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Eritrea proposes delay to Sudan elections and referendum


March 5, 2010 (KHARTOUM) – The Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki has recommended to his Sudanese counterpart Omer Hassan Al-Bashir a 2-year delay to the April national elections and the 2011 referendum in South Sudan, an official in Asmara said today.

Sudan state media Bashir today concluded a one day visit to Eritrea for talks with Afewerki on the elections, progress of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and the Darfur conflict.

Relations between the two countries have been strained lately over Khartoum non-rejection to Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) statement last year calling for imposing sanctions on Asmara for its role in aiding and arming the Islamist rebels.

In December 2009, the UNSC heeded to the request and slapped asset freezes and travel bans on the government as well as individuals and companies.

Bashir reversed his country’s position expressing solidarity with Eritrea in the face of the sanctions saying that Sudan has managed to wither the effects of similar bans imposed by the UNSC and other countries in the past.

The Eritrean presidential adviser Abdullah Gabir told the London based Al-Sharq Al-Awsat that his government fears the April elections could deepen the rift in the country adding that polls are a tool and “not a goal in themselves”.

“Two years ago we proposed to the National Congress Party (NCP) and the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) a two year postponement to the elections and the South Sudan referendum to prepare the environment and clean the field for all Sudanese parties” Gabir said.

He suggested that the NCP would not object to delaying the elections on the condition that the referendum would be pushed back as well.

The Eritrean official revealed that they gave a specific suggestion to conduct the referendum first and if it comes in favor of unity then elections can be held in the entire country otherwise they will take place in two separate states.

However, Bashir rejected the idea and insisted to carry the elections and the referendum as planned. Gabir stressed that situation in Sudan is not conducive given pending CPA disputes and Darfur conflict.

Last month it was reported that Egypt was pressing both parties on the same proposal but it was not clear what the response from Sudan’s rivals.

The SPLM has vehemently refused any move to postpone the referendum process and many think tank groups fear a return to civil war should the self determination process be disrupted. However, many post-referendum issues have yet to be addressed particularly nationality, national debt, water agreement with the border demarcation process well behind schedule.


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  • 6 March 2010 07:47, by Gatwech


    I know that elections will NOT take place but still I am worried that the leadership will be changed in different form. Watch out for those conspirators. It is a very dangerous stage we are entering in the next one month. Watch out!!!

    • 6 March 2010 07:52, by Gatwech

      I always hate the period of caretaker government. Remember the sad period of 2005 caretaker government before the formation of GOSS. Watch out!!!

      All conspirators in Sudan affairs are at play in the last hour. And they can do any thing, and I mean ANY THING to create a crisis!!!

      May God bless South Sudan!!!

      • 6 March 2010 07:57, by Gatwech

        It is safer to postpone the elections and reach an agreement to conduct referendum as scheduled in January 2011.

        The elections can be done after referendum, either as a united Sudan if voting resulted to unity, or as separate elections by North and South if voting resulted to separation.

        The game is so dangerous, folks! The next one month, oh, Gosh!

        • 6 March 2010 08:19, by Dinka Boy

          Gatwech( born in 1980s),

          Is it safe for the election to be postpone?.
          OH my God! this guy is not ahuman being.
          He is always supporting traitors, enemies, and usless ideas.
          Shit, liel muor che ngom ke thony.

          • 6 March 2010 08:49, by Gatwech

            Dinka Boy (aka Akol Paul Kordit),

            A friend of yours has exposed you to me. You are the SPLM youth league chairman there in Juba and you are also member of the political bureau. How come you insult your party senior members and belittle yourself like that.

            My friend, if you don’t postpone this election and concentrate on referendum, you will soon regret the emerging situation in the country. Mark my words.

            • 6 March 2010 09:39, by Cherninco

              Oh for heaven sake. This piece crap is a leader? He cannot even formulate a sentence that’s grammatically correct. I bet he is in it just to be called "banj diid," or is it one of those entitlements?

        • 6 March 2010 14:12, by Time1


          Both bashir and Kirr have agreed the elections to go on, so it will go on without any hinderence.

  • 6 March 2010 07:50, by majook


    This April elections in Sudan must happen.we know that the Horn Africa golf States are in favour of unity of sudan. It may sound opposite to have elections before refrendum,but we know the way we can separate ourselves from Khartoum.Bahir Must go home this time and clear his name from the ICC LIST!


  • 6 March 2010 07:51, by Dinka Boy

    Hey mr Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki ,

    South Sudanese knew your connection with Omer Bashier for decades. Let me gice you example that you know your country as Khartoum government allies.

    In 1992, your governmnet attack Pachalla in which both of Arab and your deployment were around pachalla. SPLA chased away Arab forces while you your forced came on the other side and as aresult that lead to the fall of Pachalla in 1992. We knew that incident and we lost lots of live in that war.

    After your governmnet captured Pachalla, you guys hand it over to Jallaba/Arab and this cause the withdrawal of Mabafos/SPLA units who were deployed around JUba and Torit to captured it and this lost our lives too.

    Please, we South Sudanese have no hears to listen to your recommendation about CPA. We want others who never collide with this Bashier governmnet.
    Please shut up because you are more harmful than you think. No posponement for 2010 and 2011.

    • 6 March 2010 08:17, by Simon Wicheng

      Dear Mr. President,
      I think your proposal for postponemnt of election and the referendum contradicts with the your reason. In the CPA, it was stated that elections will be held three years after the signing of the CPA. What clean ground Mr. President do you think will be made in two years if it has not been made in the last five years? We understand your position; it is about the participation of Darfur forces in the election.

      Mr. President referendum is a red line for us; we brought it through the blood of our youth and any one to attempt derailing it will be dealt with ,

      • 6 March 2010 16:18, by Bialach

        Dear Mr. President,
        I think South Sudanese don’t care much about election though it was a mandate of CPA. What concern us ( South Sudanese) is "referendum" which is due to January 2011, we are very serious about it and we don’t want anybody to step in to it such as manipulating it for his/her own interest like what Egypt and AU struggling for
        . Egypt is worry about the Nile and AU is just to keep the dailly services allowance (DSA) of leaders coming since they will be busy conducting meeting
        every three months discussing Sudan issues of which they will not eventually solve. African community knows it very well that when South Sudan become a Nation, East Africa will be the peaceful region in Africa , SPLA will be the powerfull force in Africa and will handle any problem in the region and AU will not have meeting because there are no issues to discuse
        Elction is not going to be free and and fair from both NCP and SPLM. The Southern Sudan ruling party’s PB (SPLM) started pre-rigging by cancelling the names of cadidate who were elected by the people form their constituency and come up with self center, greedy people such as Taban Deng, Kun Puoch, Nunu and others. The ineterest of SPLM is, these people serve the ineterest of Salva Kiir and Luka Beong. Now, if these things started prior to election what you expect NCP to do in the near future or at the time of election. Dr. Riek was trying to democratize the SPLM but when you share class room mathematic with some people who don’t know Calculus, they hate the teacher and claim that the teacher is not good at math. That’s what is happening to SPLM. Anyway, this will be rectify after referendum.

        • 6 March 2010 17:42, by kuur Deng

          It is of no surprise to hear this from Eritrea president because Beshir is holding dollors at hands but there will be no any effect at all even if election is pastpone but you shouldn’t attempt to control referendum that is a red line. Who are you to talk nonesenses about Sudan. please,please leave us a lone.With you we can make it to our distiny.

    • 6 March 2010 08:22, by Dinka Boy

      I mean mabalfos/ combine SPLA units from different batallions.

      • 6 March 2010 19:47, by Riangnom

        You idiot Afewrki We Southern Sudanese know your conflict of interest,because your Country claim to be arab state and islamic nation; that is why Bashier is giving you 1.5% South Sudan oil revenue.

        Please shut up yourslf interest mouth, you are enemy of southern Sudan. You had involved in Sudanese affairs so many times, 1992 case is not forgotten by Southern Sudan, when mobileforce of great SPLA retreat from Juba to attacked Pachalla in april 1996 Pachalla was captured in matter of 30 minutes, the attacked began at 8:00 am and the town fallen at 8:30 majihadeens ran like deers. The delay of election and referendum will not happen regardless believe it or not.

  • 6 March 2010 08:18, by Chol Mading

    President Afewerki, why are you worrying about Sudan and not your cousin Zenawi in the South border? People of South Sudan have protected you for years in Khartoum and have already forgotten their help.stop running wild and start cleaning your dirty nose.
    When you gained your independence from Ethiopia we did not asked for delayment. Please leave our matters alone and this election will not be postponed as you portraited.

  • 6 March 2010 08:19, by Oduck Bol

    There may be a concert coming up in Sudan. It is good place to sell popcorn there.But there is enough popcorn already there.So I will not get chance to sell mine too there. But, what about kids and old peole? Iam looking fore a job at UN,RED CROSS and at others too.

  • 6 March 2010 08:22, by choldit

    Mr. President, this is a wrong sugguestion! Referendum is what we based our hope on. It has to happen has scheduled. There are lot of things that can go wrong in two years if we stay with this Arabised Sudanese in the North.

    You need to think differently from postponement. Perhaps giving those undone tasks first priority may do go than your current sugguestion.

    Thanks for your concerns!

  • 6 March 2010 09:08, by paul baak anyaar

    To hell with your proposal Mr. Afewerki. Your proposal will never be effected here as long as the power of our sovereignty still prevails. Leave us alone if you don’t mind that please. The Sudanese people will decide what to do.

    • 6 March 2010 10:08, by Gatluak Latjor

      This is a funny thing. The question is , why the Eritreans did delay their referendum of 1993 so that the uniy between them and the Ethiopians was made attractive since there was no so much diference between the two people? If the Eritrean president is really sane let him keep a way from the CPA timetable.

      However, the trust is that Eritrea is now benefiting from the Southern sudan oil through the north and that will stop if the south becomes independent state and the benefits will shift to Ethiopia and Kenya. This may result from Eritea ’s murky position on things pertinent to Southern Sudan.


    • 6 March 2010 10:16, by mack waweru

      Eritreans didn’t wait for three or more years in early 1990s to have their own state after the ousting of Mengistu’s regime.
      Eritrea fought a bloody border war in 1998 with Ethiopia. These were indications that you wanted to be free and have sovereignty.That was sweet! Why then now is it bitter for Southern Sudanese who have lost "five million" lives since 1955-2005? Stay away from Sudanese affairs and propose issues that benefit your people in Eritrea.

      Mack Awer

      • 6 March 2010 14:47, by mohammed ali

        I don’t think that the elections should or could be postponed.But why are you people complaining? Your presidential candidate is calling for postponment of ellections in Khartoum.He is staging demonstrations with the so called"Juba Group"and threatining to boycott the elections.He is just playing his habitual communist tactics to creat an atmosphere which is not conducive for elections.He will not succed, and if we postpone the elections for another 100 years his allies in the old political parties will not beready.The SPLA should stop playing games!

        • 6 March 2010 20:43, by mack waweru

          Mohamed Ali,

          The right forum for you is an ’al Qaeda’ website. You are unwelcome here.

          Mack Awer

        • 8 March 2010 11:23, by emmanuel adol

          surely what kind of fithy animal are you spla has nothing to do with elections dog watch out your dirty mouth from spla affairs.

  • 6 March 2010 12:09, by Gatwech

    Dear readers,

    Please before we bitterly criticize President Isayas’ suggestions, read between the lines, especially in his fourth to the last paragraph in the news article which says, "The Eritrean official revealed that they gave a specific suggestion to conduct the referendum first and if it comes in favor of unity then elections can be held in the entire country otherwise they will take place in two separate states."

    I gree with this beautiful suggestion from the Eritrean President to conduct referendum first before elections. Any way for those of you who were familiar with the Naivasha peace talks, the SPLM was not interested in elections before referendum. It was the NCP delegation that pushed for it as a prerequisite. The SPLM made a big mistake by accepting that trap!

    If one is to ask himself or herself in this situation, what is the necessity for holding elections as a prerequisite for the referendum? It is useless if it is something that can even harm referendum in the process. The NCP would rig it any way, and so what is the importance of such elections?

    Sudan’s independence in 1956 was even declared by a parliament which was not an elected one. So what would be the dfference if the same is applied to the South?

    I recommend that we postpone the elections and conduct referendum first and then come for elections later on, either as confirmed united Sudan or separate elections by two independent North and South, period!!!

    • 6 March 2010 12:37, by Gatwech


      The so-called ’Dinka Boy’ who always comments tribal comments on this website is Mr. Akol Paul Kordit, the chairman of the SPLM Youth League in Juba.

      He is also member of the SPLM Political Bureau. This guy is a crap! How come a very responsible person acts like a child. He should be removed from PB and youth chairmanship. He even insults some of his senior party officials!

      Akol Paul Kordit, you can run but you cannot hide. A very close friend of yours has exposed you to me. I got you 34 years old dude!

      Ah, what a combination of incompetent and stupid leadership with membership of the Dinka Boy (Akol Paul Kordit). What a party!!!

      • 6 March 2010 14:51, by mohammed ali

        Gatwech ,

        1956 PARLIMENT WAS 100% ELECTED.

        • 6 March 2010 19:40, by Gatwech

          Mohamed Ali,

          1956 parliament was NEVER elected. Its membership was handpicked. There was NEVER any parliamentary election organized any where in Sudan at that time where citizens went to polling stations to vote. It was handpicked.

          • 7 March 2010 16:52, by mohammed ali

            Gatwech ,

            It was the only 100% elected parliment in the history,as it involved all of the Sudan including the South.

  • 6 March 2010 14:07, by Time1

    Where was Eritrea all this four years? helping rebels in Somalia?

    What will Eritreans say if Ethiopia had ask the independences of Eritrea to be delayed for another 2 years?

    • 6 March 2010 16:50, by MJriaksdca

      Eritrean president’s idea of postponement has no supportive ground in the south. We southerners object that vehemently.

      I like his idea of conducting referendum first and elections after that. However, we have wasted a period which began in 2005 till now. That time could have been used to solve Sudan’s major issues of demarcation and conflict in Darfur.

      Both government in Sudan have done an unusual thing with regard to how problems are solved. Problems such as demarcation of borders are the one to be solved first and foremost then elections and referendum come after that.

      Now because these problems are not solved and time is shortening, there is a shady moment ahead. The clouds of war appears to be hovering around due to having not solved the major issues. The complications of the issues are the north accepting departure from the south without a oil field, South accepting to share national debts with the north, the darfur, and the likes.

  • 6 March 2010 20:31, by Oduck Bol

    You guys, do not calculate the out come of your action. Mainly SPLM. From five years until today SPLM has been supporting Darfourians even ICC court which has no conection with death of 3000,000 southerns. But, when other state supporting Darfourins or interest of Dafourians,you stand against him.

    Do not blaim those who support Darfourian interest because you are the first one who showed your support first.

    Let me ask this question and any body can answeer it . Have you ever heard from Darfourian a ward that they support southerns, or southern’s independent or southern who stand as a canadate for presidencey in Sudan?

    Some people will always continue regretting.

    • 7 March 2010 16:37, by Kuany Dak

      Dear all,
      Sudan to postpone April election is the suggestion of Africans leaders, ie. Egyptian president, Libyian president and now is the Eritrean president who is once in the struggles a friend of south sudan liberation movement (SPLM/A).
      What is really going on in their minds? Bashir has nothing to provide as concret to them, election is mandate of CPA, not Mr. Bashir that they are asking to cease April election. I think, Bashir would wish to postpone it for two to three years since he wants to remain a president of Sudan.
      What is about CPA implementation? IGAD countries want to bring a peaceful and lasting settlement of sudan conflict in the sub-sahara Africa region. Mean to resolve this is including conducting peacefully and transferrence election in Sudan, both April election and south sudan referendum election in January 2011.
      April election is a choice of people of sudan, outsiders have no say since interim constitution demand such election should be held at this stage of five years peceful implementation of such agreement.
      I think this is a conspiracy against south sudan people who dream about self-determination. If April election in sudan is posponed even referendum vote in the south Sudan will also be posponed for one to two years upward.

      Think about this! How far we came to this interim arrangement? However, I think, it is none of their business.

      Thank you,
      Kuany Dak

      • 7 March 2010 17:03, by Mohammad100

        It is insane for Isayas to suggest the postponing of the Sudanese election. That in turn necessitates to postpone the Referendum empirically. That is an attempt to mess with the WILL of the South Sudanese people. Neither Isayas, Bashir, nor Meles understands the wills of the people. They all came to power by the means of the Gun. If they do not understand the concept of the power of the people, how can they respect the will of the people!!!!


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