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Libyan leader accuses Israel of fueling Darfur conflict


September 1, 2009 (KHARTOUM) — The Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi blasted Israel accusing it of standing behind the six year conflict in Sudan’s Western region of Darfur.

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi gestures after a lavish outdoor theatrical performance at Green Park in Tripoli, Libya, late night Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2009 (AP)

“The Israelis have a card to play, they say we are a minority in the world, consequently, we support all minorities. They look for minorities in any country especially in Africa: they claim they support these minorities and they make alliance with them against the majority,” Gadhafi said in a speech before the African Union (AU) special summit held yesterday in Tripoli.

The summit attended by Sudanese president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir, is held under the theme of resolving conflicts in Africa.

“Their [Israelis] policy is clear, and they are behind this faction in Darfur. This is a reality, for the office which is in Tel-Aviv and the head of this faction which calls itself, the liberation of Darfur is supported by Israelis and he is now under the protection of France, he might be a terrorist or a rebel but he is under protection a member state of the United Nations and his revolt is supported by these countries,” Gadhafi said.

The Libyan leader was referring to the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) led by Abdel Wahid Al-Nur, which publicly announced last year that it inaugurated an office in the Jewish state.

Dealings with Israel are considered a taboo in the Arab and Islamic world. Sudanese officials often point fingers at Israel saying it is financing and supporting Darfur rebel groups.

Gadhafi echoed the same accusations while addressing the AU summit.

“I am saying that Israelis have a big role in Africa in instigating these disputes and problem in Darfur is clear proof since they are impudently and openly behind this crisis and any African country with minority will be supported by the Israelis,” he said.

The Libyan leader who is also the AU chairperson called on African states to expel Israeli embassies saying that Israel “is not a state, but a gang that declared its creation unilaterally on a disputed land”.

“Do not be deceived by the Israelis , they will not give you useful aid since they take rather than give and you can see for yourselves which country benefited from the Israelis,” he said.

Libya is currently involved in trying to bring Darfuri factions together to negotiate with Khartoum. It had attempted to host peace talks two years ago but it broke down after the major rebel groups boycotted it.

At the time, Gadhafi described the Darfur conflict as a “quarrel over a camel” and that the IDP’s “are enjoying the free food offered by aid agencies”.

The UN estimates that up to 300,000 people have died and 2.7 million have fled their homes amid violence that started six years ago in Darfur.


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  • 2 September 2009 07:33, by Maruon Ayiei

    The Israelis have free ride in southern sudan. If they wish to have embassy or settle in the south sudan, they are more welcome.

  • 2 September 2009 07:37, by oshay

    Of course they’re behind the Darfur conflict. Incase most of the Zombie SPLM/Israel supporters don’t know, under Nimeri Israel gave weapons and training to the Sudan National Army to fight the SPLA in the south however it stopped when Nimeri got overthrown.

    Regardless all the advocacy groups are run by jews seeking to punish sudan for its support of Hezbollah and Hamas also because its trying to distract the world from its occupation of palestine by painting Arabs as evil (the main narrative of the Darfur conflict) so that no one has sympathy for them either in Iraq or Palestine.

    It’s a shame Southerners don’t see that they’re being used.

    • 2 September 2009 08:03, by Dinka Boy

      Shut up Oshay, SPLA/M need peace and equality for Marginalized people. My friend if you know history, Darfur were used against Southern Sudan(SPLA/M) during South- North war. They were used to kill civilians, raid cattles, burn houses, and fought SPLA, but Criminal Bashier didnt respect them. We Southerners love peace for those who are oppressed,so we love darfurians to be free from oppressers of Khartoum. This time North need to be careful because SPLA/m and Darfurians knowns the truth, and they can cratched enermy that oppressed them.

      Oshay is completely Arab because he knows Slamic states very well, and their history.
      If you know history, Sudan was supported by IraQ, USA( during Regean Administration), Hamas, etc.
      I belived you never hold Ak-47( new IraQ), SPLA never mind about those help, why you mind about peace in Darfur that they get from Isreal. In fact, Majority of Arab are devil and selfish like Oashay.
      Mr D boy

      • 2 September 2009 08:25, by oshay

        Hey Dinka boy, your tribe killed 2 million Nuer during the 1990s so don’t talk about marginalized people when you land grabbing criminals rob the South.

    • 2 September 2009 08:27, by Mayom Mading Agau

      "Whether the knife falls on the melon or the melon on the knife, the melon suffers, African proverb."

      And so, even if there are considerable factors in the conflict from both waring sides, change is still needed in the governing system of NCP by accepting other Sudanese people’s point of views and participation in the government.

      If not Darfuris or anybody under that regime will suffer and continue to suffer.

    • 2 September 2009 20:14, by Machine

      Please Oshay don’t be good for nothing.The stupid Gaddafi is accusing the Israel for their victory over Muslim.Do you think the atrocities being held by the damn Bashir cannot be fought against?.

    • 2 September 2009 21:59, by Peter Aarai

      Woow wooow!!!! people leave Gadaffi alone, he didnt mean to what he talking about, if so, why not attacking the Isreal. Im only fans to one arab president which former Iraqis president Saddam Hussien man of action not by words like gaddaffi, Omar el bashir who Isreal strike inside Sudan and it has been keeped secret by official without not be known by public.after five months later when Isreal said that they have strike weapons which were to be smuggled to hamas militian. let’s see if libya and Sudan can be able to afford attacking isreal n see how isreal will responded in an hour of attack.

      hahahahahahah hahahahahahah haahahahhahahahahah hahahahah libya and Sudan scared from Isreal which is very tiny state.

  • 2 September 2009 08:00, by BBCs

    this is not an approiprate way to talk mr Gadhafi or god.whatever they call you. what wrong with some who try to help minorities? do you support the slaughtering of these minorities by your brother from another mother omar bashir? i think the leader who elected you to be AU chairperson have no ideas what it take to be a leader. do you like to cause another problem with Israel now? do you think your word are worthy? you need an advisor mr gaddafi


  • 2 September 2009 08:14, by Dinka Boy

    Mr Libya president, whenever you are leading a country, there are qualification that need to considered;
    Self awareness, emphathy, Sympathy, Motivation, self- confident. Every time when i saw his image, the AU leader seem reacting like as if he is not a leader.
    Please use leadership style; hide your reaction instead of prevealing to the public.
    I agree that Darfur need to be peaceful from the Arab northen Sudan, but Bashier still demote them. Please they are free to work with SPLA/M, or you help them get to freedom.

  • 2 September 2009 08:16, by Ahmed

    Oshay scorrrsssss!!!

    Oshay vs all south sudanese bloggers!! Oshay by himself got a brain bigger then all of them combined,

    • 2 September 2009 08:26, by oshay

      hahaha, thanks Ahmed

      • 2 September 2009 14:46, by James

        Mr. Oshay is now gigling simply because the man called himself Ahmed. cheer up man.

    • 2 September 2009 12:14, by Sudan Landlord

      You are not worth knowing my people’s jobs.
      Anyhow, for your information the work at hand as of now and priority number 1 of 1 is silencing and disciplining those who fuck you and your donkey farmer Oshey day and night for the sake of food and money stolen from Hollyland (Southern Sudan).
      This is the Job my people have at hand leave along other part time jobs which you are not clean enough to know.
      I will come back to disclose for other Jobs Southerners are engaged at by January 2011 when i believe by then you, Oshey and other poor donkey farmers might have learned and are ready to turn to the true GOD and ready to follow Jesus Christ who was sent to save all in the world and though the wise men (Southerners) respect for human being as being image of GOD.
      It will be disaster for you maggots.
      Sorry, for you.

    • 2 September 2009 23:30, by mohamad adam

      oshay i do visit this website purposely to read your short but seasoned coments keep it up pleas 1 against 1000 but still you managed them congs brother

  • 2 September 2009 08:28, by mayor

    Mr Muammar Gaddafi, you must rething before you made any statement,lat me remind you this who had been opprssed these black people whom were called themselves Arab just because of Islamic religion.

    I dont want to extend my tongue on you because what you have stated last week about South Sudan future in 2011, was realy based on realty and thanks for that valuable support.

    and when it comes to Darfur problems please dont atack Israel, they are innocences in this problem please talk to Bashir to find agenuine solution rather to denial their demand.

    I hope you understand me.

  • 2 September 2009 08:30, by Ahmed

    waow! it seems like u southern sudanese have no jobs! I see u guys like waiting for Oshay to leave a comment and u guys reply right away, I guess thats a good way of speeding time.

    Anyway, if u guys want jobs come to my house in khartoum I got jobs for u guys! They are ok jobs so dont worry, I wouldnt give my southerner sudanese brothers a bad job. :)

    • 2 September 2009 09:10, by Dinka Boy

      Mr Ahmed, do yo know how Oshay react to your support? He said hahaha, which mean an insult if you dont know my friend.
      Back to your job in Khartoum, Pls Dinkas can nt accept that job you are advertising. Dinkas choose to die rather to be slave. I think you know those who can go?. Why not invite Oshay, Busta2, Big logic, SPLA-DC members, Lam Akol etc mr Amed if you are serious having a job in your house.
      Pls Ahmed if you Arab,then I will be glad but if Southern Then I will be sad because u like being Slave

      • 2 September 2009 15:14, by James

        This D boy had never been to Khartoum since he was born and he doesn’t know how many D boys are there serving their Arab masters in their houses. 75% of southern sudanese in the north are dinkas. Mr. Ahmed is now asking for more D boys because he know that they are the ones who are more experts in those jobs. please, hurry up and get the job Mr Dinka boy. Don’t west your time posting shits about Aliap Dinka. Everybody in the south nows who you are; MONKEY LIBERATORS in Equatoria. You did a good job because Equatorians are now free from monkeys and their nuts are not being destroyed by monkeys anylonger. But again you become more distructive than monkeys to equatorian lives. please BOR, go back home to Jonglei or we will call lou nuer to come and collect you back the same way they displaced you.

      • 2 September 2009 23:37, by mohamad adam

        james and ahmad both of you are not civilised and you are draging us to a very cheep and shallow argument what you are vomitin is dissgusting pleas keep respect to each other and stop that cheep coments it is hurting evry body

      • 3 September 2009 00:12, by mohamad adam

        james and ahmad both of you are not civilised and you are draging us to a very cheep and shallow argument what you are vomitin is dissgusting pleas keep respect to each other and stop that cheep coments it is hurting evry body

    • 2 September 2009 09:27, by Riangnom

      So what who cares ! Politics is like a hookers they can switching point from time to time. Why did Gadaffi quit to support SPLA/M in 1988 and then turn himself to support NIF? So Gadaffi should not say that because he does the same thing, for what reason he blame Isreali? Isreal are more welcome in Darfur and in South, like it or not.You Son of a whore name Oshay or [O-guecman amook] now we know exactly who you are from now onward don’t waste your time to pretend. Oshay is not your really name, we have identify you very well and your location. Oshay your mom have a brothel in Khartoum right now; you are being abusing Southerners because you thinking that no body will know who you are. Listen insect you are now in element code.] MOO-MUUR THIETH ]
      No thank

    • 2 September 2009 10:57, by Sudan Landlord

      You Londo,

      If you thought South Sudanese have forgotten their Unity in the struggle against you murderers always stay on this website and know that for millenniums Southerners are determined to silence your barbaric acts.
      All the reactions to this ghost called Oshey whom i belief you always goes for a fuck by him are clear signals of NO WAY for you satanic creatures to get back to Holyland (Southern Sudan).
      Dry in your desert and cry to Bashir, yourself and your devil Mohamed who deceived you ignorant animals that killing and oppressing other innocent human beings will earn you eternal life. You are the cause of your own hell.

  • 2 September 2009 09:20, by Ahmed

    I cant be insulted in this site!! because it dosent break me or build me! I dont benefit anything from this site, so why should I care if I am insulted in this site

    • 2 September 2009 09:31, by oshay

      I didn’t insult you Ahmed bro,that dinka boy is a racist

      • 2 September 2009 09:41, by Ahmed

        haha yes I know!!! dont worry, I know wat an insult is
        that dinka boy try to play me,ha not a dinka boy

        • 2 September 2009 09:46, by Dinka Boy

          I am very sure u are hiding the truth. Seriously, Hahahaha is an insult. Anyway, If the site is not benefiting you why writing nonesense to the public.
          Quit now Ahmed.

        • 2 September 2009 09:50, by Dinka Boy

          See iam not lying that is why you revenge insult by saying hahaha again to Oshay.

        • 2 September 2009 09:59, by BUSTA 2

          To Oshay and Ahmed,

          Most people from South Sudan hate you because you are talking the true as well as you are exposing their fake policy.

          I am alway happy to read your commend together for better South Sudan which is now going on wrong track and producing bad image of true son of South.

          Brother in Christ,

          Busta 2

      • 2 September 2009 09:49, by William Okuch

        The so called president of Libya is the big enemy African people plotting against Africans in order to Arabize and Islamize the whole continent.
        But Gaddafi, made Gaddafi, please have a heart and mind to understand that Arab cheating is over. Arabs are problem to Africa not Isreal. African coutries should kick all Arabs from Africa and welcome Isreal. Gaddafi you say Israel support minority in Africa, but we native Africans majority and you Arabs are minority in Africa, so you are so your jusfication is not true.
        We native Africans have seek for security and protection in Arab world, but you kill us and reject us in Arab wolrd such as what happened in Egypt in 2007 when Sudanese refugee women, childrenand old were mercilessly killed.
        But in Isreal Darfurians who were rejected by Arabs were welcomed.
        You Arabs specially Gaddafi you are troble makers in Africa not Israel.

        • 2 September 2009 10:45, by Christopher Loro

          Hi Garang Ngang

          Use diplomatic words to make you Civilize.

          • 2 September 2009 11:52, by John Boy

            I Think the Libyan leader become crazy by forced Africa countries to expel Israel embassy in Africa how come a independent country consider Libya interest.

  • 2 September 2009 11:45, by furdungonkoai

    We as Darfurian We are not in need of arabs like Gaddafi to talk about us , the way he deal with us is the same way of his brother from another mother ( Albashir ) he said we R enjoying free UN food in IDPs camp which maked by Genoside of Elbashir in darfur , we as darfurian we are free to deal with Israel or any one who we think is suitable for us to deal with him , Darfur is called ( Fur home ) it was kingdum up to 1916 it means it is country itself , so arabs go away from US ( Darfur)

    • 2 September 2009 14:40, by Ajuscommando

      This Libya leader has lost some quality of leadership in his mind since he want to deny other people right while they were crying when their leader was killed by Italy during the colonist. Mr. Gaddafi should think twice before he issue any information to the public if he is in charge of AU. AU is not Arab organisation whereby you can work with one side interest than to balance them. My advice to Gaddafi with Busta2 Arabs salve, let think of justice and equality in Africa and others part of the work than to accept blind politics where you have been influence with money and avoid to tell the fact.
      Second to that, do you people Ahmed? We were together as he leaves Christian and joined Islamic during the war due to the situation which was facing him, so he is a southerner not an Arabs. He has Islamic stamp and I’m wrong let him remove his cloth out if you will not witness the stamp at his asses.


      • 2 September 2009 15:16, by Koolman

        Mr. Ghadafi the coming state of Southern Sudan will be called Israel and we are friends to Israelis know that very well.

        • 2 September 2009 15:59, by Sudan virus

          Mr.president Qaddafi,

          I advice you to resign!

          Your are now to old to deal with foreign affairs diplomatically,creating more hat rates on Arabs by native Africans.
          And lowering your dignity on the face of the world by backing terrorist. You could make a good great African leader,if you were to control your reckless mouth and treated and look into every African affairs fairly,equal,impartial and with out racism.

          I am Sudan virus/AU in Arab blood/Sudan for Arab privilage

          • 2 September 2009 16:49, by Kani

            Mr. Qaddafi, who are you to speak for the Darfurian people, do know how you have contributed in the killing of our people in Darfur,you idiot, shutup your mouth and leave Darfur people alone.

            Isreal the choosen people of God always stand with the oppress people n earth,there are not like you Arabs, even God has cure yo becouse of your did. if you have problems with them, please there are our brothers, we are always in need of their helps as NCP is recieving their support from your county, Iran, China, why not also rom Isreal to our people of Darfur.

            The Arabs claim that, they love all Muslems, but some muslem are love more then others, Quruan say, if one muslem founds two muslem fighting, he/she should divide them, but what happen in Darfur, is there any medicen cloths,or even food that have come from Arabs world its now three years, except that, they are giving Khartoum Government weapons to kill our people in Darfur is this your Islam?.

            I would like to thank the people of Isreal for their strong support to Darfu and to Sothern Sudan, will stand by you.

            Prophet Mohammed himself have serve one of the Isrealiat, that was collecting food from the carbage, becouse that man serve prophent from his enmy who were trying to kill him.

            Where are you Muslems sham of you, why are you leaving your own muslems been killed like goats.

            • 3 September 2009 02:54, by Maruon Ayiei

              Wait a minute, there is something fishy here. Is that William Okuch from SPLM-DC refuting Gadhafi? What did he swallowed? That is not normal or he might defected from his uncle Lam. We (southerners) are learning now. Keep the amber alert on and we will be fine.

            • 3 September 2009 03:31, by imoi adolfo

              Please Gadhafi,if you have problems with Israelis,do not mingle all the people of Africa to have enemity during this period of yours in as the Afriacn Union president.We Africans can not drink the water you and Israel have contaminated with a distillate of enemity.Since you have problems with Israel,complete it you alone we are not part of you in Arab and Islamic World.If Darfur is islamized and they are your moslem brothers why do you turn your blind eyes to Darfur alone than you could talk to your friend Beshir to reduse his tyrant regime that does not know who ever is moslem or christian in this earth.
              Let me tell you that we and the world know you and the rest for using others as tools in favour of unrealistic friendship you can not deceive any one any more in Sudan and wait the worse part of that problem is coming if the Southerners part away from north your we shall reduse the nucleus of any fundamentalist policy in Sudan and Africa at large.
              Gadhafi when Beshir was killing Darfurians you and Arab world were keeping quite there is a say"a foolish man fights with his tools"and you are the one man,take care.

  • 3 September 2009 02:59, by Ahmed

    My apologies to Dinka boy!! Dinka boy u deserve an apology for watever I said.

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