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Hunger kills 15 in Unity state, local officials say


By Bonifacio Taban Kuich

April 21, 2013 (NYAL) – At least 15 people have died from hunger in South Sudan Unity state’s Payinjiar county following last year’s heavy floods and poor harvests, local officials said.

Throughout their daily lives, parents and their children reportedly comb through the bushes in search for tree leaves and roots, while others traverse existing rivers looking for fish and water lilies.

With children and expectant mothers said to be severely at risk, authorities in the area have appealed for immediate intervention from the state government, into the dare situation.

Gordon Chieng Mayom, a head chief in Nyal payam [district], described the hunger situation in the area as "out of hand". He also blames government for allegedly neglecting people in Payinjiar.

“We have raised issues of concern to our government, but nothing has been implemented, despite all these complaints. The issue of roads is very important to us as citizens for our security safety and to have access to all markets in the nearby counties in South Sudan,” Mayom told Sudan Tribune last week.

Those with cows are unable to move freely to sell their animals to other communities, due to poor roads accessibility, he said.

Mayom appealed to donors and humanitarian agencies to intervene in to the hunger situation, which he claims has affected up to 70,000 people in the county.

Nyawich Gatluak Gatbuok, a resident of Gaap Nyal village says the hunger situation was not getting any better, calling for immediate response.

“We are feeding on tree leaves, water lily and wild roots from the bush. That is what we are defending on now, but the worrying thing [is that] we have finished all roots, water lily and leaves in the bush and in water,” said the 45-year old mother.

Kai William Ter, Nyal mixed primary school head teacher, said the hunger situation has not even spared his pupils, who abandoned school in search of food for survival.

“The numbers of [pupils] for last year and this year is not the same due to the situation that we are in. So the numbers have been reducing as pupils have been transferring to other areas where the commodities prices are okay,” Ter said.

The head teacher, however, insists that some pupils had to leave school in order to take care of their parents at home.

“In the family, the pupils have become the parents because they make small business in the market, they go fishing in the river at the evening they are selling the fish, while other pupils have been taken to cattle camps to milk cows for the family,” he said an interview with Sudan Tribune.

Over the last two years, the school got food supplied by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), but last year’s floods destroyed roads, cutting off these supplies, the head teacher said.

He however expressed optimism that the programme will resume once the roads become accessible.


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  • 22 April 2013 07:28, by New Government

    let them die bcoz most of nuer like free things thus why you may find many of nuers and dinkas join army due to foot shortages. wht is the use of tools for digging ?
    soon 100 will follow as result of luyzness....

    • 22 April 2013 07:32, by Ming Dhal

      At this time, if June and July come what will happen? gov’t should do some thing straight away right now.

      • 22 April 2013 08:11, by Wunditda

        May God rest their souls in peace! The government and nongovernmental organizations must give emergency supply to these starving population in Unity State.

    • 22 April 2013 07:37, by omoni jr.

      oil’a money need to transformed this state into Agriculture state. 4 billions stolen dollars came from this sate and yet citizens are dying like wild-animals.
      Government lead by visionless king-kongs in juba,without proper strategies goals.
      Go to hell thieves.

      • 22 April 2013 08:32, by Rommel

        omoni jr.
        The notion that Unity State provides the bulk of our oil production is a fallacy. Paloich [in Upper Nile State] provides 80% of South Sudan’s oil production, in addition to the Melut and Adar-Yale oilfields. Salva Kiir must go! Their deaths are on his hands.

    • 22 April 2013 07:59, by wang

      New toilet (New Government)
      If Nuer likes free things then why I never heard or seen anyone of them in that corruption lists...Think before you posted your craps…. A crop failing are causes by natural factors and is not something that you should be celebrating...

    • 22 April 2013 08:04, by Bentiu son

      @New Government!shut up your ugly mouth moron,oafish,insane n thug who is up-brought with stolen money by your thievery dad.Your hatred,tribal-siding n Nuerphobia won’t help you dude.Concern the topic above,it is very shameful for both Central n State Government to keep quite while their citizen are suffering due to shortage of food in Payinjiar County of Unity State,Warap n Easter Equatoria State

    • 22 April 2013 08:23, by Nuer Empire

      New Idiot:Flood is a natural factor which caused crop failures in Unity State.Tell me if you can still go and dig inside water and it is known that these farmers are growing sorghum and maize with some vegetable crops which could not survive from the massive flood.They are not begging from your State nor from your communities.Natural factors are everywhere and it won’t be a surprise news here

  • 22 April 2013 07:29, by chuol

    If this might be true, what is government doing? many areas hunger in Unity state are facing food shortage due to the delayment of salaries which occur obtain.let us forget the government’s money and work for our own!!!!!!!!!! i don,t think Unity state will have no changes although oil re-open.

    • 22 April 2013 09:25, by Badi Malawi

      Dear junubiin to improve food insecurity in south sudan unless we take hoes n others means of cutivation let us not celebrate when hunger kill some junubi may the souls of those killed by hunger rest in peace

  • 22 April 2013 07:42, by wang

    Shame on Taban Deng Gai…

  • 22 April 2013 08:04, by master

    SPLM stealing
    SPLA killing
    SPLM/A oyeeee

    • 22 April 2013 08:36, by Bentiu son

      Master fake Arab,slave-hearted n terrorist/Islamic extremist distant yourself from our national affairs. Why celebrating for starvation that natural occurred due to failure of rain this year. Moron comes to your sense,why calling our gallant army/Party(SPLA/M)killers meanwhile leaving your paramilitary militias(SAF)who massacre Sudanese citizen daily in Darfur,Nuba Mountains n Blue Nile State.

  • 22 April 2013 08:08, by Jalaby

    What sad and sorrowful news!
    Although all the south oil exists in Nuer land and yet Nuer people are dying because of hunger while Dinka enjoy embezzling Nuer oil and die of obesity!
    Yes,shame on you Taban Deng that you joined Dinka thieves in Juba in stealing oil money and you left your own people die of hunger!
    You’ve to know the fact that Taban Deng counterfeited

    • 22 April 2013 08:18, by Jalaby

      the last governor election in Unity state and threatened Juba whether to accept that fake result or he will go rebellion against Juba,Juba couldn’t take the risk and put the oil in jeopardy as the oil means the life to S Sudan and forms 98% of its revenue!
      Taban Deng accused Machar of using his power to win the governor seat for his wife Angelina Teny who ran as

      • 22 April 2013 08:24, by Wunditda

        Jalabia - Plz stop your long and vague stories here. Stop bamboozling yourself around.

      • 22 April 2013 08:25, by Jalaby

        independent candidate!
        I’ve good news for you guys, no worries, Nuer will ally with Arab/Jalaba north as usual because Nuer will never be able to beat Dinka unless allying with Arab/Jalaba north, Nuer need to secure their back first before any confrontation with greedy Dinka and as you can see from the map mighty Nuer exist along all the border with Arab/Jalaba

        • 22 April 2013 08:37, by Jalaby

          weapons, food and all logistic support will come from north Arab/Jalaba when Nuer decide to stop thieves from stealing oil money and remove them from power and end the painful suffer of the people of S Sudan for good!
          Absolutely the allying between Nuer and Arab/Jalaba will guarantee cheap oil to Arab/Jalaba and the integration between North-South (I’m not saying

          • 22 April 2013 08:43, by Jalaby

            the unity but the integration first and then full integration and finally the full union).
            I’m very sure Dinka will try to buy Khartoum support for them or at least to keep Arab/Jalaba neutral when it gets hot, Dinka has no oil to provide to Arab/Jalaba and win their support but probably they will give up Abyei to them and put the blame on Dinka Ngok because they

            • 22 April 2013 08:54, by Jalaby

              decided to be north when British Administration choice them between being north or south!
              Also if SPLA-N didn’t accept peace with Khartoum then Dinka will never hesitate to hand over Aggar, Al-Hilo and Arman to Arab/Jalaba and stop this headache!
              Do you think the last Mr. Kiir decision that he took right after Bashir’s visit to Juba of sacking power from Machar

              • 22 April 2013 08:58, by wang

                Stop preaching nonsense dude, south has gone for goods, but will continue maintaining its strong connection with North Sudan in different ways...

                • 22 April 2013 09:18, by Jalaby

                  You know very well that I never preached nonsense but always put the facts in a joke aspect!
                  Do you think you know Nuer history better than me? just tell me, give me one example that Nuer had ever fought without getting support or allying themselves with north, just one example?!

                  • 22 April 2013 09:26, by Jalaby

                    You said "South has gone for good", well, gone where?! can you explain to me what the purpose of 4 freedoms agreement? it was the south request and not Arab request!
                    I didn’t say "Unity" with the south again because I know dude people like you are very sensitive to the word "unity" but I said "Integration" and "Union",you know the difference?

                  • 22 April 2013 21:53, by panom lualbil

                    Man...you really made me laughing to death that you told the truth. Keep teaching them dude, we’re 6 of these animals.

              • 22 April 2013 09:03, by Jalaby

                do you think Mr. Kiir took that decision right after Bashir visit to Juba and he assured Bashir side of allowing the oil to run freely and full implementation for the cooperation agreement between them, do you think his decision was just coincidence with Bashir visit or it was well deliberated?!!

            • 22 April 2013 09:09, by Turism

              Jalaby, who do you think can go and buy in bulshit country khartoum since it is cursed state of criminals( Mijirins) unless you bring your fake sorghums such we buy them and give to animals.

    • 22 April 2013 08:20, by Wunditda

      Stupid Jalabia — Don’t you think that some of Dinka people are suffering just like those poor rural dwellers in Unity State. You’re a bustard Arab. Riak hails from that state and he is developing his own belly here in Juba. Out of him we have John Kong, Hoth Mai, Taban, Marial Benjamin and the list is too long... Plz stop your idiocy in sensitive matters.

    • 22 April 2013 08:47, by Rommel

      You’re ignorant and are presupposing as usual. I can assure you that not even 15% of South Sudan’s oil production is weaned from the lands of the Nuer. Some Nuer constantly subject us to the spiel about how they are feeding our young Nation with their oil. The myth that the Nuer provide the bulk of our oil — is just that... a myth.

      • 22 April 2013 08:50, by Rommel

        At least 90% of South Sudan’s oil production comes from Dinka lands, with Paloich alone accounting for 80% of South Sudan’s oil production. The largest and most productive oil fields in South Sudan are in Dinka lands... and they are: Paloich, Adar-yale, Melut, Toor, Toma south, Nar, Alhar and Manga.

        • 22 April 2013 09:08, by Rommel

          Your gibberish aside, what ’map’ could you possibly be referring to!? The only border that you share with the Nuer is a small passage on the border of Longochuk and Blue Nile State. Avail yourself to any tribal distribution map of South Sudan and you will you see that the Dinka border the North extending from Blue Nile State, White Nile State, South Kordofan and finally Darfur.

          • 22 April 2013 09:16, by Rommel

            You seem to regard Unity State and the Nuer tribe as virtual synonyms. The counties in Unity State that border the North are all Dinka counties — where the oil is located. The Panaruu and Ruweng Dinka were the vanguard force in Unity state — resisting the SAF, Paulino Matip’s militia, the enroachments of the Misseriya, the raids of the Murahaleen and the PDF.

          • 22 April 2013 09:42, by Mohammed Ali 2

            Rommel, I thought somebody like you who is not "ignorant like Jalbbi" will not say Dinka land and would rather say the land belongs to all south Sudanese.Do Dinka live alone in the land you mentioned and about smaller tribes, don’t they have the right to be considered human beings! Fllowing your " educated" argument Equaterians should expel all Dinka who grapped the land in Juba mainly by Dinka!

            • 22 April 2013 09:47, by Mohammed Ali 2

              Con:The main resons for the hunger in SS is mega theft by the SPLA theieves mainly from the big tribes , other smaller tribes are suffering immensly in silence.SPLA thieves had secured their families outside SS and they dont care about what happened in SS.The death toll is huge in SS but for political reasons nobody is telling the truth.

              • 22 April 2013 09:53, by Mohammed Ali 2

                con: The other reason is stupid shut down of the oil and going to war which you cannot win for no obvious reason.If anyone count the loss/profit of the shut down will find that this government should go today not tomorrow.Many pple had died and the end of the day you came to the negotiating table and agree to the same conditions.Sudan government and Basheer had been very generous to sign this agre

                • 22 April 2013 09:59, by Mohammed Ali 2

                  con: If this agreement is delayed at least another 3 months , 50 % of the population of SS would have died of hunger. Hopefully some money will come before the rainy season and it wont be looooted again.So many innocent vulnerable , marginalised S.Sudanese are suffering because the SPLA thieves are looking at SS as their private farm!

                  • 22 April 2013 10:04, by Mohammed Ali 2

                    Rommel, the educated man...if those like you who consider themselves above the pple because they are " educated", if they donnot refrain from this lousy tribal politics , the poor, starving and marginalised pple of SS will suffer badly.The coming is dreadful.Now it is simmering and all of you know it very well .2015 is going to be very bloody, if not wise pple start to avoid this NOW!

              • 22 April 2013 10:20, by Turism

                MOHAMMED ali, you are bulshits/fake arabs of bagara, what do you want to tell us in this soil of belove s. sudan, who do you think need your resources which are expered already of two decades, they are rubbish to us here though our brothers n sisters died in some parts we know how to solve it. shame...........on you of Bagara.

            • 22 April 2013 10:21, by Rommel

              Mohammed Ali 2:
              I see nothing ignorant in affirming the truth that tribes live within specific territories. What I have not said is that others should be excluded from these territories. Your argument bears no resemblance to what I actually said. You ignored what was said, made stuff up, and argued that instead. Did I say anything about expulsion!?

              • 22 April 2013 10:31, by Mohammed Ali 2

                Rommel, certainly you did!You said "Dinka Land" & not tribes live within certain territories!Does the Dinka live within the Juba territorey? Nobody is living alone there so many tribes living in between & you can’t claim all of this land is Dinka land.You are simply fueling hatred towards Dinka as so many are suffering under their domination as long as pple like you think tribaly .

                • 22 April 2013 10:39, by Rommel

                  You are distorting as usual. The Bari tribe have native claim to Juba, but anyone from any tribe in the South has a right to live there. This is also true in lands in which the Dinka have native title. You probably shouldn’t be moralising to me, because you’re from a country in which at least a quarter of a million people have died at the hands of your government and Arab militias.

                  • 22 April 2013 10:43, by Rommel

                    Don’t you support a government that gave license to Arab nomads to try to encroach and subsequently occupy Jebel Marra massif!? Who told your genocidal government to so clearly evince its preference for Arabs over non-Arabs in these conflicts!?

                    • 22 April 2013 18:19, by Mohammed Ali 2

                      Rommel, this the anti Arab propoganda which earned you your Asylum visa? Today the biggest fighting in Darfur is between the Rizigat and Salamat , who are considered from the so called " Arab" tribes.Where is the government here? Thousands had fled to Chad and thousands Chadian living in Suda went back to their country.Where is your " formula" of Arab versus non Arabs here?

                      • 22 April 2013 19:52, by Rommel

                        Mohammed Ali 2:
                        What propaganda!? Is it not true that over a quarter of a million people have died in Darfur!? Is it also not true that those that have died in these genocidal proportions are non-Arab tribes such the Masalit, Zaghawa and Fur!? Is it not true that your government worked hand-in-hand with Arab militias!?

                        • 22 April 2013 20:02, by Rommel

                          I am merely relaying what the U.N. itself has said. Do you actually think hat the very well documented cases of State sanctioned ethnic cleansing in Darfur is merely a derivative of subterfuge by the UN!? There are currently 288,700 Sudanese refugees in Chad... not merely thousands as asserted by you.

                  • 22 April 2013 18:27, by Mohammed Ali 2

                    Rommel, my country is hosting 500,000 SSudanese , even during the war of Heglig non of them was scathed.They are prefer to remain with us than staying with your liberators where 50 were killed in Juba per month.Now after opening the borders, come to see Khartoum, thousands are coming on daily basis.They are coming to find peace, security and food from the most peacful and generous pple on Earth.

                    • 22 April 2013 20:10, by Rommel

                      Mohammed Ali 2:
                      Oh my dear, Mohammed, you are the best kind of comedian — precisely because you don’t know just how incredibly funny you are. You are hilarious -not because of your wit- but rather because of your lack of it. Your country is currently hosting 230, 000 South Sudanese... and this number is decreasing, not increasing.

                      • 22 April 2013 20:19, by Rommel

                        Mohammed, I would like you to direct me to a primary source stating that fifty [50] people are dying in Juba monthly. Can you do that for me? How many people do you think are dying in Kordofan a month!? When Darfur was at its worst 10, 000 people were dying each and every month. I also want a source affirming your claim that thousands of South Sudanese are pouring into Sudan daily.

                        • 22 April 2013 20:29, by Rommel

                          There are currently over 200, 000 Sudanese refugees in South Sudan... Why didn’t they run into the embrace of the most peaceful and generous people on earth!? According to Medecins sans Frontieres, 4, 000 Sudanese were fleeing into South Sudan daily in 2012. Here’s a source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-18309691

                          • 22 April 2013 20:52, by Rommel

                            You seem to enjoy living in a world entirely removed from reality. A country in which a government deploys militias to murder over a quarter of a million people is generally not considered peaceful. *Gasp*, did Pol Pot author a dictionary in which peacefulness and generosity are redefined?

                            • 22 April 2013 21:00, by Rommel

                              You need to ask yourself why it is you’ve had a rebellion of some sort in virtually every corner of your Nation —- in all the non-Arab peripheries; and why the rebellions always bemoan the hegemony, marginalization and persecution of a dictatorial, genocidal Arab elite.

              • 22 April 2013 10:33, by Rommel

                I think it’s well beyond dispute that that South Sudan is being afflicted by rampant corruption, however, I take issue with you trying to add a tribal dimension to this. The entire country is suffering from this nepotism, corruption and mismanagement. This is precisely why over a 100 people died of starvation in Salva Kiir’s home State last year.

                • 22 April 2013 10:51, by Rommel

                  If the corruption was necessarily working to the benefit of the "big tribes", then the Dinka & Nuer wouldn’t be dying of starvation as reported here. Are the deaths of a quarter of a million to half a million people in Darfur "huge"!? Well, are they!? Provide evidence for this "huge" death toll in South Sudan.

                  • 22 April 2013 10:58, by Rommel

                    Say what you will about South Sudan, but we have not killed a reported half a million people in state sanctioned tribal violence. The U.N. and other institutions of international significance claim that half a million people died in Darfur. Have we done that in the South!? The answer: NO!

                    • 22 April 2013 11:03, by Rommel

                      Mohammed, please refer me to a source affirming that 50% of our population (4-5 million people) will die of hunger in the next three months if this agreement fails. Provide me with a source, please. The recent agreement is mutually beneficial in economic terms... Khartoum wouldn’t have signed it if its economy was flourishing. Your talk of "generosity" from a genocidal criminal is rubbish.

            • 23 April 2013 04:16, by AUGUSTINO DENG

              Mohammed Ali 2,
              It is an habit in the South Sudan that when one’s tell the truth, he is turned to be the liar. Rommel was telling the truth. The two counties bordening the North is Biemnom County of Dinka Ruweng, and Panrieng County of Dinka Panaruu. What he said was true and I agree with him. For you, you are jealous because all Dinka were mentioned.Who cares.
              By Augustino

        • 22 April 2013 09:10, by Jalaby

          Mr. Rommel,
          What?! "At least 90% of South Sudan’s oil production comes from Dinka lands"! are you kidding us or what?! this is like saying the sunrise from west while all the people can see the sunrise from east!!
          Dinka might produce 2 to 3k barrel here and there but 99.99% of the oil production comes from Nuer land!

          • 22 April 2013 09:25, by Rommel

            Kidding you!? Oh by no means am I kidding you. You seem to have an aversion to research of any kind and as a consequence your positions are informed entirely by ignorance. You wouldn’t know this, but there’s an oilfield in South Sudan that alone provides 80% of South Sudan’s oil — Paloich. You see Paloich is located in a Dinka county [Melut] in Upper Nile State.

            • 22 April 2013 09:33, by Jalaby

              Mr. Rommel,
              What?! "there’s an oilfield in South Sudan that alone provides 80% of South Sudan’s oil — Paloich"!!!
              All the people are wrong about the south oil that exists in Nuer land except you who see things very differently!!
              I believe you’re a kind of person who loves to watch fiction movies!! LOOOOL

            • 22 April 2013 09:48, by Rommel

              The three oilfields in Upper Nile State [Paloich, Melut and Adar-Yale] are all in Dinka territory. The Dinka territories of Unity state account for up to 75% of that State’s oil production. Out of the seven significant [7] oilfields in Unity State, only two [2] are within Nuer territory — Tharjiath and Unity.

              • 22 April 2013 09:55, by Rommel

                Toor,Toma south, Nar, Alhar and Manga are in Pariang and Biemmnom counties — counties inhabited by the Dinka. The Unity oil field is a rather large oilfield with wells located in both Pariang [Dinka] and Rubkona [Nuer] counties. You know very little about South Sudan. You probably didn’t know that Paulino Matip was a Dinka, did you?

                • 22 April 2013 10:12, by Mohammed Ali 2

                  Rommel. congratulation Mr. not ignorant ! Why don’t you go ahead and declare your Superior Dinka Republic!To hell with your knowledge and education! When I read your words I simply see the dooms day!Pathetic! Rwanda will be a joke!You are the worst example of the " educated " ignorant syndrome!

                  • 22 April 2013 11:21, by Rommel

                    The above doesn’t even constitute a reply; it’s just more of your emotional outbreaks. Your incoherent rage ranting is actually quite entertaining. You really should calm down, Mohammed. Around half a million people died in Rwanda, which is incidentally the amount of people that have purportedly died in Darfur. So you’ve already had your Rwanda... and so now you wish us the same.

                    • 22 April 2013 11:34, by Rommel

                      A "Dinka republic"!? No, I don’t think it would be viable. I’ve never mentioned a "Dinka republic" before. You are a confused clod who has no evidence for anything, and so attempts to distort the views of others, in order to generate -make believe- support.

                • 22 April 2013 11:45, by Bentiu son

                  Hey!Dinka-Bari Rommel your ignorance to South Sudan geography n history obviously came to surface. Who told you that,three Oil fields in Upper Nile belongs to your husband Dinka.only Paloich belong to Dinka Billang while Adar n Guelgok belong to Gajaak Nuer in the North Upper Nile meanwhile Toor,Unity,Manga,Tharjiath,Thonyor,Toma are all located in W.Nuerland only Heggilic east n Nar belong to Dik

                  • 22 April 2013 12:33, by Rommel

                    Bentiu son:
                    I should probably just ignore you, but I’ll educate you instead. The Melut, Paloich and Adar-Yale oilfields are located within the territories of the Abiliang Dinka. The Gajaak reside in Maiwut county on the border with Ethiopia and are therefore nowhere near Adar-Yale. Toor, Toma south, Nar, Alhar and Manga are in Pariang and Biemmnom counties. Unity straddles Pariang and Rubkona.

                    • 22 April 2013 12:41, by Rommel

                      If we wanted to consider lands occupied by the North, we would then have to add oilfields like Bamboo, Bamboo-west, "Taiyib", Toma, Garaad and finally "Heglig" as lands belonging to the Ruweng and Panaruu Dinka. The Panaruu and Ruweng Dinka currently have El haar, Toor, Toma south, Nar, Alhar and Manga as well as having parts of Unity oilfield in Pariang county.

                      • 22 April 2013 18:12, by Deng II

                        Thanks bro, you are doing a magnificents job by teaching those fool from food lovers Nuer and those sons of malested Mohanmmed, the leader. Bentiu Son, I know your whore’son called Taban Deng occupied the lands of Ruweng Dinka and rename them as a Nuer county. The Ruweng Dinka will waite for theft Pesident Kiir to go, although it can take them 100 years to waite. He is the one behind Taban

                      • 23 April 2013 04:08, by AUGUSTINO DENG

                        You all thoroughly said everything. By the way, not everybody know where oil is located. Some people talk about oil, but the don’t even know what area in the South is a dominan area for oil. Oil is in Ruweng land of Dinka Ruweng of Biemnom and Panaruu land of Panrieng. The only counties feeding the whole South Sudan is Ruweng of Biemnom and Panaruu of Panrieng.Thank you for your inputs.

                        • 23 April 2013 06:57, by julia

                          u ve nothing to thank Rommel aka Luka Biong. u know all the suffering people of Biemnom re encountering Biong and his homo bro Hamad Deng Aloor ve great hand in it. imagine now in oil campanies labour recruitment no single son/daughter of Biemnom got employ. yet there re thousand of s.sudanese recriuted! does it mean we ren,t s.sudanese i wounder! bro luka & Deng Aloor re zapping ......

                          • 23 April 2013 07:07, by julia

                            Biemnom by taking kiir Kuethpiny mayardit weakness . luka Biong and Deng Aloor ve repeatedly keep on denying Ruweng Biemnom inhabitant of the fact he is mentioning with own tongue without shame. They were saying border with Panrieng and Nuer saying they don,t Ruweng or Biemnom which in Really fact their head chief bro kuol Deng is born to daughter of Biemnom by name Nyanreek. That why i term them.

                            • 23 April 2013 07:16, by julia

                              greedy people. Biong himself is fake Dr. Education without wisdom pug. Kuol Nyanreek is now a leading figure in their community yet Luka is talking trash here. Oil is n,t for community of course but we had right to be given our share becozs there isn,t a person called government. Augustino bro be aware Rwanda style would soon be experience. And Biemnom will suffered the most cozs our neighbour re.

                              • 23 April 2013 07:27, by julia

                                treason. Rommel ve continously mentioned Biemnom valoring and vanguard which in really sense isn,t the matter now, cozs we fought enough war, we loss enough valuable resource including human resources. What we need is develop. How do u think it will come yet youth and graduat re loitering roaming Bentiu/Biemnom/Juba/wau with recoqnise douccment fro well facilited institution?without jobs to prove.

    • 22 April 2013 09:11, by Turism

      Jalabia, it is non of your bussiness to talks nonsenses in this disscussion. fuck you all arabs........?

  • 22 April 2013 08:11, by trinitri

    what a desperate country if people are starving!

  • 22 April 2013 08:28, by Wunditda

    Only self-reliance and hard work can help pull us out of such a terrifying situation. Juba wolves and hyenas are working on the breads of their own sons and daughters whom they have sent abroad and overseas.

    • 22 April 2013 09:07, by Bentiu son

      @ Jalaby,shut-up liar, fake bustard Arab,leave your brutal policy of divide n rule to in-stabilized Sudan.Who delegated you to speak on Nuer behalf to preaches hatred, tribalism n clanism in South Sudan.Moron,ask your criminal Omer Beshir whose leg was chopped by gallant SPLA forces commanded by Dr. Machar in 1987 in Mayom County(Bentiu)n coward SAF whom were badly defeated in Panthou by Nuer Gen

  • 22 April 2013 08:58, by Turism

    Waaw! what if that report is true then this country is really been affected hunger, the national govt should look into this propblem carefully to on internationl NGOS to support this looming hunger unity state but it will not be that place alone almost south sudanese territory.

  • 22 April 2013 10:23, by steven

    This is terrible news. Situation needs to be resolved fast.

  • 22 April 2013 12:48, by Majongdulthii Anyang-majongduldit

    This is real disaster let both the state and national government intervene to rescue lives in the area before the hunger claim more lives as life have no spare parts

  • 22 April 2013 12:53, by Majongdulthii Anyang-majongduldit

    The hunger is as a result of poor roads linking the county to basic services, so the state government have to construct roads to connect Panyijar to Bentiu such that the citizens of the county can get access to goods from traders rather than depending on agriculture which is at time affected by natural hazards like floods and drought

  • 22 April 2013 12:56, by Amannyigat Ku Kuat Ran Nek Koc Junub

    My heartfelt condolence goes to deceases may God rest them in peace. But I just want to tell Payinjiar cattle raiders that, this was the result of cattle raiding to your people because the youth were busy raiding cattle and they forget cultivation. Let hunger do its part because hunger is the master of unity. If people are satisfy then separation will appear.I wish IGOs&NGOs to rescue the situatio

  • 22 April 2013 13:01, by Jojo

    This is really terrible, bad news for the precious Southerners feeding on tree leaves and roots at such a time when we are standing on our feets as a "Nation’. Brethrens let us take away our grivences base on tribalism. We better address this issue in Unity State with spirit of Nationalism - as Southern Sudanese!
    Shame of our governemet, Mary Jarvis had declared to give two months salary

  • 22 April 2013 13:06, by Jojo

    As soon oil started to flow, Ministry of finance was talking of giving two months salary. I blame particulary the governor of Unity Stat. The resources which the whole South Sudan and Sudan are depending on is in your land. Why don’t you take care of your own people instead of filling your belly and cheating the innocent people. Your time will come with your greedy belly.

  • 22 April 2013 13:07, by Jojo

    As soon oil started to flow, Ministry of finance was talking of giving two months salary. I blame particulary the governor of Unity Stat. The resources which the whole South Sudan and Sudan are depending on is in your land. Why don’t you take care of your own people instead of filling your belly and cheating the innocent people. Your time will come with your greedy belly.

  • 22 April 2013 15:15, by Tata

    Factts are facts. You can’t escape at football field at 12:00 PM. You’ll be an intelecual unless you know the truth and present facts to audience. Here are facts:
    (1) CPA grants 2% of oil revenue to Unity State.
    (2) Unity State has signed agricukture concession to produce food in Mayoum County.
    (3) Egyptian company signed 5 year contract with Unity State to excavate water runway of Bahr el Ghazl R

    • 22 April 2013 15:32, by Tata

      (4) Unity State government has savings of 2% oil revenue for 7 years (2005-2012) plus income from Mayoum Agriculture concession agreement.
      (5) Hunger is killing citizens of Unity State and the savings of 2% oil revenue in foreign & Sudan banks.
      Mr. Presiden Sir, can you beg Governor (Taban Deng Gai)to withdraw only US$ 1 million to feed the people of Unity State?

      • 22 April 2013 15:42, by Tata

        Mr. President Sir, who is fooling who? Is Governor Taban fools you or the people of S Sudan?
        Mr. Presiden Sir, how many projects funded by the 2% OIL MONEY you have opened in Unity State?
        Mr. Presiden Sir, how many KM of tarmac road constructed by the 2% oil revenue you have opened in the last 5 years in Unity State?
        Mr. President Sir, what is special about Taban Deng and the 2% oil revenue?

        • 22 April 2013 15:59, by Tata

          Mr. Presiden Sir, can the Deirector General of Agriculture in the Ministery of Agriculture & Forestry/GOSS, Brig. John Choul, explain to you & the people of South Sudan what they have been doing since January 1, 2006 to date when people are dying of hunger in this rich Country?

          • 22 April 2013 16:03, by Tata


  • 22 April 2013 16:12, by Lecture

    Fuck you Jalaba, I hope you need to revised South Sudan history, if you have never read it very well. Nuer people are not collaborators who can be align to idiots Arab who had killed our grandparents. Fuck you............... Go back to middle east or Saudi Arabs.

  • 22 April 2013 16:23, by Lecture

    I knew North are happy on resumption of oil to steal our resource through that Teekyoal guy, but that doesn’t matter. Hence, his time will gonna come to and end for him to leave that office. I hate your nonsenses comments which bases on South Sudanese people (dividing Nuer and Dinka) in this social web. Definitely I can simply give you a hug fuck If I can meet you.

  • 22 April 2013 16:41, by master

    i hope 2015 election come soon

  • 22 April 2013 17:07, by Kelei

    God !!!! what a Country? where are we going with this kind of life. Our population is decreeing from time to time, my heartfelt to the lost of life while we are independent country.Our politician are fight over leadership while citizen are dieing with nobody concerning about them.

  • 22 April 2013 17:23, by Dj the Big Brother

    we are wasting our urine for no reason, please brothers and sisters on the web unless we plane a coup there will never be an end to South Sudan Problem.

    • 22 April 2013 19:09, by Nuer Empire

      I shouldn’t be suprise of Rommel saying fallacy to mean false! Did he really take the course in the University called Logic? No I don’t think so. He is just an ignorant creating histories of hatres.

      • 22 April 2013 21:06, by omoni jr.

        Nuer Empire,
        you seemed to be semi-literate.Rommel is 100% right for using that word "Fallacy.
        Fallacy is an error or mistake in reasoning which does not originated in improper valid form. E.g arguments, conversations.

        • 22 April 2013 21:36, by Nuer Empire

          Omoni:Fug you ape!

          • 22 April 2013 21:45, by Rommel

            Nuer Empire:
            Why would you call him an ape!? He seems far more intelligent than you. If you’re going to use expletives at least spell them correctly.

        • 22 April 2013 21:43, by Rommel

          omoni jr:
          Thank you for interceding on my behalf, but I suspect that he’ll just attack you out of resentment instead of thanking you for disabusing him of his ignorance.

          • 23 April 2013 08:25, by Nuer Empire

            Rommel:I withdrew my respect from you when I saw that you are the real tribalist and liar and a hater to Nuer! You will walk alone and I doubt your intelligence.
            The Nuer Empire

  • 22 April 2013 21:04, by Oppressor

    I feel so sorry most of the commentators from south are just talking & addressing the problem in a different way no one is offering solution to this issue of "Hunger" which kills 15 in Unity state what u Janoubeen offering to ur own brothers to save them? Big Zero just fighting in Vain.Scholars make complex matters simple, while the layman makes simple matters complex"

  • 22 April 2013 21:40, by Paac


  • 22 April 2013 22:42, by AUGUSTINO DENG

    I hope this fucken hungar is not in Ruweng,Biemnom County. South Sudan government claimed that the had separated from the governemt of Khartoum and still simple thing like cannot be handled. What kind of government is this?
    Looting money and taking other properties is the most abundence things happening in the South.

  • 22 April 2013 22:46, by AUGUSTINO DENG

    The richest State in South Sudan is the Unity State. And still the people of Unity State are still being affected by hungar. What a shame is this? Whose blame is this? To me, Taban Deng Gai is the cause. Good thing is because it happens to his people so called Nuer themselves.

    • 23 April 2013 04:59, by Bentiu son

      The idiot n slave known as Rommel should stop his fake n forgery history about Nuerland oil fields which start from Western Nuer Bentiu to Eastern Gajaak Nuerland n from Central Nuer Fangak to Gambella in Ethiopia. The Territories of Dinka Panaru n Ruweng in Abiemnhom were invaded by Khatroum during the war like Hegglic (Panthou in Dinka n Panthoak or Kai Kaang in Nuer)and Naar oil fields.

      • 23 April 2013 06:54, by bakuluk

        Butin wrong argument doesn’t take you no where bro,you need focus on Government of SS for their failure,to delivering service to our innocent civilian,

  • 23 April 2013 05:21, by Gatluak P

    my condoles to the families that lost their love one. Almighty God rest their soul in peace.

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