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President Kiir criticises Equatorians for speaking out over federalism


June 20, 2014 (JUBA) – South Sudanese president Salva Kiir has for the first time directly criticised the people of Greater Equatoria region over their growing demands for a federal system of governance, saying they were “setup” by rebels loyal to his former deputy, Riek Machar.

Salva Kiir attends the signing of the standard gauge railway agreement with China in Nairobi, Kenya, on 11 May 2014 (Photo: AP/Thomas Mukoya)

In a frustrated tone while addressing members of the country’s national parliament on Thursday in the capital, Juba, president Kiir said the rebels introduced the federal system of governance in order to win support from the Equatorians whom he said “are diehards for federalism for some reasons.”

In his speech to lawmakers, he criticised the people of Greater Equatoria for speaking aloud on rebel demand for federalism as if they were the first and only southerners to demand for the system from north Sudan in 1947.

He said rebel leader Machar introduced federalism as a strategy to split the position of the government.

“Now the rebels have introduced another setup to the effect that I am opposed to the introduction of federal system of government in South Sudan. This time they are doing it to gain support of our people in Equatoria, Greater Equatoria, whom they believe are diehards for federalism for some reasons,” Kiir told the assembly.

“This is a policy of divide and rule,” he added.

Southerners, he argued, demanded for federalism between them and northerners, implying that the system was not meant to be applicable in an independent South Sudan.

“And I said many times that the request for federalism was not an issue of Equatorians when it was presented in 1947 here in Juba. All southerners were here and they all demanded federation not among themselves, they demanded federation between them and northern Sudan,” he further explained.

“Now [in] 1955 again they demanded it here, southerners demanded it in Juba. It was not only the Equtorians who were calling for it.”

Kiir was reacting to the recent announcements by all the governors of the three states of Greater Equatoria region who declared that their governments and people are in full support of the federal system of governance.

Prominent Greater Upper Nile region leaders, including Machar and the main opposition leader in government, Lam Akol are in support of federalism.

The agenda on which system of governance to be applied in ending the six-month old crisis is on the table for negotiations in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, between the rival parties and other South Sudanese stakeholders.

Kiir also told the parliamentarians that the rebels call to restructure the state and dissolve and reinstitute the legislative and executive memberships would cost them their jobs and that this should not be allowed to happen.

The president also vowed that he would “never” accept to step down as demanded by the rebels in the formation of the proposed interim government.

He further said the first step in the national building is writing of permanent constitution as “the first layer”.

“We have to be firm and stand together as leaders in the interest of our people and our country. I promise to be in the front and I call upon you to support me in this endeavour,” Kiir told lawmakers.


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  • 20 June 2014 22:16, by Mapuor

    What rebels want is not the type of federal system that majority of South Sudanese want.Federal system would also be meaningless if its not based on ethnic regions.Greater Equatoria is not inhabited by one ethnic group.There are different tribes in greater equatoria some of whom are Bantus who are totally different from the rest.Some are Nilotes,some are Nilotics.They can never make one

    • 20 June 2014 22:21, by Mapuor

      homogenous federal entity.The same problems faced in Juba will still exist in all the current three colonial regions.Ethiopian type of federal system is what is needed by majority of South Sudanese and should be done gradually with some areas given special protection by the Federal government.Peace should come first then ethnic based federal system.

      • 20 June 2014 22:55, by Ito

        You are dead wrong Mr. President and your statements, frustration and anger is merely based on political jealousy. The call for federalism is an overdue case in equatoria and the rebels and others from all over south sudan happen to support it and this is a coincidence of interest and both side benefit from it; is not this what everyone is looking for? Dr. Riek, the Equatorians and others who

        • 20 June 2014 22:58, by Ito

          called for a federal state and restructuring of institutions have a vision for the country and this war whether political or military is a war of vision and personalities between those who just want to stay in power to get rich through exploitation, corruption and the camp that wants to transform the country into a federal democratic state and then embark in nation building through service

          • 20 June 2014 23:01, by Ito

            delivery in order to alleviate and revive the suffering of our people. To say that Dr. Riek is using the issue of federalism to gain support from Equatoria region is an insult to Equatorians as the issue of federalism is an overdue demand. I must say to Equatorians that your freedom will not be handed to you in a golden place, you have to take it by force. The reason why the issue of federalism is

            • 20 June 2014 23:04, by Ito

              painful to the president and his people is because he well know that there will be fairness under federal system and that it would be impossible to dominate as each population would be busy developing their states and only those in the capital will be working class. Now it is upto equatorians to choose whether they want to continue talking and get killed at night like what happen all times and

              • 20 June 2014 23:06, by Ito

                most recent yesterday and last yesterday June 18, 19 where Equatorians youth who demonstrate in support of federal system were drag from their houses and get killed. this shows that peaceful demonstration will only get you kill and on top of that you don’t get your right. The answer is infront of you ya Jamaa brothers and sisters from equatoria and all over south sudan. Thank you.

    • 20 June 2014 23:17, by Tong dut

      you are already a confused stupid president,Equatorians dont wants war or trouble, no corruption too, but we dinkas are interested in that job,what can they do?
      The last chance is this, now body will vote for us as a president.

      • 20 June 2014 23:29, by Ito

        Tong Dut, If you are truly a Dinka, then you are one in a billion. May God be with you and guide you. Jesus said tell the truth and you will be set free and you have done brother.

        • 21 June 2014 05:55, by Mi diit

          That stupid president Kiir Kuethpiny is telling parliament to fight for their jobs, not for the country while the nation is bleeding badly. He knows those MPs are job seekers, stomach MPs. But this time he is playing with fire by attacking Equatorians who host him in Juba. Soon he will feel fire under his corrupt buttocks. Watch the game as it unravels in the next few weeks or months.

          • 21 June 2014 06:04, by Mi diit

            Don’t lie. There is no total ethnic based federalism in this world. Tell me where if I am wrong. Even Ethiopia you give as an example is not an ethnic based federalism. Take for example Gambella region. The Nuer, Anyuak, Koma, Mejenger, etc are lumped together. You are trying to make federalism sound tribal so that you attack it as a dividing factor. Federalism will be based on states.

            • 21 June 2014 06:14, by Mi diit

              It doesn’t mean that in Jonglei state, Kachipo, Jieh, Murle, Anyuak, Dinka, Nuer will have separate federal states, or in lakes the Dinka and Jurbeli separate states or in Warrap, the dinka and Bongo separate states. The 64 tribes, some with less than 10,000 in population, are not asking for 64 federalized states as you lied. The 10 current states may be increased, that is all.

              • 21 June 2014 15:48, by Rommel

                Mi diit:

                I don’t think anyone actually believes that it would be at all feasible to have sixty-four [64] administrative divisions... But we certainly do need more States. Equatoria is probably the only region that doesn’t need to be separated into more States. Bahr el Ghazal and Upper Nile must be divided into more States.

                • 21 June 2014 16:03, by Rommel

                  The Bongo won’t be able to establish their own State. They don’t even have a county of their own that could be carved out to create a viable State. Unlike the Jurbel, the Bongo number in the very low thousands, which would make it all but impossible to establish a feasible tax base.

                  • 21 June 2014 16:36, by Rommel

                    The Jie are quite adamant in their belief that they shouldn’t be under the jurisdiction of Jonglei. The Jie have re-affirmed -again and again- that they are an integral part of Eastern Equatoria. The government in Eastern Equatoria are opposed to the inclusion of the Jie in the newly created ’Greater Pibor’ area.

                    • 21 June 2014 17:10, by Rommel

                      The Suri (Kachipo) are related to the Otuko (Lotuka), Didinga, Nyangatom, Boya and the Toposa - the tribes of Eastern Equatoria. The Kachipo and their lands must be governed by Eastern Equatoria State. The Anyuak must have their own State, per the 1956 border.

                      • 21 June 2014 17:36, by Rommel

                        I don’t even need to provide reasons as to why the Dinka and the Nuer must be separated. The Panaruu and Ruweng Dinka were originally governed as part of Bahr el Ghazal until 1905, when they were transferred to Kordofan. When the Panaruu and Ruweng were transferred back to South Sudan in 1928, the British decided to transfer them to the Upper Nile province. This mistake will be corrected.

                        • 21 June 2014 18:46, by Rommel

                          .. The Panaruu and Ruweng Dinka must be given their own State. Each and every state in which the Dinka and the Nuer are governed together, must be dismantled; these two tribes are not on good terms, to say the least and so shouldn’t be forced together in fraudulent administrative marriages on the State level.

            • 21 June 2014 08:06, by Nyesi Ta

              If it bcomes real that a Dinka ethic federal state is curved out of the present map of SS, it will be the most unstable fed state given the cultural barbarism of the Jieng people, cos they will neither be in peace with themselves nor will they be in peace with their neighbors. And I assure you, Equatoria being multi-tribal will be more peaceful & stable than a Dinka ethnic fed state.

              • 21 June 2014 20:38, by Mapuor

                Midiit and Nyesi

                Dinkas and Nuers will never be under one state as mentioned above by Rommel,I am a bit scared by your comments,your comments imply fragmentation of Dinka,is that the objective behind your quest for federal system?Oromia was curved out from more than six former provinces and is now called Oromia,and its the largest region in Ethiopia.Whats wrong with Jieng Region?

            • 23 June 2014 14:58, by Padiet Deng Alony

              midit it will be ethnic based federalism. like the one in Ethiopia as follow:
              Dinka Region
              nuer region
              shilluk region
              anyuak region
              latuko region
              bari region
              mundari region
              murle region etc

    • 21 June 2014 10:33, by Ayuiu Makuac Lam

      Equatorian are just engaged by any situation. Because the different type of tribes always have different ideology, Equatorian are borned differently by many tribes in East Africa, then they combined as Equatorian.

  • 20 June 2014 22:57, by marie

    The call for federalism was championed by Equatorians right after the establishment of the government of South Sudan in the first great Equatoria conference held in 2007 because Equatorians have the experience of the government of the high executive council that failed terribly because of the centralization of power into one man in Juba. Equatorians tabled the issue of federalism in parliament.

  • 20 June 2014 22:58, by marie

    The call for federalism was championed by Equatorians right after the establishment of the government of South Sudan in the first great Equatoria conference held in 2007 because Equatorians have the experience of the government of the high executive council that failed terribly because of the centralization of power into one man in Juba. Equatorians tabled the issue of federalism in parliament.


  • 20 June 2014 22:59, by marie

    But the mps from the other states rejected the demand because of their number. Dr. Riak Machar was invited, as guest of honour, to the second Equatoria conference and Equatorians presented their arguments for federalism as the optimum system for South Sudan and Dr Riak Machar was convinced of the benefits of federalism system.
    1 – Federalism system would ensure equal development in all of the st

  • 20 June 2014 23:00, by marie

    states, instead of Juba only.
    2 – Fair distribution of wealth. States with enough wealth would contribute a large portion to the federal government and subsequently subsidize states with less resources instead of the 16% of the budget of the government being divided 1.6 % equally among the states while the 84 % being embezzled in Juba.

  • 20 June 2014 23:01, by marie

    3 – Employment of capable cadres by the states. States are free to employ experienced employees from any state who are able to deliver instead of lumping inexperience employee for the sake of money.
    4 – Reduction of land grabbing and collapse in security as the local would insure policies are implemented instead of the favouritism prevailing in the country.

  • 20 June 2014 23:06, by marie

    5 – Accountability for all instead of Kleptocracy that exists in the country. The problem with the rest of our brothers is that, they are happy with the status quo because they are part of the mismanagement that the country is spiraling through. Our problem is not tribalism, but sin that is in our hearts that manifest itself in all the ills our country face. Some people claim to be custodians of S

  • 21 June 2014 06:29, by Black Africa

    Mr.Kiir, Don’t criticizes Equatorians for speaking aloud about federalism. We are seeing under your leadership ,you don’t want federalism because you have under ground movement to form Dinka Kingdom in RSS. you know what , we have no any other choice, the only choice we have is to take arm and fight. Therefore, I am calling for my Equatorians elders , brothers and sisters in Dinka land come back

    • 21 June 2014 21:21, by laatmachol apac

      Rebellion for Job opportunity lead by food lover Riak Machar is over in zero score grade by public opinion and rebellion for federalism is alarming. my brother Equatorian take care, to mobilize people before you taking your own arm is not guaranteed. rebellion for Riak Machar is enought let enjoy peace without so call federal state otherwise i will book my best home in Equatoria after defeating u

  • 21 June 2014 06:31, by Black Africa

    home to defend your land from Kiir Kingdom.

  • 21 June 2014 06:42, by Positive Thinker

    "Kiir also told the parliamentarians that the rebels call to restructure the state and dissolve and reinstitute the legislative and executive memberships would cost them their jobs and that this should not be allowed to happen."
    If Kiir was wise he should have said that. Mr. President read the writing on the wall.

  • 21 June 2014 07:35, by Joseph Canada

    Kiir care about the Job that can protect his lively life in Juba and those money squandering ministers who are sticking to the Parliament for their own benefit. Now its clear why the Army have not been paid for 6months while dying on frontline under the barrel of their own brothers in the nation while the president’s family is enjoying lives in Nairobi and the rest of other ministers’s families.

    • 21 June 2014 07:39, by Joseph Canada

      My advice to those Dinka who think like other humans and South Sudanese from greater Equatoria is to stay away from this man as far as you can. I have lived in the Nations that have federal Govts. and they don’t have any tribal claim as used by one of the stupid writers above. Federalism will help our nation grow faster and all those we elect to work for us in Juba and State level will respect ….

      • 21 June 2014 07:44, by Joseph Canada

        Law and all the citizens will be equally the same. intact the Federalism will even give more freedom to the citizens since people will be employed by their qualifications not by tribe. Look the heads of police and security in every state, specially the three states whom Dinka are not the inhibitors of the land. Look at the Customs. All the heard are Dinka and they treat other Southerners like...

        • 21 June 2014 07:52, by Joseph Canada

          Refugees in their own nation. The nation we struggled together, Voted together and Celebrated deaths and loses as well as the national days together. Kiir want to rule because he think he was born to rule since God gave Dinka the leadership power. To those educated Dinka, please stay away from all this era of Kiir because you will be hated by every tribe in SS just like how it is in the World…..

          • 21 June 2014 07:56, by Joseph Canada

            And by criticizing Equatorian Idea, yu have already shot yourself on the foot because from now on non of the leadership in Equatoria will listen to you unless they want to stick to their corrupt jobs such as your VP. You can now go to Warrap state and practice your leadership there or in other states that need your dictation .

  • 21 June 2014 08:10, by Joseph

    Federalism oyeeeeeeeeeeee

  • 21 June 2014 09:52, by Niggorota

    Mr.President Don’t start showing emotions by speaking against Equaterians brothers. Equaterians are people who have brains. I f they want to bring your government down they can; if they want to maintained your government they can. Equaterians are people who look ahead always. What is demanded by them they have studied it long time ago.Six states out ten are calling for federalism.

  • 21 June 2014 10:39, by 4Justice

    Japanese Democracy: List of DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED Leaders who RESIGNED PEACEFULLY

    1. Yoshir? Mori from 4 July 2000-26 April 2001: His gaffes and his government’s low legitimacy was detrimental to his government’s approval ratings, for which he resigned in 2001.
    2. Junichir? Koizumi 2001 to 2006: Resigned due to term limits of the Presidency of the Liberal Democratic Party
    3. Shinz? Abe 2006 to 2007: Resigned after suffering from low approval ratings and poor health.
    4.Yasuo Fukuda 2007 to 2008: Resigned after asserting the need to improve the flow of the political process.
    5. Tar? As?: From 2008 to 2009 Resigned after the 2009 general election to accept the responsibility for the worst defeat of the history of the Liberal Democratic Party.
    6. Hatoyama Yukio from 16 September 2009 to 2 June 2010: Resigned after public uproar was spurred after he broke a campaign promise to close Marine Corps Air Station Futenma in Okinawa Prefecture.
    7.Yoshihiko Noda: From 2011 to 2012 Resigned after the 2012 general election to accept the responsibility for the defeat of the Democratic Party.

    Kiir Must Resign peacefully for the Salvation of South Sudan

  • 21 June 2014 11:10, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

    Kiir must know that if Bahr el Ghazal is his personal property with which he can play. He should know that Equatoria is for Equatorians. They have chosen the way they should be governed. That is their choice. The same thing applies to Upper Nile. Kiir has no right to impose his brand of leadership on the people. The people must be consulted on the type of governance they like. That is human rights

  • 21 June 2014 12:48, by Philosopherking

    ’Stupid’ alone is not enough to describe this president; he is a ’stupid demagogue’. He never sees further than his own nose. Does he even realize that his term is coming to an end come 2015 and that he will require votes to come back? How on earth is he going to convince the equotorians and the rest of the states who are calling for a better governance system to vote for him?

    • 21 June 2014 13:06, by Philosopherking

      South Sudanese, this is what you get for entrusting a mentally disturbed idiot with the power to decide on your behalf. Kirr is an embarrassment to South Sudan and an embarrassment to his own home state. The people of Warrap should disown this clown and join the equotorians in demanding a fair and just governance system so they get to make decisions for themselves.

      • 21 June 2014 13:14, by Philosopherking

        Kirr will be known in history as the most failed president in the history of the African continent. His legacy will remain corruption, incompetence, nepotism, genocide, ’stupid’ drunkard and mental turbidity. For those who are currently derving under this failed government, especially equotorians, the time has come to dissociate yourselves with this failed tyrant who deserves to live in a museum.

        • 21 June 2014 21:31, by laatmachol apac

          those who pretend President Kiir as a fail president are more stupid than mongol child whose brain is retarded due to a poor nutrition. there is no state where everybody want to be president even when he has no paper for a cook.do we know the good ruling system,why you do not convince doom VP president to the right path. those who are enemy to dinka will not enjoy good meal unless we unit for comm

  • 21 June 2014 13:35, by Bauer

    Mr. President in deed your lost. The governors represent the will of the people. The Equatorians chose that so just deal with it. If you can’t handle the heat just strip yourself of the presidency. It does not matter who initiated or where the idea of federalism was started. If people want it give it to them and its done. To the elite dinkas who are anti federalism embrace federalism for a gd SS

  • 21 June 2014 14:20, by 4Justice

    Even with federal system in place under the yoke of Kiir Kuethpiny’s toxic leadership, i doubt South Sudan will ever move one inch forward. It’s as if Satan himself sent him to torment the people of South Sudan.

  • 21 June 2014 15:58, by Ayuiu Makuac Lam

    Everybody is talking about federalization without knowing it meaning, what a shite people! Please, leave president Kiir to talk about it he know the impact of federalism.

    • 21 June 2014 20:28, by Joseph Canada

      Ayulu makuac, don’t lie to people. what federation do you know that is very dangerous? You are a paid Lier!!!

  • 21 June 2014 16:51, by Black Africa

    Stupid Kiir,he isn’t our president or he doesn’t represent we the Great Equatorians. He represent Dinka tribe only . You can’t fix stupid. Let stupid kiir resign for the sake of RSS.

  • 21 June 2014 17:05, by kimo

    equatorians have the full right to claim federalsim and even an autonomus state,because they proved to be the most civilized and peacefull people in the south

    • 21 June 2014 20:49, by Mapuor

      Dinkas have finally decided to have Dinkaland region (Jieng Region) and will only share small portion of its resources with federal government. Moro region must be separated from Zandi region; Moro are badly dominated by Zandis and will never accept to be in one state or region with Bantus.

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