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Egypt seeking a delay to Sudan national elections & referendum: report


February 22, 2010 (KHARTOUM) – The Egyptian government is seeking to convince the two major partners in Sudan’s government of national unity to delay both the national elections and the referendum in the South of the country, a newspaper reported today.

The London based Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper quoted informed sources in Khartoum as saying that the proposal was put forward during the summit hosted by Cairo between the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) and Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) over the last three days.

Sudan Tribune on its end has been able to confirm that Cairo has proposed a postponement to elections.

The Egyptian spy chief Omer Suleiman is sponsoring the meeting and facilitating the dialogue.

The NCP delegation at the conference was headed by Sudanese presidential assistant Nafie Ali Nafie and SPLM by its Secretary General Pagan Amum. Egyptian state media said that the purpose of the meeting is “to meet the challenges experienced by the Sudan and strengthen the unity and stability of Darfur to provide security and stability throughout the country”.

One of the major points of disagreements between the two sides according to Egyptian media is the application of the Islamic Shari’a law in the country.

The Sudanese Undersecretary of Foreign affairs Mutrif Sideeg and member of the NCP delegation said that this position is not negotiable.

“We will not abandon our Shari’a nor do we call on the others to accept what they do not accept. We accepted the principle that citizenship is the basis of rights and duties, and we have accepted the principle of unity in diversity, and therefore will not commit others to what we are committed to. We do not accept that the others void our personality, religion and identity under any circumstances,” he said.

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper said that Cairo proposed postponing the national elections scheduled for April and the 2011 referendum pending resolution of the North-South disputed items and a peaceful settlement to the Darfur crisis.

However, an official at the National Elections Committee (NEC) told the newspaper that such a move would create confusion in the whole process which was already rescheduled two times.

The former Prime Minister Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi told reporters after meeting with SPLM Chairman and South Sudan president Salva Kiir that it is preferable to push elections in order to give time for peace to be realized in Darfur.

Last week the Sudanese government signed a preliminary framework agreement in Ndjamena with Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) that provides for a temporary ceasefire and sets groundwork on which negotiations can commence. Items include humanitarian issues, IDP’s, wealth and power sharing, release of Darfuri war prisoners.

On Tuesday a signing ceremony will take place in Doha with the presence of Sudanese president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir, JEM leader Khalil Ibrahim, Chadian president Idriss Deby, Eritrean president Isaias Afewerki and Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa.

The US special envoy to Sudan Scott Gration will also be present, the US State department said today.

A senior JEM official told Sudan Tribune over the weekend that it is all but certain that Khartoum would agree to reschedule the elections. Another source in Doha said that JEM will seek a five years delay during the formal negotiations with Khartoum to prepare the country for the polls.

The NCP has been adamant about keeping the elections date as is but any power sharing accord with JEM will fail to materialize without a postponement.

Last week the NEC deputy chief stressed during a meeting with Gration that the Doha accord will not change the elections timetable.

Observers say that if elections are delayed then the earliest they can be held is in November following the rainy season in large parts of Sudan. However any such move will cast doubts over the 2011 self determination referendum in the South of the country.

The SPLM has vehemently refused any move to postpone the referendum process and many think tank groups fear a return to civil war should the self determination process be disrupted. However, many post-referendum issues have yet to be addressed particularly nationality, national debt, water agreement with the border demarcation process well behind schedule.


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  • 23 February 2010 08:09, by Dinka Boy

    We Southerners do not want election to be pospones as well as referendum.
    SPLM is done with the rubbish of North.
    Sharia law! what?.
    This country is automatical seperated.

    • 23 February 2010 09:35, by Gatbentiu

      Egypt should not jump into Sudanese affairs.

      The Egyptian has their own political problem they should stay far from our Sudanese affairs.Sharia law "tooth for tooth and eye for eye " will never be applied in Southern Sudan as long as SPLM still ruling the S.Sudan.

      Hosni Mubarak has his own political problem with Muslim Brotherhood which he banned from carrying out poliitcal activities within the country,comes the election the members will contest as independent candidates

      There is also Mohamed Elbaredei which Hosni see as threat come elections


      • 24 February 2010 18:36, by General Tor

        Unacceptable request. No delay on election or referendum. Egypt request is not acceptable at any means. I hope Southereners are not sleeping to accept this request. We are not 1972 southerners, but 2010 southerners. Anyway, please, don’t interfere with Southern sudanese affairs. CPA is our lives, liberties and justice. We are done with brainwashed northern sudanese. We have enough and we don’t need another 21 years war. Big No, No, No for request!!!

    • 23 February 2010 11:16, by Master

      Stupid confused Dinka Boy

      Why do you want elections - you having your own country in less than 12 months. The elections are a North affair. Mind your own business. The referendum can continue as planned. Dont mix the two.


      • 23 February 2010 12:02, by Sudani Logik

        PARANOID EVANGELICAL MORONS??? looool.... Cool down boy! There are many non Christian southerners, your rant just shows your bias and ignorance due to a lack of education and wisdom.

        We all know that the elites of Khartoum are not practicing proper Islam as the authorities continue to harass none muslims, why shouldn’t non Muslims brew and drink their alcohol as they please in their own capital city? Because of your fake Sharia Laws in the north. Islam categorically prohibits that "only sons" to their mothers should not be drafted into war, yet this was widely practiced by SAF in the 90s. Don’t come here trying to preach about your rights as Muslims while the rights of poor Muslims & non-Muslims are sidelined by the regime. There’s more prostitution in Khartoum than in the whole south as married Muslim women sell their bodies to make ends meet. All because of the fake Islam of the NCP and followers which has rendered the majority, victims of perpetual poverty.

        Ironically most of NCP leadership crack open whisky bottles on a regular basis (I’ve seen it with my own eyes). So, please spare us the bullshit about your sharia laws. I don’t think you’ve been in Khartoum lately, otherwise you would have seen many well dressed Shieks begging on the streets, you’re a misguided northerner who has a grudge against southerners, obviously somebody must have bruised your emotions. Grow up son..... try to get an education about your religion and country you pathetic excuse for a Muslim.

      • 23 February 2010 14:29, by Piny Amec Abethool-Jesus

        Master and likes

        Islam has done more harm than good on earth. What do you know about Islam apart from praying 5 times a day that you failed to do; and Zakah that you didn’t pay even for years, and Al hej that you haven’t gone for in Saudi Arabia beause Omaar Basher deprived you from. Stop insulting Dinka boy and instult ing yourself too.

        A stupid person is a person which follow what he/she does not know much about. You are a Muslim because you are afraid to be killed by other Muslims, if you quit Islam not because you believe in Islam. This is what i can call stupidity!

        Let me teach you what your Imam Sadiq Al mahdi, Shiek Turabi and Omaar Hosaan will never tell you about Islam.

        Your false Prophet Muhammad is not a sin-free man.
        Allah told the Prophet of Islam [Quran 6:106]:

        Follow what thou art taught by inspiration from the Lord: There is no god but He: And turn aside from those who join gods with Allah.

        There are many more admonitions in the Quran through which, Allah asked Muhammad to follow what He sent him through inspiration, but if he did what he was forbidden to do, he would be among those who lost their faith and subject to the punishment of Hell in his next life.

        One thing, out of many, Allah asked him not to do was this [Quran 2:222]: They ask thee concerning women’s courses. Say: They are a hurt and “negis”: So keep away from women in their courses, and do not approach them until they are clean. But when they have purified themselves, ye may approach them in any manner, time, or place ordained by Allah.

        E. H. Palmer’s English rendering of verse 2:222 is clearer than Yusuf Ali’s, and it reads: They will ask thee about menstruation: say, ’It is a hurt.’ So keep apart from women in their menstruation, and go not near them, till they are cleansed; but when they are cleansed come in to them by where God has ordered you; verily, God loves those who turn to Him, and those who keep themselves clean.

        Clearly, Allah considered menstruation to be a contagious disease due to which reason, He asked Muslim men not to go near the menstruating women until they became clean, lest they, too, became infected by this disease of women.

        It is a clear prohibition from Allah, and whoever violates it will find himself in the fire of Hell on the Day of Judgment. As it is clear, this prohibition also applied to the Prophet of Islam.

        Did the Prophet live by this prohibition? Apparently, he did not, and this Sahih Hadith testifies to this fact home:
        Volume 1, Book 6, Number 300: Narrated Maimuna: Whenever Allah’s Apostle wanted to fondle any of his wives during the periods (menses), he used to ask her to wear an Izar.

        Not only that the Prophet fondled his menstruating wives, thus violating Allah’s clear commandment, he also recited the Quran, while leaning on their laps.

        This is a clear evident from the following Sahih Hadith:
        Volume 1, Book 6, Number 296: Narrated ’Aisha: “The Prophet used to lean on my lap and recite Quran while I was in menses”.

        It is clear to me from the above two Hadiths that Muhammad intentionally and knowingly violated Allah’s commandment – a sin that is punishable with the fire of Hell.

        This being the fact, master and likes then answer these two questions before you could defend the so called Islam or Sharia. I warn you, if you call Dinka boy stupid again or any Southerner, then the worse is coming on the way.

        1-Should Muslims defend such a sinful man as Muhammad was, and lay down their lives for his sake?

        2-Will Allah forgive him, even if all Muslims keep on saying [Peace be upon him] for billions of years?

        Piny Amec Abethool-Jesus

        • 24 February 2010 12:33, by Master

          What a complete load of bull. Its dirt like this that you people did to your own religions, changed every text. Added whatever your want to your book that made Christianity the empty and lost religion it is now. We Muslims know we are in the right path ( 7amdulliah ), we worship GOD, 1 and his profit Mohamed PBAH. I wont argue with you and will ask everyone to go and find these fakee verses and ahadith this man is talking about. You wont find them. Just like the hundreds of verses you find different in the hundreds of self written bibles. God has warned us of people like you in the Holey Quran. I leave with this thought ... God tells us people like you will suffer the most on judgment day. If you are a true believer in GOD this would shake some part in your soul. If not ... i feel sorry for you. If you believe saying you believe in Jesus is your ticket to heaven ! Again naive, i believe and love Jesus PBAH yet im going to hell? Stick to your own fantasy and leave our righteous religion alone.

      • 24 February 2010 02:32, by Thomas Taban

        Mr. Master,
        I think you have a sickness. You are really suffering Schizophrenia. You tend to insult people a lot and to me that is not right. You seem to be like someone who is not able to filter out information before writing, I have read too many of your articles and you don’t make sense. You are like someone with Schizophrenia who has impaired thinking (meaning he doesn’t think like a human being).

        Let me tell you this “No one really want to leave under oppression anymore” We don’t have any problem with Islam as a religion. We have a problem with the way it’s being abused and used against the innocent people of Sudan. Where in the world would we want everybody to be a Muslim?. This is exactly what our friends in the North have tried for years to get rid of the southerns or convert them to Islam.

        I have lived in the north for about three years but after seeing how you people behave, I decided to leave. So don’t you tell me that the north meant sharia law should only govern northerners. During my stay in Khartoum I have seen southerns and non-Muslim being punished using sharia laws and to me that is in human. When we are fighting for our rights, we don’t want others to try to intimidate us.

        Let me tell you this again “I don’t have any problem with Islam but have a problem how it’s being used and applied.
        There hasn’t been any Muslim persecuted in South due to their religion.

        Once again we are not baggers. We have not come to your front door and asked for food or money. We have not forced anyone to join Christianity. We want to leave you lead your life as you want in the North and please also leave us lead our own style in the south. Like I said let us not start to cry. Time is coming when the really cry will begin. Also stop your childish manner of addressing people. Calling people stupid makes them become smarter.

        If that is how you think, I am sorry.

    • 23 February 2010 12:39, by Apalangorok

      Go to hell with your delay this is a pool Arab tactic to rig our independent
      Delay it mean WAR


    • 23 February 2010 13:28, by Piny Amec Abethool-Jesus

      ’’people who live in glass houses should not throw stones’’.

      Egypt forgot her own internal issues and is busy with external issues.

      1- The Egyptian government committed genocide against the Nubians in the southern Egypt ( Aswan), therefore the Icc should issue an arrest warrant against president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak.

      2- President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak assassinated the former president Annur Sadat in 1982 after Sadat had signed a CPA with Israeli. Then Mohammad Hosni came to power and resisted any fair and free general elections in Egypt for more than 28 years untill 2010. He wants his son Jamal Mubarak to succeed him after his death. So if Sudan shift from authoritarianism to democracy through the implementation of the CPA before Egypt,it would be an insult to a dictator Mohamed Hosni. Since Egypt assumed to be Sudan’s politics driver. The ICC should issue an arrest warrant for Mubarak, too.

      3- The Egyptian Muslims brotherhood killed 2 Orthodox Christians in January 2010 and Mubarak did nothing about it. Mubarak should make peace with Egyptian Christians first before talking about the Sudanese issues.

      4- Egypt is a very poor country. The United States of America feeds Egyptians for four days a week (on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday since 1982 to 2010 and may be forever). Egypt government feeds its citizens only for three days a week. Solve your own great poverty first before you could talk about delaying Sudan national elections and 2011 referendum.

      Since when does Egypt care about south or the whole Sudan?

      1- The 1929 and 1959 water agreement is more than enough to tell everyone on earth that Egypt does not care about Sudan.

      2- The opposition of Egypt to the CPA is another evidence to tell everyone on earth that Egypt does not care about Sudan.

      3-The killing of more than 250 Sudanese refugees in December 2005 by the Egyptian police is more than enough to tell everyone on earth that Egypt does not care about Sudan.

      4-The invasion of Halayeb is more than enough to tell everyone on earth that Egypt does not care about Sudan.

      Egypt should know that we are not the southerners of 1929 and 959 but 2010 and beyond.

      Egypt was and is still against CPA because of just one thing which the 2011 Referendum. Egypt should know that life is sweet for all not just for Egyptians.

      We southerners are the product of the past but not the prisoners of the past.

      Any prayers on the judgment day will not take Egypt to heaven. The called for delay of Sudan national elections and referendum are just Egypt’s prayers on the judgment day. It is too late to talk about South or to connect the Darfuri issue with the implementation of the CPA.

      Egypt had wasted enough time since she supported Omaar baskir Hossaan’s 1989 coup. Egypt what you do not know is your enemy not the Southern Sudan or the whole Sudan.

      Egypt is only left with one political card to play which is just to open a new chapter with the Southern Sudan in regard to the future relations between the Republic of New Sudan (RONS) or whatever name the parliament of the South will call it.

      SPLM should learn how to say no in such a time as this. If SPLM does not want to stand for the people of Sudan at such a time as this, God will stand for them.

      SPLM should not be Egypt and NCP pleaser, but Sudanese pleaser. Let just say no for any delays and see what Egypt and NCP will do. If Egypt want to go to throw herself into the Mediterranean sea or Atlantic or India ocean let her go. If NCP members want to go to Malaysia or China let them go.

      We are not the Sudanese of 1929. If SPLM play now with Egypt and NCP; South will pay later, it is good to pay now and play later after we have defeated Arabs’ interference in our issues and the National Criminal Party.

      Piny Amec Abethool-Jesus

    • 23 February 2010 15:29, by kuur Deng

      Let a house fly jump into curd milk and oil but the owner will remove it from the guard by any possible means.

      Egyptian are just like fly that want to spoil the prepared food for the guest thus their long term devil mindset of destorying the south is underway to be abolish by southerners.

      I know their biggest worries is about the Nile water but NO way to escape natural disaster as it has been mentioned in the Bible.They must face the consequenses of colonizing God’s people .

      To all of you,it is of no worry simply because the Arab world as whole is crying for missing south Sudan as their golden land and this will mark the end of their islamic act in Sudan and I would like to let you all know the following:

      1. whenever you see muslem around you please be careful that is a flying boom

      2.Hectrosectualism is so closure to Gayism

      3.By seeing one then immediately two to three that will definately becomes as an Alqeada for terriorist groups.

      So be very careful southerners the next war is boom blast if at all they can fell and take care!
      PHD cadidate for public health South Sudanese.

      • 23 February 2010 18:29, by MJriaksdca

        If Darfurians want unity, then that unity should be between them and Umar’s government. They must discuss with the northern government how they will share power and the likes after South Sudan has broken away. They need to know our breaking apart is immanent even when we are forced back to war we will still sing separation.

        If the Darfurians are tired of Northern Sudan, then they must decide to break away too. After all the western portion of Sudan is already the size of France. It is enough for a sovereign country. As the south, let them sing self-determination for themselves. That is the only solution for which the world that already know their legitimate problem will accept.

        The Darfurians must know that they have no any stake in the south. They must not hope even for any conviction of the south to accept unity. The south has already decided to separate coming 2011.

        If Darfurians want to break away and they have a border issue with the south, then they must focus on that instead of making impossible demand to have the election and referendum postponed. We the south refuse for even a one day postponement. There have been several postponements already for which we have patiently allowed to occur. Not again this time.

        The bell of delay Egypt is ringing is a pleasant music for Umar but Kiir must not be naive to call it a good sounding musical triad. The north has made numerous successes already in dragging its feet to delay border demarcation and all things else that are yet to be solved. Not again this time. Our leaders must wake up and stand firm to let anything not be in the way of referendum.

        I don’t really care about election. What is the need of election anyway, particularly at this very late hour? Who is still hoping for unity? Is Kiir still following Garang’s vision for the whole Sudan? No! No! No! No!!!!!!! Even though not every Southerner is polling in the early polls for opinions on separation, I am sure close to 90% of southerners are for separation. What is then the run for national election? Arman need to ask a question that if he wins national election are you southerners going to go for unity and let me preside over Sudan till I finish my term? Our answer to you Mr. Arman is no. If it is no do you still want to run for presidency Arman? Two answers I expect.

        First answer is a definate no since the south is going to separate. If Arman persist to run and win, then he must know now that after we separate in 2011, he is going to face lifethreatening coup to overthrow him for I know his being with splm is an unforgivable thing leave alone letting him rule north without south remaining in unity.

        The second answer is yes, I am running because the south is going to go for unity. However, if Arman is in a vacuum that is not letting him to read our headstrong stance for separation, then he is going to insist running for a national president, a post he will never step his feet in without the south behind him through unity.

        Arman needs to learn from Kiir who has shown wisdom by running for the south president. Kiir knows as well as Dr. Riek that the south is already heading out of Sudan as Israelites did in Egypt. We are heading to a land flowing with honey and milk. That land is south Sudan which will obtain a new name that has no any stain of the Sudan we are leaving behind. Mr. Arman, be wise and turn down this bid for president knowing that the south is not going for unity and knowing the time that is left for the south to separate.

        coming to Egypt’s hopeless jump into Sudan affairs, I say that Egypt is wasting time. If Egypt had been having good relation with the south historically then it can try its bid to convince us. However, that is not the case right now. We vehemently reject Egypt’s interference to postpone Sudan referendum. Whether it likes it or not, South is refusing and insisting to hold election for those who wants it but for me who cares about referendum only, I say to Egypt kiss my ass.

        Everyone knows Egypt’s concern for the Nile River water. That is a foreign relation business. Egypt needs to wait till south is an independent country and then it will have a separate discussion with the will be country, south. The will be Sudan of Omar will also hold foreign negotiation too on the business of Nile river. If we decide to make an untieable knot on the Nile River later, the both Egypt and the will be Sudan know very well that they will be in critical trouble. But I am sure after we become a new country we are sure that we will still have relation with Sudan and Egypt. So Egypt does not need to worry now. Instead of becoming a stumbling block to Sudan separation, it should instead encourage a speedy separation so that we all begin a new life of international relation.

        Please, Egypt, step out of Sudan affairs now.

        Our Southern leaders need to make a sure timetable now of solving post referendum issues after election. We do not want those to be luring us back to civil war again. However, how much time is left we must solve these issues before the end of this year.

    • 23 February 2010 22:48, by David Chiengkou

      Not only will I or any other Southern Sudanese protest this but to condemn it. It is shameful in away that NCP will accept the request made by other external powers in trying to pass on their agenda.

      There is no actual need to delay or adjourn the election scheduled for April 2009. This will affect the referendum in 20111 and this kind of suppression and conspiracy can not be tolerated in any way.

      If Egypt was more concern about Sudanese issues, they would have stop the war in the South and they would have intervene in Darfur at early stage. This is worse statement I ever came across.

      May the almighty God bless the Southern Sudanese people.


  • 23 February 2010 08:10, by Gatmi raan

    To: Goss & SPLM ruling party

    Any delay election that affects the referendum is uncceptable and should be outright rejected by you (the ruling party in the South) to do otherwise will be the end of you ( the leadership). and i mean it!!!!!!! let me clearly say it.... any body would agreed of this prospect of delaying the referndum will be ’’DEAD’ before they reached back to the South Sudan soil!!!!!!!

    • 23 February 2010 08:15, by Gatmi raan

      Correction: Any delay of the election that could affects the referendum is not only uncceptable but it should be rejected outright by you (the ruling party in the South/SPLM).... Anybody who agreed the prospect of delaying the referendum will be’’ DEAD’’...

      • 23 February 2010 08:25, by BUSTA 2

        Let it be delay even Referendum should be delay too.

        I support the delayment of CPA because suffering is soon coming to the people of South Sudan under failed Leader (cowboy).
        The reason why people fear change is simply what is happening now under Kiir leadership because we are expecting worse things to happen under his leadship!!

        Brother in Christ,

        Busta 2

        • 23 February 2010 08:37, by Dinka Boy

          Busta2 and Mohamed Ali,

          Why our brothers from Equatorians love Jallaba like this?

        • 23 February 2010 08:55, by Deng Akol Agut-tungdoun

          Hey there,

          Why postponment of the election? You and your masters: Egyptian are mad and must learn that we Sudanese are decided and must never reverse our decisions.

          To hell with your fackin idealoagies, leaves us alone.

          Postponement of referendum means war, and indeed, more war. It is not a joke! I Agut-tunduonson, am here in Khartoum for serious reseach and must soon stricks you sharby asses out of this ugly Khartoum.

          Be bless,

          Deng Akol Agut-tungduon, a man far away from tribalism and corruption, a real leberator of the South to be!

    • 23 February 2010 08:47, by Majok Arol Dhieu

      Dear Southerners

      Any delay of Elections and referendum will give Jalaba a chance of forming a federation government against South.
      My God!!! These Arabs are full of Politics

  • 23 February 2010 08:21, by Space

    Dea Southerners

    Egyptians want to allow Bashir time to revers and build confident among Darfurians for acceptancy which may earned him victory in the region. Such intelliginet move should and must not be acepted by SPLM/GOSS. Elections and referendums should be held as scheduled. If we keep on postponing, then CPA serve no purpose and will even be cancelled sooner or latter. Any move of delyment tactic is a call for Universal Declaration of Independent for South Sudan.

    • 23 February 2010 09:00, by Akeckdier

      Space, brother I absolutly agree with you.The reason for the delay the election is grow confidence amongs darfur and to stop south sudan, from separting in 2011.But for busta2- you are an arabe spy. I wonder why people call you that you are not sudanese because you are not loyal to south sudan and to its people. You equatoring also working with arabe people.
      But your evilness will soon fail amongs the greater dinka people.Because we so great, even we are mention in the bible.

    • 23 February 2010 09:03, by mayom mabuong

      That is the very same tactics of making southerners to forget about the Referendum and this crucial Election. once accepted, southerners will know very well that we are going to lost every thing to Jallaba.

      No inform Jaallba today that Southerners have developed intellectual standard which can much or overcome theirs.

      Mr Amuom will not agree on that cheap delay never and never and never.

      Mayom Mabuong Marek

    • 23 February 2010 09:08, by CHOLTHEGREAT

      I knew that Egypt would propose those rubbish ideas-Non of those ideas is of any help to the people of Southern Sudan. Egypt is bloodthirsty. If Egypt was concerned with peace, unity and estabity in Sudan, why did they leave Sudan in disray for over 50 years?????.

      Any way, Egypt, Africa, Arab World and the West must know that any delay on elections and specially on referendum is not only an irresponsibility act but mostso a selfish wish and more harmful to the Sudanese people particularly the people of the South who are directly affected by such moves. Why making these suggestions now?? and not 5 years ago when CPA was signatured, what is the reason !!!!!! ?

      Elections and referendum must with no compromise be done as planned and calendered. Any alteration is nothing else but a call for UNILATERAL DECLARATION OF SOUTHERN SUDAN INDEPENDENT.

      Better peaceful separation and maintain good neighbourhood with the North other than UNITY IN WAR AND CRISIS.

      People must understand that.

      • 23 February 2010 09:30, by sunny

        dear Outsiders(Egypt and others)

        sudan is not a pusspot and will never glance for any beckon by hypocrites again. listen Oh Egypt, it is not not 20 century where the southern part of the country was still juvenile. the south is now mature and can take a separative decision even by itself.

        wake up O south, unit and take action. leave the issue of independent candidates right now and response to this national problem.

    • 23 February 2010 09:11, by DOOR


      There is a plot between Egypt and Sudan regime to destroy CPA.
      This conspiracy must be confronted fiercely by the SPLM.
      Our hope of referendum is being ruined under the very eye of SPLM.

      The Goss should be prepared to declare unilateral independent if there is any move to postpone the elections and referendum.

      The SPLM must wake up or else it would be too late when the realise that the CPA had been done irrepairable move.

      The unionists in SPLM must not be allowed to head this delay negotiation.
      This is time to give the lead to genuine separatists.

      "The Lame negotiators like Amum,Dr Riek and Arman must be remove from this sophisticated negotiation."

      NCP has notice weakness in them and keeping them mean killing the CPA.

      Oh God! this is the time Southerners would mourn and regret the untimely death of Southsudan self-determination hero Dr John Garang.

      • 23 February 2010 09:39, by Aduol Liet

        SPLM in GOSS must be careful about influence of Egyptian people.

        Southern Sudan government must not listen to what Egypt suggesting this is same Arab tactics since the British left Sudan. Egyptian people were supporting their brothers Arab in Northern Sudan until we saw or lost lives of million people in Southern Sudan for no reason and this is not going to happen again. We do not need any fool to be play by them period. If we chose independence in Southern Sudan then, all others Regions in Sudan will have choices to go to what they like and the Idea of requesting postponement for Southern Sudan referendum must not be allow. Egyptian people must be careful for their behaviors, we can cut this watering River Nile if they behave like this. The answer for postponement is NO. Southern Sudanese people must not be fool again by these Idiots Arabization politics, we need to do our own developement in Southern Sudan and our resources are enough for development projects.

        • 23 February 2010 10:24, by maduel Anok

          Egypt and its New political Expediencies!!!!

          To propose for the postponement of an election to be held in Sudan scheduled for April by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement Reviewers(Stakeholders) in both the government of the Sudan and the South Sudan government by the other soverign state like Egypt won’t be condoned by the citizens of the Sudan who are longing for the regime change.

          Egypt in this context could not convince the Sudanese or give any directives on how the country should be ran.

          Here, Egyptians are interested in policies that should help them see the projects which had once been concelled by the War of Liberatioin in the Sudan renewed like the Jonglei Canal and soforth.

          How do Egyptians regard themselves when it comes to the Sudanese politics is dated back during the Egptian Condominium in 1882 which could not surface here in this 21th Century. We are more alert of any neo-colonalisation that may surpass us in this modern world of wisdom.

          They(Egptians) Should wait if the Sudanese from the north won’t demand their land annexed to Egpt in the early 186os from port Sudan north of Egypt under the reign of Mohammad Ali Pasha when the South assume their soverignity in this coming 2011 and draw their borders right from Kosti, to the eastern bank of the nile via Eriteria and to west ward up to the Chadian border south of El Genena of the west Darfur.

          We’re not ready for any threat under the realm of Arab League. Go Arabs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          By Dr. Maduel Anok, Researcher in the Field of Geological Engineering University of Notre Dam Indiana.madueljames@yahoo.com

          • 23 February 2010 14:05, by Gatwech


            Stop mocking late John Garang. Let him rest in peace. When did he become a self-determination hero? Ahahahahahaaaaa..... History thief. Garang was a unionist working for the Jallaba project to keep Sudan united. He was proud to have shot his first bullet at separatists who called for independence.

            Please don’t blame those of Dr. Riek in this mess of postponing the elections. Read the article again and again and read the statement of Sadiq Al-Mahdi who revealed that his meeting with Salva Kiir accepted to push the elections date further.

            Can’t you see how foolish you are to blame others leaving the culprits???????

            • 23 February 2010 15:42, by Piny Amec Abethool-Jesus


              Your argument is meaningless and boring. You always make nothing to be something and something to be nothing. ’Catch not at the shadow and lose the substance’.

              You lost the substance of the self determination since you are obsessed with Riak. You just want to give him a credit by all means because he is from Nuer. You have even forgot that Riak is a southerner not just a Nuer. let the south give him the credit not just Nuer.

              Dr. Riak or Dr. Garang are both Southerners. If the idea of the self determination was first proposed by any of these two guys, its still belong to the Southern Sudan.

              So why are you wasting your time everyday. Time is not just money, but it is life. These two guys are all southerners. Please change your Riak Machar topic, it is too boring anyway to talk about him everyday. So what if the idea belong to him.

              Give credit first to the Southern Sudan not just to these two individuals. This is one of the ways we can deliver ourselves from tribalism and envy. The days where people are employed when they follow politicians like Riak will be over soon, people will be employed base on their ability and capability.

              The idea of an Independent Southern Sudan was there before Riak or Dr John Garang were born. What you don’t know is your enemy! Repent and Receive Jesus

              Piny Amec Abethool-Jesus

              • 24 February 2010 04:31, by juan

                Dear Gatwech,
                We all new that Egypt has been manipulating Sudan policies since then and it not new to all of Sudanese, their problem is the Selfderetimention , if so let them comes with something not to pasphone the whole country election and that make Sudan look like a egypt colony.

      • 23 February 2010 10:30, by sunny

        Dear Door,

        hurry hurry has no blessing. Ammun, Riek and Arman whom you level as weak in negotiation were entrusted with that portpolio by the SPLM. They have been seen by SPLM as serious leaders to complete the process peacefully. the SPLM has keenly prognosticated their vision, goals and objective in the movement as a committed negotiators.

        However, It would be fatal for SPLM to replace these key negotiators who are in the last step to conclude the worse part of the south problem. Garang can do nothing even if he is alive without unyielding support of southern sudanese. likewise to Ammum, Riak and Arman, if we don’t appreciate their trial, they will not achieve anything.

        In this juncture, I will level you as a chalatan if you insist with controversy. Believing in your tribemate means non other than preaching tribalism in the south.

        • 23 February 2010 10:52, by Lokorai

          Dear People’s Party and Mr. Secretary General,

          You have done us pride; don’t move an inch backward (delayment). A big no! Why hold the South captive because of Darfur? What do we have in common with Darfuris?

          You playing with fire? Just try!


          You correct, our leaders must not sleep after this; they got to prepare themselves for worse scenarios


          • 23 February 2010 13:05, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

            Egypt must be told to get out of South Sudan problem. Egypt being a hub of Arabism and Islamism can not be a centre for our problem in Sudan. Darfur problem is not a concern to us because for nearly five decades our problem has never been a problem of concern to Darfur. We lost nearly two and half million lives that did not concern Darfur. If there is anything that can hurt all Southerners is the dissolution of CPA which Egypt is working day and night to make it a reality. Pagan Amum must watch out when dealing with Jallaba and Egyptians. No amount of Material or Money can be equated to our fatherland. A thing Jallaba and Egyptians want to plunder from us. You should not agree to postpone the Elections or the Referendum otherwise. Doing so means total disregard for this solemn agreement. We are awaiting to hear what result will be after your talks with Mundukurat.

            • 23 February 2010 13:08, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

              Egypt must be told to get out of South Sudan problem. Egypt being a hub of Arabism and Islamism can not be a centre for a solution to our problems. Darfur problem is not a concern to us because for nearly five decades our problem has never been a problem of concern to Darfur. We lost nearly two and half million lives that did not concern Darfur. If there is anything that can hurt all Southerners is the dissolution of CPA which Egypt is working day and night to make it a reality. Pagan Amum must watch out when dealing with Jallaba and Egyptians. No amount of Material or Money can be equated to our fatherland. A thing Jallaba and Egyptians want to plunder from us. You should not agree to postpone the Elections or the Referendum otherwise. Doing so means total disregard for this solemn agreement. We are awaiting to hear what result will be after your talks with Mundukurat.

  • 23 February 2010 13:56, by Gatwech

    Dear readers,

    Unless you don’t digest the article from the analytical lense, the election is postponed. Finished!!!

    Please read and analyze the quoted statements below:

    "The former Prime Minister Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi told reporters after meeting with SPLM Chairman and South Sudan president Salva Kiir that it is preferable to push elections in order to give time for peace to be realized in Darfur."

    This means Salva Kiir and Sadiq Al-Mahdi have secretly agreed to postpone the elections.

    "A senior JEM official told Sudan Tribune over the weekend that it is all but certain that Khartoum would agree to reschedule the elections. Another source in Doha said that JEM will seek a five years delay during the formal negotiations with Khartoum to prepare the country for the polls."

    This means Khartoum has revealed to JEM that it would certainly agree to the postponement of the elections.

    The meeting between JEM and Khartoum was also blessed by the American Envoy, Scott Gration.

    Egypt also wants elections postponed and met with SPLM SG Pagan Amum and NCP D/Chairman, Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie.

    If you combine such gestures from all those leaders from SPLM, NCP, JEM, Egypt, US, etc., you would definitely come to conclusion that the elections will be postponed.

    But until when? We don’t need any postponement that would affect the conduct of the referendum. Let the NCP and SPLM plus those international bodies agree the indefinite postponement of the elections but the referendum has to be conducted in January as scheduled.


    Campaigners, stop wasting your money for elections campaign. It is over!!!

    If you

  • 23 February 2010 14:11, by Justin Chicago opiny

    We are tired of the Egyptians pocking their noses in the the affairs of other countries especially sudan.We know who you people are we as southerners will go the same way the sudan proper gained her independece by unilateral declaration of independent of the south as you do not care and is only thinking of Islam and the water from the Nile. Water down your thirst of interferring in the affairs of another country we have had enough of you and can not take it any
    more. What did you do to our people in your country.There is no time to play dirty politics now the elections will go a head as planned and so will the referendum period.

  • 23 February 2010 14:36, by choldit

    If you people didn’t realised South Sudan problem, it is in the paragraph quoted below. What is it that Sadiq Mahdi get from Salva Kirr that leaded him to make this comment to media reports.

    "The former Prime Minister Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi told reporters after meeting with SPLM Chairman and South Sudan president Salva Kiir that it is preferable to push elections in order to give time for peace to be realized in Darfur."

    Are we Southerners biting the same drum with our leader Salva Kirr and his group? What is behind $200millions Salva Kirr get from Presidency?

    The Arab are now united as Arab within Sudan and around the World against the South Sudan that is why:

    the Egypt has come up with this confusing conference which the SPLM should have rejected;

    Qatar is facilitating this peace which betray heros and heroines of the Dafur;

    the NCP engaged USA in normalisation of their relationship;

    the North is carrying out a string compaign to deceive Countries bordering Sudan; and

    NCP cut the next of the Southern Sudan by meeting Salva Kirr and give him $$$Millions of which $200millions is revealed.

    But on other hand the South Sudan leaders are busy thinking about:

    whether Dr. Riek Machar will be a South Sudan president if Kirr went to stand against Bashier in Federal government? How can we sideline Dr. Machar and include Paulino Matip and Monytuel in electrol Committee so that they will be blame later with the outcome of the election?

    What happen to Salva Kirr’s presidency if election go ahead or postponed? or if Dr. Lam Akol is allow to compaign in the South? or General Dau or General Gatluak Deng is allowed to be a governor?

    How can we stop SPLM independent candidates? and

    All the useless ideas that are mand to disadvantaged the people of South Sudan at the grassroot. Where in the world that a sensible minded South Sudanese can get to sleep. Last night I stay unsleep from evening to 7:10am of the next day without notice. Thinking whether my fallen friends life is in vain or the soil of this national will previal(yes, that is emotional but it is one way of human’s ...)

    Those who are in leadership for money should have second thought now!!! It is time for real work to be done by leaders of "Bright Star Compaign" and other betallions in SPLA. There is no need to talk about whether there are election in April 2010 and referundum in January 2011 or not. If the Arab and the rest of the world think we are not part of them the Southern Sudan leadership should prepare us for the worst else all those programmes are designed to confuse the mindless Sudanese who still listen to Egypt who still inveded Albega (excuse my spelling) triangle.

    Salva or Pagan if they accept the postponment of the election or referundum, they have to stay in North Sudan or Egypt and never set a foot in the South Sudan land forever. Else they should go to where the bought their families palaces in the West e.g. Australia and other places. They must not buy out this land to Arab.

    • 23 February 2010 15:23, by Kim Deng

      Arabized Nubian gov’t (NIF/NCP),

      You can delay your fake elections as many times as you want, but to mess up with referendum is a declaration of war, period.
      Or Southern Sudanese will use other options before your poor calculations. South Sudan must go by all means necessary.

  • 23 February 2010 15:34, by Kur

    They can delay their elections in the North if they want to, but any move to delay the referundun will be met with all forms of resistance. The SpLM leadership must be careful here. We will never forgive anybody who will compromise our freedom. We were not created by God to please amd meet the needs of others while we suffer all kinds of humiliation. Egypt must take off its nose from our affairs. The referundum will only be delayed over our dead bodies.


  • 23 February 2010 15:51, by Time1

    What is tyhe reason as to why t he elections should be suspended? because no one is going to wait for anyone,sign peace today in Darfur will not nessesarily make the parties there make any gains in elections, also we should not expect people to go back every step to start over again, because all this process comes with alot of costs behind it, to ask for postphonement means paying for all the loses which i think is too heavy to pay, how about we go back and do the census again? how about we go back and reappoint ministers again, i think it is very stupid to suggest that elections be suepended when there is no good reasons to do that.

    But elections can be postphone if all parties agree to it and they also agree that the referendum will remain at its schedule date. or it can be made the other way round, referendum first then elections, it is up to the parties who can cancellation to decide which choices is good for them.

    • 23 February 2010 17:29, by Amook Raan

      Fuck and shit delay! No delay to referendum at all. It is not Egypt business concern South.

  • 23 February 2010 17:43, by Rambang

    What is wrong with Egypt. Referendum is the only way chance South Sudanese got to free themselves from the slavery of the wickedness. I know Egypt is used to seeing slave like the did to Israelite those days, thank God they were given a beat-down during the Arabs-Israeli war.

  • 24 February 2010 02:11, by Time1

    Egypt is trying its best, they have made more investment and rebuilding contributions in Sudan more than Europe. The countries which have contributed most are Kenya, Uganda, south Africa, and int he west may be only America. the Europeans are only talking about aid, they just want to show off, so the world can say that they got it all, but on the ground they have done nothing, Sudanese know who have been putting real investments and development projects on the ground, forget this Europeans who are showing off with some little oil in a can and some little flour and milk in bottles being distributed, then they want to thinkt hey have contributed, Is that what you call investment or development contribution to rebuilding Sudan, through distributing food in little cans and bottles?? is that really a contribution to be proud of? what a big shame to those who critisize others while they themselves are the worst evil and enemy of the people of Sudan.

    Sudan need big roads, electricity projects, water and sanitations plants, rebuilding schools and hospitals, revanping the economic system and many more, then you have this fools here talking about aid that they distribute in small boxes, how is that going to bring all the above developments?

    Continue stealing UN world money in the name of fighting hunger that is what you and your fake NGOs are used to, you are used to surviving on other peoples blood, look at China which has developed to be a super power without colonizing Africa or killing its people of pretending to be giving aid..

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