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Sudan’s peace partners failed to reach agreement over parliamentary seats


By James Gatdet Dak

January 26, 2010 (JUBA) – The Sudan’s partners to the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) have failed to reach an agreement over the controversial results of the 2008 population census.

GoSS VP, Riek Machar, received at Juba airport by Minister of
Cabinet Affairs, Luka Monoja, April 15, 2009, (Photo: J. G. Dak)

The dominant National Congress Party (NCP) and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) could not agree to increase the number of parliamentary seats for Southern Sudan in the National Assembly.

The two parties had earlier agreed in principle to increase the number of seats as a resolution to the controversy over the census results which put Southern Sudan population at eight million and consequently affected the region in the distribution of power at the national level.

The Vice President of the Government of Southern Sudan, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, who also heads the SPLM team that negotiates with NCP the implementation of the CPA, said NCP has rejected the SPLM proposal to increase the seats for Southern Sudan.

Speaking at Juba International Airport shortly after his arrival from Khartoum on Monday, Dr. Machar added that NCP has also refused to amend some sections of the laws which would guarantee free and fair elections.

He described his recent meeting with the Vice President Ali Osman Mohamed Taha as “disappointing.”

He added that NCP’s position was that the discussions on the issue would be postponed and resumed after the April elections.

Dr. Machar questioned the usefulness of the discussions after the elections, adding that he would consult with the SPLM leadership over the issue.

SPLM wanted more seats for the South in the National Assembly in order to make it possible to block any future attempt to amend the constitution by the elected national parliament which might affect the gains of the CPA in the South or the conduct of referendum itself.

Southern Sudan officials have however observed that NCP had become more intransigent after learning that the SPLM had distanced itself from forging an alliance with it during the upcoming April elections.


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  • 26 January 2010 05:25, by Gatwech

    SPLM doesn’t know how to milk the NCP. Why did they rush to nominate Yasser Arman to contest against Al-Bashir.

    The SPLM should have waited and make the NCP to falsely believe that they would forge an alliance. After getting the seats, then they would nominate their national presidential candidate.

    Now the NCP sees SPLM like an opposition group and would fear to give the South more (opposition) seats in the parliament.

    There are those political idiots in the Political Bureau who don’t leave such things to excellent strategists to handle them first. They rush here and there and knock their heads against the wall. Pathetic!

    • 26 January 2010 05:33, by SPLA


      SPLM has always been an opposition to Khartoum government since its inception in 1983. SPLM does not need to bag NCP for parliamentary seats. The seats should be based on the population. We have only one year left so it is not a big deal. We lived without those seats for the last five years. As a matter of facts, SPLM spent 21 years without a single seat in Sudanese parliament in Khartoum.


      • 26 January 2010 07:09, by Gatwech


        I hope you are not the SPLA spokesman kuol dem kuol. You are a political idiot who doesn’t understand the usefulness of the seats and the consequences of having small number of seats in the national parliament.

        I thought you read the article carefully especially the paragraph that says the SPLM wanted the seats to make sure that it blocks any attempt by the next elected parliament to amend the constitution which would affect the gains of the CPA in the South and the conduct of referendum itself.

        Now you are saying blah, blah, blah that you are left with months, what if that elected parliament amends the constitution and affects the South if we don’t get more seats that can vote against that decision?

        I know you are always ready to run towards the farther South and cross borders to Uganda and Kenya and call it a liberation field when you should have instead move towards the North and face the real enemy north wards. Is better to get our gains through peaceful means than going back to war my friend.

        • 26 January 2010 07:42, by SPLA


          If I remember it correctly, last time during the war those who run toward North all the way to Khartoum were not SPLA but militias and traitors like Riek Machar and Paulino Matip. SPLA chased their asses all the way Northward to Khartoum and we will do it again if they don’t do what we tell them of if the betray us again.

          Now about the seats, those seats will not help us now. We lived without them during the last five years of CPA and Khartoum Parliament can not prevent us from getting our independency whether through referendum or unilateral declaration. I know you just want to find a way of giving traitor Riek Machar a credit but he failed this time like he always does.


          • 26 January 2010 14:56, by Gatwech


            Don’t lie. Why did you evacuate Upper Nile and ran to hide in Equatoria?

    • 26 January 2010 05:48, by maumau

      Another historical error has been made, no way can SPLM filibuster any motion or debate in the parliament. The only way forward is to delay the elections and quest for a renegotiation over parliamentary seats because I do not want SPLM to look like an orphan in the house. The Parliaments is always the engine of a nation where any wrong decision made in it will affect everybody in that particular nation. Arabs are not easy to work with, especially in politics.


    • 26 January 2010 05:51, by jack chuol

      Liar Gatgechs,you and your alikes were barking day and night that SPLM/A delay their candidate. did you said SPLM/A rush to nominated Yasir? Oh!my friend what is wrong with you real? Why you keep going up and down, something burning you. Be frank Gatwechs

      Thank you

      • 26 January 2010 07:13, by Gatwech

        Jack Chuol,

        The SPLM should have only nominated their presidential candidate for the South and waited for the nomination of Yasser Arman ’if’ they knew that there was something still being negotiated that would be affected by Yasser’s nomination.

        I hope it is clear to you now!

    • 26 January 2010 05:56, by Gatjang


      Although you are against the nomination of Yassir Arman, your uncle Riek had fail dramatically to closed the deal with NCP. And never called him a self-determination champion. Stop crying and join the squads. The SPLM are not underdog in this election.

      Sorry me, I forgot that Gatwech was absent minded. I just wasted my words.

    • 26 January 2010 06:13, by Dinka Boy


      I think you are like sick dog or cat when they vomit, they turn again and eat their own vomit. My friend, you the only person who is spoiling your nature and your likes. Your frequent lies will not help you at all and it will notjustified your wish indeed. If you forget, then it was you who was you and the likes complaining for the choosing of candidate to stand against Bashier. Now you are blaming SPLM because they chose Yassir Arman while you and likes were hopping for Riek Machar. And your own justification of lies contrdict yourself man. I now alittle bot born in 1990s have no critical scrunization about the SPLM issues. Please says the truth because all of your comments are always false and wishes,but if that is the way you and likes reasons then i will conclude that it is the way your are born empty and you will die empty.

      • 26 January 2010 07:21, by Gatwech

        Dinka Boy (Retarded 34 years old),

        The SPLM should have only nominated their presidential candidate for the South and waited for the nomination of Yasser Arman ’if’ they knew that there was something still being negotiated that would be affected by Yasser’s nomination.

        I hope it is clear to you now!

        And for your information, I was born in 1980, not in 1990s.

    • 26 January 2010 07:21, by Aduol Liet

      Why are you hidden your real name Tu Makuac.

      If you don’t know, I will tell you the Party who want to get power from other Party opposition. The opposite mean not same view as other Party dose.

      There is no problem if the guilty Party of National Congress don’t want Southern Sudan to have more seats in the Sudan government then, why we shoutting for.? Let GOSS MP forget about Sudan government and work for Southern Sudan seats and establishment of Southern Sudan government.

      Seem to me that, you always trying to blame Southern Sudan side do you still hoing for Omar al Bashir gimmick government.? Are you not satisfied for 3 million people lost lives in two decades.?

  • 26 January 2010 05:45, by Dinka Boy

    This NCP studying the strength and weakness of SPLM. One of the strengths of SPLM is that it has militray strength and capable army that can response to their aggression anytime. The weakness is that NCP understand that Goss has some people who are power greedy ;as aresult, there are some who works fro their own benefits. Khartoum government understand that we are not working together;therfore, they think that everybody will fall apart and the country will be like other fail states because of the frequent sponsorship that they did to Southerners. They armed South Militia against themselves, they bribe other agents to work on their behaves, and there are tribal leadership hunting around the south. I think we knows that acapable person is respected while uncapable is not respect in the society. My advise is to stop power greed and wait for the war in 2011 instead of crying for Kiir leadership at the moment. Let "not count chicks before they hatch".

    • 26 January 2010 05:58, by SPLA

      Dinka Boy,

      I am not so sure if SPLM has military strength. I do not count on Paulino Matip let militia. Matip and his militia are not a reliable force. In fact I think if the war breaks out now, they will defect back to SAF and fight against the SPLA. Remember, Matip and his milita were fighting the SPLA during the war and there is no concrete evidence that they will not do the same this time.

      I call upon you Dinka people, Nuba Maintain People, Blue Nile People and some Equatorian people once again to stand up and fight for the right of the marginalized people of Sudan because there will be a bloody war becoming up. Do not defend on these militia because they will betray us again.


      • 26 January 2010 13:44, by M.Cool.J

        Are you doubting Matip you SPLA? Whom do you think fits best nin his place young boy who never think critically lik e a citizen.

        You need to rake your mind before it burst open bro.

    • 26 January 2010 06:04, by johnmaker

      I did agree with you Mr.Dinka Boy.We offcourse has some southern who are fragile when it come to tit for tat talk.The Khartoum government need aggressive and more patriot.People like Pagan,Malok Aleeng,Nhial Deng Nhial and Wani Iga.Not a political prostitute like Riek.If the GOSS would lisent to my advice,they should put Riek at the parking lot for now,and let some body else take over.What we need as the southern is some body who will stand firm on behave of southern and negotiate heartedly.I dismissed Riek for now until we have our indenpent,and than he can run for presidancy or nay force he might feel like.

  • 26 January 2010 06:11, by junub


    If you have nothing to say about the rejection then why don’t you just zipped your filthy mouth up. You better focus your timeless times on your whatever party and leave the revolutionary party alone, SPLM.

    Problem actually isn’t with the SPLM as a party as you seems to be finger pointing at. No, not really if thought I don’t cheer the idea of longing the NCP in the first place to jack the Southern seats in the national parliment for few seats. But rather with the wrong person been assigned to head the delegation to negotiate for the claim.

    The outcome was obvious known to be negative since traitor and the Dinka’s servant was the one to head the SPLM negotiating panel.

    Militia Riek is well known notorious failure and tribal architect with the party should not have pick him to head its panel.

    And by the way as I said, the idea of begging NCP for increasing Southern seats is actually cheaf and meaningless so let not wasted our time on it anyway.

  • 26 January 2010 06:34, by murlescrewed

    Why is that TRAITOR weasel aka riek hugging another man like his wife. Is he also becoming a queer now?

    • 26 January 2010 07:28, by Gatwech

      Because he loves Dr. Riek’s wise leadership and yearns for the day Riek will become the president because he knows that the situation will change and South Sudan will begin to look like a real country.

      • 26 January 2010 07:38, by man-of-his-words

        All equatorian love Dr. Riek Macher as a great leader thats why brother.deal with it.

        • 26 January 2010 07:47, by SPLA


          You and Getwech will day dream about Riek presidency but it will never materialized forever. Riek will never ever be a president of South Sudan. The day he will become a president will be the day that his life ends. I personally will murder his ass, he does not deserve to be the president.


          • 26 January 2010 15:01, by Gatwech

            Ahahahaa... With this slave heart of yours. No you will just kneel down before him and kiss his feet. My grandpa used to get good feet kisses from your grandpa and grandma. You will do it again.

  • 26 January 2010 06:46, by Time1

    NCP does not want unity of Sudan, southerners should not waste their time to ask for more seats, what do they need the more seats for? there is no need for more seats, northern parties are the ones who need more seats if they have to compete with NCP in the future.

    Lets just wait for the referendum and vote clearly for seperation, it is all clear now there is no chance of unity with this dishonest, undemocratic, evil Arab wannabes, any southerner who still dreams of unity is now fooling themselves, the true colour of the Arabs ais now clearly to be seen.

    • 26 January 2010 09:33, by braveheart

      Time 1

      I told you yesterday in the other thread that some provision within the CPA is subject to be amended or veto by the office of the president per technical parliament seat as a measure toward democratic transition, but were not convince and made futile rhetorical defense.

      Now, look, just as I told you yesterday, Riek Machar is busy working to increase south Sudan parliamentary seat in National Assembly in effort to prevent any amendement as I told you by the next elected national government.

      As of now, please know that, the path to referendum is incomplete unless SPLM have a supper majority in the National Assembly, it is not a gurantee. Trust me on this, I have a master degree in public admn.

      The next ultimate scenario if Yassir Arman fail to win the national election for SPLM, the winning party could amend or veto the current referendum act.

      This mean SPLM could either threat UDI or re-ignite another civil war but the referendum act will be at the mercy of the winning party with super majority of legislators in the House (national assembly).

      Don;t get excited before you crossed the bridge, let’s see how Yassir Arman could successful attract votes to SPLM House in the Parliment.

      I do doubt however he can gain a handful of norhtern MPs to SPLM side.

      matat lasu


      • 27 January 2010 01:34, by Time1


        I think you still do not understand the CPA, if the referendum could be vetoed as you believe it would have been done by now, right now NCP already has the majority seats of 52%, so they can veto anything they want to veto, as NCP is right now the only power in north sudan, there is no other powers that exists there, but NCP is bound to the CPA agreements until the interim period, that is why you hear bashir says that seperation is inevitable and he will be the first to recognise it, bashirs nows no one else will win this elections and they will maintain all their 52% seats int he parliament, SPLM will also maintain its 28 seats, the southern opposition will maintain its 6% and the northern opposition may maintain or loose their seats to either SPLM or NCP, so you make the calculations and see who will be the majority int he parliament, it will be the same story of NCP 52% and SPLM 28% like previous as it was, the president will be NCP and the vice president will be SPLM, the statues qou will continue, do you remember what NCP tries to do when they tries to changed the referendum law, do you remember what happened?

        Also both the president and first vice president will have to study and sign any law before it is passed, i hope you have not forgotten the power of the presidency, NCP already know about this issues but some northern parties still do not understand how this interim government is working. I hope i clarified some of the points for you like the parliament seats, the presidency veto and the constitutional obligation of the CPA implementation which both NCP and SPLM have to stifck to it, they both do not want war and have said there will be no war, so only the CPA will lead this country untill 2011. I know you wish you could make some changes as you believe but it is not possible brother, all this issues have been studies and looked through it and is now being implemented.

  • 26 January 2010 13:39, by M.Cool.J

    The formula is don’t give up Machar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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