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Kiir orders security to hunt suspects behind burning national flag in Wau


December 26, 2012 (WAU) - President Salva Kiir has ordered South Sudan’s security forces to carry out an intensive investigation into reports that some protestors set fire to the national flag on 8 and 9 December to express their anger at the decision of Western Bahr el Ghazal’s government to relocate Wau County headquarters to the Bagari area.

South Sudan’s national flag. Also the flag of the SPLM/SPLA.

Kiir has asked Chol Thon, the commander of the South Sudanese army’s fifth division during a security meeting to work with the security forces to immediately identify the suspects.

"These people must be hunted and brought to book because what they have done cannot be compromised. They are not against Rizik [Zachariah Hassan] as governor; they are not against me as the president. They are against this country. Burning national flag, which is our symbol is unacceptable”, Kiir told a large crowd at Wau stadium on Monday.

South Sudan gained independence last year as part a 2005 peace deal with Sudan that installed former rebels - the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) - as the ruling party in world’s youngest nation.

At independence the SPLM flag became the South Sudanese national flag.

Some South Sudanese, Kiir said, have a "hangover" from Khartoum rule and "still believe we are not independent". There were reports that some of the protestors were praising Bashir during demonstration and talking ill of the SPLM government.

There was no circumstance that would lead to South Sudan reuniting with north Sudan, the President told the crowd on Christmas Eve.

Kiir apparently cut short his planned three-day visit to the state because of was unhappiness at recent events in Wau, with a series of clashes between communities and the police. The government has confirmed that 15 people have died. Other sources put the figure much higher.

On 8 and 9 December, eight people were killed, according to the government, when police attempted to remove road blocks around Wau that had been established in protest against the transfer of the administrative centre.

Al Jazeera English | Protestors shot at by South Sudan army | 13 December 2012

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) initially put the death toll at ten before revising this down to nine. Former Wau County commissioner, John Peter Miskin, claimed that 25 people were killed and 21 others were wounded in the protests two weeks ago.

Ten days after the initial violent protests a further 12 people are reported to have died in the second protest on Tuesday 18 December with more people wounded. However, South Sudan’s deputy interior minister, Salva Mathok Gengdit, said that only seven people died and 32 been have been wounded in that incident.

Kiir called on traditional leaders and youth groups to avoid being used by politicians and instead strengthen traditional values and ancestral relations among community members in the state.

He urged the state administration to arrest those suspected of instigating the protest and the killing of innocent Dinka civilians in Parajallah locality in Bagari area.

The attack on civilians 48 miles south west of Wau town in Parajallah killed 26 people according to local authorities, when Balanda youth groups set upon migrant workers from the Dinka tribe carrying traditional weapons, including sticks and hurling stones.

Authorities have arrested eight suspects in connection with the deaths in Parajallah, which is located in the Bagari area; the proposed new location for the headquarters Wau County.

“I asked the state governor and the security to identify these people. If they are with me in Juba at the national government, let me know and I will deal with them. If they are here in Wau, then it is simple [Governor] Rizik will deal with them. We cannot compromise this land”, he added.


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  • 27 December 2012 08:46, by Jalaby

    Mr. Kiir,
    Which one is more important to you:hunting down those who burned the flag or thieves who stole $4bn that you sent them letters?!
    This man is incompetent to lead and rule! This is ridiculous!

    • 27 December 2012 09:57, by Isaac Khamis

      Right called, they must be brought to the book criminals becuase they were not protesting against the country. if they were not happy about the decision made the cabinets, they should only burn the picture of governor.
      they are hyenas with woolen coats as kiir used to say that there are some people among us which cover themselves with woolens coates while inside are enemy of South Sudan.

    • 27 December 2012 10:03, by Isaac Khamis

      Mr. Jalaby, If there was no that Flag, $4bns dollars would not have been stolen. your protesters praise Basher as right person while he have stolen your $9bns alone.

      • 27 December 2012 17:25, by Ahmed Chol

        why is everybody from these tribes have names like Rizik, Miskin, etc
        What has happened to their traditional names? These are unusual arabs names.

        • 27 December 2012 17:30, by Ahmed Chol

          Burning flag is bad and is punishable but doesn’t deserve a death punishment whatsoever.

        • 28 December 2012 01:40, by sudani ana

          Ahmed Chol, are you serious or is this just a joke??? What about YOUR name???

          • 28 December 2012 03:26, by Ahmed Chol

            Sudani Inta,
            Rizik (luck) and misikin(poor) are weird names that are not commonly found in Sudan. Ahmed is a real name and is found everywhere.
            My name has at least chol in it, which indicate my origin. Our fellow people in Wau lost their culture, names and everything to the Arabs that occupied them for years.

    • 27 December 2012 10:14, by Paul Chadrack

      It will not be a successful business for you mr president to continue ruling south sudan,Relinquish power and enjoy your whiskey.your enemies are now multiplying, one day you will work up not belonging to this world.

    • 27 December 2012 12:52, by ngadodo

      Your Right Jalaby, questions you asked it’s good one let him decide it, which one important to hunted down $4bn or flag. anyway we have many flag in stored and we doesn’t has $4bn this man incompetent to leads Country.

    • 28 December 2012 07:35, by AUGUSTINO DENG

      Mr Jalaby,
      I totally agree with your comment my dear. Salva Kiir is always taking seriousness on something that has no base. I thought that Salva Kiir should comment on the bombing of Kiir Adem, which result in the lost of the five people. But rather than that, I can says Salva Kiir is absolutely stunted.Flag is just a cloth.
      By Augustino Deng. Jech la mer from Tharpam.

  • 27 December 2012 08:46, by Sundayw

    While burning our national flag is unacceptable, it can also be seen as a form of freedom of speech against some policies that are found unacceptable by the protesters. For this reason, the government should not necessarily hunt down those burning flag but act when their actions cross into breaking law. Flag is just a symbol of government, and burning it may be seen as a protest against the gov’t.

    • 28 December 2012 06:05, by Logic

      President Kiir Mayardit is increasingly sounding like a dictator, I feel sorry for S. Sudan.

  • 27 December 2012 08:48, by omoni jr.

    Actually ,this flag is Not National damn flag.
    It is for SPLM nOT south sudanese flag.
    i can even burn it if i want too.

    • 27 December 2012 13:53, by Takpiny

      yse. you can burn it as you said , but don’t burn it in Uganda or Congo just come and burn it in South Sudan if you will return to Uganda healthy.

  • 27 December 2012 09:07, by George Bol

    Hey, you three above! You are so stupid supporting those who burn the national flag! for me if those are caught,they must be persecuted immediately without any question.

    • 27 December 2012 09:38, by Akook

      I couldn’t agree much with the three above including at this point with Jallaby. Kiir waking up from hangover of overnight drinking of alcohol as usual claimed the dangerous thing is burning of Flag than his security killing people while his cabnets are on robbing ($4bln)spree.yr days are numbered

  • 27 December 2012 09:51, by Tutbol

    Yes get those criminals behind that act so that we know who are their sponsors. Burning a national by a S Sudanese is nothing short of treason. Anyone can protest & air his/her grievances to the govt by a peaceful ways, but agitating violent & burning a national flag is a way too far & those behind it, must face the full force of the law. These criminals who think the current flag isn’t national..

    • 27 December 2012 10:04, by Tutbol

      ...haven’t gave their percieved national flag in over 28 years of our struggle. Everyone is not happy with the govt is handling things; but we won’t be dragged back to the N Sudan by these minorities criminals. They have been lecturing everyone about their good management, to which no sound minded S Sudan will attest to their claims! Can they tell us what did they properly managed during the war?.

      • 27 December 2012 10:29, by Tutbol

        Every minority criminal is now out the wood claiming they’re being abused by the dinka & nuer; so that they scam funding from those who want to put our country in choas. Why were they not abused during the war only to be abused & discriminated against after war? Get real people. Some pple who re even incline to Lam Akol’s party re put off by the way the guy is pitying the minorities against others

        • 27 December 2012 15:36, by Whortti Bor Manza

          Totbol, you are a fool. Kiir is lying.Noboby ever burned the flag in Wau. Dinkas are fond of lying and manipulation. Why are you migrating to other areas? movement in search of food and shelters. Build cities in Aweil, Gogrial, Rumbek, Kuajok etc.

  • 27 December 2012 10:19, by master

    i can’t believe
    praising albashir unacceptable but burning the flag can be accept
    NCP playing behind screen
    there is many stooges behind this action
    mr kiir . What about Abraham murder if you have competent secruity

  • 27 December 2012 10:30, by Costa

    Video for killing of unarmed civilians was shown, there is no prove of south Sudanese burning any flag. Our president was easily mislead by the governor, and diverted from the real action that was to be condemned. Real criminals go free in Juba and likes of Isiah who speak the truth are the one hunted. God bless South Sudan.

  • 27 December 2012 13:51, by Born viri

    Mr Present there was no body who burnt the Flag Rizig Hassan is totally lying as he knows he is a failing Governor in the History of South Sudan in particular. If you think he is the rightfuly man for you not the people of Wau/innocent civilians you will remember my advise to you in the next election. Me who is speaking to u is a very strong SPLAM .Rizig is killing SPLAM reputation in WBGS.

  • 27 December 2012 14:30, by Samuel Malual

    Brother Jalaba, Thank you for reminding us about billions of dollar stoled by Salva and his useless elites. I have never heard of a head of State that care much about a flag and he doesnt care about the people he govern. Insyead of ordering security to identify those who kills civiliams in Wau and elsewhere around the country. I think we will collectively remove this primary graduates President.

  • 27 December 2012 14:37, by Whortti Bor Manza

    Kiir and Rizik, the greatest liers and evil doers to have lived in S.Sudan. Oh God can you get rid of this Dinka drunken and womanizing president and his cabal Rizik Zacharia. At one time the protesters were armed, at others burning South Sudan flag. which and which? Soon the truth will be apparent.You cannot lie in this globalised world Mr. president. Shame on you.

  • 27 December 2012 16:46, by Ariel the Hebrew

    To Sudantribune, I object to ur forum roles because some posts are offending to my people, yet they were posted. Unless this website is fighting DINKA, otherwise I demand my comment be posted as it is!!!!

  • 27 December 2012 18:50, by Tambura

    This flag never been national flag in the eyes of many South Sudanese, the flag is belong to SPLM party created by Dr. Granag when he created political wing of SPLA, nobody in south Sudan feel this flag is national flag except those thieves corrupted SPAM’s officials. Tell the truth and it will set you free...

  • 27 December 2012 18:52, by Dinka-Defender-General

    Hello everyone, I have few punishments suggestion for these people.
    first, ripe off some of their citizen rights such as right to vote, federal government jobs, and so forth...
    Second, send them to federal prison for upto six months
    Third, pay fine of $15,000 to 25,000 pounds. I think these punishments will keep people from burning the National flag at any cause. What do you think?

    • 28 December 2012 03:34, by Ahmed Chol

      that sound reasonable

  • 27 December 2012 19:35, by Lecture

    Kiir was right of warning those who have burned down our nation flag. But the nation have lost interest of your little competitive and failure to toppled those corrupt animals in your government. Where are our rights as the citizens?

    • 27 December 2012 19:48, by Deng II

      This Lazy coward president talk tough always about South Sudan Civillians when there is single mistake. What is worthy between burning Flag than killing people on Kiir Adem and annexing panthou plus others areas by force by Bashir? Some people went to bush because of lands,there is no flag without land. This coward Dinka Bahr el Gazhel lazy president is branding word cowardiness on SSP.

      • 27 December 2012 19:56, by Deng II

        He don’t care about those killed by Arab but care about useless government.He suppose to go Northern Bahr el Gazel where killing civillians occurs every time. He never address nation about cries in Abyei and Jonglei and stress of civillians hearing bombarment all the time.

  • 28 December 2012 04:09, by Nguetbuny de Luelpiny

    Many time America,Isreal,Britian Flags were burn bc of anger mobs. I don’t presecuting somebody bc of flag is being burn. They can be question to see what is motive of their anger. South Admist is weak to cling simple flags. I could just print more Flags to sell them to burners. It will give sellers profit of selling more flags to burners. the losers are who buy the falg to burns it.

    • 28 December 2012 05:15, by Deng II

      All the world’s known dictators protect the Country he/she rule from external aggression, but this president choosed to talking about something not major important to country right now, as if he is dumn and distorted person. Dictator kill his people in cool blood,but still protect them from enemy. On his watch, all south traditional lands become disputed areas.

  • 28 December 2012 07:51, by JohnGarangFreedom

    Hey there! Commentators. The flag was adopted as national flag by people who were elected by South Sudan’s citizens, that means it is national flag.

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