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Sudanese parties trade accusations over Jonglei attacks


September 22, 2009 (KHARTOUM) — Sudan peace partners traded accusations on the causes of recent surge of violence in Jonglei state. While Juba ruling party speaks about support of the militias, Khartoum says the tribal fighting is a demonstration of failure.

Last Sunday organized militiamen attacked Duk Padiet in Jognlei state killing over 75 people including 29 members of organized forces. 11 SPLA soldiers including a major, 11 National Security soldiers with their captain, 5 policemen and their commanding 1st Lieutenant and 2 prison officers.

Seen as new escalation in the tribal fighting in the restive southern Sudan state, UN Regional coordinator for Southern Sudan David Gressly, who visited Duk Padiet Monday with South Sudan internal Minister, Gier Chuang Aluong and Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk, said "it is quite a substantial attack on the town."

The dominant National Congress Party (NCP) has accused its peace partner and southern Sudan dominant party Sudan’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) of failing to provide security to its citizens, saying that it had just continued to blame others and NCP in particular over the deteriorating security in southern Sudan.

These accusations come after statements by SPLA spokesperson Kuol Diem Kuol to the BBC Arabic Service saying that he believes the militiamen had been organized and armed by the NCP of resident Omer Hassan Al-Bashir.

"It is not normal, it is something politicized and the (National Congress Party wants to destabilize southern Sudan, particularly with the approach of the elections," Kuol said in another statement to the Associated Press.

NCP Information Secretary Kamal Obeid denied in statements to SMC any connection with the Lou Nuer militia. He further said that these tribal clashes in southern Sudan demonstrate the SPLM failure to provide security to southerners.

Kamal further said that the SPLM had been using all its political and military tools in order to spoil its relation with NCP ever since it rejected the census process.

In accordance with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement that ended two decades of war, southern Sudanese should decide in 2011 on their future and have to choose between remaining in the current or establish their own state.
Nonetheless the two peace partners are still negating the modalities of the referendum and diverge over many points.


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  • 23 September 2009 07:25, by gatkuothdiew

    This is why i always regret being born a NUER.
    We are total failures of the southsudan.

    • 23 September 2009 07:36, by murlescrewed


      You a good example of what is good about Nuer people in general. There are lost souls being brainwashed by those still receiving their paychecks from jallabah. This was an organized and well coordinated attack not only on innocent civilians but the very symbol of Southern unity (SPLA). It is sad and I hope cooler heads prevail and prevent this from recurring again. The brave people of Duk Padiet will weather this like countless others but there is a limit to how much you push a people. If they respond with violence, no one will claim the higher ground and those who did this will have won. As of now, they are criminals in the eye of civilized world and GOSS.

      GOSS will have a task to respond this open insurgency and nib it in bud before it becomes a problem for peaceful coexistence of Southern population.

      • 23 September 2009 09:10, by Gatwech

        Dinka Boy or Man (gatkuothdiew),

        Who do you think you can fool by using a Nuer name Gatkuoth Diew? You will only fool yourself. Unless you are ashamed to be an unreasonable Dinka Boy you better use a Dinka name. No Nuer reasons like that or expresses his disappointments in such a shallow way.

        Do you think a Nuer cannot apply your foolish tactic and register with a Dinka name and say "I wish I was not born a Dinka?" Readers are not foolish to know that you are not from Nuer.

        I called on the sudantribune webmaster to ban this guy who uses fake names. He is not sincere in his comments because he disguises himself.

        But Dinka Boy or girl, you better grow up and work to promote peace. What you have writing on this web are being implemented by Chibitek Mabil on the ground. Unless a lost boy like you who went to Australia doesn’t care about the lives of his Bor-Dinka colleagues on the ground in Jonglei. Joint us in working forget the past and open a new chapter that will save our lives both at home and abroad.

        • 23 September 2009 11:36, by Tribe

          To Gatwech, Thieiling, Isaiah Abraham,and Kim Deng

          People are blindly blaming the innocent Arab and they leave behind their smile faced brother(Riak Machar the prophesied future leader of southern sudan) for madness Lou Nuer is inflicting in the state. It’s a well devised conspiracy like the one he previously attempted through the assistance of Commander Mamur. The motive is to create an insecurity across the southern sudan and blaming it on the leadership of Salva Kiir. That way the masses will get frustrated with Kiir’s administration and i hopefully when the election come then they will vote him out of the office for mishandling the states affairs and substituted him with Ngundeng’s anointed one(Riak Machar).

          However, thought i am an agnostic ,i concur with Christian that one day,Jesus will come to this planet earth,but what i don’t concur to happen is the coming back of Ngundeng to presented his prophesied throne to his anointed son Riak Machar. It has to be through the Messiah Dinka plus other patriot tribes such Bari,Moru,shilluk,Murle,and etc consent otherwise it will happen when the last Dinka is gone on this planet earth. when is that to happen? negative infinity is the right answer if you have learned math at Ngundeng primary school, oh, i forget, they don’t teach that kind of Math there.I don’t think that can happen as we are globally known as Mony ee Jang(the man of men). The last Dinka man will be gone after all Nuers are gone. Dinka is big in number and that is not what i am proud of, the mind behind that population is the key.ONE Dinka Brain is equivalence to thirty Nuers’s brain. Thus ,don’t get it twisted or offended because i am just revealing the true Arab’s survey that they did annually to evaluate what tribe is easy to manipulate and subdue among the southern tribes.And they are right,you go for the stupid and dumper one before you attempt the rest---and with that lou Nuers is leading follow by his brothers.

          last but not least, i have ever heard of a tribe who celebrated insanity instead of sanity.

          a hero in Nuer=insane one

          They will remain as stupid as Dog who fight its own shadow.

          Nuers’writers have been ringing the bell for long time and i hope it’s a time to take it to the street. let get over it before we worried about it if you are not inciting or preaching a fear-mongering agenda. "Fear of unknown is worst than the fear of known." said Roosevelt.

    • 23 September 2009 07:49, by james

      Dear Gatkouth, am Gatluak Ramdiet, and i dnt regret being born A Nuer. what i mean is that, Nuer is just a name of a tribe not a person’s characteristics. We all are different but share the same name of a tribe and we shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Don’t ever let other people works or crimes affect who you are. You are who you are and you should be proud to be you. Although, this is the first time that i’ve hard a real nuer person to regret being nuer; no offense. If all southerners would judge all the criminals as criminals instead of Lou-nuer, we southerner would have a better community. Gatluak Ramdiet

    • 23 September 2009 07:49, by Chudier


      Your comments always make me sick.I blieve your are not a Nuer, but a Dinka-born who is spoiling the name of Nuer. If you are adapted Nuer from other tibes, you better find where you come from my friend .True Nuer never denies his identity even though things are tough on their side. I have been fighting Arabs/NCP since I joined SPLA, but being just a Nuer simply makes us hated by our brothers Dinka. They calling Nuer all kinds of names ever heard on those planet, but who have resisted for just the cause of South Sudan Freedom and Transquality. Their prapogandas towards Nuers had been known thoughout South Sudan tribes. They never tell truth, but just twisting things around to gain the support of SPLA Soldier to fight for their uncalulated gaames against Nuer people because they know that, only Nuer people are ones could correct their corrupttions and neptatism which are engulfed the heart of the GOSS controlled them, Dinka. If you want to join them, go head my friend and Nuer will never stop correcting our brother Dinka till they will learn that all humans in South Sudan are born equal to have better life than what is being enjoyed now by Dinka alone.

    • 23 September 2009 08:11, by Jay

      I don’t believe it as an accusation, it’s a fact that the Khartoum regime is using wild tribes that had no common sense of what they’re doing. Just like donkeys with heavy load on their back that follow to where ever they are being lead to.

      They don’t asked questions, they do it not because it acceptable to do but they were just told to do it.
      What’s ironic about this is that they are the same people who scream here all the time that they are fighting for South Sudan sovereignty.

      The Nuer really believes they are powerful than Arabs Dinka fought for last 25 years of struggle? If Dinka then said let’s forget about Arabs and deal with Nuer one on one! I think the fight will never last weeks not even months.

      Just because Dinka is maintaining its sense of responsibility shouldn’t be taken for granted
      The word common sense had lost its meaning to Nuer people.

    • 23 September 2009 10:55, by Wilson Kur Lual

      Gatkouth Diew,

      The realy education is with great Gatkouth.
      Poniting finger to your brother in all kind of mistake is not cowardness it is a natural wisdom.

      our fake degrees are mostly refueling tribal conflicts in the south.
      I wish if we all thinks like concerned southerner, Mr. Gatkouth.
      Stop wasting time with tribalism!!!

      Far away from tribalism.

    • 23 September 2009 11:43, by bigbaby

      To the GOSS, the people of South Sudan, and to the victims in Bor Communities

      DR. Akol and DR. Machar called them Looters and moochers

      B.Attacking forces from combined Gon and Moor Lou Nuer: 4000(from Cieng Mannyang,Cieng Nyaikeny,Cieng Palker,Cieng Maikeir,Cieng Matel,Cieng Kiel,Ciengholnyang,Cieng Kuajien and Cieng Char all from Wunroor county , Cieng Yoal from Nyerol county"Gon Lou Nuer" and Western Akobo "Moor Lou Nuer" ciengs).The only Wunroor Ciengs who did not join in the attack are Cieng Dung of Chief Gatluak Thou Kuny and Cieng Buoi of Chief Isaac Ruot Lam)
      C.Casualties from the attackers not yet ascertain

      According to the victims, they were not looters or moochers! There was none to be looted, they burn down countless home, killed countless lives. They attack the administrative headquarters. In Wernyol, they killed the chief and his people, in Ngok, they killed a commissioner and his family and in Duks they torch the people in their homes.
      It was organized and who is behind the attacks? Where is the GOSS when men in government uniform are killed by the thugs, traitors such as Nuer Lou? Similar history of 1991 is not a century away; it was yesterday and the symptoms are much related? More attacks and more destruction are imminent to be seen unless the government intervenes promptly. Dinka Bor though labeled as cowardice by Nuer and other tribes, We Dinka Bor and Dinka Malual have struggled and shaded more blood than any other tribes in bringing this freedom.
      Every human being has the inherent right to life.

      Under the CPA provisions and agreement, we are all equal before the laws; we have prevailing rights to pursued happiness, right to protect and right to own land or property. Knowing that we are equal before the law, why are we being killed? Why the government soldiers are being killed and yet government is so quite. Is the government scared that the Nuer will or is to defects again. What does our government know? Inclusively tragedies like these are of similar symptoms of the 1991 Nassir Faction. It started with Duk padiet, followed by Duk payuel; they resisted the Nuer attacks for several days. The Twics and Bor south though it was a Dukeen problems, after dukeen let go, the Nuer over ran and Captured the entire self depend less Bor areas in less time, these areas where depend less because the Sons and daughters of Bor were waging heavy war against the Government’s troops in Juba, yes we the Dinka cannot denied the fact that our children age of 11 years and up where taken fighting the main wars, the war of self determinations when the cowardice Riak Machar with his force, cause a massacre in Bor” Blue Nile and many other places. Dinka Bor must stand before the government to end this kind of terrorist act against their citizens’ and civilians. The reasons why a peaceful act must be followed or adhere with, although short minded people like Nuer will not understands, however is to maintains peace and stability in the South, despites hoodlum like Nuer, other tribes are enjoying CPA and we the Dinka brought it to them, now we sit back and everybody else is enjoying. We the Dinka do not want to be labeled as black horse should Nuer bring failure in the South. Our hands will remain clean, clean and we will not attack any tribe. To you the small tribes, beware, the Nuer are non but hyenas who if we Bor are not here, their foot print and rigid on their shoes’ will be printed in your butts hole and every time you check as in the mirror, it will reminded you of corrupts Nuer. Waging war against Bor is not simple and will not be simple as thought. And went that time comes, we will killed the “word peace” will be eliminated in Dinka culture, after that many tribes who inclusively acting against us will indeed suffers and peace will not be possible. Be aware when Dinka get mad! You will get what you are wishing for. To the Goss, you have seen the Nuer attacking Bor, Similar attacks have proclaimed countless life of our citizens; it has not been ended and will not soon end. Decreasing the population in the south is the NCP main goals. Keeping quite is the worse you should do, the Nuer are fulfilling the NCP objectives, few days from now, they will claimed that unity is better for all Sudanese people because South cannot managed itself. We are losing our people life and you are losing your creditability. Now you are at 14500 feet in the inflated balloon, remember, there is no oxygen beyond that, which are what Riak and Lam Akol long for. The Dinka Bor in large have been fouled by the CPA and our people are being eliminates by behind bar, Nuer gangs members according to Machar. Reuters labeled them as Nuer of Lou. But why Machar called them gang members? Does he mean Lou is gangs, if as then as gang members why did he pursue leadership; can a thug like him lead the wise men? It is three stooges the Machar, Akol and their like’s gang’s members against the wise men, the wise men from the entire Southern tribes, what a fate and nightmare. Machar and Virus Akol doesn’t understand the CPA article below

      The Nuer of Lou has violated this article and they have been continually violating it at their discretions, what should the Goss do to such communities that led thugs live likes?

      Insecurity in the region

      It was Machar and his HIV Virus Lam Akol in the 1990s, at a time when Splm/A was about to re-have Sudan, they defected from the movement and become an allies to the NCP. Machar and Akol are guilty to see successful South Sudan for all. They need nobody else but they and their families and everybody else be Slums. Now the same Machar, Nuer and its virus including and not limits to Akol with the same mindset are undermining the CPA in the region. Dr. Machar, we and most of your classmates new that you were never clean whether in school uniform, your body or your mine. No wonder why your policies are so dirty as well. Knowingly and allegedly, the GOSS is no longer a movement, it allegedly a government of the people and for the people, though cannot achieve its objectives because of the two engineers of division and tribal motive. The title DR has been misused now a day, even a thugs like Machar and Akol can called themselves DR, while they are doctors that create wars and instability in the regions. Supposedly you are an engineer, Machar, a robot engineer and Architect Akol, what can two of you built in the south? Your movement a movement that occasionally fails? It was SSIM, Now Akol called SPLM DC, as long as you two named, even if you decorated with great name you can find in the dictionary, it will be attractive to non but two of you vultures and your tribes men. A man who ought to be shameful of his name, that is why you cannot be a leader, you spoiled your name so bad that you run away from it. Even if a man is called an Anus, he shouldn’t run from it, instead, he should make it attractive. On the other hands, so called Kiir is sitting in the balloon while Riak and Lam are inflating that Balloon. The man in the Balloon thinks that the ground is moving away from him, however, he in the balloon is moving away from his ground. Beware of the left seat drivers. They can be too dangerous and fateful if not well managed. Akol, Machar and Nuer like three stooges or marionette puppet s could no longer entertain any in the South. While here in juba, the news of the attacks killed me dead and I feel like why don’t the GOSS kill the attackers.

      One step toward peace stability

      Can peaceful South be achieved? In the midst of crisis, the time when CPA is at risks, the Nuer is adding more problems. Who else if not Nuer can be a collaborator? They like go for money, they like to suck and wash Arab in the ass, a life that non in the south could visualize. Now the Jallaba armed you with all the weapons of Dinka destructions’, in return of sucking and liking their asses. Furthermore, now the South will unite against those to disturbed this freedom. It will be Ngok, on one side, Murle and Dinka on the other sides, your asses will be in trouble. Riak Machar has already Married to an American women in Minneapolis Minnesota, he did that as insurance should the Nuer be eliminated by the other tribes, so his penis insurance will save his ass as usually. It is not new to hear Machar purchasing policy call penis insurance. His wife, an American woman and his two ass guards are in the following address $$$$$$$. Before was his wife from the British, now he married to an America!

      Security policy

      We the citizens of Bor must provide collaborative efforts consortium in indentifying acceptable security goals, and identifying the mechanism of achieving them. These efforts need human involvements, financial support as well as government. The architecture to draft the pivot table will create parallelism strategy, increase responsibility and accountability for all.
      Normalization and referential integrity

      As we emphasized and leverage on development and infrastructure, something else is thwarting our capability for development. We have suffers deadly series of attacks on our counties and it has cost us lives and lost of properties. We have been terrorized, victimize, and our vulnerability to encroachment and cattle rustling has post major threat to our people. Even a well organized militia attack is categorized as cattle raiders. The attacks by Nuer against Dinka Bor must be handled at the diplomat’s level, whether to wage war against each other or to pursue peace, GOSS must acknowledge us as Bor Communities. Not cowardice, we are too careful for the South and it future. We installed CPA, we will protected and we will late you enjoy. It seems thought that Nuer of Lou is guilty and shamefully of it history. They knew they have spoiled the name “Nuer “so bad, that they think their future in leadership is bleaks. Well be shamed and be quite or it will get worse. Knowing your people, the enemies you are creating, at some point, at that day when these tribes you are attacking will retaliates, you will suffer more. So many peace treaties have been signed whether between Bor and Nuer or Nuer and Murle, yet Nuer have violated every single accord. What else can be done if negotiations and other peaceful mean cannot be achieved? Nuer the notions of fouling Dinka Bor with the name of peace, yet organized attacks against Bor behind bars The GOSS as well as we the citizen must pursue peace and stability in the region. We have been thoughtful about the end-game or solution to the insecurity inevitable to the people. We must enjoy peace, freedom and prosperity like every other community liberated by CPA. In any mean possible, we must rises, we must unite, and we must protect our people in any legitimates way possible. We must be objective oriented, to stall infringement in the region. “Remember divided we fail” Talk loud no action we fail. No surprise these attacks are endless. From generation to generation, our people have been displaced and they have been continuing to migrate up to a point were we settle is the mushy swampy area, but where can we go from here? They have lost uncountable lives and property, thus now must be the end. I am personally saddened by this tragedy, it was inhumanely and sabotage that need attention from the government and Bor people as well. More to come

    • 23 September 2009 13:05, by Tony Komayiit

      To Gatkuoth Diew

      It is to prove that you are a traitor who lost direction,do you think that your sweet words will change Dinka mind? i thought we will get nuer with full human being capacity but Nuer are still in monkey category living standard.

      We all know that nuer are they failure of southern sudan ,but nothing will change you dogs! please don,t fool Dinka with foolish name,shame on you.

  • 23 September 2009 07:47, by Dinka Boy

    Nuer are happy with the food NCP geve to them.
    Mr Arabs, we capture more than six Nuer lou in the Duk Padiet attack, and they said where they get weapons, who orgazied the attacked.
    Frankly NCP= Nuer.

    • 23 September 2009 07:53, by Chudier

      Common Dinka Boy!

      "Tell the truth and the truth shall set you Free". If there are six people been captured as you claimed, they were not captured by Dinka, but SPLA soldiers, including sons and daughters of Nuer who are soldier too.

    • 23 September 2009 07:58, by james

      Sometimes i feel like i should defense one ethnic group, but when i come to think of it, it’s just a waste of time and a very stupid thing that only an ignorant person would do. Southern sudan is great, and so is all the tribes in it. To Dinka boy, Am nuer and i have no interest in NCP whatsoever. I’d died defending this nation south for any threat from forigners. Stop calling criminals Nuers. Judge them by the cloths they wear not the name they carry. Also for all the readers. if u read my comment please disincourage triblism. thanks. Gatluak Ramdiet.

      • 23 September 2009 08:32, by Deng Thiak Adut

        I feel sorry to see one man, Gatkouth taking blames and attacking. I don’t blame them anymore even though I did have a hope to having so important Nuer among us, and protecting him is core essence of true mateship. But the things I understand from Gatkouth, is why do defend the crimes committed in the names of Lou Nuer? I cannot see any justification for these killing of innocent people or any justification for the current attack in the first place. The politics, ethics, economic and sociological understanding we want to forged in the Jonglei is nothing but a myth. Forging peace, normally logically and analytically between Nuer and Dinka Bor is vital to CPA and SPLM/A survivals. Even the rule of law was seen as having a milestone among Nuer. But you defy and discredit yourself and thus prove to us your weakness in character and linked to wicked NCP. The right question, would you rather live in chaos with us or in peace with us? Dear Gatkouth, you should explain to me why aren’t Nuer reasoning like others? Why Nuer aren’t’s appreciative of people who never land their hands on them and attack them?
        Why are you pre-occupied by NCP devilish ideologies? Trust me on these issues; if Dinka Bor accepted this war you declared, there will be “US” or land. We will destroy our selves and that is exactly what NCP or Arab want. There is no returning back and you should also notice, Arabs not long ago in Bentiu clean up Nuer because there was no Dinka Bor supporting you because you thought we were your enemy. Take your time to see what happened in Bentiu and surrounding areas. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgZ1aal478s

      • 23 September 2009 08:41, by Pandit

        Thank you brother James you must be consistant like that all the time. I like to meet you in Pibor or Bor Town when never we want to. Mr. Chudier Dinka never use a negative words against Nuer in the begining of war because we were brothers. All those words come after when entire Nuer community blindfooled by ugly named Urnyang and thier dickheaded Riek Machar. Dinka always belief in the right of human being to live without fear from neighbors and friends, but Nuer never consistantly stay peacefully with themselves and with their neighbors in generals. I don’t know why are they respect Arab to cooparate with and become against their brothers who never threaten them in their land. We are now heading to independent if you want to start war in the south. That kind of terrorists behaviors will never give you any credit or good history in the future of Southern Sudan. I will tell all of you that, Kim, Chudier, Gatwech and other lunatics, act like an educated human being. James talk to your Murlei(Ber) community to stay in peace and defend themselves if there is any threat than going to kindnape children of other communities.
        Safety heaven for Kim, Chudier, Gatwech and other lunatics after 2011 is Ethiopia

    • 23 September 2009 09:06, by samuel_kur@yahoo.ca

      Brother Dinka Boy

      I totally disagree with you at your comment, we shouldn’t abandon and dividing our selves for criminal reasons, like what happened now by the name of Nuer. We don’t have to consider those criminal activities as the Nuer criminality, not yet because among Nuer are brave and honest people, as Nuer is good nation of southern Sudanese, we should consider those actions as an individual’ s actions, who do not know the meaning of self loving, if they love their selves they wouldn’t do those things, other wise those individuals are primitives, they don’t know what Khartoum is planning to do.

      Brother i advised you not to generalize any community for the individuals actions.

      i am not from Nuer community, but southern Sudanese beloved, if we love our country we should not divide our selves any time. Don’t you see Gartkuth what he is saying, he is real southerner, and he is future man of south not like people who try to divide southern Sudan communities, i gave him a good credit for that, he felt sad of an individuals evil actions even he denied him self to be a Nuer born, but not as that brother Gartkoth, Nuer are good nation, except some of our brothers including different nations of southern Sudanese ruin our names, which made feel sad.

      thanks brother for being honest for your country south. God will bless us! Amen !

    • 23 September 2009 11:10, by Wilson Kur Lual

      You stupid Dinka Dog

      stop using our graet respected community name in your idiot childish and tribalism way.Giving
      respect to others people/neibour is our natural gift.
      If you are not a barbaric coward, face one Nuer boy to see the brutality of fight instead of batraying innocent Bor civillians in Nuer face.

      Foolish tribalist.

  • 23 September 2009 09:03, by RAHELA GARANG

    Here they come, can you imagine that, the Arabs think the Southerners are as dark in minds as their skins, they think no one will ever realise the dirty games they are playing. It’s exacly what they are doing in Darfur that they want to do in South. But Unfortunately, they are using our own brothers as a tool.Even a little child can tell what this is all about. This is not anything to do with tribes guys, let’s think broadly, this is a "war in diguise." ooops,the jallaba wants the Wolrd to see South as a failure as they have just said, but the whole Wolrd knows what is right or wrong. They have planted the seeds of hatred in our hearts, we need to plug them out before they are deeply rooted. No one should make us belief South will be a failure. No wonder why all the Arab Countries like Egype, and Libya are doubting the seperation, let’s not belief their lies, they are poisoning our thoughs. Wake up South Sudan, you can do something!!!!!!

  • 23 September 2009 09:12, by Gatwech

    Dinka Boy or Man (gatkuothdiew),

    Who do you think you can fool by using a Nuer name Gatkuoth Diew? You will only fool yourself. Unless you are ashamed to be an unreasonable Dinka Boy you better use a Dinka name. No Nuer reasons like that or expresses his disappointments in such a shallow way.

    Do you think a Nuer cannot apply your foolish tactic and register with a Dinka name and say "I wish I was not born a Dinka?" Readers are not foolish to know that you are not from Nuer.

    I called on the sudantribune webmaster to ban this guy who uses fake names. He is not sincere in his comments because he disguises himself.

    But Dinka Boy or girl, you better grow up and work to promote peace. What you have writing on this web are being implemented by Chibitek Mabil on the ground. Unless a lost boy like you who went to Australia doesn’t care about the lives of his Bor-Dinka colleagues on the ground in Jonglei. Joint us in working forget the past and open a new chapter that will save our lives both at home and abroad.

    • 23 September 2009 09:22, by gatkuothdiew


      Stop shouting Dinka Names about.
      Iam sorry if you are offended but as a Nuer i must tell the truth.
      We have indeed failed southsudan by being always aggressive without any accurate reason.

      I again regret being born a Nuer!!

      Gatkuoth DIEW

  • 23 September 2009 09:50, by oshay

    blame blame blame, that’s all Dinka do. Just know you are the real problem with Sudan.

    • 23 September 2009 11:04, by John Boy


      Please do not blind fold us by using Nuer Name if you fail to know the roots cause of South Sudan problems is Dinka leadership which they were started by dscriminated Southernese because of money do you think these militia came from where these are the peoples screened by SPLA whom called unconfirm officers what do you think will be the result?

  • 23 September 2009 10:34, by Critic_Ngueny

    Barking dogs from Equatoria must look out otherwise things will fall apart on their side.We the communities of Dinka are ready to die in order to liberate our people from Arabs.

    Critic_Ngueny from Bor town

    • 23 September 2009 11:25, by Aarai Baka

      To critic_ngueny

      liberate yourself from nuer first then go and liberate Equatorian barking dogs. dont attempt to take your temper on Equatorian and leave the killer free. these event got nothing to do with liberating barking dogs from Equatorian but helped yourself if u are a man in term of fight back and stop begging government help.Nuer are not enemy of Southern Sudan but are been bribe for exchange of food to kill their weakest brothers(Dinka Bor) which got a big mouth to talk but dont know how to fight.I like Murle when anything happened, they retaliated back right away,dont waited for gov help but fight. dont u see when nuer come to Lakes to cattles camp, dont go back to nuer all together as they come but few escape for their safety.Agar are most agressive Dinkas and they know how to fight nuer that why u dont see nuer going frequently to Lakes.

    • 23 September 2009 14:12, by Simon Puok Nyang Tutjiek

      dinka don.t think you are dying for libration south you just fighting for. but make sure that the time is coming when we will cash your head so that equatoria will fuck you

  • 23 September 2009 11:11, by J.James

    Hi Pandit

    It is fine big man, I will talk to Murle though you know very well that Murle don’t have any plan to attack anybody at least for now.

    But I want you to stop pointing one figure to the wrong direction forgetting that the all four figures point directly to you to remind you about your own guilt and scary tactics as your community concern.

    So please go and talk to your criminals who attacked Murle traders at Magiri just last Sunday, talk to your greedy members parliament to reinstate Jodi (speaker) back to his position which your people tried to run away with it without feeling storm of shame. You know that your tribalistic Bor speaker will not be recognized to the end of the world, I am sure even "Jok Arac" (Bor tradtional god) will not honor his leadership as Jongolei speaker, your Wal need to save time to find himself another job without wasting time.

    Talk to your community to know that, everybody is wise enough to be cheated this days and let them drop their power greed. If you chieve the above, Murle and other communities don’t have problems specially Murle whom you know are not power hungry citizens.

    Please do the above and I will do my part beginning from now.

    God bless

    The writer is always peace activist.

    • 23 September 2009 12:02, by James

      The response of NCP is utter stupidity.NCP failed to govern the SUDAN & should be blamed for that .Northern Sudan which is under NCP is burning.Do think that Dar fur is not a part of northern?,Is Nuba Mts ,EASTERN SUDAN & blue nile not part of NORTHERN SUDAN ,lEAVE alone ABei .let carefully investigate who gave new G 3 rifles to those Ruthless LOU.They used them against the Dinkas this time next time they will use them aginst the NUER OF JIKENY.

      • 23 September 2009 13:14, by doublebookdialled

        Dear Gatkuoth Diew,
        I am 100% sure that you are not Nuer, moreover, you are not in your common sense, because, our Lord Jesus who is coming soon said that there is not one who has the ability to increase his/her height even with an inch.

        if this is so why you regret to be born a NUER if you can not increase your size by your own strenght? have you ever tell any body that you are the most ugly man on earth?if you are not able to answer these with big YES, and if you are original NUER and not a "JANG" please take the Nuer character and courage.

        My question is always to SPLA/M tribal figure heads for their continious accussation to NCP, how does the gun come all the way from the North with out being noticed by your security personels?
        who gave the gun for killing Lou Nuer financers who were coming from Bor? was it SPLA?
        76 people killed from Duk Padiet’s attack is less than the number of Murle civillians who were killed in February by Lou Nuer, and less than more than 85 Lou Nuer who were killed in August by Murle and SPLA/M did not reacted like they did this time, doesn’t this tell us imbalance in the SPLA/M leadership and protection to the civillian?
        LRA is daily killing people is equatoria with out any intervention of the SPLA, doesn’t this mean that SPLA is protecting only one tribe?
        more than 75 were killed in Nasir and nothing was done, doesn’t this shows failure of our leadership on other tribes?
        bienythieng killing by Shilluk on Dinka resulting to death of 25 result to deployment of SPLA force there, is this beacuse they are dinka?
        more than 30 were killed in Nagdiar and Lul from Shilluk and nothing was done, how do you sense all these?

        for the Nuer adapted children who are regreting to be Nuer please with in your troop going down to Bor take out all Nuer soldiers and leave only your Dinka to go and fight the Lou Nuer instead of taking all while taking the perpetrator as Nuer instead of taking it as criminal act of some few individuals.

        if these are not because of our leadership failures these could have not come, but because our leadeship is only after money then they have no time for security.

        my word to SPLA/M take out the log on your eye before you go and take out the log on other’s eye.stop blaming other and the real problem is in your house.

        • 23 September 2009 14:44, by Ajuscommando

          Dear Gatkuoth,
          It seems that you are only wise Nuer when I found you’re commenting against Khartoum and Anti-GOSS leaders. I found your statement of today as you mention the roots cause of South Sudan problems is Dinkas leadership which is untrue to state that way as the wise person. I have not heard one day that Dinkas form the government with Shullik or any tribes in the South and make it to collapse during day time because of food items misunderstand distributed. If people come to the realities in the South, there are a certain tribes who are problematic not to list for any advice unless you use Khartoum method of influence as you give food and money to cunning them. NCP regime know weakness tribes in the South Sudan that why the influence them with cloth, food, money, and guns which the can use it for looting since stealing is part of their life because Arabs misdirect you against your people on something you like it very much. I request anti-Dinkas to know that, we have no debate with them and if the dislike Dinkas better to go back to Khartoum if NISS will not kill you or use you as his agents.


        • 23 September 2009 14:48, by Wudutman

          Dear All:
          The organizers for all these attack in Jonglei are there still with Salva Kirr in Juba. And I remember the word release by Lam Akol that he don’t want to release out the name of senior official who join SPLM-DC because for their safety in the SPLM. I want to a sure you that the killing that was occur on Sunday is now over and today lets here what the government of South Sudan is going to do, if not then we know how to response on these killing of our people especially the two brothers of security unit that has been kill in the attack
          By Wudutman1 of Lakes State.

          • 23 September 2009 20:35, by black man world

            burn southsudan go ahead burn. Jesus christ is mad over ngundeng for blind folding his people in to such beleives. South Sudan is doomed there will be no change, i dont care if it burn this days because we cant live with DUMB people let ther war start, lol i got ma machines ready my sniper and my shot guns are ready me a ma gangs are ready we are deady for war come one JUNUBIN let go kill our selves lol haahaha animals.

            • 23 September 2009 23:57, by black man world


              • 24 September 2009 08:33, by james

                shut ur black ass up u red ass jallaba. we are southerners and we solve our own problems. so thanks n shut up before i sent my sons in to kidnape u. Southerners, divided we fail and united we defeat arabs its ur choice like Garang said "second class citizen in his own counry.If ur southerner u know what i mean. man we should be making plans on how to drive arabs out of sudan if they fail to listen to us on that day instead of throwing jungs at each other. thanks Galuak Ramdiet

  • 24 September 2009 08:34, by Controller

    Dear Gatkuoth Diew

    You are idiot and stupid Dinka Bors who pretending to be Nuer.

    The Prophert NGunDeng Army Strong of God will continuous killing this garbage tribe of Dinka Bors, until (NASOG)wipe them out in Jonglei State.

    When Commander Gai Chuol was killed,The Governor called as a attractive killing.Then, when (NASOG) killed their people, the Governor called as destructive attack.

  • 25 September 2009 01:25, by Good lisner Daddy

    Good morning readers

    it is my first time to agree with NCP on ideas of South sudan security, especially Jonglei state. Why South Sudan Government allow what they call Militia to trash their own state?

    I can suggest that South Sudan are not capable for country management in this reason we can not determine independent which we are not able to manage ourselves. Look now we given state only 4 Years how many people died? we can say so many, why then we wanted to kill innocent people of South Sudan? So i am urge Government of South Sudan to stop blaming other people meanwhile they given opportunity to control the area and fail to control.

    Please,please South Sudan renew yourself and serve innocent people of South Sudan.


    Good Listener Daddy

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