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H.E. Dr. Lual Achuek Lual Deng (Known as Lual Deng): The Main Cause of Wangulei’s Land Crisis


H.E. Dr. Lual Achuek Lual Deng (Known as Lual Deng): The Main Cause of Wangulei’s Land Crisis

Written by Ayuaal Youth; Mabior De Maluk Deng, Deng Kuer Tuil, Bul Ageer Awer, Manyok Wal Ajang

April 16. 2011

We, the concerned members of Ayuaal community, Nyuak Payam, Twic East County of Jonglei state are saddened by the recent clashes between Ayuaal and Dachuek communities which took place on the 3rd of March, 2011 in which more than twenty lives have been lost, more than 30 injured, and many more displaced. We are very sorry that lives have been lost, and therefore came great suffering to the innocent people of both communities. As decent human beings, we believe that the suffering of any human being, friend or foe, is unfortunate and must be condemned in the strongest term possible. There is no joy in the loss of life hence; we extend our condolences to the immediate families and friends of everyone involved.

Dr. Lual Deng, who is over 60 years old, was born in Baping village, Twic East County in Jonglei state. He holds two degrees from the American universities: an M.A in economics from Iowa state university and PHD in Economics from University of Wisconsin. Lual after completing his PHD, joined World Bank, then the African Development Bank and was later called by the late SPLM chairman, Dr. John Garang de Mabior from America and made him an economic consultant. He participated in the CPA negotiation. When the government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) was established in accordance with the CPA, Lual became a state minister for finance in the Government of National Unity (GONU) Khartoum. After the National elections in April 2010, he was appointed a federal minster for petroleum in GONU, the first southerner in the history of Sudan to take that post.
Unfortunately, we regretted that, Dr. Lual has betrayed the vision and mission of the people of southern Sudan after the death of Dr. John Garang.

Firstly, Dr. Lual violated the political decision of the SPLM to pull out from the National Government in October, 2007. He also diverted the making unity attractive funds for his personal interest and glorification; by forming his community based organization called “Kaam” for its operational and functions. He further went against the will of southerners/Goss by withdrawing his community(Dachuek) members who were soldiers in the Joint integrated units (JIU) and redeployed them as local security for his community (militia for that case), luring them with more paid, better than what they were getting from the government. Among them was S/M Ajang Dau Pech who was killed in defense of his clan, Kaam project in particular in 2009 with other six people. After all, Dr. Lual described himself during his infamous interview with the London based Arabic daily newspaper, Alsharq Al-Awsat during his private visit to the USA, dated Sunday 29th August, 2010 as “long-standing unionist”: see link below www.aawsat.com/english/print.asp?artid=id22479 something which is totally contrary to the fate and destiny of southern Sudanese. The above mentioned facts shows that, Dr. Lual is neither loyal to the SPLM as a ruling party nor the government of southern Sudan.

As a man of such caliber and his outstanding national contributions and achievements, Dr. Lual has belittled himself by becoming an inciter for the communities’ conflicts in Wangulei. In his first meeting with Nyuak community members at Uthiru hotel in Nairobi-Kenya in 2003, Dr. Lual stressed the redistribution of land and Toch among Nyuak clans depending on the direction facing each community from east to west but, not geographical location or historical precedent. His Agenda was that, communities which were having no Toch should get one, e.g. Dachuek.

That was the beginning of land dispute between Ayuaal and Dachuek communities to date. With his plan and incitement, Dachuek community met in Baping under his chairmanship with the help of his cousin, Chief Dau Reech Deng, and his step brother, Dut Achuek Lual Deng and resolved to write a letter claiming the ownership of Wangulei area in 2007 which was directed to the former commissioner of Twic East county, currently minister of local government in Jonglei state, H.E. Diing Akol Diing.

To make the matter worse, Dr. Lual Deng has done the following intending to grab Wangulei Town and Ayuaal’s Toch:

1. In 2009, he contracted the Khartoum based organization to come and surveyed Wangulei Town, in which he relocated the town center to his mother garden, some miles away.

2. With his new Town plan, Dr. lual took the sudani network aerial that was meant to be in the county headquarters (Panyagor) or in Wangulei center to his mother‘s graveside, and named it “Kaam” network, a nike name to his community, very funny!!

3. After the submission of Dachuek’s court case, Dr. Lual used to land at Baping without the knowledge of the payam or county authorities. He conducted meetings with his local community in exclusion of Awulian and Ayuaal communities respectively, while he is a prominent figure of the payam and Twic east in general.

4. As a result of his illegal trips and meetings, we strongly suspected him as the one mobilizing, arming his people against Ayual community. Evidences are; Dr. Lual used the military helicopter to land in his home village of Baping. He also offered a military Ural truck to his community in which its driver was killed in the recent clashes while supplying arms and ammunitions to the scene of fighting.

Dr. Deng in his conversation with one of our community’s elder warned that, “please advice Ayuaal, Dachuek is well armed!” Something we believed after the March 3rd, 2011 incidence in which Dachuek used PKMs, RPGs, F9 grenade and 60MM artillery against the innocent civilians of Ayuaal. The logical questions in his warning are; who armed Dachuek? And what were the reasons of arming them? Simply, it is him who armed them to invade Ayuaal people and therefore, take over their land and Toch by force.

5. When the River Nile’s water level dropped drastically in 2009, Dr. Lual contracted EYAT construction company’s equipments to dig water catchment/haffir in Ayual’s Toch without consulting Ayual chieftaincy and authorities concerned. This aggressive act of his, and the abuse of government office power led to the first clashes that cost three lives in February 2010 between Ayuaal and Dachuek. More than 1,000 herds of cattle were lost and innocent civilians tortured by the security forces as a result. Our community members in diaspora wrote a petition to the government of Jonglei State, copying all the MPs of Twic East constituencies in different assemblies posted in Sudantribune.com dated February 22, 2010. See the link below:

http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php%3fpage%3Dspipdf%26spipdf was given “deaf ear” by the concerned authorities, which we believed if the government has acted on that petition; there could have been no recent clashes which cause more lives.

Before H.E. Dr. Lual Achuek Lual Deng, The three communities of Nyuak Payam namely, Ayuaal, Awulian and Dachuek coexisted peacefully among themselves for over more than four centuries without experiencing differences, frictions, hatreds and conflicts. We shared strong cultural ties and kinsmen ship than other clans of Twic East. During the immigration and settlement of people in Twic, Ajak Kur, the founding father of Lith community cordially received the descendents of Dachuek, namely Adoor, Ajak-wut-jok and Juach and hosted them in Pakou; Ayuaal leading cattle camp. When people later dispersed from Pakou, Ajak Kur willingly offered part of his land as a dwelling place for them.

Awulian community later came and was also received by Ayuaal and shown where to put up. We remained as one people, worshipping and made sacrifices to one god called Atem, governed by one administrative unit as Nyuak community. Until now, we did not experience any problems with Awualian community, simply because there is no hypocritical person like Dr. Lual among them. Indeed, the man didn’t respect the way the above-mentioned communities were living.

In an effort to restore peace, we, Ayuaal people of Wangulei, would like to suggest the following recommendations:

I. To avoid the deadly fighting among the civilians, We recommend that, the government of southern Sudan, Jonglei State in particular should carry out the comprehensive disarmament exercise in Twic East county, especially the two warring communities. We also suggest that, the same can be done to the neighboring communities/tribes.

II. The government should carry out a thorough investigation into these clashes and therefore brings the culprits to book.

III. Dr. Lual’s immunity should be lifted, forced to resign and trial before court of law to hold him accountable for his malicious act of setting communities against themselves.

IV. Dr. Lual must be denied to step foot in Wangulei Town and in Twic East county until this case is solve, otherwise he will continue supplying arms and ammunitions.

We therefore, urge the government of South Sudan and the government of Jonglei state to take immediate action on the above-mentioned recommendations, so that, there is permanent peace and harmony in Nyuak payam and beyond.

Written by Ayuaal Youth concerned members.

1. Mabior De Maluk Deng

2. Deng Kuer Tuil

3. Bul Ageer Awer

4. Manyok Wal Ajang

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  • 17 March 2011 07:12, by Madina Kebir

    The people of Ayual or Bor community.Mabior Maluk Deng, Deng Kuer Tuil, Bul Aguer Awer, Manyok Wal Ajang.

    I think this is the clan issue and should not be post to the nationwide in my view. Also there is no evidence to put this accusation on him if he was having meeting with his clan for other thing you may not knowing. Yes, he had misspoken about Southern Sudan’s referendum preparation for voting as you guys knowns these an Old Southern Sudanese politicians thinks the new generations of Southern Sudan will follow their Old Ideas and it did not work until he made apology any way.

    Although Dr, Lual Deng seem to be unperfect man when he was about not supporting his people, the Southern Sudanese for the first time, the Southern Sudanese people were able to competited with the North Sudan politically and militarally. Thus, I think we must not solve the problem with another problems instead, we should be finding the good solution to prevent the next event. On the other hand, you guys from Dinka Bor must leave your division which it is really known in Bor people. In Kenya you were being fighting each other about girls benefits but particular, you were against Dinka Bahr al Ghazal communities and Nuer community. I am not from Dinka Bahr al Ghazal nor Nuer just to remind you but without Dinka Bahr al Ghazal in the SPLA, the peace agreement wouldn’t reach this point the Southern Sudanese are hopeful and will soon gain her nation.

    The reason why I brought this story is to reminding you guys from Dinka Bor people that, your division is so bad and you must leave it now. You may hate Dr. Lual Deng just like the time you guys hated Dinka Bahr al Ghazal and Nuer in Kakuma Refugee Camp claiming the Dinka Bahr al Ghazal are minority and Panchol said, we will crush them down because they are not majority here meanwhile, those Dinka Bahr al Ghazal were they one who help your community in 1991, when Nasir fection invaded your community.

    repondre message

    • 20 March 2011 08:27, by Deng Ateny Lueth

      First of all, let me extend my sincer condolences and ask God to grant enternal lives to the deceased and grant comfort to the tormented relatives who are undergoing deep sorrow for untimely lost of loved ones. Again, i’m sorry for the pain your communities are going through. But im also appealing to both of your communities not to rush things unnecessarily, not to subject others people into blame for what has occured. i don’t think dear brothers, this issue has anything to do with Dr. LUAL Achuek. People like him, I believe are the eyes of our three Counties of BOR community. Others out there are looking to play Political game on them. so we should always be mindful not to open for enemy to enter and distroy the very fabric of existence as the community. remember some people were trying to play negative politic when Dr. LUAL voiced his preferential opinion about Unity over separation because of the level of violence South and the government was unable to contain them. he intellectually voiced his concerns that south is not ready yet to govern it people. it was not him a lone saying some new nor was he the first offical to support unity. People like Bona Malual, Dr. Lam, Dr. de Chand and many others who are the typical members in SPLM party who can not make to the Parliment if unity was to win, Were, and are still in favor of unity right now in Juba Legislative Assembly. to Qualify my Argument what is General Athor is doing Right now. Who is far worse now, somebody with the word of mouth,or somebody executing the will of enemy in the north who is by the name of Athor.

      repondre message

  • 17 March 2011 08:58, by harry

    Dear Ayuaal Youth,

    Why is this press release date is April 16,2011 one month before its due date "supposedly". If I can understand your release correctly, there’s a clan fight due to the land differences between Ayuaal and Dachuek. Dachuek back by a strong minister that supporting them, and Ayuaal have none!

    Well, why Ayuaal, "according to the press release owns the lands" do not have any body in the government to back them up when they owned much of the lands? Since you guys were killing each other, who supply you "Ayuaal clan" with weapons? I see, and according to PR, Dachuek is getting its weapons from the minister.

    By all means, clans fighting is a serious problem in our societies. This type of fights need to be eradicated once and for all. And it can be more dangerous in society like yours where grouping/tribalism is a rampant disease. You guys (both sides) need to quit politicking and leave the government handle this depute.

    Bor Community is going to be endangered species if you keep killing each other. Figueratively speaking, there will be no ones left for your archrivals Murle and Nuer to kill. In addition, you will be out numbered in the future fights (which I do not endorse) with them. Thanks, you’re making their job of killing you very easy.

    Do you guys (Bor) remember what Riek Machar did to your community on 1991. In case if you do not remember,he decimated you guys into pieces;and as a result, many and different gereations of Bor became homeless and destitues inside Sudan. Who was thinking about lands when Riek’s forces were killing and raping your women and kids inside Bor town? where were you guys? Why you’d failed to defend your dignity when Riek was molesting you?

    You guys need to grow up and live as one community. No East, no West, and no clans whatsoever, but Bor only. You guys need to stick to gether and face your potential enemies who will come and sieze this land from you two while you two are consumed with family rivalries.

    Youth! You guys are targets of this family feuds. Open your eyes and look around you. You will see those who are dying are you "Youth." The over twenty people who got killed in this fight are probably youth, may be under 30 years old.

    The Youth should work for peace not to incites violence but to stop violence. Violence will not take you anywhere in this planet, but it will cripple you from developments especialy when you are a youth. Youth of Bor community must denounced violence today and welcome peace at the same time.

    The peace process is not easy one, but if you’re sincer, it will be accomplished without injustice or aggression inflicted upon you from the other side. Honesty counts here.

    Ayuaal and Dachuek clans must start peace process now.

    The youth from both sides, should encourage this process to take place by all means so that the older generation would realizes that youth are not interested in this kind of fights. The youth should let the elders acknwledged that the "youth" are interested in something like development of communities which is far more superior than the clan fights. Youth should go and aquire education to combat this nonesense.

    Both clans should put this land depute behind them and start focusing on productive projects that would benefit the whole areas other than killing each other over piece of land that belongs to the government of South Sudan. Thanks


    repondre message

  • 20 March 2011 09:11, by Kaalib Christopher

    I have passionately read the post dated allegations launched against H.E Dr. Lual Deng, Minister of Petroleum in the Republic of The Sudan by the Ayual Youth Group in the persons of Mabior De Maluk, Deng Kuer, Bull Agee and Manyok Wal titled "H.E Dr. Lual Achuek Lual Deng (Known as Lual Deng) Main Cause of Wangulei’s Land Crises". While I appreciate grassroots conflict resolutions, the petition falls short of technicalities and looks as if its ill intentioned and duly fabricated as it might not reflect the views of the community as its spearheaded by four persons. Although the issues are enumerated in detail, it indeed still leaves a lot desired.

    More often than not, self help groups are often encouraged amongst the community to act as an effective means of transforming the lives of the rural communities. A leader may sometimes be consulted to give further guidance in all aspects. South Sudan has many CBOs and NGOs and as such Kaam cannot not be an exception either. I recall having met the Director of Kaam sometime in Jan 2010 in Juba while we were attending a Workshop. The Director demonstrated a clear explicit vision, mission, core values and objectives of the Institution Kaam. I cannot therefore see any logic in the correlation between H.E Dr. Lual and Kaam as negatively potrayed by the petitioners.

    Sudani as a commercial institution may decide to locate her boosters where they deem appropriate. More often, there are feseability studies conducted prior to taking the ultimate decission. Yes, land is a premafacie prerequisite for this. If for whatever reasons, Kaam as an CBO did lobbly Sudani for this, then let it be. Instead Ayual Youth Group should liaise with the available NGO to jointly lobby for another Sudani Booster etc to be sited in their area of interest.

    I also wonder as to who is responsible for deployment of soldiers or rather JIUs in this context? I cannot elaborate much on this as I am a "Peasant Farmer" and not a soldier or politician. With my limited peasantry knowedge on security related issues, I strongly doubt whether the accussed Minister is also charged with this noble task of troop deployment and redloyment!

    My appeal to Bor Community and South Sudanese in general is to ensure all current conflicts in Jonglei and elsewhere in South Sudan must be addressed so as to enable us set a good precedent for generations to come. Grassroots truth and reconciations efforts need to be revisited immediately. Services must be taken to the people as per the founding father of the SPLM/A late Dr. John Garang and youth be engaged in self help initiatives for betterment of their livelihood. Whoever is involved in instigation of the youth towards funning conflicts in whatever form must desist as we do not want to fight useless battles anymore.

    On a wider perspective, Dr. Lual in his various capacities has served all regardless of tribe, race, clan, religion and political affiliations. He is likely to be a sacrificial lamb by a minority clique that is hiding under the banner of Ayual Youth. Dr. Lual has been and continues to be an advocate for service delivery to nomadic pastoralists’ communities in Tamazuj areas and elsewhere in South Sudan and the Sudan in general. Let us therefore embrace genuine togetherness as Southern Sudanese regardless of religion, tribe, race and political dispensation.

    With support of Bor community and South Sudanese, the able bodied diligent leadership of H.E Lt Gen Kuol Manyang, Governor of Jonglei will ultimately address the situation.
    Having a unified stand is indeed quite important as the hurdles before us are many and difficult. Once we support the leadership through joint concerted efforts, it is only then that we will be in position to withstand the test of time as we establish our new country "ROSS" that shall be admired by many. We should all rally behind GOSS leadership at all levels under President Salva Kiir.

    Alluta Continua.

    Kaalib Christopher

    repondre message

  • 21 March 2011 23:49, by Madior

    Dear readers,
    let me tell you this, this article is one of the worse article ever. It is escalating the situation back home. Lual Achuek Lual , has nothing to do with primitive war caused by such peoplce in above mentioned names. There is a group interest in awful disputes, Kongor is one them. Three ethnic communities were one since the beginning. Yes, Wangulei belong to Ayuaal ,but Ayuaal people are very mouthy people in the history of Twic east communities.In order to got fair judgment, leader like Manyok Deng Biar are ban to participate in the ruling, they brought these foolish judges from Athoc-gook, who have no knowledge about the a locations, these judges no idea about this area. These demands from Ayuaal youths, will escalated the situation in the regions. Please stop beating a bush and come up with good decision to bring peace to the regions. Bol Arok’s church is of them, Ayuaal did not mentioned in the above dump article as they hide around him. The battle was taking place at the church folks. Yes, the sistuation would have been calmed down while ago if you guys from Ayuaal cooparated with these judges. However, you were always about revenging your people killed by Dachuek. Now the situations become more worse than before because your poor thinking like you guys. Shame on you guys. Do not put blame on Lual Achuek, belame yourselves for the losts. The bottom line is , stop writting such article and select a team from both sides and campaign for unity.

    repondre message

    • 22 March 2011 16:12, by Abraham D Peter

      To Madior,
      you missed the point here by saying Wangulei belong to Ayual.Duot Ajang Duot was the right judge to say Wangulei belong to the Government which had been accepted by Dachuek, who historically owned the land and were really been supported by Twic community to own the land during the first hearing.
      NB:mark me well I donot belong to either of the two clans.
      but the fact should be narrated to all.

      repondre message

  • 22 March 2011 04:30, by Madior

    To other responders
    I advise you guys not to put too much hyperthical thoughts on this. Have nothing to do with politics in the South Sudan. you should shut your black ass up, and let these people deals with their problesm. They are brothers and sisters, they needs no help from you to compared mad dog like Athor and other irrelavents ethnic group. Uprising in 1991 has nothing to do with this conflict. I am looking to hear something positve about this tradegy in this area, my heart always go to my classmate who was a victim of this conflict, Mr. Bul Kuer. Without good thinking , such a people will be lost a gain.

    repondre message

    • 22 March 2011 07:48, by harry

      Fag Madior,

      What Uprising in 1991 are you talking about! Please!!! know your history, Dorg.


      repondre message

  • 22 March 2011 21:43, by Madior

    Abraham D peter, Duot Ajang Duot was bribe and his ethnic community have interest on what would separated Nyuaak , or something that would created conflict among the people as well. Whatever you says, as you are not belonging to these community, then shut up you have no idea on what going on here. ..............

    repondre message

    • 23 March 2011 06:48, by Abraham D Peter

      Madior,you said Duot was bribed,don’t you think Dachuek will have that saying of bribery,becuase the last rulling was favoring Ayual,anyways you are not even winning the war over Dachuek if you are from Ayual.

      repondre message

  • 22 March 2011 21:48, by Madior

    I know my history dude, it is you have no place just floating around and involved in conservation in which you have idea about it or the cause of the problems. I advise you to participated in Southern Sudan’s articles or something to do with politics. We are talking about what to bring peace to these people not separate them apart. These who have died are mostly related to each others in blood relationship.......cousins, inlaws, niece, nephews, and so forth.............

    repondre message

    • 22 March 2011 22:14, by harry


      Anything happens in the community will effect other side too. What makes you think that I don’t belong there! If you are looking for peaceful settlement, then re-read my first comment. Those communities belong to the greater Dinka community,and any Dinka, Nuer, Murle, and whoever have an opinion with different approach, we have to evaluate that opinion no matter what.

      You do not have the right to monopolize the situation to your own clan. This forum belongs to everybody to participate and express ideas that may bring solutions to differences among communities such as the one we have in this Press Release. So grow up and open your narrow mind to accept realities which is YOUR PROBLEM IS SOUTHERN PROBLEM. Thanks


      repondre message

  • 23 March 2011 11:34, by Mapuor

    Doctors are always insane,just look at what Dr Lual is doing.His face shows his true image.Nyuak people are indeed genetically one & now the thug who refused to fight during Anya Nya one war & shosed to be a slave in America is inciting his own community against itself.Phds are sometimes fake.Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    repondre message

    • 23 March 2011 12:24, by Abraham D Peter

      haaa haaaa, Mapuor,Did he participate in that fight,
      To me,he is innocent.

      repondre message

    • 23 March 2011 13:08, by Gae Ajak

      Mapuor or whatever!!!!!! it is childish my bro.to fart openly as an adult, how could you jump to insult someone who is not of your caliber,besides do you really know who he is?.Bro,let ur heart be your adviser for the whole of you seem absurd bro.
      Lastly,unless you’re from any side herein,otherwise watch out.

      repondre message

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