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North & South Sudan trade accusations over oil revenue


August 18, 2009 (KHARTOUM) — The two dominant ruling parties in Sudan today traded accusations over issues related to transparency in the distribution of oil revenue and the control over the industry.

The speaker of Sudan national assembly Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Tahir called on South Sudan to “exercise transparency with its citizens and unveil the fate of $8 billion in oil revenue received over the last four years”.

Al-Tahir speaking at a forum attended by representatives of oil producing states said that the responsibility to provide services and development in South Sudan lies with the semi-autonomous government.

However, the energy minister in the Government of South Sudan (GoSS) John Luke warned that the sentiment among Southerners is that they are being unfairly treated.

Luke added that citizens in the South believe that they will be better off if they secede so that they can enjoy 100% of the oil revenue instead of the 50% share as mandated by the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).

He also accused the energy ministry of withholding information on oil production and that Southerners are underrepresented at the oil industry.

But Ahmed Al-Hassan Al-Zebeir the federal energy minister dismissed Luke’s claim saying that oil produced in South accounts for only 13% of GDP.

Al-Zebeir added that there is lack of security in the South and that there is lack of coordination with the oil commission.

Both the North and the South is heavily dependent on oil exports which has declined significantly as the world demand for the crude was severely curtailed in the wake of the global financial crisis.


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  • 19 August 2009 09:21, by oshay

    I totally agree the serpent SPLM must open up the books and tell everyone where that money has gone.

    repondre message

    • 19 August 2009 09:40, by John Migie

      A true Government most tell its citizens how it as spent the national income, but a government dominated by Dinkas as no value it. All they do is destroying the country.
      But how can you destroy what you fought for 21yrs that keeps some of us thinking differently.

      repondre message

      • 19 August 2009 11:44, by Aduol Liet

        John Migie.
        You guys have nothing to talk about, could you ask SOhay how many billions did they builts Khartoum alone leave the whole Sudan. Narrow minds is real a big problem in common, but try to ask yourself also that, is Southern Sudan one Region or more than 9 Regions?

        Aduol Liet.

        repondre message

    • 19 August 2009 10:08, by peter marko

      To Oshay

      What about NCP regime? Why they are reluctant not to publicize some key figures about oil deal. And why they should not tell the public how much oil is being produced. Sine 1996 they have been dishonest about how much revenue does oil annually generate so that they could get away with a proportion of oil revenue that they steal annually.

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    • 19 August 2009 10:13, by Abuoi Jook

      Well, Oshay, transperancy must start with Government of National Unity from Ministry of energy and Mining by revealing to government of Southern Sudan the daily oil produce per barel.

      Without that, i wonder what transperancy you are talking about when the other part of the government is not shown oil sale.

      Don’t try to remove speck in SPLM eye before you remove a big log in the NCP eye. Hope you got the point there!

      yes you might be right in asking SPLM to account for $8billion, but that’s not enough if you don’t call for NCP to open up for SPLM the sale of oil per barel. that’s a fact and must be done unless SPLM is run by weak like the GOSS president Salva Kiir and his Vice President Dr Riek.

      repondre message

    • 19 August 2009 12:22, by mathem jech amer


      You are really a foolish person I have ever found. Where do you think the salary for the army, government officials or civil servants, and other especially institutions come from? What about sponsoring students in Juba University, BG university, Upper Nile university and other universities, where does GOSS gets the money?

      What about building juba streets, roads and bridges, airports? Just to mention some. Please go with your greed to the north, you know nothing about politics. Clean toilets, wash the dishes and be sexually abused to become a good Muslim.

      repondre message

      • 19 August 2009 13:55, by Hardlinner

        mathem jech amer, i would start directing my question to southerners. the question is, you have 100 pound cash in your hand and you want to but something that costs you 50 pound, what will be your balances?. i hope your balances will not be 100 pound but 50 pound.
        so the question of where 8 billions has gone should not be use by those who don’t even know simple mathematics.
        i’m not saying that there haven’t been some corruption, but i believe 99.9% of that 8 billions has been used for paying government ministers, civil servants, army, road construction and many more you name it.

        if the mathematic of NIF varies with nature rules of mathematic in the world then they are right.
        we believe that 100-60=100 according to NIF theory.

        NIF should not hide behind premature claims of where 8 billions dollars gone in south but rather should talk where 800 billions oil money has gone in their(NIF) hand.
        question of transparency should start with NIF which as been drilling millions of barels oil per day in south and put oil output to just 500,000 barels per day.

        come on SPLM sue NIF for it wide spread corruption on oil industry.
        they(NIF) should not hide their corruption on the expenses of SPLM. NIF is not legitimate government to pose false claim on legitimate SPLM party.
        bashir and his party are just bunch of criminals which needs to be arrested without any preconditions.

        NIF where is 800 billions of oil money you been stealing from south and other marginalised areas.
        we all that NIF is billions times more corrupt than SPLM.
        where is 800 billions let alone just 8 billions the (NIF) been talking about.

        hardlinner is true south sudan patriot.
        long live south indenpendent, to hell with unity

        repondre message

    • 19 August 2009 12:39, by korenilo A.

      To oshay

      You are totaly blind by your ncp -dc arabs way of sheating .God is watching you those trators who has joint hands to finish innocent lifes in south,remember that what goes around come around.one day you will be regreatfull having been supporting your NCP polices like DR turabi.the 8 billion do you realy belived those maggot of your could realse to south, you kidding.the have realse but devert it to china for buying weapons.those are figures made up while eating fulu misir in khartuom .you better open your eyes and see the realty about NCP.

      repondre message

    • 19 August 2009 17:59, by Gringi

      Oshy your voice is the tool of your trade, remember, it is not what you say, but how you say it. the articulation of your oration base on your personal judgement.I constantly read the forum, but as you have grouped yourself as a leader of the government with unrealistic and injustice, I argue you to learn from the past. we are Sudanese, one nation and one country.

      you have lectured alot about the SPLA/M but it doesn’t mean that you are completely the child of never do well, of course you are. should you please humble yourself, people get upset of your interlectual disability and I wonder how you were born. How can you praise the Government which kill his own people, pay al-qaida/terrorists and split the country into so many parts.?

      Not because I’m from a particular religion, party or pay special attention to what you mean but also to encourage you to make an end to what immeasurable insults sudanese posted against your family and parents because of your irresponsible behavious. "Hornbill problem is Hornbill problem" you don’t need to copy or praise what incapable Bashir have done to Darfur, South or Sudan entirely. of course you may shallow incorrect statement from Omer that Darfurians and Southerners are completely wrong but they are not according to human rights.

      repondre message

    • 19 August 2009 20:54, by Arochthon

      I think Mr. Oshay is more worse than Omar Hassan who is the well known genocidaire in Sudan just because he is politically dead more than the child born overnight.Omar is better because although many people have died during the course of liberation he is not finger pointing at the government of South Sudan but this young terrorist want to talk nonsenses about south Sudan what does he know about us? Just go to Iraq where you originated.

      repondre message

    • 19 August 2009 21:37, by black man world

      Do you think you will built the country with 8billin dollars stupid? south sudan is bi9 and there is alot of problem to be covered okay and 8billion aint shit for a country starting out of no were, there is no route no house no toilet, no cars i mean nothing at all so tell me how will you start if you were southern sudanese. The fact is i didnt even get a dime of them money but the beging is alwayz tought but letter fixs so quit belaming some dumb shit on people, khartum is just a city thatz why you think you guys are devolope unlike south sudan is a country like kenya, uganda, burindi and runda tell me how could you serve them with 8billion when they just got out of nothing. 8billion in US is just a high way money nothing more.

      repondre message

    • 26 August 2009 08:52, by suffeeyo

      SPLM is the party that can delivery the values people of Sudan need, not just only Southern Sudan but the Sudan generally, NCP Congress Party had been ruling for nearly half century now but Sudan still remain a poorest nation in African Contient,

      when i hear people talking about how good NCP is, i just have to remian them, this is a fail party which rules with fear, unlike NCP Congress Party, SPLM had been office just for 4 and half years and had done what NCP had not done for 50 years,

      SPLM Sudan’s People Liberation Movement is the only Party i see in Sudan that can bring peace in Darfur, Unlike National Congress Party had done nothing but killing inconcents people,

      Go SPLM, and Say with me SPLM oyeeeeeeee
      Suffeeyo oyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      So this are the facts you can Dispute them

      repondre message

  • 19 August 2009 09:39, by BUSTA 2

    Brother Oshy SPLM will never be transparent as long as money is concern!!

    What you have said is correct but as long as the government is still under the corrupted currenty government nothing will yield.

    South Sudan has clearly failed with to do something with the money they are getting from oil revenue. The six years which was given to SPLM is finishing and if see what is happening in South you will not believe your eyes.

    Let us just wait for 2011 so as to get rid of the fake govenment who sleep while guessing for more $$$$$$$$$.

    Brother in Christ,

    Busta 2

    repondre message

    • 19 August 2009 10:18, by Jok 011

      Dear Mr Luke, good job, Omar El-Bashir goverment had been sheating the Southerners on that 50% oil money, so fight, we are with you. Don’t listen to Oshay and Busta. they are just bullies, they don’t know what they are doing because they have mental illness.

      repondre message

      • 19 August 2009 10:23, by John Migie

        But if we can not use the little we have at the moment what about when more oil is discovered in the south what will happen Mr Luke believe Busta and Oshay. Lets develop with the little we have pliz.

        repondre message

        • 19 August 2009 11:19, by Mabior Ayuen Dengajok

          To those who call Goss government as “Dinkasism system”, well let it be what you call it, let’s look at the facts of two civil wars fought in Sudan history, first war erupted in 1950s, since the Equatorian people start the revolution war lead by Joseph lugo was a failed movement and nothing was achieved, the only thing he achieved was Arab female whom he was bribed to marriage, the Anya nya One leadership finally torn apart and people starting wondering why most of lives been shattered.

          Joseph was blinded in wrong approach until the visualization of the war was totally thrown into rubbish bin, so folks try to think twice before throwing hatred message on what you call Dinka administration.

          If you are doubting and need to know how those eight billions have been spend, they have been well used up into different sections: states have their budges, military budge, roads have been built.
          Most of you were “on run” during war until peace was as a final point achieved that where you start coming to South Sudan and you now saying it’s your country beside you call Uganda your own country to protect your self right within their territory.

          I think you guys need to learnt more about our history, most of you luck enough history and that why you so confused by calling SPLM as Dinka liberation.
          What can I say?......................it’s waste of time responding to those folks who exposed bias.

          repondre message

    • 19 August 2009 21:48, by black man world

      Dumb busta i guest you lost your job from SPLM concerning your stupidy that why you became so hatefull against SPLM/SPLA my point is brother my father fought this war untireless and never give up with out a dime they hardly eat food in the front line. So tell me if you were there not geting food and money will you even shot your enemy since you are so on to money like gearge washington? Brada it was not long ago when SPLA forces were in war with SAF or your army them SAF get paid or they eat good food then they shot harder and tougher, so give me a clear answer do you want the warrior to give up when the food is here and handed to the coward who was running from war because of food? Man you are playing games am not triblistic but you are so stupid. If you were the one fighting man i will respect your patroitic move and if you want to do any thing with your freedom do it is your you gain it with your sweat is up to you to give me what you have and i dont have right to hate you.

      repondre message

  • 19 August 2009 10:44, by Kur

    What has security in the South to do with telling us how much money the oil brings to Sudan’s economy? Again, it is stupid enough to tell us that the oil produced in the South accounts for 13% of the total production in the Sudan. What a joke. Drink as much oil as you want now, but the time is coming when you will run dry in the desert without more oil from the South. We have been patient for over fifty years, and so we will wait for eighteen months. Again I want to say this; you specialized in stealing our resources, but time has come for you to go to hell.

    $8 billion is all South Sudan need since creation to bring about meaningful development or what does this idiot called Tahir mean by "unveiling the fate of $8"? The people of South Sudan are not naive to be lectured with nonsense. You cannot talk on our behalf because you cannot tell others to be transparent while you are not. The portion of oil money the people of Sudan are aware of is the amount received by the Government of Sudan. Can you tell me how much money Sudan has received since oil production started? Evil thieves, your greedy hearts will never fill up with anything.


    repondre message

  • 19 August 2009 12:18, by Nhial Reath Thoan

    Those expensive cars our brothers most from Dinka tribe are driving is the results of what the Government of Southern Sudan are accused for ,corruption and tribal killing, because Dinkas confused about what is Governmentship with what they think that is their rights by treating each other as specials than other tribes in Southern Sudan.

    But I advice you brothers from the marginalizing tribes to just keep watching on what is fair and justice , because what so called government is not up to Dinkas or National concern but universal concern. The International community will have a said about what kind of Government in Southern Sudan governed by Dinkas is and they will pay the price at last unless they will be tactiful to recall What modern day Governance and rule of justice and human rights are.

    No one has right even the President to own what is for country to be his private rights this is what we call failing of transparency and accountability. And if the Government lack these things there is nothing to be call Democracy in it , and it shall be called undemocratic Government.

    If we return back to our issue of oil revenue in sudan according to Comprehensive Peace Agreement , there are difficult questions waiting for the Present day Government
    of South about transparency and Accountability. Because the Government senior staff , the ministers and the President are defending their corruption cases with the accusation of Government of National Unity by saying that we get 50% of what we don`t know while everything are there in the CPA . Should anyone of you( Southern Sudanese Community ) keep reading the CPA you will get that our Government has alot of problems failed to governance us for sure.

    Forexample according to oil sharing Agreement , National Petroleum Commission(NPC) the parties agree that an independent National Petroleum Commission shall be established during the pre- Interim Period and its decision shall be by consensus.

    Taking to account the provision elsewhere in this Agreement , the NPC shall be constituted as follows:
    a) The President of the Repulic and President of the GoSS as co-chairs and permanent members;

    b)four (4)permanent members representing the National Government ;

    c) four (4)permanent members representing the GoSS ; and

    d) not more than three(3) representatives of an oil producing State/Region in which petroleum development is being considered, non-permanent members.

    And the functions of NPC are there as follows: Read the Comprehensive Peace Agreement on Wealth Sharing Page 51 and 52 , specially 52 National Petroleum Commission.Here the Question comes to my mind, if we appoint those representatitives to represent us in our oil sharing agreement .

    How for God his seek , we lose what is our sharing without being known. And what is the use of their being elected to represent the country/region, if what we agreed up on returned to be our lose.

    repondre message

    • 19 August 2009 13:06, by Aparana

      What if unity state demands 50% of the oil revenue produced in Unity, I think it will will make the state better than what it is, or they should try to seceede (from the North and the South and establish a new independent state, it can only pay for the pipe line rental to Khartoum.

      Do you think this scenario will not comeup, if the current GOSS continues like this?


      repondre message

    • 19 August 2009 14:40, by Hardlinner

      Nhial Reath Thoan if you arabized nubian, then i won’t blame you and if your southerner then you are fool

      to put thing straight, i believe, Nhial Reath Thoan that you do reason but have been blindfolded by hatre toward dinkas.

      i know who you are , but it will be regretful to say that when arabized nubians discover oil in your own state, they didn’t hesitate to killed your own people and push off them oil zone.some of those killed might include some of your relatives.

      those arabs wannabes you are trying to trust are nothing other than nightmare your own survival.

      my friend dinka are not your enemies but you are rather enemy to yourself and those who share your unreasonal vision.

      it too sad to realised that south sudan is so full of fools who don’t know what poses threat their own existent.

      southerners, the card we are playing is between indenpendet for southerners and unity for northerners. it has nothing to do with corruption or welfare of southerners.
      can’t you southerners questions yourselves as to why NIF have all sudden been caring for welfare of southerners. we all know that khartoum governemnt has never been good to southerners since they got indenpendent from british.

      they(NIF) is fighting to unite sudan and exterminate us(southerners) as we become powerless to fight for our lives.

      I reitterate again that NIF does’t care about southerners, but rather care for unity, which they hope to steal our land and its resources by force, and while killing whoever resisting their rules as they have already done in the past.

      repondre message

      • 19 August 2009 20:49, by mack waweru

        We have two governments in Sudan and hunderds of political parties. Whoever is dissatified with Government of South Sudan and SPLM is free to join any of these diverse components in our country.
        For those vultures who don’t want Dinkas in the South,they should better immigrate to our nine neighbouring countries.
        Dinkas don’t share any boundaries with these countries, but the rest do.
        People like Oshay, their ignorance is good in dome circumstances with Southerners. The world forced SPLM and GoS to conclude CPA and demanded both sides to make unity attractive to Southern citizens. But the position of Oshay, NCP,SPLM-DC, and other black Arab southerners makes separation attractive too. That is good for me when separation is made attractive due to negative actions of these forces of Doom.

        Mack Waweru

        repondre message

  • 20 August 2009 03:14, by Angelo D.

    What we southerners need is a good public accountability. We need development in the south , we need employment opportunity in the south . The Government of National Unity need to be fair with southerners, we need one of our representative in the department of energy and mining in the government of National Unity . We don’t need bully toward southerners at this time of juncture, we south need our share of oil without trading accusation period .

    repondre message

  • 20 August 2009 11:53, by Othogomoi

    I don`t agree with the Goss-ministry of Energy & mining, because there are doing nothing in south-Sudan.how many boreholes in south Sudan that are producing and how many are being drilled now, they don`t know,because they are not serious with this issues.how many southerners are there in oil field working inn the name or on behave of Goss, that is sending report directly to Goss-ministry of energy & mining.no body, shame on you,what a suprise, that the undersecretary in the ministry of Energy &mining didnot visit GONU-ministry of energy & mining,even he did not know the staff there, he did not like them saying there are Jalabas,while you eat the the money being sent from there.
    if GOSS-representatives are sent to oil field, they just remain at base camp, then occasion are done to them, then return back to Juba,without knowing anything there.
    i blamed our GOSS,they are not serious, upto now they didnot train fellow southerners to overtake or repalce those who are in the field when secession comes,this means we are going to depend on foreigners again after referendum.
    we graduates, but they dont want to train them,only eating training funds, now why do blame northerners,while you didnot send your people to oil field, or you don`t have cadres,technical people to be represented,while they are there but you dont`t give them chances.
    think about this careful, who is to be blamed for

    repondre message

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