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Sudan trousers journalist convicted of ‘indecent clothing’


September 7, 2009 (KHARTOUM) — A Sudanese journalist whose case has stirred international attention was convicted by a local court today of “indecent clothing” and ordered to pay a fine of 500 pounds ($200).

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Lubna Hussein, a former journalist and U.N. press officer, addresses the media after her trial in Sudan’s capital Khartoum, September 7, 2009 (Reuters)

Lubna Hussein a journalist who was also an ex-employee at the United Nations Mission Sudan (UNMIS) was arrested last July by Public Order Police (POP) along with a dozen other girls and charged with dressing inappropriately.

Hussein told Sudan Tribune at the time that the only thing in common between all those taken into custody was that they were wearing trousers.

Most of the girls picked up by POP admitted guilt for fear of being stigmatized by the society and received ten lashes while she along with two others asked their lawyers to be present and a full-blown trial.

Her case was initially heard by a judge in late July but was postponed while the court queries the foreign ministry on whether Hussein enjoyed diplomatic immunity being a UN employee.

Hussein has resigned from her post at the UN to fight the case in court and the foreign ministry confirmed that she could be prosecuted.

The case of the Sudanese journalist is not uncommon but the latter has worked to make it public by printing invitations to her trials and showing pictures of how she was dressed when arrested by POP.

Eyewitnesses who attended the trial said the judge was in an apparent rush to issue ruling and as widely expected spared her the flogging sentence stipulated under Article 152 of Sudan’s 1991 penal code.

Hussein refused to pay the fine and as such chose the one month jail sentence in the alternative.

“I won’t pay. I’d rather go to prison,” Hussein told Agence France Presse (AFP) by telephone despite advise from her lawyers to pay it. An appeal is in the works, her lawyers said.

Outside the court clashes broke out between Lubna Hussein’s supporters and opponents who called on the court to sentence her to flogging labeling all those who wear trousers as “prostitutes”.

Scores of her supporters were beaten by Sudanese police around the court and detained including the daughter of Sudan’s former Prime Minister Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi.

The head of Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) parliamentary bloc Yasir Arman said the ruling violated the constitution.

The African Centre for Justice and Peace Studies (ACJPS) issued a statement condemning the ruling and the use of excessive force by police at the court against Sudanese women protestors.

Sudanese officials have maintained silence on the case while some National Congress Party (NCP) officials said that it is blown out of proportion by circles with other agendas.


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  • 8 September 2009 08:15, by oshay

    Good, I hope she rots in jail.

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    • 8 September 2009 08:26, by Garang Ngong

      Hey,osay you must go and fuck her circumcise pussy and make a film or avideo and give it to your brother omer al-bashir

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      • 8 September 2009 11:38, by DOOR!

        Garang Ngong,

        Your statement of this lady’s circumcised pussy is unfortunate.
        Why let yourself be dragged into nonsensical talk by this illiterate fellow named Oshay?
        The lady had done nothing wrong but rather she was standing firm on her right and the rights of other fellow women.

        Stop ruining your beautiful name. That is not how we talk.

        repondre message

        • 8 September 2009 12:59, by Hillary B.M.L,M

          Guy, oshay, Deserve every nonsense but for the Lady, sorry may be that come by mistake from my Friend.

          The red Big Ass of Oshay with many hairs around it, is good for fucking, Thank U.

          repondre message

          • 8 September 2009 14:01, by Biliu

            Hillary, are you a lady as your name implies or indiscipline male using a female name?!

            repondre message

            • 8 September 2009 14:35, by Hillary B.M.L,M

              Yes, U are right just because you don’t know me. Here i can tell you who i am, i am the one who will rule South Sudan in the near future. Replacing those useless People including You.

              repondre message

              • 8 September 2009 15:03, by Biliu

                So I’m right you are undisciplined male using a female name, however, I don’t think you know me either to judge me as a (useless), I was just wondering to see an obscene writing as yours, I thought it won’t come out of a lady, thank you for clearing it out.

                On the other hand, I have no objection of you being a leader for the South, good luck with that and you already have my vote.

                repondre message

        • 8 September 2009 14:45, by Jeremiah Mach

          you are right, Door. indeed the lady is a supporter of the SPLM and the vision of New Sudan.

          repondre message

        • 8 September 2009 18:16, by abushama

          stand and be always on the side of the truth remaind in jail untill your rehabilitated for this is a great injustice and we are sure that if human being fail to liberate you God will do, so never be afraid dear Lubana

          repondre message

    • 8 September 2009 08:26, by Sunlight

      You are sick and inhuman Mr.Oshay. You need to seek medical help.

      repondre message

    • 8 September 2009 08:28, by Nile

      I hope you rot in Jail too Oshay or Omar.
      this lady has done nothing wrong to reach punishment. the only reason why she was found guilty is because the Sudanese court was corrupted since that dead man called (Nimeiry) introducted the damn Sharia Law in Sudan.

      repondre message

      • 8 September 2009 10:26, by Biliu

        This crazy Bull is rushing to its doom, to all freedom supporters, we as free Sudanese have to understand that it’s only take a one single match for any revolution to ignite, Lubna is that single match which will consume NCP and sent it to hell where it’s belong, (Shariah) has proven it’s failed to maintain a civilized society long ago, good examples for that are, Afghanistan, Sumalia, Pakistan and Iran.

        While the Islam first born Arabs decapitated (Shariah) long ago to preserve their values as human begins dignified by God the creator, some backward systems still maintain it only to hide their weakness and mask their tyranny and inhuman activities, NCP most know that her beloved sister Talipan system is here NO more, Sudanese women most have their freedom of wearing whatever is suitable to the norm of Sudanese society, imposing faith by force is the fail of the reasoning, Islam in Sudan has reached that limit long ago.

        Lubna, your are the most courageous woman on earth to defy the devil at it’s large, I urge and call upon all woman in Sudan South and North to stand beside you and give you a 100% supporting , thank you for exposing to the whole world the nasty face of Shariah.

        Freedom is coming tomorrow!

        repondre message

    • 8 September 2009 12:32, by korenilo A.

      That woman will set free all the other women in sudan who have been subjected to all this kind of injustices for many years.My dedication to luban and other women of sudan is from Bob marleys."GET UP STAND UP,STAND FOLLOW YOUR RIGHT,DON’T GIVE UP THE FIGHTS"

      TO oshay

      You are just a son of champenze,not a human .How can you celebrate the jailing of a innnocent woman .You see, that is why i will always call you any name becouse any name is worthy you,you have no human heart,what is always in your mind is how others should suffure in the hands of devils of sudan called NCP.Remember what goes around come around.your days shall come one day.

      repondre message

    • 8 September 2009 14:03, by abel sabit

      That’s good to hear’ she have to get fine because we sudaness we don’t need the western world cultures to be in our homeland let’s her be in jail for awhile. i thanks the policeman who arrested this lady keep its up!!!

      repondre message

    • 8 September 2009 22:34, by Diro79

      i once wore a T-shirt which said i loved Israel with its flag on why wasn’t i arrested? you are full of shit man.

      repondre message

    • 8 September 2009 23:51, by Rambang Deng


      What a 4th century mindset you got, bro!!!

      Goodluck on your backward viewpoint.

      Rambang Deng

      repondre message

    • 9 September 2009 12:23, by Mzee


      i can’t blame oyak because "empty tin make noise". what a human? who can not felt sorry for innocent person. this brutal way of treating women is inhuman and totally condemned and it is a shame for government to promoted such laws. i said no to sharia law and people like mr oyak who support it should remain in the North. shame on you oyak!!!!!!!!! shame on NCP!!!!!!!!

      repondre message

  • 8 September 2009 08:22, by Dinka Boy

    This is why i hate Arab because they want to governed country(Sudan) with Shaira law.
    This is new world my friends, no restriction of wearing trousers because the entire female around the world wear it except muslim Countries that use Sharia law as the rules. We can not accept Sharia law untill we all DIE.
    Wives of NCP with weak heart might go to Khartoum if they fear death.

    repondre message

  • 8 September 2009 08:29, by Otong

    This is one good reason for South Sudan to separate in 2011. This kind of Stone Age laws should not be allowed in 21st century, however Sudanese (Taliban) government still run the country with.

    repondre message

  • 8 September 2009 09:07, by Ahmed

    I am against u OSHAY on this one!!! I also think this law should be changed, Do u think we are more muslim then Egypt or Tunsia or Morroco????? of course not, but yet they allow womens to more freedom..

    repondre message

    • 8 September 2009 09:29, by Manut Deng


      I never see empty minded person like you oneday,it is better to check yourself before you through your stupidy word.Inrealities the journalist did nothing wrong it is because Sudan is behind for everything.you can’t charged aperson because of clothing.This kind of law need to be change immediately if possible to muslim.

      Therefore God was not created human being with cloth if i was not wrong.we need freedom to everyone.

      Thank you

      repondre message

    • 8 September 2009 10:20, by Moses Kur Akech

      That’s right Ahmed, Sudan under controversial Islamic rule has to see some positive changes taking place within other Islamic countries such as Egypt for instance. Each individual citizen does have rights to choose what’s suitable for his/her own life so long that choice doesn’t infringe the rights of others.

      It is so disgraceful and humiliating that Sudan is still sticking to obsolete bureaucracies of tyranny, while the once leading tyrants of Libya and Egypt have gradually begun to realise the importance of respecting civil liberties.

      repondre message

    • 9 September 2009 01:35, by Peter Aarai

      To Ahmed, I have respect for u when u said that to Oshay, people like Oshay are the one oppressing Sudanese in term of women freedom when they can wears any type of clothes than covering their head in day in and day out. thanks again little Ahmed God Bless u man.

      repondre message

  • 8 September 2009 09:12, by Joseph

    Move forward you will win the case. I wish if I know coward southerners ladies who’s lashed with Luba, I can mobilize them to joint her because the commission that protect Non Muslim could have a say.

    repondre message

  • 8 September 2009 09:18, by BUSTA 2

    Stupidy and outdate act.

    Those who support her arrest are just empty minded people who have not traveled in other parties of the world.

    Those clothes or trousers they put is nice because some men take time to love women and when they see those nice figure the apatite increase hence approching procedures started.

    I am calling upon SPLM/A never to think about stopping women from putting on their trousers or whatever they feel like putting it on due in South Sudan, we need democracy.

    Brother in Christ,

    Busta 2

    repondre message

  • 8 September 2009 09:58, by $iong mayom

    And this is the type of government that Oshay supports!!!!!!!
    A govt that denies its citizens human rights. Women aren’t allowed to watch football matches in stadiums, no freedom of religion, no freedom of speech, women not allowed to dress as the wish what the f.....k.??????. What kind of govt would implement those codes if not a government led by a criminal who authorized genocide against its citizens. This is not democracy it’s called TYRANNY. wonder why OSAMA BIN LADEN and SADAAM HUSSEIN were such cool friends of the dead man walking by the name of OMAR BASHIR.
    This kind of absolute dictatorship laws will never be tolerated in Southern Sudan because us southerners are open minded society unlike blind Northerners who let themselves to be led by a racist dictator Bashir. The whole World is paying close attention to this case and taking notes about the brutality of the govt of Sudan and this means that Bashir will not have anywhere to hide from the ICC once ousted by SPLM next year. NCP is a criminal party led by criminals and anyone who associates with it is a fool who does not care about human rights.SHAME ON YOU TRAITOR OSHAY AND SHAME ON YOUR STEP DAD BASHIR.

    repondre message

  • 8 September 2009 10:44, by Mr Network

    Hi Oshay or Oshit

    you are crazy Man trying to confuse people on the net,let me tell you politics is dirty game trying to looking for trouble this lady is innocent of deserve 40 lashes and jail is misappropriately public order,you derve your too with your master Bashir and soon we are going to enjoy the pleasure of your been in hell

    repondre message

    • 8 September 2009 14:36, by Lokorai

      Ms Hussien,

      You are a pride of every other woman in the Sudan and perhaps to others who are voiceless in the Arab world. Stand firm and if you die, just die, you already registered history.

      The Government of the Sudan should relax these draconic laws even if the Quran or the Islamic law says it so.


      repondre message

    • 8 September 2009 14:40, by DASODIKO

      What so call Public order police should come to Hilton where I meet my girls friend who is the daughter of one of the governemnt offecials, she wears just pants in the hall, nothing else and no one could be able to ask her.
      not only that other dirty things happnes inside private cars infront of what so called public order police, instead they protect them.
      because I am very sad for poor Lubna who ahs no one to protect her; if I am forced I will disclose some of the cases, even if it will cost me my job.

      repondre message

    • 8 September 2009 17:28, by Mienh Piny

      Dear Colleagues

      I have read all your comment,and I have just value most them important and impressive, beside Oshay is becoming the subject of the comment. "There is a say that goes, KHALIP BAMBAM WA JAMEL MASHE" that is the dog badgs.

      Therefore, our concern is that to understand the different for islamic law and international law all people are equal in life and the same our women must have the right to chose which type of close to wear and get any opportunity to equal right.

      we are tired of the NCP type of rulling let declare independent otherwise our people will suffer under that rulling
      please, SPLM do something to save the lady and her supporters not all people will lose hope in the gorvenment of Souths in the North.

      repondre message

    • 8 September 2009 17:38, by Mienh Piny

      Dear Colleagues

      I have read all your comment,and I have just value most of them important and impressive, beside Oshay is becoming the subject of the comment. "There is a say that goes, KHALIP BAMBAM WA JAMEL MASHE" that is the dog badgs and the camel never min.

      Therefore, our concern is that to understand the different for islamic law and international law all people are equal in life and the same our women must have the right to shose which type of close to wear and get any opportunity to equal right.

      we are tired of the NCP type of rulling let declare independent otherwise our people will suffer under that rulling
      please, SPLM do something to save the lady and her supporters. Wish I have an opportunity to address those concern in court and parlament.
      leaders you are sleeping and people are being victized by the society hungery for the inhumanty.

      repondre message

  • 8 September 2009 15:31, by Mr Point

    why are trousers indecent?

    repondre message

  • 8 September 2009 15:49, by Leek Edward Chuol

    Mr.OShay, I think you need to look at statistics of Sudan in general and evaluate the performance of your so call Party which I know is not a party but an Islamic Agency from Arab Countries that is trying to impose its belief on people of Sudan. You should stop supporting the NIF and Join the SPLM, a party for the people, run by the people and Government Southern Sudan in acceptance by it people for 22 years of struggles for its people. Look at what so call Arab Population in Sudan leave about African Muslim because these people are fate up with the mistreatment of your NIF, cheating is the objects or tools that your party are good at. Time has come for your party to see where to hide Mr.Bashir because we the people of Southern Sudan will hand him over to the I.C.C soon as we took over power.

    In addition, what development has your party brought to Southern Sudan, Darfur or let me put this way for you to understand perfectly, what development has your party brought to south, East and West Part of the Country? I would like to know more in detailed (including of Pictures for evident). This is our Country and we should not Joke about it.

    Don’t talk of War because there was no fighting in most parts of the country (example, Juba Town,) as this is Southern Sudan Capital City, during NIF/NCP party in power, there has been no war on most part of the country before SPLA the extend it wing to the west, east, it was only south. When SPLM/A came to Juba, There was no roads, Hospitals operating, Schools and sanitations was the worst ever that you cannot believe. And when the SPLA came in and took over the Control of South, there is roads now linking/connecting all the Ten States of Southern Sudan, hospitals are operating, schools re-open, water supply are operating, electricity connection company are working on to connects the Ten states and all these are products of SPLM works. To put into your attention, These are the human basic needs which are very essential in life even you mr.oshay you need these basic needs for you to keep on critizing the Government of Southern Sudan, I request you to be watching SSTV if you really want to invovles yourself in politics in which I strongly believe you will not even achieve a single bit of it’, Concerning remark s/comments made by SPLM members, like Honorable Wani, Pagun,Betty ,his excellence the Vice president and President of GOSS ,Salvar Kiir Mayardit on progress of development in Southern Sudan

    Let Waits for time of Campaign to see who have somethings tangible to deliver and who is ready to fulfill its promise to the people. By the way am seeing SPLM climbing into the power soon. it is time that NIF/NCP should not threat people becuase we have the SPLA in Place to takecare of everything that may rise which i think this time NIF/NCP will will not take that option, becuase it will be more worse than before.

    For Miss.Lubna Hussein, she will be release soon, so i don’t think you hope for her to be rotten in cell/jail, she is not guilty of anything, she have right to wears any type of cloths she want, she should come to southern sudan becuase there is no such kind of dictating laws in South. Southern Sudan is free country with every individual been respected by the government becuase southern is been run by wise people who are suppose to lead this nation into better tommorrow.

    Believe me Mr. Oshay i will one day have time crackdown database for website users and i will track your name down.Not Threat but to see if you are real man who live to your says,"what i know Coward leader have never rule!!’" so i don’t know where you are heading.

    SPLM Oyeeeee! SPLA Oyeeeee!

    I remain,

    Leek Edward, Son of Southern Sudan,

    repondre message

  • 8 September 2009 19:12, by James Okuk Solomon

    I thought Lubna was doing her best to face the unjust laws against women in the Sudan and then change them for better. Also, I think the Islamic Judges in Khartoum are not being fair in applying that unjust laws on Lubna.

    If the article of that unjust law says that any woman caught by Public Order Police (POP) wearing "indecent clothing" should be fined with equivalent of $200 and whipped with 40 lashes why partial exception for Lubna. She should have been lashed too and not given a fine only. What is $200 for a UN employee like Luba; she can pay it instantly and go back to wear a trouser.

    What should have been serious is the 40 lashes so that this could have been a good recorded history with scars on her back in future like what has been done to the poor South Sudanese ladies who were caught with her. By escaping the lashes, Lubna has become a fake struggler against unjust laws against women in the Sudan now.

    I am withdrawing my admiration of her courage. She betrayed the struggle by escaping the hot hippo whip from court police in Khartoum. She has betrayed her other women colleagues who got lashed and fined because of the same charges. She has lost the history for the future.

    repondre message

    • 9 September 2009 00:12, by kuminyandi

      Dear James,

      MS. Lubna did not betrayed the women’s struggle in Sudan as you alluded to in your comment. She did not sentence herself. It is your judge of SPLM-DC/NCP who sentenced her. Do not try to play dirty and cheap politics in this issue. What would you feel if the same situation happens to your mother,sister, or your wife? For sure, you would react otherwise. Anyway, I know who you are, and what side you stand for. Ms. Lubna don’t need support from people like you who are sold out with few dollars by NCP, she’s already got support of her beloved Sudanese people and international commuinty as well. So, shut your stinky mouth and eat whatever NCP gave you for your cheap and dirty comments. If you failed in court of public opinion, don’t try to hold on your naive execuses as a child. I thought you are a PHD holder! Oh, " Myyyy Gooood"!!! you are too stupid to comment like Oshay.


      repondre message

  • 8 September 2009 22:24, by Diro79

    Time will come when you wouldn’t come out of your house, you will be too afraid of people would have developed. I don’t know what you mean by saying SPLM/A has failed the South? You mean by allowing freedom for it’s citizens to have what they want? Or is it because SPLM/A took off that shit that you have been carrying for a very long time and now you have some space to breath and spit rubbish that you have always been crapping? This is for you OSHAY. What has your Government done for the People of that East since they signed their peace, I tend to think that you are just a tool being used to create issues, because that what NIF is good at, Distort people, Kill innocent civilians of the South, East and now Darfur and say that they are doing well. Please keep off the South business, and for once I would like to see your comment on Darfur. Or you are just arrogant about it and you like whats happening there.
    Peace yo

    repondre message

  • 9 September 2009 02:18, by Johnny



    repondre message

  • 9 September 2009 03:44, by James Okuk Solomon

    Eh my dear Kumi,

    Our mothers, sisters and daughters of the South have had already experienced bitter application of the unjust Islamic Law in Khartoum and other cities of Northern Sudan. They have had enough lashes, fines and prisons in the North since the time of Presient Numeiri. This is part of the strong reason why many Southerners want to separate from the Islamic North so that you continue with your wrong Middle Age Islmic laws as you wish. We will not impose our indigenous African Law on you. We don’t have even a problem with our women walking naked as God created them. We do not have any problem of indecency of dress wearings.It is your problem in the North.

    The Islmaic judges sentenced her according to the code of Islamic laws that punishes Indecent Dressing but the judgment was unfair and partial because it left out the application of lashes. Lubna should should have tasted the pain of hippo whips so that she could be a hero of change to the unjust laws in the Sudan. By escaping the lashes using her lawyers, she escaped the great history she was about to make. She turned out to be a coward struggler. She should have challenged the judge who pronounced her verdict to include the lashes in addition to $200 fine if the judge has a fidelity to the application of this unjust law on Sudanese women.

    Don’t mistake me, I am not defending the Islamic unjust law because I admired the challege of Lubna in th first days and her journalistic capacity to draw world’s attention on her struggle with the bad laws against Sudanese women. I want these laws to be changed because they are anti-CPA and anti-Interim Constition of the Sudan but Lubna and her lawyers disappointed me by playing cowards of the hippo whips.

    repondre message

    • 9 September 2009 07:16, by kuminyandi

      Dear James,

      Thanks for your decent response. it clarified some important points in my mind. However, I’m still concern about the whole situation of Ms.Luban.

      If you’ve followed her recent struggle with NCP’s concocted laws closely, You would find that she’ve challenged the government to go for a full trial from the day one. She even dropped her immunity as a U.N empolyee for sake of going to a full trial, but Khartoum has feared the anger and outrage of international community if it determined to sentenced her with 40 lashes that you concern about. She said numerous times that she’s not afraid of these 40 lashes. She was willing to take them courageously because she believes that her case, is a just case. If the judge failed by omitting the 40 lashes, then it is not her fault. At the same manner, she can not request the flogging from the judge to be administered on her too.

      In other words, she can not demands from the judge the 40 lashes as a full part of her sentence, because no one knows what happened inside the court room. Also, there’s no evidence that suggests if she demanded, or not demanded this flogging practices.

      Let me admit, I do not have information about how her trial went. But what I know at this time, is that she has fought bravely. She deserve credit from us for what she has done for women’s right in Sudan under this brutal regime of Albashier and NCP. I do understand your point, but at the same time you try to politicise the issue; and that where you and I differ on the subject.

      Even though she lost in the court,I still believed she did her part by standing up and challenge the NCP’s backward laws. Moreover,the women and NCP’s oppressive laws are not going anywhere soon in Sudan. Another brave Sudanese womon will pick up where Lubna did not finished.

      PS. Please accept my apologies if I hurt your feelings. Nothing personal.


      repondre message

      • 9 September 2009 08:10, by James Okuk Solomon

        Dear Kumi,

        Something mysterious was not right about Ms. Lubna’s UN immunity. She was issued UN ID after police arrested her. This was a saving attempt from her close relatives working in the UN to rescue her from hippo whip. This cheating was detected by the Immunity and Privileges Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Sudan. Lubna and her Lawyers felt ashame and so they had no option but to give up the lie and denounce the UN immunity.

        However, this is not the main issue here. My concern is why should women of Southern Sudan who were arrested by POP with her be fined and lashed and then Lubna be left out with a fine only, knowing that she is capable of paying it instantly without any difficulty? Why segregation from the Northern Islamic Judges in Khartoum!!! This is one of the cases that makes Southerners bitter and separatists at any cost. It is unfair. I hate this segretation!!!!

        repondre message

        • 9 September 2009 08:32, by kuminyandi

          Dear James,

          Thanks for the information. I was not familiar with this information. But, anyway I agree with you about the rights of southern women who were arrested with Lubna. I think our government of S.Sudan should have interfered and protect the rights of our women. But as you know, our defacto government is helpless. I’m not sure if GOSS is intimidated by Khartoum. I think governments are established to protect thier citizens’ rights. In this case, however, GOSS have duty, resposibility, and moral obligation to protect its citizens from any form of abuse or harm. In this juncture, I believed GOSS failed to deliver protection to its citizens.


          repondre message

  • 9 September 2009 05:08, by Ahmed

    like I said I am no enemy to no southerner sudanese!! I am just expressing the true feeling of me

    repondre message

    • 9 September 2009 06:28, by understanding

      hahahahaha .

      oshy everyone know your big black ass shut hell up.

      repondre message

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