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US warns against air travel between South Sudan and Uganda over terrorism threat


January 8, 2010 (WASHINGTON) — The United States issued a warning on Friday of a threat to air travel between Southern Sudan and Uganda.

Air Uganda plane

The US embassy in Sudan said Washington has information that “regional extremists” may be targeting flights between South Sudan capital and Kampala.

“The U.S. Embassy has received information indicating a desire by regional extremists to conduct a deadly attack onboard Air Uganda aircraft on this route” the statement issued today read.

Air Uganda operates fights between Juba and Kampala seven days a week

“While the capacity of these extremists to carry out such an attack is unknown, the threat is of sufficient seriousness that all American air travelers should be made aware”.

The statement urged travelers on that route to be vigilant. It comes amid nervousness about violence as Sudan faces a referendum in early 2011 on possible independence for the South.

The United States has long warned its citizens against traveling to Sudan urging them to defer it “due to uncertain security conditions and the possibility of violence and harassment targeting westerners”.

The world has witnessed heightened aviation security on flights destined to the US following a failed bombing attempt on Christmas day aboard a Detroit-bound U.S. airliner blamed on a Nigerian man who U.S. officials believe was trained by al Qaeda in Yemen.

The US announced new measures last week targeting nationals from 14 countries mainly in the Middle East and Africa including Sudan who will be screened be subject to enhanced screening techniques, such as body scans and pat-downs.


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  • 9 January 2010 07:11, by Gatwech

    With the tribal corrupt administration of Salvatore Kiir Miyerdit and his greedy kins who always look for money, a terrorist can be accomodated in Juba and taken straight to the Juba airport into the plane with just 10,000 US dollars.

    This is very serious given the corrupt heart of the ruling clique. God save the inncoent in South Sudan and make positive change for your real people this year!!!

    • 9 January 2010 08:01, by Mr. Awan Awan

      Message to Mrs. Kim Deng and alike.

      Mrs. Kim, you have been telling us that Jaang are slaves which, no body can deny. But keep in mind that Nuer, Jaang, and other Sudanese people were slaves during the colonization. Half of our history has never been told; however, the slavery was applied on our ancestors and it is over now. We are from descendants of slaves. You and I must accept it. May be your grandfather and mind were in the same camp. Who knows about that? You never know my friend. This is a history and not a joke. Do not attempt to isolate Nuer from slavery.

      In terms of terrorist’s air strike, there is no doubt that one day they will kill innocent people between south Sudan and Uganda. It will be easy and much easier for them to carry it out. The main sign of that is the death of our late leader Dr. John Garang who was killed in Ugandan presidential helicopter that was crashed in July, 2005 between south Sudan and Uganda. And also in 2009 to our current leader Salva Kiir who survived in another airplane incident. Thanks

      Awan Awan

      • 9 January 2010 08:06, by Gatwech

        Who enslaved who, Awan, even before the so-called colonization which the Nuer resisted? The first martyr in South Sudan is Guek Ngundeng (the son of prophet Ngundeng Bong) who fought against the British colonization in Nuerland. The British freed the Dinka from slavery by the Nuer. Be clear because that will make the difference between the Nuer and Dinka. Please don’t deny the recorded history. Just tell us that we don’t need slavery any more...

        • 9 January 2010 08:24, by Mr. Awan Awan


          Do not interfere. Your name is not Mrs. Kim, unless you are alike or her lawyer. I told any of you that slavery is well known historically. I will be more than open to discuss it with you in term of South Sudan, Sudan as a whole nation and Great Britain as our former master. What the heck are you saying about who enslaves who before colonization?

          What do you mean by prophet Ngundeng? Is it in the bible or is it a devil? Don’t preach about him. I am sorry about Ngundeng. Thanks

          Awan Awan

        • 9 January 2010 11:12, by Piny Amec Abethool-Jesus

          To Gatwech

          Dear brother i have disqualified your knowledge about the history of Sudan or colonization. Let me tell you what was there before colonization and what colonization means in three words.
          Colonization means:

          1- Gold,
          2- God,
          3- Glory (Green & Luehrmann 2007, pp.43-53).

          Sudan before colonization: We were in a Stateless period. let me put it in simple words so you can understand it.

          Sudan was not a state before 1956, however, on 01/01/ 1956 Sudan became the state.

          Remember that Sudan shifted from Stateless to Slavery, then from slavery to colonization, then from colonization to political independence but not economical independence, then from political independence to Jalaba (NIF) genocide against black Africans since 1956 - 2010 (Arabization and Islamization of Sudan).


          Where does Nuer fit in these historical facts as you put it that "The British freed the Dinka from slavery by the Nuer" ?

          Where did you get your historical records from?

          Did you read a history book called "The Dinka resistance to the condominium Rule of 1902-1932". Written by Lazarus leek Mawut.

          If not please shut your mouth and say Alleluia because Jesus Christ is the only one who has saved us from slavery not Nuer.

          Let other people talk about Nuer power, instead of you talking about your own power everyday. So what if Nuer are powerful? Nuer power is still the power of the Southern Sudan and the whole Sudan.

          If Nuer have power to defeat British by then to freed Dinka, then why did Nuer allow Jalaba to ruled us since 1956 to 2010?

          Who is powerful, British or Jallaba?

          Why can Nuer free southerners or Nuba or Darfurians from Jalaba since 1956, if they had defeated British and freed Dinka from slavery.

          What you don’t Know is your enemy not Dinka.

          You already know who are Dinkas that is why you talk about them every day on this website. You are derailing people from thinking about what is beyond CPA.

          I do respect all Nuer who know the true historical facts about Sudan and who do not talk about tribalism like you do always.

          Getwech you can write about Dr Riak Machar. I will never say anything about it. I have never reply to your comments which are all about Dr. Riak Machar as if Riak is the only politician in the Southern Sudan. But When you write about historical facts don’t make up false stories and claimed that they are historical facts.

          Dear Gatwech,"information is not knowledge, and knowledge is not understanding and understanding is not wisdom".

          Don’t ever write your nonsense about Dinka, if you do have a brain. Dinkas are not superior or inferior, but they are equal to all other tribes in the Southern Sudan.

          I have no intention to hurt you by this comment, but i am telling you the truth because i know you and you know me. Repent and you will be forgiven.

          "what then can we say, if God is for us who can be against us".

          Thank you

          Piny Amec Abethool

          • 10 January 2010 04:33, by man of sudan

            Mrs Gatwech and Mrs kim and Mrs Sala Gai, all of you are tourist on this website, why you guys twisted things around? such that nobody get attention on what going on,

            Dear all readers and writers you guys are making nonese.
            the topic is very clear to all of us, is not about colonization is about us warning against air travel between south sudan and Uganda, iam wondering where did Gatwech get that topic of his from? to me it seem that it is ignorents of the topic such that nobody get much attention. until this Jalab people get the way of tourism. please Mr Gatwech stop misleading your brothers and also you fooling people.

        • 9 January 2010 16:33, by child soldier

          Dear Gawect
          where did you get forge History? I never heard Ngundeng son was assisstinated by the condominum government which conquered Sudan in 1896-1898 . Therefore I came cross to the Sudanese syllabuses. But, unfortunately I didn’t get such plagiarism history.

          If I come to the point of Nuer resistant in South Sudan, . Let it be clearify to you that, the resistant was
          organized by the following tribes Dinkas, Nuer, Zande and so forth.

          In Upper Nile region, the resistant was organized by Dinka man well-known Deng Karat, who lauched attacked against the Anglo-Egyptian government in Upper Nile Region, so when the Condominum government discovered the deteriorated assault against their occupation forces,the sent occupations forces which succeeded to kill Deng in 1906.
          be remined that Dinkas and Nuer were lived side by side despite there wasn’t any governmnet 19-century, it isn’t your time of tribalism which you alway spend entirely time busy talking against the Dinkas.
          when Deng was killed they people were rally to appointed who would be successor to occupied the position. they came up with discision to appointed Diew as their ringleader in 1907, who continued his resistant against the Anglo-Egyptian government until he succeeded to killed Fergason who was Inspector of Nuer territorial.

          regarding slavery, I don’t think who are slaves and who aren’t, please don’t cracking others’ mind review our communities first before you air out bullshit and unproductivit words against others tribes.I alway disappear in this website when people insults others communities and dishonor their intergrity but it’s unacceptable when Southerners preaching tribalism, hatred, obnoxious behaviours, strife etc.

          I think point mention above is concern about terrortism act,because the Goss haven’t any High Security Technologies apparatus which they could work close together with CIA against terrortist organiations, as you konw my brother South Sudan was overpopulation by the Eastern African different nationalities for example Somalian who are purely Muslim, perhap they will lauch expolsion any time. so the GOSS must be serious about this it is not joke.

      • 9 January 2010 09:19, by Time1

        Awan Awan

        You are right the killing of our hero Dr Garang was a terrorist plot planned by some evil individuals but it was executed by mercenary groups working inside Uganda and also some working as organizations in south sudan.

    • 9 January 2010 08:50, by Sala Gai

      Mr Akim Deng and Nuer community

      I didn’t understand what do you mean by Nuer warriors! Is your warrior always between Arab and Southern; that’s the one we actual know very well:

      The major problem of Nuer, habits but Nuer Unity and upper nile activities are the same:are belows

      1. Give big food they will do and tell them and that go and kill that people.

      2. Lei him if you do these; I will give much money and position too.

      3. They are thinkless.

      4. They have short thinking up absent minded.

      5. The think always in position but they can not pit on it:

      7. They can change their mind any time; any hours so it’s to difficult to agree any secret thing with them for their short thinking and any time the can targeted your secret.

      8. The last thing i had see from them; just make a friendship with them but do not a term to target your secret every one in these group i have mention above.

      By Salah Gai. Mal dit loong gaar

      • 9 January 2010 09:55, by Mr.Makuach bergoa

        sala gai

        your name sound like north upper nile [Maluodh]convertes muslims who were behind since the first day of the movement. they never contribute event food to spla squade, only spending there time playing uder trees.

        my comment you didn, understand what is the topic, people are discussing, your sterotype again Nuer influence you to throw your comment at the air, but no one will except your cheap gossip. look if you keep engaging talking expired parapagadas your day would come sooner.


        Mr Makuach Bergoa

    • 9 January 2010 09:49, by Ajuong


      You are still under the bases of stupididty when the real tribalists are changing.

      See what Mr. BIG LOGIC has written!!!! It is wonderful!

      It is the right time to change and unit not to just blame.

      Your blame will be later on or do you believe of now?

      YOUR comment is odd here and now.

      • 9 January 2010 19:00, by Aarai Baka

        To internet warriors, the articles got nothings to do with Nuers warriors enslaving Dinka. it is about air travel safett between Uganda and Southern Sudan where might be a terrorist activities.

        Savage nuer never enslave nobody in Sudan.what I know about nuer, are hit and run people, and food lover. as Dinka Boy said the born empty and die empty what a big statement

    • 9 January 2010 14:45, by chuol dieu.

      Dear reader, I have to warn you that Gatwech is not southern. He is the enemy of our nation. plze pay attension to him. He is not nuer either.If he was a nuer he should condemned the killing in warab.

      The FBI need to trace this guys who is always terroristing us. Also the sudantribune should be aware of this terrorist in this web site.

  • 9 January 2010 07:17, by Time1

    This extrimists groups include the LRA rebels who are working with terrorist groups and also foeirgn mercenaries who are sponsoring LRA and supporting them behind the scenes, security has to increase vigilance on foreign groups, companies, organizations and their movements, we do not need terrorists coming from outside africa to cause killings in this region, this region alreay has enough problems of its own.

  • 9 January 2010 07:20, by SPLA

    If there are terrorists in South Sudan, I will not be surprised if they happen to be Nuer militia support by Khartoum Government. I think Khartoum is recruiting Nuer militia to carry out its terrorism activites in South Sudan.

    Believe me, with their shallow think and inability to analysis things, Nuer militia men are capable of blowing themselves up. Therefore, it would be wise for the GOSS to ban Nuer militia men from flying out of Juba or into Juba before the militia embarrasses South Sudan by committing a terrorism act.

    SPLA Oyee

    • 9 January 2010 07:41, by Aturjok

      Do not count out Riek Machar unless you’re a tribalist yourself.

      • 9 January 2010 08:11, by Gatwech


        You should instead be worry about the Bor Dinka man called Shiekh Tayir Bior who is currently the ring leader of all Muslims in South Sudan. You should also be worry about another Dinka Sheikh Abdullah Deng Nhial who is islamic extremist jihadist in Dr. Hassan Al-Turuba’s camp. He is actually nominated for presidential elections in that islamic movement. They may have links with Al-Qaeeda. A Nuer would never be islamic extremists. Those two big examples are all Dinka. One is being used to lead the most notorious islamic party in Sudan and another one is made to be the ring leader of all Muslims in the South. Shame!!!

    • 9 January 2010 08:08, by Gatmi raan

      SPLA/whatever your name is
      last time i checked, the person nominated by Hassan Al Turabi( one of the biggest terrorist and closest ally of Osama Biladen) is name is Abdulla Deng from your tribe (Dinka) right? so reformed your terrorist network with in your own tribe. before accussing others (espcially Nuer) for oppossing(your inept father Garang failed policy of the so called United Sudan ok!)

    • 9 January 2010 09:24, by Time1

      one calling yourself SPLA

      The terrorist groups in Uganda and south sudan are foriegner groups who work as mercenaries, they have been in the region for sometime now but it is heard to detect them because they are well organize and work as organizations or NGO workers but they have well known connections with terrorist or mercenary rebel groups, this are the people we will have to open our eyes on, they have been supporting the LRA together with the Arabs and they are the same people who killed Dr Garang.

  • 9 January 2010 07:50, by paul baak anyaar

    Terrorists are everywhere around the globe. South Sudan should not be warned against a possible terrorist attack. We should rather be reminded to review our security laws. I have every reason to be optimistic and say that South Sudan will never be shaken by malicious hooligans, whether internal or external, now or in the future. Defense means defense. I have said it, so we should do it.

  • 9 January 2010 08:07, by toposaboy

    The government of Dinkas will never deliver peace and development
    To the real people of southern Sudan

    Corruption tribalism’s Dinkalisms

  • 9 January 2010 08:08, by murlescrewed

    This warning should be taken seriously...especially by the Ugandan security authorities. US is not the kind of country to make idle warnings. I am sure they have probably intercepted some pretty serious threats coming from Somalia.

    Let’s recall that Al-Shabab terrorist group threatened to launch attacks against Uganda because Uganda has forces backing up weak Somali government. Al-Shabab would try to target weak points such air transport in Uganda by coping what similar attacks that have been foiled elsewhere.

    • 9 January 2010 08:18, by Gatwech

      Are you worried about the Somalis? Well, your corrupt tribal officials have given Somali business people very senstive locations in Juba town. And do you know what they sell, they have opened up gas stations on main roads. And these gas can be used for explosives. This is the work of those greedy officials after money. Albino Akol gave them all those locations. They can just take some of these somalis straight to the plans and blow them up by just paying 10,000 US dollars.

      • 9 January 2010 08:48, by SPLA

        Gatwech and likes,

        Being Muslam does not equalfies you to be a terrorist. There are millions of Muslams aroung the world but there are not terrorists.

        Injecting fear among civil population by killing and looting is a terrorism. Therefore, who ever you mentioned is not a terrorist but innocent muslam because they are not causing any fear among civil population in South Sudan.


        • 9 January 2010 09:31, by Time1

          Now you are defending muslims for not being terrorist

          But if you think that Nuer are terrorist then what will muslims be? better think about what you want for youself as it will come back to you.

          • 9 January 2010 09:48, by SPLA


            Do not put words in my mouth, I did not say Nuer are terrorists. I said Nuer militias are terrorists. There is a different between ordinary Nuer and Nuer militias. The extemists food lover Nuer or Nuer militia men are committing terrorism activities in South Sudan by injecting fear in local populace. Therefore, they are domestic terrorists and GOSS needs to take action against them before they export their activities in neighboring countries.


          • 9 January 2010 11:21, by Chakin Riek Rah


            You need to stop, calling yourself Spla. You spoiling the Spla good name. You said, Nuer are terrorist because they are kicking Jaang ass. They do that for reasons and they still going to kick your ass more again if you don’t stopped that big mouth like you, Jaang nevers zipped your mouths against Nuer.

            Nuer, never been a terroristed and they will never be terrorist. that is their nature because they never been convertored to join a extermists for searching money. Like Jaang do, People like that are easy to be the terrorist and can blow themselves up easy.

      • 9 January 2010 08:48, by murlescrewed

        If you had any functioning brain, you would be first to tell yourself that NOT all Somalis are involved with Al-Shabab. Those in South Sudan are from Kenya and most are more interested in a stable environment for their businesses. They are not there to cause trouble. So don’t just make statements that will not hold weight.

        It is unbelievable how you see everything through tribal lenses. If you cut yourself shaving, you would probably find a way to blame Dinka for it. Maybe the Dinka sold you a razor or some ludicrous excuse like that.

        Al-Shabab is a real threat to security in Uganda and Kenya. It should be watched closely and that is the US warning is something that must be taken seriously. Don’t drag peaceful Somalis doing business in South into this mess. They have no need to be involved in anything that would threaten their business ventures.

        • 9 January 2010 12:25, by Time1

          Lets make it simple, not all muslims are terrorist or all terrorist are muslims, not all somalis are el shabab, not all northerners are bad, a terrorist can be from any country he can be, white, black, Arab or even asian, we just have to be vigilent with everyone and everywhere.

          This is why every body has been saying that Salva Kirr really need to pull up his trousers.

        • 9 January 2010 12:42, by mack waweru

          Really, terrorists attacks are inevitable given lack of intelligence gathering about exteremists elemnts in the region. Unless the two governments in questions coordinate their intelligence gatherings, or the threat would be unavoidable.

          Regarding Gatwech and Kim Deng, these two guys’ views do not represent the Nuer people. I lived with Nuer since my childhood till now. The majority of Nuer don’t think as these two men. In every society, there are bad few individuals such as those who carried out the attack in Tonj East County of Warap State, plus the two above men. Let’s not condmen Nuer community, but the action of these few rogue individuls and their mentors in persons of Gatwech and Kim Deng.

          Nobody has ever been another’s slave in history of south Sudan,but it seems Gatwech and his likes live in another planet. Distortion of history originates from igorance and which is tantamount to crime. Theirs is comparablethe NIF’s change of some Sudan’s history. Before, all know "The Entery of Arabs into Sudan", but now it is "Entery of people into Sudan."
          So, creating unknown history out of blue is eveil and crime.


          • 9 January 2010 20:47, by Garkwoth


            Is it not boring to attack one another in your comments leaving the entire topic of the page you are now commenting on, just to abuse yourselves base on your tribal background.

            You should be visionary leaders for the future of the South. Waste your time and energy to propose beneficial prorammes for what is good to our people.You need to respect yourselves and be dignitories.

            It is not there in the world that people from the same land and background talk in such a manner. You are sending bad image to the rest of southerners and the whole world at large,to show that we are not civilized. Takecare and watch over your actions. Follow the website conduct and rules, you have gone beyond the point of required conduct and attitude that could be appreciated. It is a great shame!!!!!!!!! Future of the South is our main objective alone, minus Nuer and Dinka. Please I begg you in the name of God,be smart in your thoughts and vigilent in your intellects.Focus only on the current situations.

            1. WHO ARE WE ?(SELF DEFINITION)
            If you correctly give accurate answers to the above, then you will get the clue of your role at this crucial time, and use your momentom to facilitate and advance the vision of our elders to build a better nation in africa and the world.


  • 10 January 2010 09:36, by tayeb M. Alhassan

    Better if we talk about this !!!!

    Talking about this specific Air Route Uganda-Juba-Uganda, still I have a suspicion and an inner feeling about Dr. Garang Helicopter tragic crash. The accident was a coincidence, someone behind it and that one well known by Kampala regime where Presidential Helicopter took off with Dr. John.

    I am still, and will stay skeptical about the chopper technical failure. Confidently I think the chopper was deliberately vandalized to crash later distantly in the bush.

    The accident is waiting a reinvestigation (I think)Sometimes ignorance is bliss

  • 11 January 2010 08:43, by John Sebit

    Dear brothers in Southern Sudan, I think we are just using the web for granted, why because we like astraying from the headline.
    Where u guys are writing about Dinka & Nuer as you mentioned below is talking about the care to be taken when boarding Uganda airline between Juba & Kampala & NOT DINKA NUER HISTORY.
    Therefore I would like to request you guys as the future leaders of our nation to cease tribal, nepotism & many others irresponsible writing on there web.
    We know ourselves who always write in this web ( Sudan tribune) I know some of u will understand the pool one will not, so please take what u can take in this paragaph & leave what u think can hard you.
    As far as the breaking news is concern, I agreed to US Airline Authority that Airliners company in Juba need to be boarded with care not only for Ugandan’s Airline but all, except UN WFP aircrafts.
    The resoan is simple, our leader was believed to have either murdered in the plane or crashed.

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