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SRF rebels say "comprehensive" solution requires regime change


June 1, 2012 (KHARTOUM) – The leadership bureau of the Sudanese Revolutionary Forces (SRF), a coalition of armed rebel groups, has held its third meeting and issued a communiqué renewing commitment to a “comprehensive” approach to achieving regime change.

SRF chairman Malik Agar (C) Photo by Jared Ferrie

The SRF was formed in November last year and includes the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement North (SPLM-N), which is fighting the government in South Kordofan and Blue Nile states, plus three rebel factions from the western region of Darfur: the Sudan Liberation Movement of Abdel-Wahid Nur (SLM-AW), Sudan Liberation Movement of Mani Arkoi Minnawi (SLM-MM), and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM).

The alliance’s stated goal is to topple the government of President Omer Al-Bashir in Khartoum through a mix of armed struggle in the peripheries and creation of mass civil unrest in the centre.

In a communiqué issued on Friday, the SRF said that its leadership bureau held its third meeting from 28 May to 1 June and conducted an assessment of the current political situation. The communiqué omitted to mention where the meeting was held but said it was attended by the SRF’s chairman, Malik Aggar, and his deputies as well as other members of the leadership bureau.

The communiqué launched renewed criticism against the policies of the Sudanese government and stressed that the only way to end Sudan’s current malaise is to topple the regime.

The communiqué also accused the government in Khartoum of starving refugee population in Darfur, Blue Nile and South Kordofan as well as using internationally-prohibited weapons against civilians in these areas.

SRF called on the international community to assume its duty of protecting civilians in these regions from “a regime whose leaders are wanted for crimes against humanity and war crimes” by the same international community.

SRF also said that lasting and holistic change in Sudan must come form a national consensus and lead to changing the regime, not joining it.

The communiqué said that the roadmap to change should include the creation of conditions such as a transitional period, a constitutional conference and the conduct of population census and free elections under the monitoring of the international community.

The rebels said they “welcome” the UN Security Council’s resolution number 2046, which ordered Sudan and neighbouring South Sudan to end hostilities and return to negotiations. The resolution also instructed Khartoum and the SPLM-N to “cooperate” in order to find a solution to the conflict in Blue Nile and South Kordofan.

SPLM-N secretary-general Yasir Arman told Sudan Tribune in an interview earlier this month that his group was “ready” to enter into negotiations with Khartoum despite SRF demands for “comprehensive” talks and solutions

The SLM-AW, which is part of the SRF, refuses any talks with the government and insists on using armed struggle to topple the government.


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  • 2 June 2012 09:49, by SEE ME

    Who authorized the idiots and war criminals of SPLA-N to speak on behalf of the majority of DARFUR, BLUE NILE and SOUTH KORDOFAN?

    • 2 June 2012 09:51, by SEE ME

      Even our cattles in DARFUR rejected them. Our oxes are ready to send them to hell.

      • 2 June 2012 10:00, by Darkangel

        I dont know where Arman is from. Al Hilu is from darfur and Agar represents one tribe in Blue Nile. Why these 3 think the peoples of states want them. Especially the Nuba who have its leaders and generals in South Sudan prisons, its men used are puppets in a Zionist war and its Women used as sex slaves by the SPLM, Darfur rebels and SPLM-N.

        The majority of people in Sudan know their treachery.

        • 2 June 2012 10:10, by SEE ME

          Ask this who is called Mr STOOL to try DARFUR again.

          Mr.STOOL left BULAD alone and escaped through CAR.

        • 2 June 2012 10:39, by Snipper

          Darkangel ,
          Be aware that south Sudanese don’t rape women or do they stone them. Ill treatment of women is only heard in sudan. Arman and Agar are leaders of SPLM N who will soon rule Khartoum ! you should cooperate with them before the situation gets nasty

          • 2 June 2012 11:28, by Darkangel

            Arman and Agar are leaders of SPLM N who will soon rule Khartoum


          • 2 June 2012 15:52, by mohammed ali

            Sniper, read the human rights report of the state dept. of the US just last month. It condemned the wide spread of rape of women, child abduction & enslavement, torture including near drowning and different brutal types of tortture in SS. Agar & Arman can never wlak on the streets of Khartoum!

        • 2 June 2012 18:36, by mogokafi

          Mr. Darkangel, those three men are SPLMN warriors struggling for injustices in Sudan and not in Zion; so get right fool. This is the main theme of NCP; the theory of divide and rule. Al Hilu is from Nuba and he is entitled to represent Nuba as well as everyone who is oppressed in Sudan; so is Agar and Arman. For your info, there is no history of sex slaves by SRF anywhere in Sudan.

    • 2 June 2012 10:03, by Dinkawarrior

      We are already covered their faces and you need to speed up and open their buts. Those fake Arab only can listen through their faces because they lost their ears.

    • 2 June 2012 10:20, by Johndumo14

      Under SPLA -North chairman, Malik Aggar,three rebel factions from the western region of Darfur: the Sudan Liberation Movement of Abdel-Wahid Nur (SLM-AW), Sudan Liberation Movement of Mani Arkoi Minnawi (SLM-MM), and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM). Three people join hands together ,they are the strongest amry.You have to topple the regime of sudan now,or you will be arabs slaves for ever

    • 2 June 2012 12:06, by zulu


      • 2 June 2012 12:13, by SEE ME


        Ask this who is called Mr STOOL to try DARFUR again.

        Mr.STOOL left BULAD alone and escaped through CAR.

    • 2 June 2012 17:27, by mogokafi

      This is foolish and illogical remark. Criminals are those wanted by the ICC and not those struggle for a fundamental rights of their indigenous Sudanese, the majority. I don’t know where exactly in this earth you came from. You are neither a Sudanese nor bounded with the realities in Sudan.

    • 5 June 2012 08:20, by okucu pa lotinokwan

      To SEE ME,if we compared now when Dr John Garang started the movement which has now bring independent to South Sudanese,Arabs in Khartoum were not very aware that the movemnt of SPLA will bring its fruit,and again now the SPLA-N with its allaince are saying regime change in Khartoum and this will be true no doult of that be aware of this SEE ME.


  • 2 June 2012 09:56, by Darkangel

    What Sudantribune has failed to mention (as usual) is WHERE did the SRF hold its third meeting and issue its communiqué.

    But i suppose most people know - ITS SOUTH SUDAN JUBA !!

    Shame on you South Sudan - backstabbing, treacherous and deceiving insect government.

    You want peace, oil and trade - expel these terrorists. Regime change so these Zionists can rule Sudan. To hell with all of you

  • 2 June 2012 10:12, by Akol Liai Mager

    There are always solutions out of two: Sitting down and resolve the problems through neotiations and dialogue, or settle the problems by mean of violence. However, resorting to violence always come when one party rejects peaceful ways and that’s what the NIF National Criminal Party does. What else coulf SRF do? Of course they cannot sit and watch NIF killing and raping people. Regime change Oyee!!

  • 2 June 2012 10:28, by SEE ME

    To all southerners and Nubians

    Why you have evil plans to kill DARFURIANS while YOU say that you hate northern-northern SUDANESE?

    Most of our DARFURIAN rebels married to northern-northern SUDANESE women.

    • 2 June 2012 10:53, by SEE ME

      DARFURIAN rebels love to marry the women from north Sudan and degraing our DARFURIAN women.

      DARFURIAN rebels are sick with COMPLEX INFERIORITY.

      Iam very proud that my roots are pure DARFURIANS.

      I ask DARFURIANS rebels to respect their mothers and fathers in LAW.

      • 2 June 2012 16:57, by mogokafi

        You are sounding ridiculous SEE ME. Darfurian rebels protect people of Darfur from rapes and crimes of Janjaweeds which you speak on behalf. Are you really a human? how could you forget over a quarter million people killed in Darfur by the Sudan government’s proxy the Janjaweeds.

        • 2 June 2012 20:17, by SEE ME


          when you will act like MAN and come to DARFUR then try ARAB ROOTED DARFURIANS?

          Go to NETHERLANDS and cry there?

          Whom you called Janjaweeds are your masters till the DAY of JUDGEMENT.

          Ask all Idiots of SLM and JEM why they started genocides on DARFURIAN ARABS and left SAF in big cities?

  • 2 June 2012 10:29, by pabaak

    SRF keep growing and growing, that’s what Dr. John Garang say, Sudan will not be the same again, and that’s what exactly happening, those of Humdi triangle, they either accept New Sudan or face distinction, how minority want to change the history of Sudan, the culture, demographic,and the religion diversity of Sudan to be so-called Arab and Islamic Country?.

  • 2 June 2012 11:08, by Akol Liai Mager

    The only red-handed people in the issue of Darfur are NIF leadership team and few Darfurians like Sisi who are being hired by Arabs in Khartoum and Qatar. Enough Evidences have been gathered, arrest-warrants ve’ been issued and the fugitive have managed so far to longer the time for their arrest, but they will eventually be apprehended and brought to justice like Mladic said the new ICC Presecutor

    • 2 June 2012 11:51, by SEE ME

      Akol Liai Mager

      First Blame KHALIL "ALLAHO YARHAMO". He was AMEER ELMUGAHIDEEN and fought very bravely the SPLA.

      KHALIL was an active and effective NIF member many times better than me.

      Iam still NIF but not NCP or PNP
      I ask ALLAH for the unity of NCP and PNP

      • 2 June 2012 12:35, by Akol Liai Mager

        Not all, but some South Sudanese have forgiven Martyr Dr Khalil for having such a courage to admit that Southerners were not his enemies and killing them will deny him access to Heaven. A message that NIF leaders and their supporters need to hear is that God forgives when you repent, admit wrong doing and genuinely ask for forgiveness. Even Al-Bashir has a chance to be forgiven if he seek that.

    • 2 June 2012 13:05, by SEE ME

      Akol Liai Mager

      Dr Sissi is from Fur and was rebels leader and they are many well educated men from FUR who are very fanatic members of NCP.
      Most leading positions of DARFUR are in the hands of FUR, ZAGHAWA and BURTEE

      ZAGHARA are main supporters to NCP in DARFUR.

      BURTEE are 90% NCP.

      You need to know that ARAB ROOTED DARFURIANS are not all NCP. That is DEMOCRACY

      • 2 June 2012 13:18, by Akol Liai Mager

        Did you really mean forming malicious allies btwn national criminal party with few Fur traitors to kill innocent Darfurian children and women a democracy? Oh dear! Be smart like you said elsewhere here that you are not NCP, but NIF though it is NIF that gave birth to NCP. Anyway that does not justify the mass killing of Darfurians perpetrated by the NIF Fugitives.

        • 2 June 2012 13:40, by SEE ME

          Akol Liai Mager

          Do you want to tell me that SPLA/M and SPLA-N are planning to put lockouts in the voice of the majority of FUR tribe including their SULTAN?

          Iam NIF and I will remain NIF even NCP has no right to stop and change me

          NIF is first open minded SUDANESE party in whole life on the independent SUDAN.

          NIF being built during the first free elections in the history of SUDAN

  • 2 June 2012 13:47, by SEE ME

    Akol Liai Mager

    Ask KIR about the welcoming of the other half of NIF in RSS.

    It is the PNP.

    Is that the "Divide & Rule" in sick minds of SPLA/M?

    • 2 June 2012 13:49, by SEE ME

      Akol Liai Mager
      Ask KIR about the welcoming of the other half of NIF in RSS.

      It is the PCP.

      Is that the "Divide & Rule" in sick minds of SPLA/M?

  • 2 June 2012 14:01, by Northern Sudanese

    Khalil Ibrahim, the leader of the JEM leader of the largest rebel group in Sudan was killed last year.........Agar,Hilu,Minni and Abdelwahid will have the same fate like Khalil Ibrahim..........

    • 2 June 2012 14:43, by Akol Liai Mager

      Who knows who could die first, the fugitives, the Northern Sudanese or the revolutionaries who are fighting injustice, racist and international’s recognised NIF criminals? Secondly, the death of Agar or Al-Hilu would not change the pending guilty verdict from Hague against the NIF killers.

      • 2 June 2012 15:32, by Northern Sudanese

        Akol Liai Mager

        These ’’revolutionaries’’ are fighting for the benefit os south sudanese......they betrayed their own country in Heglig and fought side by side with the SPLA.

        Agar= burned the flag of Sudan in 1997
        Wahid = wants to build relations with israel
        Minni= looking for another chair like the one they gave him in 2007
        Hilu= wants south sudanese to have the freedom in the north

        Fuck SRF!

        • 2 June 2012 19:17, by South South

          Northern Sudanese,

          FUCK you. Go to the hell terror with laundry on your head.

      • 2 June 2012 15:37, by Northern Sudanese

        No1 cares about the Hague as long as bush and israei leaders are enjoying their lives...........

        the death of Agar or Al-Hilu would not change the pending guilty verdict from Hague (which no1 cares about) but will of course stabilize the region and improve investments there specially in oil and agriculture.....

        you expect people holding the flag of SS to be owners of our presidential palace? XD.

        • 2 June 2012 15:55, by Akol Liai Mager

          The current Nimery Flag is a symbol of racist, oppression and insults for the Northen Sudan native population and deserves banning after SRF take power in Khartoum. Abdulwaihd have rights to make relationship with Jews. Ali Osman Taha has visited Israel 4times and who knows Sadig has been there as well. It becomes clearer that all NIF leaders visits to Jordon or Turky are actually visits to Israel

          • 2 June 2012 16:08, by Akol Liai Mager

            The use of "F" words in all communication only imply the lack of parenting, lack of cultural norms and Psychologists have ruled out its effectiveness. So, any message worded with "F" words is not only ignored by many people, but the users are regarded as mental health sufferers whose their place to recover is in hospitals.

          • 2 June 2012 16:54, by SEE ME

            Akol Liai Mager

            ARE you ignorant or liar?

            Abdulwaihd is only a tool in the hands of ISRAEL for some time and they bury him in the sewage ponds

            Ali Osman Taha and Sadig are trune enemies for ISRAEL.

            You better reread what stated in all media in ISRAEL about all who are considered enemies of ISRAEL.

            • 3 June 2012 02:21, by Akol Liai Mager

              NIF top folks such as Mr Abbas the former Geddarif governor said he is a witness and possessing all documents with evidences about Ali Osman Mohamed Taha and other NIF top leaders visists to Tel Aviv. Why should I be lying for repeating just what the NIF members themselves are saying? Do you think the world still at a stone-age and therefore, NIF still can do horrific things without being known?

              • 3 June 2012 07:51, by SEE ME

                Akol Liai Mager

                Try to be open minded HUMAN BEING and refer to the hidden list of those are wanted by the devils of ICC.

                " They are 86 including Abdulwaid, KHALIL, MINI,AGAR ALHULU, Hilal, Haroon, .....and many of NCP"

                ISRAEL has big and long term evil plan against MUSLIMS and CHRISTIANS. To some point it got some success among CHRISTIANS

  • 3 June 2012 02:49, by sudani ana

    By the way guys, where’s that idiot who kept going on about his fake prophet Ngundeng during Heglig war? He has gone very quiet. Ngundeng my ass. HaaHaa

    • 3 June 2012 04:15, by Akol Liai Mager

      I bet Ngundeng as a predictor is much better than your Muhammad the prophet of Death. I say Muhammad is a prophet of death because Muslim men shout to God, Muhammad and doomed Quara’n whenever they are killing people or stonning women.

    • 3 June 2012 12:09, by homeboy

      What did you gain from your statement ,you are aware the holy Quran advises not to insult other people belief and provoke them to insult yours.
      Be wise my brother.

  • 3 June 2012 04:34, by Nguetbuny de Luelpiny

    North have been enslaves African tribes for long. They must be evicted out of Africa to Middles East. force of Military to end NIF in Khartoum is only solution. Ajang,Nuba,Chollo,Apuny,Naath,Fur,Massalite,Uduk and all south tribe belong to north Sudan as ancestors Land. African tribes must stand up this time to liberate the whole sudan and United their children of the Nile
    Africa land liberato

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