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Senior officials in W. Equatoria receive death threats


April 23, 2010 (YAMBIO) – Simon Ngbiidigi, the Western Equatoria Secretary General of State High Election Committee (SHEC), and the head of SHEC, has received telephone death threats from anonymous callers, Sudan Tribune has learned.

The threats are reported amidst speculation that relationship between State authorities and SHEC officials has been severely strained since the burning of ballot papers and SHEC stand to maintain its credibility in conducting electoral process in Western Equatoria.

The anonymous phone callers who had threatened Mr. Ngbiidigi Wednesday and Thursday had also mentioned the name of Mr. Sulubia, and had warned that Ngbiidigi would be hanged on a lamp post in Yambio.

All SHEC officials are sleeping outside their residents at night, in fear of being dealt with during odd hours.

"Caretaker governor and SPLM gubernatorial candidate has been mounting pressure on Simon Ngiidigi to change the result in her favor," accused an opposition source.

With all ballot casted votes counted with the exception of Yeri whose ballot papers were burnt, the results still show Col Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro leading by over 4,000 votes (records of party agents).

Due to numerous on death threats, senior SHEC officials and other politicians are reported to be in hiding during night hours.

Since ballot papers’ counting started in WES, police and SPLA forces have been patrolling the streets of Yambio and all its suburbs – under the pretext of securing ballot papers.

Public gatherings in and around Yambio town have been banned, markets closed and clinics.

State owned Radio (Yambio FM) has banned from hosting election related topics, for the last three days, only music is playing in 24 hours, songs that are like critical of government have been banned to play over Yambio FM.

Eyewitness confirmed that, since elections results started to trickle in, all security forces in Yambio have been put at maximum alert, with more deployment.


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  • 24 April 2010 03:14, by Dinka Boy

    WES is another State that is making some purring,but their independent still will lose. No! No!, there is nothing call hang ,this is to scare the secretary.
    Mr Secretary, stay calm because there is no threat against you because there is no way that some one can burn the ballots in your absence and cause you trouble. None! take it easy. Nunu oyeee

    • 24 April 2010 04:04, by World Maker

      Hey Dinka Boy,

      Please stay away from our affairs. Two reliable sources told me today that you are not Dinka Boy, you are Martin Majut Yak the compaign secretary for Salva Kiir. Be careful please. Everybody knows who you are now. Now you can run, but not hide.

      • 24 April 2010 04:19, by BORAnyidi

        To World Maker.
        Many people have given wrong name to Dinka Boy, but that would not stop him from telling the truth. The southerners are tired of people that broke away from Spla, our people have now realized that politicians that left SPla might have connection with NCP. So these folks would not win at all.

      • 24 April 2010 04:57, by king

        That poor Dinka Boy will spoil the good name of dinka and it make other people to hard dinka. Please take care of yourself in respect manners. I doubt, he is not Martin Majut Yak. He is another idiot from dinka who severly obsessed about dinka’s government. If he is one, it wonderful the way this government officials act writing from tribal issues and marking chaos. If he is the one there is a possibility he can get fire because he has cause more trouble than good.

    • 24 April 2010 09:52, by Whortti Bor Manza

      Dinka Boy,

      I know you personnally and I dont want to disclose your true identity. It seems you are one of the cabals of Kiir who gives blind support whatever the apparent consequence or actual reality. it is clear the SPLM has to rig elections in Unity state inorder to maintain the cash flow to Salva Kiir Mayar Dit and his henchmen of which you are one. Please stop this double standard and the game of hypocritical folly. The Dinka are too chaotic and uncivilised to manage any viable economic state. If the South opt for independence, where will they get the money that they want to massively embezzle as they will never manage the oil industries before it starts to generate cash. Several Dinkas I have met are good at chewing money gregoriously rather than making it. May you go to hell.

  • 24 April 2010 05:36, by Dinka Boy

    Mr King,

    You completely failed to understand my messege. If you have excellence analytical skills, it would be better for you to root out what iam talking about before making unpleasant sound to the public. My friend, i have nothing against the people of WES to changed their leaders,but i have to tell the citizens the leader that i have witnessed his/her leadership. Yes, iam supporting governor Jemma Nunu Kamba for her dedication effort she does in the SPLM since and during the war.

    After she completed her education, she come right away to serve his people while the rest where still hidding under the umbrella of bushy trees. Governor Nunu was the crutial leader who had witness the hard negotiation between CPA. She was among the SPLM delegations who went to khartoum during peace agreement while Joseph still from nowhere.

    She has been the governor for these periods and you can see her development in Yambio,let alone the roads that are still existing and the one being maintained now because of her administration. Yes, the hatred against leaders in the South Sudan mainly can not be ignored. In our country( South Sudan), very few people just recognized leaders for their excellent achievement,but most of others like you support those who hate SPLM or Support the enemy of South and that is a clear fact my dear.

    Please asked yourself why there is no complianed in most States in South Sudan? do you think that there are no people who want pay/money? do you think that there are no people who have different views about SPLM or leaders?. The overal answer is that we have to patience and act responsibly instead of making noise because if someone makes noise then his/her words can not be understood by the counterpart.

    I hope you will take that piece and that is why lots of people endure lives for decades other everybody would make noise since you were not born. If you are supporting someone who is threatening the HEC secretary for the burned ballot then it is you will hang him not the people of WES. Why making loud noise on the internet.

    I know you hate SPLM but you will take it nowhere my dear in the South.
    Please be careful before commenting to my comments because i have sophisticated comprehension about SPLM and many issues in the South then You. Iam sure 100%.

    • 24 April 2010 07:48, by john wenesa

      Dear Reader’s

      It would be very great-full if we could understand that southern sudan is one body,and once some of it’s part is effected these means the whole southern sudan is paining,so its our roll as youth and the leaders to resolve the problems befor leaving it to burn up.

      we are not terrorist, and we don’t want to lose our leaders any more, all we need is to unite to build strong and power-full nation.

      And my friend i just want to add something that what is taking place now is election and its peopel who choose whom they want to represent them as there leader and it’s one of the agenda that SPLA-SPLM have been for 21 years in the bush so let it be peopel choice.

      God bless you all
      Long leave Southern Sudan
      and it’s citizen

    • 24 April 2010 07:59, by Angelo Kumuko

      Dinka Bull,

      So what if your nephew was first delegation to go to Khartoum after CPA, was she the only who went? You claimed that, Nunu was with you in the movement, which part of southern Sudan was she serving in during the movement, or she was serving your uncle with sex, that was her contribution right?

      Can you narrate to us her achievements during that time, if you do I will narrate those of Bakosoro, the people’s choice.

      Tell me apart from the USAID and Multi donor funded road projects in WES, what other road has Nunu maintained within her cabinet planning budget?

      Even no single feeder road was constructed during her tenure in the office!

      Why must an outsider be the one to give the achievement of our government?

      We don’t care if Salva Kiir puts her as his vice president, all we care is the person we have voted, she has tried all possible ways to rig, burnt ballot papers, still the poeple’s choice is the winner.

      Dinka boy, are you implying that, SPLM does not recognize the process of whoever gets more votes is the winner?


      Please can you answer my critical questions?

      • 24 April 2010 08:18, by Dinka Boy

        Angelo Kumuko ,

        Please stop abusing governor Jemma Nunu Kamba.
        You are flimsy argument can not be understood at all.
        She was not going to Khartoum for just but she was going as the South Sudanese leader. Where was Joseph by then. he was in Khartoum and came back after CPA was signed. What are you talking about. She build Yambio, Roads , and hospitals during her governancy.
        Just wait and you will see that her in the office.

        • 24 April 2010 08:35, by Angelo Kumuko

          Dinka Bustard,

          Name for me one single health center she has built, the roads you are talking, were they built by your dad’s money or donor monies? USAID funded and World Bank

          The road projects were initiated way back during the time of late Abujohn, she came when UNOPS had finished assessment and CIVOM started mobilization. Do you know know that is a crime to boast and cheat the public with lies.

          What is going to Khartoum, any body can go to Khartoum?

          I can not waste my time again here, because you have not answered any my critical questions, you are out touch. You have no point to make.

          I know that, because of the plots Jemma have allocated for your tribesmen, you are trying your level best to maintain her you.

          Dinka Bagara, how about the fact that she has lost the popular votes, you don’t consider people’s votes?

          Jemma is the worst leader, WES has ever witnessed. Sometimes I regret of why God made us to live in the country with Dinkas, the only uncivilized tribe in Africa and the entire world.

          It is sucking to all non Dinkas

      • 24 April 2010 10:42, by king

        Okay, Mr. Pundit (Dinka Boy) it wasn’t my intention to disrespect you or upset you in any kind of ways. But sometime you take it too far into which it be come disgusting to others. You know what is going now such as burning voting ballots papers and killing innocent civilians by government forces, make people upset about their government and your comments always sounded like government’s officer. All these bad stuffs are the things we try to condemn and blame the government for but your step on the way. Addition to that, you don’t know if I like the government or not but I hate the government for all kinds of the bad they do wrong that make innocent people suffer. So don’t smeared and accused me for something you are not sure.

    • 24 April 2010 10:36, by Whortti Bor Manza

      Hey Dinka Boy,

      You claim to know Jemma Nunu. Please here is her brief life history. Jemma was born to Margaret Joseph, a school teacher and daughter to Isoppe Tarira at Mupoi Mission. The father is not known, however it alleged that she was fathered by a certain Dinka called marko. Jemma set for the Sudan school certificate at Juba day Sec school in 1985 and she could not make it to higher institution of learning. She befriended several gentlemen, and she finally got married to Dr. Festous Kumba, a professor of animal physiology at the university of Juba by then and the current minister of Animal resources and Fisheries in GOSS. When Yambio fell to the SPLM in 1991, we were the first recruits with her husband Dr. Festous. By then Jemma was in Khartoum. She had to be smuggled out by the cordinated efforts of her maternal brother Patrick Zamoi and some top Southerners who are now NCP members. Jemma joined the SPLM through Deng Alors when he was the office manager of the late chairman in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. She claims to have earned a bachelor degree from Namibia when the husband was there representing the SPLM/SPLA. It is a well known fact that she is a concubine to several SPLM/SPLA top brass. The notables are Deng Alor, Malik Agar, and Kiir himself.

      The roads she claimed to have paved: Juba- Mundri-maridi- Yambio. This is from the Multi Donors Trust Funds (MDTF) from the Oslo agreement with the bulk from the USAID. Wau- Nagero- Tombura. The road project by Hayat Road company, the same MDTF funding. She is a great liar as this is a regiaonal project that she cannot claim to have created. Most of success in the state goes to Col. Joseph Ngere pachico, the current deputy governor who deserve most of the credit.
      In reality Jemma Nunu has only brought disaster and shame to the state. The most recent one being the sex scandal where she was caught while being indulged in sexual intercourse with Paul Tambua, the state senior advisor on political affairs. Please LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP. You will only be making a fool of your self.

      • 25 April 2010 21:42, by makalier

        Hello western Equatoria citizens. It would be really nice if you just explained to the readers that Nunu is unfit to govern the WES now instead of telling us about her personal life. No one among us as southerners want to hear this things. She might be a prostitute as you wrote about it and she can govern as well, but regardless of all this you the citizens of Western Equatoria need changes and that is what you want to elaborate more and I felt your pain too.It is just intruding into personal life style, but here the problem is about the voices of the people of western Equatoria. I agree with you that no one outside western Equatoria state who know more than the citizens from within and I wish the Ruling party in south Sudan should respect the demand of the people by investigate the reasons for burning bailots and how it occured,and whoever was involved in the process should be held accountable for his or her action, because this kind of act is ashameful to the Head of SPLM and parliament. They should have set up the regualations that are tough to break with transferancy for the citizens to have fullright of who they want to have as their leader. I am a pure member of SPLM, but I do not agree with what they are doing in Unity State,Northern Bar-el Ghazel and Western Equatoria State. As the record indicated that Independent candidates are our brothers who participated alongside us during the war. Therefore, it would be nice give them the opportunity and see how they will handle it. if they are elected by the people and they do not work for the benefits of those who put them in office with commitement to the values of Southerners, Then the SPLM leadership will have automatic right to expel them. However, no one gave them that opportunity and it confused me when people are claiming to have the democratic process with out respecting them accordingly. I hope you understand my point and I do not want to upset anyone here on the website brothers and sisters. Just be courtesy to each other because we are one people regardless of tribal problems. only few of us like to engaged in those cowards act that draw as back, but some of you are fully aware that, we as South Sudanese deserve respect and unity for our next generations to come. I know that things are difficult now, but be patient and voice your concerns and I hope some government officials will listen to our bright citizen ideas for the better change in our society. Thank you all and keep posting positive comments that will reflect your atitude and commentiment to the problems of our country atlarge.

    • 24 April 2010 12:08, by John Migie

      Dinka Boy,
      The so called Nunu haven’t done anything goo in WES she is only finishing the projects that were already signed by the former governer of WES but she is doing more useless things to the children of WES like selling our Land to the Dinka and allowing the Dinka to kill our children.
      Believe me Joseph was there with his people during the war and encourage them all the time so we the children of WES support him to take over and let Nunu come back to juba and leave with her dinka husbands.

  • 24 April 2010 13:16, by Dassi

    Your commets are taking us no where. It should be about the article and the propblems we are facing as South Sudanes. We should make use of this tool to get ito fruitfull discusion which benifits all. It should be about a replying to a crazy cowboy whose comments are driven by hatrate and ignorance. He is a distraction to you guys and should be totaly ignored.

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