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Sudan’s NCP says committed to implementing Islamic law


February 25, 2010 (KHARTOUM) – Sudan’s ruling National Congress Party (NCP) reiterated its position on implementing Islamic Shari’a law in the country as part of its elections programme.

Advisor to Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir, Mustafa Osman Ismail (AP)

The position was outlined by presidential adviser Mustafa Osman Ismail in his elections rally in Dongola state in North Sudan where he is running for parliamentary seat.

This week at a meeting between NCP and Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) in Cairo hosted by the Egyptian government discussed the issue of Islamic law implementation. Both sides were deadlocked on their stances with SPLM calling for a secular state.

But the Sudanese Undersecretary of Foreign affairs Mutrif Sideeg and member of the NCP delegation said that this position is not negotiable.

“We will not abandon our Shari’a nor do we call on the others to accept what they do not accept. We accepted the principle that citizenship is the basis of rights and duties, and we have accepted the principle of unity in diversity, and therefore will not commit others to what we are committed to. We do not accept that the others void our personality, religion and identity under any circumstances,” he said.

The major Northern opposition parties in Sudan are supportive of Islamic law implementation with varying views on modalities. The Umma party and Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) with hegemony over two major religious sects will find it hard to publicly support a secular state so as not to be at odds with their bases.

The Umma party leader Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi has consistently said that Islamic law can be implemented within the context of granting all citizens equal rights regardless of their religious background.

Currently semi-autonomous South Sudan is excluded from the application of Islamic law but observers say that this has deepened the rift between North and the South and diminished hopes of making unity attractive in the 2011 referendum.


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  • 26 February 2010 08:34, by Gatbentiu

    Sharia Law!!!!!!!!!!!! God forbid.In the old Testament they are called Laws of Moses,Eye for Eye and Tooth for tooth.

    Sharia law,these are the laws which the Southerners will never accepted,Bashir is now try to scare those who may vote for him in the South.

    The Southern Sudanese will vote for separation if the NCP still maintain the sharia law and the world still called Sudan Arab Republic of Sudan.

    We will only vote for unity if the sharia law is abolished and Sudan is recognized by the world and Arab as African country and withdraw its membership from Arab league then we will strongly vote in favor of unity.


    • 26 February 2010 10:12, by Master

      Who said the Northerners want the South. We will keep our sharia Law and you can have your Country. Book of Moses !! Whats wrong with that. Maybe if our christian brothers actually read and went by their holy book, they would realise Islam is not that different. But don’t expect us to ignore our holey belief just because others taught you to ignore yours.

      • 26 February 2010 10:52, by Sudani Logik

        The northern ruling elite are constantly talking about the unity of Sudan and you feel the need to ask such a stupid question. The Sharia law in the north is not true Islamic sharia as the latter dictates that non-muslims be exempt from those laws but yet the security apparatus in Khartoum ignore this fact not to mention the requirements not met for the execution of certain punishment such as cutting a thief’s hand, etc etc etc....

        I urge my southern brothers & sisters not to link Islam with the oppressive and opportunist dictators of the north, Islam is really not that much different from Christianity. The way they (NCP) govern has created ample beggars and prostitution is rife amongst Muslim women in the north. A secular Sudan is the only way forward (non-negotiable), if it was up to me, I would keep Sudan united and give those like Master a state (Al-Shimaliya) in the north where they can practice their fake Sharia.

        • 26 February 2010 11:22, by mohammed ali

          Sudani Logik,
          This was my answer, to your yesterday’s posting!

          Derogatory remarks?!

          ((Arabs came to Sudan as homeless traders.))..Homeless

          ((ran away from wars in Arab peninsulas and came to Sudan in search of homes))ran away ...in search for homes?

          ((why you claim African origin.))We are not Africans..just claiming!

          I do want to get educated!But not from looser northerners who pretend to defend southerners,while in essence they have their own agenda which they themselves failed to achieve alone.They simply want to ride on the back of southerners to reach their own selfish destination!Like the fugative Arman! Fortunately southerners now know what they want for themselves, whethr we like it or not!

          It is much better honest and hourable to fight your own cause, by your own means!

      • 26 February 2010 12:40, by Joseph Beckkacbaai

        Mr.Master did you ask us whether we want the north or not? We havd no business with arab any more .Being with Arab is like you are in the hot soup.

        We don’t you Arab completelyin the Southern.

      • 26 February 2010 14:33, by Joseph Beckkacbaai

        Mr.Master,Did ask us whether we want to be Arab tribe in the Northern? Islamic regime is too hot for people ofSouthern Sudan.

        Use Islamic sharia in the Northern Sudan and not Southern Sudan at all.Quran can be used for non arab people.

        Man far away from politics

      • 26 February 2010 19:58, by Malakal


        Christianity and Islam are not different at all. Here is what many think is ridiculous, the rule of sha’ria makes it fine to have your mother and sister circumcised and be contained indoor for the rest of their lives. That is what is so sad about sha’ria.
        So, there is nothing "holy" about Islam, figured it out and you see that you are being suppressed by the greeds who just want to control everything in the name of the religion they do not even understand.

        The South will never be ruled by religion doctrines, otherwise we would have not fought the North for many years if that was the case.

        • 26 February 2010 20:26, by mohammed ali


          You are wrong,Islam prohibits circumcission of women,it is mostly an African you can find it even in Uganda.You donnot find it in Syria,lybia, Morocow,Turky and almost most the muslim countries. Your war with the north started before independence and has nothing to do with Sharia law.

          You donnot want Sharia,that sharia law well and good,donnot have it,that is your right!But it is not your right to tell us what to do with our life!I think the level of education in north Sudan is far better than in many other places in the world,and you are not then one who will tell us to figure out which is good us.Igonarance and haterd make a dangerous combination!

      • 27 February 2010 01:19, by Ben-Fu

        Sharia law is a curse, any land ruled by that law dried up and become a desert....lolG:)

      • 27 February 2010 02:27, by Thomas Taban

        Mr. Master,

        I think you have no points to make. I would like to see tough arguments on this forum. Just insulting and making childish comments will not change the situation our country is in.

        I would like to let you know that even with the Sharia Law in operation in Sudan which I still don’t think is in operation, the Arab’s still do horrible things. I don’t want to mention because at the end of the day you will kill yourself. I want to be alive so that you can witness the coming of the referendum in the South.

        I lived in the North and went to college in the north. Don’t you pretend that thinks are going on well?
        So please stop crying because that time has not come you. You can only stop it if you people start blowing yourselves up in front of the markets and campaign locations because this is what you Muslim believe in anyways.

        We don’t want anything from the North and that is why we want to stay separate. There are many reasons as to why we really don’t want to stay together with arab’s. Most of the reasons are very know to all of us. Whether it being political, religious, race ---- you name it. And so technically, there is nothing really in common to stay with any arab.

        wait and be patient.

    • 26 February 2010 11:11, by Yai Marach

      Haaaaaaa!! Haaaaaaa!!!!!!! you stupid Muslims who doesn’t know the meaning of Islam will be left alone in coming 8months to continue circumcising your daughters , we will not be forced to your stupid understanding of Sharia law.


      • 26 February 2010 14:22, by Master

        Dont mix the traditions of certain tribes to Islam. Dont let me start with your cow urine drinking and other things some of your tribes do. If you dont know anything about the religion then what you hear from people who hate it. Then im sorry your too ignorant to debate. I can criticize any group of societies in all countries with things they do odd. Learn about Islam, read from Islamic books and then come criticize if you can.

        • 26 February 2010 20:19, by Malakal


          What is wrong with drinking cow urines mixed with milk from the cow?

          Leave alone the circumcisation of females associated with Islam, it could be a traditional practice of a certain tribe who follow the religion. How about the suppression of women under the Islamic law (sha’ria); prohibiting women in public places and denying them their rights to equal opportunities as men in your muslim society. That concept of Sha’ria is what has crippled the entire nation of Sudan for almost a century, but now that chapter is about to close for the Southerners in 2011.

        • 26 February 2010 22:21, by Dengcol malual


          what about honor killing? if you can kill your sister because she hang out with non-Muslim, where is the holy you claimed? holy mean clean and killing a human is dirty. keep your women like pet under Islamic laws is inhuman and unfair. Mohamad, the Islamic Messanger, condemned killing of human being and he talked about Saudia Arabia women abused in his time when he was a goat herder. Muslim Men have sex with multi-partners while your women get kill when they do the same. it seems like Islam have two god, men god and women god. Equality is not existing in the Muslim world especially the Sunnis countries. Sunnis countries are the poor and extremists countries and home of terrorists. Shiites are more peaceful, smart and that is why their countries are developed and peaceful.

    • 26 February 2010 17:15, by kuur Deng

      With or without sharia law we must stand on our own feets as independent state.’’Enough is enough’’ NO NEED and NO WAY of impossing southerners to do their devil mind and if not so then it will make the matters worse this country. And of course you can not crush the wound when it’s almost healing.The source of long civil war was because of fucken Isalamic and it is known allover that Isalmic religion is deadly in the whole world.Did you see christian terrorist with Boom blast around the world? What a bullshid life.To hell with their sharia law.

    • 27 February 2010 16:51, by kuur Deng

      I think this is the really time we need to come one point and know our origin as black people. I always tell many people to educate their children because the Sudanese problem is all about illitracy.
      If our anchasters were learned people like we are today at least 30% then the hopeless traders from middle east could n’t have room to give us headache this time.
      sharia law is a well define acts of terrorism and Isalamic religion is all about killing innocent all these can not go with christian laws and they can not leave southerners to go because no can work for them. There so lazy but have the mind to force donkey to work for them.I think with all these,we have to close our mouth and see how they will response to the separation,If the like war then we can not have time to wait if by peace then we can say them Musaalaah and Ambilhaaa we are separated.

  • 26 February 2010 08:36, by Ukongo WOR-UYIN

    You may persist on the imposition of Shari’s law but forget about it here in South Sudan.

    • 26 February 2010 12:20, by Joseph Beckkacbaai

      This isnot the times of Sharia Law in Sudan as whole.When the Sharia law is applying it is one of the main cause of war in Sudan.Sharia law went Nimeri

      If you want it use it in Northern Sudan but not Southern Sudan.If you committed yourselves you also commit to war

      Man far away from politics ,religion and corruption

  • 26 February 2010 08:56, by Saaid Nafe

    That is the main and essential issue in the Sudan politic know days. I would like southerners to vote in 2011 for separation and let the north enjoy its Islamic laws without any problems from the south, and I would like to remain fellow southerners that all the marginalize people in the north are Muslims and they are the course of all our suffering in Sudan let them be with them for awhile until they lean good lessons.

    • 26 February 2010 10:26, by Jacob

      No matter you are committed to your so called Sharia Law, we Southern Sudanese we are already aseparated nation because CPA, made it clear.You were given achance to make UNITY ATTRACTIVE but you totally failed instead you made separation attractive through Religion, and development aspect in the Southern Towns.
      You also worked very hard to creat insecuity in the Southern areas so that CPA failed.Sharia law should not be ideal in the constitution of the nation, unless your usual madness of forcing all Sudaness to dance in the tone you want.

      Referedum is our everything not your fake election.
      To remind you, our Candidate of SPLM, in the North shall win the coming election.Enough is enough.
      Sharia Law is backward that why you have weird mind of circumising women rather than men.
      Shame on you murders of Sudanese people, see you in the court(I mean ICC)

    • 26 February 2010 11:08, by Sudani Logik

      Blah blah blah.... many northerners shout about Islam but many of them (not all) practice it due to tradition rather than understanding the religion and the same could be said about many southerners. The politicization of religion has been the main damage to our great nation among many other countries. Religion is a personal choice not a national issue, the sooner you backward radicals realize this, the better. The prophet Mohammed use to do business with Jews and safe guard the rights of non-muslims, why do many northern Muslims think they know better than him!!! truly mind boggling....

      • 26 February 2010 12:51, by mohammed ali


        You know better,practice it like The Prohet Mohammed(pbuh)run the state the same way he did and protect the rights of non-muslims as he did, and teach others who donnot know like you,nobody will stop you.Islam deal with politics as in economy,war,social affairs,foregin relations, but not partisan politics.Many people abuse it,like they do with democracy, marxism,socialism,freedom, but nobody asked us to stop freedom or democracy!Humans are not perfect.If any single muslim thinks that he knows better than the Prophet(pbuh) then he is not a muslim, be it northerner or coming from heaven!

        We are not good muslims,I agree; but even if we become what we consider to be good muslim,we are not going to be angles, we cannot.We simply have to try to be good muslims!

    • 26 February 2010 11:43, by mohammed ali

      We also want them to vote for secession,as long as this is their aspiratios.Sharia will not be imposed on non-muslim, even if the south seceded.If the 2-3 millions Southernersn, living in the north with the jalabba,Arabs and mundicorrows, decided to remain in the north, the sharia law prohibts applying the sharia law upon them.

      Talking about marginalization is a cheap political propoganda!What are you going to say to more than 4 millions southerners who are facing hunger and famine , when the SPLA"the champions of the marginalized people" government had recieved $8.6 BILLIONS,all evaporated to Austrelia, UK and the USA.Airport authoritis are amazed at people coming with fat suit cases stuffed with millions of dollars!Are you going to tell them you are not marginalized?

      • 26 February 2010 20:30, by Sudani Logik

        M. Ali

        At least you admit that you’re not perfect Muslims, so therefore understand that those bad Muslims who constantly shout Allah Akbar as if to reinforce their weak practice of their religion by abusing it while justifying their abuse through religion. I have no problem with Arabs, Muslims, Democrats, Communists or whatever as along as they observe and respect others rights.

        Since you choose to defend the ills of your friends in power under the Islamic banner then naturally I will highlight the negative practitioners and their supporters of that belief.

        You keep talking about this $8bn that you allege the SPLA/M has stolen, please provide one single proof to that effect instead of shouting about it. We all know that there’s corruption in Sudan, but name one country which is free of corruption? This does not mean that SPLM as an entity is responsible for the millions of $$$ lost in the South. It is individuals, politicians, civil servants, Army generals and even the private sector is to blame for this. Many of these individuals do not even support the SPLM.

        Now lets talk about the corruption in the north, where the fuck is the over $15bn (estimate) the NCP received from oil revenues gone? Look into the Geizira agricultural project, the awarding of roads contract to companies belonging to NCP government officials and many more which I don’t have time to go over. My friend, when you point a finger, remember there’re four finger pointing at you. You cannot condemn one criminal and support another, it just doesn’t make sense.

        • 27 February 2010 00:29, by mohammed ali


          I am not perfect like you,I do admit that.God has created to be imperfect ,may be you are an exclusion.Do see here on yhis web site, anyone who the slightest respect, even among themselves.Yet we talk to them with due respect and without profani,insults, name calling or haterd,because we respect ourselves.

          I have no problem with any race or tribe, and this a basic teaching of Islam.We are all humans son of Adam and Eve!

          The crruption in the south was admitted by the icumbant minister of finance of the GOSS, who said in the ministry of finance only there were $ 2.7 billions not accounted for.This is incredible.Corruption is evident in thr rise of number of hungry people which had quadripilled during the last 2 years,different international airport authorties are amazed by Sudanese pasport holders coming with gags stuffed million of dollars in cash,and Austrela luxury villas and mansions were been with legendary prices.The previous C-IN-C of the army was sacked was sacked because he had stolen the salaries of his soldiers!The SPLA IS RESPONSIBLE FOR WHATEVER HAPPENS IN AS LONG AS IT’S ON POWER.

          There is corruption in the north,but it is within the normal limits,otherwise you wouldn’t see the development taking place there.Albasheer,when campagining,say ..we built that much thousands of roads,that much of electrisity,schools,hospitals,factories.It is an unpresdented in the history of Sudan.The IMF ,reports that is growin at an average rate of 10% since 1989.This why he is very popular.

          • 27 February 2010 11:27, by Sudani Logik


            You’re truly misguided if you think Bashir is popular.... You were unable to provide any proof to your claim. Please distinguish between SPLM & SPLA, the former is a political party and the latter is an army although because of their history they’re usually perceived as one entity as it use to be during the civil war.

            Email me (logik28@googlemail.com) and I’ll provide you with enough info to have a clear understanding about Sudanese politics and economics, because you my friend are truly blind to the reality on the ground.

            By the way those southerners who display elements of hate and a tone of frustration in their comments are justified as they have probably lived all their lives discriminated against by your friends, but you Mohammed, what is your excuse? You constantly show southerners disrespect instead of responding to individuals who attack you, you end up painting all southerners with the same brush. The C-in-C was never sacked because it has always been Salva Kiir, you probably mean Oyei Deng Ajak the former SPLA Chief of Staff and he was given a diplomatic role instead as GOSS Foreign Minster, not sacked!

            Most of those who were caught with cash in airports were not holding Sudanese passports, do you ever research the info you read or do you just believe everything your propaganda machine feeds you!!?!!.

  • 26 February 2010 10:05, by Padiet Deng Alony

    Sharia law and Sudan as Arab country, Pack your things and even in Dongla which was Nubia christain Kingdom.fine that sheria law is found in North , South free from it.

    • 26 February 2010 14:06, by mohammed ali

      Yes, bcause Christianity is an African religon!For you information even christianity is a middle eastern religon.If you want to play the stupid racial game, Hajir the grand-mother of the Arabs is African from Kush, which is somewhere around Dongola!Just add to your information!

  • 26 February 2010 10:06, by Peter Majok Chiengan

    Hey, those whom are the members of (NCP) speacially the non muslim they can’t find them selvies because all the statement of (NCP)leaders related to the islam.
    & I want to remind you all sudanese:-
    So in the (SPLM) you can find your self.

    • 26 February 2010 11:08, by Biden Osire

      Hiiiii... here comes another negative altitude of the northerners again away with sharia law and we meet in the referundum 2010 january.
      We have decided to quit being in one state(country) so see the south tumorow as a new state without religious matters being intertangle like the north.

  • 26 February 2010 11:29, by Time1

    Islamic law is good for thenortherners, so it will be implemented in the north but not in the south, the north can do whatever they want to do in the north that is their business and we respect their rights to do that since they are muslims, as long as they also respect other peoples rights and make sure their mess does not affect their neighbours.

    • 26 February 2010 11:49, by mohammed ali


      This is very wise and very decent ,respectful and free of haterd.Shaia law prohibits applying sharia law upon non-muslim.Even southerners living in the north decide to remain there after secession, the sharia will not be applied on them, by law!

  • 26 February 2010 12:08, by yiendakduop

    Sudan’s ruling National Congress Party are joke with shari’law in the country.
    Becouse we can not be a one country or unity of sudan with shari’ law never. Before 1956 if we marriege together as a sudanese peaple.i think now we con’t talk about unity.who can vote for separation or referendum. becouse we can’t
    Separation with our sisters is son.wich mean we marriege in South or North Sudan.becouse of shari’law.that’s bring separation between North and South Sudan or referendum in 2011.SECOND AFRICA UNION HE HAVE A PROBLEMS.
    Becouse i can not have a two membership.then i will choice one.if sudan need Africa union or Arab league.but sudan is Africa country.in worid history.but islamic he take sudan to arab countries.becouse of islamic.look for Exaple in
    Sudan there are many party like SPLM,NCP,etc you should not have a membership
    In SPLM and you are a member in NCP or another party.how come.this like Sudan.
    We can not vote for unity if the sharia law is abolished and Sudan is recognized by the world and Arab as African country and withdraw its membership from Arab league then we will strongly vote in favor of unity.and RELIGION is a personal choice not a national issue,but Sudan’s ruling religion as anational issue in gevenment.and thank God Bless Sudanese and God Bless me
    Any Comment Reaching me yien2010@yahoo.com

  • 26 February 2010 12:29, by joseph kuir

    Yes ,very good NCP gange,this will make the unity an atractive ,i mean Sharia Laws is to eat your well cooked meat of animals which sluaghtered by Muslim but not by non muslim and also to rule the Country without non Muslim as well as indicated that non Muslim can not Rule the Muslim Nation like NCP and further more to marry your Sisters and Duaghters like our Muslim Brothers and Sisters already began in the South
    please ,please increase your preasure on us so that we agreed force unity,we will not hurt your members who are leaving contesting in the South
    No thanks at all to them

    • 26 February 2010 14:34, by Master

      Why are you people so concerned if the North applies Sharia law or not. The South can be secular as it likes. It already is and there are more prostitutes then anywhere in Africa. UN troops dont want !

      You dont judge a country or religion by how many prostitutes there are in the streets. Lets try by the number hungry ! UN and NGO’s estimate more then 3 million will be starving in the South. Tribal clashing killing thousands per month in South Sudan.

      Stop you petty debate about Sharia Law in the North. Even if it was a democracy muslims make up 75% of the population. No muslim society maybe 1 or true execpetions have ever been able to implement pure 100 % Sharia, but we try to follow its teachings. Unlike other hypocrites that have rulers as hidden dictators or parties under this false democracy you talk about. Do you think the Americans would let Sharia law be part of its system if 25% of its population was Muslim !!

  • 26 February 2010 16:05, by Osorubeng-Beng


    Why did you call for the unity of the country moron?

  • 26 February 2010 18:27, by Oduck Bol

    Nobody interesting of study and believe in what you believe in. We southerns,tried of studyiny about your granfathers and mothers in deffrents books. We have our own religion. Before,Sudan was peacefull state,but when Eastern world brought their shits in our land,then every single person,and family start to suffer alot from their theory. I want to say that leave us alone. We do not need the history of your granfathers. In my point of view,I do not need someone to tell me to pray for his or her granfather priod.

    • 26 February 2010 22:23, by Amook Raan

      Fuck fuck sharia law..

    • 26 February 2010 23:58, by Master

      Get this to your little brain , you low IQ fool. NO ONE is telling you to pray to anyone ! Thats your choice. No one is using Sharia law against you. You are no Longer part of NORTH SUDAN - Mind your own business. For the millionth time - no one came and stole your land. We were here from the beginning of creation of man and we will stay forever. One you people educated you ignorant people and this stupid rumor that Northerners came from Arabia and took your land is not true. Educated your illiterate fools here that the North existed before your people crawled from the jungles of Uganda naked . We had writing, pyramids, armies and trade. SO FOR THE LAST TIME - WE ARE INDIGENOUS AFRICANS IN SUDAN.

      Ignorant, stupid morons make up their own lies and believe it.

      • 27 February 2010 01:27, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

        Leave Shari’ah law and North Sudan to Jallaba, stick to Secularism while waiting for a political, legitimate avenue to exit from this rotten system of political ISLAM in the bloodstream of our otherwise a paradise SUDAN on the planet in year 2011 Referendum. Tribe, Race and Religion cannot afford to create a non-sectarian nation. The way Jallaba are practising their politics in Sudan is a divisive politics that we cannot go down our throats. It is better for us to be poor in freedom than to be rich in Slavery i.e death in freedom is better than live in servitude.

        • 27 February 2010 05:38, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

          Because South Sudanese believe in one parliament, one people and one country in a democratic system, they do not need any divisive mechanism to rule the country. Religion should be a choice of an individual and the state for all born in it. For this reason the North can live in their Islam and the South should take a choice that is convenient to support an individual in deciding which religion he/she wants. It is therefore nothing other than Secular constitution that can guarantee that. It is even better if the two parts of Sudan part.

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