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US should not normalize relations with Sudan now – SPLM


July 30, 2009 (WASHINGTON) — The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) Secretary General has urged the United States to not normalize bilateral relations with Sudan and to maintain sanctions till the full implementation of a peace deal the former rebels signed with the government in 2005.

Pagan Amun, the secretary general of the SPLM, (AFP)

Pagan Amum was speaking before the US House Committee for Foreign Affairs on Wednesday July 29. His call comes at a time where the US envoy to Sudan recommended before US Senators today to ease economic sanctions and to remove Sudan from terrorism list.

Mr. Scott Gration said sanctions on Sudan are hampering efforts to bring peace to the country, including giving South Sudan the economic help to promote its autonomy.

Amum who opposed the lift of sanctions, said the "normalization of relations with Sudan should come as a result of the full implementation of the CPA, the achievement of Democratic transformation, through the conduct of a fair and free elections, and after the ending of the war in Darfur through a negotiated peace settlement."

Pagan warned the US legislators that the National Congress Party (NCP) "want to use the new posture of dialogue put forward by the Obama Administration to get the lifting of Sanctions, and the removal of Sudan’s name from the list of States Sponsors of Terrorism and to normalize relations with United States of America."

He further requested that the lifting of economic sanctions on Sudan can be considered if the NCP implements the following: "the demarcation of borders; the adoption of the referendum law and a National Security Act that respects freedoms; the lifting of press censorship; the institution of a transparent oil sector; the implementation of the PCA decision of Abyei, and the achievement of a monitored Ceasefire in Darfur."

Last June Washington hosted an international meeting to discuss the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. The two parties renewed their commitment to the full implementation of the deal and formed a tripartite committee with the US envoy to tackle their differences.


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  • 31 July 2009 06:57, by oshay

    Is Pagan Amoum an idiot, seriously what is wrong with this fool. The NCP didn’t need to sign a peace deal with the SPLA because it wasn’t even losing the war in the South and the SPLA was already losing momentum by the dawn of the millennium. However President Bashir agreed to give peace a chance and on condition that the North signs a peace deal is that the US remove all sanctions against Sudan. Not after the fulfillment of the peace deal and certainly not on the terms of the serpent SPLM

    • 31 July 2009 07:35, by Deng Magot Riem

      Not really Oshay.Pagan is a nationalist and a patriot. You are the real idiot. A short-sighted guy who fails to see beyond his own life let alone the life of the majority.Shut up and mind your own business.Let the affairs the nation flow as needed.

      • 31 July 2009 10:02, by mohamad adam

        look at the man
        pagan dont you know that we manage to make the mega divelopment without the usa and white people generali?
        it you and your lame administration who used on begging to survive

      • 31 July 2009 11:39, by Lodule

        Let’s think reasonably guys before lamenting alot on any comments.Politics is a dirty game,hence requires the study of a premonition looming ahead.Not only a matter of bravery of someone,Pagan has to concentrate on South sudan issues that this man so called Bashir is trying to block and hampering any CPA implementation and developmental issues in the South.Sanctions was impossed by the US government,hence lifting the sanction or normalizing relations with Sudan is a game between the two(Sudan and the US).

        Logically,I would appreciate if Mr.Pagan is to be brave on Khartoum government concerning issues of the South.Let anyone take a study of the recent situation between the South and the North,one would come to understand my point of view.


    • 31 July 2009 10:50, by ngor martyn jok

      Oshay,shut up..never even mention anything.
      your words spoil everything..u ’re so hopeless.

    • 31 July 2009 13:31, by Njara Ndarago

      Osay, or what so ever you called yourself, i know you very well and i will caught one day. You now seems to open your dirty mouth to affront leaders of South Sudan, a place where i acquired the knoledge that you now use to insult the people of South Sudan. You are very poor and because of little pounds you are given, you tend to abandon your people in order to make a living in Khartuom. Remember, at the end of the day you will have the answer for all action aganist the people of South Sudan when Bashir turn aganist you like what he did to the people of DarFur. Take care!


    • 31 July 2009 15:17, by Jamjamez

      I swear to God, You bitch Oshay or what every you are, you getting on my nerves and I will get your ass up into a big shit. dont forget I know you, Iam not like others you blindfolded here, I know you very well and I hope you remember me. I was once your friend but I will personally shut you down since you are turning against my people.

      • 2 August 2009 16:03, by Lokorai

        Mr. Oshay,

        You have the right word, Mr. Pagan is an idiot....

        Who will suffer from that sanction and when will this man learn from his bad mouthing against the government he’s party to it.


    • 31 July 2009 15:47, by Akoon

      Seriously Pagan is not an idiot not even a fool but you should describe your self with those silly terms, the terms "idiot and fool" exactly suits you Oshay.

      You are a fool and terrorist, i mean Oshay you and your terrorist party will not rule sudan forever.But let me tell you this, you are so lucky that south will be seperated from the north may be that where NCP will rule for another decade.
      So Mr maniac, i don’t think whether you know what you are talking about besides that SPLA is strong and faithfull don’t mess about.


    • 31 July 2009 17:49, by Madhoor

      It would be wise for your brutal regime to stick to peace that been put in place by PCA. If NCP not abide by it, and start war this time around, it will be their doom day because all people in Sudan are awake or alert and SPLM/A will not be only rebel groups that will fight NCP. Oshay,don’t suggest war for SPLA will be on the winning side. Us should and will maintain sanction against Sudan until all PCA procedures are completed.

    • 31 July 2009 18:32, by Abila Ocho

      Dear readers of Sudan tribune, many people always hate the truth to be said to them. Our friend Oshay is one of those types of people who did not believe on the truth but if you lie to him you will create good rapport with him. He will not bother if you are fooling him or not since he is after those who can deceive him and pampas his ideology whether it is wrong or not.
      These kind of people always makes the web site rich with news and moreso they are telling us the true colour of their feelings and what they thought of other Sudanese .

      Abila Ocho

    • 31 July 2009 19:31, by Dhieu Dok Minyang Monyjok

      Lifting of sanctions on Sudan must be dependent on full transformation of the regime. Pagan Amum deserves a credit for stating the view of SPLM clearly in front of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. That is what a nationalist would say given current political maneuvering by NCP. If NCP is given a chance to kill one politician from South, Pagan Amum will lead the list.


      As one of my friends puts it, you are the idiot, fool, bootlicker, tailwagger, traitor, egocentric who is furnished with goodies from NCP. You guys will be the first casualties if at all the war broke out again. SPLA will weed out NCP agents before bringing NIF and its friends down.

    • 1 August 2009 00:08, by Sala Gai


      It’s you who is idiot not Pagan Amoum.Amoum is the sersious guy in the SPLM/SPLA he is the one taking care of you stupid guys of Eqantorian not another people likely the one who is missleading you out from the light to the darkness.

    • 1 August 2009 07:06, by Johnny

      Without Washington/DR. John Garang’s Pressure on Khartoum, you could have not been there at your mum hut, enjoying jangjara and Bambie.

      If Washington lift sanction over Sudan, Southerners will never get a peaceful independent and that is why I don’t trust Obama’s International policies sometime especially toward Sudan.

      Mr. Say No Unity

  • 31 July 2009 06:58, by Maruon Ayiei

    What can I say about Pagan. He is above his pry and right in detialing the precedent that can lead to lifting the sanction. Khartoum is manipulative and an opportunistic.The Obama Administration need not to be mull by this totalitarain regime. Pagan, Keep it up. You got the guts and I like that.

    • 31 July 2009 07:14, by Maruon Ayiei

      Is Oshay an idiot, a paranoid or knucklehead? What is wrong with this goddamned ibirika holder? Why you cave in and sign your butts in that CPA if you don’t admit in loosing. Stop your stupid Arab ignorance and snift your ball off our affairs. No Bagaara or Arab that we need to meddling in our affairs. This time, we are sticking into your own jallabia. No joke and Pagan was right 100% to stucked to you folks.

    • 31 July 2009 07:14, by Joseph Makuer

      Absolutely, you are right Mr. Pagan. I miss George W. Bush. We need U.S to lift more sanctions in Sudan, and this is where the NCP will learn about their work toward the people of Sudan.

  • 31 July 2009 07:05, by Alier Mareet

    Thank to General Secretary of SPLM for his reply to Sudan envoy Gration pertaining lifting of sanction. Your comment is widely shared by the Southern Sudanese all over the globe. There is no need of lifting economic sanction from Khartoum regime without implementation all agreement signed with NCP. I think Mr Gration is an envoy to Khartoum Regime that is the reason he does not want to make consultation with marginalized people before releasing his damn comment. He is on an economic hit man who has lost moral dignity for his greedy and selfish plan whom we don’t share.

    Obama Administration has to be cautious and distanced itself from individuals like Gration who has shocked millions of peace loving people by his comment. Amum has hit the nail and should be supported by all marginalized people to square up regime with its sinister tactics of bribing or inducing people.

    • 31 July 2009 12:20, by Christopher Loro

      Gration, you are not a special envoy to Khartoum but a special envoy to Sudan.Mr Amum you are not only the Spla secretary general instead you deserve to be the president of the Sudan so keep up we are behind you.

  • 31 July 2009 07:29, by Deng Magot Riem

    Where shall I start? With Pagan OR with the so called Scot Gration? Well I will start any where.
    First and formost, Many thanks to Hon.SPLM secretary General Pagan Amuom. This is what is needed to many marginalized in the Sudan not only Southerners; brave response to any misstatement dispite who said it. For sure Pagan must be the only bravest living son of the marginalized. Keep up the good work Mr.Amuom sir.The apirit of the reality telling will always guide you. Long live your bravery.

    Back to Gen Scot, this is rediculous. To say no evident that Sudan suport terrorist. Did you really means this sir or is it a wrong choice of a word? The masses in the Sudan have to watch out aboutindividuals of such behaviors. Gration! an American wanting the regime in Khartuom out of the black list and ecconomic sanction lifed! hell no. He must be kiding. Graion must be a wolf in a sheep skin if he really meant what he aired out. Obama admistration have to send another special envoy to Sudan not special envoy to Khartuom.

  • 31 July 2009 07:36, by J.James

    Mr. Pagan

    Please take your dirty teeth to the dentist before exposing them to the public. We have found out that you are a puppet who is merely speaking to secure your bread and soup for the day.

    Mind you, removal of Sudan from economic sanction don’t only help the north but all the country especially the south which is still in need of development. Please stop your weak, barbaric, and egocentric politics and remember to mind your own business.

    Better know that your term is coming to an end, because we are working on bringing new faces to the system.

    I hope you copy word by word.

    God bless

    The writer is at the distant watches every step corruptors are taking against the country.

  • 31 July 2009 07:55, by jalabi

    Pagan, you are very sick person! you are a communist person and US was your first enemy, how you become worshiping and praying to congress now?? you become a communist disbeliever and Capitalism believer? you will never let Sudan or north rest even after south separate from north because you are nasty sick person!

    • 31 July 2009 08:28, by william wol

      What is wrong with Gration!!! Sudan should be resancts instead of lifting the already imposed sanctions,otherwise, gration was bought by warmongers in Kartuom to deteriorate the situation in the country.Abolutely, I have ageed with Pagan in all his statements pertaining Sudan US bileteral relation. I wish if all southerners have that kind of understanding towards kartuom regime and their allies.

      Sudan should remain in terrorist list till all its snags solve from east, west and south, thereafter, Gration will be requesting lifting of sanctions. I can not bothered to talk about oshay, unlogic dog and busta2 because they are lost dog with no tails.Pagan is going to lead the south after its independence.

      SPLM/A Oyee!!!! Amuom OYEE!!!.

    • 31 July 2009 09:00, by jalabi

      I think Khartoum government required to act very harsh and seriousely against this traitor Pagan and wait for him until he arrive Khartoum airport and arrest him and put him in jail, government should not allow him to put his dirty foot in any single place in the north, he should go through Kenya if he wants to go to Juba now on.

      • 31 July 2009 10:10, by mohamad adam

        brother jalabi pagan is in need of some cash he is used on that creating storys and then they send him some dollars and he change his words let him bark we arab have enough dollars to silent him

        • 1 August 2009 00:10, by Takpiny

          Mohammed adam
          “Said we Arab” you are damn wrong man to “say we Arab” while real Arab people are denying you identity of being Arab because they do know that northern Sudanese are Muslim but not Arab .

          Egyptian who converted you to joint Arab league knew that Sudanese’s are not Arab origin but politically just to support Arab for their crime.

          Pagan , is a real nationalistic Sudanese you can not silent him by $$$$$$ , remember that the language of money can talk is round down it does not work any more as you think.

  • 31 July 2009 08:39, by Simpleman

    You who are commenting sickly about Pagan are mentally sick in mind; you don’t have even a little politics inside your small brains. To me personal, I wish Pagan could have been the 1st vice present of Sudan; Arabs could have not been opening their decayed teeth any how. He and Harman are the only icons in the SPLA/M that the arabs fears most and the ones I have the trust and hope upon.

    Long live Pagan, long live Harman. Keep-up

  • 31 July 2009 11:53, by Father Critic

    Well done Mr Pagan Amuom.A realman does not fear.Don’t be like coward Nuer and Equatorians who normally dance to the tune of Khartoum.

    Critic Ngueny fom Bor town

    • 31 July 2009 14:27, by Aparana

      Do you think America is going to do what thsi Poor Pagan tells them to do? wake up man, America already has a foreind policy stretegy it only cares about its own interest. Don’t daydream that, a solution to our problems is going to come from America.


  • 31 July 2009 14:45, by Justin Chicago opiny

    Guys,Sudan does not need strongmen,but knowlegeable,developmental,respect for human right and the right for individual to choose their God and religion. If we have a leader of that calibre that is all sudan needs.Leave alone leaders who want to stay in power by changing constitution and using religion as a tool to stay in power.

    • 31 July 2009 16:06, by Samani

      SPLM - This means treason & war. You greedy SOB parasites. When you as people contribute to Sudan then say what you will. But since the lazy GOSS totally rely on the north to sustain some sort of life in the South ! Id keep you big mouth shut Mr Anum.

      Typical, you cant defend yourselves so you get the big bad bear to do your dirty work, Like Oshay said, the northern army was about to whip you off the map. If it wasn’t for the US intervention & they promised the North normalization of relations. The US also wants good relations with the North to pull Sudan (north) away from china. You dont mean anything to anyone cause your no use to anyone even yourselves. Good luck Mr. Anum, the train is coming, you & your little Gorilla Army cant do anything about it.

      • 1 August 2009 08:08, by mohamad adam

        your pagan needs to go back to school it seems that the years he spent in the bush reduced his political knolege and he is backdated
        and it is a pitty after the schoolar and the most patriotic sudanese the seasoned politician the late dr garang the leadership of the south sudan became under such primitive person pagan
        does he think that the usa foreign polici is determined like sudan or any other african country?
        simpli you bord a plane to washington and tell them to do so and stop so?
        your standard of handling things may work on maridi town council but not the usa foreign policy

  • 31 July 2009 19:08, by braveheart

    Pagan is both right and wrong. His right on the notion that he still instigating the beliefs that "Khartuom is too deformed to reform", (Quote from Garang By the way) while SPLM is not part of the leadership in Khartoum with FVP and key ministerial positions in the GONU. His wrong this time because last June his secretariate confirmed committment to partnership with NCP to implement the CPA and normalize Sudan’s relation with the International Community. Having said this, it is easy to see that Pagan needs more consultancy to carry his job effectively but unfortunate they don’t listen they only want to be listen to which is too bad for all!!!!

    • 31 July 2009 20:06, by Kim Deng


      Mr. Pagan is wrong on his concept because the great and brave Lion cannot be directed by party let alone someone like himself(Pagan.) GoSS as a party must not always depend on others instead of facing its own challenges.

      Mr. Jalabi, Don’t worry about which side Mr. Pagan and his party sided with as far as the politic of game concerned. If I can ask, what make your arabized Nubian govt/NIF to side with Cuba or Russia as we speak?

      It is a matter of damn 18 months to say goodbye.

      • 1 August 2009 03:24, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

        Mr Pagan was only exercising his freedom of speech and opinion as a southerner and a Secretary-General of SPLM/A. He was definitely representing the views of the majority of Southerners and that of his party SPLM. He is correct there because Khartoum is too advanced in the game of changing positions with different diplomatic, political, regional, international situations. Look from being arch-supporters of Al-qaida to being their traitors to suit their condition to cling on to power. We should not forget that the present CPA came as a result of pressure from Washington, USA and most notably the then Sudan Peace Act which was to passed into a law that could have given a blow to Jallaba for their crime against humanity. It is not suprising that they can change their position any time when their interests are made.

  • 1 August 2009 05:47, by Oduck Bol

    Pagan Amum wants to keep his position ,But your position is less than lieves of millions in Sudan. So you think all people get pay check or working every month like you. Iam asking God of south to elminate all those who do not do good thing to his people.

    • 3 August 2009 06:13, by Nguetbuny de Luelpiny

      To anyone who dislike Pagan Amum and SPLA/M. if you like them or not, they will rules this nation. this man has offer his blood and still loyal it.

      Who ever insult him and SPLA/M are like barking dog at the Camel,while it walking by doing it staff. Sudan can not be rules by some people who are generating tribal hatred. like logic boys and Arab slave oshay party.

      They just need leadership without offering their blood to it and loyalty. SPLA/M is the only Party that will liberates Sudan out from hell we are in.

      Thank you

      Nguetbuny de Luelpiny

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