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Khartoum: SPLA officer confessed South Sudan support to the rebels


November 14, 2011 (KHARTOUM) — A Sudanese official agency published today statements, attributed to an officer allegedly a member of the South Sudan army (SPLA), describing how they transfer ammunition and logistical support to the rebels in South Kordofan.

Captain Hafez Hamza Abkar (SUNA)

Khartoum and Juba regularly trade accusations over support to rebel groups in the two countries. However, the growing escalation of tension between the two countries recently pushed the international community to call on the two sides to exert restraint.

SUNA released on Monday the "confessions" of a logistics officer in the South Sudanese army (SPLA), saying they use a location called Serjas in the Unity state as base to supply the rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Movement–North (SPLM-N) which fights against the Sudanese army in South Kordofan.

Captain Hafez Hamza Abkar, who surrendered himself to the 14 Infantry Division in Kadguli, capital of South Kordofan, told SUNA he was part of a team tasked with transferring arms and ammunition into the Nuba Mountains through Jmjam which is adjacent to the White Lake area.

The captain added that once the military support is handed at Serjas, the SPLM-N members carry it on their shoulders due to the fall of rain, which prevents the movement of vehicles.

The Sudanese government considers the SPLM-N fighters in the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile as part of the South Sudan army, despite the independence of the latter since last July. Khartoum says they are still under the direct command of the SPLA and receive their salaries from Juba.

Juba is accused of working to destabilise and to weaken Khartoum in order to prevent any ambition in the South. South Sudan alleged support to the SPLM-N aims, according to Khartoum, to strengthen the position of its allies who fought with them against the north and to establish a security belt between the two countries.

Hafez also accused the UN mission in South Sudan of transporting military equipment and evacuating the wounded SPLM-N soldiers.

However, he said that the UN aircrafts have stopped their flights now, as the Sudanese warplanes stepped up their reconnaissance missions in the region. He further said that a small aircraft (air taxi) belonging to the Kenya Airways is now being used to transfer the rebel commanders including Abdel Aziz al-Hilu SPLM-N deputy chairman.

Sudan Air Force last Friday bombed a refugee camp in Unity state killing 12 people and wounded 20 others. The army spokesperson did not deny the attack but said it occurred inside Sudanese territory. Khartoum also said there were no refugee camps in South Sudan but only a camp for the SPLM-N members.

Some thousands of Sudanese refugees from the Nuba Mountains region where the army is fighting the SPLM-N rebels have crossed since last June to Unity state where they have established a camp in Yida. Some others are in the Upper Nile state.

The British aid group, Oxfam last Sunday has removed its 22 staff from Upper Nile after the eruption of clashes between the South Sudan army and the rebel South Sudan Liberation Army which is accused of being supported by Khartoum.


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  • 15 November 2011 07:53, by Madina Tonj

    I guess that man is try to encourage his life but that statement was completely unprofound. Well, why it is become a big deal when Khartoum government have been resupplying OGS since the CPA was signed up to this day. Accusation on the South Sudan was not the answer if you guys gave indictment to ICC then, your problems maybe cool down. As long the Kharoum still keeping Sudan name,3 nations still.

    • 15 November 2011 08:15, by omoni jr.

      hahah,PURE lies
      what is the last time Kaduguli becomes the capital city of south sudan??
      This is a direct lies from Omar Bashir,the head of terrorist organization from N sudan

      • 15 November 2011 08:41, by Logic


        Don’t be surprised by this or anything else Khartoum may come up with to support its fabrications. And even if this nonsense was true, what can Khartoum do about it? bomb a few civilian locations? stop border trade? invade S. Sudan territory?

        They’ve done all the above and are still getting a beating by SRF forces. NCP is a taking its last breath.

      • 15 November 2011 09:25, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

        All Khartoum governments are run by liars and nothing they say should be believed.
        Death to fake arab of sudan,

      • 15 November 2011 12:40, by Dumodit

        Dear readers
        Omer Bashir had said such a lie because he considered all the people of Sudan are infants. They cannot distinguish whatever he says are to let others be applause of him, then allow him to still rule over Sudan for whole of his life-time on earth.

        I considering such words as just flattering himself in order to let others SPLM-N felt secure and surrender like captain Hamza.

    • 15 November 2011 08:47, by okucu pa lotinokwan

      Why to lies like this?because you want to get money or what from the Arabs,your face alone saw your are a former acting oficer with SAF before,all what you are creating is baseless without any meaning a primary two pupils can not agree on your useless words.
      SPLA-N both in Southern Kordofan and South Blue Nile these are fighters since 1983 with main mother in South Sudan as a country now.

      • 15 November 2011 11:35, by pabaak

        There are numbers of seniors in this picture, if the soldier was captured with SPLA uniform written GOSS then what wrong with it, they were part of SPLA integrated units in the north according to CPA agreement. NCP want them to hand off their weapons without following what CPA said about SPLA in the north, which a stupid person can not do other than NCP. they can just put uniform on their own sold

    • 15 November 2011 09:19, by mathem jech amer


      They should have mentioned the date when that photo was taken. That uniform was distributed five years ago and the logo (GOSS) on uniform was removed in 2008.

      So the guys are judt fabricating and pasting old photo on the internet. It won’t help.

      If SPLA from the south was involved in fighting SAF, then Kadugli & Damazin could still be under SPLA-N now. Your time is coming to an end.

      • 15 November 2011 11:21, by Lok T Simon

        Dear Southerners,

        Stop wasting your time on Khartoum regime. The regime of Bashir is now becoming more shambolic and they are now running out of ideas. They just want to adjust themselves and grip faults and develop them as their fabulous evidents.
        They are now totally incompetent to tell the world the truths.

        • 15 November 2011 14:26, by mon-mandhal

          All the attempts being made by unwanted govt of Kht to sabotage CPA as well as current govt have failed,so they are now trying to accuse the SPLA/M of being behide the boiling situation in Blue N $ South K which is totaly a white lies.The regime is good at faberication lies,but all in all their claims will not drop ICC charges against them.

    • 15 November 2011 10:16, by Logic


      Watch the atrocities committed by SAF, notice how all the victims are black skinned. And also look at the other related videos and read the typically racist comments by those who claim to be proud & loyal Sudanese.

      It will remind you of some of the commentators on ST, you all know who they are.

    • 15 November 2011 10:20, by Logic

      I doubt if these pics where coming out of Dongla, Hosh Banaga or Madani that the usual racist suspects on this site would be claiming pride in their government.

      But because to them they victims are just "abeed", its ok! They even have the audacity in blaming everyone except those pulling the trigger and issuing orders from the republican palace.

      • 15 November 2011 10:36, by mohammed ali

        You can even doubt that the sun rises from the East. You are LOGIC..LOGIC. I will not be surprised if you come back saying..actually the Sun is not rising from the East, it is ..bla..bla.SPLA is supporting rebells and you know it, they could never survive without this support.This is obvious and it is a proxy war.Obviously Khartoum will use its tools to counter this..MR. LOGIC!

        • 15 November 2011 11:15, by Logic


          looool, you made laugh man! We both know the sun rises in the west, lol.

          Now jokes aside, I wasn’t talking about the connection between Juba and SRF, I was talking about the victims of SAF brutality, and if Juba is lending a hand to SRF this article doesn’t convince me because many Nuba sons were part of the SPLA and defected for various reasons. So this is likely to be a fabrication.

          • 15 November 2011 13:00, by mohammed ali

            Logic, Suppose this is fabrication; from where does Al Hiluo gets his ammunitions, supplies, petrol. Geographically it is completely impossible to get from anywhere except from the South.Financially nobody in the outside world have the money to supply him! War is very very expensive even financialy only!You see, Sun can rise from only one direction..

            • 15 November 2011 13:08, by mohammed ali

              Logic, This is a proxy war and every side will support the other and I will be stupid to believe in their denial or repeat their lies.I have a brain to use effectively. War is going to devastate both countries and the poor, needy and will suffer further.Basheer invited Kiir to solve problems amicably,this easy and achieveable...cont

              • 15 November 2011 13:26, by mohammed ali

                ..everyone to be contained within his borders and each to solve his own problems his own way. Both have many many problems and war will solve none of them.Chanting the old song of Arabs, non Arabs, Khartoum elietes and.. bla.. bla Who is from Khartoum, and this word Arabs is not used in Khartoum , it may be used by different tribes away from Khartoum when fighting..it is never a problem in Khartou

              • 15 November 2011 16:28, by Gunkills

                @Ali! Bashir don’t follow what he agreed with you. That why you see situation always getting accelerate in every minute! President Salva Kiir is a leader who want North and South Sudanese to have peace more then the UN want. So please don’t ever put blame on him.

        • 16 November 2011 10:32, by Lorolokin

          Mohamed Ali ,

          When did NCP become a party who keep PoW and still you support them coz of the few coins dropped into your account. The International community knows Nation Criminal Party very well they don’t keep Pows apart from SPLA/M who suprised the whole world with more than 700 PoWs after the inking of the CPA.

        • 16 November 2011 12:57, by Aristotle

          @ Ali , The soldier put as a captain in the picture isnt so but 2nd lieutenant.this shows that the story is far from reality.Another issue is the reasons for his surrender are not published thereby causing disbelief. Sudanese foreign aggression against S.Sudan will not change the existing economic ,social and political turmoil that are almost overrunning the Sudanese authority but deterioration.

    • 15 November 2011 12:00, by Ajok Garang

      This man is just trying to be good to the Khartoum government so that they would not kill him but all what he is saying is not true in actual sense. if he had not surrendered him self to the SAF,then he wouldn’t say those baseles aligations.but no way they will kill him that is what i know.

    • 16 November 2011 04:31, by Red Army

      Otherwise, you need to cease fooling yourselves as jenubiin and stop refuting the self-evidence proofs in the media and bashing others as propagadandists in the media. It seems SPLA are also propagandists themselves. Let there be an accountability and transparency than mockery of white lies and propaganda versus propaganda! what Shame on all liars! I believe the account of the story maybe true!

  • 15 November 2011 07:58, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

    All Khartoum governments are run by liars and nothing they say should be believed.
    Death to fake arab of sudan,

    • 15 November 2011 08:08, by Sam.Eto

      Comments on the Sudan Tribune website must abide by the following rules. Contravention of these rules will lead to the user losing their Sudan Tribune account with immediate effect.
      - No inciting violence
      - No inappropriate or offensive language
      - No racism, tribalism or sectarianism

      • 15 November 2011 08:15, by Bush


        We know that the Sudan or Khartoum tribune is always in your side, what are you talking about? this site is already inciting violence and hatred by publishing lies and accusations. The NCP dogs are already practicing all that you have mentioned.

        • 15 November 2011 08:20, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

          Those fake arab of sudan who think it is permissible to tell white lies soon grow color-blind. and becomes liers like their fathers. what a shame to fake arab of Sudan.

      • 15 November 2011 08:31, by Madina Tonj

        Sam Eto.

        What are you talking about.? Was the killing African tribes in Sudan not a racism.? Was the continuous bombing on Nubian civilians and now South Blue Nile not a violence.? Is Bashir policy against African black not a tribalism.? come on man, there is no way to defending the regime which will face same uprising style of Libyan. Find refugee in another nation because Sudan is next to Libya

      • 15 November 2011 09:16, by mohammed ali

        Sam,are you serious? Have you ever heard of something called "double standered"? There are so many "Brainwashing Propoganda Machines" in the market! Stupid people like me and you with "thick" brain difficult to wash are just intruders. Now they "dream"to arrest Abdul Raheem ,while unlawful killing is the name of the game for any nation which wants to have free life!Forget it Sam!

        • 15 November 2011 09:31, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

          please mohammed ali there is no one called Sam Eto here but you with multiple names, and if i were you i will not called myself mohammed because all this killing and murdering doom evil activities were brought by wicked and devilish Mohammed to our country. not tell me who killed his own people with symbol of names Mohammed? death to fake arabe of sudan.

        • 15 November 2011 09:43, by mohammed ali

          There is no need for eveidence or proof for the involvement of the RoS in South Kordufan. How could they get supply of ammunition, weapons, petrol and other supplies while they are in the middle of Sudan very far away from any other borders except with south Sudan. The whole world know this, no need for proof, unless we need a proof that the Sun rises from the East!

          • 15 November 2011 10:27, by Mapuor

            Dear Mohamed Ali

            I think most of us dont beleive in God,else some blantant lies like, that one is supporting that & am not supporting that would not have appeared on the media.I think you will say what brought God here cause you beleive God is only found in the Church & Mosque.Why hide facts???Gadet came back to SPLA!!!!!!!!!!!THEN WHAT DO U WANT TO SAY NOW?!

            • 15 November 2011 12:54, by mohammed ali

              Mapour, I thing it would be fair to talk about your self, though believeing in god is your own bussiness. Gadet returned to SPLA that is absolutly true, but another angry leader will defect to the other side as long as there is a proxy war and we will continue with this vicious circle of retardation and poverty as long as there is war. The poor and marginalized will starve, suffer and die eventual

          • 15 November 2011 13:25, by mathem jech amer

            Mohammed Ali

            What we know is that, Muslims pray facing East, this phrase is easily understood by people like you.

            Muslims have the same characters, whether black, red or blue: Kill pagan or christian in oerder to go to heaven.

            • 15 November 2011 13:40, by mohammed ali

              Jesh a"h"mer,That is not true, not all muslims pray east, some pray west, north or south!To kill anyone in Islam you will be punished the same way as you kill a muslim, killing is prohibited in Islam.There are more African muslims than Christians and christianity was brought to Africa by the white-man when they enslaved all of Africa.

    • 15 November 2011 08:09, by Bush

      @Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

      Their religion teach them how to lie, because they don’t pray to a living God. They live on lies, rumors,terrorism and accusations.

      • 15 November 2011 08:13, by Sam.Eto

        ’Don’t pray to a living God’ - remember these words Bush. You will for eternity.

        • 15 November 2011 08:29, by Bush


          Whatever, I have said it. Why do you live on lies, hatred and terrorism?

        • 15 November 2011 08:31, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

          What are you talking about/ do you even considered your fake and evilish religion as having internal life?
          you fake arab of Sudan are Godless creatures.
          How could you lies with no shame if you have a God?

          Death to fake arab of Sudan. this time will hit it harder no Darfur No Nuba people but you some of your missionaries, wait and you not like your favor dance of murdering really Sudanse.

          • 15 November 2011 10:16, by mohammed ali

            Dinka DSPLA, because we are not terrorist we are calling that you have a better life and education and not death.Stop this megalomenia , your country is still very small and instead of waisting it’s resources in war , peace will be a far better option and it is with conformity with all religions and human values in the brain of any sensible good fearing person.War, killings are disgraceful!

            • 15 November 2011 11:57, by pabaak

              Mohamed Ali. you said you are not terrorists, why harbored terrorists, Osama Ben ladin live in Sudan in 90s, what he was doing there if you don’t support them. you afraid now because you know they are on the run

              • 15 November 2011 14:13, by mohammed ali

                Pabbak, Because he was killed in 90 seconds while he could have been arreste and put trial for all of us to know the truth! He lived in the USA more than he stayed in Sudan.This is a matrial for the brainwashed ignorant to follow blindly!Terrorist kill and those who claim to fight terrorism kill much more.Brainwashed ignorants will just chant the song blindly!

      • 15 November 2011 17:44, by Abyei Soil

        Bush, and they also uses torture to make one confessed what he/she didn’t do. I remember, in 1996-2001, they killed many people in Abyei town I’ve lost a good number of my relative in youthful age who are not soldiers even they never touch gun but they killed them saying these are Anya nya. And Northern Bahr el Gazalle Awiel town even Wau headquarter of Western Bahr el Gazalle. They used to kil

        • 15 November 2011 17:55, by Abyei Soil

          They used to kills people in the place they named "mudtakilat"- originally Mudtakilath means ’your death’ in their language that’s arabi after they torture, you can accept something you never did and I think that what they did to Mr. Akbar. There is no man who can admit such a lies at a broad day light. If they want us to support Al Hilu then let them say officially, we can go by that because Nub

          • 15 November 2011 18:20, by Abyei Soil

            we can go by that because Nubian were with us in the struggle period and they were stipulated in CPA Protocol, whoever violate that is against life in Sudan and that is exactly what Bashir is doing.

    • 15 November 2011 08:17, by Michael Angelo

      As the saying goes, if I can’t do it then I will let some body do it for me. Bashir and his party knew that their time has come and that’s why they’re creating those white lies in order to revenge their failed unity. Of course, that poor soldier can say whatever in his mind whether it’s true or lie order to rescue his life from those ruthless and torturers security.

  • 15 November 2011 08:04, by Bush

    The dogs in Khartoum are really trying hard to divert the attentions of the world from the crimes that they are committing against the black people of Sudan. Look "Captain Hafez Hamza Abkar, who surrendered himself to the 14 Infantry Division in Kadguli, capital of South Sudan" Is Kadguli the capital of South Sudan? Is that journalist mad or he was forced to write like that? Shame on you all.

  • 15 November 2011 08:05, by Malou Manyiel

    What a mere lie!! What are the bases of SPLA soldier surrendering himself to Khartoum? Who do Khartoum or the Arabs think is stupid in South Sudan? Even a child born yesterday cannot believe that it is true.

  • 15 November 2011 08:05, by BM Bol

    What people may not know is that many SPLA fighters (from Nuba Mt and South Blue Nile) remain in the north during the split and ended up joining the SAF. The point is Mr. Hafez could be one of those soldiers who never rebelled against the Sudan government. With collaboration with SAF, he’s trying to claim he surrendered himself peacefully when the fact is the opposite.

  • 15 November 2011 08:08, by Equatoria Jet

    A complete lie,you have fail to produce real evidence,how can SSAF soldier surrender to SAF does this make sense.we are independent country what comes that our comrade surrender to you traitors.otherwise this are the people that you have been arming to disestablish South Sudan.we are going to use this evidence against you.produce documents not a picture of innocent man which is taken in his office

  • 15 November 2011 08:09, by Saba Saba

    Dear all,

    This man call Hafez Hamza is just nothing but a traitor of his own people of Southern Kordufan. That confession is totally concocted by the Khartoum.

    They may even used SPLA uniform to justified their allegations. Khartoum is desperate with her internal affairs politically, economically and militarily and therefore they want to divert the public demand for a regime change.

    • 15 November 2011 08:24, by Sam.Eto

      Saba Saba what are you talking about - ALL of the SPLA-N still wear the SPLA uniform. There is no question of the support. Do you know where Agar is now ? In Juba begging for more tanks and money. Money that should have gone to the poor hungry people of South Sudan. It might not be in the News but the SSLA is controlling vast areas in the South.

      • 15 November 2011 08:35, by Bush


        Do you expect the SPLA-N to move naked? Those are the uniforms and weapons that we left them with to defend themselves against the Arabs in Khartoum. We in the South will not enjoy those money if our black Africans brothers in the North are living in peace.

      • 15 November 2011 08:39, by Peter Marko

        This is the flat lies and total fabrication by Islamic Front regime, known as NCP, in Khartoum. It is apparent from the name that this fake SPLA officer is not southerner and he is not an officer in our national army. Dressing him with the uniform that has SPLA logo, and calling him an SPLA detector, does not make this fake guy an officer in SPLA. Got it! You idioits, NCP elites, and their support

      • 15 November 2011 08:41, by Peter Marko

        This is the flat lies and total fabrication by Islamic Front regime, known as NCP, in Khartoum. It is apparent from the name that this fake SPLA officer is not southerner and he is not an officer in our national army.

        • 15 November 2011 08:43, by Peter Marko

          Dressing him with the uniform that has SPLA logo, and calling him an SPLA detector, does not make this fake guy an officer in SPLA. Got it! You idioits, NCP elites, and their supporters. I bid, this guy is not even from the NUBA Mountains , he is from Darfur; and that is obvious from his last name, Abker.

          • 15 November 2011 08:44, by Peter Marko

            That is not to deny the fact that there are some southerners with Islamic name. Yet we do not have a third generation Muslims in South Sudan. The ruling elites in Khartoum are feeling the intense heat in their ***** right now, and that is what makes them cry like B*T****.

            • 15 November 2011 08:44, by Peter Marko

              When the Justice and Equality Movement visited them in Khartoum in May of 2008, the head of the regime run away, and went to hide like a rat. Guess what, you NCP supporters, Mohammed Ali and your-likes, this time commerade Agaar, Al-Hulu, Menawy, and Al-Nour have formed an armed alliance, and they are determined to celebrate the upcoming anniversary of their alliance in the Republican Palace, ????

              • 15 November 2011 10:24, by mohammed ali

                Marko, These problems are in the republic of Sudan they are in my country not your country!Now you are supporting what Khartoum claims: SPLA support rebells in the north.It goes without saying that if you hurt me I have the right to defend myself, this is the natural and international law.Agar ran away from his base to Juba after he was severly punished, how would you expect him to come to Khartou

            • 15 November 2011 10:36, by Abyei Soil

              These are fabrications Khartoum is creatin’ in order for them to earn support (backup internationally) but it’s too late, let me tell you pro-Bashir, your government is misleading you that’s why Sudan end up divided. Omer al Bashir don’t tells the facts anyway, since it is your culture to admits lies then do it at your own risk provide that everybody is watching both North & South Sudan’s relation

        • 15 November 2011 09:36, by Joseph

          Sam Eto and Khartoum Morons, you better grow up. Southerners are passed this useless propoganda. This man is not our SPLA officer. This is a SAF man but just putting on our brave military uniform. In other hand he could be, yet that photo must have been stolen and used against him in the baseless report of yours. Go to hell and join Saddam Hussen your lord and god.SPLA can never confessed to evils

        • 15 November 2011 10:27, by mohammed ali

          Did they fabricated the photo, dress , millitary signs of SPLA and GOSS tag. Be rational to deny facts which you can see with your own eyes!

      • 15 November 2011 08:43, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

        Who lies for you will lie against you.

        why are you full of lying yea fake fake arab of sudan? con’t you abandon your genetic lies in a secound and talk like really human being with out being emotining lying?

        Death to fake sudanse liers/

  • 15 November 2011 08:20, by Patriot

    This statement is proven baseless and unfounded as you can see from picture what kind of person is he, he is a SAF wearing SPLA garments to show his bias information is true. See this fabricated information of nosense, "Captain Hafez Hamza Abkar, who surrendered himself to the 14 Infantry Division in Kadguli, capital of South Sudan", Is Kadugli capital of south sudan? this a blatant lying.

  • 15 November 2011 08:20, by Peter Nhiany

    Khartoum can be cunny sometimes. Who they think to believe their pure lie with unfounded veridical. I believe that they dress their northern Hafez with SPLA mulitary uniform to make him look like SPLA militant. Go to hell with big lie Khartoum,seek other grounds to accuse Juba, but not forge falsely accuse our government.

  • 15 November 2011 08:20, by Sudan virus

    I identified 1 lie in the article- "Kaduguli the capital of South Sudan"!

    Plz readers can you justify me here?

    Instead of saying Kaduguli the capital of south Kordufan, the writer smartly slip and deliberately said South Sudan.

    • 15 November 2011 08:37, by Bush

      @Sudan virus

      I have quoted it in my first comment above, those are just few of the lies that drives me crazy on this forum.

      • 15 November 2011 08:52, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

        Thank boys False and liers fake arab words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil.
        Death to liers in sudan.
        thank you we have one enemy. the fake arab of sudan. let give it a go death to them.

  • 15 November 2011 08:44, by Daniel Buolmawei

    Sudan needs to know the media is dominated by South Sudanese worldwide. There’s nowhere lies can dwell without exposing them to the world.

    • 15 November 2011 08:59, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

      No wondering all fake citizen of north sudan lives with lie this is how the survive with fake evil identity.
      lie, lie, lie will finshed them as the ICC is following them to hell.
      Death to fake arab of Sudan. i hatre liers in Sudan, savages terrorist gang groups of Jihadist.

    • 15 November 2011 10:15, by Logic


      Watch the atrocities committed by SAF, notice how all the victims are black skinned with most not in uniform. And also look at the other related videos and read the typically racist comments by those who claim to be proud & loyal Sudanese.

      It will remind you of some of the commentators on ST, you all know who they are.

      • 15 November 2011 10:57, by mohammed ali

        Logic, are they black like Ali Osman, or Al Haj Adam or any other Sudanese? or this just a typical filthy propoganda of the zionist telling the world " see the WHITE Arab Sudanese killing black Africans ..it is not us only who are commiting attrocities Arabs are" Really Brainwashed Young Lad..grow up!

        • 15 November 2011 11:24, by Logic

          Again you’re making me laugh. lol.lol.lol

          Ali Osman is dark but has Arabic roots hence one look at his hair can confirm this. And you know very well you can distinguish between an African Sudanese and a Sudanese with Arabic roots, don’t try the "we’re all Africans" nonsense, although true to an extent, but its not what you believe.

          I grew up in Khartoum, please stop your BS.

        • 15 November 2011 11:34, by Logic

          There aren’t hardly any "WHITE" Arab Sudanese as you put it, there’re only a handful of tribes who can truly claim to be Arabs of Sudan, the rest are Arabized Africans through, Arab traders taking African women, Culture & Religion.

          Ironically its usually the Arabized Africans who claim passionately of being proud Arabs.

          The epitome of irony. And you tell me to grow up! lol.lol.lol

          • 15 November 2011 14:52, by mohammed ali

            Logic, so what if they are Arabs! Taken African women, where are the men? Did they vanish?! They mixed and blend! What is your problem with Arabs, doesn’t that sound racist! Again, you didn’t answer my the other part of all this anti-Arabs propoganda which you are supporting connciously or unconciously!Christianity is not African religion it came with white man enslavers!

        • 15 November 2011 15:14, by mon-mandhal

          The last kick of dying horse has draged South Sudaness $ others unti-liars in to war of words. ASking why does Bashir like tear up his country by lying to the world ?Bashir must cary his own cross.

  • 15 November 2011 08:52, by Sam.Eto


    Here is a Video of Agar - He wears the SPLM uniform and has a huge SS flag behind him. What does that tell you. You dont see the SSLA holding up the Sudan flag !

    • 15 November 2011 08:59, by Bush


      Do you have brain? Do you expect the SPLA-N to walk naked? Which flag do you want them to carry since you disown them? That flag can be carried by anyone who feels marginalized in Sudan, it’s a flag of liberty and freedom and God will bless all those who carry it to liberate themselves.

      • 15 November 2011 09:17, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

        Bush you can tell him the trust but you cannont change their attitudes of lying.
        those fake arab of sudan will never learn but will stay wicked and evil as long as they still warshiping that fake and devil religion of dooms and loomy. leave him alone. what a liers fake arab in sudan/
        Death to them.

    • 15 November 2011 09:15, by Makuei

      SPLM-N was SPLM before they become North; so it’s not a crime if they carry their uniforms and arms with them.

      If Khartoum has nothing to say dont allow them to say nonsense here. Bashir will follow his cousins Gaddafi, Osama and Saddam, soon before.

      • 15 November 2011 09:23, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

        Who dosen’t know that it is a white lie just like what criminals Bashir said in 1994 to Southrense that he is related to DINKA
        What a fake Dinka blood and liers Godless fake arab of sudan?
        death to fake arab of sudan.

        • 15 November 2011 09:53, by mohammed ali

          There is no way at all that Al Hilue will get supplies except through SS.If any person knowes another way please tell me! This is a proxy war from which Salva had been warned even by his west friends.He started this war and now he is feeling the heat and complaining that Khartoum is planing to occupy the oil producing areas and Basheer will not be welcommed in Juba..cont

          • 15 November 2011 09:59, by mohammed ali

            Khartoum had withdrawn from all of SS peacfully through negotiation.That Khartoum will retaliate by supporting rebells in the South is quite possible. Instead of playing seek and hide Salva should invite Basheer to the South as he had invited him and solve the problems friendly and amicably.That is easy and costs neither...cont

            • 15 November 2011 10:08, by mohammed ali

              blood nor money.The people of Sudan N&S donnot want or need any war.They both need food, schools, health care and minimal prosperity.War will give none of them.SPLA-N can never overthrow the government even in his dream, on the contrary, they increase and augument it’s level of support pariculary now it is considered as a foreign intervention by every Sudanese on the street..cont

            • 15 November 2011 10:16, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

              Not ye evil ali mahammed you can not see how your khartoum gangseter will get languishing soon.
              they hell is going to produce doom and loomy among you terrorise pertenders of wicked and evilish mahammed. there is no chance in hell and khartoum must decided which way the think will let the survive this time. the choich is yours
              fake arab of sudan.

              • 15 November 2011 10:43, by mohammed ali

                Dinka DSPLA, I will not use your abusive language, because it is the language of the weak and ignorant!Your English is very difficult to understand, however I will struggle to understand it. We donnot want doom and gloom to come to anyone, we want peace and as you got independent through peace, all problems should be solved through peace, so that the poor starving and marginalized southerners ..co

                • 15 November 2011 10:49, by mohammed ali

                  ..could have a better life and education. You can’t deny us this hope.SPLA-N or S could never change the regime in Khartoum. You should think according to your size!This war will simply weaken both N&S Sudan and the life miserableparticularly in the South.If you like war that much , just abondon your beer and come down here to show us a good example of a war loving person!

                  • 15 November 2011 11:15, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

                    Please Mahammed Ali i don’t hate fake arab because they don’t drink. i don’t dring too because it dose’t test good in my mouth brother.

                    Mr Ali, accepte the reality former brother in old Sudan. you are not in Sudan but live in zonist country enjoying free air without terrorism act. we know that,

                    • 15 November 2011 11:44, by mohammed ali

                      Dinka DSPLA, I am in SUDAN had my brakfast few minutes back with foal cheese and tommatoo, nice brakfast with sesame oil.If you donnot hate Arabs why calling them fake?Hate is not going to build SS.UP to know SS had more help than from Israel which is not willing even to open an embassy in your country with all the love which you gave them to tees us, and show hatred towards us. Sure you have..con

                      • 15 November 2011 11:50, by mohammed ali

                        ..the full right to have to have your diplomatic relationship with them.But the move and their flag raising during your cermony was a stupid provcative move! Arabs had never set a foot in South Sudan. South Sudan was annexed to us by the British. Anyway, now you have your own country , build it with peace and that will be good for you and very much for us. War is disgrace ,we donnot want or need!

            • 15 November 2011 11:49, by Logic


              Sometimes you sound like you have a heart and are actually humane.

              Its just mind boggling why you constantly try to defend the indefensible with NCP propaganda & misinformation.

              • 15 November 2011 11:58, by mohammed ali

                Logic, because I know what is the difference between Sudan and NCP or other political party!You have a heart also, but you donnot listen to it.This war is not going to change the regime and it is not meant to!It is meant to weaken both N&S and fragment Sudan just like Somalia.Full scale will not happen because of oil. Simple dirty politics.. young lad ..should I say that!

                • 15 November 2011 12:14, by Logic

                  Calling for change of the political infrastructure in not unpatriotic, the NCP & your mentality are the main hinderance to this process. Am not advocating a Libyan style bloody revolution of vengeance and retribution with aerial killings of civilians by NATO.

                  But we shall not sit with arms folded while our people are being massacred by SAF, am talking of first hand accounts, not AJE!

                  • 15 November 2011 16:32, by mohammed ali

                    SAF responded to war from others! Agar was elected governor but insisted to keep "his" army with the dress, titles,tag and a flag of a foreign country! Who in Sudan will accept this? Then he started the war! Al Hilue lost the elections and within minutes of declaring the result he was in military uniform of a foreign country his troops were ready for the fight.Now he wants to change the regime..co

                    • 15 November 2011 16:41, by mohammed ali

                      ..people have to die for his lost dream!Why did he took part in the elections in the first place if he wants to change the regime! He could have Darfur rebells from the begining without to the elections.Change is done by the people,we did it before Arabs know what is the meaning of revolution and peacfully with the consensus of all the people and regardless of ethinic origion!

                • 15 November 2011 12:21, by Logic

                  My heart listens to the crying of my people in agony while parts of their body hangs off them, it listens to the cries of babies sat next to their dead mothers with half of their brains blown out.

                  It listens to the sound of shovels pouring dirt over those I will never see again. Mohammed you’ll never understand because you’re far away, how could you.

                  Am flattered you think am younger than you!

                  • 15 November 2011 12:40, by mohammed ali

                    Logic, then your heart is screaming calling to stop the war and you are not listining and responding.We have more than 50 years and Basheer whom you hate stopped this war which continued for more than half a century! He was rewarded with another war, though he invited ..con

                    • 15 November 2011 12:49, by DeltaBravo

                      At Mohammed

                      The SAF Officer is high Ranking officer within SAF. They used him for propaganda purposed as tool of lying to the World.

                      • 15 November 2011 13:31, by mohammed ali

                        Delta, even SPLA didn’t deny that he is an officer in the SPLA.The man was know throghout south Kordufan as he had been representing the SPLA in south Kordufan.He is not just an unknown officer!

                    • 15 November 2011 14:17, by mohammed ali

                      ..Salva to Khartoum for peace, but the choosed the other option.

                      • 15 November 2011 15:41, by mon-mandhal

                        To. Mohammed Ali.

                        Dear Ali i want to assure u that Benydit( president ) Kiir will not go to Kht for peace nogatiation,but he will do it on presidential party and sworn in of mr Malik Agar as a new president in near coming future believe me.

                        • 15 November 2011 16:07, by mohammed ali

                          Mandhal, Stop this megalomenia.Agar couldn’t keep Al Kurmuk and ran away, SPLA was flushed out of Abyei in 6 hours and you are dreaming to get Khartoum through war?!Are you so blind?!Few weeks ago Salva with Deng Alour were Khartoum negotiating..where have you been?! Why do you want Salva to be president of Khartoum? It is not your country..cont

                          • 15 November 2011 16:17, by mohammed ali

                            ..moreover,he could have contested for presidency,keep the country united,if you so desparetly want Khartoum!I don’t imagine how could u rule Khartoum with such hatred! Thousands and southands of southerners still live in Khartoum and nobody hate them!Come down here,show us your love of war. Southerners are dying of hunger and you are trying to push them for war while you are thousands miles away!

          • 15 November 2011 16:50, by Gunkills

            Without Omar Bashir with his regime in power, North Sudanese will enjoy peace and their happiness will be our happiness.

            • 15 November 2011 17:21, by mohammed ali

              What is your problem with Omer Basheer? Is it because he signed the CPA and respected the result of the referundum and went to congratulate you in your new capital. Amazing, to justify all this killing because of your dislike of one man!

              • 15 November 2011 20:41, by Gunkills

                Well,he signed CPA, respected Referendum result and came to celebrate with us because of conditions.

  • 16 November 2011 00:42, by Isme

    These many brethren are expected to have the following characteristics that is to mature to the sonship position.

    Right now, there is presenly a big gap between what they are and what they ought to be. This gap is called the frustration gap.

  • 16 November 2011 04:26, by Red Army

    I think the picture is more convincing to anyone who can see this picture. If some of you are refuting this self-evidence gentleman in the SPLA uniform, then let the SPLA Media propaganda air a military footage with this military officer addressing the public of military program of Malaak Ayuen to debunk and rebuttal this SAF military claims. This alleged SPLA officer needs to show up on SSTV now!

  • 16 November 2011 04:38, by Red Army

    Yaa Jenubiin, stop mocking yourselves as if you have an authentic government and a president. You are all like orphans regardless of your regions. If Kiir was your president there would be no need to allow the aggressive invasion of the Abyei in the first place and expect international community to come to his rescue. Heglig and Karasan should not be occupied now by SAF. No sovereignty without oil

  • 16 November 2011 06:23, by Sam.Eto

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