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SPLM runner for Sudan president says walking Obama’s ‘change’ path


January 16, 2010 (KHARTOUM) – The Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) nominee for president Yasir Arman said he wants to press for the motto of change similar to that of US president Barack Obama that helped him sweep the presidential elections.

Yasir Arman

The Northern figure told the London based Al-Sharq Al-Awsat in an interview that the SPLM has “great political leaders and have great potential, and any one of them can do the job and run for the position but it was my candidacy for the presidential elections”.

Arman expressed confidence in winning the elections at all levels including presidential and parliamentary.

“SPLM is a national liberation movement has been struggling for many years and made great sacrifices, it stands with the issues of change and ‘change’ is the first word in the program of the SPLM, as well as the issue of a real transition to democracy, and justice for marginalized and vulnerable, human rights, the rights of women, is the most important is what we want done” he said.

He said that the SPLM has a “vision that could solve the Darfur issue and normalize Sudan’s relations foreign regionally and internationally”.

On Thursday the SPLM nominated Arman to run against president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir in the first free and fair election since the coup d’état that brought General Al Bashir to power on June 30, 1989.

Arman a senior figure in the party is serving as Deputy Secretary General for Northern Sudan and the head of the SPLM bloc in the Sudanese National Assembly.

The SPLM longtime member said that the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) “sat in power for a long time” adding that it cannot face many of the internal and external issues facing the country.

He denied that his nomination is made to politically challenge the NCP saying it is part of a the democratic process.

“This exercise of democratic elections must be free and fair….even within a single party they nominate more than one person; let alone from different parties which have different visions and programs, there should be elections, these are not words of confrontation or clash, but a democratic exercise, to hand over power to the people, and this is what we agreed in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, that the people make their own choices” Arman said.

Arman said that his win in the elections would help “strengthen relations between north and south” irrespective of the 2011 referendum outcome.


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  • 14 January 2010 11:39, by Tuaks

    God bless Comrade Yassir Arman , go ahead and you will win the presidencial election, because people of Sudan will surely vote for you, secondly because Al Bashir is dislike by 80 % of the Sudan .
    We are behind you.
    You are number one because of your big heart and commitments.

  • 17 January 2010 05:40, by SPLA

    If April elections will be conducted freely without any sabotage from the NCP then Arman has a good chance of winning the presidency.


    • 17 January 2010 06:03, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

      "Change" is just a slogan which is nothing, but your words and promises are the most powerful tool to persuad your voters. Even if you have the picture of Change everywhere in Sudan, without being convincing leader nothing can be achieve. I think Yesire should take bit of time to make possible research and analysis in order to achieve his appropiation attempt. The idea is quite interesting but need more action and pursuit, otherwise they are sneaking uncertain dreams into the real move.

      New Year Message continuous to inspire

      Time for tribalism has gone, 2010 is not a time to generalise tribe or community instead of one person. It is time to focus on the real issue far from tribal criticism, political party criticism, leaders criticism, and very far from abuses or insults. We should also debate far from abuses of any single commenter on ST forum, to myself I want to be a man of tolerance, peace, responsbility, respect, forgiveness, love, unity and courage . It is time to get serious and work for the betterment of my nation South Sudan Democratic Republic of Victoria, South Sudan should be call Victoria, because the long struggle is victory, CPA is victory, South Sudan liberation is victory, our insecurity will be a victory, election and referrendom are potential victories.

      I didn’t change myself because of pressure or whatsoever, it could be my 2010 resolution. For now lets start new year with fresh mind and positive ideas that will improvement the managment of South Sudan, childish comments must be ignored. Some individual comment aggressively when they are defeated in debate, this spirit must be abandon. We are here to play a game ie you get defeated or you defeat others defends on the article and the extend of your debate, but don’t insult people. This is my new year message to ST viewers, contributors, pseuds, readers and editor.

    • 17 January 2010 08:23, by Mr. Awan Awan

      Mr. Arman

      Welcome, welcome to presidency of the Sudan. You deserve to be our next president for your long time with SPLM and with all Sudanese people. You never defected from SPLM nor change your words. Please, go ahead with your campaign, we will stand with you and God will lead you to win this election on his will. All Sudanese people will support you and will vote for you. We want this election to be monitor internationally to avoid NCP fraud. I give SPLM and GOSS big credit for selecting your honor.

      Awan Awan

      • 17 January 2010 10:59, by Moses Kur Akech

        To all SPlM nominated candidates! I think giving virtual resignation like that of Bashir does give some positive gesture of readiness for democratic change. In democratic societies, candidates willing to contest for civilian posts do have to resign prior elections. I know S.Sudan is not a democratic society but has historically and repeatedly pledged to spearhead democratic transformation across the country this has been one of the fundamental ideals during struggle. This touching ideal must initially be put into practice in Juba in order to make it a reality across the country.

        I am aware z the current situation of the South requires active army but the patriotic generals tasked with that work must be left to command during elections time so that politics can be free from poisonous military influence of which if allowed powerless civilians may fall victims of their own state’s oppression. Monash Uni academic Professor of democratic principles says millions of politicians can easily pick up and sing the term democracy but only one tenth of those which can wholeheartedly put democratic principles and values into practice. He goes on to say that no being is prefect in politics to completely avoid temptation should army and police be left intertwined with the politics.

        I intend to say that let’s jointly support our folks to respect and align themselves with democratic principles and values where we all will no longer be prisoners of primitive world characterized by lethal tribalism, greediness, idleness, nepotism, unethical behavior, illiteracy and the list goes on and on. Let’s encourage them to copy costless basic ethics from matured democracies in order to secure the costly dream where our kids and grant kids will harvest the sweet fruits of the dream which caused limps, labor and sadly lives of beloved ones during struggle. The dream of which many folks across the country sacrificed themselves in the brutal civil wars surviving without or with limited material support, but survived with the spiraling hope that even in hundred years later their kids and grant kids would freely leave the ghettos and slums of the deadly man-made poverty and permanently resettle in the golden Island of abundant opportunities.

        • 17 January 2010 14:42, by Time1

          Moses Kur Akech

          SPLM to studying the aspects withi the constituion which allows the SPLM/A leaders to run meanwhie keeping both his positions within the interim period, the south sudan constitution does not give a clear definition, but even if Salva kirr was to resign, he will immediately be reinstated as commander in chief soon as he wins the election in south sudan, so there is no problem and he is not afraid to resign but the constitutin allows him to run.

    • 17 January 2010 16:05, by Space

      There is no quetsion about Arman becoming a President of Sudan. If you looks at opinion polls,South Sudan, Southern Kordefan, Nuba Mountain, Abei Area, Khartoums & purely Arabs who are fet up with Bashir are all voting in Arman. That’s an indication that Arman is automatically coming. Unless otherwise it won’t be an election.

      • 17 January 2010 23:38, by Chol Mading

        I don’t understand why are we fooling ourselves? I don’t see Mr. Arman becoming our next president even if the elections are going to be free and fair. It would have been different if our choice was President Kiir or Dr. Riek or Mr. Kuol. These people would have very strong base and the backing of all Southerners, but Mr. Arman may secure 30-35% southerner’s support which will not mean much compare to Al Bashire based and strong support. All allegations leveled already on him may even contribute to his fail campaign which already evolving.

        I think SPLM, as the party has made a bad choice and this is an indication of lack of seriousness. We should have press a little harder if we believe in “new Sudan” and the vision of Late Dr. Garang. Ask your self, if Dr. Garang was alive today do you think our choice would have been Mr. Arman? Hell No, we would have Dr. Garang on top of our national ticket and our Southern ticket as well. President Kiir is a big shame to entire Dinka community and Southern Sudan as well. I am afraid that Dr. Lam may out maneuver him if his allow to campaign in the South which I think will happen.

        Chol Mading

    • 17 January 2010 17:56, by MJriaksdca

      On behave of splm/a southerners should back up Arman during presidential election to teach ncp that splm/a that want to lead Sudan without any religious or political segregation can win. We back Arman for having been a committed loyalist of splm/a.
      Our support for Arman must not be taken by ncp that we like unity, but just for the period between this April presidential election and referundum in January 2021. Coming that moment, we will vote for a separate state that should be called Napata, Kush, or Unity. You guys know the historical background of Kush or Napata, but I should say why I want our new state to be called Unity. Even though I like separation, I am still worried that our new country will be a safe, enjoyable country for I know tribalists will tear that country apart. By naming our country Unity may remind the United, the people, of unity instead of tribalism. Remember if the country shall be called Unity, the people should be called UNITED not Unitians.

      • 17 January 2010 18:04, by MJriaksdca

        I noted in my above comment of a typo. Instead of 2011, I said 2021. Please dear readers I mean January 2011.

      • 17 January 2010 18:05, by MJriaksdca

        I noted in my above comment of a typo. Instead of 2011, I said 2021. Please dear readers I mean January 2011.

  • 17 January 2010 05:41, by Dinka Boy

    Great Yassir Arman.

    We respect you because of your firm and dedication work that you have made during the hot days till now with SPLM. We Southerners are standing behind you in a full effort because we like credible leaders that stand firm.
    Your great work is approciate.

  • 17 January 2010 06:01, by oshay

    aHAHAHAHAHHA 20 years of war against Arabs and Dinkas promote an Arab President. God you people are so stupid

    • 17 January 2010 06:12, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy


      We are starting a fruit of democracy, it is not about his arab background or whatsoever. This man has been hand in hands with SPLA and he deserve it, according to my own strategy of democracy, even Bashir is most welcome to campiagn in South Sudan.

      • 17 January 2010 06:29, by Bor Nhom

        haha good one mr logic. long live junubi):!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 17 January 2010 06:30, by Dima

      That’s how ignorant you are and that’s why unity of Sudan has no place. If you think all Africans in Sudan should vote for Africans and Arabs vote for Arabs, do you think Arabs will ever taste power? The war was mainly fought along religious lines. Otherwise, if it was Arabs and Africans in Sudan, the Arabs would have left the country speedily for middle east long time ago and there would be no chaos right now. Where there are Arabs plus their Islamic culture, there are always problems. Tell me any country on Earth where there is significant Arab population and live in peace. I think 90% of Arabs deserve to go to hell. Hell is the home of terrorists and that’s where they belong.

      • 17 January 2010 07:55, by braveheart

        Good luck to Arman in northern Sudan in the next 5 yrs. The south is separating in few months.But you can bring your daughters back to south if it is hot over there in the north to fncked in the south. SPLA oyeeee!!!

      • 17 January 2010 08:01, by Master

        The worst thing is a website like this one Sudantribune which claims to be free and modern is no more different in its mentality then the ignorant racist that reply here.

        They dont tolerate any criticism towards South Sudan or southerners by northerners. Yet it lets these people spit their filth and insults towards us and our religion.

        Shame on you Sudan tribune - If you delete or omit anymore of my moments. I will personally make sure every media outlet on the web knows about your intolerance and racist censorship. I’ve started collecting evidence already ! ;)

        • 17 January 2010 08:21, by manyok R

          SPLA/M was portrayed in the North as separatists’ movement, but the truth is, SPLA/M, was searching for real and lasting solution for Sudanese peoples to live together in peace and harmony regardless of our religious, race, or any differences.

          The SPLA/M’s attitude for choosing our brother from the North to represent our Southern/ Christian party, despite the fact that Yassir Arman, who is a Muslim and Arab representing us in the South speaks volume that we in the south are still interested in unity of our beloved country, and so the ball is on the Northerners to kick off our separation by not choosing him as our New Sudan’s President.

          Our choice for Yassir Arman to run for presidency is our last gesture to all peoples of Sudan to perverse the only chance for our Unity by choosing him at the national election to become our New Sudan’s president. This is because he represents both South and North. Failure not to choose him for New Sudan’s Presidency in the North will mean Northerners did not care for our unity.

          Yassir Arman stands between the South’s and North’s solution for our lasting unity for our country. He agrees with the principles of true democracy as the only viable solution for our old conflict between the South and North.

          He has no reasons to join South for either ethnicity or religious affiliations but rather for true objective truth that convicted him to stand with the Southern’s claim for real democratic change. And that’s what southerners had manifested in their choice for nominating him to run as our presidential candidate

        • 17 January 2010 08:41, by Mr. Awan Awan


          Deleting your comments mean that your behavior is not acceptable in the Sudan tribune website. One day, I read some of your rubbish comments in this website. They were really looked meaningless and so ugly to remain in Sudan tribune web. So my friend, don’t blame this website. Just change your attitude and correct your self before posting any comments. That is my only advice for you. If you don’t go with it, then go to hell. Also, keep in mind that we want State to be separated from religion. So if you are talking about religion here, you are wrong and you will die soon. Thanks

          Awan Awan

          • 17 January 2010 10:45, by Raan Chol

            Thank to all SPLM.Yasir Arman I’m so happy and i hope you will do well in your posion ,canidate for entire Sudan and i hope you will defeat Omar.Yasir I’m so froud of you cause you have been invinsible person because of your reality.I hope SPLM will be doing well in this year.To all nyagates or who have been cabal about us,we all now suporting Yasir.

            • 17 January 2010 12:21, by Gabriel K

              congratulation Arman for your nomination to hold that big shoe. SPLA/M, vision is well known by whole African nation. we were not fighting for food, but for the whole country to be free. The great Splm/a lead by general Salva kiirmayardit is not blind, they will support you in any condition you are in let all stand and salute the word liberation.

    • 17 January 2010 17:00, by Deng Gai

      Fool Osha,
      We were not fighting arabs but system of successive regime in Khartuom inorder to achieve the right of the maginalised people of the sudan.

    • 17 January 2010 20:44, by Simon Maguor

      What a fool? How long will it take OShay to behave like a real man with intellect? Human being change with time but Oshay still remains as he was a decade ago. This is 2010, a year of understanding and peace aming the Sudanese people.
      The SPLM/A did not rise against all the Arabs but against fundamentalists (extremists—Islamists), racists and elites like you. We’ve no problem with the Arab race but instead you have created a barrier that is hard to close, so we opt for separation.
      Yassir Arman is a Liberal man. He believes in the freedom of all Sudanese and Unity in diversity. He is a unifying figure that wil put an end to the Sudnese political crises.
      Rod with your criminal Bashir. Remember that once Bashir is out of power, we shall just hand him over to the ICC, the Sudan is not for criminals.

      What a curse is Oshay, the son of lazy, foolish Arab woman! May God send him to hell without interview.

  • 17 January 2010 14:23, by Time1

    Let all Sudanese be serious and honest with themselves if they want to solve the Sudanese problems in all corners of the country and save the Unity and integrity of Sudan, Yasser Arman is the only and last chance for Sudan to remain United, if he wins there is a big chance things will turn around in Sudan and unity could be achieved.

    If Omer bashir wins,he is a war criminal, he has alot of problems like ICC and foreign sanctions on Sudan, he has little support in Sudan, he is not wanted by the people in Darfur for war crimes he committed there, and have no support in the south, this means the unity of Sudan will collapse, it is u to the Sudanese to make thier last minute thinking and move on.

    Yasser Arman is the way forward for Sudan, vote for Arman and save Sudans unity and integrity.

    Sudan wants "change", not the same Omer bashir and NCP criminals and corrupt leaders.

    • 17 January 2010 18:31, by mack waweru

      If the elections are going to be fair,transparent and free, Yasir Arman will win. Any rigging,will creat chaos among Northerners.

      Mack Awer

  • 19 January 2010 02:41, by John chol Garang

    Great move!

    Successful leaders are those who lead by examples set by world great leaders. Following Mr OBama YES WE CAN poltical stragey will lead to transformation of the whole sudan and that is stipulated in the Comprehensive Peace Agreementin 2005.

    Never give up. You are the hero to liberate country current and future generation.

    Sudan has never had a sustainable peace and economic development because of successive take over by corrupt military leaders.

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