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South Sudan parliament’s official angered by questions on constitution


June 21, 2011 (JUBA) – A public forum discussing concerns in the transitional constitution of South Sudan ended abruptly when the invited official from the South Sudan’s parliament, who chaired the forum, was angered by the amount of questions from the floor over the nature of the document.

With only two weeks left before South Sudan officially becomes independent on July 9 and a new transitional constitution needed to govern the new nation, the parliament has not yet passed the document due to disagreements in the document.

The chairperson of public security affairs committee in the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly, Aleu Ayang Aleu, reacted angrily when he was faced with many questions over the transitional constitution’s provisions on public security and freedom of expression at a public forum held at Nyakuron Cultural Center on Friday 18 June 2011.

The forum, whose attendees were mostly foreign diplomats, international and local journalists, focused on articles 123-137 and 151-168 of the transitional constitution. The law makers were to deliberate under the cluster of security, judiciary and states to table judiciary structure and power, armed forces, law enforcement agencies, national security organs, state and local government authority under such articles.

When the official in charge of public security in parliament was faced with examples of threats, arrests, and physical assaults on journalists by security organs the MP reacted by ordering the journalists to "shut up" if they want to talk about the press intimidations by the security organs.

"We are not here to solve your grievances and if any one of you thinks you can mess around with government affairs the way you like, then to hell with journalism," he said.

Aleu was further angered by remarks from the American Resident Program Officer of the International Republican Institute, Franklin Bonner, asking the chairperson of the security affairs committee to explain the ongoing government’s clamp down on the freedom of expression. He was also asked to explain why the government is reluctant to open the transitional constitution for public debate.

"You are the one confusing people here, yet you are the one who gathered us, I will [not] sit any more for I see there is no need," the angry Aleu reacted and walked out of the room.

After few minutes he rushed back to the room and ordered Bonner, who was also the moderator of the forum, to leave immediately. “Bonner, leave this discussion and immediately reach my office without wasting time," Aleu angrily commanded the American official.

South Sudan’s controversial transitional constitution is faced with difficulty as majority of the parliament members have reportedly rejected the document in its present form and demanded several amendments including removal of president’s powers to remove elected officials to replace them with new appointments. It also faces criticism from the public and international community, especially from those that are friends to South Sudan.

The Eastern Equatoria Legislative Assembly in its sitting this week reportedly rejected the transitional constitution, demanding amendments to the document.


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  • 21 June 2011 11:48, by Michael Angelo

    Mr. ALeu Ayeny,

    This kind of attitude is so embarrasing. If you cann’t handling questions being asked then why you shouldn’t dodged them and leave peacefully instead of reacting aggressively as if you’re not a politician,

    • 21 June 2011 15:38, by CHOLTHEGREAT

      ’’ Mr. Aleu answer the question stop getting emotional, explain to them why those articles are of paramount importance to both Government, people and civil society as well’’
      My dear people I believe that it is the high time for us to development professionalism over emotions and intimidation for the Republic of South Sudan to shinning far and wide.

      • 22 June 2011 11:55, by Mawa Alson

        It is very unfortunate and our government weakness has been exposed to the world by the hypocrecy and babaric behavior of Aleu. mr aleu is an idiot. a vote of no confidence must be executed against him immedietly if the reputation of our government is to be safe guarded.

    • 21 June 2011 16:58, by kwel mark

      If any reader reflect back to yesterday article in which Dr. Riak Machar speech talk of such kind of people like Aleu Ayeny to be rehabilitated and integrated to enhance himself and some cronies of their ranks to shape their ways of being democratic to the societies at large . It’s quite embarrassing for a man to be of a big name in the new to be Nation of South Sudan to utter out such cruel anger to Journalist .
      My personal view to you Mr. A.. in full you cannot do better to southerners anymore this are state issues not personal therefore your anger will never vanish in journalist minds till you probe your self wrong after sometime .......... Cheers let celebrate our Independence peacefully.

    • 21 June 2011 17:41, by Kuith Dak

      Hon Aleu,

      You have shown irresponsibility on our behave and littered your position with dirt as a chairperson of security and public order.by going to such forum and by the virtue of your position you were suppose to answer all the concerns, whether asked by a journalist or a citizen, such forums do not need madness, keep it at home or in your office not at public functions, again you are not suppose to order for a closure or disrupt the meeting, perhaps it should have been disrupted by people demonstrating, but the contrary is true, you the chair and the MP, you are the one confusin and spoilin the meeting?? a public debate?? have u ever been in such meetings?.
      I am very much ashamed as a southerner of your actions, and you should learn to behave like an army not a general somewhere running after Athor. you are a lawmaker and the law is being questioned, why should you run away??.

      I am sure you are occupying a wrong place, Mr.Speaker of SSLA or the SPLM caucus for that matter should sack Aleu because of his incompetence, you are a shame to your constituents, SPLM and the people of Southern Sudan.

      go for trainings.

    • 21 June 2011 20:22, by Manyieldit

      Thanks Mr. Aleu, people like Bonner need to know that South Sudan is not yet a full country and need a slow speed on the democratic process in order not to crash on the way to democracy.

      If I can ask some people who think that South Sudan has not fulfill the democratic way of governance; that how many years does Kenya took to have a democratic system where by the constitution is open for public debate? also how many years does USA and UK had to reach to the level of governance they have now?

      South Sudan is like a baby and it need to go through proper developmental milestone to be come a democratic country. We can not wake up just one day and every thing comes has the way every one want, some people must agree with what is there and others may not agree with it, that is what a society is you can not please every one even in USA and UK it remain the same.

      Those who want to drive our car with high speed should leave us alone. we do not need to crash before reaching the destination. My appeal to all southerners is that lets drive slowly and with confident so that we will reach the destination faster.

      Thanks and God bless you all


      • 22 June 2011 06:04, by Joseph Canada

        Dear Brother Manyieldit,
        I would like you to know that in the Kenyan history as well as the other countries who gain their Independence in Africa, The people Elected to the post are those who have professions not due to the ranking or through Nepotism. Look at it now how embarrassed the nation to be is just because of one person.
        If the GOSS was to form the real government without getting people from One tribe may be the person of such apost would have handled the case Professionally. I can give you one best example of the Jongolei Govenor when he came to NY and was asked by the Students at the University to explain things and he have no idea what he was talking. The only time that he was giving areal talk was when he talked to his own people in a Dinka language. The Same university who gave the Microscope to the Ministers of the EES and the same Student joined hand now with the US Govt. to help Build SS. Man What a shame we have got!!
        I love my New nation!!

      • 22 June 2011 06:39, by Naath

        Look your (Dinka) short thinking, and if other people try to acknowledge you assum that you know what you are doing. This is Shamefull to the people of southern sudan not Dinka alone, we the others tribe need to pay attention to you guys, otherwise, you will putt people in to a bad image. But, with out delay, this fool need to be skipped so people could move.

    • 21 June 2011 22:01, by Makuei

      This is a shame to us and the nation!!

      Such screwed dudes must be given jobs somehwere else than the position he is holding.

      Aleu, must apologized to the folks he harrassed at Nyakuron Center and the public audience.

      Shame on Aleu - big time.

    • 22 June 2011 02:10, by Your Freedom

      This poor MP thatcame to Parliament because the vote was rigged inhis favor by SPLM Poltical Buraue and hand pick, he not only one that is the nature of our Parliament its full of salary MPs , who have not even raise , criticise motion, they are there alway to say yes without examining the issue at the intesrest , how an MP who specailze in debate can walkout from the debate hall , only that he asked to answer certain questions seen to be clarify by him. SSLA is full of Kiir Bunch who does not know whta they are doing . Salary MP!

    • 22 June 2011 20:21, by Murle Intellectual

      Alew Useless jonkoz

    • 23 June 2011 12:54, by jubaone

      Mr. Aleu Ayeny uncouth and emotional outburst was inevitable. What else was to be expected from such uncivilized men, masquerading as politicians. He is better placed as a militia warlord than putting SSLA in an embarassing situation. But it was to be expected that out of the 66 members that drafted the TCSS, 46 were Dinkas and 38 were from Warrap alone. It is a TCSS that shall transform the South Sudan into a police state. But come 9th July, no one has absolute monopoly over the South. Either that is redrafted to accomodate all, or we fight it out. Equatoria is ready for change.

  • 21 June 2011 11:52, by Adam

    We need tolerance, democracy, freedom, human rights, equality and development.

    Peace has to be achieved soon. It is the real challenge facing us.

    As for the constitution, Mr. Silva Kiir and his tough group has to listen to others. All parties, civil society organizations and educated people should look into the document and make their contributions. Outcomes and recommendations of meetings with the opposition parties should be taken into consideration. The constitution is nothing if there is no general consensus. The people give the constitution its powers and good.

    No need for dictatorship or ethnic influences.

    The South is ours and we must set an example of freedom and democracy. We had enough from dictatorship and corruption. It is time for a new generation and a new nation.

    Long Live South Sudan

    Adam Milawaki, Nairobi

  • 21 June 2011 12:03, by Lamija Milaja

    Running out of a meeting shows, incompetency and defeat. It is true when run out of knowledge, resort to indiscipline actions as happened to this official from the South Sudan’s parliament, you are nothing but just happens to be in that position by technical know-who. Shame on you man!

  • 21 June 2011 12:07, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

    The constitution belongs to all the people who hail from South Sudan and not for individuals or political parties. It is therefore imperative for those who are going to be under that set of rules to participate its making otherwise it will look like the stuff does not belong to them. People should note since day one of the war in 1955 people died for freedom, justice and independence but not to be subjugated and placed under any form of colonialism whether external or internal.

  • 21 June 2011 12:12, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

    I think the constitution in that form is not good for South Sudan or for anyone who is peace loving. People deserve to sit down and work out an amicable costitution that sets South Sudan completely free and a just society.

  • 21 June 2011 12:40, by Lorolokin


    After 09.07.11 independent of R.O.S.S be advised that stop putting relatives or friends to the public institutions,look at this thug called Aleu Ayang Aleu the way he reacted to the jornalist and the American diplomat,does he really fit to that position.

    If he have a gun he would have guned down the diplomat coz he would have used the bush mentality, what a creature !

  • 21 June 2011 12:41, by Nhomlawda

    The American diplomat should know he is dealing with former military officers who are used to not being quizzed and requested to provide answers to general public. The diplomatic world should know that military behaviour and mentality will take sometimes to be completely eliminated in South Sudan.
    On the draft constitution, the president should be given constitutional powers to dissolve all parliaments under certain defined circumstances. The parliament should also be given powers to impeach president under certain defined circumstances. The president should have powers to remove elected governors with 2/3 majority consent from SSLA parliament. Governors cannot operate without being checked by the president otherwise there will be anarchy in South Sudan.
    Please no federalism in South Sudan at the movement. The wounds are still fresh and we need to build our nationalism and unity first before we go federal.
    Our population is illiterate 90% and federal ideas are always misused for peoples’ segregation in South Sudan – the vivid example is the Kokora time in mid 1970s to early 1980s.
    Nigeria operates a federal system but it is not a good federalism in African continent and no other country wants to repeat the same mistakes.

    • 21 June 2011 12:48, by Bush


      Even that American diplomat was once a US marine, do not support your illiterate and corrupt uncles, SPLA was not the only military forces in the world.

      He was just unprofessional and uneducated, I think he might bought his papers from the market because he can’t prove it practically. He lack political will and can’t bare the heavy pressure of leadership.

      Let him resign to avoid further embarrassments for himself and the country.

      Christians United for Israel

    • 21 June 2011 12:57, by Lamija Milaja


      Don’t start to panic. Kokora is coming soon unless jenges (dinka) learn to be civilized. Who would like to be seen unprofessional and with lack of knowledge? He might have spit on the clean place too. Unethical official.

      This man should go to cattle camp to shout on cattle not on professional journalists.

      • 21 June 2011 13:27, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

        when ever equatorian civilian become Ugandan and Congolise and their men become LRA and some worked for bashir in juba where were you during the struggled? Don’t even tell me mamur who used to defect ever time and loot refugee food and belongings. we know who is who and there is no need of saying who you are,
        Talking about the wicked evil oaf doom nassir gang ring leader Dr Riek teny gon anarchy,

        The occurrence of 1991 failed coup, its subsequent Bor Massacre and their aftermath have generated political debate among Southern Sudanese. Whereas ethnic leaning is apparent among the proponents and opponents of Dr. Riek Machar, the man who orchestrated and championed the defection and civilian extermination, there is no doubt that Dr. Machar stands no legal grounds whatsoever.

        Riek Machar
        Although some quarters are trying very hard to glorify the infamous 1991 coup that degenerated into the killing of Bor, Panruu and Atar Dinka civilians and the subsequent NIF induced hunger, facts speak otherwise.

        In spite of the fact that some changes in the SPLA/M could, to some extent, be attributed to Riek’s failed coup attempt, it is utterly unacceptable to give the man all the credits on this regard. Dr. Riek’s inability to find ways of effecting the changes he envisioned from within SPLM/A and the ensuing repercussions, that is, the killing and chaos of his defection had marred the entire gesture.

        It is also an insult to Southerners’ intellect to allude that Dr. Riek defected simply because he wanted to champion Southerners’ cause that Dr. John Garang did not care about. If anything, his defection became the worst nightmare Southern Sudanese have ever experienced. It created a tense division that the entire Upper Nile Region is yet to recover from. Examples abound such as the Dinka-Nuer conflict where the Bor and Panruu Dinka as well as those from Atar were viciously attacked. This conflict also expanded to parts of Bahr el Ghazal adjacent to Nuer areas. The chaos culminated into mass exodus of refugees and internally displaced persons. Southerners call those moments “the dark days.”

        At the time when SPLA had confined government forces to major southern cities of Malakal Wau and Juba, the latter of which it was posed to capture, Riek’s departure from SPLA mainstream left it vulnerable. The SPLA liberated areas that fell under the Nasir faction were overrun by government troops without resistance. SPLA mainstream became thinly stretched making the enemy recapture town after town.

        Dr. Riek’s men became part of government’s instrument as is evidenced by the fact that the two Dinka men, Telar Ring Deng and Dengtiel Ayuen kur, who were in Dr. Riek’s team left London in protest of Riek’s quest to collaborate with the enemy to obtain weapons and ammunitions from the enemy to, in their own words, “kill our mothers.”

        What southerners had worked hard for was taken back to square one by Dr. Riek. Yet some Southerners have the guts to ignore this predicament and instead call Dr. Riek the man who wanted to fight for Southern cause?

        Dr. Riek’s human rights violation record speaks for itself. Southerners have the right to vilify SPLM/A for human rights violations but we have to remind ourselves that Dr. Riek was not a better devil. The Nuer indiscriminate killing of the Dinka civilians from Bor, Panruu and Atar are a living testimony to Dr. Riek’s handling of his human rights records
        For your information you supporter of Dr Riek machar, There will be a time soon to back off and came to your sane that the crimes has been made by Riek machar,

        • 21 June 2011 14:12, by Malish JP

          Mr. Dinka Dominated SPLA/M,

          Please can I know how many Equatorians since 1947 Juba conference defected on and off from South liberation groups to the northern Army? I will appreciate if you can provide me with some few names........actually am working on a an archive of such history. Where are Mr. Abdel Bagi Ayii and George Athor?

          God Bless South Sudan

          • 21 June 2011 14:32, by Lamija Milaja

            Malish JP,

            This man does not know even what you are telling him. It is above his standard. May be if you tell him how cows are being stole he will be in better position to respond.

            People like this who sleep with cows together have psychological problem when sees an Equatorian living a civilized life.

            And you will see he respond contrary to your request another problem is he has also lost some veins from the face that could not make him reason well.

          • 21 June 2011 18:45, by Madut Tong


            From the way he talks this guy doesn’t know the history of struggle of the people of south Sudan. He just pick it up from where he is without logical analysis. Just forgive him and his likes. Abdal al Bagi Ayii has a very bad history in the long struggle of southern movement since 1955 to this moment, which I would like to work on as an academician. I don’t know why President Kiir employed him in the first place as an adviser for peace while he doesn’t know peace. what he knows is running to his masters in Khartoum to complain and have support. He could have been returned to where he belong in the traditional court in Madhol, that’s if Ajuongdit will accept him back. We need to acknowledge what our veterans have achieve since the beginning of struggle in 1955.

          • 21 June 2011 20:23, by Nhomlawda

            Lamija - Don’t request Equatorians nyagats shame list

            You want Dinka Dominated SPLA/M to expose Equatorians shame list.
            Ok, let me help him by providing the following names of former Equatoriaans anyagats. The list includes many but let me name the following few you might know: - Lado Gore, Clement Wani, Dr. Theophelus Ochieng, late Joseph Oduho, late Gilario Modi, Peter Adburahamam Sule, and the list is long.
            Never request Equatorians nyagats shame list in the future.

            • 22 June 2011 07:54, by Joseph Canada

              My Friend, I think it has become true that you people dont Read..
              The guy clearly ask for the names of the "DEFECTORS". May be you don’t understand the definition of the word "DEFECTOR". i WILL HELP DEFINE IT FOR YOU BROTHER FOREHEARD..

              A defector: is someone who leaves one Government to the other. Eg.Lam Akol, Athor,etc. Now did you get it?
              Good!!!.. can you go back to the question asked? thank you.

              • 22 June 2011 19:10, by Nhomlawda

                Joseph Canada

                You are suffering from English language deficiency.
                Can you read again what Malish JP wrote before questioning my English understanding?

          • 21 June 2011 20:25, by Nhomlawda

            Malish - Don’t request Equatorians nyagats shame list

            You want Dinka Dominated SPLA/M to expose Equatorians shame list.
            Ok, let me help him by providing the following names of former Equatoriaans anyagats. The list includes many but let me name the following few you might know: - Lado Gore, Clement Wani, Dr. Theophelus Ochieng, late Joseph Oduho, late Gilario Modi, Peter Adburahamam Sule, and the list is long.
            Never request Equatorians nyagats shame list in the future.

        • 21 June 2011 14:42, by Lorolokin

          Dinka Dominated SPLA/SPLM,

          The only knowlegde you got from London schools as you claim is tribalism and hate to Dr. Riak Machar nothing more.
          Even your name (Dinka Dominated SPLA/SLM) is an insult to the other tribes.come back and be civilized.

        • 21 June 2011 15:24, by Jada Lotole

          @Dinka Splmdominate,

          You are very ignorant about the SPLM movement ! you grew in Kakuma Refugees Camp in Kenya with your uncles and your grand mothers who are yet rotting and langusihing over there !
          Unlike your power hungry people , Never once had Commorade Mamur deffected to the foes ! He is a strisght foreward gentleman every inch ! I beseech you to ask thoes of us who nkow more about SPLM/SPLA to teach you about deffections and re-deffections and so on by your undiplomatic uncles ! Secondly, I think you need to learn how to behave in public otherwise you are a dead -living log !

        • 21 June 2011 18:51, by Addit Tera

          Hi Readers,
          Donot consider any uncivillized comments released by Slave- person from B.G who called himself Dinka Dominated SPLA/M, that is shameful name. That man is always talk about the tribal issues rather than good ideas, He is one of small Dinka people who talk about things e.g negative things.
          He is usual complaints like slave arabs who came to Sudan from nowhere.
          Please Dinka Dominated SPLA/M, why you talk as your tail is inside seewage in Khartoum? your Dinka Dominated SPLA/M means Arabs wife, not my SPLA/M which is known by everyone as Liberation struggle for interests of all the southerners.

          Addit Tera Ayuel.

        • 22 June 2011 07:35, by Joseph Canada

          Mr. Dinka Dominated,
          Just shut your Beak man, That stupidity you and your narrow minded people was the one that almost got us into problem during the Referendum time. Shame on your lies. You are even trying to add insult to injuries.
          Dont make me to remember a lot of things that your tribe have done to so many southerners who really wanted to fight for the Nation. Do not make me remember the processes of how you Dinka Assassinate other Educated tribes and other shinning fighters in the movement for your own Greatness. Dr.Riek Proves to be a leader not a murderer as you people called and i am not a Nuer. Look very carefully and reason out before bluffing your nonsense to the public. Some of us are still very bitter because our really heroes were Murdered Coldbloodedly by the Illiterate magosy from you people!!. We are not done. the pay back is "Karma". I mean the real Karma like the one that happens right now.. Did you think God have forgotten that?. The light of the really Educated people who died will shine on the new nation and those who Deem others will be put to the light.
          By the way Starting from July 10 2011, Every one should go back to their mothers/father’s village. Go and start from the scratch. The Three Governors Said Clearly!!. GO HOME!!!!

      • 21 June 2011 16:16, by Dr. Reality

        When individuals has failed to operated as expected, it should not be a base for dividing south sudanese into dinkas, Kakwas, name them. Aleu Ayang alone is an individual. he needs civilisation but not all dinkas.
        If Lamija is arrogant, your community can not be victimized.
        Your respond to my message will judge your wisdom.

      • 21 June 2011 17:21, by Green3

        Kokora, well solved the problem of LRA first! second, dont tell us fake degrees you buy from uganda and kenya. we are most educated than you, in your region! Third, education is not a civilization! You have to have ethics and certain moralities in live, but still that not civilization! If you are civilization people, you indeed are really opposite to what civilized society do! For instance, you cant let a man in to sleep with your mother and sister while you are casher out side of the house! recived money on your on mom shamefull live! Is that civilization? please, a man without ethics and moralities is useless better slave man, who force against his will!

    • 22 June 2011 07:12, by Joseph Canada

      Man dont just tell me that this guy this Poor Promoted Brother Aleu reacted Militarily. In that case, When the SPLA Brought the SPLA Policies to the people in Sudan, ( am talking about the Koriom, Niran and Jamus), they Brought People who explain the meaning of this War. Do you want to tell me that all those people have died?. Aleu is an Arrogant One Minded man who doesn’t deserve that Position.But because he got elected from the backdoor of Rigging, that’s why he got there. Am telling you things are going to uncover themselves and the true leaders and professionals are going to emerge out comes July 9.
      I hope Dr. Salva Kiir Mayardit witnessed the shame in Nyekuron.
      I am so embarrassed and Miserably disappointed by this man. Who in the World would have that mind of Ordering the Journalist and the delegations to shut up?. Even the US President Cannot do that.. Mr. Aleu, You have brought Shame to Every southerner whenever they live. Please leave that post and i will be grateful to pay your pensions even after your resignation. You have demoralized our Pride!!.
      Please go back and give such orders to Cows!!

  • 21 June 2011 13:20, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

    I think Nhomwalda, you people misunderstand federalism as it stands. It is not about dividing people of the same country. In federalism anyone can live anywhere within the framework of state laws and anyone can be hired to work in any state. It is also clear that the army is a natioanal or federal institution but the other organised forces fall under the administration of states. However in those states the federal counterparts of the forces work in coordination to build cohesive organised forces. Federalism is all about taking basic services to the people by the use of local expertise from the locality because there is bound to be lingustic, cultural and social challenges to an alien in such communities.

    • 21 June 2011 14:26, by Nhomlawda

      jur_likang_a_ likan’g

      My brother, you had been away from South Sudan for long and may be you grew up in the west and have little or no idea about Kokora of South Sudan. You do not know Kokora - the African perception of federalism in South Sudan. Kokora was brought by an initiation of federalism in South Sudan and the misery that thing called Kokora brought to South Sudanese is unspeakable and can never be repeated in our watchful eyes.
      I think you are talking about American federalism which had never been replicated anywhere in rich and homogenous nations of the world leave alone the poor African countries that include South Sudan. American federalism cannot fit in South Sudan context for reasons obviously known to all learned South Sudanese.
      Federalism can only work when South Sudanese are well educated, see themselves as a nation as opposed to current view of being a collection of tribes with bitter grievances against each other.
      Federalism is a good system of governance in rich and homogenous nations but not in poor and heterogeneous nations of Africa and world elsewhere.
      South Sudan needs devolution of powers (economic and financial powers) from central government to state and even to county level but not federalism.
      South Sudan cannot be born today and walked to the top of the tree – no, no, no; it cannot happen. Why don’t other African countries implement federalism or do you think those other countries in Africa are being occupied by fools? South Sudan must walk up and learn to walk well in devolved governance and democracy before climbing to the top of the tree of governance (federalism implementation). It is a natural process to walk up and move slowly before learning to run fast – South Sudan cannot ignore that natural process unless it is led by fools but I think our leaders are not foolish to commit that grave mistake of implementing federalism at this time.

  • 21 June 2011 13:45, by Sam.Eto

    HaHahhhhhahahHaHa - no comment. This is the mentality the North and the world have to deal with. Primitive !

    • 21 June 2011 14:21, by Young

      Sam Etood or whatever you called yourself what do you think Arabs traders i Khartoum knows just empty stupid mind with islamic sheeria.

    • 21 June 2011 14:27, by Abikach Ayuel

      In the real sense of legality it is too early to condemn Mr. Aleu for may be a media make up ! I don’t think if any of u has a proof of what he/she claims against the MP. Please don’t take things in the way u receive them but take your time to analyse b4 u comment for it might be anyone own-make up story full of exaggeration ! Be cåreful !

  • 21 June 2011 14:05, by Malish JP


    I’m not surprise that Mr. Aleu walked from the forum. Can someone help me know which constituency he represents in the parliament? What happened next to the American Mr. Bonner? The Journalist needs to finish this article tomorrow by following up that intimidative meeting.

    On the constitution, the fact remains the transitional constitution in its current form will lead South Sudan into crisis just like what is happening in MENA (Middle East and North Africa). I have never come across a federalism which leads to break up of a country.......you see this is the worry of the current government enacting laws with a concept of targeting specific region. This will not help us! Most federal states are the strongest currently in the globe.

    Let us avoid insulting each other online because this exposes our naive way of thinking more than what Mr. Aleu did because this site is being read by over 1 billion people.

    God bless South Sudan

  • 21 June 2011 14:06, by Wanibuluk Ciciliba

    Hi Aleu. Animalistic men live a animalistic lives like that of Aleu reacting to people who doubles his thinking ability because he was from the cattle camp to SPLA now in the parliament without a small sense of honor to others right.
    Very Stupidily commanding someone to leave the meeting immediately to appear in his office ohhhhhhhhhhhh Idi Amin Dada.........’s authority.

  • 21 June 2011 15:05, by Nhomlawda

    All of you who had been away from South Sudan for long time and those who grew up in Western countries plus all South Sudan traitors should stop talking about irrelevant ideas of federalism in South Sudan.
    Kokora - the Equatorian perception of federalism in South Sudan brought misery to South Sudanese in late 1970s and early 1980s and should never be repeated in our watchful eyes.
    Federalism can only work when South Sudanese are well educated, see themselves as a nation as opposed to current view of being a collection of tribes with bitter grievances against each other.
    Federalism is a good system of governance in rich and homogenous nations but not in poor and heterogeneous nations of Africa and world elsewhere.
    South Sudan needs devolution of powers (economic and financial powers) from central government to state and even to county level but not federalism.
    South Sudan cannot be born today and walked to the top of the tree – no, no, no; it cannot happen. Why don’t other African countries implement federalism or do you think those other countries in Africa are being occupied by fools? South Sudan must walk up and learn to walk well in devolved governance and democracy before climbing to the top of the tree of governance (federalism implementation). It is a natural process to walk up and move slowly before learning to run fast – South Sudan cannot ignore that natural process unless it is led by fools but I think our leaders are not foolish to commit that grave mistake of implementing federalism at this time.

  • 21 June 2011 15:59, by Dr. Reality


    To all MPs in SSLA:

    1-Do not support the drafted transitional constitution because, it was drafted by SPLM but, because you understand what its mean.
    2-If you can NOT understand English language very well, look for a qualified interpreter but not Arab to explain it to you.
    3- You are in parliament by chances, because people vote for you on party and tribal bases not competence i.e people voted for you because you are members of SPLM or their tribes.
    Majority of our voters are illiterate and were not able to judge your competence.
    4-Most of you were soldiers and high profile refugees with little knowledge on how civil administrations work.


    What this guy (Ayang Aleu) has done showed that he is blindly supporting the drafted constitution without understanding it.
    If he has understood, he could be able to answer questions properly and in peace.
    How can someone who call himself educated reacted to organized legal unit like Journalism by anger.

  • 21 June 2011 16:46, by kaci-banno

    two weeks by now south Sudan will be a country and we don’t need such militry attitudes in political affairs. Is better to admit your limit political capacity to anwser heavy questions instead of putting the whole party in the shamful manner of your impateince to address quetions. SPLM should understand that political is not like the way we have been doing things in the bush but now is a another step which require us to stop bush attitudes inquire knowledge of political challenging.

    By: Kaci-banno

    • 21 June 2011 19:02, by OMONI_JR

      HUH !!!!!!!!!!
      Bunch of illiterates are in house in the name of freedom fighter!!!
      Telling journalists to "shut up" and hell to them"" is revealing and showing signal of fail government of salva Kiir.
      what kind of behavior is this?
      The man is absolutely got empty head without brain and reasoning capacity.
      He has to resign immediately,and I know he got English problem, but someone should have translated him for the sake of peace of our people.

      • 21 June 2011 20:10, by dakin

        At least Mr. Aleu should have kept his head cool as not to betray his dinka wisdom, the good dinka government of Mr. Kiir and too the poor people of south sudan.
        Some people are wise enough on this forum to side with Hon. Aleu.

        This is really interesting,we want international community to help us in Abyei and at the same time we don’t want to conform to the international standards of governance.
        Go Kiir go Aleu go, south sudan is behind you!

      • 21 June 2011 20:53, by Madingthith

        Dear Readers,

        I will not blame Hon Aleu Anyieny Aleu for threatening the forums which discussed the freedom of expression and some other things,people of South Sudan should have to learnt from the past experiences from him when he was expelled out from Government of National Unity in Khartoum by releasing premature message in the media and some other sources, that was why he was dismissed from the GNU and back to his criminal people in Tonj and some months back I hope you too also heard about him conflicting with Minister of Public Services Mrs. Awut Deng Achuil with no viable reason for intimadating her.

        GoSS must have to relieved him from his position because such sensitive position should be given to a crazy man like him because he reacted without analyzing and summarizes some of the questions being posted by the members who were in the forums.

        Shame on Him

      • 21 June 2011 21:05, by Madingthith

        Otherwise Aleu must have to see doctor for medical attention because I suspected to behaving psychiatric.

        Plus some other mentally disoder diseases that cause his stability in term of his speech wherever he address the public or stupidity or primitivity.

        Hey You Aleu relatives down there don,t accumulate yourselves at Aleu’s house without advising him to go for medical check up in a well specialized labs in Jordan or China and beyond.

  • 21 June 2011 21:39, by Emmanuel Ajang Solomon

    Brothers and sisters, it very sad to see Hon.Aleu Ayeny behaving in that way.

    1- He is the most educated person in the whole of Bhar el gazal at the moment after Nhial Deng Nhial.

    2- He was confused of what to say, simply because the same
    situation happened to him when he was in Khartoum and was interviewed regarding the death of our late leadre Dr.John Garang. Aleu was asked what do U think casue the death of your leader? He said it is Museveni who killed our leader and we are gong to follow it up.

    3- From there Aleu Ayeny, Tilar Reng were dismissed and removed from the SPLM Politica Beaurea.

    4- He doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake again.

    5- They are now for last warning from the boss and they can not do any thing that will cause them problem with the big man.

    6- All of U forget the so called democracy,Constitution, human rights and so force,please! wait and see what will really happen after July 9/2011.
    many people will regeret why after all this struggle we are now dong this to our selves.

  • 21 June 2011 21:45, by Emmanuel Ajang Solomon

    Aleu is good to tell U point blank.

    Do U people know what other Ministers are telling the President? Regarding the so called Draft constitution.
    Dr. Rieck Machar is the victim of all this situation and wait to see the real meaning of our bad hearts.

  • 21 June 2011 22:08, by Bush

    It’s sad to see that no Dinka wants to condemn Aleu for his unprofessional and unethical behavior in the front of foreign diplomats.That is we are generalizing Dinkas because they seemed to be birds of the same feather.Why did Dr.Garang did died with all his knowledge and wisdom without passing it to you? When will you learn to be professional?

    Shame on you all.

    Christians United for Israel

  • 21 June 2011 23:47, by swani

    Readers, Please do not use tribalism or abusive languages, some people are still learning to speak to public, and because they are not professional. think of someone who have been fighting for his life, and now speaking to professional journalists. He is not educated at all, so he will learn, but need to change his attde.

    • 22 June 2011 07:24, by Bush


      No excuse, Aleu was not born a soldier, he went to school and acquired some education before he became a soldier so he should exercise the profession that he is holding its paper.

      If he was born a soldier then why bring him to lead the public, he should stay in the army.

      Christians United for Israel

    • 22 June 2011 08:33, by Joseph Canada

      Swani, are you telling me that Mr. Hon, Dr. Aleu has never addressed and answered questions before?
      What was his Rank in the Military?. I mean if he was in the military and with some ranks then he must have been promoted with the merits of his position. The leader is a leader. When those Constitutions were drafted he was part of it.Please don’t cover this guy. He must apologize to the public or at least to the Foreigners. This is Shame.

      I will give you another Example that i have witnessed
      in Eastern Equatoria with Kenya. There were 4 Custom Officers. The first Heard Officer speak Dinka Onlybut dont write. The assistant Speak Dinka and basic Arabic. The third Assistant Speak English and Arabic while the forth Spoke English, and Swahili. But all the matters and the cases are controlled by the guy who speak Dinka and he is the one who stamp the Documents (Departures).
      does anybody see the logic? First and foremost what Country in the world does this? in the Book( Government inspector) we read that the U.S.S.R. was the Most corrupt country in the whole world. But this one is Beyond. South Sudanese have to open their eyes.
      This is the sign of something big. This is a wake up call!!

  • 21 June 2011 23:48, by Nguetbuny de Luelpiny

    Aleu Ayang Aleu anger will not help the Goss.
    It is better to answer and play with words than anger.
    Goss is the government of people and people have to ask them questionnaire that are seem unfair for them. Otherwise in nears future people of south will turn Rebel against themselves.

    US does not support people who are not open minded to anything. US can stab his friends at the back if they do not know that.

    If Aleu group are keeping like that, one day will be running away from Sudan. Aleu Ayang is a commander of army forces; not the government position holders; Government have every of humankinds in it; and needs to play with words.

    I think Mr. Franklin Bonner was asking just a basic questionnaire s of citizens of Sudanese and international human right. Also it is fairness questionnaire among ourselves Sudanese which we struggling for.

    Son of the Nile

  • 22 June 2011 02:27, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

    Nhomlawda, I am pleased with your piece. However I categorically oppose your idea. Simply because Kokora was never Federalism and never can it be federalism. It simply means "Division" in Bari language. At that time it meant division of the administrative cake in Juba centred government because many people at a time felt they were left out of decision making process of the government. The time this thing happened at might have been in your backyard if you are from Bahr el Ghazal. At that time I opposed it. However after a time I critically thought it worked out to be an environment which propelled the war for freedom for those who were in heaven in Juba. The whole aim of that scheme was to divide the political administration of South Sudan because those people who were in power were incompetent and corrupt to an astronomical level. The institutions were built on the foundation of corruption, tribalism, and nepotism.

    I firmly believe those people who want to force their form of government on others behave like colonialists. It is only the people here I mean all the tribes of South Sudan should be the one to decide what form of government they want and not the leaders. Opposite to this might be that the leaders have a hidden agenda against the people. The people are seeing right now the institution of the government are not reflecting the true face of South Sudan. There are imbalances of tribal representation in those who are running the organised forces. The directors of parastal boards and ministries are mainly from few ethnic communities of the land. Judiciary is nearly controlled from the same group. How can this go on unchallenged in a land all the people call home? Our people accepted to die willingly to get rid of all those forms of evils caused by Jallaba. Can they accept it now? I highly doubt. May be they wil accept it if only the gun is the ruler and not the power of logic. However it might take a different twist. Federation is the only tool that can solve all these problems otherwise one would assume the government want to oppress and wants time to bring those who will steer their machinery of oppression to come and join them.

  • 22 June 2011 06:42, by marie

    Federalism is the only system of governing that would work better in South Sudan given our diversity and the rampant tribalism, nepotism, kleptocracy in our system of the central government. Under united Sudan, all the power and resources were concentrated in Khartoum, while the rest of the provinces (The system during that time) were neglected. That is what lead the three provinces of Southern Sudan of Bahr El Ghazal, Upper Nile and Equatoria to stage two successive rebellions because they felt they are not part of the decision making.
    Thank God that South Sudan is to become a nation. We have to start on the right foot instead of reverting to the old Sudan System. There are some institutions that would be under federal government while other institutions should be under the direct responsibilities of the states.The army, Universities, Customs to mention a few should be under the federal government. Institutions like police and others should be under the state. I do not expect a policeman from Tonj to be deployed to Kapoeta, what for is that?

    Kokora itself was a form of federalism in which Southern Sudan was divided into three regions. Powers were devolved to the different regions to run their own affairs.

    A lot of people misinterpred redivision because the people who monopolized all the positions in the government of the high executive council lost their positions and were mad.
    The politicians used that notions to convince the illiterate masses to stage SPLA rebellion alluding that they would come and capture Juba forcifully.
    Had it not been for Dr. John Garang who used his philosopy to change the perception of the initiators of the movement, SPLA would not have survived in Equatoria, they would have resisted it.
    Luckily, the concept of New Sudan painted a different picture and the atrocities against Equatorians in the early 80’s subsided which encourage sons and daughters from Equatoria to join the movement in big masses.
    Since 1947 to this date, the hope of people of Southern Sudan is to have a federal system in which everyone has a voice instead of the central government controlling everything, which failed terribly in old Sudan.
    It is time our people in position of power heed the cry of the masses, otherwise, the freedom we accomplished would be short lived.

  • 22 June 2011 22:48, by Thondet Manyang


  • 23 June 2011 18:56, by peng-kimang

    @Nhomlawda ,

    You are a disgrace for whole the southern sudan,all your comment’s refer’s you as a triblist.
    And this will not help any southerner even your self,please try to be a responsible person, we are trying to builded a nation not a tribe..

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