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Armed tribesmen clash with SPLA after attack on relief barges


June 13, 2009 (JUBA) — Armed tribesmen clashed with the southern Sudan army when they attacked during the weekend barges carrying UN food aid, unconfirmed reports say hundreds of people were killed.

Refugees wait for the distribution of food and non-food items during a visit by U.N. top humanitarian official John Holmes in Akobo town, Jonglei, May 8, 2009 (UNMIS-Tim Mckulka)

Armed men from the Jikany Nuer ethnic group attacked some 27 barges carrying humanitarian aid of the World Food Programme outside the town of Nasir on the Sobat River on Friday afternoon in Upper Nile state, said Michelle Iseminger, the WFP programme director for South Sudan.

The Sobat River, a tributary of the White Nile, is the only transport route available to channel goods to Akobo during the rainy season, when roads are flooded.

The relief assistance is destined to Akobo which is Lou Nuer County in Jonglei state. UN officials say the supplies are vital to support some 18,000 displaced people in Akobo who fled their homes in fighting earlier this year.

The Jikany Nuer blocked the humanitarian assistance in Nasir to revenge attacks on Torkech Luak-Piny County, Upper Nile, when 70 people, mostly children and women, were killed by attackers allegedly Lou Nuer from Akobo County, last May.

The clashes erupted when the SPLA soldiers said they would escort the barges to the town of Akobo, even by force, the blocked aid in spite of the tribesmen opposition.

The barges were carrying sorghum and other food for thousands of people displaced by tribal fighting.16 boats managed to return to Nassir, but the fate of the 11 other barges was still unknown. "Nobody knows their real conditions now," said the WFP official.

Reports from the region say hundreds were killed and many others wounded but no official figures about the causalities of the fighting.


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  • 14 June 2009 06:04, by Ajinhliak kepiiny

    My Nuer friends, What a big shame it is to riot an annihilate your own people to the extend of this quantity !

    I am worry and shock about this repeatable deaths of civilians in South Sudan.
    I curse you and no thanks to the culprits.

    • 14 June 2009 06:35, by Maruon Ayiei

      This is the route those tribemen need. The criminal are always deed criminal and this group of thugs who blockcaded the food aid to needy internal displaced person(IDP)need to be confronted by all means. There is no exception to such naive tactic. Eventhough there are such people in Akobo (Lou)who act the same as those in Jakiiny,those criminal need to be uprooted in our society and SPLA need to stand up tall for an occasion for our vunerable citizens.

    • 14 June 2009 06:41, by Malakal

      This is the "Naath" pride, that they are the men, they can fight to death, and they never fear death by any circumstance.

      It’s time for you Nuer people to look each other in the mirror. The depiction looks really awful and shameful to any of your leaders like Riak and the rest of "Naath" because it is inhumane.

      The Dinkas are your enemies for sure, but you people with your premature aggression will never succeed against the Dinka, why? because they Dinka use thier brain wisely.

      I am not a Dinka, but just currious about the truth! Go to hell if you do not like my comments, sometime the reality needs place not poli-tricks stupid talk.

      • 15 June 2009 01:25, by Aduol Liet

        Malakal whatever, your name is.

        You guys playing on Dinka name or what? what is the concern of Dinka if you are not stupid person you will not mention Dinka and there is no any connection to talk about Dinka. Any thing cause from Upper Nile then, you jump on Dinka to slam what fool are you? Dinkas people does not loot U.N Food but Neure people does and that why people dies just because of U.N Food. Nothing to blame DR, Riak Machar, this is about some individuals who want to loot U.N Food for your people in Neure communities. This is very big a shameful to Neure. It is not for the first time any way, all Neure people has that kind of looting properties not belong them and now they are a shame to the wolrd. You need to find your own food rather than, going to fights and die just with the U.N Food.

        Aduol Liet.

        • 15 June 2009 02:31, by Malakal

          Aduol Aliet

          I appreciated your comments about how "stupid and a fool I am, playing with Dinkas’ Names", by writing something that really in my opionion praises the Dinka for their patience and smart soft approach to situations unlike to the likes of the Nuer and Murle aggressions.

          However, I realized that you did not even bother to read my comments, or if you read them, you completely did not unstand the content of my writing because you lack reading and writing skills. You focused only on the spelled out "DINKA" and that became your center of attention.
          This webpage has been nothing rather than a playgroud for scums like yourself Mr. Aliet and that is why we never had a mature discusion.

          I know you are one those fools who attempt universties and started thinking of themselve as educated persons. Instead of writing bunches of run-ons why don’t you pay much more needed attention to details, so that you can sound a bit more mature when decided to attempt response to others’s comments.

          Thanks man, I really enjoy your comments.

          My is legally Malakal by the way!

          • 15 June 2009 14:50, by Jay

            Aduol Aliet, you should be self-important and happy of what Malakal said about Dinka if you really understand English language.

            Malakal endures Dinka of being wise; you should appreciate what he says instead of blasting him with baseless insult.
            I’m a Dinka and like what he said,

        • 15 June 2009 06:17, by nice man

          That’s right people like Malakal need to be arrested for their inrespnsibe comments. However, we southerners need to compared ourselves with our big enemy and that is arabs. There is no point at all Nuer can compared themseves we Dinkas, for the reason that what ever problems Nuer tribe faced they are Dinkas problems as well. Lets unite as one and lets try to promote peace and security in our country instead of creating problems among ourselves.


      • 15 June 2009 02:55, by Augustino

        Hi fool Malakal how stupid are you who always crring about Dinka. I personal bored of you writing about dinka which can not help you at all.Look the Goss is led by nuer as deputy /vic president and the Spla is commanded by Nuer James Oth who directing the war against Nuer if any,the commader in Chief of spla is Matip nhial. If you were not stupit and Dinka hatred minded you would have ask them about the killing of looters who looted the food taken to your mothers who are starving as i saw them on the internet. Shame on you trible sick man.
        your new name is a trible sick man.
        i know more of Nuer people will not agree with you at all because what your brothers did is not good. looting is not a professional job now adays.They not loot the food taken to innocent starving people of nuer community.
        Augustino-In Australia

      • 15 June 2009 11:02, by Rambang

        Dear Malakal. I appreciated some of your comments but I am afraid I must disagree with a few. This is a civilized world where communities must live together. The Nuer and the Dinka have their own tribal problems but that doesn’t mean they are enemies for ever. All the tribes in Sudan have their differences but that is all based on limited resources. The Dinka alone have their own internal conflicts just like the Nuer and others. So the inter-tribal conflicts are for all. What we need to do now is how we can educate our people on the merits of living in peace.

        • 15 June 2009 13:16, by BLACK DEMOCRATE

          Thank you Rambang please you are always right yet could we please talk to our leaders to get rid of other poor politics coming with Lam.
          Akol has hands in these frequent deaths since CPA started, so that he could get the point of defending the illegitimate party as he last time said that SPLM has failed to bring peace to his people.

        • 16 June 2009 03:06, by Malakal

          Thanks you gentlemen!

          Rambang and Jay

          That’s alright with me brother, people do disagree with each other sometimes, and that does not mean there should be grudges hold against one another. I appreciated your comments. The unity of the Jonglei State is crucial to its people in order to achieve a productive peaceful coexistence among each other, and that is what we Southerners should contemplate in our heart the most.

    • 14 June 2009 07:00, by KingJared

      Is the war becomes another HIV-AIDS or Swine-flu in southern Sudan? Didn’t we aware about the consquences of war? We need to bring villains to the book so that the mercenaries and their masters should stop this macabre attack. Before the splm split into multiparties, there were no tribal attacks. However, when Riek and Lam sent their henchment to massacre Bor and sweep away everything. The civilians presume that the tribal attack is the best way to get rid of your neighbours and inherit their properties. And this concept remains in their brains thus, Riek needs to go back and converts them again so that there must be peace in the land. Nuer was peaceful nation before Riek risked them to carry out the tribal attack in south Sudan. WHy Riek was happy to recieve the rod of Ngundeang, yet he is not in position to unite his relatives. Long time ago, when someone takes the magic rod, he is supposed to control people, rule them and show them the right path so that they can behave to themselves. He told us he is going to build Ngundeang byre ’Historical site" yet he has not built the peace foundation in Nuerland. Shame on him and his government splm. To cut it short, we need to deal with these controversail social issues in realistic manner. The world is crying for swine- Flu and HIV-AIDS epidemic, yet we are crying for the insecurity and tribal war. In contrast, swine flu and hiv-aids so called tribal war in southern Sudan have medicines but we don’t need to treat our patiences, those who have been affected by epidemic. The HIV-AIDS has no cure, and if it has...

      • 14 June 2009 07:19, by bong suk

        my dear Jikany, that is bad . you need to understand how international community do things please. how stupid u are really?
        where stupid Naldit and Kim Deng to come and rebuke his ignorance guys. why don’t u respect the so call rod of your Ngundeng after reaching your homeland?. hopeless group. continue if you will get satisfy.

        • 14 June 2009 08:04, by Napoleon bonaparte

          I personally don’t understand how some Human beings behave could it be because they dont have the simple word ’shame’ in their dilect. why is Lam & Riak to blame for armed tribesmen who want their counterparts to starve in order vulnerable for any attack by confining the barges.

          I expect the President of South Sudan because he is well known of issuing decrees to just add one on cattle confiscation by Goss or all to be killed for South Sudanese unity which in turn could lead to increase in population by 2012.

          The numbers of southerners lost because of cattle rustling is greater than the least animals slautered for meat. we either resume into eating vegetables or have our fellow countrymen perish only because of cattle, though most southerners are cattle keepers I would rather pity them for the sake of unity and no more fights, we should find the enemy within which is the CATTLE than blaming Lam, Riak and Arabs for the internal conflicts in the South.

          I request all to think about this wisely.

        • 14 June 2009 08:15, by junub

          I don’t think it is wise to blame and bias the Jikany Nuer unless one is errogence to be ignorance to dismissed the previous massacre of Jikany innocent women, children and elders by Lou Nuer. Talking filthy at Jikany Nuer for their backlash at Lou Nuer will not help anything if we seek peace really, but rather if we accepted the insane the Lou Nuer inflicted on our compatriots in Upper Nile State. Those who did wrong should be brought to book first prior to wishes any peace amoung this communities. There is no doubt the Lou Nuer are the barbaric culprits as the vice president of Southern Sudan, Riak Machar, called them last month when they genocided women, children and elders of jikany Nuer. This hurt should not be ignored which it required the GoSS to negotiated in good faith with the Jikany as the fued between these two communities is bitter.

          • 15 June 2009 11:41, by Rambang

            Dear Junub. Hatred to a community will not bring any thing. You need to know what caused the Lou to attack Jikany in Torkech. Since you seem to be ignorance, let me take this opportunity to brief you. In March when the Lou were in Murle, the Jiknay decided to attacked Lou in a place called Kunyerek killing 15 people with only two being men. When the Lou came back, they tried to go for retarliation but adviced themselves against going. They request the Nasir(Luakping) commissioner. Again, some Lou decided to go to Gaguang area for rainy seasons and were attacked on their way by Jikany kill all the families. Those who went for the rescue found every body dead. They decided to follow the foot prints and the track led them to Torkech. Thus they attacked the area in the Morning in retaliation. For us to find a solution, we have to know the root cause of all these. If Jikany didn’t attack Lou in March and May or if it was only the March attack, no Lou could have attacked the Jikany.

            Plus, the fighting is not between Lou and Jikany, but SPLA and Jikany. The food aid had been block but the Lou did not go for it. So it will be lack of reasoning to involve them in this.

  • 14 June 2009 08:09, by Joseph

    I don’t blame civilian I blame Nasir commissioner who fail to take any action or bring the two communities to make peace after Lou Nuer attack Torkech payam were more than 73 people killed, properties and cattle was taken.
    During previous and current attack commissioner usually escape from county because he couldn’t no how to convince or bring peace to his people.
    In fact Nasir commissioner Mr. Gathoth Gatkuoth suppose to be change during reshuffle, but recommended by his brother in-law who is chairman of SPLM in Upper Nile state to continue as a commissioner.
    Kindly advising politician to bring peace whereby two communities Jikang and Lou should negotiation to end the fighting between them.

    • 14 June 2009 08:43, by Michael Malual Mawien

      Please Ali Sadiq, What has been said by the prescutor is the right one and don’t just keep on denying all any accusation which has been made against your stupid government. Let your mother fucker Bashir see what to do in these coming few days now prescutor is seriously has deal with him and you put in your idiot minded brain that it is the soul of those whom you killed in the Darfur and South whom are calling for big Donkey Bashir to go and face them in the hague based court of justice. His days are numbered and we hope he will not overcome that grave which God of innocent people has prepared for him. His tyrany and injustice government will see what they should do now since their stupid father is going to be bared away from the position and we know all the parties which are in the North and South Sudan will not allow your dominant NCP to get chance and rule Sudan again for ever. SPLM and JEM will fucker up your mothers when they joined their hands together and turn to you whether in war or in political the will get rid of you in this country. Michael Malual Mawien

      • 14 June 2009 09:03, by Ajuscommando

        I wrote some about Nuer conduct yesterday and they have proved it to fight each other due to food items given to their brothers by WFP in Nasir then to wait their chance of Akoba. I really give up of Nuer behaviors because three quarters of their problems in the south occurred through properties by using force due to heart jealousness. I discovered that Nuer people will not change from the lessons Riek Machar taught them in 1990s to depend on fight and stealing of others people properties if Riek will go back to them and advice to stop that misconduct. All challenges facing Nuer community in the south came through Riek Machar wrong advice during his coup against SPLA in 1991 in Nasir and he didn’t went back to corrected them again. Nuer community was not having this characters before Riek became their Evil leader and they didn’t know that, he came up to create conflict in some Nuer sub-tribe with others tribe in the south. I wish Nuer will not listen to leaders like Riek Machar again since he created bad image to Nuer community background during struggling.


      • 14 June 2009 09:10, by Michael Malual Mawien

        By Michael Malual, All Nuer tribe must to be advise in order not to invade against other tribesmen because if it continue like that then there shall be no South Sudan and that is why now you do see SPLA war took us to 21 years it is because of lack of unity among Southerners we would have defeated the enemy since long ago. I in person i asked all the nuer Chiefs, Spiritual leaders, intellectual and Military Officers to sit and try to look into this critical condition which are taking place now in their home land and to make sure that they have properly agreed on how they could stay among themselves than to cause the war in ever time. Those whom are suffering now are their Mothers, fathers, Sisters, wives and children and to do some thing that may later cause desadvantage to you is not applicable to be repeated all the time. There is no good in war. Please try hard to bring together your community that is where you can even gain a big credit but like now no body can respect you when they do heard about what were been happening in your community all the time.

        • 14 June 2009 10:24, by Magos

          Hey Nuer people you are alway set us back sinc the war begun up to now.What kind of animal are you? I think if you are real people,You should have to adjust your yourselves in this time of peace.Shame on you all the nuer Chiefs, Spiritual leaders, intellectual, Military Officers and your black heart man call Risk Machar,why are you attack relief barges while they were hepling your people.My advise to all Nuer tribe if you are still looking for arab money don’t waste your time here in Southern Sudan.You have to think about that problem unless you change yourselves.

          The pointer of moment.

          • 15 June 2009 12:04, by Rambang

            Hey Magos. Inter tribal conflicts are all over Southern Sudan. You need to reason and make civilized statements. Recently, a commissioner was fire at in Bahr el Ghazel, where there Nuer? Try to get the latest news in Sudan and you will know what is going on.

    • 15 June 2009 00:55, by junub

      Listen Joseph, this incident has nothing to blamed the commissioner of Nasir for, nor the irate Jikany Nuer either since their elders, children and women are previously masscred by Lou Nuer of Jonglei State. Leave alone the commissioner of himself because I myself, I don’t feel liking the Torkech masscring which claimed more than seventy (70) lives. If I, who isn’t from the Jikany Nuer is outraged at what the Lou Nuer did, then how would you expected the Jikany Nuer will feel?! Commissioner Gathoth has no any dirty spot in this incident to bias him or unless you are on something against him.

      • 15 June 2009 12:12, by Rambang

        Junub, the way the Jikany feel about the Torkech incident is how the Lou feel about Kunyerek incident that led to Torkech retarliation. I think you don’t even know all this. The Jikany women and children are not better than the Lou women and children killed in March. They are all innocent.

  • 14 June 2009 12:04, by Sala Gai

    Dear Junglei state people

    I wise you my people of Junglei state to come back to your normal life of thinking,you were the best people of the Southern Sudanese who are Intelligence, but now you have learn activities of other people who have wrong activities.

    come back to your good activities to lead once more

    if you are not happy 4 this comment, go to hell

    • 22 June 2009 10:30, by Tyson woath

      Sala,that is not our name at all,only muslim of jakany would use such a name,by the way we think normal better than you brother,we would never wish to attack UN convoy....change your name sala better Gai

  • 14 June 2009 14:32, by Dinka Aliap Chawul

    As long tribesmen continue to hold illegal arms in the South the longer they suffering of innocent people as well the defiance of rule of law and the state aparratus such as the army,police,civil authorities,political leaders etc.GOSS must be vigiliants in bringing some kind of peace amongst rivals tribes in entire South otherwise GOSS will be the one to pay the price in next year elections.Solutions to all these problems fully rely on military because these cattle keepers have defiances their parental rules and thereby becoming independent from everyone,especially some can kills the people within yet they looks forwards to create more than that in other community inorder to prompt response which could be bloodily clashes btn his & other tribe so that his problems remain undiscussed.SPLM must be quick to resolves these problems if not South will be like Somalia/Sri Lanka rebels of Timal Tigers Liberations Elleum(Homeland)that was demolished this may by Sri Lankan govt of which its displace people are still been kept in the camps now by national army because they`re not their people and still believe in LTTE ideologise of independent, so that movement start in the same year of 1983 with ours(SPLA/M).The reasons i`ve connect such to ours is that these tribal wars will not only destroy the livelyhoods of our people but it will damage independent aspirations of South Sudanese people and should be deal with in longest terms by GOSS,literates and the civilise society because their focusing on deminising dream of U the students and a political lives since no one of us could exercise his/her works/politics peacefully in such a environment due to these tribal idiots.There`s great needs to reforms judiciary symtems and police if we`re to keep our decades dream alive,keeping troops in the bordering areas while leaving your people at home to kills themselves like an animal is unhelpsful.WE`RE GOING TO OVERCOME ALL THESE PROBLEMS SINCE NOTHING CAN BE COMPLETED WITHOUT OBSTACLES.GOD SAVE OUR PEOPLE!!

  • 14 June 2009 15:46, by Ajawuk Juma

    TO Kim Deng,

    I am really very sorry for the lives lost during the clashes between armed tribesmen and southern Sudan army. I don’t know when these people are going to consider themselves and behave like human beings.

    This attack is deplorable!!!! the criminal (S) must be brought to justice if found. This land of peace for all southern Sudanese. Please leave tribalism and uncivilised behaviours behind and let think about the future of this nation.

    I don’t know what do those of you ( Kim Deng ) think about this tragic incidents which occurs every now and then in our country

    My dear country men/ women I quoted Mr Kim Deng when he made a comment during SPLM Convention in Juba three years ago that ’’Southern Sudan would have been like Rwanda (Genocide)’’ if Dr Riek Machar was removed from his position of vice president.

    Mr Kim Deng is this the situation you like your country to be? you guys must be lacking something in your thinking ability. I doubt if you are really southern sudanese.

    There is no where in this world will sound minded person admire Rwanda genocide. In which we (Africans) looked stupid in the eye of the world.

    my advice to my fellow Southern Sudanese we have to know the effects of our comments to the country and the entire world readers when commenting on this aricle page!!!!!

  • 14 June 2009 16:27, by raanaguachraan

    Dear, Jikany people, why do you behaved like that to attack convoy vehicles of humanitarian aid of the world food?
    attacking always won’t helped you from your desired by only killing your blood brotherhoods in that way you have practiced it as shameful live to your community in whole.

    if you people trying believed on magic rod of ngundeng, then
    you will never achieved peace within you people of Jikany community. that rod is for destructions not for achieving peace in southern Sudan or Sudan in whole.
    peace will come from Holy God as written from book of Isaiah
    chapter 18.
    my countrymen be aware of risks others people life as important gift from mighty God who is creator of living creatures. you must cares for others not destroying them but
    saving them like yourselves you people. shame to Riek Machar
    who brainwashed nuer mind by leading them into the cause of destruction as their wages resulted into a lost of life to many people around.
    if Riek machar is for peace, why not for himself to go and proclaiming peace amongst Nuer communities if he though that
    his people whom fool them are still after him or love him
    traitor like Riek Gai and Riek machar are behind this problem.

    • 14 June 2009 19:13, by Kim Deng

      Juma & likes,

      First of all you have to acknowledge that Jungle laws are still fuctionion in our beloved South since 1800s. What would you expect from few crinimals within any ethnic group who armed themselves to teeth? Is it not govt responsibilty to use any mean in order to bring those thugs’ ruthless activities under control? Of course, it is. then, why the corrupt govt in Juba failed to complet the disarmament which was conducted back in 2006?

      I’m sure you’re aware of what has been going on across South South after the disarmament failed, but not just only Nuerland as some few idiots view it.

      Know the difference between the political issues and criminal actions. Yeah, I can say it million times and say it again, Rwada shoud have been better than South Sudan if not because the Dinka Kingdom reversed its poor plan to kick Dr. Riak Mahar Teny-Dhurgon from the govt during the SPLM 2nd National Convention. There is a very big difference between Dr. Riak Machar amd Dr. Lam Akol and don’t ask me why.

      I can see you’re dancing because Naath are killing themselves, but don’t forget that these Nuer Warriors were the same guys who burned down Duk, Kongor, Mading Bor and all the surrounding villages of coward Jaang/Slaves in 1991 and they can do it again at any time unless the govt go ahead for the disarmament you blindly rejected.

      My friends, let’s direct our blame to Juba govt for its failure to complet the mission which was started in 2006 rather than ethnic groups so that eveyone can enjoy peace and stability in the South. Otherwise, some coward communities will suffer more in the mean time.

      • 14 June 2009 23:56, by Dengcol malual


        you are a psychopath who have no sense of humanity to begin with. furthermore, you are nobody to represent Nuer community in the first place because there are many great Nuer who know what it means to stand up for your people, for instance Jim Hoth. however, Riek failed in 1991 and violence will never make him anybody other than being crook. his inconsistency make him a useless leader who have nothing to stand for in his life. moving back and forth between the warring parties doesn’t make him anybody to be worry about. you are one of the most cowards with inhuman attitudes i have never heard of besides Hiltler. you support the war you never be part of. you are genocide minded person who have no sympathy for the lost-innocent-human-lives in Akobo and other surrounding areas. your hatred toward Dinka will never take you nowhere.

        • 15 June 2009 06:02, by Maruon Ayiei

          Kim Deng

          What a koolaid minded you are, I thought you have a head to use it but you blindly ignor you sense of reasoning. The burning of 1991 in Duk, Tuic East and Mading Bor was not to use it as fantasise but to be a reminder for your bad behavior. All the cattles and life that you guys has wasted will never be recovered. I think that is a stupidity to cheer for thing that you have stolen. You are pathetic and delusional to make those horrible flashback. Look at those straved people in that picture and ask yourself why they suffered skunk? If that is the mindset, you got a long way to go to see how the world revolve. People are going clockwise but you are still going anti-clockwise. This are deplorable cases and you should not be proud of any either case. Any property you people took during the 90s, you don’t still have them now but why? look at your reasoning and how you see thing that move. May God have mercy on you and your like. This is insanse and you can not run your mouth depending such terrible act. Look at those innocent civilians.

      • 15 June 2009 07:08, by John Chol

        Kim Deng,

        Pointing the excusing finger to the government will never be a solution to your problem in Nasir. What a big shame you bought to a God loved nation of south Sudan? Stealing the Un relief or whatever that doesn’t belong to you is a big crime worldwide and it dserves ICC intervention. who is the government you are talking about here? if you don’t know who it is , then I can tell you, the gov is you and your so called uncle Riek Machar. He failed to disarmed the civilian of Nuer because he was bribed by the arabs and the Arabs told him that he would one day fight the Dinka with those guns.Thank God, Jealousy and hatred always bump back to its victims.

        Kim, your attributes as Nuer people are well known in Jonglei state, when the cat is away, the mices dance and play around. of cours, in 1991 and 1992 the coward Nuer attacted Duk, Kongor and Bor because all the men of those areas were busy fighting the patriotic war against the Arabs in Equatoria State. What had happened when Kuol Manyang , Bior Ajang, Maker Deng Malou and other citizens of those Counties heard the news about the attact on women and young children? wasn’t that the time your bottock was shot while ranning back chewing the ngamkuor? Shame on you !

      • 15 June 2009 10:42, by Ajawuk Juma

        To Kim Deng,

        Your barbaric comments can not worry any southern Sudan particular monjieng. I thought you can not remember your comment of 2006 during SPLM convention in Juba because of your lack of insight that make you to move between Khartoum and SPLA/M during our 22 year of sruggle.

        Mr kim Deng a CPA invited guests like you are allow to practice their dirty politics on this internet like others traitor for instance Lokoya boy who called himself Big Logic meanwhile Southerners are bussy discussing issues concerning this belove nation Southern Sudan

        There is a say that’’ a Donkey can go to school but it’s still come back as donkey’’

        In fact, i can’t be dancing or happy because Nuers are killing themselves. I don’t belief in killing that why my father took army against oppressors in Khartoum (Jellaba) unlike your thug father who always bussy looting other’s people properties. And called themselves warriors because of their uncivilize acts.

        Some people like you (Kim Deng or whatever your names your may be) called Dinka as coward community instead of liberators.Which I don’t think so!!!

        1. Was Dinka coward to take armed against Jellaba during Anya Antya one movement?.

        2. Was it Dinka who was brainwashed by Jellaba to turned against their brothers in Juba after 1972 Addisa Ababa Agreement?.

        3. Was Dinka coward to take armed against Khartoum regimes in 1983?

        4. Was Dinka coward to managed the wars with few committed friends from other tribes during 1990s after Nasir-facion defected and Stabbed SPLA/M at the back?

        5. Was Dinka coward to managed all the wars weighted against them for 22 years until they signed Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005 (CPA) and invited all the guests to know what we been fighting for which all of us enjoy now?

        6. Was Dinka coward because they are just concentrating on SPLA/M objectives of our struggle and failed to looked back on traitors.

        I think the word coward lost meaning in Southerner Sudanese English!!!! in case we may have our English

        May God bless Southerner Sudanese and Stop beings betrayals to each others Amen!

  • 14 June 2009 21:23, by Joseph


    The SPLA’s soldiers are currently using sexual abuse to women in Nasir. Secondly it’s not food alone, two boats loaded with guns and bullets

    • 16 June 2009 05:44, by Mohammad100

      Aren’t you all ashamed of your selves?
      It is deep below my Oromoo Ethical standard to engage with such a futile manners among my own people. I can read between the lines now why some limited individuals among you supports Meles Zinaw’s Regime who is ready to cut your throat if Omar Bashir offer him any counter incentive. I wish that I am back in Juba to explain to you in person what a true Africanism means.

      Asalaam aleikum,


  • 16 June 2009 08:36, by actiongatkuothgat

    hi lou nuer.
    please stop killing each other.
    what awful you did now?
    your not

    soppost to clash with spla arms.

    • 17 June 2009 07:13, by Chol A.

      That does not Show leadership to single out one tribe of killing, all those who clash should be brought together under SPLA rule of Law.

      • 17 June 2009 14:59, by HENRY COX

        It is really painful to hear the news of death every time in south sudan.How can people behave like animals while saying that they need freedom?I don,t understand what kind of freedom were seeking for years.Is it that freedom of killing people without motives or freedom of drinking and frostitution?Is it that freedom which takes thousands of life and now turn into the freedom of murdering,drinking and exercising adultery?
        It is a shameful thing to broadcast in the media that rubbish.

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