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Khartoum paper prints ‘nonsense’ on Blue Nile troop build-up, says SPLA


January 25, 2010 (RUMBEK) – The Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) Official Spokesman, Maj-Gen. Kuol Deim Kuol, today denied that the South Sudan army is building up forces in Blue Nile State. He was responding to a news article printed in Akhir Lahza.

SPLA Spokesman Maj. Gen. Kuol Deim Kuol

The Khartoum-based pro-government newspaper published a story accusing SPLA of building up troops in Blue Nile state. "Akhir Lahza’s sources have revealed that 40 trucks loaded with Doshka cannons and Katyusha launchers have reached the command of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in the area of Al-Samir, south of Kurmuk County," stated the newspaper.

Akhir Lahza claimed that the trucks were sent to support an 8,000-man force of the SPLA "so that they would be able to face the requirements of the coming phase." The SPLA made deployments in the region of Khur al-Budi, supported with military vehicles, and other military forces deployed in the regions of Wadka, Al-Dim, and Yabus, said the paper.

"This is all nonsense," said the SPLA spokesman in reply. "SPLA is not present in Blue Nile, all our troop are in Northern Upper Nile at Gupa — you see Sudan Armed Forces’s problem is that they mix up borders, and the fact is that the border is not demarcated."

He suggested the problem was perhaps a matter of border demarcation and called upon the Khartoum government to demarcate the borders. "Where is the border between Upper Nile state and Blue Nile state demarcated?" he asked.

SPLA had agreed, in accordance with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), to redeploy its forces in Southern Blue Nile south of the 1956 north-south border. However, it was permitted to leave some forces in the state as part of the Joint Integrated Units, which were meant to number 6,000 in this state.

Until the election, Blue Nile’s state government, in both the executive and the legislature is supposed to be allocated 55 percent to the National Congress Party and 45 percent to the SPLM. This was set forth in the CPA.

The contested state is one of the "two areas" – the other being Southern Kordofan (Nuba Mountains) – which are sometimes cited as potential flashpoints.

Kuol said that Sudanese Army Forces (SAF) are building up their troops in Southern Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan, as well militias are been developed in the Abyei area under militia leader Thomas Chiliro. "We are looking at SAF activities at the undemarcated borders and SAF is trying to cover their full mistakes by rushing into media in Khartoum and that will be not solution. They are trying to cover their mistakes; it is the Sudanese army forces that are building up troops."

This is not the first time that the SPLA spokesman has taken on the newspaper Akhir Lahza. In an interview last year in September, he slammed the newspaper, along with some other northern media outlets such as Akhbar Al-Youm, for "writing against South Sudan" and "falling under the influence of Northern military intelligence."


Reporting by Manyang Mayom

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  • 26 January 2010 05:54, by Dinka Boy

    NCP is suspicious because they are doing the same game.
    Thanks Major general Kuol deim Kuol.
    NCp is planning for war. We SPLM must understand that instead of fighting for things that are not yet. I know coward will run away soon and latter will come and compliant when food is ready.
    Let face this problem now together.

    • 26 January 2010 06:04, by Gatwech

      The reporter is wrong when he said the SPLA in the joint integrated units would number 6000 in Southern Blue Nile. It is not true. The number accordint to the CPA is supposed to be 3000 and another 3000 from SAF. This wrong reported number may make NCP’s SAF to believe that the SPLA has increased its presence by another 3000 to make up the 6000.

      • 26 January 2010 06:57, by Pete

        Where do you stand on this issue Gatwech? Are you with us or with them? Stop finger-pointed man, you make yourself look stupid all the time when all you said is something that make us Southerners look guilty when they are false fabrication.
        You should be ashamed of being in US because you’re fucking disgrace to Southerners. You don’t even fucking ask yourself why you are in US? What took you there? If you don’t know why you are there? I got answer for you. That fucking stupid maroon government in Khartoum makes you go there.
        If you think that all those allegations they are making up are truths than what we Southerners says, then go to Khartoum. And in the next second phase of 2 decade war you are preaching, you will see what we will do to you.

        What do you think of pro-government news paper allegation? Do you believe in what they say?

        Why are you rushing on what this writer wrote? Maybe it is a typo as you typed according as "accordint"

        Stupid never know when he is wrong.

        • 26 January 2010 07:10, by Black tiger

          Mr. Pete,

          Gatwech is not in US, he is in Melburne- Australia working in Chicken factory for 20 dollars per hour.

          • 26 January 2010 07:30, by Pete

            Black Tiger,

            I’m so sick of this guy. Every time he wrote his stupid comment on this web, it must have something to do with Southerners and I’m sick of it.

            I wish I can face this lunatic one on one!

            • 26 January 2010 07:39, by Dinka Boy

              Mr Pet,

              Add this Kim Deng.

              If i get this guys i can show him how muonjang fuck people. He also says coward jaang,but i don,t think wether there is any living character that can term Muonyang as a coward. I swear if i get this guy i would have call him to the lock up riing whether he can make it.

              • 26 January 2010 08:28, by Pete

                I know man, they are all on the radar.
                He is harebrained enough. So, he doesn’t even know where the word coward fit in here.

                These people have no reasoning capacity. I’m anxious waiting for one of them to answer the question you asked earlier.

                "How about if we all defect and join Khartoum government in 1991? What would be the outcome?"

                I’m pretty sure the answer will be blah blah and all the other stupid "talking heads and alike will be continuing beating on the keyboards all over the net.

                With you and the rest of us they will never stop us period!

                • 26 January 2010 15:22, by Gatwech


                  Your question with that retarded 34 years old man calling himself Dinka Boy is nonsense. Terming Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA), which brought you self-determination for the first time since God created Sudan, is equally like terming the Copied Peace Agreement (CPA) as defection to NCP, because it is the same Khartoum regime and the same President Bashir who signed both of them and baptized Dr. John Garang as his deputy in the Khartoum palace. Think like wise people before you throw in your idiotic questions.

                  • 26 January 2010 20:34, by Pete

                    Oh well, I predicted already that the answer will be blah blah. So, you defected to Khartoum and signed KPA for self-determination.

                    Then what happened? What make you fought your brothers, your own government the (SPLM/A)? It seem like the KPA wasn’t free of charge and the return was to stab your brothers on the back (fight the SPLM/A on behave of NCP or NIF). What an insane self-determination?

                    What about Nasir declaration? What is it; Nasir or KPA? What a distorting and self-contradiction?

                    With that being said, the last time I checked out your KPA master or Nasir declaration whatever you called it, I found him asking for forgiveness in Southern Sudan for his wrong doing. With the spirit of brotherhood he was welcome back to his backyard.

                    First of all, this is what you need to know. CPA was not signed in Khartoum. Secondly CPA was only option for NCP given the facts that they were the state of sponsoring the terrorist states. Thirdly, it was by barrel of gun given the two wars they were facing (SPLM/A) and war on terrorism (the regime change).

                    And for your information in facts, NCP joint (SPLM/A) in Kenya to sign CPA so, your comparison does not makes a sense at all. You need to rephrase your sentence otherwise it is too vague to understand.

                    Oh man, you are more than just a lunatic. For you to call someone on this web a retarded is insane. Every time you wrote something it proves how pathetic you are. The more you expose yourself to us the better we know your insanity. ----------> keep writing!

                    I like that.

                  • 27 January 2010 00:30, by BORAnyidi

                    I do not think the KPA has provided anything to Southerners. It was the most stupid agreement between both Criminals.The President and his wife nyariek machar. They have urge southerners to fight against one tribe, but they have failed to reach their dreams. even-though the husband has achieved his dream, his wife did not bring any Self-determination as you said it. He came back from Kartoum with words that Bashire told her if she killed those who are against Sharia Laws. He would consider her as his first Black woman than Arab lady. I know there are smart Nuers that would always bring our people together than the person that signed KPA agreement in Khartoum

            • 26 January 2010 08:56, by Wende Yongaptheeth

              His real name is not Gatwech but Tut Makuac.

              He is a coward and that is why he is masquerading.

        • 26 January 2010 08:07, by Aduol Liet


          Gatwech name is Tu Makauc.

          He is fighting for Nyagat Riak Machar Teny position, he think the article he post will elected former defaction leader to become a Southern Sudan president but it real harm Riak Machar indirect way. The more Neur are still killing innocent Dinkas and Murle is the more deniable to any Neur politician in Southern Sudan.

          People like Tu Makauc don’t care about others people left suffering in his back home Neur Community and he is even confuse some time, he comment on the Southern Sudan side badly while, his all relatives are all living in Southern Sudan and he don’t learn Riak Machar Teny’s position will not helping 2.5 million Neurs population in the whole societies in general, instead of working to promoting peaceful mean and unity in the whole Southern Sudanese citizens so that, we will have the lasting freedom to be achieves in the name of Southern Sudan nation.

        • 26 January 2010 19:04, by MJriaksdca


          Gatwech analysed the report. If his analysis is correct then he is trying to make clear what would be a conflicting issue taken advantage of by the NCP. Clearly if you don’t have a problem understanding, you can see that Gatwech is with us. However, I know the nature of your question or where you are coming from. You just want to jab Nuer.

          • 26 January 2010 21:36, by Pete

            Mr. MJriakdsc,

            I have no problem jabbing Nuer and at the same I do not have a problem with Nuer nor do I hate them. I have been living with Nuers even during the dark days.

            First, I can jab Nuer if I wanted to and it doesn’t mean I hate them. If any Nuer or you want to jab me I’m fine with it. When you tell someone their wrong deeds in their faces, it means that you are correcting them from their past not to repeat the same mistake again. If you did that to me; I will be willing admit not to repeat it.

            If all Nuers support Gatwech’s ideology then I’m bringing the fight to the bunker. So my dear MJriakdsc, last week I said, “there are thousandth of Nuer out there which can lead Sudan/South as future leaders for a decade to come" but for those Nuers who are now been led by people like Gatwech, that dream is just a nightmare.

            I’m just dealing with one sappy for now.

        • 28 January 2010 14:44, by Majok Arol Dhieu

          Dear, Gatwech

          Where will you go if we get independent?
          Son of illfated Nuer who always betraying Sourtherners. Is better to work in that dirty job and keep your mouth away from south Sudan Leaders.

          The leaders of the movement has not done anything wrong. If the movement was led by unconciousness power-hungery people, we could have not reach CPA I tell you. Like now many people has come back for ready made food under the hands of SPLA Heros coming from five regions. could you not join them and leave that dirty jobs.

          You are not outside sudan, I agree with my fellowing human being who comments that.

      • 26 January 2010 10:14, by mathem jech amer


        Chut-up!!! You know nothing about CPA, join your militia leader in Abyei, mr. Thomas Chirillo.

        Thomas Chirilo ma ta jiri samala, derina Sudan, beledna kulu. Jaikum alela, Zalzal.............................

        Jech Amer

      • 26 January 2010 14:10, by Dinka Bush

        Rolling stones gather no most. When I looked at all the comments, I found Mr. Gatwech to have led the race which is nonsence. Nonsence in English means anything that look and smell like a waste and therefore people will only spit at them.

        Shame on this Nuer, you are thousands times far away from us.

  • 26 January 2010 05:56, by Wende Yongaptheeth

    It is the NIF usual way of denial of their military agression activities. They would as usual assign their mistakes to be they ones done on the other side.

    • 26 January 2010 06:12, by SPLA

      I smell a bloody war coming up very soon. To you nyagates and Paulino Matip militia, make up your minds right now. Either be faithful to SPLA or get the hell out of our ranks before the war so that we know who is against us.


      • 26 January 2010 06:44, by Kim Deng

        Coward Jaang/Slaves,

        Lt. Gen. Lion Paulino Matip was among the first separatists who fired the first bullet against the arabized Nubian gov’t in Khartoum in 1975 eight years later before your coward ugly King joined them in 1983. Your King Mr. Marxist-Leninist Garang was not only fighting for his self-claimed poor "New Sudan," vision, but hijacked the movement from the founders (separatists) and imposed his blind "New Sudan," on few unionists until they were corrected once again in 1991.

        It was not your King’s forces that kich those separatists out from their Headquarters, Bilpam in 1983, but his friend Mr. Mengistu Haile Mariam of Ethiopia due to their suicidal ideologies. And for your info, this is not Ethiopia where your King got back-up in 1983, but South Sudan and make sure the separatists hijacked the movement SPLM/A since 1991 because of self-determination for South Sudan unlike your King with his dead-end "New Sudan," vision.

        Why remain separated if your King was forced to relinquish his poor "New Sudan," vision due to very blessing day for Southern Sudan, the Nasir Declaration move of August 28, 1991?

        You better be with Lt. Gen. Lion Paulino Matip’s group, otherwise, the King of Jungle can evict you from South Sudan to refugees’ camps in Kenya/Uganda in a matter of days.

        • 26 January 2010 06:59, by SPLA

          Kim Deng,

          What was Matip doing in Khartoum when the SPLA was fighting arab regime? I don’t think Matip was fighting Arab when he evicted thousands of Nuer civilains from Unity States in 1990s and let the Arab take our oil. Is this what you call fighting Arabized Nubian gov’t in Khartoum? I think Matip was kissing Arab butts in Khartoum before the CPA otherwise they would have killed him.


          • 26 January 2010 07:27, by Kim Deng

            Coward Jaang/Slaves,

            Lt. Gen. Lion Paulino Matip was among many separatists who were kicked out from Ethiopia by Mengistu’s forces then afterward, your King Mr. Marxist-Leninist Garang hijacked the movement from them in 1983. Are you telling me that, they deserved to be slaughtered like goats by your King through his friend Mengistu’s support without looking for other means?

            Your King joined the same arabized Nubian gov’t parties (DUP & Umma Party) until it became a member of the Alliance (NDA) for the establishment of a secular united and democratic/New Sudan. The so called tranditional political parties (DUP & Umma party) have subjugated Southern Sudanese and proven to be politically incorrect, corrupt and dysfunctional. You ought to know the rule of the dirty game (war).

            • 26 January 2010 15:32, by Gatwech

              Kim Deng,

              Teach these coward Dinkas a lesson. They think they can run away from the well known history where our grandfathers and grandmothers used to enslave their grandfathers until the British came to save them.

              They fled to towns at that time and betrayed the Nuer against the British and Arabs so that they were fed and taken to school before the Nuer. So they thought with their privileged education in the sixtieth and seventieth, they could run away from how they used to live.

              How can they make useless comments when they were the ones who evacuated Upper Nile and run to Equatoria to hide in 1991. They are cowards who can just talk and talk rubbish but when it comes to the real kicking of asses they run like deers and complaint to the world like women.

              They are only left with two months before their leadership ends. They will be reverted back to the situation their grandfathers faced as ’jaang’ (slaves) as you always correctly put it.

              • 26 January 2010 22:43, by Akim A. Gatluak

                You don’t know what you are saying my friend. If you are realy a Southerner, you shouldn’t be talking Dinka or Nuer because they are brothers and sisters. They can fight and sit just like brothers do. Stop dividing them, that is what Arabs used to do to weaken them. If you are an Arab or Arab slave, stay the hell away from brothers’ mids.

            • 26 January 2010 23:00, by Akim A. Gatluak

              Wars are not won by fighting only. You need to think before you fight. During the so called Separatist movement of Gai Tut, Abdala Chuol and many others; they were all blind with no clear vision of how war should be faught. I’m not suggesting that they can’t fight, they can’t fight smart war. Not joining the Northern parties would have unit the Northerners against the Southerners.
              Look what Arabs did, they divided Nuer against Dinka so that they will destroy them one at a time. They clearly know that Dinka and Nuers’ Union would bring them down. That is axactly what Hero, Dr. John Garang had foreseen. Joining some Northern opposition was just the same. (division) Why don’t you see it?
              Keep us United Man.

              • 27 January 2010 02:39, by Pete

                Mr. Akim,

                You make my day man, that is exactly what I have been saying. Gatwech doesn’t understand that political ideology at all. If Northerners can use this as their political tool why not us? even naive fourth grade can understand this.

                Thank you man!

        • 26 January 2010 07:22, by Dinka Boy

          Kim Deng,

          When i read false statement from Gatwech and Kim, i concluded that nuer have low IQ. Who is coward? a person who join the enemy or the onw who fought the enemy? That is the reason whoy i say that Nuer are born empty and they will die empty. Who will help these primitives on the earth, perhaps ngundeeng/wurnayang their god idols. No critical thinking, no approciation just food !food !food!. All oy you are food lovers.

          My questions to all Nuer? how about if we all defect to Khartoum and join the govt of Khartoum in 1991? do you guys think that there would be South by now or not? I want the whole Southerners to start blaming you guys and that will the effective tools to teach you.
          Please can someone answered my question right away.

          How about if we all defect and join Khartoum governmnet in 1991? What would be the outcome?

          • 26 January 2010 07:50, by Kim Deng

            Coward Jaang/Slaves,

            Don’t forget that Mr. Kuot Atem from your coward community was among those separatists who were kicked out from that country in 1983. Again, what about your Arok Thon Arok’s SPLM/A-Bor group and Kwanyin Bol’s SPLM/A-BEG who joined the same arabized Nubian gov’t in Khartoum due to KPA?

            Anya Nya I (SSLM/A) has joined the arabized Nubian gov’t because of Addis Ababa Accord of 1972. Your King, Mr. Marxist-Leninist Garang joined the same arabized Nubian gov’t before he went to hell along with his self-claimed poor "New Sudan," vision in 2005. Therefore, your claims are baseless without ground.

            • 26 January 2010 08:07, by Dinka Boy

              Kim Deng,

              I am not going to leave you alone because you are a sleeping dog.
              I mean all SPLM not only those you mention.
              How about all of us went to khartoum. What would be the outcome.
              Please don,t escape the question.

              • 26 January 2010 15:40, by Gatwech

                Dinka Boy (34 years old retarded man),

                Your question as a retarded 34 years old man calling himself Dinka Boy is nonsense. Terming Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA), which brought you self-determination for the first time since God created Sudan, is equally like terming the Copied Peace Agreement (CPA) as defection to NCP, because it is the same Khartoum regime and the same President Bashir who signed both of them and baptized Dr. John Garang as his deputy in the Khartoum palace. Think like wise people before you throw in your idiotic and useless questions.

                Hey Kim Deng, read my beautiful response to your comment up there. Soon ’bi jaang e jaang’ as Ngundeng predicted. They have only two months left.

          • 26 January 2010 23:14, by Akim A. Gatluak

            My friend, If you see a dog bark, you don’t need to bark along.
            Those who focust their attention on dividing children of Southern Sudan through the Uncertainty of the past should not be followed. Leave them alone with their coments.
            The wise need to focust on healing those rifts.
            I hope we will all, in some day notice to see the fruits of Unity. Unity is the power.
            We all Belong, regardless of tribe, race or longuage we may be speaking. Please stop dividing us! Peace to you All.

  • 26 January 2010 06:30, by Time1

    When will this Arabs stop addressing issues through the media, if you have any problems bring it to the table and it can be verifications, spreading rumour on Arab unprofessional newspaper will not help any false cause.

    SAF have to learn how to read the maps or buy GPS to know how to identifiy borders, or let them ask NCP to hurry up the demarcation process to map the borders with border signs.

    pro-Arabs militias and now pro-Arab newspapers, this Arab wannabes hahaha

  • 26 January 2010 07:14, by Pwad Achob

    Hi internet commentators,

    Southern sudan is not a property of a particular political group. It belongs to all southerners who may have different political affiliations.Therefore, I honestly caution you redical elements to be careful when you comment on southern sudan affairs.

    Southern sudan problem did not start in 1983, and I believe it will not end in 2011 with the referudum, but it was started by patriotic sons of the beloved southern
    sudan who did not think of tribalism, napotism, selfishness et cetera but their concern was the land and the people. We are born and die but the land, children
    and grandchildren are the vision of any nation.

    I see southern sudan as a bomb that is waiting to explode at anytime and what is very disappointing is the fact that southerners are fighting on trivial matters which are so insignifant to the core issue of the land and the people. Please, put the land and the people before any political gains. The political party matters are so insignificant to me because a party can exist or evaporate like smoke into the air at anytime.

    Next war in sudan or southern sudan for that matter will be based on tribal and ethnic affiliation due to our experience in the last five years.Southern sudan will be fragmented if we are not careful to bring our prople together and unite them.

    • 26 January 2010 10:15, by jack chuol

      I do wonder when I see some body praising Primitive Matip, because Mr. P P was cattle raider, that mean he was a big thief and where in the world you can praise a thief. May be in Southern S. I quote it everyday that being experts in cattle looting doesn’t qualif you to be a private in military even forget about whatever he want to be now. I have noyhing to say even because S S is up sidedown.


  • 26 January 2010 14:14, by Abyei

    The NCP Always Accusing SPLA over and over again that Sudan government has the poorest Mediation in the Capital and as the rhetoric has expanded, I have even heard Khartoum was THE poorest country spy in the world.

    Now we don’t know what the truth is about these claims; I have never been to that position and I have deep scepticism about terminology like NCP and the like.

    My compatriots decided to demonstrate to the whole Sudan that everybody might have mobile phones in Sudan but we remain a scientifically illiterate country

    One thing I do know is that there does not seem to be any evidence to contradict any of these claims about the level of Building-up SPLA when you watch the apocalyptic scenes on television.Or Prapaganda

    An Building up Solidiers of SPLA would cause chaos and devastation if it occurred anywhere in the world.

    But surely it is a bit over the top to have an General Koul Diem Koul in which was discribe was nonsense report.

  • 26 January 2010 14:56, by Kur

    This is the typical story of the enemies of peace. They want to disturb the election and referendum. However, they will all fail with their malicious war mentality. They do not live by the rule of law but through cheating and chaos. We will not allow you to do that again.


  • 26 January 2010 15:44, by Gatwech

    - Dinka Boy (34 years old retarded man),

    Your question as a retarded 34 years old man calling himself Dinka Boy is nonsense. Terming Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA), which brought you self-determination for the first time since God created Sudan, is equally like terming the Copied Peace Agreement (CPA) as defection to NCP, because it is the same Khartoum regime and the same President Bashir who signed both of them and baptized Dr. John Garang as his deputy in the Khartoum palace. Think like wise people before you throw in your idiotic and useless questions.

    Hey Kim Deng, read my beautiful response to your comment up there. Soon ’bi jaang e jaang’ as Ngundeng predicted. They have only two months left.

    • 27 January 2010 11:31, by majook

      Plse do not feed the nation with lies. Every body in Sudan including animals knows that Khartoum Peace Agreement is fruitless. what can you mention now as a fruit of KPA? YOU ARE A VERY STUPID pro-arab thing!

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