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Unity State opposition critical of SPLM leadership


By Bonifacio Taban Kuich

August 27, 2012 (BENTIU) – A meeting by South Sudan’s ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) was held in Unity state on 23 August under the theme “One Government, One SPLM Party and One Community.”

Residents of Unity state (UN)

Opposition parties in Payinjiar county, Unity state were critical of the meeting, accusing the county commissioner of promoting division amongst the area’s residents.

Payinjiar has five political parties: the South Sudan Africa National Union (SSANU); United Democratic Salvation Front Mainstream (UDSFM); United Sudan Africa Party (USAP); United Democratic Forum (UDF); and National Democratic Front (NDF).

The meeting was supposed to include opposition parties and focus upon improving education standards and promoting development in the county.

However, the opposition parties boycotted the meeting, accusing the SPLM deputy chairperson and county commissioner, Peter Gai Joak, of making unrepresentative decisions.

Simon Gatluak Pech from the SSANU and member of parliament representing Payinjiar in Unity State assembly said that the South Sudan transitional constitution states that South Sudan is a multi-party, inclusive nation.

Pech added that he had raised a complaint with the state ministry of education regarding the state’s poor standards, but that it was treated as insignificant as he is not a member of the SPLM.

He accused the county SPLM secretary, William Gai Riak, of telling his close party members that he is not happy with non-SPLM members holding posts in the county.

Political friction began in the state with the 2010 election battle between the current governor; the SPLM’s Taban Deng Gai and the independent Angelina Jany Teny.

Joak told Sudan Tribune on Monday that he had written letters of invitation to all the opposition parties which they did not respond to.


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  • 29 August 2012 06:24, by Madina Tonj

    I think if the SPLM Secretary and commissioner send them a letter to join the meeting and they never responsiding then, I don’t see any blame on the SPLM Party at all. Those oppositions Parties are they one that divided the coutry for their own agendas. You win the heart and minds of your citizens for what you do but not just creating fear for nothing. Cooperation is needed now for new nation

    • 29 August 2012 08:20, by Dinkawarrior

      SPLM/A was founded with the Democracy ideas that allow each and every one of us with equal oppartunity to decision making. If there is such a one-party and one-country then it sound like dictatorship. In order to avoid corruption, we must have at least three to five parties in the country for the check and balances of power and how they can delivering services to all citizens.

    • 29 August 2012 08:50, by omoni jr.

      This is what i was talking about,that meeting was organized by blind leaders who dont see forward.

    • 29 August 2012 09:14, by Mading Makuac

      SPLM is a monopoly party which is monopolizing other parties
      in S.Sudan and that is horrible.This country doesn’t belong
      to one party or one person.Others needed to be given their
      chances .we are all S.Sudanese therefore no need of this
      discrimination .SPLM is behaving in a dictatorship way

    • 29 August 2012 09:45, by Modi Lo Laja

      Dear Dinkawarrior, Madina Tonj, and SPLM/A Supporters,
      Even if am a supporter of the SPLM party, one can disagree with this theme “One Government, One SPLM Party and One Community.” You are supposed not to hold the meeting as SPLM without involving other parties in the country. This country isn’t SPLM country, but it is multi-parties, tribes, creeds, and etc and I never met such in Worldwide that

      • 29 August 2012 09:47, by Modi Lo Laja

        a country is without opposition parties. If it happens, them that country is of no Democracy at all and fully a corrupted country.
        You the supporters, I wanted to tell that, no one and will never at all if having a marriage, will not call the family, neighbours and friends. If this occurred, this is an anomalous person doing like SPLM no doing.

  • 29 August 2012 07:11, by Michael Miyom Minyiel

    What is happening in Pinyinjiar is only political joke.No government for one party and one community.That theme is politically wrong.Pinyinjiar is existing of being a one community and should coexisting becuase of being under different parties.the Splm secretary in that county must know that the house is represented from many angles.

    • 29 August 2012 08:29, by Runrach

      Bloody jokes. Where on earth one party should be leading the whole country for ages ? That slogan " one party one country" is completely a political joke. SPLM needs to clear its mess of curruption in order for them to win the public interest or otherwise, let them quit democracy and join communist so that they should be ruling like Cuba& Russia.

  • 29 August 2012 08:45, by Rommel

    The SPLM and South Sudan are not one and the same — they are not virtual synonyms and so should not be treated as such. Some SPLM members have the retrogressive mentality that they are somehow entitled to our Nation; to our resources, our loyalties, our liberties and even to our very lives. They should be reminded that they are not entitled to these things.

  • 29 August 2012 08:48, by Rommel

    Unity state is desperately in need of administrative change; the Dinka — Ruweng & panaruu (Biemnom & panrieng) should form their own state, with the addition of Abyei, once it has been returned to South Sudan... and it should be called Apadang State. Once the entirety of Abyei has been returned, Apadang State will be close to 40, 000km2 in size.

    • 29 August 2012 09:08, by Madina Tonj

      What a funny man, you want to bring Abyei there in Barh al Ghazal and hook up with some parts of Unity State then, call them Apadang this is wrong concept. There will be only States need separation and that is Jonglei State and Warrap State. Tonj and Gok of Rumbek will be call Central Bahr al Ghazal State and Gogrial and Abyei will be call Ram Baai State

      • 29 August 2012 12:39, by Michael Miyom Minyiel

        Rambaai state,a sign of unity but Abyei will not part with their colleagues the Arabs.the other jieng of Padang will not accept that especially some of those annexed to Jonglei to have their own state established under their wills and interests.Ruonrac may support the decision.

      • 29 August 2012 16:46, by Rommel

        I don’t understand what you find so essentially wrong with this proposition. The Ruweng of Biemnom county and the Panaruu of Panrieng county and the Jok-Ngok of Abyei are all Padang (Ngok) Dinka. These people should be permitted to a form a state of their own, instead of sharing a state with people that they wrangled with on opposite sides during the war.

        • 29 August 2012 17:30, by Genuine Leader

          first.i think those of Ruweng and Panaruu are unlike you Ngok Deng Kuol , you guys seems too much northern culturally than Dinka Ruweng and Panaruu who are pure culturally related to Dinka Padang of upper nile not Dinka Padang of Reek , secondly you guys much related behavioral to Dinka Reek in Bahr El Ghazal region which contrary to padang of Upper nile. let me just mentioned this fews reasons.

          • 29 August 2012 17:52, by Rommel

            I don’t know how much of what you say is true regarding the cultural effusion between the Jok-Ngok of Abyei and the "Northern" groups to whom they have been apparently too heavily influenced by. You also seem to want to say that the Jok-Ngok are somehow more contiguous with the *Rek* Dinka culturally than they are with their parent group — the Padang Dinka.

            • 29 August 2012 18:05, by Rommel

              I am sorry but I simply can’t find any truth to any of your claims. Even if the Jok-Ngok had cavorted with the Rek and had adopted whatever unique cultural attributes from them... so what!? They’re both Dinka! Wouldn’t all these Dinka groups have infinitely more in common with each other than they could possibly have with any other collective — like say the Nuer for example!?

              • 29 August 2012 18:23, by Rommel

                It’s obvious as to how strong and entrenched the atavistic hatred and contempt the Nuer have for the Dinka; and for this reason I want each and every state in which the Dinka and Nuer are together to be dismantled and partitioned; to remove any political tensions and dislocations on the state level — especially when it comes to gubernatorial elections.

                • 29 August 2012 18:28, by Rommel

                  Jonglei should be dismantled. Culturally contiguous populations -provided that they are on good terms- should fall under one political unit. The Murle should be elided with their kin in eastern Equatoria. The Dinka (Twic-east, Hol, Nyarweng and Bor) should form their own state. Jonglei’s Padang Dinka should be administratively transfered to Upper Nile state.

                  • 29 August 2012 18:34, by Genuine Leader

                    please don’t touch my state we are ok with our Nuer,murle and Anuak including Kachibo

                  • 29 August 2012 18:42, by Rommel

                    The Nuer [Lou, Gawaar, Thiang and Lak] should form their own state. The Anyuak should have a state of their own.

              • 29 August 2012 18:26, by Genuine Leader

                i don’t know exactly who am talking to, and which part of Dinka you are ,thats not my problem, but bear in mind that am Dinka too. i don’t base my arguement for Dinka genetic propuses, i base my arguement in term of prosfertive enviroment due Dinka demographically impact within Dinka sections, am not sure weather you are aware of this’’ but i wouldn’t concern much about it even you partially

                • 29 August 2012 18:30, by Genuine Leader

                  you see this what am insisting saying that Dinka are not same in term of behaviors, what make you without restraint yourself Kongkoc to jump to tribalistic issues before you know me who am.

                  • 29 August 2012 18:52, by Rommel

                    Genuine Leader:
                    I am from Twic-east if you absolutely must know. I am not rationalizing or expounding a destructive strand of tribalism — I am merely being realistic. The Dinka & Nuer are not on good terms -to say the least- and so shouldn’t be forced together in a fraudulent administrative marriage; a marriage that will only produce instability and violence in both the short and long terms.

                    • 29 August 2012 19:06, by Genuine Leader

                      if you are really from twic east tell me what Beny Ajang Duot been said regarding greater relations with entirely nuer in side and entirely Bahr ghazal Dinka in another side. thanks am waiting your response for Ajang Beny word

                      • 29 August 2012 19:22, by Rommel

                        I have grown somewhat politically apathetic due to the mismanagement, corruption and nepotism that has become such a feature of this government — and so I don’t bother following every uttering of every official, even those of esteemed leaders like Lt. General Bior Ajang Duot. This is the person that you’re referring to, no?

                        • 29 August 2012 19:34, by Rommel

                          This will sound odd and you’re at liberty to meet it with mocking disbelief and tag it as outré, but my mother is actually from Pan Bior — which would make Lt. General Bior Ajang Duot my grand uncle and the late Arok Thon Arok my uncle — my mom’s second cousin.

                        • 29 August 2012 19:35, by Genuine Leader

                          i means Bior father cheif Ajang Duot prominent word he said regarding Dinka east of MadingBor relations with Nuer and Dinka east relations with dinka west so, i can able to answer you and tell you what you miss in your comment concerning separate Dinka with Nuer.

                          • 29 August 2012 20:03, by Rommel

                            Anybody with Bior anywhere in their name, is a maternal relative of mine. I am 23 you may dismiss this as you will and as you must as mere youthful expressions of exuberance and haughtiness, but I will be a leader who will bring up other leaders into the political environment and will revolutionize our Nation and we will be the equivalent of the late Dr. John Garang de Mabior, at the very least.

                            • 29 August 2012 20:32, by Genuine Leader

                              Anyway i don’t care who you are and ego illusions you are’ i just want to tell the word that Ajang Beny said he was killed with Thon Malek,Jogak Deng 1968 in Bor so i could justify my arguement why i think Abyei and Ruweng should not be one state if Ngok Abyei want it’ the Ruweng and Panaruu will not accept it even although both genetically are Dinka. i think Panaruu And Alor Kur Kuot[Ruweng]

                              • 29 August 2012 20:38, by Genuine Leader

                                will prefer nuer of bentiu to live with them instead of Abyei and i can provide you some evidences if you request me to satisfy you. before let me tell you what Ajang said its seems to tome that you are not familiar for Ajang word. i Ajang said give our girls to all nuer section including Abii except Agoortui refer to Dinka west are you familiar with it?

    • 29 August 2012 09:12, by Genuine Leader

      the child used to learn language that her/his parents taught and speak at same time. this is what happening today in unity state where the SPLM members copy systematic politicizing practicing by leader in Juba. so don’t blame innocent members blame.
      Dr Rommel suggestion concerning Padang state it will not happen soon or later for couples of reasons.

      • 29 August 2012 18:44, by Genuine Leader

        Rommel you see you use division language that make you more poor than am, you are trying to educated south sudanese for northern sudanese language of division thats’’ my main intention to catgorize you as a northern Dinka, i know very you guys of Abyei one day will recreativity what Deng Majok done again thinking of returning almighty Monyjang back to Arab again or you will think poisoning south s

        • 29 August 2012 19:15, by Rommel

          I think you have me all wrong and that’s quite unfortunate. I am not being maliciously divisive or subversive at all; and I certainly wouldn’t do it as a means of having our citizenry more easily acquiesce to our enemy. If you had followed just a few of my posts on this website, you wouldn’t accuse me of these things and would understand why I am bit galled that you have.

          • 29 August 2012 19:21, by Genuine Leader

            ok, what do you know about Ajang word

  • 29 August 2012 10:10, by 4Justice

    When cars replace cows, living room lounges replace Magers the delivery of services is progressing well. We have a new VIP (I don’t mean ’Very Idiot person’) lounge well furnished aired recently on SSTV Bravo! people are ungrateful not to acknowledge the furniture service delivery to the people of South Sudan. They quote; "put this behind and say what else" to his minister.

    • 29 August 2012 12:41, by mohammed ali

      Justice, I hope pple will understand your sarcastic message!

  • 29 August 2012 14:13, by thok chuni yok

    Unity State to crite is good, but good leadewrship SPLM OYEE!!!

  • 29 August 2012 16:46, by Gjurch

    My point: all opposition parties are lying hypocrites full of crap because they cannot do a thing about Mother Nature, while concerned individuals can do something about preserving individual liberties for a while. If the SPLM party is not repealed entirely the people who administer that liberty-killing law will abolish more personal freedoms than will all of the environmental crap combined. Young

  • 29 August 2012 19:56, by panom lualbil

    Believe or not the idea ’ONE PARTY and ONE COMMUNITY’ by Panyidiar county, is the best ever that I think could reduce tribalism. Please let’s come clean with one BIG idea and one big community of brotherly/sisterly so we would defeat our foes next door. Instead of 20 parties in which rests are dominated by tribe with own interests causing splint. But with one party, we wont see ourselves differ

    • 29 August 2012 20:20, by panom lualbil

      like our adeas always go differ. We BIG communities of this country, are stronger, braver and many but self’s interest, we are always failures. Of course in worlds’ critic, S Sudan is the failed country becos we WONT believe in ourselves. So let’s try one party this time. We had been multiparty since, but that caused fight ourselves leaving arab stronger.

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