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East African body rejects S. Sudan, Somalia membership bids


December 4, 2012 (JUBA) - Members of the East African Community (EAC) have deferred a decision to have South Sudan and Somalia as members of the regional body, which currently comprises Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi.

Logo of East African Community (EAC)

South Sudan applied to be part of the five-member regional entity, months after it attained independence last year, while Somalia reportedly submitted its bid in February this year.

In April, however, an EAC heads of state summit held in Bujumbura, Burundi agreed to review the two countries’ application in November, only to defer their bids at last week’s summit held in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Council of Ministers, according to a communiqué issued at the end of the summit, was directed to conduct more negotiations with the world’s youngest nation, taking into consideration the findings in the verification committee’s report.

The Council is the decision making body of the five-member regional bloc.

A country only gains admission to the EAC, if it meets the criteria spelt out in its treaty, signed on 30 November 1999.

The EAC treaty sets out conditions for membership, including adherence to universally acceptable principles of good governance, democracy, rule of law, observance of human rights and social justice.

It however, remains unclear why EAC members rejected South Sudan’s bid, although sources say its periodic conflict with neighbouring Sudan could have dented the young nation’s chance.

Aggrey Tisa Sabuni, an economic advisor to South Sudan President insists his country’s entry into the regional body has both cost and benefits, which need proper studies.

"Member countries of an economic union do not quarrel. Economic union is a good way of maintaining peace, through trade integration and mutual independence," argued Sabuni.

He however maintained that South Sudan’s EAC membership could mean loss of political independence to a larger more developed regional governments that are used to engaging at the regional and international levels.

“It is difficult to say for certain if EAC membership will provide an economic benefit that warrants the loss of political and economic sovereignty,” he added.

Meanwhile, the summit also approved the different protocols including the EAC protocol on peace and security, protocol on information, communications and technology networks.

In a related development, the EAC and Norway last week signed a financial grant agreement worth $5.3 million. The grant, which extends from 2012-2014, seeks to enhance support for regional integration initiatives.

The funds, disbursed through the EAC’s basket fund mechanism, will also maintain socio-economic development of the EAC, specifically focused on supporting the implementation of the EAC development strategy and provide technical assistance to the regional body.


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  • 5 December 2012 08:18, by philipdit wol

    I wishe EAC will admitt our request for that memmbership since we have led behind the worldwide in terms of justice humanrigth fundamental intergration with us. in South Sudan if need be.

    • 5 December 2012 08:37, by Thorbanat

      Thank God for East Africa Rejection of South Sudan membership. Economically, South Sudan was going to loss to the already established economies. My brothers let us celebrate and build our economy. Do you know what would happened if South Sudan become a member of EAC? They take all the jobs and work without permits, They import our oil without paying tariffs, they kill all incoming industries, etc

      • 5 December 2012 08:46, by Thorbanat

        they flood the markets with cheap products, they increase corruption and dictatorship (e.g. Kagame and Museveni style), they will take our land which are under disputes (e.g. Elemi triangle, Newsite (Natinga), Kanangorok & Kidepo National Park which belongs to the Ketebo people of Bira, Elegu (Nimule), Morobo in Kajo Keji), they will increase HIV aids, they will takes all the businesses,

        • 5 December 2012 12:13, by Bungachier 50

          Dear Colleagues,
          Our South Sudanese Leaders will one day apply for "DEATH" sentence out of IGNORANCE. It’s like South Sudan is being led by a Deaf and Dumb. Oh God! come to our rescue.

    • 5 December 2012 08:39, by Tutbol

      I thank the EAC for their rejection, we need more time in S Sudan to settle our issues before we join EAC. A one year old can’t just jump onto the big boys of over fifty years olds’ club. Those nations have well educated citizenry than ours & if we are admitted in as some visionless leaders in our country think was a good move, then our peoples with the lowest illiteracy rates in the world will..

      • 5 December 2012 08:54, by Tutbol

        ..be overwhelmed by the citizens of EAC on jobs security. And can cause huge resentments on our people. Our citizens are even to date are showing signs of resentments of some sort towards our brothers & sisters our neigbouring nations. It is not about forming communities that count, but rather its about putting right policies in place to protect your citizens from unfair competitions..

        • 5 December 2012 09:14, by Tutbol

          ..that will arise in joining these communities that count. I don’t think joining every community in the world is going to be a cure-all to our ailments. We all know where we are coming from & our EAC also know the state we are in. We will eventually join the EAC, we just need more time! We can’t just get ourselves be handcuffed by something we clearly know, will not work for our citizens.

  • 5 December 2012 08:32, by Paul Chadrack

    It’s a very clear indication that SPLM leaders have nothing to contribute to regional organizations, their good experience is how to practice corruption and lack of human rights. EAC has an obligation to reject this useless state.

    • 5 December 2012 08:39, by Young Lotuko

      You are tottaly right..I hope South Sudan government take this reject serious

      • 5 December 2012 09:39, by doctor bush

        Young Lotuko you are out of your sense what do you expect de gov’t of s.sudan to do? EAC member states have principles and values and have done de best to reject s.sudan because it is like promoting lazy student in class who does not perform well.

    • 5 December 2012 13:05, by Tutbol

      Paul Chadrack.
      Can i just infer, that you are not a S Sudanese, but a trash with his personal disatisfaction with S Sudan’s probally politics. If at all those countries of East Africa are corruption free, then we would have had an East African Malaysia by now. Otherwise you are just a whinger with no clue of what he talking or advocating about.

  • 5 December 2012 08:38, by belle loboi

    There is no point to why EAC should reject the South Sudan to be a member. The EAC should know that the people of South Sudan had boosted their economic statistically for many decades, especially, Kenya and Uganda were 60% of South Sudanese poured a lot of dollars and pounds to them. They should also know that South Sudan is not like Somalia where 99% of people are illiterate and uncultured.

    • 5 December 2012 09:51, by doctor bush

      my friend shutup,did s.sudan poured the dollars and pounds in aid or simple because u s.s are hungry.

  • 5 December 2012 08:41, by wang

    It is too early for us to join the Members of the East African Community (EAC) for so many different reasons: We have bad recorded when it comes to Political and citizen’s right, still on war with that terrorist government till we get Abyei back no doubt about that. Lack of rule of law, entirety government in South are corrupted and there no any social justice at all.

    • 5 December 2012 08:50, by Thorbanat

      Thank God because the economic implications was going to be enormous and disastrous. Kiir needs to understand the real negative economics implications for South Sudan becoming a member of this hyena call EAC. We don’t want them because we need to build our economy and actually deploy PROTECTIONISM or CLOSE ECONOMY I really wonder who type economics did this guy call Sabuni read?

      • 5 December 2012 08:53, by Thorbanat

        Sabuni who is paid by South Sudanese tax payers as economics adviser to the President is misleading the President on economic issues? We should be celebrating for the rejections and never appeal. Let us open all industries and make South Sudan to be an economic hub in Eastern and Central Africa. We can do this because we are blessed with all natural resources.

      • 5 December 2012 10:06, by doctor bush

        my friend, your english is some where wrong however,s.sudan economy is open economy with mixed market economy.economist discovered that closed economy is de worst on the planet as for EAC it had done the best b,se s.sudan current leadership is dirty and looters.

    • 5 December 2012 14:35, by bianaathling

      I think we are really young nation politically and economically.How can we joint the nations which have gone so fare,at least we need to take time and joint them anytime.they have well educated old ages persons then we have the illiterate one and well corrupt .Let us think yajaama,you can not tell your 10 year old boy to fight with another boy who has 20 years because the power will be different

  • 5 December 2012 09:03, by dinkdong

    The EAC rejected S. Sudan and Somalia membership request, simply because they are "failed states." They are full of corruptions and human rights violation.

    • 5 December 2012 09:41, by ngomrom

      Dear Dingdong It is really true that your Economic understanding is very low,how cames that you lebel your own country to be a fail state. take the EAC this is the most corrupt countries in the world that why same of our officials are copying from them for me it is better not to join them take the reality half population of South sudan is the EAC people now who is better off?

      • 5 December 2012 10:14, by doctor bush

        You,why do you want to run away from de truth? because what my friend said is the truth.

      • 5 December 2012 20:28, by dinkdong

        Whatever man. As long as you know what I said was true. You must be related to some of those corrupted leaders of S. Sudan looting federal money. Stop defending them. Let the truths be told.

  • 5 December 2012 09:04, by master

    uganda & Keyna reject to annex south sudan in 50s to them said those pp unceivilized
    this happened in stone era & they keeping this opioin tell now
    s s failed state
    even in sport

    • 5 December 2012 09:36, by Tutbol

      Mr so-called master.
      I think you failed your history 101 class if at all you know anything about E africa & her people. Many in E africa are nilotes of S Sudan origin, speak nilotic dialects. Where were SPLM based during the war? E Africa. If S Sudanese are uncivilised as you’re trying to sell, then the whole EAC is uncivilised. Go & sell propaganda else where pal. U proved uncivilised yourself.

      • 5 December 2012 10:03, by master

        mr Tutbol
        this is not my opinion this is story from history
        i am not the one who wrote the history
        really am innocent
        sorry if it’s hard to u

        • 5 December 2012 10:20, by Tutbol

          Mr. Master.
          Provide A LINK HERE SO WE CAN READ your history please?

    • 5 December 2012 09:50, by South South

      you are out of your tiny mind.
      1- There was nothing called East body in 1950s. Uganda and Kenya were under controled of UK. They were not contries to make any decision of thier own.
      2- South Sudan is one year old country. Our sports will take time before make it to international. tell me what happed to Sudan football team in Uganda last week. They lost miserable to everyone. Shame.

  • 5 December 2012 09:42, by Grader

    South Sudan not rejected see website (www.eac.int).

    • 5 December 2012 10:05, by Paul Chadrack

      My friend your failed state is rejected,don’t blame EAC,it your uncles who failed this country with rampant corruption,weak currency, lack of human rights,a state that produced nothing apart from oil which is now blocked by khartoum and insecurity every where. how can idiot compete in that body?.

  • 5 December 2012 10:18, by manyang mawech

    Dear all
    POLITICAL ASSASSINATION IN JUBA: Isaiah Abraham (Diing Chan Awuol) has been assassinate! He was shot dead last night... I think you all know the from all website the writer known as Isaiah Abraham ; whereas his real name is Dinng Chan Awuol had been shot dead last night at his house in Juba. He is from dinka bor of Pongor. I did exchanged some emails debated with him years back. He was ve

    • 5 December 2012 10:34, by master

      mr Mayn
      really it good news he deserve to die 10 times

    • 5 December 2012 10:43, by Tutbol

      Mr manyang Mawech.
      If this turns out to be True, then our country will be heading to a more tribalise country, more & much more. There are some sections in our country who have been brewing these sectionalisation of our country for some time now. They believe; by escapegoating Bor, they will get what they want. Good luck on them. Let them do what they can do for now. But S Sudanese know...

      • 5 December 2012 10:53, by Tutbol

        ..know very well who these people & their outside backers by always setting Bor community against other communities, they think Bor community may back off on the govt back. Any way it remains an unconfirmed news.

  • 5 December 2012 10:50, by Mapuor

    Somalization of South Sudan seems to be unavoidable given the trends of the current events.The scenario is extremely bad with tribalism,sectionalism and even the re emergence of vendettas among the pastorals are all indicators of Somalization.Many will soon flee the country for safety as most dignitaries keep their families in East Africa and Australia

    • 5 December 2012 12:38, by ngomrom

      You two big Animals try and do it again last time you did it and you took refugee in Equatoria this time no more our real anamy is no more if any one of you created this so call somalization you will regreth it. becouse most of you are talking as if, if it happens it will not affect you but my dear if you are not affected directly indirectly you will be affected so think well

  • 5 December 2012 10:58, by master

    31 killed in cattle raid in Warrap state

  • 5 December 2012 11:31, by Gabriel KK

    Good news. this is not the right time for us to join EAC as mentioned above by my colleaques because we are still building the institutions and other government’s oragns. I can’nt really understand why our leaders rushed to this block when many pending issues around the borders are not addressed. I am encouraging the government to send those thousands of illegal migrants to their home countries.

    • 5 December 2012 12:59, by master

      u r bliuding what ?
      Don’t talk nonesense
      u have only shit
      ordeals !!!

      • 5 December 2012 21:39, by Observer

        Just rememeber that our country also applied to join but won;t be considered until S Sudan becomes a member.

  • 5 December 2012 12:55, by 4Justice

    in a span of five years Seven Japanese prime minister resigned. Why? answers is simple, if you can’t deliver, resign!. By refusing to resign your are criminally causing more suffering, misery and death. Salva must quit, he is making us sick, everyday he stays in office people keep dying, just go the hell away!!!!!!!!!

  • 5 December 2012 20:23, by BM Bol

    Being a members of the East African Community (EAC) is not one way street but, two in terms of what each member nation brings to the table. There are citizens EAC present in South Sudan enjoying the economic benefit & South Sudan may have to rethink it positions.

  • 6 December 2012 00:31, by JAMES KUOI STEPHEN

    It was true to disregard Southern Sudan, because we were New Nation and we are not yet establish some infrustructures for all Southern Sudan to fit for contributing some membership. Therefore,We are Land of Cush, we have no side neither N.Africa, East Africa, west Africa and South Africa, again we are Southern Sudan the Land of Cush! SPLM is the government and the SPLA is the millitary operation!!

  • 6 December 2012 04:03, by 4Justice

    Diing Chan Awuol, who went by the penname "Isaiah Abraham," was shot dead by unidentified men in Gudele, a suburb of Juba, the capital, early today, according to a member of Chan’s family and a local journalist citing another relative. The sources said the gunmen came to Chan’s home, asked him to come outside, and then shot him dead and took his cellphone.


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