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Let’s do justice first, then reconciliation


By Justice Deng Biong

February, 6, 2013 - Since the indictment of Omar Hassan el Bashir, the incumbent president of the Republic of Sudan was ordered by the ICC, to answer and account for war crimes and genocide he allegedly committed in Darfur, the argument between what comes first between justice and peace came to the fore. Supporters of that indictment and victims of those alleged offences argue for justice now and not tomorrow! While opponents of same indictment have decided for reasons best known to them, to hide behind the false slogan of “Peace first and Justice later”. In other words, their argument is based on their false belief that, if Bashir is arrested, there will be no peace anymore in Sudan! Now that he is still at large is Sudan enjoying peace?! The answer of course is no million of times. I believe Bashir’s victims in Abyei,Kiir-adem,Panthou, Jau, Northern Upper Nile, Nuba Montains, Blue Nile, Darfur and many other places would add more millions Nos!!

In South Sudan, it is unfortunate that some of our leaders opposed Bashir’s indictment for various reasons, also, mainly best known to them. Before the independence of the South, such positions could be understood for we had to buy our independence at all cost! But today, what I find difficult to comprehend is why some of those leaders continue to oppose indictment of Bashir even after our independence. Supposedly, they are not concerned about the daily death toll in Darfur or moved by the systematic genocide committed against our yesterday comrades in Nuba Mountains and Southern Blue Nile who contributed greatly in the independence of this country; don’t they mind about the innocent South Sudanese civilians killed almost every week by orders of same fugitive Bashir; or don’t they value the precious lives of the soldiers of our gallant SPLA army dying in the defence of this nascent country against the aggression of the same war monger Bashir!! Who is important to them: Bashir or our patriotic and brave SPLA soldier?!

The preceding prelude is intended by way of illustrating the gravity of undermining justice and accountability for the sake of an elusive peace or an unattainable reconciliation, the topic of this article. Also, it is intended to expose the idealists’ mentality and draw their attention to realities of the suffering of our people on the ground.

Public and private media houses these days are highlighting a new initiative for national reconciliation under the auspices of H.E. the Vice President Dr.Riek Machar Teny. The last was his meeting with the religious leaders shown on SSTV yesterday evening (5/2/2013) in which he asked them to use their places of worship to facilitate the newly launched National Reconciliation project. The project includes conduct of reconciliation conferences, especially in the states where what is assumed to be tribal conflicts often occur. These proposed conferences shall culminate in a bigger one to be held on April, 18th, 2013. It seems the Government, under the current stringent economic policies and financial difficulties, is being asked to approve and avail millions of South Sudanese Pounds for the project!

Personally, I am not against reconciliation of our people. I pray every day to see our various communities peacefully co-exist and live above their tribal differences. I am for unity of our people in their diversity. What I am against is the timing of this National Reconciliation. On the other hand, people need to know what has really gone wrong among them at the national level that necessitates a national reconciliation now. Like the doctors do, can we diagnose the disease first before applying any drugs for its treatment?!

If the reconciliation envisaged relates to grievances inflicted on our people before the liberation and independence of our country; like some former NCP die-hards who assisted Bashir to kill and torture our freedom fighters and internal nationalist supporters, but who overnight decided to change the NCP suit with the SPLM one without first repenting or apologizing to the South Sudanese people for their dark past, then this is done in Truth and Reconciliation fashion like the South Africans and Rwandese had done by confessing in public the atrocities and grievances you inflicted on your people, apologize and expressly seek their forgiveness. When such persons are forgiven, they are reconciled with their victims. Here the disease is diagnosed or the wrong is accounted for and treated with forgiveness and hence the reconciliation. Such process of truth telling and reconciliation had been successfully tested in the two African countries mentioned above and if applied here, may serve as a deterrence to any future like-minded wrong doers in our country.

If the proposed National Reconciliation project is targeting the alleged tribal or sectional conflicts, then I have the following to say:
First, I do not believe what is commonly called today tribal conflicts are purely tribal in nature. In my view, the rampant tribal fights in some of our states can easily be blamed on:
• Failure of our security organs to disarm the civil populations we armed during the struggle. Since we have already achieved our objective, the Independence, there is no need for such weapons to remain in the hands of civilians;
• Failure of our security organs to weed out Khartoum sponsored militias or their remainants from the rural areas;
• Failure of the Justice sector to identify and prosecute culprits and ring leaders in those so called tribal fights;
• Endless amnesty periods. Amnesty is always an offer with a limited term, to be accepted or rejected without conditions placed on it by the offered or those covered. The case of Militia leader Yau Yau sufficiently illustrates this point. He was granted amnesty, came back to Juba, got rehabilitated and financially facilitated, but still he went back to his masters in Khartoum who rearmed him and sent him back to his home area of Murle where he is creating havoc up to date. So can we still call this conflict in Jonglei a tribal conflict? What if we do not apprehend Yau Yau or stop his militia activities before April, 18th, 2013. Can we still go ahead with our National Reconciliation Conference while a dear part of the country (Jonglei) is bleeding?! Will the conference still maintain the status of National Conference?!

As for some of the tribal fights that might truly be tribal in nature, the traditional approach for their settlement, as local government administrators, judges and police officers may share with me the view, runs as follows:
1) Stop the fight, apprehend ring leaders and establish law and order;
2) Investigate the culprits/ ring-leaders and generally establish the damage caused in terms of human and material losses ;
3) Charge and try the culprits/ring-leaders;
4) Restore to owners any property recovered or compensate any property lost;
5) In some cattle keeping communities, who do not see any benefit accruing to them from the imposition of capital punishment, payment of blood compensations (Dia) for their relatives killed in such tribal fights; and finally after this judicial settlement of the case;
6) Traditionally reconcile the communities involved in the fight.

In light of the above, Comrade Vice President, what our people need most is law and order, the rights to life and personal security and safety. When these are done and the threat from Khartoum to invade our newly born country is contained, then the ground will be ready for, especially, a national reconciliation.

Justice Biong is the current Chairperson of the National Public Grievances Chamber-RSS-Juba. He can be reached at dkoklek@yahoo.com

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  • 10 February 2013 08:40, by kaci-banno

    Dr. Riek was/is one of the root causes of tribal conflict in south Sudan and he want to cover up his mistakes by calling for national reconciliation and it never work. What people of South Sudan need now is education not dirty histories that was happened 1991. Reik is too noisy with wrong ideas than focus on developments and current post CPA issues country is facing in Addis Ababa.

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    • 10 February 2013 14:58, by Mi diit

      So the Dinka Ngok of abyei are against reconciliation among South Sudanese. I know they are not happy with any progress in South Sudan before their abyei issue is resolved. They will accept reconciliation with Messeriha but not with brothers in South Sudan. Dumb artice by the so-called Deng Biong.

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      • 11 February 2013 11:10, by Liberator

        midiit, read again pliz. look, has it ever happened that u tell people exchanging blows that reconcile b4 separating n giving them more time in peace? no, not at all! p’pl in a fight must b separated first, given time to rest n relieve themselves of anger n now u can come in for a reconciliation. pliz, ask any old man around there, it is not necessarily someone from ur tribe,hw do u achieve peace?

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        • 11 February 2013 11:17, by Liberator

          cont. I bet, he will tell u all of the above. our beloved Akobo of jonglei has not even done some prayers for their loved ones yet u r here spitting onto p’pl faces abt reconciliation. wat a p’pl we r! or do u want to tell us that riek n his boss can’t stop the situation in jonglei? If the nuer of jonglei had knwn abt the future of riek, I bet, they wud not have joined him during his search 4 sham

          repondre message

          • 11 February 2013 11:22, by Liberator

            my nuer of jonglei has remained for yrs the most affected victims of riek ideas yet they don’t even get any dividend from him. they felt, unbearably, the evils of retaliation by the communities on which riek inflicted great losses bcos they didn’t reach bentiu. but i hope God had a plan for the p’pl of Jonglei. my message to the p’pl of Jonglei, stop following just bcos u r a nuer, dinka bcos u r.

            repondre message

            • 11 February 2013 11:29, by Liberator

              cont. bcos u r a dinka but first accept urselves as jonglians bcos after all u will b the victims. use ur tribesmen as a part of ur greatness to enrich ur political n economic foundation for all rather than using z for disunity. u r always a great p’pl n like any other clean community in the south, history will never 4get u.2 conclude, there is no reconciliation but a 1991 attempt in a dif’t form

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  • 10 February 2013 10:19, by Mapuor

    Justice Deng Biong
    Your article is baseless.Wait for all problems to come down and then begin reconciliation.Those are subjectivists and formalists illusions not realities of life.Conflict does not have clear ending from which reconciliations are began.The timing is also good.Yaa jamaa tribalism will not lead us to the promised land.We need reconciliation to go hand in hand with maintaining

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    • 10 February 2013 14:51, by Peacocktail

      The Justice is right:
      1) Stop the fight, apprehend ring leaders and establish law and order;
      2) Investigate the culprits/ ring-leaders
      3) Charge and try the culprits/ring-leaders;
      4) In some cattle keeping communities, who do not see any benefit accruing to them from the imposition of capital punishment. without those, VP is dreaming nonsense.another corruption coming in again.Keep our money,

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  • 10 February 2013 10:20, by Mapuor

    Justice Deng Biong
    Your article is baseless.Wait for all problems to come down and then begin reconciliation.Those are subjectivists and formalists illusions not realities of life.Conflict does not have clear ending from which reconciliations are began.The timing is also good.Yaa jamaa tribalism will not lead us to the promised land.We need reconciliation to go hand in hand with maintenance of

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    • 10 February 2013 12:03, by julia

      yes,yes Justice Deng Biong.i know u personally.Doctors diagnosis a disease before Rx,ing it.now what is wrong with Dr.Riek message of reconciliation?what is wrong with timing.all re at the right time,right order right ruote.u have attack Dr.Riek,plse apologies to him in less than one week.or u want to be like ur grey hair brother Edward Lino aka Dinka dominated Splm/a&Luka Biong,Deng who re.....

      repondre message

      • 10 February 2013 12:12, by julia

        Deng Aloor who re against development,unity and progress of s.sudan.to hell with u,u like it or not s.sudanese political,social,regional,cultural,tribal&clan reconciliation will go on succefully,as plan by Riek&Kiir Kuethpiny, Dr.Riek sir pls.go a head with ur lean,gentle&developmental plan.
        Those foreigners from Abyei re keeping discouraging u,but don,t worry we re after Kiir&u(Riek)

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    • 10 February 2013 14:41, by Peacocktail

      Ya Mapour, Justice Biong is the Elder,South Sudan is not yet ready for Reconciliation process because of too many internal problems, if someone wanted to get into power because he presumes that Citizens have reconciles and this person is a big liar.
      VP shouldn’t rush with thing that do not work right now, it will be like Ugandan Juba sponsored Peace talks and we know the time if comes, if you reco

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      • 10 February 2013 14:46, by Peacocktail

        If your wisdoms is till working, then analyze the fros, cons of Reconcillation. Yau Yau is killing people in Jonglei,Olony is killing in Uper nile.
        VP shouldn’t rush with thing that do not work right now, it will be like Ugandan Juba sponsored Peace talks and we know that time is not here, if you reconcile with someone who still hold guns then what is the need of wasting resources.

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        • 10 February 2013 15:30, by julia

          what happen to s.sudanese community in lately 2004-early 2005.was it not a reconcilation,what was so called Diagaloue.those who sitll posses gun like Yau Yau and Oliny will be convenice if their demand is reach by the state/national government.they will immediately drop thier weapons.reconciliation is important now.than later when situation will be out of control.

          repondre message

          • 10 February 2013 17:05, by Deng Hanbol

            My a appreciation goes to Malou Manyiel & Maluach Madit for their constructive comments. Dear compatriots, I believe two of you hail from Dinka Malual. We know that the Dinka of Malual are peace loving community. They believe that Dinka tribe can coexist with others tribes. Unlike Ngok Abyei elites and Bor Dinka who tend to be cumbersome. Because they have positive attitude to others, many Nuer.

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            • 10 February 2013 17:07, by Deng Hanbol

              Since they are more positive and not insufferable like Dinka Dominated SPLA mr. communist Edward Lion, many Nuer intellectual are always refrain from saying negative comments
              on whole Dinka.
              Deng Hanbol, Gat Naath.

              repondre message

              • 10 February 2013 17:34, by Deng Hanbol

                Dear Julia,your last comment is really positive. Ahyei elites caused havoc everywhere. According their political agenda, any southerner who claims for his right is a militia. their mere intention is to create a fail a state in south and subsequently they will go back to the north. I’m sure if Saliva and Riek work alone,there will be no more problem
                because all smalls will be represented equally.

                repondre message

                • 10 February 2013 17:48, by Deng Hanbol

                  Correction, all small tribes will have their lion chair in the government of national unity. Please let us unite. We hope that the up coming reconciliation will embrace viable peace in our beloved country. If Abyei elites don’t want to stay in south Sudan, they are free to go back to their country rather than implementing the Arab-British policy of divide and rule.

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                  • 11 February 2013 10:53, by Liberator

                    Mr. Hanbol, forget abt reconciliation. that is just another futile project like 1991’s. hw do u reconcile p’pl who r not in peace. it is like telling p’pl in a fight that forgive urselves wen they r exchanging blows, impossible! separate them first, let them rest in a peaceful environment for some days n then come to ask them for reconciliation. with over 100 just lost just yesterday, wat a world

                    repondre message

                    • 11 February 2013 11:00, by Liberator

                      cont. in fact, it is not surprising to me that Machar is always a fan of futile attempts just to achieve his passion of wasting time, resources n lives.but hw come kiir allows this wen he knows already that wat comes out of that man goes back into him. he is just reminding us of his atrocities. like he(biong) put it, there is no tribal war at all. riek brought Nuer n Dinka into this bitterness.so?

                      repondre message

                • 10 February 2013 17:53, by julia

                  ok bro Deng Hanbol.we re at the brick of understand and trusth when it come to the nation building.we re all s.sudanese citizen including u&i,u can vote for me today tomorrow i vote for u.
                  But i don,t know why mr.Deng Biong is trying to put across.how can u see ur children leading to wrong direction then u say iwill correct them later.is there not an hiden agenda behind the article?.

                  repondre message

  • 10 February 2013 18:38, by kaci-banno

    Reconciliation and unity campaign never change the nature of the conflict in South Sudan, in every nation what come fist is establishment of justice system, accountability, law an order, law enforcement than people subjected if they act out of the law. Riek is so hypocrisy with idea of reconciliation.

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    • 10 February 2013 18:47, by Deng Hanbol

      Why Dinka Dominated crimes or Edward Lion is always against Dr. Machar ? According to my information, both Machar and Edward Lion were student at Khartoum University. Dr. While Machar passed the exam or graduated in mechanical engineering with distinction and became lecture in Faculty of engineering in 1978, Edward Lion was dropped out from the Faculty of English in 1978. Therefore, the notion...

      repondre message

      • 10 February 2013 20:44, by Deng Hanbol

        Theoretically,Abyei elites are foreigners and therefor, they have no right to take key positions in central government in south Sudan. If Lam Akuol replaces Deng Alor and David Yau Yao replaces Pieng Deng, I am sure there will be no more rebels against Saliva Kiir’s government. Yaa Kuwaina, let us tell the truth.

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        • 10 February 2013 21:22, by Peacocktail

          If the VP and others have already pocket the money for recouncillation from the Treauary, then stsrted talking of fragmation of state if no recouncillation, is He the only one who vote for REFERRUNDUM to led the South Sudan? Is he the one who create conflict and massacres in South Sudan, Is he the One working with rebels to destabilze the New Nation. Do not preach without Justice.We are not ready

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        • 11 February 2013 02:29, by Deng Hanbol

          With diametrically opposite environment in RSS, Abyei elites have created strong political tensions and threatens to fracture further a society that remains deeply embittered and divided over elites’ nested game. Everybody knows that elements like Deng Alor, Edward Lino aka DD SPLA ,Luka Biong, Pieng Deng Dr. Francis Deng(many more), have been created the policy of escalation-deescalation strategy

          repondre message

      • 10 February 2013 21:10, by Peacocktail

        Please you must be among the corrupt beneficiaries, VP did no thing good then follows the dead agenda, He went to UK and get married there then came back to South Sudan after one Month absence and started telling the public about the Map of South Sudan-North border tracing for one month? He wanted to fool the South Sudanese. Never target Ngok interlectual, they know and brush Juba regim

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      • 10 February 2013 21:14, by Peacocktail

        Please you must be among the corrupt beneficiaries, VP did no thing good then follows the dead agenda, He went to UK and get married there then came back to South Sudan after one Month absence and started telling the public about the Map of South Sudan-North border tracing for one month? He wanted to fool the South Sudanese. Never target Ngok interlectual, they know and brush Juba regim

        repondre message

        • 11 February 2013 01:42, by Deng Hanbol

          Mr. peacoktial, first of all, you wouldn’t believe if I tell you neither Saliva nor Riek know me. I have seen both the president and his vice on TV. second of all, I haven’t visited Juba before. I ’m here in north America. Thirdly, I have no problem with Abyei civilian. They were forced by chief Deng Arap Kuol to be northerners in 1905. My only problem with their elites who think that...

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  • 11 February 2013 10:45, by Liberator

    Mr. Hanbol n Julia, do u think u r ready for reconciliation? well, u r not. ur comments tell wat can b done first to prepare u for a reconciliation. to me, z is just a waste of money n time. p’ple r ready for peace not for reconciliation. peace n reconciliation r two distinct words n their order of occurrence must b observed. p’pl in jonglei r ready for peace not for reconciliation. Dr. Luka is r8

    repondre message

    • 11 February 2013 17:15, by julia

      yes mr.Liberator or treacherous.
      Am sure u re from Abyei pugs/prat
      we re ready for reconciliation in s.sudan,if Barh El Ghazal&Equtoria,
      not ready,then we have to do it,
      becozs it is our children who always dying of cross fire from pibor,panchola,Akobo,panyigoor,
      Duken,Fashoda,Tonga,parieng Koch,Biemnom,Renk&Mayom(mankien),pigi,Atar,Baliet so forth.we welcome Dr.Riek proposal.anyone against.....

      repondre message

      • 11 February 2013 17:25, by julia

        we will consider him/her a triator &treacherous like u,Deng Biong,Luka Biong & peacoktial,becozs ur children re not dying from cross fire daily as our children,elderly,animals do! Mr don,t tell me later that Abyei children re dying from cross fire,that was thier own fault.if u re really a s.sudanese u would sympathy with greater upper Nile situation.all the three upper state have rebel,why is.....

        repondre message

        • 11 February 2013 17:59, by julia

          there rebel always in Upper Nile & Equatoria like the issue of Maumur in 2009,Gen.lasuba in Eastern Eq. The acusation of eastern governor mr.Luis lobang Lojore,and there is no single report of rebel activities in Barh el ghazal.u kill the hero of the herione George Athor who was one of the successful/popular cammader in SPLA.leaving Abdalbagi Ayii who want to implement islamism in s.sudan by .....

          repondre message

          • 11 February 2013 18:09, by julia

            demanding 30% islamic representation in s.sudan.if it is the issue according to Deng Biong article.then there is need for us to consider Dr Riek warning of framentation if reconciliation as postive prediction.we don,t want further death of our children.u re now taking ur children to Uganda,kenya and so forth seeking Education.but our children re getting no education,u have looted all the....

            repondre message

            • 11 February 2013 18:18, by julia

              infrasture.as now in Juba there is no single child register due to luck of money in possession of their parents/guardien.i believe if am not mistaken.what do u think is the cose.the corruption&miss by ur Abyei boys the inforce on s.sudan to determine thier distict through s.sudan rather than looking for alternative as Nuba&Blue Nile re doing!.

              repondre message

              • 12 February 2013 03:09, by Deng Hanbol

                Bravo Julia, you hit the nail on the head. With regard to the elites’ burden, let us admit that only a handful of people hijacked our country. Deng Biog posted this useless article, but he didn’t know that there will be a backlash against the mafia. Mr. Biong, for your inf., the people of grater upper Nile have already reconciled when Dr. Machar went to Dr. Garang’s house in 2011 and apologized.

                repondre message

  • 12 February 2013 04:24, by chep makur

    NO fire without smoke.The problem of the coutry lies within the ranks of the security force and failure to protect civilians from raiding and rebels. Justice Biong is right with his reasons although i do support the reconcillation to go forward, What is the point if the root cause is not found? how can you expect civilian to bit by rule and law of the country if no one is protect them?

    repondre message

  • 12 February 2013 04:32, by chep makur

    Don’t forget what is call "freedom of expressions". Anyone across the nation has a right to critise the government without threat or be call names. Debate like intellectual and challenge with points rather than making it too personal. Without opposition then there is no forward. We as citizens has to calms down and understand each other before bring tribal lines here and divert the main topic away

    repondre message

    • 12 February 2013 05:29, by Deng Hanbol

      I always feel a surge of resentment and shame when I watch some grandsons of Deng Arop Kuol fooling people. Justice Deng Biong& Luka Biong, do you forgot that your grandfather Deng Arop was guilty of high treason? Do you forgot that your grandfather sold out the land of Abyei to the Arabs in 1905 in return to the monthly salaries?

      repondre message

      • 12 February 2013 06:02, by Deng Hanbol

        Do you forgot that the above- mentioned grand father had converted to Islam following his infamous act? And do you know that 50% of Abyei population are Muslims because of an infamous traitor?
        Deng Hanbol

        repondre message

  • 14 February 2013 03:20, by Zionist

    Mr. Justice Deng Biong
    I can understand your point of view about justice and reconciliation void of hatred, retaliation and revenge, however, I don’t understand Julia, Mapour or the other Hanbol, because what they post is nothing, but all of the above. They’re allowed to make their points without getting too personal, or too rude. Yet, they chose to be ignorant and rude, and I wonder why?

    repondre message

    • 14 February 2013 20:58, by julia

      zionist,u said u don,t understand Julia,mapou and hanbol.to hell with u!i believe u re another Abyei pug/prat like Luka Biong,Edward lino,Deng Aloor,Deng Biong &Akol liai mager.first of all Deng biong is one of he corrupt SPLA/M judge deployed in Yirol by then,he used to order marial Nor to chopped people with panger to dead alift,mr.zionist u re stalling for time instead of admitting the mistake.

      repondre message

      • 15 February 2013 05:15, by Zionist

        I am deeply puzzled here by you, I wish you stick to the topic, and leave those people you mentioned alone, because they don’t belong to the topic. You can either agree, or disagree with Mr. justice Deng Biong, however, it is not a crime to disagree, but it is ignorant to accuse somebody without presenting your evidence. I still believe justice precedes reconciliation, it’s just my opinion.

        repondre message

        • 15 February 2013 05:54, by julia

          zionist what is puzzling?u mean when a person truth across is a hogwash?.pls ur bro Biong have contributed no work done,i hope u people working day and night to bring Abyei voice to one,hard s.sudan nation wide,Africa continentally&world at large.what re u people seeking for long lasting peace.now compare with mr.pug/prat Biong Deng put across,opposing the reconciliation of s.sudanese.

          repondre message

          • 15 February 2013 13:50, by Zionist

            Mr. justice Deng Biong is no Jesus Christ, and he’s not preaching the Bible, yet, he’s just expressing his point of view. Now, what’s so difficult in listening to others’ different views? In addition, the man spoke his own mind, and he just happened to be from Abyei, and that’s no crime. The crime is when killers don’t face justice, or when Billions disappear without a trace.

            repondre message

            • 17 February 2013 11:36, by julia

              then zionist ,mr.Biong Deng is part of fraudly gangs that embezzled $4billion.he is one of the judge failing justice in s.sudan but not Riek machar.he is one of people coursing instability in s.sudan.what happen to u&twic mayardit in Akuor early 2005?what did u people do for the case of Heglig(panthou)?did panaruu&hagu base court denied u?did u shameless confise&vomited heglig in 2009?.

              repondre message

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