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SPLM to sue Lam Akol over new party’s name


By Isaac Vuni

June 8, 2009 (JUBA) — In a meeting of the SPLM Political Bureau at Home and Away Hotel in Juba, prominent members of SPLM said the party is not against formation of any new party by one of its breakaway members but that it will legally contest the use of its name by the rival wing.

Lam Akol

Lam Akol, a former Foreign Minister, announced Saturday he would found the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement- Democratic Change (SPLM-DC). He informed the speaker of the federal parliament that he would tender his resignation from the membership of the SPLM bloc in Parliament during the next couple of days

Since March, Akol had problems with other leading members in his former party, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement. The former minister upholds the SPLM partnership with the National Congress Party as particularly valuable and campaigned in favor of the Sudanese President after the issuance by the International criminal Court of an arrest warrant against him.

Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Tahir, Speaker of the National Assembly, said today that Akol told him that undertaking this resignation would come in the framework of forming the new party (SPLM-DC). He added that Akol is a member of Parliament until the arrival of the resignation.

Failures of governance by South Sudan’s ruling party and its faltering role in national politics prompted the move from Akol, according to a manifesto released recently.

Today in Juba, SPLM figures pointed out that the accusations levied against SPLM by comrade Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin are not a surprise to movement’s leaders. They say they have now started correcting allegations on tribalism, corruption and the so-called dictatorship, and appealled to southerners to support the movement since it has a clear objective of what they fought for since 1947.

SPLM’s Political Bureau will meet for two days and officially issue a press statement tomorrow to all media houses operating in Juba.

Meanwhile, GOSS Assembly again failed to reopen due to lack of quorum; there were 83 legislators, short by six.

The chairman of public account committee of the August House, Hon. Dr. Jimmy Wango Miji, disclosed that Hon. Speaker James Wani Igga has telephoned him from Malakal directing the reopening to be on June 15, 2009 to enable them to participate in the crucial debate.

A political rally was cancelled on Sunday due to the death of comrade Oyai Oyai’s mother as legislators went to pay their condolences to the family.

The formation of SPLM Democratic for Chance (SPLM DC) by Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin is a big bowled to SPLM that ought to wake up from assumption that it commands majority votes of exploited and marginalized Sudanese comes general election next year.

Hon. Wongo, representing the Union of Sudan African Party (USAP), warned that the election scheduled for February 2010 will create more division among the liberators, as is the case with Dr. Lam’s SPLM-DC.


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  • 9 June 2009 07:05, by YihHon Alewei

    You rule the country when you are connected to the people but not being a traitor— Lam Akol another Joseph Lagu—!

    I have many questions to ask here and I need some answers—! What are the intentions of Lam Akol? What are the objectives of his new party? Who he is going to rule? Which part of Sudan— North or South—? Connect to the people than you can easily rule—.

    Akol is another Lagu who was fooled by arabs during the days that we all know to give up the rights of Southerners and gavein to the enemy. Southerners were almost to self-rule during Lagu leadership but due to his inexperience, oafishness, selfishness and egoism had to the denial of South self determination by the arabs. I don’t think whether this will happen this time round, whoever want to join slavery in the north can go.

    Coming to the party that is formed by Lam Akol, if you defect from a party, you don’t go with the name of the party that you left behind—. When you left the party, it means that you don’t like the party policies and so. This can be termed as inexperience and lack of political skills. Lam Akol carry a title, "Dr" What Dr?. A Dr should have a big brain not just less as a primary school kid—. In the countries where we "African" always look for assistance, decisions are made by people with titles like what Akol have— in our continent, it is a different story—.

    Back to Akol, he would have done a thorough research before rushing to the formation of the party. I think, if Akol recalled the 2002 elections in Kenya, he would be having a clear view of what to do when you defect from a party and become a rival to your original party. KANU is the major party in Kenya and Mwai Kibaki was a member, when he disagreed with Moi, he defected and formed a new party with a different name. He formed a party called NARC (National Rainbow Coalition) which was completely different from Kenyan African National Union (KANU).

    I think Lam Akol is acamdemia with the title "Dr", if he holds such a title, he should be aware of academic rules when you write paper, or formation a party! What "Dr Akol" did here is plagiarism, no point of using the acronyms which belongs to a certain group— not acceptable.

    At this point, I agree with the SPLM to sue Akol for plagiarism without acknowledging the source of the information that he has used—.

    You don’t quit the party if it is not functioning well, you come up with policies that you think are going to take the country forward. Challenge your opponents within, than you will see changes if you really care for the people and the country not your "tummy".

    To the supporters of this nincompoop idea, let me tell you something, better shut up and rally behind SPLM. If we are in disarray at this point in time, all of us will be losers. You don’t give your victory away just for the sake of yourself but not the country and the people that you are assuming to lead. Wake up and do the right thing for the country and the people

    • 9 June 2009 07:19, by szalan

      How does starting a new party makes someone a traitor? If u don’t like that party, simply don’t vote for their representatives to hold pubic office? It is u the voters to decide which party and its represenative should be the commissioners, MPs, governors, and president of GOSS. The rest of the officials are then appionted by those the people of s.sudan elected to held high public office. Claiming that someone is traitor because he started a party to contend against the ruling party is stupid. I hope u realize the democracy we fought for all these years is not just about one party but competition who will bring the best system of governance by inspiring voters to his side of political idealogy.

      • 9 June 2009 07:50, by William Okuch

        Abel Alier is real traitor not General Joseph Lagu. If you stil do believe, I will again post the facts to feed you.

        Abel Alier was appointed by Nemiry to continue destroying Addis Ababa Agreement. Violation of agreement by Alier has cost Southerners millions of lives.

        Again Dr. John Garang was a traitor who killed leaders of Anaya-Anaya two and renamed it with SPLM. Division among Southerners continue unders Garang leadership and now being pursue by Kiir.

        About Lam party, no one will force you to vote for him when election emerge. Vote for whoever you think is a right leader. Therefore, you must not say no one will vote for or support Lam Akol. You are still assuming yourself in your village. But you in different community with different mind and culture. Stop culture of Dr. John Garang. Culture of tyranny, dictatorship, intimidation and lies.
        No more brutality. It is time for democratic language.
        Long live for new party and Southerners.

        • 9 June 2009 11:24, by Sala Gai

          Dear Okech

          it seem that froming of party is the great thing but think big after forming party

          look here for the failure of two Doctors during outbreak at 1991

          1- they made an agreement with the Khartuom government after implement ,the agreement spoil then the Snick again to SPLA/SPLM

          But Dr John except them he did not deny

          how did you show the good governance to people

          2_ the went and kill civilian in the vilage which are not accountable for that,

          when the say the want to have new party in the country whereby the civilian in whom do you except they will vote for them.

          empty mind make dirty governance

        • 9 June 2009 13:22, by Ajawuk Juma

          TO William Okuch,

          Your tribal hatred is beyond expectations, there is no where on this planet whereby people have a conflict with dead person except Southern Sudan where tribalism gone millions miles. Why can you leave alone the true nationalist, freedom fighter and hero Dr John Garang de Mabior. Mr. william it is very stupid to called Dr Garang de Man traitor. Do you think this citations you talked about come alone how dumb are you with your PHD you are undertaking here Kenya. I have differences with Garang but I don’t say any thing now becuase he is not longer with us. Garang did his part and the remaining one will be yours.

          ’’No one will force you to for when election emerge’’ this statement is not surprise to me as you always complained about Dinka dominance in the SPLM governing South Sudan. Now you got SPLM- DC for your SHULLUK tribe and Nuer got their own party as well.

          What about the LOKOYO people (tribe) of Famous Big Logic Boy known LALTO in EASTERN EQUATORIA State and I encourage those of James James to forms their own party for Murle people and others tribes of South Sudan so that our tribal men will get the same opportunity for employement like Dinka tribe in SPLM.

          When you meet with Southern Sudanese you can almost get every one talking about his own tribe rather than his/her country even educated one who happened to be politicians. Good luck for everybody who wants to form his /her own party.

          Sincerely speaking guys we should not deceive ourself with western terminologies. There is no others nation where tribalism gone beyond millions miles than South Sudan

          Go head guys two years for elections and referendum is not far.

          I am sorry for this poor country

          • 9 June 2009 21:03, by Dengcol malual


            i can’t agree with you more however, is Okuch really a PHD candidate? Hasty generation and Ad populum arguments are not for the PHD candidate. you have to be logically minded person and don’t see things in one lane. accusing a dead person doesn’t make sense because he can’t defend himself and he is not here. if he made a mistake, then let the living correct the mistake not the dead. living for the past is a self-defeating. nonetheless, don’t be fool by the word democracy because it is not about saying the word democracy it is about action that you have not seen yet from Lam. i am not against anybody but i have to wait and not just jump into any bandwagon. my problem with Lam is that he is inconsistent person and just moving back and forth between difference parties make suspicious about his leadership skills.

        • 9 June 2009 17:00, by Manyok Manyuon

          Okech you are confuse,if you could go back to the biography of Lam Akol you cannot comment this way.my friend this formation of the parties is another way of confusing southerners like what happen in 1991 i.e Nasir Deffection lead by Dr Riak and Lam was the member which bring a total mess to SPLA/M but the party was lead by a given leader.
          Okech don’t you think that people of south will go to diffirent direction which will not lead them to the full independent?
          to all sotherners CPA is for us not for policians as it was foretold by our fellon Hero.
          are you support LAM AKOL? the same person who stand behind indicted president during warrant arrest issue and the same element who politicize our movement during struggle and run to arabs when thing got tough then you are supporting the enemy.

        • 9 June 2009 17:27, by Tony Alqaeda

          Hi son of a bitch! the name lame has disqualify this traitor to be a leader in southern Sudan,Dear brothers let me tell you this ,if you are not aware of lam plan you wil learn a lesson ,he is Bashir spy to junub.in the south is there any cockroach who claim her mother was rape by Dinka rather than Arabs? if you were motemer al wathon ,ask your mum about how she was rape and who rape her?

          For we understand on how your father married your mum and your fathers were married to madunguru soldiers in juba.Garang was clean in all did and if you still complaining about what was happening ,than were do you expecting consequence from what side of fighting ,remember we are not yet finishing with Arabs and we will make it rain again! but ask your mothers brothers for more detail.for my culture allowed me to tell you about junub future even you call me acorrupted people.damn you.

        • 9 June 2009 17:32, by Tony Alqaeda

          Hi son of a bitch! the name lame has disqualify this traitor to be a leader in southern Sudan,Dear brothers let me tell you this ,if you are not aware of lam plan you wil learn a lesson ,he is Bashir spy to junub.in the south is there any cockroach who claim her mother was rape by Dinka rather than Arabs? if you were motemer al wathon ,ask your mum about how she was rape and who rape her?

          For we understand on how your father married your mum and your fathers were married to madunguru soldiers in juba.Garang was clean in all did and if you still complaining about what was happening ,than were do you expecting consequence from what side of fighting ,remember we are not yet finishing with Arabs and we will make it rain again! but ask your mothers brothers for more detail.for my culture allowed me to tell you about junub future even you call me acorrupted people.damn you.

        • 9 June 2009 21:13, by Dengcol malual


          can you argue like a PHD candidate because it is very embarrassing. you sounds like a tribalist because you don’t attack the point and there is different between point attack and personal attack. attacking even a dead person who can’t defend himself make your argument as unworthy because we are looking forward and not backward as you wish.

          Ajawuk, I can’t agree with you more however, is Okuch really a PHD candidate? Hasty generation and Ad populum arguments are not for the PHD candidate. you have to be logically minded person and don’t see things in one lane. accusing a dead person doesn’t make sense because he can’t defend himself and he is not here. if he made a mistake, then let the living correct the mistake not the dead. living for the past is a self-defeating. nonetheless, don’t be fool by the word democracy because it is not about saying the word democracy it is about action that you have not seen yet from Lam. i am not against anybody but i have to wait and not just jump into any bandwagon. my problem with Lam is that he is inconsistent person and just moving back and forth between difference parties make me suspicious about his leadership skills.

        • 10 June 2009 06:59, by peter pal

          Exactly Okuch
          This in not the time one may cheat others. The thing you mentioned were the causes of untruthful among southerners. Dr. is right. He will bring a peace to marginalized areas. Let him expand his party and many will follow.
          All Dinkas use Dr.Riek’s name on this split. Two Dr.s will enjoys theirs in different

      • 9 June 2009 07:55, by Monye Jur


        I do agree with you, in-deed Lam Akol has the right to open his own party; this is a good lesson and a wake-up call to SPLM who are dominating the GOSS. If they are sleeping, then some people are there ready to win the people. Just recently in south Africa’s dominant party ANC (Africa National Congress) whereby; another group defect from it and used the name "Congress of the people" which brought a lot of debate from the ruling party that these group should not use the word "Congress" simply because they are the one using that word and they are the one who fought in liberation. This is the same situation that the SPLM is facing, for me let them leave that group of Akol with their formed name, and let SPLM prove it self to the people on the ground that they are the real SPLM not SPLM-DC.

    • 9 June 2009 07:34, by Akoon

      That’s true uncle i wonder what are the intentions of these traitors not only Lam is stirring up the party but there are other traitors including Riak and Nyandeng who wants to betray their own people and land to the criminals of north.But i think Nyandeng foregot Riak.

      • 9 June 2009 07:56, by bong suk

        To akoon

        are you sure that mama nyandeng is among the list of the traitors?

        were you told or just personel struggle got a courage to spell this dangerous word out . ayii moth, duoki jur mathiang col ben dhuk bei weeke. nyandeng e man koch te kuch yin e muony. duk ben dhuokic te long yin yiith .

        mama rebecca is a mother of nation if you don’t know.

        she cannot do that my dear receiver Akon.

        i hope you got me .

        • 9 June 2009 08:58, by Abraham Agoth

          Dear all,

          I guest that some of you can fully understand the proverb that Jesus gave when Simon Peter tried to tell him that he would follow Jesus when he dies, but the answer that Jesus gave was" all birds have their nests; and all animals have their holes; you will not drink in the cup that Father prepared for his son" but now as Lam Akol was accompanying SPLM all these times long, then he has decided now to go where he belongs as he rebelled against his own people during SPLM struggle. So, to be frank, those that rebelled and turned against their own people have no clear vision in the leadership of our country, if am wrong then tell me;
          Additionally, Akol has got no objectives for his own party since all southerners know who he is and what did he do during his childhood up to the present age, furthermore, Lam is running after wealth as he was just bought some years back to fight the innocent people of southern Sudan.

          Please,....please,... leave him, let him die alone as he deserves to be...

          Dear southern politicians, that is not fair to scatter at this moment without clear vision of the south, you would have waited till your right is fully released then do whatever you want to; but I can assure you, don’t be like the "three friendly cows,the red, white and black" who were scattered and eaten up by their enemy since they didn’t trust their friendship and what made them to be together.

          Please,....Please....take care; don’t let care take you

          • 9 June 2009 11:07, by mutesa

            South or North, lets face the squad right.SPLA/M was the party formed by the likes of Lam Akol,Dr. John Garang, William Nyong, Kerebino Bol,Joseph Oduho and many other prominent members of this movement.It was not formed by Garang alone as perceived by his followers.

            So the formation of the new party sounds to many people as a betrial with should not be the case in any multiparty society.If this creation of a new party is a betrial then the change of Garang from Commonism to Capitalism was an absolute betrial of the people of South Sudan.

            This formation further is just a widrawal of Lam Akol own words that he had contributed during the formation of SPLM Party. Why do you have to complain. Compete and prove yourselves.

        • 9 June 2009 09:06, by chotpuarlieth

          Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!! you southerners,
          why do many peaple complain about formation of new party by akol? who do you think could be the only peaple to struggle for the independent of the south? just cool down and see which party can do well in the up comeing election.
          remember at this time nothing for nothing , but some thing for some thing , even you, who are now complaining do you think if you also form you small party will you not get somethink? let him participate and we shall see, since he was amember of splm at the begaining,
          but you southerners, forget of triblism it will lead us to dark corner
          2gether let support CPA

          BY Chotpuarlieth

          • 9 June 2009 13:13, by abel sabit

            We have to complain we southerner because we don’t want any new party at the moment, becuase we don’t trust any party in southern sudan the party that came from northern sudan. And i think you can’t cool us down for not complaining and i think you don’t evne know what is going on in sudan if you don’t know anything about sudan why don’t you stay away from the politics and do something that can feed your brain brother. Otherwise you are one of those people arab buy to be in their partys and stuff. I get one question for you how can you just get on the bus that you don’t even know where is the drive driving it?. And to those people who make a comment about Lam Akol party Mr Lam Akol he is just after money and he can’t save us we southern and we don’t even want him no more in southern sudan. Salva kiir you have to open your eyes brother and see what is going on with all this partys that are being form for dumb people like Lam Akol.thanks

        • 9 June 2009 10:43, by Monye Jur


          I guessed you are from the clan of Mr. Man with hat, thats why you are accusing Madam Nyandeng and Dr. Riak of being traitors.

    • 9 June 2009 13:05, by Delta1

      Dear all

      Politics as you was taught may be or brought up by those ’called Politician’ it is an art wherein one should not forget that man by nature is a Political animal in any given Society. It’s a trick of life for those who uses it, however, it never involve a sound threat for those who knows its endges and end per calculations of Political Scientists not Politicians. It’s a fact that every action has its reaction but depends on how smart your react on a given event. Well, politicians like to destroy and kill themselves for the game to move on but not always directly. I am not saying that your call was all about to kill this man but using a well designed softy language always helps to reduce direct confrontation my dear. Otherwise be blessed.


    • 9 June 2009 13:23, by peter pal

      Why you worry if you believe on what your society can make. Are Dinkas not the majority in the South? please keep barking against good leader such as dr. Riek, Paulino Dr. Lam, Mama Rebbecca, and the likes. Rebbecca will never made another mistake against her boss, Dr. Riek. Yes Dr. we expect more from you This is not new as what I have mentioned in the first phase. Dr. Lam has chosen the right way rather than backing up the killer, corrupter, looter and..... even if he plan to allied with Arabs but could create a good governance in the south. Let we recall back that of 1991. Was it not the key point for southerners to ask their independent? If those intellectuals would have not designed the Nasir Declaration who can survive with the exception of Dinkas. But people let’s make sure that SPLA/SPLM has two ideologies to run. 1st was that of Dr. Garang’s(unionist) and 2nd is Dr. Riek’s vision(self-determination). Which one is leading now? If Kiir is using the GOSS on his own and his group interests so what is the need of not exposing his boldness to the people since SPLA soldiers were not from his own tribe. SPLA/SPLM was not created by Garang but by Late Samuel Gai Tut and Late Kuot Atem with others before 1983 Bor incident. What about Bilpam? The creation of this new party is beneficiary of many things such as mismanagement, corruption,looting Dinkas’ superiority,unequal distributions of power, ...etc. Let the other join it and who will win the next coming election? It will let Kiir to step down before the time which was foretold by Ngundeng and Riek will unite us. God will help you on doing the campaign. Please mr. Hat(bold) step down and let two doctors compete for their nations if you don’t want SPLM (not SPLA) to be distinct.

    • 10 June 2009 02:44, by Kuanlualthoun

      Dr Lam Akol, a prominent SPLA/M figure during 1980s-1990s is by far has no comparison to traitors gorrilas such as Bona Malual, Aldo Wajo Deng and Abel Aliar!! those traitors mentioned above never sat foot in the bush, and now they are being treated like heros.

      Dr Lam and Dr Riek Machar fought in the enemy front-lines!! Southern Sudan is for all southerners, it is not exclusive to a particular ethnic group as some are trying claim, they should know that anyone has a right to run it.

      I respect Mr Kiir for his vital role in the movement but all of us fought the war differently, we are all heros in own ways, I beleive Dr Riek and Mr Kiir lost the vision of SPLM, they have failed the south by far, they must consider steping down to give others a chance any one who may change things to better! it doesn’t matter whether is Dr Lam or other there must be change as we can’t go on this way!!!!!

    • 10 June 2009 11:06, by inurfaze

      Greetings, all brothers and sisters of this beautiful southern Sudan nation. It’s with agony I observe the hunger of power fight among our leaders, let’s not blame and criticize those who try to practise democracy, so what is a new party going to hurt? If we are suppose to be promoting freedom of speech, right of freedom of expression and practise of political independence.

      We have to commit ourselves to a better future whether it is through SPLM or any other new party, let’s just focus for the best outcome and better life, for the sake of those who sacrificed their lives in this several decades of war in the name of FREEDOM, JUSTICE and EQUALITY for ALL.

      And it’s the right of any southerner to declare dissatisfaction with the present administration managing our nation of the South, without facing any repercussion. A dialogue needs to take place among those in power to understand that a commitment to free speech is a fundamental precept of all liberal democracies.

      As SPLA/SPLM former soldier and presently a member, I have to protect what we project and proclaim regarding democracy and what we fought for and still fight for. And stop the bigotry, we need not to be afraid of criticism, but empower that very ideology we stood for and vehemently still stand for.

  • 9 June 2009 08:29, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

    This is the only way you mad junglese know how to behave, what is the meaning of freedom of expression and speech and where its if you are pointing your criminal fingers at Lam. SPLA is not longer is the name of South and no body has to trust it anymore other than you criminal junglese, it is dinkas party for looting with $ shares. The liberators are now being push to behind while idiot dinkas are pushing to the frontside. What you jungle creature need to know is that, South will never exist with one party and will never achieve anything for 1000 years ahead. Lam Akol and whoever can come up with his party whether to eliminate dinkas or to bring peace in South we don’t care, not this and that all about money and food. Who do you think you are criminal dinkas, what have done since 2005 upto this date. I thought the 6 years where enough for us to developed and gain proper sefl determination, but now where is the result of 6 years? where is development that you have shown to the people of South? it is only NGO who does all the little we can see, not Kiir or crap dinkas.

    Your day is in agender when Lam stands on his side, Riek on the other side and ERM from the other side and you will see the outcomes on yourselves. You are suppose to be in Durfur because the arabs decieve the durfurians to fight with South and now the fire is roaming on their hips this is the same when you where deceiev to sell your girls to arabs just because of 0.5 kg of sugar. But tomorrow no body will ever think of seeing you mongrel dogs and barbaric community. Persuasive people like Wani Iggi know how to go around with his funny words to bring you back from madness of thinking about your master arbas. If not because of your ugly appearnace i should one day post a videao of dinkas girl been sexual enjoyed by an Equatorian businessman in those of Bor, Rumbek, Wau and Tonji. Some are roaming in Equatoria looking for food to survive while their girls are roaming out for Equatorians man just to earn pounds.

    Your dinkas kids accept sexual organism just with piece of biscuit, some bargain for up to 500 grams of sugar. The true is that if you agree with me and i will post the link to anyone, but the risk will be for the man who did the action of sex with your dinka prostitutes. So i may not show the link for security reason and that is part of your culture no mattar how bad they get abused. If you want to deny the prostitution of your kids in bor, rumbek and wau I will prove by showing their faces and the langauge they speak in the video clip. you are number mad and barbaric tribe national and Worldwide, even in those of western countries i heard that your girls are out of order. They are beyond what human beings does.


    • 9 June 2009 08:42, by Medication for: Small_unfamous_illogic child

      Logic Boy

      You have in-deed got out of your fucking mind.
      You are a real stupid, idiot, crazy, basted, and deserved all those bad insults.

    • 9 June 2009 08:58, by budi 23rd journalist

      Mr Big Logic
      I think it is right time to pull all the nuer, shulluk, Murle and we equatorians and face this ugly Dinka government, They have looted alot, They thought being the government is just looting public funds, not knowing that they are ruining their names, I believe if election is done anytime after refurrendum, no other tribe will vote for any Dinka may be themselve, but starting from bentiu to equatoria crosing Murle land is going to be different.
      They should now come up on how to feed their mouths after 10 years to come believe me.
      Im even told, Murle want to be on our equatoria side, we should now pull them from the ugly part of southern sudan to the humble nation of greater equatoria.

      Equatoria Oyeeee, Nuer Oyeeee, Shulluk Oyeee, Murle Oyyeeee.

      • 9 June 2009 11:50, by Thonkiir

        Dear Budi23nd
        I don’t think there is anyone among those tribes you had list can take over to liberate SOUTH SUDAN without NINKA’s help.If you are people with damn mind why not realised some example that has happened before? for instance, since the war started between SOUTH-NORTH the world know that we are all southern sudanese.But DINKA is the first figure that would be consider in any places around the world. Without DINKA LEADERSHIP no SOUTH INDEPEDENT apart from DINKA achievement, is there any one of these tribes has achieve goal. Accept DINKA powerfull leaders that shown you a good moves like now everybody of you pride and talks more about politics. I believe if you are not follow us we DINKA not give any chance to anyone of you to RULE in the South. Untill your death please come. Stop writing shits where are you during struggle listen here leave other tribes that are not against DINKA.DINKA ITSELF is double all they TRIBES across the Country. This is percentage in the South (75%) and DINKA is(45%) NUER is (20%) where are you here?

      • 9 June 2009 12:04, by thon

        look at these idiots Big Logic and Journalist they want to fight Dinka haaaaa, my message to both of you is that go ahead with your madness process against Dinka and make sure that you will be crackdown one by one.

        I am from Nure and i hate this coward stupid, idiots of Equatoria. please packs up and go back to Uganda where you hided during the straggle.
        Finally both of you Logic and journalist must be warn don’t include Nure at your rebellion your are not elected by Naath community to talk on their behave.

      • 9 June 2009 15:55, by Ajiej

        Journalist and Logic I think you are there to waste your time rather than doing useful thing for your life instead of running after politic which you will not reach its destination. Furthermore, when have you come to know this South infact you Equatoria, Nuer, Shulluk and Murle if you will not be there do you think South Sudan will collapse b,se of you fucken tribes that you mentioned in your coment.Also Dinkas or another term ( monyjang)is meaning the husband of all nature therefore if you decided to face Dinka Iam very sure that you soon be going back to Uganda let refurrendum come where we shall see ourselves in South here.

      • 11 June 2009 01:08, by Tongthok

        Mr. Budi 23rd journalist,

        Excuse me maybe I didn’t get it right, did you just say Dinkas are ugly? You made me laugh sucker.The natural beauty of Dinkas being call ugly by these shortest people with donkeys like big-belly dirty equatorians monks? Lord have mercy, you are kidding. I think Nuers are not blind and won’t wanna attach themselves with you so forget it.

        As I have mention in the past, you and Logic crap or boy have great trauma that need an attention for treatment. Why? your big mouth talked against Dinkas would led you both nowhere but remained frustrated kids left by Dinkas fathers who separated from your mothers and never come back.So sucks it up and search for your fathers in a right ways.

    • 10 June 2009 00:40, by Bolmany @artsch

      My friend Logic the way you react don’t apply to the way you choose your user name. It is exactly like the name of you country Uganda’s rebel (Lord Resistance Army).
      Freedom doesn’t means to colone other parties’ name.And
      do not be stick to hate Dinka since you can go nowhere with out Dinka unless you you remain in Uganda for good.

    • 10 June 2009 13:02, by Sala Gai

      Dear all

      Specail equatorian and the rest,we should not follow the rest
      think big and come out with your own name of the party not attachment some party name

      I will tell you big logic my boy

      nobody here in the South will by pass us in general

      work hard

      long leave late Dr John

  • 9 June 2009 08:43, by Africano

    Only Dinkas are bittered about the new party and its name. But I have to say this to the Dinkas, Do they own SPLM? Home and Away Hotel in Juba is where the Dinkas spend thew money for the South. Salva Kiir spend his time drinking in that hotel and makes his stupid re-shaffling with assistance of Luka Biong the Abyei guy who should infact be in Kadugli where he belongs. Home and Away is actually a dinka hotel. For your information, SPLM-DC is there to stay whether you like it or not. If you think you can sue this party, please go ahead. It will the dinkas vs South Sudan.

    • 9 June 2009 09:25, by Abraham Agoth

      Dear Logic boy, small unfamous-illogic & others,

      You are really lost, where were you during an arm struggle? why have you now turned against dinkas since they are known worldwide of their bravery and courage? there is nothing you can do to sweep out the dinkas unless you perform your magic powers but still all in vain as dinkas were spiritually born empowered.
      To be famous and logic as your names represent, then explain your vision and what your ERM stands for?

      Don’t just imitate other men!!
      Stop cultural threatening and mind your own business, we can even talk more about your culture but since it generalizes your tribes then there is no need for us to do so, since we know the meaning of the south Sudan and how good it is to unite and fight for the common bond of one’s country.
      If you have hears and heart that controls you, then stop writing in such abusive manner on the website..........

      • 9 June 2009 12:19, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

        Go away with your dirty lips, did you even realise that after Equatorian Resistant Movement (ERM) has achieved its objectives and goals it will reverse to Sudanese Revolution Movement for Democratic (SRMD)which is for the entire Sudan. How about you arab slaves where will you be at that time? not in the same job of offering your girls for food? You don’t even know the objective and mision of ERM but just talking rubbish. Let me give you a little clue, ERM is a regional movement for Equatorians to be in peace without barbaric crap of dinkas or LRA. But SRMD is a national movement for whole Sudan to achieve a World of freedom where every single creature whether junglese or normal can say, can do, can write and present whatever they want and must be in approperiate manner. Political viwes are free to be express not those crap dictators of Kiir of jungle dinkas and his master bashir of arab terrorrist. Both of you have bad image of yourselves, dinkas and arabs are just like brother and sister.

    • 9 June 2009 09:55, by Ajiej

      Dear Africano thank you for your stupid talked of the new party which wanted by your fool Lam Akol who came recent like you who have just come back from abroad b,se of money which you heard that there is money in S.Sudan where you knew nothing about S.Sudan. Infact as you stated that Kiir is always in home and away spending his time drinking if you are not drunkard how did you know Kiir and Luka Biong are always there for drinks. they are always there for matters which are related to the development of S.Sudan except mother fucker like you who is saying b,se you wanted S.Sudan to be led by NCP or wrong who did not participated in the war like your mother fucker Lam Akol. could you please forget that fucken coment of yours. Also the Hotel have you got the hotel which is belonging to one tribe in the Country? Hence for your information Dinkas are part of South which South are you talking of?

  • 9 June 2009 09:11, by John Chol

    Mr. Lam Akol,

    It’s a good idea to have a different party but your so called party would be consider perfect not untill the dog has grown a horns. You know that, a hyena or a lion can not be a good shephet for the goats or cows, Mr. Lam, the 1992 - 1995 civilian death incidents in Jonglei state, was much accounted to you as the vital catalyse. For sure, that incident had left a serous wound in our hearts . No matter that, you didn’t shoot a single bullet toword the civilian, the people of South are keen and aware that you were the one who planned everything and then fooled Riek Machar to implemented on your behalf. to tell you the fact, If Pagun Amum happens today to have his own party, we will definately supppot him and vote for him. Pagun is a good leader but not you !

  • 9 June 2009 09:14, by YihHon Alewei

    To all supporters of Lam Akol,,

    To be clear with you,, am not against Lam’s party formation if all of you have clear understanding of social and political issues. What am against here is the alliance with NCP. For you guys supporting Lam, do you think if Lam Akol is elected leader of Sudan today, do you think all the predicaments facing Sudan chiefly South Sudan will go away? The answer is definitely no—. You have to look beyond your noses to support the motion.

    If Akol is going to be an alternative government of South or Sudan in general, I think, he would have form a party with different name if he thinks that SPLM has lost touch with the people. All of you have missed the point I have made here but goes out of the point and talked nonesense like Logic boy has done.

    What am saying here have nothing to do with the Dinkas social lives as logic boy has talked about in his comments. If we are going to talk about prostitution here, I think Logic will have a good understanding of what it means.

    If Lam Akol want to be a leader, let him come out of arabs and attach himself with the very people that he is assuming to lead. What am telling you here now is to make a research about your leader Lam to make legitimate claims not this crap.

    I have given you kids of Lam examples of how to form a party when you have defected from the main party. I am not against any tribe in the Sudan including arabs, am a true Sudanese, I want somebody who is going to relief all the pain that our people have been bearing for decades.

    All in all, you those who praise Equartoria always, equatoria would not be there without the very people that you always insulted. During the war, who did much work to lead us to the point where we are today? Think big guys!

    Stop pointing your fingers to the very people who deserve creditability for the well done job. I want you logic to post that link where dinka girls are selling themsleves to equatorian as you mentioned. I encourage you man to go back to school otherwise learn more. If you don’t stop this, I will employ my own resources to track you down — and face the consequences of your words.

    • 9 June 2009 11:28, by Abraham Agoth

      Dear Alewei,

      Thank you very much for your words, I think you are the fruit of the south Sudan, you deserve to have right to convince such people who are lost.
      keep it up, this is what is recommended by the majority, leave those that grumble on the thrown away bones.Let them talk but the time will come for them to retreat from the positions and say"YES"to Dinkas.
      I strongly argue my southern tribes to avoid their cool war against each other and try to re-build the South.

      Forward ever!!!!!!!

      Backward Never!!!!

    • 9 June 2009 11:39, by mutesa

      I think you understand the visions of Dr. Garang. Don’t you think one of his visions was the "All time New Sudan vision" that means, the whole Sudan but a new one,another vision is to make Sudan have a black President,while his last vision urge Sudanese to be United regardless of their geographical divisions.

      Do you see these much more different from what Lam Akol is gearing to.Lam is not an infant politician, his moves are clear and obvious, just give him a just and you will enjoy as Garang did.

  • 9 June 2009 09:33, by mcthon

    Ha-ha, who will vote for him? Poor little Akol will forever end up running up and down desperately courting up SPLM voters, mainly Southerners. That is why he disguises the party’s name (SPLA) to his so called ‘SPLA-DC’ hoping to change the mindset of the SPLA’s diehard supporters. What a miserable loser! Now he realizes that all Southerners unite to vote against unity that he emerge with ambition to sabotage our unity against Arabs. Lam could make a good leader, however, the way he portrays himself confuses his fellow Southerners. The obvious fact is he acts in favor of the Khartoum’s government than Southern Sudan citizens. He occasionally criticizes any Southerners political move to combat Khartoum political move. Lam will always be a loser because he brands himself as an Arab mouthpiece against Southerners and his new party is intended to distract Southerners unity against Khartoum. His negative political calculations are clear to all Southerners and therefore could fool nobody any way except his close relatives who could just only put up with his evil ambition for South Sudan just for the fact that he is their beloved son and forget of their beloved South Sudan.

  • 9 June 2009 09:42, by Sala Gai

    Dear Lam Akol

    with no aim will fail like 1991
    out break from SPLA/SPLM

    Think big before forming a party
    like late Dr Garang with strong aim you will success your aim.

    A wise man far away from wrong governance

  • 9 June 2009 09:43, by Nhial Reath Thoan

    I think you political elites in Juba need to learn more about what democratic mean. Formation of some difference parties and different objectives or political issues is not a fight for survivors , but a competitions for solutions to services the people.

    I want you the so call SPLM Elites not to take this in wronge way!!!! When the diferent parties are formed in the country agains the ruling party it may be also a chance to people to get good service by their present government ruling party in correcting its mistakes brought up by the New Ones. And this is what we call a systematic reform in a Demorcatic Goverment or country.

    To convince some one not to bring problems and violents, you have to be smart in the way you can approach them not to disappoint them by your talks and physical gesture.

    you need also to be tacticful and polite enought to express your Ideas.

    • 9 June 2009 10:25, by Abuni

      I would like to thank Lam for the step he has taken. The ruling party in the south is full of corruption, tribalism and bad governance. Lam should come and deliver the southerners from this hungry wolves who think only of themselves with their children abroad.

      Dr. Lam bravo we are waiting, tell us of the new plan for the secession of southern Sudan which SPLM could not declare its grounds on.

      It is an utter non-sense of suing Lam. We have the UDSF which UDF comes out of and UDSF did not complain. The SPLM is jealous of Lam leaving the party.

      The SPLM should leave Lam on the ground whether what he has started will continue or not they should keep a watchfull eye on it not to sue him.

      I appreciate the effort to halt the vices in the ruling southern Party not by mouth but step should be taken to enhance the livelihood of the people in the villages.

      This is a crucial time for the SPLM to adjust itself if not all the senior politicians in the SPLM will go out come the next election.

    • 9 June 2009 10:45, by Dekery

      The whole issue is not about understanding democracy but the strong ethics that most of us are persevering.

      Creating more parties is good but disorganizing the existing one and all its supportors, we should exchaust on correcting the present party rather than devastating it with a such greater momentum of democratic Change.


      • 9 June 2009 15:31, by da vinci the great

        Da Vinci has bounced back with many to tell you tomorrow!!!

      • 11 June 2009 01:49, by abel sabit

        Brother Dekery or whoever you are man, Do you know what southern sudan people going to do this days? i recoken you get no idea about it. the southern sudan people said that if anyone is going to form the new party he/she most go back home and form his/her party with his/her mum otherwise we might gun you down. So can you don’t said that creating new parties is good, good your ass man. thanks by General abel sabit

    • 9 June 2009 10:52, by Makol Dhal

      AAA.Me I can not blame Dr.Akol because he stay through with Arabs only in the lodge in Khartoum with huge some of money without doing anything.This may even lead him against his own mother leave only south Sudanese.I think next to come is madness after discover that his project has fail.

    • 9 June 2009 10:53, by Delta1

      Many thanks Nhial,

      Leave those thugs, let them cry till blood come out of their eyes, you know to convince them is hard then drawing blood out of stone, I can urge you just keep it up! we are looking for democratic government and good system in our Country.I hope they will not forget the lesson learnt.

  • 9 June 2009 10:32, by Mr Network

    Dr.Akol has right so what the matter is Lam’s party will exist within the SPLM party organs though you uselee GoSS has been obstackle so reckless to the entirely citizens of Southern across the country and beyond the neigbouring countries like Kenya,uganda,Ethiopai and abroad to USA,UK, Canada,Austrilia etc....where Dinka’s government has been recognised as corrupted even worse than Lam’s Mistake that they are trying to revael today,Now this just Lam trying to see the competence of Kiir and if come to general election where will he be?,on power? or been over throw by Bashir’s elements.

    However,if the Government is not so of tribist,neptolism,race,cultures,traditional aspects,why not stopping all these plus the insecurity where thousand of people die’s innocent and yet we have not seen any change that happening to improve the above issue rather choas.

    Addition to that how many or how old is the GoSS been in power and non of new things had not in place as Alor states Lam’s statement are"Old Statement" nothing new what about the new charats of GOSS???? and why people doesn’t want So call Dr.Kiir for his ruling style or sytems because he fails to implement what people need out of him.

    • 9 June 2009 11:09, by luka Garang Kenyang

      Dr. Lam Akol must be sued, due to the illegal name he used to create his owns party on the original and respected party SPLM which we southerners do not have that confusion dream on our own party to have such a names. SPLM must remains SPLM good and forever, as basic party and above all the parties in Southern Sudan too. Lam Akol made mistake to shown on his owns illegally planned to harm the South with intention of destroying the Southern Sudan vision otherwise let him thinks wise and behave nicely to the party he disowned for his safety in Southern Sudan otherwies, things will change with diferrent images and dificulties will involve too.

      • 9 June 2009 11:27, by Wiyual Wech Puk D. Payol.

        please Dr Lam Akol you have right to make your own poltical party,but it should not be to add a suffix DC to main political party SPLM to call it democratic for change.that SPLM party is to setfree people of south sudan from arab hands, not formed to support president Bashir from his indictment of ICC.if you want to form an party that is against the people of south sudan and support Bashir,please cut off SPLM you added and form your DC with an other name,either NCP-DC or umma party -DC.these good names for a person who forget that he is from south sudan.

      • 9 June 2009 15:59, by Flora Tong

        I remember in Kenya, there was Orange Democratic Movement Party (ODM) by Raila Odinga but another party was formed called ODM – Kenya (ODM- K)!!! No one sue any one!

        There was NARC and later on NARC – Kenya was formed! No one sued any one!!

        What is wrong with SPLM and SPLM-DC??????

        Can some one answer me??

    • 9 June 2009 11:17, by Makol Dhal

      You cowardic!There is nothing call network in human Noun when you want to talk in south affairs open your mouth and contribute what you think could be right and help this nation.secondly you are not right to talk against all Dinka as a tribe but you are right when expressing your feeling about particular persons in dinka if you have a point to airout to the people of Southern Sudan.Mr.network there is S and N in Sudan you need to be reminded.

      • 9 June 2009 13:40, by Majak

        Dear compartiorit Dr Lam Ajak.

        What do you want to do by your many 100 parties?

        Why do you almost think some thing against your people?

        When we are concerntrat for our need you alway interupped us?

        Dr it is good to find your place to live in and leave us alone.Also at this time we are not joking
        with any one who is alway for get is DAD and MUM the SPLA/M is our DAD & MUM if you forget what they did to us we also forgot some people like you and no compermise to any one who forgot our strughtly for 21 yrs for freedom. Lam i know you are alway in Jalaba’s pocket.
        The strong guys in rigth places to secur the border not allow our Enemies to enter to see the Kids.
        Victoria- Australian

        SPLA /M Oyee! James Hoth mai Oyee! Matip nhial Oyee!

    • 9 June 2009 11:25, by Makol Dhal

      You cowardic!There is nothing call network in human Noun when you want to talk in south affairs open your mouth and contribute what you think could be right and help this nation.secondly you are not right to talk against all Dinka as a tribe but you are right when expressing your feeling about particular persons in dinka if you have a point to airout to the people of Southern Sudan.Mr.network there is S and N in Sudan you need to be reminded.

  • 9 June 2009 11:19, by Hillary B.M.L,M

    I personally would have supported the new party if it was been formed by some one other than Dr. Lan Akaol but most importantly if for the unity of South Sudan not its division. because Lam Akol is a greedy person who want to be on the top, this is the third time for him to make political MUTINY in south Sudan politics.

    Tens Generations after us will not forget his BLACK HISTORY.

    • 9 June 2009 12:51, by Ajinhliak kepiiny

      Would you like to be aware of the prophet’s speeches ?

      I send my MESENGER yesterday through mr. Abuk Nhial telling him to assure all Southerners that, to be normal and calm because this weak new proposal party would untimely collapse

      As a literate prophet, I would like to inform you that the objectives of forming an indulgent SPLM-DC by DR. Lame are only three.

      NUMBER ONE (1)

      - To act as a backbone of NCP,that is to say NCP creates shelter that would protect and resist spears of criticism from SPLM during Campaign (Only black of you would curse and criticize each other regardless of Arab) so that Arabs win.

      number two (2)
      To forget of CPA,SPLM party and Southern rights in this moment.

      For Dr. Lame to get the leadership of Southern Sudan.

      However it’s certainly said that he would fail only he wounds the Southern ruling party and his shame may lead to his illness for two years than ....

      But I would like to tell you most assuredly,the unanimous echoes from South Sudanese citizens say, We are supposed to be led by sheep than being led by fox !!

      Once more, Dr. Lam, don’t and never betray your Southerners,for they are your own skin brothers.Yet they won’t fail only it hurt them.


    • 9 June 2009 13:10, by Geoffrey Joseph

      Thanks to all who commented here on this particular issue. You must know that 10% of Dinkas have reasonable brain but 90% of Dinkas are having low IQs thus making them reason like thier bulls.

      What is wrong when one formed new party? You also form and see where it will go. Leave Lam aone. the weak Dinka government are fearing opposition but you cannot. SPLM is a failed party with full of seggregation and division. we need strong party that can unite all Junubins together

      • 10 June 2009 14:56, by Ajinhliak kepiiny

        you shouldn’t send your random abusive comments like this country man.

        What made most dinkas react vigorously is not because they hate parties, no, but it’s because there is time for doing some thing and verse versa.

        Dr. Lam formed the party by the time when one leg is in the trouser while other leg is out side in his mother Sudan !

        I guess he needs to remove out that leg instead of dressing the leg as well.
        When did you ever see someone giving tobacco to neighbor and leave his brother who is also an other smoker at home with him ??

        To tell you again,you are being lost by what you have,and not what you will have.Yet let right act.

  • 9 June 2009 13:00, by Africano

    Why are you all dinkas angry about SPLM-DC. Just stay in your SPLM and let us wait for elections. I realy wander how your chiken Kiir will pass the elections. Those abroad who will never for their dinka will be unfortunate to themselves loosing in the game. Already you dinkas bought houses in America and other parts of western world. Your finance minister will have to escape soon or go to prison. You have started killing yourselves in Juba I understand.

  • 9 June 2009 13:15, by Hillary B.M.L,M

    Turn away a little..., Isaac Vuni, St kizito Primary (Juba, Juba Day Secondary School( in Juba, University of Juba (Remaella Branch) Khartoum, this is all about this Journalist Educational background.

    Politics make people Mads.

    • 9 June 2009 13:52, by aguthonic

      Dear Anti-Dinka,

      Well, Dinka are all against Lam Akol’s SPLM-DC because Lam is using our SPLM’s name and objectives. We feel about this because he left us in 1991, when we were looking for patriotic marginalised Sudanese so as to take part in the fighting. Lam left and fought on the Arabs’ side but we didn’t call him back until he came by himself in late 2003, and joined the dinning table with his betrayed brothers.

      We are not against the party that he has formed, but against the name of his party. To assure all anti-Dinka that name can kill. Lam didn’t want the objectives as well as name of the SPLM/A in the first place. Dr. Lam Akol will die like Kijana Wmaliwa of Kenya, without any single achievment believe.

    • 9 June 2009 14:04, by Leave Us Alone

      What Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy has written today is deeply shocking. This is straight from Satan, I ’ve to discuss this with my Pastor. God please help us

  • 9 June 2009 14:26, by Hillary B.M.L,M


    When real men engage in discussion like of Today, Fake Animals hide themselves like TAYEB M. ALHASSAN, AND THE LIKES, COME OUT I WANT TO READ YOUR VIEWS MAN. DISCUSSION AND EXCHANGE OF VEIWS IS VERY HOT ON HOT ISSUE WHICH CAN’T.

  • 9 June 2009 14:39, by Africano

    I do not know whether the Dinkas wanted Dr. Lam should have waited be dismissed by Yen Mathew or any other body in the political office. There are many Dinkas who are NCP members and not critized by these stupid blocks of dinkas on the web such George Kongor, Aldo Ajwo, Bona Malual plus others. Why the dinkas crying now when Dr. Lam them voluntarily to form SPLM-DC. Who owns SPLM? Now we are going for real salvation from the corrupt dinka dominated GOSS. Let everbody wake in support of SPLM-DC.

    • 9 June 2009 15:19, by KingJared

      I don’t blame Lam for what he has done so far. It’s not right for Kiir to sack him. He should have been given an other position apart from that khartoum. SPLM could have offered him another position to hold in order to feed his children. Lam has no fees for children and money to pay his rent while others are wiping their arses with a note of dollar in Juba. So it is not panic or a sin to break away from splm. Let him struggle for survival. In southern Sudan, no one is perfect starting from me and you, we are all evil-minded, and tribalist. I don’t support Lam either SPLM. My question is if you were him can you accept to sleep in hut or looking alternative way? splm is not in right position to unite us and help us and it cannot pull us out this deep pit of dire. Kiir reshuffled the cabinnet and threw others while he repeated replacing other and closed his eyes to beckon poor Lam near him. It is right if someone hates you must look for alternative way. The wrong thing is Lam should name his party with different name. This is a confusion. He always confused like that.

      Good luck Lamdit

      • 9 June 2009 17:27, by Achuil Ajang Kiir

        It wasn’t a surprise for me hearing Dr. Lam Akol launching his new party SPLM-DC. Yes it’s a right for every sudanese citizen to form his/her own party as long as there are supporters for the newly formed party, but giving the critical corridor that South Sudan is passing through and mindful of past experiences and suppression that we have undergone under successive regemes of Sudan one would prefer if we stay now united such that we face the real enemy with one decisive move that can liberate our people from the bondage. Undoubtedly no one is satisfied with the way the SPLM & GOSS is handling the issues of Sudan & Southern Sudan but when we think twice in a right angle putting into account our people fate, one come down and say though the SPM is walking like wolf let’s bear with it, support it until we overcome the threat from the NCP, get our own Sate then look for reform. Because if we try now to split into fractions, the Jallaba will definately harbour one faction against the other and this is undeniable since evidences are numerous.
        Back to Dr. Lam’s party, it’s his right to form a party but this is not a right time and this implies that Dr. Lam is after power and not the real interest of the Sudanese and mainly Southerners. Because what would Lam achieve for Sudan & the people of South Sudan by forming his own party? are there pressing needs now for us to form many parties? I would have agreed with Lam, had he formed new army to fight NCP who has abrogated the CPA, or had he called for a protest against the NCP practices in the GONU. With respect to Lam’s views one can declare loudly that Lam is more than a traitor, because sometimes traitors can repend and recorrect their paths. If I were Lam I would ask myselve what did we gain from the 1991 split? What did Southerners and the marginalized get from Dr. Lam and Riek’s agreement in 1997( Khartoum and Fashoda Peace Agreements), one would say we Southerners and the marginalized gained much suffering and death from Dr. Lam’s agreement and after forgiving him yet he still dashes our wishes and sticts to his own interest.
        Every humanbeing is valued due to victimization and sacrifice he/she gives for the welbeing of given society. In my perspective Dr. Lam has never been infavour of South Sudan fate, if we rewound the history we would see that Dr. Lam joined the SPLA/M in 1987 with the intention to lead the movement and eventualy he worked towards that until he failed then defected only after the age of four years in the movement.He went to Khartoum, allied with National Islamic Front(NIF) and luanched jointly military offensives in Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile and South Sudan agaist the SPLA and his fellow Southerners, at least what would be reasonable was him to sustain his troops and fight against the NIF which was the only enemy for him and us in the mother SPLA but attributeably to Lam’s norrow-sighted vision he use the NIF tunks to fight the SPLA. Lam stayed serving for the gaols of NIF for 12 years and when he realized that CPA was inevitably going to be signed and NCP would shed the fake SPLA like him who had signed Khartoum Peace Agreement with them, he tried again to defect and rejoin the SPLA in Novermber 2003 after the signing of Security Arrangements. Sincerely when Dr. Lam rejoined the SPLA he didn’t mean it genuinely but persuing his own interest. If Lam has decided to split from the SPLM he shouldn’t associate his party name’s with the SPLM coz he has never been loyal for the principles of the SPLM, he would have name his party with names close to NCP’s name because years of his loyalty to NCP are more than years of his loyalty to SPLM.

        To my comrades and liberation fighters please distant yourselves from Dr. Lam’s party because at the times of need he will run away and look for his own interests rather than siding by you. Dr. Lam should change the name of his party into anther name and leave the sacred name of SPLA/M for the liberators and those who concern for the welfare of their fellows.

        SPLA Oyeeee, SPLM Oyeeee, New Suadn Oyeee, Marginalized Oyeee.
        Long live bold-hearted strugglers.

        Dr. Achuil Ajang Kiir

  • 9 June 2009 15:43, by YOAL MANYANG RIEK BUM



    • 9 June 2009 17:12, by Aparana

      The reaction by the SPLM leadership towards the formation of SPLM-DC, is in fact a panic and their would-be decision to sue Dr Lam Akol will be an other big mistake, if made. why are they not happy that, Dr Lam is near NCP if it is true, mean while Mr Pagan Amum and the likes are dinning with those of Dr Hassan ElTurabi and Sadiq El Mahdi??
      Sadiq El Mahdi is undoubtedly An Enemy of South since he killed some southerners in Jebelein and Dhein in eighties of the passed centuary and Turabi was the engineer of Jihad that killed at least 2 million southerners.
      It is Dr Lam’s right to form a party and deal with any one provided that, is of the good will for the people of Sudan in general and South Sudan in particular.

      • 10 June 2009 02:22, by Kuot Mabior

        Dear Losers,

        Forming the party in this confusion is not the solution to watch whatever wrong things Lam was trading after,the fact of his failure is to go home and sit like any other old person who never been in politics before since he has realised his mistakes,i would rather suggest for him and his supporters to leave SPLM a lone instead of them forming the faction within the SPLM wing,why can’t you think of other name a part of the existing name that you became enmy to since the war began in Southern Sudan.it would not be good to see you licks your own vomits, otherwise Lam was born as some one who is good at confusing people but not as a leader,how can he ran away from his own people that time killing thousands of them,and he a sum to get votes.tell Lam to remain home for the politics is not a good holiday camp for him

        • 10 June 2009 04:06, by OYAT

          T o every body that had posted there comment on Lam Akol issue, let not forget that SPLM is now a government of southern Sudan, so whatever decision they made is government decisions. Don’t just thinks that your education experience will give you any right to critics the SPLM official decision in bad manner. moreover to romaine some of you that SPLM is not run by tribal; like some of you were saying that the government position are all been dominated by Dinka or Nuer, that is completely not true. every southern Sudanese have their right to be what they wanted to be as long as you got what is take to be whatever you wanted to be. Let me go back at Lam Akol issue, he was not kick out but instead he was ask to step down from his position as foreign minister. The reason for that is because he fail to delivery his job to point that was require by his colleague, if he decided to form a new party there is no problem with that as long as him and his party follow the SPLM law.

          • 10 June 2009 06:22, by William Okuch

            To all my dearest Southerners in particular and to all Sudanese in general, kindly allow me to express my profound heartfelt about the nature of the Sudanese personality.

            We are honorable nation in the world and this is being confirmed by our unconditionally moral attitude, behavior, respect, hospitality, benevolent, gentleness, honorability and generosity bestowed in our consciences. We proof our humanity through these beatitudes. But evil has its own teaching which it had began right away after God had given His instructions to our ancestral father and mother (Adam & Eve) in Eden garden. That was the beginning of war between GOOD and BAD.
            To destroy our happiness, evil war was imposed upon the Sudanese that had uprooted our communal settings and created chronic grievances to this honorable Sudanese people. Tangibly our people experienced destitution, poverty, division, disorganization, dispute, tribalism, hatred, vandalism, extermination, backwardness, confiscation and degrading. These cultures are evil fruits cultivated to erode our spiritual values which are more valuable than materialistic wealth. Nevertheless, our moral vocation has steadfastly prevailed in the face of evil destructions. I will not detail how good we are because all of you know how you individually invest these sacred values toward strangers whether in Sudan or outside Sudan.
            Let give one example. The inhuman grievances mentioned above influence many people to commit crimes such as stealing or robbing result of demonizing their human quality. But we, the Sudanese do not rob or steal rather than harming ourselves.

            I was one time with the Sudanese Consulate in Beirut arranging the travelling documents for hundreds of the Sudanese prisoners in Lebanese prison who accepted repatriation. I said to the Consulate that we the Sudanese leaders do not rationalize our important personality because we are badly addicted by wrong concept toward ourselves. I said to him that Lebanon is a racist state which does not recognize the black people like Sudanese. However, our values have overweighted our skin color that Lebanese people preferred Sudanese illegal workers than other legal workers from Arab and Asian countries. I said our detainees (prisoners) are in prison in Lebanon because of their illegal status which is a breach to Lebanese immigration law. But other prisoners from other states commit crimes for which they are imprisoned. I said if you want to proof me, please get out a name list of detainees from your drawer and read it to find out what are the charges against our prisoners. Indeed, the consulate read it and found out hundreds of Sudanese prisoners were all convicted for illegal penetration into the Lebanese territory. Sudanese despite of their denied color and their illegal status, they were the most wanted nation in Lebanon because our great nation offer much from their own more than they receiving from others.
            My dearest fellow Sudanese, it is our weakness to allow evil defeat goodness in our beloved community. Continuity of denying ourselves to coexist is not because of religious, tribal, ethnic and cultural diversities. No, multiculturalism is wealth. But confusion of our moral knowledge to perceive the important of the equality among ourselves is the main source of enmity.
            Nelson Mandela said, brave man is not a man who is not afraid, but he is a man who conquers the fear. In American, black people had suffered in the hand of white people. Every street, school, neighborhood, bus and working places were full of fears. One day, a black lady was asked to give her seat to a standing white person in a bus, but that lady had disdained a derogative request and she was imprisoned for refusing to give her seat for which she had paid for.
            Rev. Martin King Luther had afterward received the news and came to ride a bus to inspect such thing occurs. He revealing such discrimination happened, he had thought of the right away to conquer such fear. All of you know the result of his redemptive intervening in our current US and whole world.
            Let me quote from our holy book (Bible) James 1:2-4 TRIALS and TEMPTATION:
            “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that testing of your faith develops ‘PERSEVERANCE’. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”
            How much a new born baby suffers before he got on his feet to walk? Europe, America, Japan, Canada, Australia, South Africa were once turned into HELL. But the perseverance of those nations had finished itself as Bible put it and that why those nations have better understandings, competitive management, sound conflict resolution and better life. To me, baby and those nations had conquered the fears by eradicating evil fruits.
            We Sudanese must conquer the fear that degrades us.
            Let me continue quoting Bible. We all admit that problem is part of human culture on one hand and on another hand; we believe that to conquer that problem is our moral responsibility. I pledge to discipline my tongue to produce healing and corrective words that could help in building decent nation that could help in making world better place for life.
            “Do not ask what your country will offer you, but ask what you will do to give your country.” “Together, we stand, divide, we fall.” Lovers of Sudan must put these words into practice. We must come together to defeat enemy of justice and equality that divide God children.
            Bible Matthew 18:12-13 “If a man owns a hundred sheep and lost one of them, he will leave the ninety-nine on hills and go to look for the wandered off. When he finds it, he is happier about it than ninety-nine that did not wander off.”
            The reason for the happiness is because owner of sheep feel the completion of his property.
            Other example of how important of togetherness is, is about a boy who lost his butterfly. The boy crazily cried and his teacher asked him why he was crying. The boy replied, “I had lost my butterfly.” Teacher went and caught one for him and the boy was extremely happy. But shortly the boy paused and began to cry again. Teacher asked him, “why are you crying again”? The boy said, “I’m crying because of my butterfly.” Teacher said, “But I had given you another one.” The boy replied, “But if my first butterfly did not fly away I could now have two.”
            We are Sudanese and each one among us is not there coincidently, but God knows that person very well by his/her name. Each one among has something to offer and our joint or individual contributions is huge and complete and it benefit ourselves and forthcoming generation. Let us seek for any person who wandered away rather than curing him/her. Let our tongues be blessing tongues not cursing ones. Peace must begin within our heart.

            Today, I William Okuch responsibly denounced a language of generalization specially generalizing a tribe. I admitted that such language happened temporarily because of frustration result of what is taking place in our beloved Sudan. I assure all of you that it is part of my personal liberation from the way we wrongly treat ourselves as enemy. Likewise, I urge each one of you to stop talking about Dr. Lam Akol, Dr. Riek Machar or Dr. John Garang. Let us forgive each other for their pass actions so that we could push forward in new way.

            Long live SPLM/SPLM-DC and all Sudanese.
            God graces be upon you.

  • 10 June 2009 09:11, by Africano

    I am continuing to see Dinkas are bitter about SPLM-DC which is going to over come their domination in the south. Do these dinkas remember history. SANU was divided into SANU-William Deng and SANU-Samuel Aru Bol both Bahr el Ghazal Dinkas. Abel Alier undermined Late Clement Mburo in the Southern Front Party to take up the leadership. Alier work hard to see into it that Joseph Okelo to murder by Numeiry. Evenually he worked to destroy Any-nya under the leadership of Joseph Lagu to bring Addis Ababa Agreement which he also destroy when he defeated by change 2 of Joseph Tumbora, Mathew Obur and others. So let them know "The person who dug a ditch for his brother to fall will himself fall in first" Kiir can not rule the south if that is what they want. SPLM-DC have brought in salvation for the south.

  • 10 June 2009 13:52, by Markoni

    Dear Lam,
    What a compussion is that? How comes for you to move here and there as if you were not a man? Remember a tortoise is a very small animal and very slow in walking, but when trying to go for a journey it strongly for sure that it can reach the destination. So are you sure that your party will be active? We southerners have totally declined that fucken new party of yours.

    markoni Mou.

    • 10 June 2009 14:15, by Dekery

      Markoni I support your comment.

      I cann’t say much here I had already mentioned it earlier that soon and sooner Lam Akol will get 16 cm dick and get fuck to death.

      To avoid all the headach he is coninueing causing us.



  • 10 June 2009 13:54, by Markoni

    Dear Lam,
    What a compussion is that? How comes for you to move here and there as if you were not a man? Remember a tortoise is a very small animal and very slow in walking, but when trying to go for a journey it strongly for sure that it can reach the destination. So are you sure that your party will be active? We southerners have totally declined that fucken new party of yours.

    Markoni Mou.

    • 10 June 2009 14:05, by Africano

      Luther broke away from catholic many centuries ago and founded his own church called Protestan Church which survive untill to-day. Believe me Mr. Markoni Mou if you are a dinka, I will assure you from now the SPLM-DC will survive. Your SPLM have nothing to southerners except corruption, tribalism and nepotism.

      • 10 June 2009 14:30, by Dekery

        Africano, what do you think will Lam bring to lilght though he is not a Dinka but former SPLM cadres nothing will change of his color.

        The child of a snake is a snake


        • 11 June 2009 01:40, by abel sabit

          To those people who are the supporters for the new illiterat party for Lam Akot, whoever is supporting this new party is dumb illiterate mother stupid, there is nothing Lam Akot going to do for us we southern sudaness people. please don’t just get on the bus that you don’t even know who is driving it let just stick with our old party SPLA?M and let also die with SPLA?M don’t let any one to drive you where you don’t even know anything about it.

        • 11 June 2009 14:57, by Jacob

          Dear Southerners join against NCP Traitors and tell them enough is enough.SPLM DC is aclear move of NCP to disorganises Southern Sudanese ahead of elections and Referendum among others.
          Dr. Lam Akol is aconfusing fellow if you can remember 1991 suffering to Southerners, which later failed and he himself end up in Khartoum.

          To the writters please challengers of Sudanese or problems are were not caused by Southerners but by arabs in North who became masters of slaves.
          Whoever, would like to join this snake Akol, please think deep,where you are going.

          • 11 June 2009 16:33, by deng mareng

            We can not blame Akol for creating his party.

  • 1 July 2009 15:23, by RED ARMY INTERNATIONAL

    SPLM should not be afraid of one breakaway leader to the extend of suing the single leader. SPLM have had several split in its origins to date. You should not view political acumen of Lam to be waekness. It is in fact a great act of courage and wisdom according to the renowned DR.Lam Akol. He is not going to die in the New Party; he shall one day come to Join the SPLM when thing will turn bright on his side. You don’t have to push Lam against the wall, you understand the complexities of South Sudan Politics as whole.

    Red Army

    • 5 August 2009 07:11, by wango

      To hell with your supporters it seem more global plagiarism or I can call it seeking publicity from kno where...Remember we still got gorilla war ahead of us u should caculate that in the back of your mind and we seek know coward at this time. We need to move forward for action. I believed the SPLM-DC shouldn’t be welcome in our present and I urge everyone voices to be heard this time in south sudan. We are not lacking parties we got enough parties in south Sudan. Therefore in the absent of DR. Lam Akol & his colleagues newly form party we can still be call south Sudan. So please bate off we are tired of your lame and gullible, aimless heart, aiming at trading yourself to Arabs. It’s not going to help you this time. I conclude that it’s too late for you to have any voice in south Sudan, you should seek it elsewhere damn fool.

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