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Bashir issues expulsion warning to foreign poll observers


March 22, 2010 (KHARTOUM) — The Sudanese president Omar Hassan al-Bashir today issued a strong warning to foreign election monitors threatening to expel them if they call for delaying the polls scheduled for April.

The warning appears directed at the US based Carter Center which last week called for a slight delay in elections because of logistical and procedural issues.

The center said Sudan’s first competitive elections since 1986 "remains at risk on multiple fronts" including the ability of candidates to campaign freely and the impact of delayed preparations for the complex vote.

"It is increasingly unclear if the (National Election Commission) can deliver a successful election on time," the report said.

However, Bashir responded angrily with strong rhetoric to the call during an elections rally at the Red Sea city of Port Sudan.

"We brought these organizations from outside to monitor the elections, but if they ask for them to be delayed, we will throw them out........any foreigner or organization that demand the delay of elections will be expelled sooner rather than later " he said.

"We wanted them to see the free and fair elections, but if they interfere in our affairs, we will cut their fingers off, put them under our shoes, and throw them out," he added.

The threat brought back to memory Bashir’s decision last year to expel 13 foreign aid agencies from war stricken Darfur after the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for him on charges of war crimes. He stuck to his decision despite international pressure.

Reuters said that the Center declined to comment until it was able to review the president’s speech.

Sudan is set to stage its first multi-party elections in 24 years from April 11 to 13 as part of a 2005 peace agreement that ended a decades-old civil war between north and south.

Last week 17 opposition parties pushed a memo to the presidency requesting that April elections be postponed until next November in order to allow for major reforms in a number of laws primarily relating national security and media. They gave the government until Thursday to respond positively or else face the possibility of boycotting the elections.

The Sudanese National Elections Commission (NEC) deputy chairman Ahmed Abdullah said "the Carter Center relies on false information that did not come from us," and insisted the elections would take place on April 11 as planned.

"Publishing this information could have a negative impact on the electoral process," he told reporters on Monday.

The opposition has criticized NEC saying it is biased towards the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) and turning a blind eye to violations of electoral law.

Mubarak al-Fadil head of the Umma Reform and Renewal Party (URRP) told Reuters the warning made it clear Bashir was worried.

"He [Bashir] is very nervous. He may do it," al-Fadil said.

Observers say the NCP is desperately seeking to acquire legitimacy through the elections in face of the ICC warrant for Bashir.


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  • 23 March 2010 05:11, by sudanman

    shame on you mr.president.if you think it is fair elections, why are you giving strong warning to the international observer?

    • 23 March 2010 05:47, by emilio-Wau

      Dear readers,

      we have to be carefully to read and understand the concept of this article before giving irrelevant comment.Bashir is threatening foreign abservors to shut up and have a change to win the up coming election.As Being a southerner, i do not need this election to complicate the referandum in 2011.We need this election to go ahead.pasponding this election will creat room for the NEC to push referandum to unknown date.We need to be carefull here otherwise CPA is going to the wrong direction.

      • 23 March 2010 19:20, by Jordan Agu’moi

        Dear fellow country mate, it is good to use our logic before reacting to one’s decision. Beshir might be right and it depends on which point of view and attitude he is using. To me logically he is very right to tell the foreign observers to just hold on until the election comes, but not the extent of postponing the election which was scheduled by the NEC.

        Again he is right that if this election postponed it will immediately affect the next referendum which is logically right however,our sense are not always sufficient for judgement.

      • 24 March 2010 03:13, by Oduho Oduho

        Though Bashir is considered a criminal as we all know, his comment about the interrance in the election seem to be right. Am a southerner and I would like to see this election done on time as it was scheduled, because more delayance will likely push the reffrandum to nowhere. Whether Bashir is a criminal or not is not our business, let the ICC deal with him separetly. Election is a different entity which has nothing to do with the warrant of the ICC on Bashir.

        Southerners who are criticizing Bashir’s comments are perhaps overwhilmed by emotions and they do not see how this delayment will affect the whole CPA process.

        As far as am concern, I don’t see any concrate reason as to why this so call international observers ask for delayment. their warries should and must rest with themselves, because we Southerners can’t wait any longer. Now who knows, perhaps this international observers do not want to see Bashir win this election as he might have shown gaining a lot of support. Now to make their case (observers) against him (Bashir) with full support of the people behind him after the election if he indeed manage to win will be difficult, that is why they (observers) have show their worries other than that of the people of Sudan themselves, which means that Bashir is on the right truck to win. As a Southerner I or you may not like to see him being elected to the presidency once again but if people elect him, then it means people liked him.

        To me as it’s to Bashir though I don’t like him (Bashir), the international obervers should step aside and let the people vote. the only reason I know is that, the international obervers are there to observe "election" not to run the "election". If Bashir spell them out of the country for now because of their parrall behavior to their work, its will be a wise move, and they(obervers) should leave and come back after when the election is over.

    • 23 March 2010 05:54, by Gatwech

      Dear readers,

      Exactly this is what has been my view to the elections as echoed in the last paragraph in the article which says, "Observers say the NCP is desperately seeking to acquire legitimacy through the elections in face of the ICC warrant for Bashir".

      Bashir just wants to use this fake and pre-rigged elections as a bargaining chip in the face of ICC. He knows he has already won it in advance.

      The South will then swim in the aftermath of the elections violence that will also cause the delay of referendum.

      Postpone this good-for-nothing elections and conduct referendum first. Let the discussions focus on that.

      Bashir knows that if the elections are boycotted by the leading opposition parties in the country, it would not be seen as a credible one even if he did it with other minor insignificant political parties.

      The man is getting mad and threatens to devour foreign observers leaving his security spies as national observers. Wow! No elections!!!

      • 23 March 2010 06:29, by Dinka Boy

        Hey Gatwech,

        Which violence you always talking about?

        I don,t really comprehend your baselss reasoning at all becase you keep murmuring that the upcoming election will escalate violence, what kind of violence?

        if you talking about the South violence then let wait,but the upcoming election must be conducting.

        Your reasoning capacity is too low dear, you suppose to take critical thinking and philosopy courses to widen your thinking capacity.

        What are your cues that help you to predict violence because of the election in April. Do you think jumping 2010 election to referendum would be safe for you? Wow!

        You completely have low IQ more than EQ.

        • 23 March 2010 08:36, by Gatwech

          Dinka Boy,

          I know you are one of those who do not have the capability to analyze and predict consequences of certain actions. But some others have that capability my dear. As you said "wait", then this is what you can do. You are a ’wait and see" folk ready for surprises. And I am not.

    • 24 March 2010 03:20, by Oduho Oduho

      To me as it’s to Bashir though I don’t like him, the international obervers should step aside and let the people vote. the only reason I know is that, the international obervers are there to observe "election" not to run the "election". If Bashir spell them out of the country for now because of their parrall behaviors to their work, its will be a wise move, and they(obervers) should leave and come back after when the election is over.

  • 23 March 2010 05:13, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

    No matter what mr criminal on run, We are different nation in Sudan. South Sudan will soon be change to Victoria or Democratic Republic of Victoria DRV, because we have achieved the long struggle victory right from bush up to date. It is only corruption that hold the image of my people too behind. The only observers I would admit to come would from USA, UK, Kenya, Uganda, France and Isareal. The rest of World I will not accept. Eqypt, Iran, Palestine, Saudi, Ethiopia, Nigeria and rest are all Islamic countries not accepted.

    • 23 March 2010 05:35, by Ajang Aguer Pageer

      ....Instead of talking of putting people under his/’their’ shoes,he should be ready to dodge another shoe(s) to be thrown at him during his election campaigns.

      I hope those Southern sudanese who think Al Bashir can religiously allow referendum to take place if he wins should use this rhetoric as part of his(Al Bashir) usual unpredictable nature.He can simply say:’We don’t give a damn about referendum’- if he wins! And that is the end of it.In fact,he would even be making impossible demands (like nullification of his arrest warrant,extension of northern border into the south....) for him to allow the conduct of referendum that he would rig at the end of the day.And the only steps that would be taken by the toothless African union,Arab league,UN security council and many other clubs would be to condemn his action which is not a problem to him.So the south will be left with only one inevitable option:DEFEND THEIR LAND!!Is there any one who would like that ugly situation in the coming months?

      • 23 March 2010 06:04, by Gatwech

        Ajang Aguer,

        If the elections were to be free and fair and would not cause violence in the South, I would prefer voting for Bashir. You know why? Bashir signed the CPA. He has implemented 90% of it. He signed it on self-determination. He is accountable to any violation. Bashir, if violated the CPA, can be a visible enemy in the face of the nation and the world. Things would be done straight in black and white manner when dealing with him.

        But others like Sadiq Al-Mahdi and Yasser Arman would confuse the situation. They would penetrate in the SPLM and divide the officials based on separatist and unionist camps.

        We don’t need non-signatories to the CPA to confuse us. We want the man responsible for CPA to squarely get over it with us. We can definitely win support from the international community and maintain our unity against Bashir unlike Yasser who can confuse our unity for separation!

        • 23 March 2010 06:41, by Dinka Boy

          Gatwech, are you sure that Omer El Bashier had signed CPA for self-determination?

          Haaaaa, you might be asleeping dear.
          Completely I deplore myself and my other brothers and sisters who respond to your baselss comment. You said Bashier sign CPA for self-determination! Wow! this might be adead donkey reasoning.

          • 23 March 2010 08:44, by Gatwech

            Dinka Boy,

            I will forgive you because I understand that you have low understanding of official protocol in government. Do you think Ali Osman would have signed the CPA without the blessing of his president, Al-Bashir? Even if Bashir did not sign protocols in the CPA, he approved them as the President, making him the signatory. This is why the interim constitution after the CPA was signed by him (Bashir). He formed the government based on the CPA. So which other signature do you want. Yes, I know that your low mind only thinks of physical ink on the paper and not the political decision made.

            In GOSS, Dr. Riek Machar can sign on behalf of Salva Kiir but in general term it would be Kiir as the President who would be called the signatory. Please learn some more my dear. Though you said you are 34 years, yet you sound really like a small boy.

          • 23 March 2010 12:36, by okucu pa lotinokwan

            Omer Bashir should not shout alot, there are time for everythings,time for birth,time for death,time for ruling, time for unruling or to be ruled.Mr criminal president the seat you want to hang on is now very,very hot.And you do not think that as far you are in power Okapo will not arest you:? You are already death living thing in Sudan.arest yourself to the ICC.
            See all the three angles in the Sudan, South,West.East you create all these community to be your enemy.by the expulsion foreign observers for the April election you have not yet done something.Take Sadam Hussien to be an example with all his notorno he death like dog

    • 23 March 2010 07:47, by mathem jech amer

      Dear All

      I have just arrived from long absence doing my personal businesses.

      To Famous-Big-logic-Boy

      You are wrong, south Sudan is going to be named:

      Nilotland NOT Victoria which means a girl name.

    • 23 March 2010 08:16, by Terror-hunter


      You are right warrior.....this Islamic countries should not step their feet into our election monitoring programme because they always think of taking us back to the bush but with the determination we have with our strong leader Salva Kiir i don’t think we are going back again .....we are progressing a head and we will achieve our victory.

  • 23 March 2010 05:20, by Shuggar

    Your reactions, Mr. president demonstrate the degree of Hysteric, Panic and Mandness state you are experiencing for the fear of losing the election.

    These reactions will lead you to nowhere, the NCP. You better accept defeat as predicted than doing something stupid that would wipe out in a blow. Your days are numbered even though you plan for an uneasy step down.

    • 23 March 2010 06:13, by Lorolokin

      Dear Readers,

      This strong warning from El Bashir means that he already win the Election wether Sudanese populace want it or not he is the winner because Bashir knows it very well that if he fails then Ocampo will find it eassy to land in Khartoum international Airport and pick him up.
      However as for us Southerners,delayment of Election or even cancelled the Election is none of our business but our Referendum is the matter so no interference with that.


      • 23 March 2010 07:01, by Shuggar

        This is exactly the case. if he loses the election, he loses the protection, immunity and the safe haven of the state fort he is staying in. He will be exposed and Occampo will find it easy to pick or even capture him.

        God save and bless the CPA and God give the people of South Sudan what they want and deserve, Amin.

        South Sudan, Oyeee

        • 23 March 2010 07:09, by DASODIKO

          The foolish person is a one who is expecting that these holligans will leave power easily. Nothing will change on the ground without ousting them on power by all means.

          No one will put the hanging rope on his neck. This the case with Bashir and his gangsters.

      • 23 March 2010 07:09, by Apalangorok

        No matter how the election will be rig, indeed we our decision is one secession is our motto, either by war or by peaceful mean.
        Bashir will rig the election that why he trained 4000 security police to be depolyed in Khartoum so that to intemidate people. I done care about election weather he win or not I care about our independent for south sudan. The issue of election is concern only North nor even Nuba and Blue nile people I know they can take this criminal city call Khartoum in fews hours if it become matter.Bashir is last Arab president in Sudan, Arab must ask their son to step down now otherwise they will be swipt out by four front with no resistant.


  • 23 March 2010 07:44, by Northsudanes

    Hey my people from the south we need this omar al bashir to be out from sudan because he is crminal and murder so i advice any one from the south don’t vote for omar al bashir because i guarantee you that al bashir he might play game on the refurndom time guys. so however who is behind al bashir is an idoit don’t know nothing and i don’t care if country split into two but we don’t need this crminals at all. can you be tire always open tv or read news or anything else you want watch but you always will see his crminal face on tv, how dum are people are when they do that looking at him i personally i don’t care about him and always what he does is talking about fight and the big opportunity we miss over pass decad is education and devlopment and unity that will never fix again under al bashir addminstration at all think about. thank u

  • 23 March 2010 08:57, by telfajbago

    These warnings is slap on the faces of those who had being nurturing hopes to democratize Sudan under the rules of the Islamic Jihadist of Sudan. It is absolutely clear that the regime still miles far to abide by the International laws that governing peaceful transformation or exchange of power through elections; despite bundles of signed peace agreements. it’s with this Taliban-like mentality that drove Al-Bashir mad to wage vicious war in South Sudan and still committing genocide in Darfur. the next step remaining for Al-Bashir is to declare the Country under emergency laws,if the rigging of the elections was chellenged.

  • 23 March 2010 09:01, by Akuma


    You are fueling your International Criminal Court indictment again to the World. If you temper to chase those international election observers out of the coutry. How long have you stay in power.
    There is time for everything in life. Once you said foreign electon observers must be expel out is unrealistic, your time has elapse. We are in time of democracy not dictatorship again.

    Dr. Akuma,
    Chicago, USA

  • 23 March 2010 10:16, by Jamesco Deng

    Mr. president,

    Turning this ugly face always to rightious people is a great sin before God. Any work all over the world is done collaboratively. This is not the Arabic country of the olden days and it is obvious that you have already strategize your ways of rgging this election, we were at war because of such dictatorail behaviors.

    Any way, it doesn’t concern us in the South to pospone this election, but mind you, you don’t have to put your dirty hands in to our referendum schedule that will ignite the fire. All Southerners are for that, I mean to say that we are ready to separate from your islamic states soon.

    No thank

    • 23 March 2010 14:26, by Gatluak Latjor

      Elections is the implementation of the CPA. Can we delay it?
      Southern sudanese must think very well on this. Those who are opposed to the CPA signing do not want it implemented, but want to utilize some of the CPA environment and its benefits only. Those people should be carefully monitored by the CPA partners .


      • 24 March 2010 09:48, by sunday mabor

        upto your mine and mother Mr. president [bashir]to cut the fingers of this very tough international peace mediaters and through them out of sudan like you said; you will see yourself in the court after being winned by Mr. the real president [ yasir Arman]that will publically come from the southern sudan you do undermine.

        We are going to fuck you this time man since you didn,t face the very real men like we the southern suadanese no matter you are going to cut these foriegn peace keepers out of Nothern sudan but we are going to welcome them to the south please.
        But makr sure always that you will sooner than later be held by the very special court of justice and not the one you established in the sudan and direct them like they are doing the affairs of your mother,fuck u man!!!!!!!!!!

        by sunday Mabor Akorom

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