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Sudan to construct military hospital in Djibouti


November 21, 2009 (ADDIS ABABA) — Sudan will construct a military hospital for Djibouti armed forces, according to a bilateral agreement inked this week in the capital of Horn of Africa country.

The deal was signed by Dijbouti National Defence Minister Ougoureh Kifleh Ahmed and Gen Al-Sadiq Kismalla, secretary general of the medical services fund for the Sudanese army. on Thursday 19 November.

The construction of military hospital will be entirely financed by the Sudanese government, reported the official Djibouti news agency.

The Sudanese ambassador to Djibouti, Hassan Al-Tayib, the deputy chief of General Defence Staff, Gen Hassan Ali Kamil and the secretary general for the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Badri Ahmed Bogoreh, took part in the signing of the agreement.

Defence Minister Ougoureh thanked in a brief speech, the Sudanese government for its assistance and its support for the construction of a new health structure for the Djibouti armed forces.

The minister added that the noble project will lead to the improvement of the health environment of our armed forces, their families as well as Djibouti’s population.

The Sudanese military delegation led by Gen Al-Sadiq Qismallah, also held talks with the foreign affairs and international cooperation minister, Mahmoud Ali Youssouf.

Talks focused on bilateral cooperation and in particular on the construction by the Sudanese part of a new hospital for Djibouti armed forces in 2010.

The two parties discussed the diary for the next joint cabinet meeting between Djibouti and Sudan planned for January 2010.


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  • 22 November 2009 04:07, by Dinka Boy

    Northen Sudan busy with Ethiopia, Ereterea, Djubuti,and many Arab nations because bashier is planing for the war with the South.
    We all Southerners knows that the independent is not afree walk away,but the sound of gun will sound.

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  • 22 November 2009 04:44, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

    Spirit of terrorist towel head always collaborate together. This is clear that bashir is building his hospital in other place in order to make it easier to tranfer his troops for treatement when the mess has started in Sudan. We have East Africa with modern facilities. Kenya throughout the CPA as mother to South Sudan will never leave us to suffer.

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  • 22 November 2009 04:47, by Kur

    Our money is being used to build personal friendship with others while millions of Sudanese languish in poverty, hunger, and disease. Oh, boy, What a jerk decision of immoral regime. We will never forgive them their corrupt dealings. They will pay back what they have stollen.


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    • 22 November 2009 08:57, by Gile Gai Pal Chol

      you are very right guys in your comments. what a ugly plan is with Bashir and his party. this is clear indication that their Arabs terrorist are more valued than Sudanese african People.

      how many people dying in Southern Sudan b/c of lack of health care? how many people are dying of hunger? poverty is a bout 80% population. no roads at all.and yet shallowly thinking of developing others countries

      shame on you with that plan.

      Remember this time around,no joke we must stop playing with our own land oil money.

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    • 22 November 2009 22:45, by mohammed ali


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      • 23 November 2009 06:59, by Joga’dinak DeMoses

        blamin the jalaaba,

        fuck your ash and mother ten times. You are a devil...

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        • 23 November 2009 23:53, by mohammed ali

          And you are an angel!

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  • 22 November 2009 23:28, by Time1

    Continued bribery of African states by the NCP, they have intensified bribery in most African countries lately, so they can get support against ICC and CPA.

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  • 23 November 2009 06:56, by Joga’dinak DeMoses

    Fuck you Bashir!!!!!

    Questions are awaiting you during your campaign. We are keeping track of whatever illegal dealings you are doing with your Arabs. In this agreement there is no Southern Sudan-like name neither is there a Darfur-like name and yet you Bashir is a foreigner in Sudan...You bloody mother fuckin’ arabs came as traders and established yourselves and now you think you own everything and do illegal dealings without involving the owners. God will curse you. You have no place in the world unless you go back to wherever you came from and until that day came, you will run at gun point.

    First, instead of bringing peace to Sudan and using all the resources for its citizens whom you are working for, you deviated our resources for helping Gaza (Palestine) in the form of arms and amnitions early this year (2009). Consequently, Israel sent jet fighters to bomb Sudan killing more than 100 people. I wish all those dead are you Arabs and not the innocent citizens. Why don’t you help Gaza and Israel with how to peacefully achieve peace?. Now you wanna construct hospital for Djibouti which have contributed nothing to Sudan unless it had illegally contributed in the massive killing of us the South Sudanese and the Darfurians. People are dying primarily because of lack of hospitals, but you devil is instead happy about it.

    You have intentionally made me so unhappy and even a racist at the same time when I am actually not. Now I am going to ask you this questions, 1. what have you so far done to the citizens of Sudan apart from killing them and causing the sahara desert to expand southwards and do its worse on them? No schools, hospitals, roads, water, no nothing, you really suck bashir!! 2. I wonder what your manifesto are, if they are things like "if you elect me,I wanna improve your lives through provisions of basic necessities citizens require" then you are a devil bashir..and what you really mean in such statements is that "when you are elected to office, you gonna finish us. There is no sense of humanity in You at all. I can’t wait to see you out of office and dead.

    There is nothing I hate more than you.

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    • 24 November 2009 00:20, by mohammed ali

      Arcording to CPA Albasheer has nothing to do with South.He can not say a word!No Jalabba has the right to interfer with GOSS! GOSS has it’s own budget, and it is responsible for it!You can ask them.

      As for the north alot has been done, power generation has jumped from 500 mw , to about 3000 mw and there is about 800 mw power plants to open shortly, hundreds of kilometer of roads have been built,more than 10 bridges have been constructed, univercity education has jumped from less than 2000 to 100,000 per annum, many hospitals have been built, 6 cement factoris have been built , one already started production, others will open next year , another sugar mega-plant will be open next year, we have now cars assembly lines, many pharmthutical factoris and according to the IMF, we have an average of 10% GDP groWth since 1990.

      You have to ask your government what they did, blaming or hating the Arabs or Jalabba won’t help you,won’t solve your problems!

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      • 24 November 2009 03:09, by Joga’dinak DeMoses

        Jalaba Muhammed,

        I guess you have trouble understanding English. The interesting points you have brought forward unfortunately, serve to defy your arguments. Talking of the CPA, yes it did say bashir has nothing to do with the south but the real point of concern is wealth sharing, which wealth, is mainly the revenue from our oil and taxes. Taxes are being collected in South Sudan and they all end up in Khartoum. Instead, of calling the two parties involved and saying hey, here is the revenue we have for this time period and then sharing it in the 50/50 ratio, Khartoum (the Jalabas) convert these revenues into supporting war in Palestine and constructing a hospital for the people of Djibouti instead of giving the South its 50% share.

        I know after beating you with this, your only point for defending your argument is the so called corruption in the south. This to me is just a blame and cover up from your side, to say, yes we have been giving you, your share but your leaders eat it up. The south is not being governed by just one or two individuals for your information. If there is money from the common pool budget of Sudan, then many people would have insights into and there would be follow up if there is something of that sort. I don’t disagree that, there is corruption in the south, I acknowledge that, but what I am bored is the notion that everything ends up in the hands of corruption.

        Because you always cheat us and take all the money for your benefits, no wonder there are better roads, hospitals, electricity, and many more in Khartoum as you claimed. But, you know what? You are a bloody liar, I am actually from the north but sincerely, you bloody liar, I haven’t seen/heard of the many hospitals you are talking about. Even schools, electricity and the likes are none existence, if at all they do, it’s just to a very small extent. Also, you have to make a clear distinction between having all these things only in Khartoum city and what we are talking about. For heaven’s sake, how can university/schools, hospitals, proper roads, electricity and etc only be found in Khartoum city, benefit the poor needy people far in the villages around? Does that sound to your anus like EQUAL development? Aren’t you ashamed of mentioning all those when YOU, yourself even doesn’t have access to them and find yourself suffering like the rest of us? Think twice while you assume to be challenging me.

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  • 23 November 2009 10:27, by Issa

    Hey guys,

    Every time that I read comments like the ones that followed this article, I get depressed by the myopia of the self decleared african cyber intelectual elite.

    In the 21st century, we should be able to agree on a small number of principles to direct intervention in the cyberworld.

    First, we should cure our selves from all kind of racism against Sudan black people and counter racism against so called "Arabs" as neither bad blood nor prejudice will not help us build a future for Sudan and Africa’s children.

    Let me make it clear, I am not saying that the memory of the tens of millions of black Africans who were victim of the arab slavery over the last 1300 years should be forgotten. No. I am saying that this memory should not be used to create new victims (Arabs) like the zionist used the Shoa memory to deprive palestinians of their land and rights.

    Secund, Sudan like most of big African countries is failled state. Sudan, Ethiopia, Congo has no longer right to existence as unified state. Their right to nationhood were definitely spoiled by ruthless dictators mass murders: Numeyri & Bashir for Sudan by Haile Selasse,Mengistu & Zenawi for Ethiopia and by Mobutu and Kabilla (father and son) for Congo.

    The emotive african elite about territorial integrity should understand that a small country addressing the needs of its population is far better than a big ruining the future of its sons & daughters.

    Therefore, an independant Southern Sudan is better than a unified Sudan killing or displacing every year between 2 and 3% of its population.

    At the same time an independendant Southern Sudan is less preferable than a democratic unified Sudan. So if peace for all sudanes can work, let’s keep the union intact otherwise let’s go for a separate destiny. I am sure that the Ogaden and the Oromos of Ethiopia will be the next to follow our path then it will be the turn of Swahili speaking Eastern Congo to turn Eastward.

    What about Djibouti? Whether South Sudan go for independance or whether it remains in the union, it will need a reliable, cost efficient sea outlet. As Djibouti is the most modern port from Cape Town to Alexandria, the geography is dictating a much closer relationship with Djibouti to establish a corridor between Juba and Djibouti through Ethiopia. It worst mentioning that the 2/3 of this corridor already for road and 40% for railway.

    So my follow disgrounted Sudanese, we should support Al Bachir when he is support our strategic long term interest.

    Warm regards

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