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Jonglei: “Over 500 people killed or missing” after Akobo attack – commissioner


March 10, 2012 (BOR) – Jonglei State’s Akobo commissioner says between 500 and 800 are missing some of them feared dead following Friday’s dawn attack on cattle camps and villages by armed Murle tribesmen.

In this UN file photo of 2009 tribal attacks in Jonglei, the family of a SPLA officer who was killed during the fighting in Duk Padiet mourn him at a funeral at the family homestead.

“About 500 to 800 people have either lost their lives, missing or abducted,” Akobo county commissioner Goy Jooyol told the Sudan Tribune by phone Saturday evening.

“There are reports that many children are abducted,” he added. Due to the remote location Sudan Tribune has not been able to independently verify the claims.

Commissioner Jooyol repeated his calls for “help from well—wishes and friends of Akobo because our resources” are overstretched. Jooyol described the situation as “a real disaster.”

He said: “There are no medicines and it is very difficult to reach” Dengjok Payam (district) which is about 90 kilometres north of Akobo town.

Joshua Konyi, the Pibor County Commissioner, where the Murle tribe are from, told Sudan Tribune that he was aware of the attack. However, the chairperson of Murle youth in Pibor, Nyany Korok, said that the Akobo attack had not come to his notice.

After 6,000 Luo-Nuer attacked Pibor County over December and January Konyi claimed that over 3,000 people had been killed in the raid, although this figure has been dismissed by the UN Mission in South Sudan.

“The number of people who dead in any attack can’t just be estimated. But for sure the death toll be high”, Jooyul said.


The clashes in Pibor triggered revenge attacks in Luo-Nuer and Dinka Bor areas caused and has led the government to deploy 12,000 soldiers to the state in preparation for adisarmament campaign that is expected to begin in the next few days.

The Akobo County attacks are likely to make the process more complicated with South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir already indicating that South Sudan’s military will use force if weapons are not handed over voluntarily.

Kiir is expected to visit Jonglei State capital Bor on Monday to officially begin the disarmament process.

Cattle raids, like the one in Akobo on Friday, often occur in remote areas with poor roads making it hard to the South Sudan army (SPLA) and peacekeepers from the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), to respond.


Akobo commissioner Goy claims that the attackers withdrew from the Dengjok area with 500,000 after occupying nine cattle camps on from Friday morning until Saturday. He said that several of the raiders had been killed and that armed local youth were pursuing the raiders.

Sudan Tribune has not been able to independently confirm reports that up to 290 dead bodies have already been discovered.

Some Jonglei State MPs visited the area today using UNMISS helicopters on Saturday but they did not give any statements to the press upon their return to Bor.

The Akobo Commissioner has told Sudan Tribune that due to swampy nature of the area and the many rivers many people had nowhere to escape to. Some people had drowned in rivers as the fled the attack which began 5am on Friday, Jooyul said.

Cattle are kept in the swampy Dengjok area to the north of Akobo County during the dry season.

Jooyul said the numbers of dead would be made public in a few days time once local administrators had given him a comprehensive report.


At least two people were killed and two others survived with injuries in a separate attack on Twic East County at 2am on Saturday, Twic East commissioner Dau Akoy told Sudan Tribune on Saturday.

Akoy said 65 cattle were raided by the attack in the Nyang area of Twic East. The attackers killed a woman and a man while they were sleeping, he said.

Disarmament is perceived by most people in the state as the only way to achieve peace and reconciliation in Jonglei.


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  • 11 March 2012 07:26, by Dinkawarrior

    Until you people reject Ngundeng‘s ideologies and repent to Almighty God. Then you will lives in peace, or otherwise you will be soon joining with Muhammad, Gatluak Manguel, and Ngundeng in Hell! The Profit Ngundeng had become a halve human in order for him to deceives God’s people but it’s an evil. Shame on his followers who have been cursed!

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    • 11 March 2012 07:40, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

      You brothers might it called wicked ngundng but i called it Riek machar problem, some dumb ppl beleive that riek machar is a leader but he is the one behind this killing, he want to finshed luo Nuer just like he used them during his fail coup,
      Rejecking this two joke and jackass evil ngundeng and reik machar will bring peace to Jonglei ppl,
      This gonrrhea affect murlei ppl were arm by riek machar

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      • 11 March 2012 07:52, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

        Nuer leaders are under amnesty so they don’t have a say of what is happening in their areas,
        Rejecting two wicked evil Nugdeng and Riek Machar puot nyoun will bring peace to the ppl of nuer,
        Riek machar is the one behind this wicked killed of luo community,
        He used them for his shelter during his doom war with SPLA/M Dominated by mighty Dinkas,
        Death to him,

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        • 11 March 2012 08:14, by Gueth Bidok

          Dude, listen and judge what you’re saying. Just because Ngundeng is a prophet doesn’t mean people should warship him. He never even say it himself and no prophet ever say that. But for this attack, it’s a very big test to your uncle Kiir bro trust me on this. This upset all Nuer & if you doubt me, payattenion to the Nuers’ reaction.

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        • 11 March 2012 09:24, by viper

          D.warrior & D.D SPLM/A, Both of you are the most illiterates that the whole world has ever seen. Those commenting on this website have tribes, but nobody want to use the name of tribe. Both of you are from the so called Bor , and this indicates that you in Bor are a shame to the Nilotics family and Dinka in particular

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        • 11 March 2012 09:51, by Aarai Baka

          Jonglei is being run by three gangs communities that their lives base on killing, looting, abducting and so on.laugh today and cry tomorrow. This is comment of mine related to my December comment when Nuer attacked pibor and Kim deng,gordon Wang and like were happy about the death of murle.

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          • 11 March 2012 09:59, by Aarai Baka

            People of Jonglei should learned from those three Equatoria States, WBG, NBG and Warrap how to live in peace than killing yourselves. Anyway wherever Nuer go, expected some looting, killing, robbery,cattle rustling will happen. I fell ashame of having some subhuman in the new nation. Soon no later people hear Nuer are fighting with Mundari over cattle rustling since lot of them are in Juba.

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            • 12 March 2012 01:59, by panom lualbil

              You’re right Aarai. By government promoting people with stinky records was another abstacle to peace. However with no hesitation, ’RIEK MACHAR’ should be suck off and put another nuer who was not used by arabs during civil war. Because citizes of s sudan have nobody to listen to if it’s riek machar is the ones who intervene himself for peace. It’s like telling them go massacre dinka &collect their

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              • 12 March 2012 02:39, by panom lualbil

                animals. 600 white arms who tried wipe murle off made it more difficult too for peace although nuer were victims. Now murle attacks would be uncountable for 3000 casualities by nuer in reprisal. But talking about peace alone than pursueing attackers like JOSHUA KONYI answered the called by jooyol that he knows of this attacks won’t work. Disarmament is okay to lessen heavy inflicting in lives.

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                • 12 March 2012 02:48, by panom lualbil

                  The police who have been giving rises last month were not seemed doing their jobs here either. It’s amazing.

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        • 11 March 2012 11:03, by Wiyual


          Sometimes your commends make no sense. But I have agreed with your analyese about what make Nuer-Leaders become so queite after so many wel-organized attacks against Lou-Nuer. The answer is: Protection of their positions. I am very much ashamed of the leadership of Lou- Nuer of today. The back-bone of Nuer Community is finishing but, God is Great!

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          • 11 March 2012 12:49, by Loko El Pollo


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            • 11 March 2012 13:00, by Loko El Pollo


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              • 11 March 2012 13:10, by Loko El Pollo


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        • 11 March 2012 19:30, by Nguetbuny de Luelpiny

          Kuol, Kiir Riek should fly to Dengjok. Goss should put their life on villages first. Sleep in the villages without protection arm guard with Kiir, Kuol, Riak if wanted Disarming. Care for villager’s life, chickens, goat, cow and properties being stolen. GOSS buy helicopters to caught cattle’s raiders on the criminal scenes. If gunship can fire on those who cross on the borders or if they fire on

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      • 11 March 2012 15:05, by OTOOLITMODDO

        What goes around comes around. Let the UN and SPLA watch and let Marial Benjamin deny it as he did when Nuer attacked and mass-murdered 3,000 people in Pibor, mostly women and children

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      • 11 March 2012 17:22, by Simon Puok Nyang Tutjiek

        The people of South Sudan by now should begin to study the second big boy in South Sudan particularly Lou Nuer.
        This man was behind the attacked on Lou Nuer by Murle, I think this second big boy want to get rid of few Lou Nuer who are the government official, so he motivated the killing so that our people in the government react badly and this will be good chance for him.
        you know who I’m talking.

        repondre message

        • 11 March 2012 19:03, by Ruach

          Tutjiek.Ciot emo be ji noong roal ke Naath,gere!Yes u are right.The commissioner of Pibor was aware and shut down the network for 7days in Pibor town to break up the communication and it happened.Ismail Konyi was also working with witch craft men from Bari and his dream has become true!The revenge ’ll be sooner than later and will be worse than Dec 2011

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    • 11 March 2012 11:37, by gatwech hoth loang

      the killing in south Sudan will not end look if the government it self looking and dogging to meet youths 4 the peace initiative how do u think peace can come! to me what i know we are already a fail state if GOSS can not solve these crucial disaster in jonglei state
      shame to u guys who normally contribute useless idea first look yourself and define your status

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    • 11 March 2012 12:53, by Don P

      At this point you cannot blame tribes but the government. The govt needs to admit that they have failed the children of Jonglei and South Sudan as a whole.

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    • 11 March 2012 17:12, by Simon Puok Nyang Tutjiek

      I think this raid on Akobo people was motivated by politicain and Jashua Konyi Pibor County commissioner who said he was aware the attack should be brought to book immidiately.
      When Lou Nuer went to attacked Pibor County the politician from Lou Nuer informed the government that Lou Nuer were on their way to pibor, why there was no information from Pibor commissioner about this particular incident?

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    • 12 March 2012 07:50, by Lokorong

      Joshua Konyi MUST die with Ugandan WARLORD Joshep Kony in 2012. we want peace in EAST AFRICA. If they do not undersatand the meaning of peace then it’s better to eliminate them!

      repondre message

    • 13 March 2012 09:09, by Thiang Geka

      To Dinkawarriuor and Dinkadominated SPLM/A respectively. Ngunden’s prophecies are believed by all S Sudanese including yourself. Dr Riek is a founder father of SS so he should be respected by all S Sudanese

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  • 11 March 2012 07:26, by George Bol

    Nuer in Jonglei and the murle had been doing similar innocent attacks for many years. It’s time for you guys to join the development. If you attack then you need to expect the same thing. The murle are mad for there cattle being taken last year and the government did not return their cattle to them.Nuer of jongleu has burned Murle towns but now Murle just take their cattle without burning. fair

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  • 11 March 2012 07:29, by Naked Dinka

    You dinkas you kill yourselves like animals, you don’t have sympathy for human life, and I’m tired of hearing of all these evil dinkas, when are you going to learn, 90% of RSS is composed of dinkas,corruption, killing, thefts and all those evil acts= dinka

    repondre message

    • 11 March 2012 07:45, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

      Fake Dinka go and fuck your mother and get the hell out of Sudan you don’t belong here, go to Ugdanda_congo, you got no business here,
      No time to listern to foreigners, Those who has been murdered by your Gonorrhea affacted tribe are our brother from nuer so get lose,
      We know what we cooking for murle family,
      death to murlei,

      repondre message

    • 11 March 2012 07:50, by Sir King

      State of Jonglei is full of Problems. Look! Nuer(Nath) the same with Murlei, and Dinka Bor are the same like the rest and No community respects the other. What a shame on this state. Worse enough, Dinka Bor are good players in this atrocities, because they tend to play fake politic which can’t even do for them something better.

      Solution! Kuol Manyang should resign and bring Murlei or Nuer.

      repondre message

      • 11 March 2012 07:58, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

        Son of whor called King, calling Kuol Manyang Jook to resign is like called the ROSS/SPLA/M to be overthrew,
        How in the hell can a long time serving Army L T Gen can go because the wicked nuer and evil murlei are making a lot of problem,
        You are so dumb the savages nuer and murle were there since the begining of south sudan not for Kuol, Kuol cannot used force otherwise you will cry tommorrow,

        repondre message

        • 11 March 2012 08:11, by Sir King

          Fool Dinka, You are destroying the name of Dinka for nothing. Why do you take yourselves the only importance people in Jonglei. Dinka Bor where you come from are nothing to us and you should refrain from such useless thinking otherwise nobody will respect you and Dinka Bor will remain useless for ever unless you change. HOW CAN YOU CALL NUER AND MURLEI DUMB WHEN PEOPLE ARE THE SAME? SHAME ON YOU!

          repondre message

          • 11 March 2012 08:35, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

            Sir Dog i will forgive you just like we foregive some of illiteracy in Aweil, because you don’t know what you are barking about
            Do you konw were i come from? you just come out with your comment that are not even relevant to what is happening in Jonglei, i might not be form Jonglei but i share blood with them so just be dumb stupid son of bitch but u will come to ur sane soon,
            shame on you,

            repondre message

            • 11 March 2012 09:09, by viper

              Dinka Dominated SPLM/A, your name indicates that you are the most illiterate Dinka. How come that you call the wise and peaceful pple of Aweil illiterate? These pple are the most peaceful pple and, we the peace loving SS do respect them. You call the illiterate, Have you heard of a tribal war in Aweil. SS will be peaceful without pple like you in Bor

              repondre message

            • 11 March 2012 19:08, by Mike Mike

              Dog Dominated Militia, you’re very stupid and the first foundmental iliterate who i never see in this planet. Who are those iliterates whom you do forgive here in Aweil?. Pl,se check yourself first before you insulting others. You are full of insults, but being a son of bitch and iliterate that is why you don’t mind about the bad insults that surrounded you.

              repondre message

          • 12 March 2012 09:24, by philip andriko

            sir king

            thank for your comment we all southern sudanese need peace for all no one can be happy when other are died,please the only problem is shame if it not within your culture then you can do anything imposible to other and you will not regrate.government must invest in people than money cause people will make money to government let bring peace to all if we can.

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      • 11 March 2012 13:25, by Loko El Pollo


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  • 11 March 2012 07:44, by George Bol

    they lying why putting the wrong image.They want the media to believed them so that they disarmed murle first.But that can not happend because any other side of naath or murl will be fine becus they are in the same coin.

    repondre message

    • 11 March 2012 07:55, by Sir King

      ....., they are hindering their own development. How can people live like animals like this. Sorry indeed. Aweil, Wau, and Part of West and Central Equatoria are supposed to rule this country South Sudan so that they show good way of community cohabitation. Shame on you all in Jonglei!

      Aweil must not fight each other but Arabs only!

      repondre message

      • 11 March 2012 11:05, by viper

        SIR KING, You are really a wise son of this Nation, but not a king. The so called Bor are the root cause of Jonglei unrest and the whole ss since the time of war. These pple are very greedy, pple who use to value themselves the best among our communities. Jonglei is going to be a difficult place with the rule of their son Kuol

        repondre message

    • 11 March 2012 08:01, by Sir King

      Jonglei should take examples from other state. Nothing they are going to gain in this serious killing but just a disaster to their own environment. Why don’et stop and make reconciliation.

      The features that make Jonglei worse State in South Sudan:
      1. Lack of intermarriages, since Dinka Bor find themselves they are the best Dinka, with fake ideas.
      2. Nuer find themselves they are the bravest

      repondre message

      • 11 March 2012 08:05, by Sir King

        3. Murlei find themselves to be the lion in the State.

        Remember, intermarriages will be seen as the solution to such hostilities now, since it happens in Jonglei that no community listens to one another. Shame on them!

        repondre message

        • 11 March 2012 08:14, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

          Sir Dog what the fuck are you talking about, why are you stabbing Bor Dinkas at the back if you claim that you are from Aweil?

          Dinka Bor did nothings if you can read words in english.
          You must be a bastard child from Uganda_Congoles, why are you sigling out Inoncent Bor Dinkas for you hidding agenda?
          We From Agok Don’t hate Bor PPl for their strategies,
          Death to you leave Dinka out of this,

          repondre message

          • 11 March 2012 13:14, by viper

            Dinka D SPLM/A. Look at your narrow mindedness. You now claim to be from Aguok and yesterday were from Awan Chan. Fellow SS look at this confused creature, he is trying to confuse pple like him. He is exactly from Bor, he should not run from his confused family

            repondre message

            • 11 March 2012 16:55, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

              viper or vampire look how you stupidly turn things in wrong direction without knowing it, there is nothing wrong from Bor Dinka to be one of them because they are great ppl,

              I don’t want to educating you
              Do you have any wellknown Granmother in your sub clan or not? not just Awan Chan Akon but we also believed in our great grandmother Agok which you don’t know, shame on you son of bitch whor,

              repondre message

            • 11 March 2012 19:56, by Loko El Pollo


              repondre message

  • 11 March 2012 08:13, by Dinkawarrior

    Naked Equatoria
    You’re son of bitch and molested mother in Juba during the arab occupied. Why don’t you respect your father Dinkawariors! You and your father together your mother were Molested by the rab Armies. Without Dinkas, you would be still in the darkness. you better give thanks to Dinkawarriors!

    repondre message

    • 11 March 2012 08:21, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

      Those who are cousing fighting now where those who never fought a war with arab and they are nuer and gonorrhea affect murlei [bear]
      I never heard any one form Bintu[untiy state die during the war but lou were used for power gain by non other then Riek Machar puot nyuon[ teny dhurgon was a name of his granfather wiychcarft,

      Ever death happening is count on riek machar puot nyuon,
      death to him

      repondre message

      • 12 March 2012 09:43, by philip andriko

        dear all we are the younger nation all over the world ,we also have many culture in us but must support killing as part of living it is not crime to them am asking the educated people to preach killing as bad as looting too.i went to a place were people need to eat first then they will pray if not we are not interest to your god we know god if you want us to sing first bring food.

        repondre message

  • 11 March 2012 08:51, by manyang mawech


    repondre message

  • 11 March 2012 08:56, by manyang mawech


    repondre message

    • 11 March 2012 12:27, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

      manyang mawech
      I am not a fan of death bro but against the death couse by murlei who are outlaw in Jonglei,
      I am not laughting at anyone death okey, my own problem is with Riek machar not Nuer as whol,

      I knew alot of Nuer ppl and have some blood with them so i will not enjoy nuer death,
      I pologies if any of my comment couse bad feeling,

      I am not from bor but share some blood with them,

      repondre message

    • 12 March 2012 09:56, by philip andriko

      Dear manyang mawech.

      bro you must be suffering form tribalisium please mind your bussiness than to insult the well know leader who brought peace like mandela and other heros of africa,you must be young mentally Garang made you to write on internet were could you be commenting if there was no peace blieve in Garang even if he is dead,other problem behind his is not his bussiness that is ours.

      repondre message

    • 12 March 2012 10:05, by philip andriko

      dear all south sudanese let hand over GUNS to our government so that the service will be given to us .fight one another by tribe will not solve problem but increases the most we ask god for peace and he granted for us do you went god to take peace because we are not interested and to reclaim back will cost us not least than five decade.remember if you tear off yors cloth to mend it will take more

      repondre message

    • 12 March 2012 10:15, by philip andriko

      be united as whole youth and bring peace and unity we will have most than that COWS.if we are united ask government to make good road network,building schools,Hospitals,security for all not themself protected they will be our ruler forever ,we all need jobs to be there for all youth to be busy ,the jobless youth is always the sucider for he got no future plan he can joint any opposition for no gai

      repondre message

    • 12 March 2012 10:29, by philip andriko

      our president is in jonglei today i hope he will deliever us to peaceful situation,let co,0pration with him and do as we went so that he can perform his promises,no one can solve our problem than us,let not depend of others counties,you know sometime your problem is my benefit not all need our peace who will buy thier GUNS please let not be BUYERS of thier GUNS delay our destiny.we need peace.

      repondre message

  • 11 March 2012 09:03, by Dinkawarrior

    If the government doesn’t protect the lives ofcivilians then they have right to defend themsleves from those of beer camtiok or beeranyuak. Beer are homeless animals who usually lives under the trees. I believed the UN need to teach them to know how to take a shower first before they lean how to build houses.

    repondre message

  • 11 March 2012 09:36, by philipdit wol

    What is wrong with Jonglei people, not only that and another cattle raid in Twic killing two people and wound others? Do these people who like fighting knows actually how much it cost to purchase life?. I wish I were president I would Have organized a better way of handling such kind of the problem.

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  • 11 March 2012 09:47, by Northern Sudanese

    you people are killing each other everyday and on the same time you speak about war with sudan?

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  • 11 March 2012 09:51, by Dinkawarrior

    Manyang Witchcraft!

    You and your evil Ngundeng have no place in South Sudan, eventhough you brought his staff on May 16 then it will not change anything. The history of the SPLM/A will be yours for ever and Dr. John Garang is your father in your life.

    repondre message

    • 11 March 2012 10:24, by Ruach

      Any one who pin-point one of his/her fingers to the death of Lou-Nuer shall face the rest of his/her four fingers coming back to him/her.The revenge will be sooner than later n will be worse than Dec 2011.My father shouldn’t be Bald man who is now in the hell!Any one who believed in Garang is believing cobra!Death to Ismail Konyi for working with witch craft men from stupid Bari!

      repondre message

      • 11 March 2012 12:35, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

        Ruach we can disagreed with everthings but we will not disagreed to condemn this gonorrhea affect communtiy of murlei who like to live with other people blood,
        some one just said that i enjoy Nuer death here but this is not what i am for,
        In Awan Chan [Agok] we don’t love death just like everyliving person can do,
        I pologies if my comment cause heartfeeling, i don’t enjoy death,

        repondre message

  • 11 March 2012 10:24, by Anynya One

    DINKA, NUER, MURLE...All of this three tribes are useless! Equatorians will never ever accept you as their friendly neighbors for good. You are murderers!!! What you need to expect in the next election will be a complete Vote Off! The people of the South Sudan Value life! we will definitely vote you away. This is your last chance to enjoy life with Equatorians. YOU ALL SUCK! Bye Bye! GO AWAY!

    repondre message

    • 11 March 2012 10:57, by Ruach

      We "Greater Nilotes" will never allow Foreigners to rule this country which still take our bloods.We have different cultures with ape associated communities.If Kiir is gone,another person from Greater Nilotes shall come.Wait untill our constitution allow the traders to rule this country.

      repondre message

    • 11 March 2012 17:05, by Gumbulla Junior

      Anyanya moja./1

      please stop calling all the tribes u ve just mentioned useless.becoz not all of them do or practice this game of killing.many of them ’re innocent indeed and pure hearted.but u should put blame on those greedy politicians and nepotists like jonglei governor....no laughing matter man.we should mourn of those R.I.P lives in our country.

      repondre message

  • 11 March 2012 10:46, by Chok Deng

    Human life is very important,we cannot enjoy it when it is terminated by anybody.All of us are Southerners,even if death occur in any corner of the South;we must condemn it with strong and possible terms.Human killing is a crime.

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  • 11 March 2012 10:50, by mohammed ali

    It is interested that the number of the killed Murle was either denied or disputed. Now it is said to be 500, though there is no report of the attack neither from the government nor from UNIMISS; yet nobody is disputing the number of those who are killed!!

    repondre message

    • 11 March 2012 11:06, by Chok Deng

      You enjoy it Mohammed Ali,you are a human being killer;that is why u denied the death of Awadia.

      repondre message

      • 11 March 2012 20:21, by mohammed ali

        Chok Deng, Am I also behind killing of four students in SS by the Patriotic SPLA Police! I am not denying the KILLING of Awadia it is a crime, the policeman is already arrested and will face justic...NO WAY.

        repondre message

    • 11 March 2012 11:09, by Ruach

      M.Ali.Shut up!How many pple do u always kill in Darfur,S.Kordufan,Blue Nile and South Sudan per day?The death of these relatives in Eastern Akobo is your cause.You armed Murle to kill our pple because u know that they are very primitive pple.Your mom is under the control might SPLA-N

      repondre message

      • 12 March 2012 00:26, by mohammed ali

        Rock, much less than that, after-all this a war. Don’t be stupid , you can’t stop me , I will talk whenever I want. It is a free world!Are you so frightened of my words; truth can be painful.

        repondre message

    • 11 March 2012 13:05, by Hardball

      Ali, anything in South Sudan here is not doing you any good; you should be out there in Khartoum figuring out what to do now that China is no longer going to fund your agriculture project and no oil to steal in South Sudan!

      Funding chaos in South Sudan is just the money going down the drain! If you were smart enough, you could be saving that for critical issues.

      repondre message

    • 11 March 2012 20:43, by Loko El Pollo


      repondre message

  • 11 March 2012 11:14, by Dinkawarrior

    You son of jurcol motherfucker! You’re the most corrupted animal in South Sudan, you shut your damn mouth.

    repondre message

    • 11 March 2012 11:36, by Ruach

      Dinka thieves!You are trying to deny the truth.Deny it and it will judge u!The only good Dinka are Malualjier-Nyang

      repondre message

      • 11 March 2012 12:35, by viper

        RUACH, I do agree with you 100% these pple of Giernyaang are the best Dinka that South Sudan has ever seen. They are peace loving pple, respectful, very friendly unlike those in Bor who use to say that they were born to rule. You Ruach know the truth and this indicates that you are really an intellectual, a man who use to talk through the ways of Research

        repondre message

    • 11 March 2012 12:06, by viper

      Dinka warrior, Look how childish you are. How come an intellectual comments like this? This is what I said before that you the Dinkas of Bor are a shame to the great family of Nilotics and Dinka in particular. Shame on you

      repondre message

  • 11 March 2012 12:22, by Dinkawarrior

    If you have any problems with Bor people then I am not a fucken Bor! You already know were the Dinka Bor are, just go and tell them what you thinks. You’re the ones who spoiled the name of Dinka people because your corruption and robbery. Shame on youself.

    repondre message

    • 11 March 2012 12:43, by viper

      DINKA WARRIOR, An absent minded person like you always comes from the family I said before. You have no place in the rest of Dinkas

      repondre message

      • 11 March 2012 12:52, by Dinkawarrior

        Look your stupidity

        repondre message

  • 11 March 2012 14:24, by Don P

    I have never seen such a level of ignorance. All these comments show a complete vacuum of intellect. People are dying and all we can do is bash each other. This comments show you jumped straight from ’Luak’ to the internet Cafe. Shame.

    repondre message

    • 11 March 2012 14:47, by Mi diit

      Some eat monkeys or "agok" and call it civilization.

      repondre message

      • 11 March 2012 15:10, by Mach

        Midit, that’s very funny, but you stop short to indicate who does that!

        It’s sad, given that much people of your tribesmen killed and here you’re injecting humor in this sad situation. That defines what kind of people you really are.

        repondre message

        • 11 March 2012 16:13, by Mi diit

          Mach, sorry if I hurt you about the monkey issue. Ngundeng’s prophesy is coming soon in Jonglei state. I know how the killing will end.

          repondre message

          • 11 March 2012 16:50, by Kurnyel

            the attack in Akobo is a good sign to Riek machar and his thugs

            repondre message

  • 11 March 2012 16:47, by Kim Deng


    "We the Mighty Nuer Warriors didn’t kill Murle youth last December. This time we will go forest to forest; bush to bush to clean out armed Murle youth. If they run to Ethiopia, we will follow them there to clean them. There is no life in Jonglei State if Murle are not dealt with once and for all."

    repondre message

  • 11 March 2012 16:49, by Don P

    Sadly there is going to be a blood bath in Jonglei in the near future when the SPLA under the order of Salva Kiir start disarming the white army through force. With all that i read about the JPI in the USA, things are going to get ugly.

    repondre message

    • 11 March 2012 17:11, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

      Brother we do not bother of what the write on websit, what is on the ground is what we all beleived in, anyone who will refuse to hand in his gun will be force to do so,
      Those white militias don’t have manpower to fight SPLA my dear, the SPLA army will do their job and anybody refuse will be shot dead because they are the seed of problem in the country,

      repondre message

      • 11 March 2012 17:30, by Don P

        I agree with you that the white army dont have the man power to fight the spla. However this is a tribal conflict and once the army aims guns at a specific tribe it will spark a fire that will be impossible to extinguish.

        repondre message

  • 11 March 2012 17:31, by manyang mawech

    D.M please check yr SPLA/SPLM STATUS! then come back with answer. Throwing words on media would be regrettable.

    repondre message

  • 11 March 2012 17:54, by Kim Deng

    Nuer Warriors,

    The only way to stop Murle unrest is to evict them from their land and occupy it permanently at least for six months. You have done it to Anyuak and Burun in those years, then why not this tiny Murle?

    repondre message

    • 11 March 2012 19:11, by Ruach

      6 months is less.9 Months!

      repondre message

      • 12 March 2012 00:34, by mohammed ali

        Rauch, and continue with the genocide and ethenic cleansing!

        repondre message

  • 11 March 2012 19:00, by Nguetbuny de Luelpiny

    If I were GOSS. Development can easy raiders.
    No direct Disarment. Schools,cilinics,water treatment, roads, Agriculture across villages. Universities,colleges in Towns. can create Business flourish. Helicopters,6Gunships,10 carriers to track cattles raiders to Disarment on spote on Robber roads. Fire on if they refuse to laydown or fire on Arm. police look individual who threat Court officials.

    repondre message

    • 12 March 2012 00:40, by mohammed ali

      First schools, food, hospitals & roads , then they will disarm alone. They will feel that their life has a value. If the big thieves continus rheir " oil money rustlling" they will continue with their cattle rustelling! Stop the big thieves first!

      repondre message

  • 11 March 2012 19:05, by Strategy

    Good,this is the doing of Salva and his Dinka gangs.They want to get rid of Nuers,this is the beginning,but we are going to kill Salva the drunkard soon before he even realize it and his small Dinka kingdom will come down crumpling.Mark these words!

    repondre message

    • 11 March 2012 19:16, by Strategy

      And the dirty Murle will be given their lesson too that they will not forget.I swear after we take care of the drunkard man in Juba,who is now the obstacle in our quest to punish these thugs,the so-called Murle, the rest will be a free ride.

      The solution is assassination,let the Nuer leaders who care about their big bellies watch because we can’t wait while the Dinka leadership work day and night

      repondre message

      • 11 March 2012 19:17, by Strategy

        to murder innocent Nuer civilians.

        repondre message

    • 11 March 2012 19:19, by Ruach

      Strategy.Kiir should not be killed.It will be a big shame to our culture of killing the leader.We will just vote him out.Maybe u are not Nuer,but u want to beat ur drum here.Wait,the revenge will be sooner than later and worse than Dec 2011

      repondre message

      • 11 March 2012 19:52, by Strategy

        I’m a pure Nuer,although I have got to admit,I have a little blood of Dinka.But that does not mean I have to be soft on someone who want to exterminate my whole tribe.Ruah,do you mean to deny that there is no conspiracy against Nuer tribe by dinkas,or what? This is a common knowledge,man.Using Jeebe to do this job for them,if it come cheap is a possibility.Have you seen how all of them are......

        repondre message

        • 11 March 2012 19:58, by Strategy

          happy celebrating Nuers’ death.This is a sign of great hatred and animosity.We are the worst enemies onto ourselves.The strategy is already on the way,man,just be prepared for the outcome-a situation worst then the so-called somaliasation.Dinka elites can’t build a nation base on Nuers’ agony.

          repondre message

        • 11 March 2012 20:02, by Ruach

          Strategy.I always stick on truth.I wondered when he(Kiir)went to Bor last week and said,SPLA will fight any one who refused to peacefully submit his gun whether he is son of God he will fight him.Who was he talking about?Lou-Nuer/Deng-Taath.The solution is not killing him,but to vote him out and face justices

          repondre message

          • 11 March 2012 20:18, by Strategy

            I can agree with you at some point but ’voting him out’ that seems like we are looking at long terms solution.Considering how entrenched he is,the likelihood of that is a clean nil.There have to be options on the table.

            repondre message

            • 12 March 2012 04:46, by Rommel


              How would initiating an internecine tribal war with the Dinka by assassinating Salva Kiir benefit the Nuer!? It seems that at any point that the Nuer are confronted with some problem... their immediate reaction is to then ascribe the cause of the calamity to the Dinka.

              repondre message

              • 12 March 2012 09:04, by Mi diit


                This so called Strategy guy is not a Nuer. I guess he is one of Jalaby intelligent men indirectly warning us about what they want to do to our President Kiir. Nuers do not murder leaders, they kill them in direct confrontations (battles). Khartoum is planning something else...

                repondre message

  • 12 March 2012 05:47, by George Bol

    My friend, don’t talk about impossibility. I don’t know where will you go if you try it.

    repondre message

    • 12 March 2012 07:45, by Strategy

      Gorge Bol

      You are so ignorant just like your bearded beny-dit."I don’t know where will you go if you try it?" Your question sounds like you control the whole world,what if I tell you,we will go after your asses? Will that answer you enough.

      There is nothing call impossible in this world.Ridiculous indeed! Your beny,is 24 hrs under the mercy of many of his enemies,he has a lot of weaknesses.It’s.

      repondre message

      • 12 March 2012 07:50, by Strategy

        just that the option of assassination hasn’t been considered until recently,when the SPLA,the very army that’s suppose to practice professional war ethics violated it by assassinating Gatluak Gai and George Athor.

        repondre message

  • 12 March 2012 07:53, by Dinkawarrior

    “We are going to kill Salva the drunkard soon before he even realize it and his small Dinka kingdom will come down crumpling. Mark these words!” It seem that you want to repeated the evil act against the son of Dinka, it came to our attention that Nuer intellectuals had hands on Dr. John Garang’s death! It’s undeniable facts even Dr. Riek’s signature couldn’t be hiding any more!

    repondre message

  • 12 March 2012 07:55, by Dinkawarrior

    It seem that you want to repeated the evil act against the son of Dinka, it came to our attention that Nuer intellectuals had hands on Dr. John Garang’s death! Its undeniable facts even Dr. Riek’s signature couldn’t be hiding but this time Ruanda war will be much better than what you suggested.

    repondre message

  • 12 March 2012 07:57, by Dinkawarrior

    Dr. Garang’s death was very confusing until the world identified it some of you traded him out with money and for leadership. It was not your tactics alone but with the rests of the world traders, it’s just a matter of times but those whose hands on him will be regret. (Amy War is continuing) Death to Profit Ngundeng’s followers!

    repondre message

    • 12 March 2012 09:13, by Mi diit

      The so called Dinkawarrior and Strategy are not Dinkas or Nuers but Jalaby intelligent officers whose mission is to confuse us and divide us. Strategy is talking of killing our President and lying that he is from Nuer. Dinkawarrior also condemns Nuer for the death of late John Garang. These are Arabs who indirectly expose their plan to murder our leaders. Our leaders should take care.

      repondre message

  • 12 March 2012 12:30, by OTOOLITMODDO

    The faster you kill cowboy the better, and don’t forget Riek Machar, Kuol Manyang and the other less important ’jo’s such as Bol Kong, Marial Barnaba, and Malak Ayuen. All these evil guys must go to hell. Then the true tribal wars for freedom in South Sudan will start. It will continue for 5 years. A powerful Murle war-lord will finally emerge and unite all South Sudanese. No more tribalism.

    repondre message

    • 12 March 2012 19:28, by Ruach

      It will take long time for Murle to rule others!100% of Jebeni are illitrates and they live in the jungles all

      repondre message

  • 6 February 2013 15:59, by dennishobson

    Oh my goodness! an amazing article dude. Thank you However I am experiencing issue with ur rss . Don’t know why Unable to subscribe to plastic lumber it. Is there anyone getting identical rss problem? Anyone who knows kindly deck de piscina respond. Thnkx

    repondre message

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