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Are Ngok Dinka of Abyei South Sudanese?


By Luka Biong Deng

March 1, 2013 -The question of whether the Ngok Dinka of Abyei are citizens of South Sudan may seem strange to most people, who would answer it in the affirmative. But it seems a difficult question to a few, particularly among the elite. This ambiguity has reached the government level. Recently, a senior official compared the people of Abyei to those of Kashmir and described them as not citizens of South Sudan in a meeting of one of the highest decision-making institutions.

“The people of Abyei are like people of Kashmir. Kashmir people do not occupy key positions in India and Pakistan. So Abyei people are not South Sudanese and should not occupy key positions in South Sudan,” he said.

This statement was made immediately after the appointment of Gen. Pieng Deng Kuol as the Inspector General of Police, who hails from Abyei. It seems we have a challenge to educate ourselves, not only about the history of our struggle but also about our Constitution as the supreme law of our country. Abyei has been increasingly referred to as Kashmir or even a disputed area. This reference is either meant to show the difficulty in finding a solution to the Abyei issue or it is based on an utter ignorance.

Besides the considerable contribution made by the Ngok Dinka of Abyei in the liberation struggle, the people of Abyei area are culturally part and parcel of the South. Veterans of Bahr el Ghazal Anya Nya Movement, such as Albino Akol, Andrew Makur, John Ukec, Stephen Madut Baak, Kawac Makuei, Salva Kiir and Salva Mathok, would remember the heroic role played by the Ngok Dinka.

Akonon Mathiang, in particular, played a remarkable role. He became a member of the military command of the Anya Nya movement in Bahr el Ghazal, a commander of Gogrial and Tonj and later of Northern Aweil. Akonon was killed in June 1968. He was remembered by his comrades who named one of the wildlife boats after him during the regional government that was formed after the conclusion of Addis Ababa Agreement in 1972.

The people of Abyei also played a crucial role in the formation of Anya Nya II in Bahr el Ghazal, which became a nucleus for the SPLM. Their bravery was recognised by Commander Kerubino Bol, who referred to any brave SPLA soldier as ‘Ma Ngok’. It became a new military vocabulary in the SPLA for defining bravery. One would even say that Abyei area is one of the areas in the South that has the highest number of martyrs in relation to its total population during the second civil war.

When Abyei was invaded by Bashir in May 2011, the people of the South in all the ten states showed their solidarity with the people of Abyei by demonstrating against the invasion and mobilising resources for the displaced. This was a clear sign that the people of South Sudan see the Ngok Dinka of Abyei as their kith and kin. I took upon myself to visit and to thank the churches and commissioners of Kajo Keji, Lanja and Yei counties and Governor of Central Equatoria State for mobilizing contributions from their citizens to support the displaced people of Abyei.

This view about the people in Abyei is well reflected in the Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan, 2011. Specifically, Article 97 of the Constitution states that: “The members of the nine Ngok Dinka Chiefdoms of Abyei Area shall have an inalienable right to enjoy South Sudanese citizenship and nationality and all rights and freedoms guaranteed by this Constitution”.

It is wrong to compare Abyei to Kashmir or to call it a disputed area. The Abyei area is not a disputed area. It was transferred from South Sudan to Sudan in 1905. It was defined as the area of the Ngok Dinka in the Abyei Protocol and delimited (defined on the map) in July 2005 by the Abyei Boundary Commission and four years later by the Permanent Court of Arbitration. It was administratively transferred by the colonial administration from Bahr el Gahzal province to Kordofan province in 1905 to protect the Ngok Dinka from slave raids by Arab nomads. Abyei was and is a territory of South Sudan.

For any South Sudanese to describe the Abyei area as a disputed area or Kashmir would be like surrendering part of the territory of the South to Sudan. South Sudan should claim the territory of Abyei regardless of the choice of the people of the area. For example the area of Kafia Kanje and Hofrat el Nahas, where non-South Sudanese are now being settled, is a disputed area but it is clearly part of the territory of the South and it cannot be abandoned. If Southerners are ready to fight for their disputed and claimed areas, what about the Abyei area whose indigenous population are Dinka and who participated greatly in the struggle of the people of South Sudan?

The Abyei issue cannot be compared with the Kashmir conflict. The conflict in Kashmir erupted in 1947 when British rule in India ended with the creation of two nations: India and Pakistan. British control over the 562 Indian states, including Kashmir, ended with each state free to choose whether to join Pakistan or India or to remain independent. Currently, India controls about 43 percent of Kashmir, Pakistan controls about 37 percent and China controls the rest. While the majority of the people of Kashmir are Muslims, the region was ruled by Hindus. In fact, Kashmiri hold senior positions in the national governments of both India and Pakistan as they are considered citizens in the two countries.

India considers the decision of the rulers of Kashmir to join India on October 25, 1947, which was approved by the constituent assembly of Kashmir, was not only a legal act but it was also irrevocable. A UN Security Council resolution, passed in April 1948, called for a cease-fire and the conduct of a plebiscite (referendum) for the people of Kashmir. This resolution was rejected by India. It argued that the demographics of the region had been permanently altered by Pakistan which settled militant Muslims from western Kashmir and Pakistani tribesmen in the area.

Pakistan, on the other hand, rejected the decision of the Hindu rulers to join India, saying they did not represent the majority Muslim population of Kashmir. Pakistan argues that on the basis of the two-nation theory, Kashmir should have been part of Pakistan because it has a Muslim majority. Pakistan supports either a plebiscite for the people of Kashmir or the partitioning of Kashmir. In fact certain groups believe that Kashmir should be independent of both India and Pakistan.

It is clear from this account that the Abyei issue is not similar to the Kashmir conflict. It is undisputable that Abyei is a territory of South Sudan and its people are part of the cultural entity of South Sudan. They are also full citizens of South Sudan according to the Constitution. You may have differences with some individuals from Abyei but it should not amount to abandoning your territory. Abyei does not belong to Deng Alor, Edward Lino, Pieng Deng or myself but it belongs to the South.

It is a paradox that while Khartoum is wrongly claiming Abyei to be within its territory and grants a disgraced citizenship to the Ngok Dinka, some self-interested few individuals in the South shamefully see the people of Abyei as not citizens of South Sudan. Our President and Parliament should more vigorously vet individuals who hold constitutional posts to ensure that they know the basics about our Constitution and the history of our great nation.

Luka Biong Deng is the Co-Chair of the Abyei Joint Oversight Committee and is senior member of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM). He is currently a Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School. He can be contacted at lukabiong@kushworld.org. This article is riginally published by New Nation Newspaper

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  • 2 March 2013 02:23, by dude

    Ofcourse the people of Abyei are part of South Sudan.Any body who is qualified to hold a high position in the government of South Sudan should be able to do so. I do not even know why short minded people should even think that the people of Abyei are like the ones in Kashmire. This is wrong.The People of Abyei are support in all the ten States of Southern Sudan. We wish them a success.

    • 2 March 2013 06:06, by Mi diit

      Dr. Luka Biong,
      Definitely the Ngok Dinka of Abyei are South Sudanese by birth but were geographically and administratively made to be North Sudanese by your grandfather who crossed the border to the North. He made most of them Muslims and intermarried with the messeriya Arab tribe. This is now the dilemma.

      • 2 March 2013 06:15, by Mi diit

        Luka Biong, your sentence below tries to justify the transfer of Ngok Dinka to North Sudan by your grandpa. It is disgusting because the transfer today has become a modern slavery of Ngok by Arabs.
        "It was administratively transferred by the colonial administration from Bahr el Gahzal province to Kordofan province in 1905 to protect the Ngok Dinka from slave raids by Arab nomads."

        • 2 March 2013 12:46, by Clausewitz

          Mi diit:
          Are you saying that Deng Majok transferred Abyei to Kordofan in 1905? Please just answer this question for me.

      • 2 March 2013 22:17, by Tutbol

        People him Dr Luka Biong? The guy is a crook, just like his kin Francis Mading. The guy went to Khartoum university & for some mysterious means, he is a DOCTOR from some lowly European’s university!! When will he & kins bring their arabised people back to their people, if at all they are intelligent & well educated?

        • 3 March 2013 00:47, by LL Reuben

          Everyone effort and intelligence is required,not only the people of Abyei should be left to deliver themselves out of evil’s hands. Abyei sons fought collobratively with their Southern brothers this is why we have RSS. Luka’s doctorate is legit, please find something else to mouth about. If you think Khartoum has real unversity then where is the need for questioning his doctorate?

    • 2 March 2013 06:11, by Abikacha

      Thanks uncle Luke Biong for brief and brilliant inside of Abyei but I would advise not to waste your time explaining all these things about Abyei. If I recalled in 1992 when we were arrested in frontline (12 of us), it appeared later that the first people to be killed were Dinkas in which half of this number were Dinkas including myself, I survive because of young age 12 by then, all other five we

      • 2 March 2013 06:18, by Mi diit

        Why would they kill only Dinkas while Abel Alier, George Kongor, Moses Machar were vice presidents in Khartoum. They should have spared your lives because of the other big Dinkas serving ARab interests in Khartoum.

        • 2 March 2013 06:47, by George Bol

          Dhole chole Midiit,
          Jin thiele mi ngeye.Ma jin gat mieth cham TANIA reye Khartoum.
          Dinka ne Guur. Dinka is your father and that is why Jallaba know them very well.They know how lion react but not after food/kuen gatmaguel.

          • 2 March 2013 15:03, by Lotodo Awino Odug


        • 2 March 2013 06:55, by LL Reuben

          Midiit (Gat-witch),
          Whatever you’ve become these days, who encouraged the folks in Western Uppernile (Unity State) to inter-marry with Arabs? Talking about "serving Arab interest in Khartoum" this statement has to come from somebody who has no knowledge of what Riek Machar has done for Khartoum, not you Gat-witch.

          • 2 March 2013 10:05, by Mi diit

            LL Reuben,
            You are right, but I did not lie that the Nuer were the only ones being killed by Arabs while Riek Machar was in Khartoum as assitant president and president of coordinating council. So when Abel Alier, George Kongor and Moses Machar were serving Khartoum as big Dinkas why would Arabs only kill Dinkas? You see my concern? Unless we agree that your colleague lied by stating that.

            • 2 March 2013 10:11, by Mi diit

              Also when late John Garang was serving Jalaba as army officer at the headquarters in Khartoum and Salva Kiir was spying on behalf of Khartoum in Malakal, I hope not only Dinkas were killed as Anya nya Two fighters by Arabs.

    • 2 March 2013 12:57, by viper

      Infact nobody can deny the fact that Abyei pple are south sudanese but the fact is this. Deng kuol Arop sold Abyei to missiriya in exchange of protection of his power and you, the sons of Abyei are not serious now to fight for Abyei. How comes that you will not be doubted? You are roaming Juba, khartoum , Newyork and the whole world running away from death about your land

      • 2 March 2013 13:14, by viper

        Who do you, (youth of Abyei) think will fight for you in your absence? Dr Luka is now lying that there are brave pple from Ngok, where are they? Only Akonon? Does one person braveness represent the whole Abyei? Let me tell you this Luka, Cdr Kerubino was not refering to you when he called himself "ma Ngok" he was referring to the fish that is called Ngok in Dinka, or have you become a great liar?

        • 2 March 2013 13:27, by viper

          Do you think that we can move forward through lying? You pple in Abyei are not brave. Individuals like Edward Lino and Makual Ajang plus pieng were the only fighters that have contributed individually and ther were no foot soldiers from Abyei. Abyei has never contributed one brigate to SPLA, only few officers and you call that conbat participation? First contribute one brigade so that other south

          • 2 March 2013 13:56, by viper

            Sudanese may follow you. Even when cultivating in a garden, the owner of the garden has first to mark the ground so that those who were called to come and help may follow. Having left Abyei for safety will not bring Abyei back. Lands are fought not negotiated and this is my message to Abyei youths including you. Take arms and we will follow you, or else remain IDPS in SS but stop looting our resou

            • 2 March 2013 14:12, by viper

              Resources. You should not be enjoying luxurious hotels and claim to be fighters. Abyei has never contributed with one heart. Now, those of Atem piyin and Ayom moteit are still with khartoum claiming that they are sudanese citizen and you, the pple of pajook are here. Why don,t you reconcile the different voices of Abyei? Or you mean your presence here to be a source of looting?

              • 2 March 2013 15:21, by Deng Hanbol

                Deng Hanbol
                in the course of the Ngok Dinka chief high treason in 1905, the north governments began a policy of Arabs settlement in Abyei land. Likewise, the Israeli government is doing this token. Therefore,the Palestinian people and Abyei people are paying a big price for their leaders’ treasonous. So, my only appeal to the self-hatred DD/SPLA aka Edward Lino is to go to the liberate your land r

              • 4 March 2013 12:24, by Costa

                Dr. Biong, you have brilliantly argued out the undisputed position of Abey, you have as well proved how the ten states of SS have shown solidarity. Unfortunately, the few self interest of your own people who have embraced Khartoum disgraced citizenship are the one letting down SS & optimizing Khartoum’s claims. I can see some sense in Viper’s argument, your people need to unite for the cause.

            • 3 March 2013 20:03, by Lotodo Awino Odug

              Viper, nobody will be bothered by your few drinking budies,whom you bought beers and preached to them bout how hate for no reasons can be liberating to one’s soul.if you get broke from this expensive endeavors,your crappy laptop will be snatch away from you by internet provider,and we shall be free from your craps tree of lies.

          • 4 March 2013 14:48, by Mangoor

            just a correction, Makuol Ajang Acuoth is from Twic East of Jonglei if u r referring to a brave officer who spent years of civil war fighting in N. Bhar el Ghazal alongside Malong Awan, Dau Aturjong n others. He is not from Abyei. I agree, Abyei officers in the SPLM/A have been brave n did their share of contribution n do not deserved to be insulted by majority of confused traitors who roamed btwn

          • 4 March 2013 14:56, by Mangoor

            Vpr, A correction, Makuol Ajang Acuoth is from Twic East of Jonglei if u r referring to a brave officer who spent years of civil war fighting in N. Bhar el Ghazal alongside Malong Awan, Dau Aturjong n others. He is not from Abyei. I agree, Abyei officers in the SPLM/A have been brave n did their share of contribution n do not deserved to be insulted by majority of confused traitors who roamed btwn

  • 2 March 2013 02:25, by George Bol

    Who on the earth can deny Dinka Ngok the citizenship in the South Sudan,perhaps the dead or Arab.The problem of Abyei is similar to 1983 uprising.Arabs must leave Abyei and manipulation of my people.

  • 2 March 2013 06:50, by JohnGarangFreedom

    That person needs to provoke his idiot message. I think that person is former Arab traitor. Ngok Dinka people are South Sudanese. The claim from Arab is based on resources interests and not historical one.

    • 2 March 2013 08:01, by Nuer Empire

      Well Ngog Dinka South Sudanese by blood.but were sold to the north by their primitive fore fathers.They should fight along side with South Sudanese than pushing or tricking other South Sudanese to harsh wars with Arabs and watching us at the back with big post.There is no budget to be allocated to Stateless societies of Ngok Dinka who have no States or Counties in South Sudan.
      The Nuer Empire

      • 2 March 2013 15:40, by James Maker Akok

        People, truths need to be tell without playing the games among us. That time Abyei was taken to North Sudan by British, South Sudan wasn’t had Government power, South Sudan was followed North Sudan Government power that why everything messed up but now South Sudan got her own government and everything belong to South Sudan must be bring back to South Sudan from North Sudan.

  • 2 March 2013 07:50, by Abikacha

    @miidit you are just commenting out jealousy but I don’t mean Dinkas are only victims of the war it was just a by the way example of what I learned from our foes. Please lets avoid raising emotions over petty issues which after all will not help us in anyway !

    • 2 March 2013 10:17, by Mi diit

      In my life I dislike someone who appears a liar. I know some people think lying is cleverness. Ok, forget it, now Mr. Luka Biong should not waste time defining the identity of Ngok Dinka. He and his colleagues should think about how to liberate Dinka Ngok in Abyei. They are now under slavery of Arabs as we speak. They are divided people. Some want to be with Arabs.

      • 2 March 2013 12:17, by Takpiny

        I disagreed, Abel Alier, George Kongor, and Moses Machar were not serving Arab interest in Khartoum, they were serving in the national government because the country was united ,which means that any citizen has universal right to serve the nation, because Sudan was not belong to Arab alone,but home country for all.

        • 2 March 2013 12:21, by Takpiny

          Back to article, there is a different between ethnicity and nationality, I believe Ngok are Dinkas with little doubt in my mind to call them southerners neither northerners , I can call them people of Abyei until Abyei’s problem get the final solution.

          • 2 March 2013 12:56, by Nuer Empire

            That is it my dear.Dinka Ngok are neither South Sudanese nor North Sudanese.They are people of Abyei and that there is no need to give them big posts in South Sudan since there is no State to categorize them.Let them fight along side South Sudan.Abyei will in South Sudan
            The Nuer Empire

      • 2 March 2013 22:45, by Tutbol

        Mi diit,
        I agree with you % , Biong shouldn’t preach us of his South Sudan-ness. We know they are pure South Sudanese, but what they wanted in the North Sudan has exploded in his/their own face(s). Not only this, some of their kins still preach to the world that they are ’a bridge’ between the North & South Sudan!!! He must not put ’their legs in two pathes’, or else he is the Biong we know.

  • 2 March 2013 11:40, by Agutthon

    So far so good. Ngrok dinka should all come to south Sudan or abyei if they remember their roots. Half of you are in abyei, a quarter of you are in Khartoum and juba. Stop blaming those who question your loyalty. forced indoctrination will not work.

  • 2 March 2013 13:24, by kimo

    they were south sudanese,but forced to flee south sudan(bahr algazal)due to tribal rivalries during the colonial system.they were given abyei area in western kordofan to put an end to their being attacked by various tribes in bahr algazal. Now,abyei people are more northerners than any time before _there is no way they can fit in in south sudan...for their best interest they have to be northerners

  • 2 March 2013 13:41, by James Maker Akok

    No any body in the world will abandon his/her sisters/brothers because they are misplaced by somebody.
    Ngok Dinka are been misplaced with their areas from South Sudan to North Sudan by British because of the water, oil, and grasses in Abyei areas but they are still Southerns Sudanese in their hearts.
    Don’t take me I’m from Ngok Dinka tribe in a way I comment, I’m from Lakes State, SS.

    • 2 March 2013 15:22, by Deng Hanbol

      Deng Hanbol
      in the course of the Ngok Dinka chief high treason in 1905, the north governments began a policy of Arabs settlement in Abyei land. Likewise, the Israeli government is doing this token. Therefore,the Palestinian people and Abyei people are paying a big price for their leaders’ treasonous. So, my only appeal to the self-hatred DD/SPLA aka Edward Lino is to go to the liberate your land r

      • 2 March 2013 15:25, by Deng Hanbol

        BY Deng Hanbol
        DD/SPLA aka communist Edward Lino, it’s a great shame to call Dr. Machar a traitor. The one who brought shame to the entire nation, was your chief Deng Arop Kuol who sold Abyei land to the Arabs north in return to monthly salaries. Have you no shame?The fact is, what Deng Kuol did is similar to what Palestinian leaders did when they sold their lands to the Jewish busi

        • 2 March 2013 15:29, by Deng Hanbol

          Deng Hanbol
          Those who sold land included the mayors of Gaza, Jerusalem and Jaffa. As’ad el-Shuqeiri, a Muslim religious scholar and father of PLO chairman Ahmed Shuqeiri, took Jewish money for his land. Even King Abdullah leased land to the Jews. In fact, many leaders of the Arab nationalist movement, including members of the Muslim Supreme Council, sold land to Jews".[7]

            • 2 March 2013 16:24, by viper

              Mr Deng Hanbol, please, please, let me give you a piece of advice; Cdr Edward Lino has nothing to do with that street boy so called Dinka dominated SPLA. Dinka dominated SPLA comes from Bor and Edward Lino comes from Abyei. Mr Lino is the man who has contributed to our movement effectively unlike those of Luka Biong and the lazy Cdr Deng Alor. It will be good if you accept my advice

              • 2 March 2013 17:17, by James Maker Akok

                LOL, long times they called themselves "Born To Rules but now they call themselves Dinka Dominate".
                This is very shameful with this tribe they think that it will be their life to rule all South Sudan when once of their tribe rule South Sudan.
                Really this tribe put Dinka in problems for non-Dinka to think all Dinka are like that but we all Dinka we are not like that.

                • 3 March 2013 06:11, by viper

                  James Maker Arok, these people have changed from being born to rule to Domination my friend. They are what we refer in Dinka as (ALIEP WUOT) or trouble makers, those who don,t want peace among their fellow country men. They are more creative and their creativities are all tarnishing the image of Jieng in this country and the whole world

              • 2 March 2013 19:39, by Deng Hanbol

                Brother Viper, you and late A. Abraham(Diing Chan), are very respectful intellectuals In the Republic of South Sudan. Therefore, because of your constructive advice I will never call Edward Laino ask DDSPLA again.

                • 3 March 2013 06:02, by viper

                  Thank you very much brother Deng Hanbol for accepting my advice and that is the spirit of those who love this country, not looters. God bless the patriots of South Sudan including you.

        • 2 March 2013 16:14, by James Maker Akok

          British people are the people who caused this problem Ngok Dinka but North Sudan government doesn’t want to leave sweet things from Abyei to goes away from North Sudan to South Sudan and South Sudan government must never Leave Abyei to North Sudan because of the messed up by British.

  • 2 March 2013 16:46, by Tikley

    At a glance, I was shocked by the title of the article only to be mortified by the kinds of responses that came through. What if we recalibrate the question and ask: “Assuming Abyei people were not South Sudanese, were they then all along fighting as mere mercenaries; if so, at what cost to the South”? Let those that can, answer. I am however consoled by the fact that only arm-chair critics that

  • 3 March 2013 00:26, by Kim Deng

    You’re wrong. Abyie was trasfered to the North due to fact that, the Mighty Nuer Warriors were about to occupy the land as they have done it to Mayom and its surroundings in those years. When it comes to where those Ngok of Abyie of Dinka Padang belong, they’re not South Sudanese regardless of their questionable participations in the struggle.

  • 3 March 2013 00:37, by Kim Deng

    As per 1905 transfer, they’re Sudanese until the whole area (Abyie) rejoin the South Sudan. You know more than that, but you fail to admit this fact. There is no difference between those of Nuba Mnts, Blue Nile and Abyie sons who participated in the struggle equally. As such, they (Nuba Mnts & Blue Nile sons) sould be given posts within GOSS like Abyie sons & daughters.

    • 3 March 2013 02:40, by James Maker Akok

      Deng, may not bring that tribalisms of yours. We Southerns Sudanese people we need Nubians people [South Kordofan State, and Blue Nile State] to come to South Sudan but they have not saying they need to come to South Sudan as South Sudan States like what Ngok Dinka doing.
      Deng, I know what State Dinka tribe you are in the ways you talk.
      We know everybody tribe talks.

    • 3 March 2013 11:02, by Rommel

      Kim Deng:
      The transfer had nothing to do with the Nuer. The Ngok were contending with the Misseriya who had just been armed with guns — so shifting the military balance... The British then decided to transfer the Ngok to Kordofan.

  • 3 March 2013 17:48, by Majongdit

    Dr Luka,
    Your sentiments are very true about what some of public officials have been saying about Abyei. And this always happens when an important position is given to someone of Abyei. I think it is jealosy sometimes that drive such statements.The Ngok Dinka are our people; and by no means shal they be annexed to Sudan. Our people in Abyei shall always be S Sudanese.

  • 4 March 2013 08:49, by Padiet Deng Alony

    It was administratively transferred by the colonial administration from Bahr el Gahzal province to Kordofan province in 1905 to protect the Ngok Dinka from slave raids by Arab nomads. Abyei was and is a territory of South Sudan.
    the question here is why taking Ngok Dinka from Bahr el Gahzal Province while some Dinka and other tribes left slave traders by then only target Dinka Nyok alone

    • 4 March 2013 08:54, by Padiet Deng Alony

      The term Mangok which used by Kerubino does not refer to Dinka Ngok to be frank, it refer to fish called Ngok with three horns. was not refering to Ngok Dinka of Kuol Arop strength or lualyak

    • 4 March 2013 08:54, by Padiet Deng Alony

      The term Mangok which used by Kerubino does not refer to Dinka Ngok to be frank, it refer to fish called Ngok with three horns. was not refering to Ngok Dinka of Kuol Arop strength or lualyak

  • 4 March 2013 12:04, by kimo

    ngok dinka are south sudanese in spite of the fact that they inter married with the arabs (misseryia),many of them are muslims,and they speak arabic better than many saudis,but the land of abyei is 100% north sudanese,history and reality says that

  • 4 March 2013 16:05, by Mapuor

    Luka Biong
    We South Sudanese did what is in our capacity to retain Abyiei but unfortunately,we were betrayed by your Dinka Ngok,first in 1905 and again during 21 years war.How many of you were in the SPLA.Pieng,Luka and some few people.Your sons are now in SAF fighting South Sudanese.Shut up, pack and go to Sudan.

    • 7 March 2013 08:29, by James Maker Akok

      Tribalism of your will never work for you. During our SPLM civil War with North Sudan, some many of every tribe in South Sudan were North Sudan Government Forces for getting money for their life to fight SPLM, as you see those in South Sudan now came from North Sudan were North Sudan Forces but South Sudan welcome them because they are our people whether they were against us.

  • 4 March 2013 17:16, by Zionist

    Dr. Biong Deng
    Thank you for educating our people about what is legitimately theirs. You’ve done it in a very civil and professinonal way, yet, making a great point. However, it seems to me that only the top level in SPLA/M, and few educated South Sudanese know about what happened in 1905, and that’s why the blame is always on the Dinka Ngok, specifically your late great grand father.

  • 5 March 2013 02:00, by JAMES KUOI STEPHEN

    Abyei is Dinka land,and Dinka is not divided!There is no frustration in all resolutions and proposals which the goverment of Southern Sudan had been committed to attends all the meeting with mediators.We are looking for mediators and Secruity Coucils,International Community and Africa Union to implements all proposals in to produce,Abyei should offer their opinions, in referandum in this years.

    • 7 March 2013 10:22, by Lomiji

      NO ! they are not ! they are confused people whose spread their legs all over the place ! one leg in South Sudan and the other in Sudan. They must be given an Independent State so that they do not cause Sudan and South Sudan to fight one another for ages !

      • 7 March 2013 10:34, by James Maker Akok

        You need to read general Sudan of 1900 to understand who are people for South Sudan and people for North Sudan if you are not tribalism person.

      • 7 March 2013 10:53, by James Maker Akok

        I know what you looking is just the Government jobs position that what you looking like what Ngok Dinka took in South Sudan police chief but not all of you should be in Government jobs, Government jobs must be share according to States but not one State to be majority in Government positions jobs. You have to work in your State whether you are more educate.

  • 7 March 2013 11:16, by James Maker Akok

    This talking on Dinka Ngok was caused by small one tribe in one State need the Government jobs positions to be for them. This tribe is fooling all Dinka tribes and all tribes in South Sudan. This small Dinka tribe are very a creative problems tribe as they call themselves "Born To Rule".
    I see some people are just writing here for things they don’t know what they talking.

    • 7 March 2013 15:43, by Takpiny

      What is wrong with you man, put in your mind that no single tribe in the SS was informed when Abyei transferred into SK
      Abyei was annexed into SK by Ngok Dinka themselves for certain reasons well known to them,yet Dr Biong want People of SS to pay the price of his own farther mistakes while he failed to know that giving away your property is easy, but to get it back needs some more work.

      • 7 March 2013 18:35, by James Maker Akok

        Tapiny, truth need to be tell without discriminating people for just Government jobs positions. Dinka Ngok were misled by British for them to be taken to South Kordofan State because South Sudan that time wasn’t had power to talk that time, this why we need Dinka Ngok to be count back to South Sudan National.
        Problem came on about SS police Chief position with those who need that job.

        • 7 March 2013 19:00, by James Maker Akok

          Dinka Ngok have right to do anything in South Sudan as their country without to be discriminate. They are Southerns Sudanese in blood and Map, British people were the people who brought that confusion to took Dinka Ngok area to South Kordofan.
          We need to quit discriminating each others.

  • 7 March 2013 19:25, by James Maker Akok

    To those who don’t like my comments might think I’m from Dinka Ngok Abyei. I’m from central South Sudan as you know Which State in South Sudan is a central South Sudan. My job is to united each others in general South Sudan but not to discriminating each others.

    • 7 March 2013 19:29, by James Maker Akok

      I mean, may think ......

  • 7 March 2013 23:15, by manyang abdul

    You cannot be jealous of the positives that Deng Majok gained from the North at those times and mind you it brought peace between the south and North. Right now you don’t want to help us be free but yet a different thing you will say when we have the oil.
    we are here to prove the right of the dinka ngok to vote and identify the missiria as visitors.

  • 7 March 2013 23:20, by manyang abdul

    It is such a shame that after all south sudan has gone through all this years a southener would still wish bad to another southener. We are one of the most powerful countries..... cummon history proves we built the pyramids so why should we slow down to fight your brother. Brothers don’t kill each other they argue and ruffle each other up till a solution is found if not one has to be the bigger ma

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