1992. From there, Omar Bashir gave it to General Tanginya and then General Tanginya, pass this rod to Shilluk and Nuer magicians in Malakal and then again the rod was passed to Lou Nuer of Maiwut. Lou Nuer of Maiwut passed this rod to Dr Riak Machar Teny. This rod is full of magician charms which is in tend if Salva Kiir Miyardit touch this rod during 16th May, then Salva Kiir Miyardit will die and Dr Riak Machar Teny will take over the leadership and run an Election with Omar Bashir during an Election time. So, it is good to informed General Salva Kiir Miyardit in order to distant himself away from touching this rod, otherwise if he touched it, then that will be the end of Salva Kiir Miyardit completely. I know Nuer people very well. They are full of so much magicians. They are like Equatorian people who use snake poisons to kill the people!!!!.

    Dear brothers who will read this article of mine, please bear in mind that the fighting that took place in Malakal during that time was because of this rod. During that time, Dr Riak Machar Teny went to Malakal and tried to calm down the crisis of Malakal, but in reality, he know that the rod was already brought to Malakal and given to Dr Lam Akol. Therefore, went noticed by Dr Riak Machar Teny that the rod was given to Dr Lam Akol, then he tried to pretend himself that he is going to capture General Tanginya. First of all, Dr Riak Machar Teny was a Dominance Rebel of the SPLM/SPLA. So, according to your own view guys, do you all believe that Dr Riak Machar Teny was really interested to capture General Tanginya? In fact, it was not true. General Tanginya was a captain in Dr Riak Machar Teny movement call SSIM, which is stand for SOUTHERN SUDAN INDEPENDENT MOVEMENT. Dr Riak Machar Teny’s philosophical view is to look for the way in which he can deterioted the SPLM/SPLA foundation and surrendered himself to the Arabs like he did it on 8/28/1991.

    If some of you believe that this rod is for prophet Car Koryom of Lou Nuer, then that is completely wrong and a misleading news to those who will believe it. If this rod was a rod of Prophet Car Koryom, then why is this rod pass to Jeffer Nimeir and from Jeffer Nimeiri to other Arabs Generals. I completely denounced this brutal news from a "Micro"-nuer people who lack of thought and integrity that can bring unification to the Southern Sudanese. It is a big lie completely and don’t ever pay attention. Again, why is this rod taken to British? Is British a land for Prophet Car Koryom of Lou Nuer? WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG and WRONG COMPLETELY.

    • 10 May 2009 12:49, by BLACK DEMOCRATE

      I wonder to hear the rhod of Nuer prophet to arrive in Juba and I am amazed to such a dull excitement from some South citizens !

      Certain proverb says " look before you leap’ which is equivelant to think well before you do something valueable.

      Dear educated Akol Liai Mager, ’are these really the things you are proud of ?!

      Several weeks back,some common comments of yours had been meaningfull but I think you fail today.

      I am personally from the one state you mentioned above but I happen to resist Ngundeng evenif I be unable to.

      Simply because his prophesy is about segregation among Southerns, misquote me!

      And because whatever about Ngundeng ,is not a statement of fundamental principle of liberty but a serious of concession addressing long standing grievances and condemning South unity that would cause segregation leading to arbitrary government.

      Anyway, I can’t insult Ngundeng but I was asking them to keep the Rhod at Bieh not in Capital City. Things like that have never been in Cities like Nairobi,Ougadougo,Antenanarivo,New York or any Capital City. Judge me wrong but the truth means its meaning .

      Rare general mawumduoch@hotmail.com

    • 10 May 2009 13:16, by King Tut

      Deng,you must be a problematic man who don’t understand simple things,or actually a Dinka comedian.Whatever you are,your motive is very clear,you are against anything that’s Nuer.That is fine and I take that to be normal,but I want to remind you that the rod belong to prophet Ngundeng not the other you are talking about.

      Today you have really made everyone amazed by your so much ignorance or be it comedy,is what I can’t tell.

    • 10 May 2009 14:48, by pills

      Brother Augustino,

      I’ve carefully read your comment twice, but believe me it’s a piece of comic drama that no single intellectual could consider leave alone absorbing it.

      The issue of Nungdeng and his rod was well documented in most of the books written by by-then British adminstrators in Southern Sudan. You might either never come across these books or you are delibrately side-lining them because of possible collaboration between Dr.Riek and the colonials in 1940s and 1950s, which I think is illogical and impossible.

      Again there is no such a rod passed among Sudanese presidents and leaders. Yes President Numeri and Bashir used to carry rods, but so far there is no single evidence that what they had were the same Nungdeng rod. Of course there were some verbal rumors in 1970s and 1980s released by Numeri’s security service that Numeri’s rod is magical and can tell and show everything plotted against him. The purpose behind such rumors is of course clear and abvious.

      We should not mix political differences with national heritage. You might have some disagreement with Dr.Riek Machar, this is normal and healthy, but to respect and value our national history is a dffernet thing altogether. As a matter of fact, we need to gather all our historical materials from all tribes of Southern Sudan, organize and put them in our national museum just as other civilized nations do.

      Your claim that President Salva would die if he touches the rod is laughable and rediculous. Here I wonder whether you are a Christian and a believer. But as far as president Kiir is concerned, I think he would just laugh at your story because he is a committed Christian, we are praying together with him in the same church at saint Theresa -Kator.

      Southerners must be happy because this rod is part of their history which is returning home after long time. If there are some individual wanted to utilize it for their personal interests, than it’s up to them. But to me, this rod is just a piece of history that cannot make any change to the system or individuals...

      Accept my regards please.

  • 10 May 2009 14:33, by Leymidiit

    Who all you are? Son of men! For how long you will stop criticizing one another by tribe!. In my decision, as I assume that you are all young men, you are the one expected to bring change in our country. Please stop this and try to encourage each other. You are all brothers and this can not bring change in our communities.

    I hope the most educated man among you will appreciate my idea and stop these stupid words you are always posting on this site.
    Haramaya University, Ethiopia.

    • 10 May 2009 14:53, by uncorrupt_dinka

      Social Engineering at its best.

      • 10 May 2009 21:20, by Kim Deng


        Let’s celebrate the welcoming of great Prophet NgunDeng’s Dang to where it belong before it was looted by those foreign govts. Prophet NgunDeng was a great prophet among other prophets (Mosese, Jesus, Mohammed and so forth.)

        All communities across South Sudan are going to be invited and celebrate coming of Dang to South/Bieh together with Naath ethnic group. Yet the Naath community is going to file a law suit against the UK govt for the great damage it has done not only to Holy Land/Bieh, but for taking Guek’s life the Prophet NgunDeng’s son.

        Where are NgunDeng’s Tony and Drums all together?

        Again, the first ethnic group in South Sudan to be invited during the celebration will be Anyuak community since the Blacksmith who made NgunDeng’s Tony was from Anyuak community.

        Come all and enjoy the celebration with Naath community.

      • 10 May 2009 21:31, by cobra Bior

        look at Nuer faces.
        celebrating what so called Ngundeng Rod.
        what is this rod going to bring to you Nuers.
        Do you guys know what Ngundeng once said about you nuers?
        He said that your asses gonna be rule by Dinkas let alone the Equatorians who has no were to be seen.So my friends Naath and Equatorians, let the Dinkas worship Ngundeng but not you guys.

  • 10 May 2009 22:50, by jamesakok

    Juba is a Headquater Capital City for the Government of Southern Sudan, we have the problems like Northern Sudan Government, LRA, and the land people of Juba city.

    • 10 May 2009 23:40, by cobra Bior


      • 11 May 2009 04:22, by mariar

        I appreciat your comand Mr Cobra Bor.And Iam woundering why is Ngundeng Rod has to be taken to Juba, for what reason? I don’t understand. All I know is that, Ngundeng Rod is a Nuer Migician long stick and that it. So this meaningless long stick shuold have to be taken to Nasir or Akobo. But Dinka Bor must have to watch carefully because these people might get told by that Ngundeng long stick again to come and Kill you, just like Wurnyang did in 1991 when he Kill a White Cowbull and waken it up, then told the crouwds that go and demolish Dinka Bor and you will not get Kill,but if you get Kill, you will still wake up just like a white Cowbull and this is the same prophecy that Killed inocene civilian from Bor and even Nuer too. Also I don’t know if Lou Nuer notice it.

        • 11 May 2009 07:05, by Machokakol

          Critical analyses are good in some ways but bad on other side.

          What one could understand about this rod is the fact that Sudanese cultures are some times full of meanings especially when a single line falls between them. And this is the same thing that we can un -blindly see here. Despite of my irresponsible approach, the simple lines drawn by one of our mob could significantly dig some holes in our two respected tribe’s heart, particularly the Dinka and Nuer. Since they some time disagree with each other’s point of view, hence it is hard to convince them. As a concern citizen, I would suggest that you two tribes are misleading other tribes with your roasted or raw meat rules. In regard to the rod come back era, why do people panic? If some tribes are not happy with that rod, stay at your place or look for your own rod and make your self a prophet too. Some people complain are always baseless and as it is a case they don’t intend to look for other possibilities. If I were one of these two tribes, I would rather listen to our tradition singers/ folk tails or talk with my elders about my disordered mood. If not, Akut kuei /Malok are available for Dinkas as well as Kong CD is desperately lining up in the market for Nuer. Listen to those songs and you will find some historical outlook if you are worried.

          Southern should have learnt long time about their traditional beliefs impacts not at this moment. I welcome this rod if it doesn’t create violence to our people regardless of spending years in foreign countries.

  • 11 May 2009 08:56, by Nile

    Great news to the people of southern Sudan except some lost boys from Dinka Bor because they always oppose anything that has to do with Nuer.

    • 11 May 2009 20:39, by jamesakok

      All of you, lew we respect each other. I read all bad words are been writing on this site, and that is not the ways we shall going manage Southern Sudan.

      Thank You. jmawkc@umkc.edu

      • 12 May 2009 11:23, by kuol

        Bravo Nuer Tribe, This is the the end or will be the end of Dinka leadership in Southern Sudan as Ngudeng said it long time that if the Rod (Dang) will brough back that gonna be the time for Nuer to take their leadership peace fully. Now let Our empty minded Kiir think big for him to servive or dei. Soon if he is not taking care he is going to be slap by unknow person but that just slap but Shoot dead. Let Kiir pray Ngudeng becuase He is not only for Nuer but the South as whole ortherwise he going to suck some body his dick.

        • 12 May 2009 14:56, by Mr.Atok

          Dear kuol,

          Mr. Kuol, the issue at at hands now isn’t the Dinka nor any other nationality in the South but the fact is that Salva Kiir has no required skills to cross us the river to that most coveted land of freedom therefore, we are longing for a capable Southerner who can be bold enough and stand tall and face the daunting tasks regardless of his or her tribal affiliation because leaders are from within tribal circle.
          God can never and impossibly brings leaders in heaven.
          Secondly, be rest assured that the 1991 incident was the fulfillment of God prophecies about Sudan of which Riek led.

          Riek was actually like Juda Iscariot who fulfilled God’s promised of Salvation by the fact that Son of man shall be betrayed and killed and rose on the third day with all the sins of the world henc, the mistake done by Juda was because he hung himself likewise the mistake Dr. Riek did was by surrendering himself to our enemy Khartoum.
          therefore am advising you not to be the like mind of Riek then but be the current Riek as the Vice President who acknowledged the mistake and repented for the sake of national healing and reconciliation.

          Atok Dan.

      • 12 May 2009 12:40, by Rambang

        When you talk about the 1991 clashes, you should as well know the causes. The SPLM/SPLA of those days did even know what they were fighting for. The main problem with the Dinka is that they don’t consider the evil they do to others as evil. For example, the massacre of Gajaak by Keribino and Lou Nuer in KaiKuiny by Daniel Awet Akot, the killing of Ding dinga and Taposa in Chukudum as well as Murle in Pibor Salva Kiir and the 2005 Lou Nuer Massacre. All these killing in cold blood were carried out after being carefully planned while the 1991 clashes was just a cross fire between two rivaling SPLA forces. Looking at these examples, which community has not been ill treated by the SPLA under the leadership of DR. John and now Salva Kiir? Of these entire killings, why is it the 1991 issue that people are always talking about? And by the way if you look into these massacres evaluating them and their causes, you will find that the 1991 case is the minor one because of the clear reason behind it. The killing of the Gajaak for example was as a result of human right violation. SPLA soldiers robbed fishermen from Gajaak and kill one of them. The Gajaak retaliates and that was the reason killing in cold blood.

        The 1991 clashes was a result of so many cruel treatments of the marginalized tribes. For example, the Nuer were the one who were usually round up, to built tukuls, carry water, buried the dead, and were always the target for recruitment. There was no equal distribution of food either. The Gajaak women gathered fallen maize from the ground after the distribution of ration.

        The army in Nuer land on their way from training camps rape women and commandeer livestock and grains without requesting from the local leaders. For instance, a man was raping women in front of the husband at night during raining season. Since there were so many mosquitoes, the rapper shamelessly orders the husband to fan away the mosquitoes with bird feather fan (K??l juät). The SPLA soldiers as well take grain for their storage and excreate on the remaining as if it grew by itself and thus denying owner to use them further.

        The Nuer and the Equatorians have no outstanding issue among them. Mr Aduol Liet believes Dinka and other communities do get along and claims his Dinka community loves other tribe. Action speaks louder than words and every individual can only be judge through their deeds. If Dinka loves other communities how come the Equatorians are always harassed and beaten by the Dinka individuals. Their houses are confiscated daily. One enters the house as a tenant and turns into a landlord after a few months and threatens the legitimate owner. Look at the hierocracy of the SPLM leadership and that of the Government of Southern Sudan. How can you claim to be valuing other communities yet 13 out of 22 ministries are headed by Dinka. Aside from that, the key ministries in the GOSS are given to Dinka. Ministry of Finance, Defense, Presidential Affairs, Constitutional and Legal Affairs as well as the Ministry of Interior and of the Bank of Southern Sudan are all being occupied by Dinka. Where is justice or equality heree??? The main problem main problem other Southern tribe are facing is Dinka greed and domination. Take example in Juba where every tribe is represented. The Dinka and the Mundari are always killing themselves in Juba. IF NUER ARE THE SHOOTERS, HOW COME WE HAVEN’T FOUGHT ANY TRIBE IN JUBA. Coming back to the issue of Dinka loving every community as Mr. Aduol Liet claimed, then what is the cause of dispute between Nuer and Dinka other then the Dinka trying to Marginalize other communities. The Dinka want the two tribes to dominate other, and the Nuer declined. Being exposed, they decided to deals with Nuer through power allocation.

        About Nuer and Arabs, IS ABEL ALIER, TOM AL NUR, DENG KELEI, BONA MALUAL MOSES MACHAR AND OTHER NUER OR DINKA? Since the beginning of the SPLA the majority are always Nuer for instance in 105, 104, Tiger, Jamus, Yoany battalion and yet you call Nuer as traitors while in the Sudanese Armed Forces, ranging from the regular solider to highs rank, the majority are always Dinka. And the person who is always coming as Vice President during the struggle and before the CPA is always a Dinka. In term of Militia, Tom Al Nur and Deng Kelei and Kerubino have led offensives against SPLA and the Southern Sudanese civilians. Were they Nuer? Or why are the Nuer militias so special (unique) to be given different treatment than the Dinka militia?

        Black Democrate, the Rod is from London which is one of the oldest cities in the world, so please review you point.

        Mr. Augustino Deng, you surely know nothing about history. We don’t even have Lou Nuer in Maiwut. The Dang (Rod) was taken in 1920s, from Guek Ngundeng and has been aways ever since. So how did these leaders get it yet it was taken during colonial period.

        Like Mr. Akol Liai and Machokakol put it, we are taking about culture here not religious believes. You can believe what you want but still preserve your culture. By the way the Jews Jesus came from don’t believe in him much. Muhammad came from Mecca and today is being believes as Prophet by many Arabs. So what is the problem if we decided to promote Ngundeng as prophet??? All these religions are only imposed on people by those with influence and power.

        Gatwech Rambang Chol

        • 12 May 2009 14:36, by Mr.Atok


          Ngundeng is already a defunct Nuer prophet whose prophecies misled southerners into ordered anarchy as a certain writer (Deborah Scroggins) stressed it in her Book hence, the rod itself would compel emotional people into more choas yet Southerners want to capitalise on this little peace.

          The Rod is a plain fallacy and history at the same time therefore, it’sn’t much important given this current conditions where we are less concern with past.

          Our past is purely useless because nobody has the abiity to change his/her past but all of us are able to change our future.

          Atok Dan

          • 12 May 2009 14:53, by Rambang

            Mr. Atok, you may not have realized that Ngundeng did not encourage tribal wars. There was general peace during his time and communities like the Lou Nuer and their neighboring Dinka were interacting peacefully. That is why you find them speaking each others language at these places. I don’t know what kind of attitude you are having but civilized individuals value culture and tradition and that is why the British keep and Rod for all this period.

            Talking about your friend Deborah Scroggins, you must not forgot the fact that they came as missionaries, who termed African way of life as primitive.

            • 12 May 2009 15:16, by Mr.Atok

              Dear Mr. Rammbang, it is disasterous for for a man of your likeness to begin putting on negative tribal attires when still at the young age whose computer is within your own domains, what if you turn old later on what will you be talking about. the issue is not Rod or Ngundeng but your own tribal attitude contradicts with even Prophet Ngundeng teachings as you quoted him being talked of peace. Now, does your text contain peaceful statement or fallacy of incitement and hatred?

              Here, this is where you can be quoted as myopic young person of the millinnnium because you don’t deserve to have room in national archive where citizen of good deeds are placed.


              • 18 May 2009 13:53, by Rambang

                Dear Mr. Atok. Thank for your response but it seem you didn’t get what I am saying. All I am saying is FOR US ALL TO LIVE TOGETHER AS A COMMUNITY LETS FORGET ABOUT THE PAST AND LIVE AS A COMMUNITY. You can’t be telling others to live in peace and still remind people of the past did. All the communities have been done wrong by others and so if we decided to leave all that. Let’s all do that with clean heart. We have faced difficulties. And my comments didn’t point fingers on any community but some figures. The point was to show what I have just mention.

  • 13 May 2009 10:56, by Controller

    The Bow or Dang is belongings to all Southerners, not only nuerians alone.

    God sent Prophet NgunnDeng to Africa as his messanger, like his sent Jesus to preach his messange to his people in Western World.

    However, some Dinkas will not listen because they expect someone from heaven to come and tell them that NGunDeng is a Prophert and Son of God.Overall, some Dinkas whom I know will not wait somebody from heaven to tell them the truth about NGunDeng.
    If you believe in Jesus Chris make sure that you believe in NgunDeng too.

    Thank you all for believe that NgunDeng is a Greatest Prophert in the whole World.

    We are the Greatest people in the in whole World, and We shall remain strong.

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