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LRA Response to Kony 2012




History is a great teacher.

Humanity ignores its lessons at its own peril.

Perhaps the late United States Secretary of Defence Robert McNamara who provided political leadership to the US military adventure in South East Asia during the 1960’s never had the advantage to benefit from Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s critique of that war.

Had Secretary McNamara so benefited from that civilized critique – millions of lives may have been saved, and much hate and venom against the USA would have been avoided.

In May 1954, Indian Prime Minister Nehru, aptly warned through a friend who was well connected to the US leadership:-

“I do not think that there are many examples in history of a succession of wrong policies being followed by a country as by the United States in the Far East during the past five or six years.

“They have taken one wrong step after another…

“They think they can solve any problem with money and arms.

“They forget the human element.

“They forget the nationalist urges of the people.

“They forget the resentment of the people in Asia against impositions.”

Later Secretary McNamara had to apologize to the American people for playing a role that contributed to get them embroiled in the costly and uncalled for destructive and bitter South Eastern Asian wars.

History has since borne out Prime Minister Nehru’s civilized critique of the US practices and addiction of using raw military force in world affairs and its foreign relations.

In the contemporary times – the peoples of the world, who share common humanist ideals with the majority of the good American people, stand the wiser.

And, the people of Uganda, Central Africa and Africa – like most humanity in the USA are peoples of faith.

Our African people are profound believers in Christian, Islamic and Indigenous African faiths.

They take most seriously and highly value for instance, the admonition of Jesus – the Christ (Prophet Issa in Islam) – whose teaching to all believers was: “Seek ye the truth and the truth shall set thee free.”

This prophetic and spiritual admonition is relevant to all in the world, particularly those who exercise vast earthly powers for which one day they will be made to account.

The US African Command and the US special forces-led military adventure and intervention in Central Africa are best evaluated with the benefit of the Prophetic and Messianic admonition of Jesus – the Christ – on truth.

What indeed is the truth of the US intervention in Central Africa?

What reality and facts stand behind the “KONY 2012” façade or masquerade?

Within what parameters of interests are these activities taking place?

Whatever may be the answers to the foregoing – “KONY 2012” is a clear act of malevolent deception and manipulation of world mass consciousness.

But, behind each masquerade or act such as “KONY 2012” lies the real story; of facts and realities.

Behind “KONY 2012” lurks the USA which is not a ‘banana republic’ state, but a world hegemonic power that runs a vast global network of war, intelligence and security institutions, and a myriad of their humanitarian front and service organizations.

Unknown to our impoverished people, the Invisible Children is one such front organization that is embedded deep within this said US worldwide network of institutions.

Its recent maximal activation to prepare world opinion to accept as, ‘inevitable and necessary’ – the military campaign to ‘kill and then capture’ Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army Field Command, is a cheap and banal panic act of mass trickery to make the unsuspecting peoples of the world complicit in the US rogue and murderous activities in Central Africa.

Indeed, this is not the first time the Invisible Children has been used to play such dirty role.

In Uganda, the Invisible Children has been used to cover up on many occasions for the vile acts of the US supported military regime of Uganda in its dirty war activities that its army has carried out against the civil population in Northern, North Eastern, Eastern and Mid-Western Uganda.

Its continued role is, to help sanitize the murderous regime of the army republic of Uganda – and maximally demonize the armed guerrillas in Uganda including the LRA – by working to pile all that is discreditable on the guerrillas, who are only one of the parties in the wars that the army regime has waged against the people of Uganda – while exculpating the murderous military machine of the regime of the army republic from any and all blame.

The principal endeavor of the masters of the Invisible Children is however to divert the attention of the people of Uganda and world democratic opinion from focusing on the real problems that face our African people under the army republic of Uganda and the search for their necessary resolution.

In effect, “KONY 2012” whose falsehoods have now, boomeranged on one of its authors and purveyors, a Mr. Jason Russel, constitute the biggest ruse and the most sordid ‘open air’ ‘sleight of the hand’ act, that has ever been used to deceive the gullible and the uninformed in the world.

Millions have consequently had their intellect and minds, ‘pocket picked’ and subjected to the most banal trickery, deception and manipulation.

To take advantage of and use the innocent, but gullible humanity as a step to achieve selfish gains, by making them complicit in the spread of falsehoods is undoubtedly the most iniquitous of sacrileges – for they are the most undefended of God’s people.

The unscrupulous purveyors of falsehoods, who trick the innocent to bear false testimony – will without doubt yet get their deserving rewards, like Judas Iscariot did.

“KONY 2012” has been put up as part of a package of synchronized means with which the US is to shoot down the ongoing plans of the native and indigenous Africans to actualize or realize – a national democratic settlement of the long standing political problem of Uganda in a Sovereign National Conference in which all the peoples, nations and communities of Uganda will without exception be represented.

The realization of these noble objectives would open up sovereign spaces and possibilities by which the people of Uganda and her neighboring African peoples would win lasting peace and justice, realize development, national and regional self becoming and progress through the prudent and judicious utility of Uganda’s and the region’s vast natural resource endowments.

These achievements, can however only be made outside or without the constraints of the current puppet and anti-development army republic of Uganda.

The projected movement of the native and indigenous African people towards these rightful goals is seriously opposed by the USA. The USA is fearful of the consequences of such movement given the current strategic and economic intervention of China in Central Africa – which may indeed create conditions that offer possible developmental alternatives to the native and indigenous African peoples of Central Africa.

The increasing Chinese presence in the strategic Nile and Congo River valleys and basins/ lands and in Central Africa has seriously unnerved the US and made it necessary or compelled the USA to press its panic button.

Consequently all – have been called into active service.

All political, cultural, ideological, psychological, media/ propaganda as well as military means that can be marshaled in the US global network have now had to be activated to estop the native and indigenous African peoples’ movement in Central Africa to; sovereignty and independent developmental paths.

The strategic and economic intervention of China in Central Africa – has consequently to be nipped in the bud and averted.

Joseph Kony and the LRA whose field strength the US and allied powers now estimate at 250 lightly armed men, provide the most convenient pretext to be used in justifying the US military intervention in Central Africa.

The Invisible Children is the chosen front organization that must make the global alarm – to justify the US intervention to crash the LRA and ‘kill and then capture’ Joseph Kony and the LRA Field Command allegedly so that at last the civil populations of Central Africa get necessary protection from the LRA by force of the US led military intervention mounted by the US African Command (AFRICOM), the US special forces and allied army brigade from Uganda, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic.

The US Africa Command and the US special forces-led campaign in Central Africa comes at a time when the USA as a world power is faced with significant internal and external difficulties and set backs – a situation which in the power practices obtaining in the American polity often unnerves and panics the country’s political class.

The USA is faced not only with the challenge to extricate its military forces from the quicksand of Afghanistan/ Pakistan, but has at the same time to stave off the Chinese challenge in the Asia Pacific region, Latin America and Africa. The US has equally to further face up to the emergent alternate power axis that stretches from China/ North Korea, through Russia/Iran – down to the Mediterranean.

These challenges to US world hegemony and power are being faced in the very difficult condition in which the country has to estop and reverse the evident deep economic decline that has enveloped it for sometime now. These salvage efforts occur in a context where little hope exists in re-igniting necessary timely economic revival and, or rebuilding the necessary scope for the US to overcome and transcend the country’s unparalleled deep financial indebtedness.

This once most powerful country, now finds itself peering without precedent; into the abyss of the future.

Like all past historical powers – the tendency of a hegemon facing up to such a historical conundrum is to engage in projects of decimation of the weak, perhaps as sacrifices to appease the gods!

This time – the sacrifices are evidently being made in the impoverished native and indigenous peoples’ communities in Central Africa.

These sacrifices are unacceptable and have to be condemned and resisted as best as the native and indigenous Africans can.


Only five months ago, on October 14, 2011, President Barack Obama of the United States of America, out of the blue and without any provocation or apparent reason, announced to the world the deployment of 100 United States special forces/ military advisors to Uganda and the Central Africa region to lead and command a local African brigade in the eradication of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and in the ‘killing and then capture’ of Joseph Kony – its leader.

The Lord’s Resistance Army/ Movement (LRA/M) Peace Team had on October 9, 2011 – on the occasion of Uganda’s 49th independence anniversary – issued an open communication to the people of the country, reiterating and underlining the movement’s commitment to align with the people of Uganda in their struggle for the realization of the vision of a New Uganda – that they all have to democratically determine and agree upon in a Sovereign National Conference after the current military rule in the country has been brought to an end. Coming only days after the release of the said Peace Team’s open communication – the announcement by the US President to deploy troops of the US African Command and the US special forces in Uganda and Central Africa, was nothing short of a declaration of war against the idea and vision of a New Uganda. It was primarily, therefore, a desperate attempt to dam the river of change in Uganda and lend its tired and faltering puppet regime support at its weakest moment.

Today, five short months down the line, the idea of a New Uganda, which is to be charted via an all-inclusive Sovereign National Conference as suggested by the LRA/M Peace Team, has caught the imagination of millions of Ugandans – both inside and outside the country – and attracted the support of many well-wishers across the world. In sharp contrast to the ‘Rambo’ type military solution espoused by the US and its African stooges and allies as a solution to the political problem of Uganda, which is increasingly frowned upon – the idea of a New Uganda has gathered momentum in Uganda and is fast becoming seen in our troubled African region as the only viable way forward to peace, justice and beneficial development.

The alarmist and sensational “KONY 2012” video, released to the world on March 5th, 2012, by the US based front NGO, the Invisible Children, is meant to provide the requisite excuse for the US military intervention in Central Africa whose major purposes include action to stall the maturation of National Democratic Political Settlement in Uganda and scuttle the spread and due adoption of this democratic idea. “KONY 2012” is to help shore up support for the US-‘backed’ ‘Rambo’ type military project in Central Africa, as the means with which to guarantee for the US, access to the region’s rich natural resources that the US believes is theirs as by right of might.

“KONY 2012” is an open air sleight of the hand project that the US Government, its Senate, and Congress, and, their allied; media, NGOs, uninformed and gullible US cultural celebrities, the hapless United Nations Organization, the puppet regime of Uganda, the Peace and Security Committee of the African Union, etc – have all been mobilized to give credence and stealthily make the world public complicit in the US led military campaign to, ‘kill and the capture’ Joseph Kony and the LRA Command.

The US Africa Command and US special forces – are determined to proceed in their military adventure regardless and despite the protestations of key players on the ground like General Jean Claude Kifwa of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the ground and area field commander of FARD Congo, who told journalists in Kinshasa on March 14, 2012 that “We have reduced the capacity of LRA. For us it’s no longer an issue of defence. It’s a public order issue.”

Gen Kifwa further explained to the journalists that day, that much of the insecurity in the region that has been blamed on the LRA has actually been carried out by local bandits. He suggested that Uganda may be deliberately seeking to entrap the US in the effort to help extend the life of its military regime. “Firstly, he’s [Kony is] no longer in Uganda. Also the Americans are supporting Ugandans (against the LRA) and the Ugandans want to benefit from that support,” concluded General Jean Claude Kifwa.

In short, the Kony hunt is a wild military adventure against the ‘pimpernel’ and certainly a mere excuse used by the Americans and the Ugandan military regime to dupe the world to support their self serving and hidden evil purposes and game plan in Central Africa.

Yet in reality, the US and the military regime of Uganda, are not interested in ending the ‘wars’ of intervention, which is their greatest lifeline in Central Africa and the means by which to in their misplaced imaginations, divert the focus of Ugandans from the requisite national democratic resolution of the problem of Uganda.

In 2005, the US through a Pentagon agent of Ugandan origin, knowing that the LRA was opting for genuine peace talks at a neutral venue outside Uganda following the collapse of the Betty Bigombe initiative, maneuvered the LRA to move from Northern Uganda to northeastern DR Congo on the promise that they would be supplied with armaments in the DR Congo. Apart from allowing space for the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (of Southern Sudan) and the Uganda People’s Defence Force (of Uganda) to reorganize and stabilize Sothern Sudan and Northern Uganda, this maneuver was to forestall any initiative for the genuine peaceful resolution of the Ugandan problem. Today it is the official and public position of both the US and Uganda governments that the LRA fled to the Congo to escape from the Uganda army.

In 2007 – during the Juba Peace Talks – the US, opposed the release of funds for public consultation inside and outside Uganda by the LRA Peace Delegation on the pretext that the LRA planned to use the money to return to war in Uganda. A plot meanwhile had been hatched for Kony to be assassinated to torpedo the possibility of popular participation in the peace process. When this failed following the death of Kony’s deputy, Vincent Otti, and public consultation was facilitated – the army regime of Uganda made sure that the projected follow up with a consultative conference that was to bring together the leadership of the LRA with representations of the people of Uganda, did not take place. It threatened to attack the venue of such a projected convention.

In November 2008, Jolly Laker, the country director of the Invisible Children in Uganda, and Brigadier Charles Awany Otema of the Uganda army were used to send text messages to Joseph Kony to warn and discourage him from signing the projected peace agreement, when it was feared that he was going to do so at the end of that month. They warned him that whether he signed the agreement or not, he was to be killed. This fact was revealed by Joseph Kony himself on November 29, 2008 to delegations of community, religious, political and other leaders from Uganda who had turned up in Rikwangba for the signing of the projected agreement. The matter of the text messages was among the many later raised by the LRA/M Peace Delegation before President Yoweri Museveni days before the 14 Dec 2008 air and ground US AFRICOM-led attack on LRA encampment. [This matter was raised in Kampala in the presence of Dr Riek Machar, the South Sudan Vice President and the then chief mediator of the peace talks. In an Al Jezeera interview – Dr Machar later in his turn revealed the complicity of the US in the military attack that was mounted against the LRA Command on 14th December 2008]

In 2009, an extra-territorial law was enacted in the US, on the advocacy of the Invisible Children and other US based organizations known to front for US AFRICOM in Africa, to provide the requisite legal foundation in the US law for US military intervention in Uganda and Central Africa. The African Union (AU) through its Peace and Security Committee is now mindlessly being made to lend political and legal legitimacy to the said extra territorial US law after the fact.

The Invisible Children has been a most convenient front that wears a humanitarian face mask in the US campaign for its control of the Nile and Congo River valleys and basins/ Central Africa.

The Invisible Children’s latest electronic media offensive and campaign, is only part of the media propaganda weaponry now deployed in service of the larger US scheme in this contested African zone – where the US faces serious competition from other world economic powers, especially that of China.

The Invisible Children was used to mount a hysterical campaign to get Congress to enact ‘the Lord’s Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act of 2009’, which the US administration needed in opening up the ground for the US to use, under the convenience of the said extra territorial act, and to get politically acceptable funding for its ‘Rambo’ type military campaigns in the effort to hold against, stall, defeat and, estop the Chinese economic intrusion into Central Africa.

The Invisible Children has also been used by US president B. H. Obama to attempt to sanitize and justify these US ‘Rambo’ type military adventures and effect direct intervention in Central Africa – even over the heads of many of its hapless African state and military leadership allies in the Central African region.


The Obama administration however, has to suffer embarrassment of the falsehoods that the Invisible Children propagate that, the LRA continues in active military operation in Northern Uganda, whereas it is common knowledge even to the politically blinded that the LRA Command – did decide after the 14th Dec 2008 AFRICOM led air and ground military offensives to discontinue military activity in Uganda until, further consultations with the Ugandan people are matured on as to, ‘what is to be done’ to free all Ugandans from the yoke of the cruel army republic of Uganda. These consultations which have been ongoing and are aimed at mounting an all inclusive Sovereign National Conference of the peoples, nations and communities of Uganda, are in their mature phase.

The Invisible Children’s recent electronic/ social media offensive – not only insults the intelligence of the peoples of the world, but is intended to divert the attention of the victims of repression of the regime of the army republic of Uganda from the evil US game plan in the Nile/ Congo River valleys and basins/ Central Africa zone.

The idea is to make these victims of repression keep their eyes on the ‘ball’ in play rather than or instead of on the ‘game plan’ which is the larger context within which power games are being played to constrain the legitimate activities of the victims for their freedom.

This discredited old stratagem of imperial powers – which has had its day, is misconceived and misplaced.

The victims of the US backed vicious repression in the army republic of Uganda cannot be further fooled.

We shall keep our eyes on the game plan that is in place, but above all on the prize of National Freedom, African self becoming and welfare.

The African victims of vicious exploitation under foreign money and economic interests, who suffer oppression and repression under the regime of the army state in Uganda, know that the fundamental issue now is to reclaim the control and full ownership of our ancestral lands and patrimonies. The contestations among world economic interests and powers, to exploit the fabulous natural resource endowments of our country which are now becoming more vicious every passing day; prompt us to take serious guard in the situation.

In the US/ Chinese competition for the extraction of oil, uranium, platinum, gold, diamonds, iron, coal and other strategic minerals, etc from our country and Central Africa, our people are put on the spot in the like of the proverbial African rabbit whose fate remains the same whether it is to be eaten by the ‘American wolf’ or the ‘Chinese fox’.

In this estimation, it is evident that only our long oppressed and enslaved African people, can self emancipate and self develop our country and economy, and perhaps with the secondary participation of the foreign interests who will enjoin the efforts of our African people, in mutual benefit.

Historical evidence and wisdom show that it has never benefited the enslaved to seek to merely change their slave masters.

In this twenty first century – our much tribulated native and indigenous African people, struggle for freedom as the condition precedent to self develop our economy, country and society so as to benefit from the endowments of our African patrimonies and actualize our right to self become and relate with other free humanity in the world in due equality, and dignity.


The African guerrillas in Central Africa are not only conscious of the complex situation that now obtains in the world, but hold and benefit from historical sense.

The African guerrillas know that historical record shows that President Dwight Eisenhower sentenced Prime Minister Patrice E. Lumumba, his colleagues Maurice Mpolo and Joseph Okito to death in violation and total negation of US law.

Prime Minister Lumumba, a brilliant, charismatic, courageous and visionary African son, was declared by the US and the CIA to be, a ‘mad dog’, perhaps to make his assassination justifiable and morally acceptable!

It was reported that the President wanted the problem dealt with expeditiously. He told the CIA director Allen Dulles, that Lumumba had to be eliminated!

P.M. Lumumba whose program – was for a sovereign and independent developmental Congo whose fabulous natural resources would be utilized to benefit the Congolese and Africans, swore never to let the resources of the free Congo be used to make, for instance, weapons of mass destruction such as those that were made from the Congolese uranium for the bombs that eviscerated the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima!

To the US and the CIA and other US intelligence agencies – P.M. Lumumba was an incorrigible Soviet agent.

Patrice, who talked in terms of doing all that was humanly necessary to win a dignified placing for Africans in the history in which they would be full subjects, was brutally assassinated and martyred with his colleagues Okito and Mpolo.

They would not be the last human sacrifices made in the imperial attempts made to ensure Africa’s continued ruthless exploitation by the interests of foreign money.

With evident significant desperation, an African Union envoy, one Francisco Caetano Madeira – a Mozambican ‘assimilado’ – has now been used in the like of his master’s voice to mouth the US ultimatums to Joseph Kony: “to surrender,” or get “captured and killed”.

Should Joseph Kony and his colleagues get martyred by the US African Command and US special forces – and the forces of their African state and military lackeys – they will only have succeeded to create a new Rembe or Mahdi, Kibangui or Matswa, Mulele or Lumumba, Okito or Mpolo, in new times.

Since the advent of the military regime of Uganda – US imperialism, in pursuit of its Nile and Congo River valley/ basin geostrategic game plan, has had in hand a most convenient African pawn, an Uncle Tom and an obedient stooge in Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. The sages or wise men of the Ganda nation, call such persons as ‘Omusungu Agambye Nyampala’ Africans.

Since his advent to government – many African state leaders have in shrouded circumstances got martyred in our region; among them:-

President Melchior Ndadaye of Burundi.
President Juvenal Habyalimana of Rwanda.
President Cyprien Ntayamira of Burundi.
Prime Minister Lady Agatha Ulingiyamana of Rwanda.
President Laurent Desire Kabila of the DR Congo.
Vice President John Garang de Mabior of The Sudan and President of South Sudan.

Many other non ranked Africans have similarly got martyred.

The circumstances of and responsibilities for their assassinations are common knowledge to informed world powers and their intelligence systems.

The US African Command and US special forces-led military campaign to ‘kill and then capture’ Joseph Kony is just now reaching a new crescendo – hence the massive propaganda generated through the Invisible Children to prepare the minds of Africans and others to accept, and, psychologically become complicit to the projected murder of an ordinary African man, who in the like of a field slave in the Americas of old, has seen it necessary to rise against the slave system of the army republic of Uganda whose cruel and destructive rule has been subsidized hitherto by every US administration: democrat or republican.

Unknown to the slave masters of the state leaders of the army republic of Uganda – our native and indigenous peoples’ fight already stands strategically and politically victorious.

For over a quarter of a century, the war of our native and indigenous African peoples has been directed at unmasking Yower Kaguta Museveni and his despotic, destructive and corrupt political practices.

The guerrilla struggles against his cruel rule have helped to induce him to shed his camouflage, become naked and get exposed to his bare political body skin.

When on January 25, 1986 – nefarious international and allied regional interests and forces ushered him to the presidency in Uganda, they presented him to the world as a modern day saint.

Today – three decades later – thanks to his political undressing on account of the impact generated by guerrilla struggles – he is seen by all, friend and foe, and young and old in Uganda for the rascal and stooge that he is.

He has laid blame on and quarreled with all – in the army, police and security forces, with parliamentarians, judicial personnel, civil servants, Academia, frightened self-censoring media personnel, his local and regional political peers and any other persons who do not accept his eccentricities and idiocy.

The USA and allied powers helped to mould and back him for what they saw as an asset.

Today he has truly become a liability to all interests – local, regional and foreign.

Beyond this, his leadership has finally been used to lure the US African Command and the US Special Forces into an arena of emergent titanic political contestations – which will confirm the USA as the prime opponent of native and indigenous people of Central Africa.

The war of our African guerrillas – has not been one of decisive military campaigns and naked frontal confrontations.

The war conducted by our African guerrillas is one of strategic political, ideological and psychological siege of the enemy of our enslaved native and indigenous people.

It is also a war of elastic timelines.

Once the enemy is made to suffer deep and irreversible exposure as the leaders of the army republic of Uganda now have – the war becomes the political war of the multitudes or of our entire native and indigenous African people, who struggle to regain and, or self secure the country’s sovereignty and their various ancestral lands and patrimonies.

At this phase of the struggle, it is superfluous to pretend to, ‘kill and then capture’ Kony and his colleagues as a solution to the longstanding political problem of Uganda.

The baton of political initiative has long been passed to the various peoples, nations and communities of Uganda, the native and indigenous youths, women and men of our African homeland, their intelligentsia and esteemed native leaderships who are now being prepared to meet in a representative Sovereign National Conference to forge like in the past Lancaster House Conferences; a national democratic political settlement of the long standing problem of Uganda so that a New Uganda, perhaps a Commonwealth of Peoples and Nations of Uganda (the CPNU) is instituted in place of the current moribund, cruel and destructive army republic of Uganda.

The struggle of the guerrillas is aimed at creating the conditions necessary and support for the native and indigenous African people to politically defeat their enemy. The guerrillas are in the like of the good African hunting dog whose role is to give the support that its masters require in the hunt to achieve its master’s set objectives.

Our native and indigenous people and the guerrillas of our country struggle for a homeland that will no longer be held in place by the bayonet, the gun and raw power imposition as under the army republic, but by popular consensus and democratic composition.

The native and indigenous people of our country consequently are the base upon which a New Uganda will emerge to replace the destructive and evil army republic of Uganda.

Those misguided mechanical students of the war theoretician Carl Von Clausewitz, who seek to mount decisive battles against African guerrillas, suffer from not only a profound misapprehension of the African political reality; but ignorance of the nature and character of war that the African guerrillas have to conduct. The guerrillas seek strategic victory beyond winning battles. With the advantage of the historical, cultural and political understanding of the reality that obtains in Uganda – the guerrillas work to create the conditions necessary for the native and indigenous people to be victorious.

Should the current US led military adventure by accident ‘kill and then capture’ Kony, they will have only succeeded in immortalizing him by their planned terrorist offensive.

In 2006, the current President of Southern Sudan, H.E. Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit, warned that killing Joseph Kony, would create conditions that would make possible his replacement by perhaps a more complicated guerrilla leadership. Then President Kiir, held the opinion that the political problem of Uganda could best be resolved politically.

The evident resolve of our native and indigenous African peoples and all the children of the soils of the homeland, which is to further tighten the political and psychological siege of the leadership of the army republic, politically contain it and help effect its comprehensive political defeat; cannot now be defeated.

No person who is attentive to the ongoing political turbulence in Uganda can today fail to notice the popular and increasingly daring opposition that is being mounted against the army republic authorities in Uganda. This is a fact which is now self evident everywhere in the country which makes the leadership of the army republic ever nervous and irrational in their behavior and utterances.

As the world democratic opinion begins to understand the struggles of our native and indigenous African people – the rascals of the army republic will further suffer isolation.

For those foreign money and capital interests that seek to participate in our country’s future developmental processes in the mutual gain; only the universe will be the limit of possibilities when Uganda rids itself off the burdens of the current military regime of the corrupt of the world.

Our oppressed native and indigenous people stand gratified to know that in the struggle for our national liberation, the real butchers of our people will not forever hide their vile acts against our humanity.

Indeed, many in the world do not go by the lies, distortions and misrepresentations that the US administration and its front organizations such as the Invisible Children spread about in the world to demonize the African guerrillas.


Jurist Karen Parker – who was tasked to research the Northern Uganda war on ‘Forced Displacement in Northern Uganda’ for United Nations sub-commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human rights produced a damning report on the vile activities of the military machine of the army republic in Northern Uganda.

“The war in Northern Uganda” Karen Parker noted, “involves massive rapes, killing, torture and extra judicial executions as a policy by the Ugandan military. Some 1.3 million people have been displaced in the Gulu, Kitgum and Pader districts of Northern Uganda. There are over 73 camps with from 1,500 to 50,000 people in them, all forcibly displaced by UPDF soldiers, with over 350,000 out of some 400,000 people displaced from Gulu district alone.

“Forced displacements occurred after UPDF bombed and burned Acholi villages, and beat, killed, raped and threatened people into moving. Some of the displacements occurred prior to 1993, but the most recent round of displacements began in 1996 and peaked in the 2002 – 2005 timeframe. The UN and World Food Program in 2006 classified Northern Uganda as a severe humanitarian emergency due to the disease and deaths occurring in the camps.

“The Uganda government claims to provide security for the camps but [during the 26 year war of the LRA war against the Ugandan government] the camps [have been] raided at will by the LRA and, instead of security in any case, UPDF forces pursue terrorism against the people of the camps.”

The ABC report/ USA – of May 18, 2007 spoke of the hard time and gross intimidation that its filming team faced in producing its report entitled, “Secret Photos Reveal New African Horrors”.

The ABC documentary makers were subjected to serious threats, intimidation and coercion. They suffered break-ins of where they kept their film equipment. These vile activities the ABC team reported came from Uganda government officials and their secret intelligence organizations.

They were robbed of footage and had their film equipment vandalized as they worked to document the suffering of millions of Ugandans that the war machine of the army republic meted out. The ABC team nevertheless recorded significant film footage on the massive atrocities, war crimes and crimes against humanity that the state war machine perpetrated against the civil population in Northern Uganda.

The US journalist Keith Herman Snow – wrote in his recent March 11, 2012 report entitled: “Oil in Darfur? Covert ops in Somalia? The New, Old Humanitarian Warfare in Africa.” HYPERLINK "http://www.allthingspass.com/journalism.php?catid=24"www.allthingspass.com/journalism.php?catid=24 that:-

“Like Somalia, the wars in Darfur and Northern Uganda are prosecuted for the same reasons: petroleum, gold, land and other natural resources. There is money to be made; indeed the Uganda government is depopulating the land to make it easier…”

The USA collaborates with the genocidal military regime of Uganda fully knowing its past murderous and loot records in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and worse of all in the Democratic Republic of The Congo – where its vile activities in that country led to the mass slaughter of up to 6 million defenceless Africans.

The USA – has chosen to ignore all such evidence of the rapacity of the army republic of Uganda, notwithstanding the International Court of Justice verdict to this effect of December 20, 2005.

Together with the well meaning people of the world who stand for truth – the truth of the problem of Uganda will continue to be duly probed, investigated and recorded, as the victims of the genocidal regime of the army republic of Uganda continue in the struggles to self emancipate and prepare to build a new homeland of peace, justice and prosperity.

It is indeed prudent to recall the suffering to which Prophets of God were similarly subjected due to falsehoods that were propagated against them.

Jesus – the Christ – who was born to a poor carpenter, Joseph and the Holy Virgin Mary, was intrigued against by Pharisees, Sadducees and all who had sold their souls for money and raw material gain.

The false testimonies they made against Christ (who was the very manifestation of Truth) which led to his crucification however, at the same time made him the immortal in history.

In the end, the facts and truths that history hold, though often temporarily manipulated by persons of power and their scribes, shall come to the fore.

President Thomas Jefferson, the brilliant author of the US Declaration of Independence and US Secretary of State who later became the 3rd American President, noted during his times that: “all world powers whether French or British meant to draw to themselves the power, the wealth and resources of other nations.”

US Secretary of State during the Woodrow Wilson administration, Robert Lansing – similarly saw the foreign policy of the world powers in early 20th century as driven by raw material gains and interests that were manifested in acquiring – “mines, oil fields, rich grain fields, and rail roads” from which they sought to create profitable undertakings.

These interests have often been justified under the banner of high and lofty ideals such as: for “the good of mankind”, “to protect and serve the interests of the people,” “to further peace and the social welfare of all, etc.” Secretary Robert Lasing saw the proper assessment of these pretentions as being, “so manifest that it was almost an insult to state them.”

The claims of the, “US manifest destiny” and its role as “a historical vanguard” or the imperative of America’s mission as the vanguard of history and as pegged upon transforming the global order and in doing so, perpetuating its own dominance, guided by “the imperative of military supremacy” that is maintained in perpetuity and projected globally, etc – are obviously self-serving assertions.

The ideals which are used to justify the US interventionist military activity elsewhere in the world, and, to hide the underlying US material interests in these military interventions, have overtime been taken as articles of faith by all US political and military leaderships.

The honest US Army/ Marine General Smedley Butler, in an address on August 21, 1931 to the American legion – stated the fundamentals that lie behind the much touted ideals that the US political and propagandists spread about to the gullible and the uninformed in the world:-

“I spent 33 years … being a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism…

“I helped purify Nicaragua for the international house of Brown Brothers in 1909 – 1916.

“I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American interests in 1916.

“I brought light to Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916.

“I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City (Bank) boys, to collect revenue in.

“I helped in the rape of a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street.

“In China in 1927 I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested … I had … a swell racket. I was rewarded with honors, medals, promotions…

“I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate a racket in three cities.

“The Marines operated in three continents.”

To General Butler – the US war activities and military interventions in the world were products of greed and that soldiers whom he commanded had been made to fight for no higher ideals than for the profit and gains of the US corporations.

There can hardly be, in the light of the foregoing authoritative statement of General Butler – much need for further argument as to the hidden constants and real reasons that continue to stand behind the US military interventions in the world, including Central Africa.

Today, in this 21st century – the US Africa Command (AFRICOM) and the US Special Forces, still hold on the creed that when dealing with those still living in the conditions of the 19th century, the laws of the jungle must apply, exactly as during the US disgraceful past!


The African guerrilla fighters – benefiting from historical sense and record – know that throughout human history, and despite impossible odds, men and women who have benefited from historical sense have shown impressive gallantry – fighting, suffering and giving their last measure of devotion for their causes.

These men and women have not been part of the “cults” that they are alleged to have belonged to.

Nor have they been inspired by a desire for glory.

Their motivation often has been a strong sense of morale, stubbornness and devotion in which duty became the better part of valor.

The African guerrillas have often dared against the greatest of odds to stand up to all manner of injustices.

They have risen to fight abundant hypocrisy of the mighty of the world and have had to pay the bitter price of abuse and denigration by the lettered and racists, while staying loyal to their causes.

They have hardly been known by their names, except a handful.

They are the many unsung who have stood committed to continue their fight, day after day, many times for basic survival, but above all for the ultimate overall salvation of the impoverished and oppressed of the parts of the world where they fight.

Though ignored, they however hold in the African souls, in hidden memories, folklore, orature and songs, as they will hold the place of pride in the African history yet to be written.

Indeed, Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba of the Congo had correctly asserted in his last letter to his dear wife Pauline, the Congolese, Africans and all the oppressed in the world that; the real history of Africa would not be written in Paris, Brussels, London or Washington – but in the free continent that had met its due appointment with history.

Doubtless, the names of our unsung African braves stand written in the books of God Almighty as of now.


The flow of history which has many twists, turns and surprises will yet make it possible for the native and indigenous Africans to adequately answer to and override the taunts that are directed against them and defend all against denigration and the coercive power of the mighty in the world.

In human history, ‘right’ has always in the end won against raw ‘might’.

It is perhaps instructive to recall that when the peace of victors after the 2nd World War was being made and a number of military and state leaders sought to involve Pope Pius XII – in the process, Generalissimo Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union, the Supreme Commander of the Red Army – mockingly enquired from his war allies as to what qualified the Pope to play the lead role they had proposed in the post 2nd World War peace arrangements!

“How many divisions has he?” Generalissimo Stalin asked.

Many decades later – Pope John Paul II, a power without any army, but a symbolic set of Swiss guards, used his prophetic and spiritual gifts to enthuse and motivate millions of catholic faithfuls and others in his homeland, Poland; to rise up with courage to politically defeat and transcend their fear of the ‘Red Polish Army’ war and repressive machine!!

Right stood superior to raw might.

The Polish multitudes won political victory over an impossible array and arsenal of armor, missiles, supersonic fighter aircrafts and bombs.

Such time will also come about in Central Africa, when the lofty cause of the native and indigenous African people will politically triumph over the armed forces that serve systems of human exploitation, oppression and repression.

Then, the Sun will for ever set for the US backed and subsidized military regime of the army republic of Uganda, and, rise for its victims – our native and indigenous people, who will with due courage and valor stand to reclaim the sovereign control and fullest ownership of our African ancestral lands, patrimonies and homelands.

History will then; as during the times of the asymmetrical contestations between on the one hand Prophet Moses and his people, and, on the other, the Pharaoh (the then slave master of Egypt), his army and mandarins; give its due unalloyed verdict in favor of human freedom.

God bless the children of the soil of our homeland.

God bless African humanity everywhere.

Labeja, Justine Nyeko
The Leader, LRA/M Peace Team
April 04, 2012

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