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Sudan’s Kiir urges US Obama not to ease pressure on Khartoum


October 14, 2009 (WASHINGTON) — The First Vice President of Sudan and president of South Sudan Salva Kiir sent a letter to US president Barack Obama asking him to keep pressure on the ruling National Congress Party (NCP), the Washington Post reported.

The letter seen by newspaper comes as US special envoy to Sudan Scott Gration is seeking a relaxation of some sanctions imposed on the East African nations and giving out some “cookies” to Khartoum as he described it.

Furthermore, Gration’s contacts with prospective lobbyists for Sudan has added to fury of Sudan advocacy groups who accused the US official of being “naïve” in dealing with Khartoum.

It appears that special envoy’s approach has also worried South Sudan’s ex-rebels.

The Washington Post said that Kiir wrote to Obama last month, saying that Bashir continues to foment violence in the region in an apparent reference to rising tribal violence in the South which he has accused Khartoum of standing behind it.

“There has not been any transformation or reform at the center," Mayardit wrote, referring to Khartoum. “The status quo prevails. . . . Significant change in policy in relation to Sudan should only come when there is change in the reality of Sudan” Kiir said in the letter.

Last month it was reported that told Gration he is concerned that the envoy’s approach is emboldening the ruling party to dictate unfavorable terms for the south’s secession vote, such as demanding 75 percent turnout.

However, the US official backed the ruling party’s argument, saying it had legitimate concerns about the referendum. Gration urged southerners to trust the government that waged a brutal war against them for 20 years.

The disclosure of the letter will likely infuriate Bashir’s party. The SPLM Secretary General Pagan Amum came under fierce media campaign few months back for urging US lawmakers to maintain unilateral sanctions on North Sudan.

Today US Republican Senator Frank Wolf who is Co-Chairman of Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission will hold a press conference on Thursday to address lobbying efforts on behalf of Sudan in the US.

A letter by Wolf set to be released tomorrow calls on Obama to personally intervene to ensure that no US lobbying firm is allowed to represent the country.

“I urge you to personally engage on the issue of Sudan," Wolf writes to Obama. “You’ve rightly noted that ’silence, acquiescence and paralysis in the face of genocide is wrong,’ and you’ve advocated for ’real pressures [to] be placed on the Sudanese government.’ I wholeheartedly support these sentiments, but sentiments absent action ring hollow” he said.

Gration has reportedly met with Robert McFarlane, the former National Security Advisor to President Ronald Reagan who is trying to informally lobby for Sudan in Washington in return for a $1.3 million contract from the Arab Gulf state of Qatar.

The US special envoy also met with Robert B. Crowe, a prominent Democratic fundraiser and ally of US Senator John Kerry from Massachusetts who is attempting to secure a lobbying contract with Khartoum.

This week the Sudanese presidential adviser suggested that his government is “monitoring hostile activities by [US based] organizations pushed from groups and foreign powers against the country” to sabotage dialogue with Washington.

Darfur groups in the US echoing the views of the rebel groups have sent a letter to Obama urging him to replace Gration.

However, the White House lent its full support to retired general Gration.

“The President is extremely grateful for the work General Gration has done thus far, and for all the work he’ll do on this critical issue in the future” White House spokesman Tommy Vietor told the Washington Post today.

A US policy review on Sudan is still underway with no signs of its release date despite numerous deadlines in the past. The Obama presidential campaign team has promised to release the policy early in the administration term but divisions within the government agencies has slowed down the process.

Washington has been grappling with how to deal with Khartoum over violence in Darfur, where UN estimates say up to 300,000 people have died and 2.7 million have fled their homes amid violence the United States has labeled genocide.


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  • 15 October 2009 06:52, by general Achinbenchien

    In this world Mr. Kiir Mayardit, money talk. This man’s wallet has been filled with oil money that he can see death in Darfur as comic movie, and rising tension between North and Southern Sudan as one of African Folklore.

    Your administration needs to step up and sale our grievance to the world, rather than siting in Juba.
    General Achinbenchien.

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    • 15 October 2009 07:38, by Gatwech

      You are right Salva Kiir. NCP should not be relaxed to abuse the citizens of Sudan. What is I don’t like with you is the use of letters all the time. You need to talk out face to face with Obama to clarify to him some issues. The same with Beshir, you need to talk tough with him instead of sending him letters too like you did the other time.

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      • 15 October 2009 09:06, by Samani

        TRAITOR ... TRAITOR....TRAITOR !!!!!!!

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        • 15 October 2009 16:45, by Garang Pap

          Hi Sudanese it is not Asuperised for the africans leaders to request any out siders like American President are the head and African leaders are like School Perfects. Where their orders comes from above.

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        • 15 October 2009 16:50, by Thyinka


          Don’t cry wolf. This Khartoum government has always betrayed the rest for the country for their narrow selfish-interest. And that is what they are going to do with the US Sudan lobby groups. Nobody in his right mind would support genocide in Darfur and the growing tension in Southern Sudan.

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      • 15 October 2009 11:00, by liil


        What did you understand to have this silly saying of giving right to Salva kiir? What was the content of that letter sent to US president Obama? First,we need to define Salva Kiir himself and the role he plays as a leader.Salva Kiir is the first vice president of the repuplic of Sudan,governing whole Sudan and all citizens of Sudan.Then how come that he wrote such a letter to the US President asking him to enforce more sanctions on Sudan from which he is the first vice president? He committed high treason against his own nation and this could probably agravate the political situation in the country.

        Why don’t we try to solve our problems by ourselves and most importantly with our brothers African than always rush and eye on western world whose it interest is to uplift it economy and extend its monopoly to the globe? Indeed Salva was poor in vision and leadership.This economic sanctions he requested from US could not only hurt the north but also the south despite US word of classification base on the areas from which it targeted to bring an effect up on. Always be careful.

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        • 15 October 2009 12:15, by Sudan virus

          Liil with which president of Sudan to short our own problems?

          How can we short our problems as Africans, when the president undermines every legal items some of which, agreements witnessed by Western and Eastern countries?

          President Bashir is illiterate. He came to power by gun.As,such does not understand any body in Africa and even abroad and expects every body in the Sudan be like him.

          At my young age when i was illiterate,i heart people( adult Sudanese) praise wrong doers, such as Saddam Hussein of Iraqi ,Hitler Adolf of Germany ,Mobuto Sesecko of Zaire(Democratic Republic of Congo ),a few but to mention and did the same.And i have seen that some of us
          Sudanese still have this ideology.

          In this modern world my dear,the media exposes those who are wrong doers and those who work against them. Such as ,USA during G W Bush and Clington ,not this dogmatic Oboma who takes the opposite direction.

          Some of you support Bashir to protect their position and wealth got through evil acts,but all these will soon cease.

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      • 16 October 2009 08:38, by Ezekiel Athaya


        You have commented nicely today because letters will not solve our problem and even if he (Salva Kiir) expressed concern what no body will know as it will not be read in his face.

        And as Liil said, Salva Kiir being first Vice president of Sudan should mind his words such as "US tokeep pressure on Sudan" where he is vice president but his idea is good only need to be addressed directly to US president Obama and Sudan president O Hassen Albashir.

        By Ezekiel Athaya

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      • 16 October 2009 17:50, by Wiyual Wech Puk D. Payol.

        Thanks you Gatwech for your strong advice to Salva Kiir,who always sat in juba and used only letters.please mr president the letter is just a paper,i hope it will not solve to you many problems eventhough you use them.what made you fear with Obama? he is just a black son like you.Oh!!! salva Kiir Mayardit was so brave during the war,and what made him cool now as the war turned to talk.should it be the case of illiteracy or a love of money? improve your self mr president you will grow up eventhough Omer is trying to you knock you down.

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    • 15 October 2009 14:39, by Gai Kuol Deng

      The strong spla shall do the job not American.
      Arab only listens when you press him hard against the wall.
      lets not hope about referendum it’s going be like census; we should not be begging for what belong to us; let get prepared for 2011 and declare our independence and defense it should any one try to threat us.
      long live SPLA, long live people of south sudan and long our president cde Salva Kiir.


      repondre message

      • 16 October 2009 02:56, by liil

        Gai Koul Deng and Sudan Virus:

        You are right to say the strong SPLM/A can solve our political differences with Khartoum but that should be expected when Dr Garang still alive because he had a talent to deal with such situation in both political and military means.But this present government of southern Sudan in Juba and it leadership according to my own personal view may not be able to stand upto with the Khartoum government because they lack dynamic political position and will in southern Sudan,justified/highlighted by the following stamp items such as, high corruption record,napotism,tribalism and maladministration of the puplic funds to meet the required standard of puplic need.
        With these reasons,they would be politcically shocked to say anything because they are not going to gain the ground from puplic support.
        Namely why they always eye and rush to the west for political support which i know could agravate the situation further more than expected.

        As for Sudan virus,take just simple example when you have a problem with your brother,would you rush to beg for help from outside or you can first and most try to fix by yourselves and who are those to call them to solve your problem? Are they suppose to be from neighbours or people from far? Answer me.By definition:SPLM by itself still part of the Sudan political party and Salva Kiir himself is the first vice president of the repuplic of Sudan,then how come that he urged the west to impose more sactions on Sudan for which he is the first vice president? Very silly step to be taken because it could economically affect and harm whole Sudan and all people of the Sudan including the south because of economic relation between these two sisterly states.

        repondre message

        • 16 October 2009 15:07, by Sudan virus


          What do you do if your father killed and continue killing your brothers and sisters? Do you have to still continue struggle to stop such killing your self ?

          There are cases which can be solved with in the family and clan and as well as those requiring neighbors help and finally others to be dealt with by a government or legal authority.

          Again what do you do if your father gets involved in criminal acts when ever he gets out or if other people are freely allowed to come to your home?

          For me, i simply call on the neighbors and take him to the police
          and or advise him not go out from the family and stop others who come from out side and encourage him to continue with his criminal actions.

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    • 16 October 2009 01:01, by thieleling

      Kiir does not understand the principle of national sovereignty. This way Kiir is very poor in politics! How can you exclude personal values completely from political analysis? Kiir is the same leader who has the right to exercise final authority over sudan’s affairs with Al-Bashier. He needs to face Bashier in Khartoum before resorting to writing letters to foreign leaders.

      Obama is running a smart administration. The administration knows what values are at stakes and above all the American national interest & security. Kiir needs to know that American government & politics are hard to understand. It may be a good idea to try to preach what the Obama Administration ought to favor in making policy decisions, but the Americans are analyzing and evaluating the norms, values that they use to judge political events, including the events in Kiir’s south sudan.

      The Americans know Kiir is personaly challenged by democracy in south sudan, let alone running a corrupted semi-autonomous region there. The Americans know how to interpret their policy issues and would arrive at a well informed decision of their own after all the complexities of their own debate how to deal with Sudan.

      Therefore, Kiir needs to improve his own comprehension of political information instead; sending his personal secretaries to deliver letters to some of the world’s powerful leaders without first thoroughly check conflicting values at the expense of the others. Teaching without preaching is not easy!!

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      • 16 October 2009 15:25, by Sudan virus


        So Bashir is rich in politics,because he uses the wealth of our country to pay some of us to kill us,buy weapons of massive destruction,serving the interest of few top government
        officers of his owned party,developing only Khartoum,using Islamic laws in politics,kill non Arab tribes to take their land and making empty promises,etc.

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  • 15 October 2009 06:54, by J.James


    I don’t really have any clue of advising our poor Kiir.

    God bless.

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    • 15 October 2009 10:12, by John Boy

      Yes mr J.James I do agree with you in that way ,all Dinka Leadership is always poor because they are dealing only for how to motivate biological drives ,they don’t any future I am sure Salva Kiir will not bring any change toward development in the South .

      repondre message

      • 17 October 2009 07:31, by Ajalla Roor

        My friend James and his hidden Friend, I don’t agree with your point of view that Dinka leadership always lacks or ignorance about development! Can you give me exactly an account of good leader in southern since the 1972 up to the moment and, I know that some southern sudanese from different tribes have had chance to lead but the result always ends up a leader talking ill about leaders from other tribes that he sees potential to replace him.
        I bet you guys even if one of you is given chance today to rule or lead you will forget everthing and then begin to swallow this big southern sudan.

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    • 15 October 2009 15:08, by David Deng Makuei Nhial

      In deed you do not have words to say only abuses. What can you do? Kiir is poor but made it to be top man among Southern Sudanese who are confused but claim to be intelligent by follows a win of unknown direction.

      If you are mentally blinded, please visit the current discussion forum before releasing your statement. NCP at first place says for southerners to be allow their selves determination the bill should be 75°/° but as talk become hot and hot they moved from 75°/° to 90°/°. What is your translation in this presentation? I think Addis Ababa peace features seem to have shown up and must make think more broader before it get worse, hence I know you don’t care of ever the case will it be, for you do not have loses in the past war.

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    • 17 October 2009 07:36, by Ajalla Roor

      Yes James, you are also poor like Kiir and that is why you don’t have good advice to him. God bless you

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  • 15 October 2009 06:57, by oshay

    Look at this ugly Dinka Cowboy always selling out his country, look at how stupid he looks with that cowboy hat. You day by day I’m starting to really hate Kiir. This man personifies stupid dinkas.

    repondre message

    • 15 October 2009 07:12, by general Achinbenchien

      Salva wears hat so do all Dinka ha? How smart are you man. I’m a Dinka, I don’t agree with him. His name is Salva Kiir Mayardit, Dinka, in the same way Lago was Lago, but not equatoria. I warn you. This time I respect you.

      The General Achinbenchien

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    • 15 October 2009 07:24, by Lokang

      Hahahaha...it’s Absolutely sarcastic!

      No one give adamn about your perception of the Southern. Seeking for lobbying? That empathetic Mr.Oshit.

      I guess NCP thought that by recruiting Washington to be their Special interest will ease the Warrant bestowed to that Monster you so proudly praises? I don’t think even that you will be award a same share of harmonial cake.

      USA is a country guided by precedented constitutional law unlike Sudan. You mean by seeking Lobbyist will erase the your Identity as "Terrorize sponsored Nation"?

      That’s not gonna happen Mr. May be you can plead successfully by lobbying lobbyist from Qatar, Iran might serve you better.

      A thief is a thief! a terror is terror and killer is a killer. No matter how you Northerners tries to clean yourself, but you still have that innocent people soul tinted in your side.

      No matter how long it will take, one day one time, the culprit like your uncle Bar-shit will face Justice.


      repondre message

    • 15 October 2009 08:20, by dotcom

      People lets refrain from using a morally offensive comments.when will we learn to give credit to where its due? categorising ourselves based on tribes would just make the matter worst. every person is proud of wherever they are from. lets understand that every piece of information put on every website doesn’t represent any particular group, they are rather individual contributions and opinions which are not supported by one’s tribe or relatives. lets learn to differentiate problems and persons involved. lets treat our journalists with respect, they would in turn respect us(remember that our journalism history is so young compared to others, it may be faulty sometimes, but we are improving). no body in the world is superior than the other(if you are out there believing that this isn’t true then you are dead wrong). i’m not telling you guys to keep quite or not to criticise, but do so with trust and good reasoning without offensive to the senses. an eye for an eye would surely make the whole world blind, so giving people a lesson by killing or threatening wouldn’t help ease the problem but rather escalate it. how many times have we tried to finish each other and yet no lessons learnt? aren’t you ashamed carrying the 19th century mentality with you to the 21st century? I’m not saying that our politicians are flawless. but i just dont agree with the way you are criticising them. politicians in every part of the world are there to be criticised to deliver a better service but that doesnt go deeply into tribal lines where one can end up uniting his tribesmen against yours.
      lets be responsible for the contents of the materials we are posting online. don’t think that the damages you have created through your hateful comments would die out after you just posted them. they may last or even hunt down your friend/relative directly or indirectly.
      our population is so low and we don’t need any more destructions that could cause this number to diminish further. Rome was not built in a day, we cant expect our government to deliver every service in just 4 yrs! they need time, patient and support from us, not destructive messages. if you believe our leader is so incompetent, wait for your turn when you can deliver that service. we will still be proud of you just like how we should be to everybody else.
      Remember that our enemy is working day and night to convince the world that we are ’’unable to govern’’ ourselves and they are looking for every prove(and those messages you are posting here can be starting sources).
      I’m challenging you my brothers/sisters to avoid using words like: MY TRIBE, FOOLISH MAJORITY, NYAGATS,MILITIAS,DINKA,NUER,BARI,MURLE,SHILUK etc that have been dragging us down for hundreds of years. lets embrace a positive tune for the betterment of our beloved country. we live in a world where scarcity of food is so imminent. and to bring food to your table, you have to associate with someone to get some handouts. but please lets eat those handouts carefully. lets know that we are of the same blood at the end of the day.
      a road can start with a turn, that’s normal. if you feel that our government or politicians are not delivering or that they are feeling their stomachs first before ours, be patient for you will have a turn to lead us.

      I know my comments would hurt some individuals. but this is not personal, I’m just airing out my opinion as a concerned citizen. not in anyway to degrade you or your tribe. I value your tribe just like I value mine. I sincerely apologise if my opinion here demeaned you in anyway.

      repondre message

    • 15 October 2009 08:36, by braveheart

      Kiir is truly incompetent. How can you indeed demand for sanction in a country where you are the First Vice President? Doesn’t he think the world is aware of this absurd demand he is making? If he is not truly incompetent in brain, then his role as FVP and President of GOSS in one country is one political JOKE in the history of Sudan the CPA arrangement that many seem to cherished.

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    • 15 October 2009 08:52, by Great thinker

      The SPLM should understand that the US has never been concerned with the welbeing of any people being oppressed. To the US it is always business and they will always stand by whoever can supply them with the much needed oil.

      Protests letters do not count at this thime. You must move fast and form alliances with countries such as China and Russia. America believes in war and so you do not expect them to pretect you especially when bashir can silence them with oil. Learn to stand on your own.

      It may be true that the NCP is making life hard for almost every body in different parts of Sudan but you must appreciate that for any country to develop, it must first pass through hell to get to heaven.
      Through this chaos in Darfur and South Sudan, there are some good lessons to be learnt. And since Sudan is composed of a great number of illiterate people , it will take a long long time to learn these lessons. Bashir at this particular time in the history of Sudan, is the best leader we can ever have. Atleast, he makes his position known to the whole country on any matter not like these misguided people called the Splm.

      repondre message

    • 15 October 2009 11:11, by anti-nyagat

      stop shivering.your uncle must face the trial to prove him self innocent.otherwise he will follow the footstep of Sadam.never mind of kiir selling the country some of our people in north(ncp suporters) are still selling south sudan to you now but we are still strong.shut up your big mouth .south is south & north is north .two diferent nations. let them eforce sanction on north alone.

      repondre message

    • 15 October 2009 19:40, by Dinka Aliap Chawul


      I dont even understands how such ugly people like a confused oshay to have access to S.T..................!!!!!!!!!!

      Anyway a dog gets birth to another dog & human deliver another human.furtherance,war should be blame for such a people.

      repondre message

    • 16 October 2009 04:41, by Warrap-FutureBoy

      Mother fucker, what tribe are you? Do you know what is the spla mean to you?If you know it, who are they? Jackass, spla is dinka if you do not know it before.With out Dinka, your mother, dad and including yourself too should been fuck by Arab soldiers like what they did in 20 years in Juba.Listen hear salver, we are not selling our own country away just what we need is to up hold you not to be salve again.Stupid ass, God is watching your words and I thinks you will not see Southern Sudan in your life....lol.
      All of all, I love my tribe as Dinka and Some Nuer open minding.

      repondre message

    • 17 October 2009 07:50, by Ajalla Roor

      The issue is’nt that Kiir is a Dinka that is why he wears hat.My friend even some of the Dinkas don’t like that savage hat. I strongly 100% agree with you because I’m one of the people plus others who don’t like that ugly hat of Kiir.It is making us sick and especially when he is among his peers (the presidents). I don’t understand is he hidding the bold head or protecting his head from the heat of sun, but there are other southern sudanse like him who are bolded heads.
      Kiir should also mind about presneting the south to outside world and, that is the difference between him and late Garang who used to have different styles and richness in wealth of wisdom.
      For me it looks as if Kiir is imitating Ugand’s leader. Shame on you Kiir with your backward hat.

      repondre message

  • 15 October 2009 06:59, by J.James

    Hi again

    I am going to hide myself because Mr. Kiir keep on embrassing us (the southerners) every day.

    I think there could be better way of approaching President Obama instead of writing that silly letter while calling himself vice president of the republic of Sudan.

    Sorry southerners.

    God bless

    The writer is just wondering.

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    • 15 October 2009 07:14, by Sudan virus

      Any way Kiir can try his luck.

      Otherwise,Oboma administration is quite reluctant on affairs of indignant African.May be because the CPA was property of the great former US president George W.Bush .

      repondre message

    • 15 October 2009 08:41, by Abu sala


      to Mr James...
      be a man of yourself .. don’t try to hide behind your father Gatweech... question for you... are you confused?..... don’t you have your own reasoning?.....
      taking side for no good course is disguesting....and being dumb..
      you are out side sudan and you know nothing about the situation up there?..... get yourself a satellite and watch current situation in South Sudan live tv....

      repondre message

    • 15 October 2009 17:28, by Sudani Logik

      How ironic and disgraceful.

      Its o.k for the SPLM to sign a peace agreement with Khartoum as well as share power with the NCP, but yet some SPLM members and misguided individuals want Khartoum to continue being sanctioned by the US despite the UN lifting sanctions on Sudan some years ago now.

      How stupid is this view point?? in fact its very sad and uninformed!!! Don’t you people understand how world politics functions....

      However, If Kiir only asked for US pressure on NCP as ruling party of GNU rather than extension of sanctions on the entire government then this is understandable and maybe helpful to the oppressed Sudanese. Because this pressure could be applied in a way where it doesn’t harm the average citizen whether in Khartoum or anywhere else in Sudan.

      repondre message

    • 16 October 2009 04:54, by Warrap-FutureBoy

      You are right J.J, but at the last your mind was closed. I think if you take that position for half an hour, I think you will call him to come back and take that position again or maybe you will give it to Omar Basir like your tribe do always.

      repondre message

    • 20 October 2009 10:46, by Sudan virus


      What others ways could Salva Approach Bashir?
      The government is not the president. Its you the citizens like
      you James who suggest your opinion through your various representatives right from the boma to the state members of parliament ,which the president presences given a freedom of speech in the country.

      repondre message

  • 15 October 2009 07:02, by Rambang Deng

    Rep Frank Wolf,R-VA, is right and the Obama Administration must not allows any US-based lobbists to lobby for the Genocidal NIF government of Khartoum, plain and simple.


    Rambang Deng

    Bentiu, Unity State

    South Sudan

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    • 15 October 2009 07:12, by Rambang Deng


      There is nothing wrong with President Kiir in writing this letter to US President Barrack Obama in which he stressed the need for the current US Administration to keep pressure on Khartoum’s genocidal government. I think Pres.Kiir is right on this and we should appreciate the fact that he wrote the letter, reminding Pres Obama that Khartoum Government is still dangerous and cannot be rewarded with anything right now.


      Rambang Deng

      Bentiu, Unity State

      South Sudan

      repondre message

      • 15 October 2009 08:15, by AUGUSTINO DENG

        Dear Rambang Deng,

        I do agree with you as you said that "there is nothing wrong with President Kiir in writting this letter to US president Barack Obama in which he stressed the need for the current US Administration to keep pressure on Khartoum’s Genocidal Government". First of all, Salva Kiir Mayardit is my president and I do respect him a lot. But, however, Salva Kiir Mayardit is supposed in order to know exactly what kind of game is he playing toward his allies whom he think in his own view of understanding that maybe they will bring peace to Southern Sudan.

        It is not the first time for Salva Kiir Mayardit to do this. Last year of 2008, when Salva Kiir Mayardit made a visit to Washington, he refuse that Omar Bashir should not be arrest as this will deterariote CPA. When Salva Kiir return back to Juba, Sudan, he makes a speech in which he wanrned ICC in order to distant themselves from involving Omar Bashir into a ’hot fire".

        Second, in Summitt Meeting that was done in Uganda, Salva Kiir Mayardit, gave a letter to Gier Chuang Aluong so that he can go and gave it to Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni. The letter explain that Omar Bashir should not be arrested according the content of the letter which Salva Kiir Mayardit gave to Gier Chuang Aluong. My question is that, what kind of ideology do Salva Kiir Mayardit have? Did Salva Kiir Mayardit mean that Omar Bashir is the one who is going to bring peace to Southern Sudan? There are a lot of benefits to Southern Sudanese people, but our people have no more clues on how to take some advantages. To be honest with you my dear brother RAMBANG DENG, Omar Bashir is not the righteous person to bring peace to Southern Sudan.

        Last two weeks ago, Omar Bashir was appointed in Khartoum as a candidate to run an Election with SPLM, but on side of the SPLM, do you know who is ready for Election? Salva Kiir himself is not ready for an Election nor no one is selected by Salva Kiir to run an Election with Omar Bashir instead.
        What upset me is when I see Salva Kiir Mayardit supporting Omar Bashir. This is a big NO and NO completely. Who is Omar Bashir to Salva Kiir Mayardit?

        repondre message

        • 15 October 2009 09:19, by Rambang Deng

          Brother Augustino Deng;

          We all wonder which way our president Kiir is taking us to when it comes to Bashir’s ICC arrest warrant issue. Nobody among us who really knows what President Kiir really think.

          But we don’t have to lose hope on him as our destiny is tied on his hand, atleast for now. The man, Pres.Kiir, deserves credit when he rightly point his finger at Omar ElBashir for a good reason and I commended him for doing just that today by writing a letter to US President Barrack Obama, urging him to put more pressure on Bashir and not relaxing sanctions imposed on this genocidal government by previous US Administration.


          Rambang Deng

          Bentiu, Unity State

          South Sudan

          repondre message

    • 15 October 2009 07:26, by Trueman


      Stop calling our president "poor Kiir".
      He is doing his part as our president by writing that letter to president Obama.

      Since when has murle ever know how to rule?
      Just sing after your cattle or goats in pibor and don’t interfere with the modern world affairs.

      Like him or hate him he will still be your president from now to 2030.
      We the Dinka will cling to that leadership until your grand grand fathers or generation.

      Thank God that we liberated you from slavery.

      Dinka oyee!!! Southsudan oyee!!! Independent oyee!!!

      repondre message

      • 15 October 2009 07:47, by maumau


        stop using the word rule, whom are you ruling?. In the current world where civilization and democracy are at hand, we do not use the word ruling but we use the word governing, try to be fair in your words.

        repondre message

      • 15 October 2009 07:53, by Aarai Baka

        To Trueman

        I think you need to reread the guy comment and the name he have, I think the guy from Bentiu not Murle.Stop being tribalman than trueman.

        repondre message

      • 15 October 2009 08:05, by maumau


        stop using the word rule, who are you ruling?. In the current world where civilization and democracy are at hand, we do not use the word ruling but we use the word governing, try to be fair in your words.

        You say you Dinkas will cling to the leadership untill our grand grand fathers or generation. We do not have problem with that what we need is good governance with total security, no corruption, no discrimination, no grabbing of Equatorian land, total justice and no thieving. We know that Dinka is the majority in South Sudan but the question is how are you people proving that?. Why can`t you emulate the Kikuyu, Baganda, Tutsis and Hutus, Zulus to mention but a few. Please behave to us hummanely but not in a notorious way especially you Dinka Bor. The Nuers do not have problem, they can react easily when provocked. Dinka Bahr El Ghazel are good people, they care for others by "giving what belongs to ceasar to ceasar".

        repondre message

      • 16 October 2009 05:17, by Warrap-FutureBoy

        I totally agree with Trueman about your statement.Murle people does not know what is going on in Sudan?. I think what they know is jungle food. Do they know that Dinka Bor feed them? without Dinka Bor, there will be no murle in Pibor area.Just wait, When Dinka Bor done with Arab people you will suck thier penis.

        repondre message

  • 15 October 2009 07:22, by Oduck Bol

    So, north come evil or a place where we put our mistakes.
    I didn’t know that. this philosophy will not get us ahead as southerns. We have to face our own reflection. Tribal fight in south is not from north. It is from Kiir tribe who think like a kid when their father is leader then they want to take land of everybody in the south. If you think northerners infiltrating the south. Is the Northern armies who attack G.m Pulinio Mutap in Benitu last week???. Even we build the wall between north and south like Germany and Israel, the tribal war will not stop unless Salva Kiir stop those Denks people who have madness and want to take other’s land during his leadership other wise we will not stop burring innocents children,women and elders.

    repondre message

    • 15 October 2009 07:47, by Dengtaath

      To Mr.J. James
      Hey J. James, the game between Khartoumand and SPLM is it new to you?

      Are you fearing enough that Omer Bashier will declare war upon Southerners?

      Lots of strong words had been used so far including the fighting in Abyie and Malakal, what is your new thing now when you abuse your president for no reason?

      Let me tell you this, the war has not finished yet, if you don’t want to be part of it shut up or join your fucken Arrab, don’t describe Kirr again as poor Kirr that is really naive to you.

      repondre message

  • 15 October 2009 07:39, by Gatwech

    You are right Salva Kiir. NCP should not be relaxed to abuse the citizens of Sudan. What is I don’t like with you is the use of letters all the time. You need to talk out face to face with Obama to clarify to him some issues. The same with Beshir, you need to talk tough with him instead of sending him letters too like you did the other time on census results.

    repondre message

    • 15 October 2009 07:55, by Dengtaath

      Gatwech and Rambang, exactly right, there is nothing wrong for president to let Washington know that Khartoun has not changed at all, but he want to talk to Obama face by face that is what we wanted otherwise the president is completely right.

      repondre message

    • 16 October 2009 05:54, by tiomdit_maker

      Mr. Gatwech.
      Your English grammar is not correct even if you always try to critices people in their writing.Last week you critique me on my comment, when I was trying to explain to about Matip amd Riek in a simple english.You said my comment only ten percent of it could be understood.But today somebody did correct your writing too, that good for you.Now I am refering you back to the proverbs that say a fool dug his own hole.And times around he would be the first to fall in it.Thank you mr Ngueny by correcting a foolish person like Gatwech, you have really cought the theft.Thanks man.Tiop Maker

      repondre message

  • 15 October 2009 07:47, by Kur

    People should open their eyes to see what the janjaweed regime does in darkness. They pay the obbyists hundreds of thousands of dollar in a month to uphold Bashir in power, while millions of Sudanese languish in abject poverty. This situation must change.


    repondre message

  • 15 October 2009 07:59, by Riek Ngom Giew

    Good news if that is really true,

    I will definitely agree with you Mr. president. you are a great leader and we the fighters love your brave heart, go a heart we are behind you let them know that you are not a simple man in the world.
    God bless your ideas.

    Mareang Yach

    repondre message

    • 15 October 2009 08:17, by William Okuch

      "How can you see a dirty in your brother eyes while your eyes are full of dirty. Clean your eyes first so you will be able to see other people’s dirty."

      US and the West have first liberated themselves from tyrannical and despotic leadership and embraced democratic system in their governmental intstitution. Then, they exported into other countries overseass.

      The so called Salva Kiir and his group repeatedly blame on NCP for not implementing the CPA.

      Take this or refuse it. South after the signture of the CPA suppose to be a democratic STATE as example for north to follow. But Salva Kiir and his group made south hell.

      Please Kiir, the whole world is not looking after Khartoum which has been a capital of dictatorship, but to the south which claimed to be a champion of democracy.
      Stop going far because problem is there in Juba or you lack mind to reason that US and other may not know the reality.

      repondre message

      • 15 October 2009 08:53, by dotcom


        I admire your commentary on most of the topics discussed on this website.
        I think you are a valuable contributor to this website but people do agree to disagree sometimes on issues.
        I think your sentiment based on the president’s work is baseless considering the fact that our government is not that old compared to major democracies. I think you can fall in the same pit he is in now if you were the president, no question about that. instead why don’t you give your proposals to his leadership instead of spending your valuable time on criticising his duties and his government?

        I hope you get my point.

        repondre message

        • 15 October 2009 10:27, by The One who Believes in Dr. Garang’s Vision, "The New Sudan".

          Dear Dotcom and Gatwech,

          How I have admired your comments on this website,
          I use to be a daily ready of this website but I had no interest of commenting in anything until recently; reason being that most of the Southerners commenting on this website were so negative.

          DOTCOM I read your comments today for the first time and I thought hey, here is the true Southerner, here is he who love all tribes and here ia he who love his people- I wish I know your really name but God Bless you.

          GATWECH I read your comments on this website and first I thought hey this man knows a little about SPLM, this man is Eduacted, this man is a true Citizen of the South but I have one thing against you and I urge you to change if you want to be a true man for your people: GATWECH I have notice that you are so defensive when you hear anything about Nuer your tribe or anyone who is Critizing Nuer leaders who are in the SPLM which I thought anyone like you and a true Southerner will not do because this leaders are our Leaders and Nuer is our Tribe all because they are Southerners-I will hate anyone so much anyone who rise against Nuer as I will hate anyone who will rise against my People. Please Brother Change this one thing and keep up the good work-you are a light to this website do not ruin your credit.

          TO THE REST: Most of you are upright and uses right arguments and also positive but some of you I wish they didn’know English- I have ready a lots of comments which I thought to be a great abuse to the public media and if I were the one hosting this website I would Have closed it down-listen I will repeat what I said 2days ago that your words are not only destroying our community but they will start destroying you then to the rest of people because anyone who hates the people of the south hates his life.
          Please Refraim, I repeat Please refraim, Please Refraim

          Back to the Letter:
          I think Salva Kiir did the right thing because the more attention we get from International community the more pressure the North will get- speaking up is a good thing but it does not means that we are weak.

          Hope I am not offending anyone- I was born in the south and grew up in the South and I love the South and I will stand up for the South. Any mistake I see my brother is doing will not only fall on him but on all of us.

          Learn this secret- this comments are read every where in the world.

          God Bless you all. By Philip- He who love all tribes and call them his.

          repondre message

          • 15 October 2009 10:45, by Oduck Bol

            Vision of looting pubic properties,grabbing other’s land and deyning the democracy, "that is vision".you will go to hell with your evil vision with one who created for you.

            repondre message

          • 15 October 2009 11:23, by dotcom

            Thanks Brother (I couldn’t write your name here because it’s a bit too long for me to type),

            you know we need each other so much, but some filthy-mouthed individuals here, whom i thought should have acted like role models don’t get it. but I believe they will come and realise this sometime one day. i know there was a little bit of bitterness from the people regarding the way our movement was conducting itself during the times of struggle and that indignation is what bring hatred among our people nowadays. but can anyone name for me a rebel army around the world that haven’t made any mistakes (looting, killing, nepotism, defection etc) throughout their struggle? I don’t think you will come up with one. but if you do I have enough data to prove your answers.

            but its an idiocy at this stage to characterise, criticise our leaders forgetting what we went through as a Sudanese and blindly compare us today with other countries that were put up long before us. its logic to express frustrations but not to the extent of categorising ourselves based on tribes. this shows immaturity and lack of responsibility on our side which needs no lectures but mind to judge. we are less than 15 million (which is less than a city population in china, e.g Beijing which currently stand at 17mln) and yet we are feeling no love for each other!

            TO THE WEB WARLORDS:
            please lets be part of the solution than the problem itself. the knowledge you have got now is valuable and very highly needed by our people who lack it. lets use our comments in a non degradable manner.

            I apologise if my comments put you in arms or too strong for you to digest. its only an opinion. I welcome your inputs.

            repondre message

  • 15 October 2009 08:39, by J.James

    Trueman and other insects

    The good thing in the world is understanding because if you don’t pay attention to the things, one day you may accuse even your mother in-law of something she didn’t do.

    Precisely I don’t object Kiir’s grievances and complain, but isn’t it better to do this politically and in the way that Khartoum don’t use it as a trap against us?

    If You can remember, I think Mr. Kiir took an oath for the office as vice president of the republic of Sudan and in that day he laid his bare hand on the Bible not even Quoran and he testified that he will not betray the internal affairs of Sudan just as Dr. Garang did and now for him to write this kind of letters openly don’t throw you into chilly shame?

    Couldn’t it better for him just to send somebody to deliver his message in person or just try to phone him (Obama) if possible?

    Now Mr Trueman or Truedog. if Murle don’t know how to lead as you said, then is your uncle now perfect in his job? I think the answer is no, two years kid is better than him by far.

    You talk about Kiir to be in power till 2030!!!, let me first laugh, brother you are just dreaming. Let me asure you today that, if Kiir stay in power till the end of 2011 then he is lucky enough. Learn bro and Don’t waste your time because all that we write here don’t really do much physically there on the ground.

    Save time to advice your poor, poor, and poor naive flummoxed uncle to go and rest under one of your village trees in Gogriel. Want it or not he will leave this power if he don’t stop encouraging tribalism because this country is not your toilet to play with.

    God bless.

    The writer watches closely.

    repondre message

  • 15 October 2009 09:05, by murlescrewed

    The jallabah regime must not be rewarded for incompetence and dirty tactics aimed at creating insecurity in the South. President Kiir is duty-bound to inform the American administration of what is really going on with respect to the CPA and Darfur. Envoy Gration is being fooled by the NCP which is eager to gain acceptance from the world’s sole superpower.

    As long as NCP intelligence sends its agents to cause insecurity in the South, South is not going to support its aspiration to be recognized by the US administration.

    repondre message

  • 15 October 2009 09:57, by Critic_Ngueny

    Dear writers and readers from Southern Sudan and all over the world,would you mind paying attention and listen to Mr.Critic’s criticisms criticizing critical condition in Southern Sudan?

    First of all,I would like Gatwech to go back to school because his standard of speaking in English is really very challenge to Southerners as well as Sudan at large.The man has a problem of tenses and he has to put more effort to read tenses critically otherwise.Oshay is also suffering from the same same disease which is killing his friend Gatwech,anyway, what I would rather do in order to help them is to make a link with those educated young men from Bor town and Great Bhar el Ghazel to open a school for English language on behalf of Nuer community and Equatoria particularly.Don,t be worried guys,the school is going to be free as you know very well that Dinkas are open hearted people.

    Well done Kiir Mayardit,let them bark at you but remember,a camel keeps on moving when the dog is barking.

    Critic_Ngueny from Bor town

    repondre message

    • 15 October 2009 10:22, by sheeple

      Lucifer demands human sacrifice

      Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
      Because you have rejected knowledge,
      I also will reject you from being priest for Me;
      Because you have forgotten the law of your God,
      I also will forget your children.

      repondre message

      • 15 October 2009 10:43, by sheeple

        Clues. Gnostic Religion, Mystery Religion

        repondre message

      • 15 October 2009 11:16, by Deng Wel Deng

        The man behind all this is Mr Raila Odinga who is a local advisor to mr Obama on African affairs.Mr Odinga is friend to Bashar and friendenemy to Salva.

        There are substantial evidence to pin-point finger at this man. When He was Kenya energy minister He use to buy blood oil from sudan and his campaigns are always funded by Bashar.Mr president, you are on right track but check your back before you go international.

        repondre message

        • 15 October 2009 13:25, by Chier Akueny

          Ngueny, You have named yourself so to criticize people here. The work of this web it come comment but not to challenge people who have not spoken correct english.

          Please stop that, because I don’t see the same every day from but it is not good brother.

          For sure, Kiir Mayardit is right by the way to send this message to Obama because nothing yet has been implemented in the peace agreement in term of Oil, power sharing, revenues and many other things supposed to be shared equally. The constitution is not equal so, Mayardit deserve that right of speaking about Sudan.



          repondre message

  • 15 October 2009 14:09, by Daniel DENG

    Good advice Mr. dotcom
    I am very proud of you my bro...Keep it up; let us teach ourselves to learn from each other. You are really a true leader of new generation .I know tribal minded will understand me wrongly, some will try to go deeply who am I ,which tribe I belong to, even rest will try to identify me as NCP,SPLM-DC,A,B,C,D
    It is a good move Mr.Kiir to send an alarm to US president. As all of us know NCP needs to be pouched in different way to let them aware that we can use what we can in sake of CPA implementation.
    I can agree with Gatwch, that Mr .president he supposes to send a high delegation to pass a full story psychically, along with SPLM supporters those residing in USA different states.
    We as, a well educated generation we need mobilize our communities to boycott NCP‘s activities in south since they don’t want to implement CPA and still destructing it.
    NCP southern it is time to understand, we couldn’t abandon you, we only just need your support.
    Kindest regards,
    Daniel DENG

    repondre message

    • 15 October 2009 14:24, by Abuk D- Nhial


      Learn how to minimize your accusation on false issues.

      I think our president Kiir is right to disclose what he sees going on in Darfur and South Sudan When fraternal brothers are tirelessly urged to fight and hate them selves. Do you really know where it comes from ? _____________ it ’s Arab.

      When shocking violence happened at unity state this month, Kirr had bravely announced his blame openly on the NCP party. The same article was sent to Washington no other different thing and it is right to have been sent perhaps there would be witnesses.

      So what are you annoyed most angrily, does it means its secrecy or exposing the sentiment on NCP? Yes Significant change in policy in relation to Sudan should only come when there is change in the reality of Sudan to let there be a relief of tribal violent and frequent killings in Darefur

      I think that is good to let Kiir aware the right internationals allies.

      Back to Obama, Barrack, your education, pleasant eloquence,wisdom have been popular to our ears before your senate achievement.Before your presidency I was a strong supporter to you due to the fact that you would boldly justify the prerequisite right of all people regardless of how much policy they have.

      I think a doctor treat sicks people not healthy members otherwise ,health people may later laugh at the doctor for missing his work !!

      If we go for the concern of oil, we may tell you it is much more than water in Our South Sudan which mean,deal with right at first and you will see the benefit.

      Thank you all. awuoknguan@rocketmail.com

      repondre message

      • 15 October 2009 22:53, by Monyde Bai

        I think Kiir should and must put in a request to come to Washington DC so that he meets face to face with president Obama the way he met with Pres George Bush in the white House last year. The man must come to America to meet American leaders, citizens and Southerners as well as Northerners so that he brief that on the situtation the country is in and where the direction the country is heading to?

        Who told this man that it was George Bush who supported Southerners that he belief once Bush is gone, things will not be the same again in washington?
        This man called Kiir is an idiot, shallow and must be crazy and by the way who is advising the man with these lunatic ideas of avoiding the democrats and Barack Obama?

        Southern interests is more secure now then the time of George W. Bush and this man called Kiir must come to term with that and come to Washington himself not sending letters and he will be debrief upon arrival on what to do say and not to.

        repondre message

  • 15 October 2009 23:04, by ahme adam

    It shows how weak southern sudanese are, they can change anything in sudan, they want USA to do it for them hahaha bunch of women, we northeners we dont need USA or no body, even during the war when saudi arabis and egypt used to support SPLA, we used to wipe your sorry backs up the bushes in Uganda hahahaaaa

    repondre message

  • 16 October 2009 01:04, by thieleling

    Kiir does not understand the principle of national sovereignty. This way Kiir is very poor in politics! How can you exclude personal values completely from political analysis? Kiir is the same leader who has the right to exercise final authority over sudan’s affairs with Al-Bashier. He needs to face Bashier in Khartoum before resorting to writing letters to foreign leaders.

    Obama is running a smart administration. The administration knows what values are at stakes and above all the American national interest & security. Kiir needs to know that American government & politics are hard to understand. It may be a good idea to try to preach what the Obama Administration ought to favor in making policy decisions, but the Americans are analyzing and evaluating the norms, values that they use to judge political events, including the events in Kiir’s south sudan.

    The Americans know Kiir is personaly challenged by democracy in south sudan, let alone running a corrupted semi-autonomous region there. The Americans know how to interpret their policy issues and would arrive at a well informed decision of their own after all the complexities of their own debate how to deal with Sudan.

    Therefore, Kiir needs to improve his own comprehension of political information instead; sending his personal secretaries to deliver letters to some of the world’s powerful leaders without first thoroughly check conflicting values at the expense of the others. Teaching without preaching is not easy!!

    repondre message

    • 16 October 2009 10:46, by nasirboys

      BRAVO,mr.president offcourse to urge our world Greatest leader mr.Obama is very nice that is what we usually thing and yes you do it,but make sure Arab are very political animal they are now right side to you mr.president.
      Nasir Boy

      repondre message

  • 16 October 2009 11:18, by Bizoro nywadi

    I approve the president’s move of writing the letter to the American president. This is what we expect from the GOSS president but that should not only be in written form, we need you to stand up to the challenges faced by your government especially the issue of insecurity in South Sudan.

    IN this letter, you mentioned the Northern government is responsible for the tribal conflict along your boarder, however, you have not presented a substantial evidence to back up your claim. So, you as the president, how can you justify that the Arabs in the north are the ones inciting this tensions? You should know this simple things Mr. 

    IT is indisputable that the indicted man, is behind this insecurity, however, your government has taken no step in i gathering intelligence with an intention of exposing president Bashir to the outside world. yelling only will not yield any fruit to us. we are in a very moment in history, it is extremely challenging but we must know that words alone can solve our problem. It will be necessary to plant intelligence along our borderlines to ensure that any infiltration of weapons into the South is dealt with.

    Kirr, you should prove your strength to your opponent otherwise, you will be played like a rubber ball. Politics require one to be very sensitive at all hierarchies of informative judgment and the ability to act tough if need be. And by the way, you should not forget that you have tough men who are also aiming at your sit. So for us, we will only need people with sound judgment to govern us. If you want the presidency, you should stand up to Bashir as a man with clear vision and a Road map to accomplishing the vision not just making vague claims without evidences and cheap language.

    repondre message

    • 17 October 2009 07:12, by Ajalla Roor

      Kiir, many mistakes are taking place at the tip of your nose and you are keeping quiet as if they are happening at the neighbourhood. If you have awaken up like this; to write to president Obama then I can say things will be moving alright because our then sleeping person has awaken up and, opened his eyes to look into Southern Sudan Problems which some of us previously thought Kiir Has forgotten the cause of 22 years war.
      We Southern Sudanese should not always attribute our failures and weaknesses as a result of the act of the North, No and it is a big No. We are foolish minority because we don’t accept our weaknesses and then try to fix them, instead we throw blames on ourselves based on tribalistic attitudes.
      Please Kiir, try and arrange those several things that going into the wrong direction without being attended to.

      Ajalla Roor
      I can reached on: ajalla2009@gmail.com

      repondre message

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