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Sudanese president cancels Uganda visit over arrest threat


July 16, 2009 (WASHINGTON) — The Sudanese Omer Hassan Al-Bashir will not attend the Smart Partnership conference in Kampala on July 26th despite being invited, a Ugandan official said today.

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir (WP)

“The invitation still stands ... (but) we will handle it through diplomatic channels to avoid embarrassment and inconvenience to anybody,” James Mugume, a senior Ugandan foreign affairs official, told Reuters by telephone.

“It’s a codeword for an agreement that President Bashir delegates another senior cabinet-ranked person. That was agreed,” he said.

The announcement followed a week of contradictory remarks by Ugandan officials over whether or not Bashir will face arrest if he attends the summit in light of the International Criminal Court (ICC) arrest warrant for him.

Uganda is a signatory of the ICC Statute and has referred the case of the Lord resistance Army (LRA) to the court for investigation.

But the AU resolution adopted at the summit held in Libya earlier this month instructs its members who are party to the treaty not to cooperate with the ICC in apprehending Bashir.

Sudanese official news agency (SUNA) has reported that Ugandan president Yoweri Musievini apologized to Bashir over remarks made by one of his ministers indicating that the Sudanese head of state could be apprehended during the summit.

But on Tuesday East Africa and Regional Affairs Minister Isaac Musumba told parliament that his government wishes to “avoid a possible diplomatic incident” resulting from Bashir’s visit.

Musumba’s statements were taken to suggest the possibility of extradition to The Hague by Ugandan authorities.

However today the deputy Sudanese foreign minister Al-Samani Al-Wasila told SUNA that he spoke over the phone with Musumba who reiterated to him that Uganda would never arrest Bashir saying it is a “violation of the customs and traditions of Ugandan people”.

Al-Wasila asked about the participation of Bashir in the summit, said that nothing prevents him from attending if it is deemed necessary and beneficial to Sudan as well as fitting into the president’s schedule.


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  • 17 July 2009 05:24, by Northsudanes

    Now motherfucker president Omer Al-bashir accept he is most wanted criminal person in the world and that why he afraid to stand on trial and face justice. he knows what he did in sudan and i can believe one-hundered percent he is gulity of committing war aginst the people of sudan and guess what his days are just number because god know when every one is going to die so al-bashir he can’t get way with that to live in this world as last person. Man i hate this motherfucker Al-bashir somebody need kill his even in the sudan.

  • 17 July 2009 05:32, by Kur

    Yes, Ocampo is working. Criminals who have destroyed the lives of the innocent people must not enjoy any freedom. So, Bashir is supposed to be behind bars as a charged rapist and perptrator of genocide. He has to know that there are limited windows for him to travel.


    • 17 July 2009 07:26, by Lokorai

      Mr. Kur,

      He didn’t cancel his visit to Uganda because of arrest warrant. Find out from reliable sources before jumping to this conclusion; Uganda can’t arrest him despite Rome Statute it has rectified.

      You will look for ways to justify everything but President Al Bashir isn’t a criminal, he will prove evil minded boys and those baying for his blood wrong.

      You are wasting your time, always here on something that will not materialized; think about issues in the South at the moment and your future.

      Those who are quick to ’pick up stones’ are themselves under the same judgement. There is no hurry, let’s give peace and future of our land a chance.

      Al Bashir must be allowed alone!!!


      • 17 July 2009 17:15, by mohamad adam

        mr lokori
        some comentors or in fact most of the comentors are un educated and does not understand how things in politics are handled
        iam not difending bashir but as a matter of fact the coments are not matshing with the issues ans standard of this respectable website
        the coments are jut embarssing any civilised person
        as a sudanese i do apologise on behaf the true brought up in sudan

        • 17 July 2009 19:09, by Kuot Santo Malook

          God, Pig fucker is still here.. searching for answers for his falling screwer..
          From your writing, everyone could tell that you are learning to write short sentences which mean you are not educated period.
          Politics is a game of intelligents...
          Keep silent when you are alone and cry when he is behind you. I will spare you because you always ask for answers and not for questions...I would have ask you a question...
          Bashir deserve to eat soil not oil fullstop...

        • 18 July 2009 11:37, by korenilo A.

          To mr.lokori &mohamad.
          it seem you people are absent mined ,you don;t know that that son of a dog call bashir is just a coward who cannot try to face mseven ,let him try to step in uganda and he will find his next stop being wellcome by mr ocampo in hague.His days are number so you two should also preapered to acompany your father to hague for mow.you think ocampo will for give him now son’s of criminal.long live ocampo.ocampo oyee

      • 17 July 2009 17:44, by Tony Alqaeda


        Do you know why Bashir cancell that trip?
        if you don,t know because you absent minded,it is because he is pre paring for the stamp to be used on your mother buttock,and he is pre paring for how he going to fuck you as you usual like that situation of giving your anus to Arab because of thania.i have been with Toposa and I know their behaviour my dear,
        am I wrong, but Dinka never do such mad habit,but go to Dinka land and see how do the behave.ask yourself why? i have been with Dinka and i am Dinka

      • 19 July 2009 14:00, by Dinka Aliap Chawul

        Mr Lokorai.First of all i condemns the abusive commenting on our parents in this website.So please,it will be very naive if Bashir come to Uganda & by sure he would not committed suicide in anyway during a day light.SO DEAR BROTHERS AND SISITERS LETS RESPECTS OUR PARENTS SINCE THEY DONT HAVE ACCESS TO THIS SITE AND THERE4 MUST BE KEPT OUT OF SOME OF OUR DIRTY GAMES HERE.THANX

  • 17 July 2009 05:34, by sam venansio

    the the president of Sudan, why do you get scared. I thought of you as the toughest man in politics and military capabilities, could face any giants threatening your reigning. To all Victims in the North, southern Sudan and Darfur, do not give your credit to Ugandan government over the possible pronuciation of Bashir arrest. Politics is a game, a play and a riddle. Can you extend someone or a friend an invitation only to be kill? After feeding a stranger will you have the gut to arrest and sentences him to death? if Ugandan government was planing to carry out an arrest against Bashir, they would have shut up and not disclose the information to the notice of the world. look at the contradictory views within Museveni government.

    My fellow southerners, my message is plain and straightforward. Do not rush to praising and giving some leaders credits, whom you think to have stand with you in your sufferings and griefs. you did not needs political inspiration to understand, other than the contents of the messages. Regarding Bashir, his time will come unexpected, when people forget a bout him completely. some may say where is the prevalence of justice? But wait, be patient and do something to help your people. Build yourself, build your country and stop moaning about that criminal from North. Blessed is the hand that works & mind that fight the good fight. THOUGH SHALL FALL MANY TIMES, YOU SHALL RISE TO THY FEET & SHINE A NEVER ENDING SHINING.

  • 17 July 2009 06:12, by oshay

    It is a disappointment and appropriate the President Bashir declined to go to Uganda. Uganda will in the end by the one as the loser, what Musieveni did in the past couple of days he must pay for it dearly.

    • 17 July 2009 06:39, by Axan


      Are you crying or else? I thought you proudly teethed el bashit as one of the bravest men on planet earth, and should fear nothing but God, thus, traveling anywhere should not be his concern. What happens then, your man cancelling trip after trip and being choosy where to visit?

      I think things are coming to square one for him...

      Good luck boy and your master....but don’t forget we will have a new master in the near future.


      • 17 July 2009 07:20, by Ajuscommando

        Ha Ha Haaaaaaa, President Bashir become clever than before. My stupid enemy, you would have not come back to Sudan from Uganda.
        I would like to tell Bashir that, you must to face justices in any condition you want in this world or you better kill yourself before UNSC take action against you. The fact should not be hide and nobody is above the law in this world since you sentence POW of JEM to death in Khartoum.


      • 17 July 2009 10:01, by peter marko

        To an Idiot and unsophisticated support of a notorious killer: Oshay

        You are an idiot and naïve individual. What will Uganda loose, as you claim? For your information, there is nothing your fucking boss could do to Uganda, should the last threaten to arrest him during his visit. Your threat to Uganda president, Musieveni, is nothing more than crying.

        What would you expect from a coward individual like your fucking boss, Al-Bashier. He does not have guts to go to Uganda, fearing that he could be arrested. He is scary like a trapped rat. Sooner or later, he will be arrested inside Khartoum by the warriors of Justice and Equality Movement. Dr. Khalil has said that in his next tour to Khartoum, he will arrest and apprehend Al-Bashier to ICC. Thus your fucking boss has no place to escape.

  • 17 July 2009 07:33, by Samson Shawel Ambaye

    God be with ICC UNSC government of Uganda and Botswana. Bashir the best friend of genocide criminal false rebel government of Ethiopia is now learning that he is a typical trapped rat.

  • 17 July 2009 08:35, by Mr Network

    Criminal all fear for their own life but for the other’s they don’t care Why bashir is fearing because of his nature describes him as "notorous Gang" and he must face his even if not In uganda his time is numbering sooner we are going to take him off-packet and throw into deem of hell and no future.

    • 17 July 2009 09:38, by Aparana

      Bashir is not fearing, this trip is not important.

      Misevini is the most stupid and the most coward president in Africa if not the whole world. When Bashir agreed to visit Uganda he knows very well that Uganda is an ICC member, there is no need for Misevini to cry, he should go ahead arresting Bashir, if he is brave, without disclsing the initial plan to the public media.

      Let me tell you Misevini is trying just to show the world that, he can arrest Bashir, but in the real sense he can not. This is cheap politics, Ocampo has threaten Misevini that, Uganda will possibly loss the 300 million euros annual aids from the EU, if he fails to arrest Bashir during the visit. Misevini knows he can not risk arresting Bashir, as Sudan will capture Uganda in not more than a week.

      Misevini is trying to rconsider the invitation.

      No fear Mr.Yuweri Kaguta Misevin, Bashir has heard your cry he will not come to Uganda.


      • 17 July 2009 17:50, by Kuot Santo Malook

        Thats so interesting Aparana, I think you are the fattest lair on the whole world. If I were you, I would have advise Bashir to go to Uganda, then you come and rescue him.
        About Ocampo, there is no any freaky evidence that shows that amount of Euro... This is another made up shit...
        I am very certain that you are paid to sew up un existing facts, which sometimes I call shit facts...

        Your husband is coming to an end of fucking you.. So the best thing to do is accompany him to his grave... Besides, cry little and remember that there are more men for you to moan for shortly..

        I don’t know how much you get paid to make milk tea for Bashir, Ummm?? I know that is his favorite...

  • 17 July 2009 10:32, by Ambago

    We still continue to read in the media that, the deputy Sudanese foreign minister Al-Samani Al-Wasila when asked about the participation of Bashir in the Kampala summit, the NCP minister said that nothing prevents him (Al Bashir) from attending the summit if it is deemed necessary and beneficial to Sudan as well as fitting into the president’s schedule.

    In response to what Al-Wasila said above concerning Al Bashir’s controversial trip to Uganda, the millions of the voiceless Sudanese strongly think that:

    1. It is in deed necessary for Al Bashir to go ahead with his trip to Uganda as this is going to be his first such trip to a country that is a signatory to the Rome Statue which led to the creation of the ICC as well as the first African country to refer its citizens to the ICC (the Khartoum backed, Ugandan rebels of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) of Joseph Kony). Because if he comes back from Uganda without being arrested then he proves to the whole world that the ICC is a toothless organisation and that the Sudanese diplomacy has out played the current propaganda campaigns carried out personally by the ICC Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo in the region.

    2. secondly the trip would be beneficial to the Sudanese people who are now suffering under Al Bashir’s totalitarian rule, the women being raped on daily basis in Darfur, and the dozens of women who are exposed to floggings if found wearing trousers and so on and so forth. This is the trip that may rid the voiceless Sudanese from this tyrant and a step towards the emancipation of the Sudanese masses from this Islamists misrule.

    3. This trip fits well with the Presidents schedule, because practically now it is Nafie Ali Nafie (The Presidential Assistant )and his cousin Salah Gosh ( The Sudanese Top Spy) who are running the Police State and Al Bashir has been officially released by the NCP to carry out trips both necessary or unnecessary to relief him from the stress of the awaiting inevitable Justices.

    So as long as the Ugandan government still keeps the appointment open, Al Bashir should do the Sudanese a favour by travelling to Kampala and see an end to all these scenarios.

    My personal message to those outside there, who still underestimated the role and power of the Civil Societies, should better open their eyes wider and see how these movements can influence the international politics.

    Just a quick reminder to Al Bashir, that his friend Jacob Zuma of south Africa (not necessarily being one) is now under pressure as to choose between his post of being an elected president of a democratic South Africa or looses it by encourage impunity in siding with Al Bashir. The answer is obvious and the reader does not even need to think twice.

    By Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba, United Kingdom.

  • 17 July 2009 11:05, by Father Critic

    Omer Bashir must face justice whether he wants or not.Whoever defending him is doing zero work.Criminals in Africa like him (Bashir) and him in Southern Sudan must face ICC.

    Critic Ngueny from Bor town

    • 17 July 2009 14:14, by Gogo

      These who cried for Bashir are his best friend and the are the people who are fuck and they recieved as a reward, countinou opening your Anus for Omar inorder to win that long await price. But remember Omar would not be your permant. he time has already come so you neednot to cry.

      • 18 July 2009 04:52, by Aduol Liet

        Good Question to MR, Omar Hassan al Bashir killer guy.

        How long are you going to hidding yourself in Sudan? Do you real understand what is mean by the International Law? To me I belief that, the only best way for Omar al Bashir is to give up to ICC Judges decison, because this is not the first time for the leader to be indicted in the world, it had happened many times in the world and I think you are wasting your time instaed of saying I will go to court rather than beating the bush around Africa. The good things for your refusal any way to go the court is that, I am sure that, the Northern Sudan will faces more and more situations than even the Darfurians people trust me for that. Another good things also from your refusal, we Sudanese people are hoping you to be caught like Rat if possible and that is good things, we Sudanese people should be praying for that, you must be capture alive or kill in near time because we need to change the Old system of Sudan government and put the SPLM In charge for the whole Sudan nation.

        The Sudanese people knew very well that, you help Saddam Hussein by contributing 2000 Sudanese troops and sent them to Iraq so that, they will go and fights with U.S. Troops as they did it exactly, this is a war crime because you are not from Middle East continent even though you are Arab Africa, you can not make contributed Troops to go and fought with U.S Troops in another continent that is wrong and I will be happy to see you in jail for some time. In Darfurian case, you and your Idiots National Congress Party have committed crimes against human. Your agenda was to get ride with they Sudanese none Arab African Tribes and yes, you did it there is no doubt about that, you did exactly what you have been trying all these years but never laughing your time is coming soon to follow those Darfurrians innocents people you have committed killing them recently. Do not hope for Military action, I want to advices you I know you are too stupid man like MR, Saddam. Take example on this. Saddam Hussein was so strong than any leader in the Middle East but ask yourself where is Saddam Hussein now? Those who want to make fear others nations in Military term are likely to be captured and I think Omar Hassan al Bashir is wasting his time, I can tell when I saw his face wearing uniforms like Saddam Hussein look familiar to be capture.
        Aduol Liet.

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