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Sudan accused of violating South Sudanese airspace


November 24, 2014 (JUBA) – The South Sudanese government said on Monday that two warplanes from neighbouring Sudan entered its airspace last week, calling it an act of intrusion and a “serious violation” of international law.

Sudanese Air Force MiG-29 (Photo Wikipedia)

The planes were witnessed flying over the Khorshamam area in Western Bahr el Ghazal’s Raja county.

Raja county commissioner Hassan Jallab told Sudan Tribune on Monday that the area had witnessed two warplanes flying over Khorshamam area, which

The area was bombed by Sudanese jet fighters in earlier this month, resulting in the death of at least 35 people and wounding of 17 others.

It remains unclear why this particular area, located about 20km east of Raja town, has been targeted by Sudanese military.

Raja county commissioner Hassan Jallab has expressed fears over possible further bomb attacks by Sudanese warplanes, saying he had called on Juba to raise the issue with the Sudanese government at the highest level.

“I thought things would change to better when our president [Salva Kiir] visited Khartoum recently. They assurances we heard he was told by the Sudanese president and his government, which was in the press, is that his government and the Sudan armed forces, have no interest in destabilising South Sudan, especially people in the border areas, but now these developments are raising concerns and questions asking whether the president of Sudan was really serious with the statements he made,” he said, adding that people in at-risk areas had been told to take precautionary measures against future attacks.

Jallab said Sudan’s military activities in border areas were becoming an increasing concern to local communities.

He said he had raised his concerns with the state government and was told they would be passed on to Juba.

“I brought to the attention of the state government. I talked to the governor about these military activities which are causing security concern to the people,” he said.

Jallab said he had also raised the issue of rising consumer prices for basic items.

“Things are becoming expensive in the markets. Local markets are empty. They are no items to buy. Things like soap, salt and other basic commodities are not there,” he said.

“These things come from Sudan, but because of these military activities, traders are afraid to cross when they see huge presence of troops at crossing points,” he added.

The Sudanese army has maintained silence over the different accusations of bombing in Raja.

Military experts in Khartoum confirm the air attacks saying the rebel Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) pulled out of South Kordofan and has established a military base for its fighters in the Western Bahr el Ghazal’s county which borders the southern part of Darfur region.

JEM has started a new round of talks over a cessation of hostilities in Darfur and needs to have its troops inside the region.

Sudan and South Sudan trade accusations of support to rebel groups from both sides. Last April, said Juba is using JEM fighters in its conflict with a splinter faction of the SPLA in the Unity state.

South Sudan seceded from Sudan after a 2005 peace deal paved the way for a referendum on self-determination, ending more than two decades of brutal civil war.

Although the South officially gained its independence in 2011, a number of contentious post-secession issues remain unresolved, resulting in ongoing tensions, particularly in border areas.


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  • 25 November 2014 06:12, by Mi diit

    How about Uganda which has been violating South Sudan’s airspace at will. Museveni can visit Bor without permission and company of his inferior president Kiir. I also wonder how many more countries violate South Sudan’s airspace without Juba knowing about it. The corrupt guys don’t have a single radar to detect and identify planes. They used their naked eyes and guess by the directions the planes.

    • 25 November 2014 06:17, by Mi diit

      Nyankiir’s government uses individuals’ naked eyes, ears and directions to guess what type of plane or from which country, something laughable and similar to the stone age practice. A very primitive one. They argue like we saw it coming from the direction of Sudan, or it sounded like an antinov, etc. Ahahhaaaaa.....South Sudan has gone to the dogs...

  • 25 November 2014 06:41, by George Bol

    Midit and likes,
    Didn’t I told you not to step on President Kiir tails instead you think I am joking. He a good bite and you really have gotten it.See how betrayal are you? since the creation of South Sudan, you have been a nyagat in 1975, 1991, and 2013. Why only you? See how you talked? if there was Sudanese rebel in the South, why not you report it before? You are fond of nyagatism-and who cryi

    • 25 November 2014 07:32, by Mi diit

      George Bol,

      Nuer history is in all universities in the world. They are known for being democratic and courageous fighters. They fought against colonialism. They brought self-determination and independence. Now they will bring federalism and democracy with good governance. Your foolish president’s tail will be cut soon, not only stepped upon and his heart will be ripped of his drunkard body.

      • 25 November 2014 09:03, by Rami Tot

        George Bol,

        you can not distort the history you have read in your university unless you are not educated person by devalued Nuer struggle or else we will again showed to you, we are not betrayers like you new beggers of East africa, your community knows nothing unless to beg only, see in juba now how many dinkas begers are there roaming in juba while you have the whole government idiot.

      • 25 November 2014 15:04, by Rommel

        Mi Diit:

        How exactly did you "brought self-determination" when you created an alliance with Khartoum that you greatly benefited from when others were bombed to no end? How did you "brought self-determination" when you were provided with food relief, supplies, weapons, ammunition and logistical support when artificial famines were created in Dinka territories by your allies?

        • 25 November 2014 15:06, by Rommel

          You played no part in South Sudan’s independence. Your posts are an example of ad nauseum fallacy. Definition of Ad nauseum fallacy: Repeating claims as if repetition were proof. Our conversations go nowhere because your fantasies are trapped and crushed by facts, that cause you attempt to repeat the same old lies.

          • 25 November 2014 15:08, by Rommel

            You are simply attempting to foster a lie, by repetition. The reason why this is a flaw in reasoning is that the validity or truth of an idea has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with how often the idea is repeated. You can repeat something dozens of times and it will still be false, while a truth remains a truth even if it is stated only once.

            • 25 November 2014 15:09, by Rommel

              Calling for independence and going out to achieve it are two completely different things. How did Riek ostensibly call for self-determination? Oh, that’s right, he turned to Khartoum. You cannot seek independence from someone when you’re wholly reliant upon them for every nail, every litre of oil, every platform, every box of ammunition and their logistical support.

              • 25 November 2014 15:10, by Rommel

                Dr. John Garang made it clear in his 1972 letter to Joseph Lagu that South Sudan had the right to secede and that it could only guarantee this right with its own army. You guys went the other way round. You got it backwards. You thought that Khartoum would take you more seriously the more dependent you became. Riek admitted that he got cheated. He didn’t get cheated, he’s just an idiot.

                • 25 November 2014 15:11, by Rommel

                  Does 1991 come before 1972?

                  In a letter sent to Joseph Lagu in 1972, Dr. John Garang made the point "that a region retains the right to secede from the federation if its interests are not adequately served by the federation."

                  • 25 November 2014 15:12, by Rommel

                    Furthermore, he said:

                    "It must be clear to Southerners that the retention of the right to secede from such a federation must be guaranteed by the federal constitution and by the existence of a physical Southern Armed Forces."

                    • 25 November 2014 15:13, by Rommel

                      The late Dr. John Garang De Mabior very well understood that you couldn’t possibly be taken seriously by Khartoum and achieve a political settlement with the Ignaz Nazis, without an independent army. You cannot achieve anything without an independent source of funding, a separate source of weaponry and ammunition and a separate line of logistics.

                      • 25 November 2014 15:14, by Rommel

                        Dr. John Garang understood that the people of South Sudan wanted to secede, but he also understood that ’international’ political and military support for an explicitly secessionist movement would not have been forthcoming, and more importantly, it would have completely alienated the people of the Nuba mountains and Blue Nile...

                        • 25 November 2014 15:15, by Rommel

                          .. And it would have deprived us of a means of putting pressure to bear on Khartoum in the North. Anyone who thinks that Dr. John Garang wanted to deny us the right to self-determination need only refer to his letter to Gen. Joseph Lagu. In this letter, Garang wanted to accord the right to self-determination to any region in Sudan that felt that secession would serve its interests.

                          • 25 November 2014 15:15, by Rommel

                            I will now provide evidence for the existence of this letter that you continue to insist does not exist because it shatters your pathetic delusions and exposes Riek for the traitorous fraud that he is:

                            • 25 November 2014 15:16, by Rommel

                              In January 1972, Colonel John Garang, then a young Captain just commissioned into the Anya-nya rebel army, wrote an important letter to Major-General Joseph Lagu, his commander in Anya-nya Headquarters, at Owing-Ki-Bul on the Sudan-Uganda border. (Southern Sudan: Too Many Agreements Dishonored)

                              • 25 November 2014 15:17, by Rommel

                                John Garang well articulated this point in 1972, when he advised, "It must be clear to Southerners that the retention of the right to secede from such a federation must be guaranteed by the federal constitution and by the existence of a physical Southern Armed Forces."(The Power of Creative Reasoning: The Ideas and Vision of John Garang)

                                • 25 November 2014 15:21, by Rommel

                                  And don’t think for a moment that I didn’t respond to your other incredibly asinine posts. I did respond. Just be glad that I was at work when you posted your laughably weak arguments. Here’s my riposte: http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article53122

                                • 25 November 2014 19:54, by Bentiu Sudan


                                  Can you post the links to the letter John Garange wrote to Joseph Lagu in 1972 that suggest separation of South from North Sudan?

                                  • 25 November 2014 20:46, by Rommel

                                    Bentiu Sudan:

                                    Of course I can. Note that I’ve already cited two books that affirm the existence of this letter. Here’s a link to Dr. John Garang’s 1972 letter to Joseph Lagu: http://paanluelwel.com/2011/10/09/captain-john-garang-letter-to-gen-joseph-lagu-of-anyanya-one/

                                    • 26 November 2014 05:34, by Mi diit

                                      Bentiu Sudan,

                                      There was no letter written by Garang to Joseph Lagu. Gen Lagu denied having received such a letter. The so-called letter was faked by Garang’s uncle Abel Alier in his book. These people are known for faking things in order to steal history. They are pathetic beings!

                                      • 26 November 2014 06:27, by Rommel

                                        Mi diit:

                                        Provide evidence that Joseph Lagu denied having receiving Dr. John Garang’s 1972 letter. Either bring facts or admit to bias. Choose one. You have no evidence for anything, therefore your opinions can only imply bias. All you do is lie, because admitting the truth would be far too painful for your feeble ’mind’. You are beyond pathetic.

                                        • 26 November 2014 06:33, by Rommel

                                          ..You posit many claims [all ridiculous] and yet you NEVER provide EVIDENCE for any of them. This is one of the ongoing and crippling flaws in all of your feign thesis... your inability to objectively distinguish fantasy from reality and evidence from wishful thinking. I have explained this to you over and over again yet you continue this tirade of silliness.

                                          • 26 November 2014 06:50, by Rommel

                                            Abel Alier is not John Garang’s uncle. The two men are not even from the same sub-section, you clueless, brain dead hick. The fact that you argue this exposes your sheer desperation. It’s your standard pressure response, and tacky attempt at sophistry. I’m frankly surprised that you keep falling back on it. When I cite western historians, you respond by saying that they’ve been payed off. LOL!

  • 25 November 2014 08:23, by mzalendo mwema

    Mi diit

    The only leader who loves food more than any one on this planet is Dr Fool Riek Machar.He defected in 1991 because there was more food in Khartoum than in the bush.He came back in 2002 because he knew Garang, Wani and Kiir were signing CPA with his husband mr Omar Bashir.So Dr Fool Riek joined Kiir, Wani and Garang because pie was ready to eaters such as Dr Fool Riek who shamelessly joine

  • 25 November 2014 08:58, by Nyesi Ta

    Those savages and barbarians in Juba pretend to understand what international laws mean when they themselves in the eyes of the international community unbelievably use jungle and/or monkey laws to run the country, and yet the idiots claim they are born to rule.

  • 25 November 2014 09:21, by mzalendo mwema

    Mi diit and the likes,

    You are defending your Lazy Dr aka Dr Fool Riek thinking that he will get power by pursuing this meaningless war.But you must keep in your minds that South Sudanese have the right to elect their leaders and any one coming from the back door(through rebellion) must be rejected.

  • 25 November 2014 11:08, by Nyesi Ta

    The claim that south Sudanese airspace is violated is a political miss courage. You can not talk of airspace when you do not have clearly defined borders. Airspace is always relative to borders. What can u say when SAF flies to mile-14? Do you also call it violation of south sudan airspace? Define the borders and control south sudan airspace instead of crying all the time.

  • 25 November 2014 16:12, by Kim Deng

    The people of Equatoria have only two choices, either to fight for their rights including taking their region wherever they want, or remain second class citizens in the country (South Sudan) they have been claiming as their own. The Mighty Nuer Warriors have already made their decision, either to bring Dinka Kingdom to its kness, or declare greater Upper Nile as Nuer Empire.

    • 25 November 2014 17:48, by Rommel

      Kim Deng:

      You are not ’mighty’... you’ve been a mercenary more than a warrior. You are delusional, as usual. You are perhaps the best representation of mindless Nuer hubris. You will never have an ’empire’. If you couldn’t establish a Nuer empire with the assistance of 100, 000 SAF troops and tens of thousands of PDF and Murahaleen forces... what makes you think that you can do it now?

    • 25 November 2014 23:34, by Northern Sudanese

      No part of South Sudan must secede from south sudan. in fact, all Sudanese people wether North or South need to wake up , get rid of the dictators and rebuild greater Sudan.

      • 26 November 2014 08:08, by Rommel

        Northern Sudanese:

        Don’t worry, brother, no part of South Sudan will be seceding any time soon. You are dealing with people that think running away instead of addressing the core issues is a legitimate course of action. They think by fragmenting into ever smaller and weaker units will solve all their problems.

  • 25 November 2014 22:34, by Kim Deng

    If a Nuer says the sky is blue, a Dinka would say it’s red. As such, let’s burn this Jungle to ashes.

  • 25 November 2014 22:36, by Kim Deng

    In war, the skin of Fox is at times as necessary as that of a Lion, for cunning may succeed when force fails. Speaking from his underground rally as mentioned so far, in a message to his disciples, he declared that “the first bullet must be fired against the separatists [Anya Nya II,” as an attempt to impose his self-claimed “New Sudan,” vision on Southern Sudanese and hijacked the movement...

  • 25 November 2014 22:39, by Kim Deng

    from its founders [separatists] altogether, coincidence?
    Without Ethiopian armed forces back-up, can Garang’s group alone be attempted to annihilate Anya-Nya II forces in Bilpam?

  • 25 November 2014 23:28, by Northern Sudanese

    Sudan needs to urgently end all violations against south sudan. if any country should be targeted then they should be Israel and Egypt. if not then better keep our hands in our pockets until we are strong enough to face them.

    I just hope that NCP loses this election in 2015 and doesn’t cheat.

    • 25 November 2014 23:32, by Northern Sudanese

      South Sudanese are still Sudanese just like us. they are the last people we should attack in this world no matter what.

      • 26 November 2014 06:24, by Kenyang

        North Sudan,
        NiF has new opportunity (Riek Machar 2nd rebellion) to milk but they know SPLA had simultaneously defeated both Riek militias and SAF across South Sudan before when it was still rebel group. Exact Riek Machar is with them again and SAF is on it usual aggressions, bombings and occupying territories that are S. Sudan. When Gallant SPLA responds, world will stop whatever they doing.

      • 26 November 2014 08:25, by Rommel

        Northern Sudanese:

        I more than appreciate your positive and peace loving spirit. I only wish that this kind of thinking dominated both sides of the Greater Sudan border. If Greater Sudan fully utilized its resources to build a dynamic economy, it could reclaim hala’ib within a decade. War with Israel is not possible. The zionists control the US. Their involvement is guaranteed...

        • 26 November 2014 08:37, by Rommel

          ..But steps can be taken that would make it prohibitively too costly to attack Greater Sudan. I don’t see why Israel would even want to attack Sudan. We don’t have any territorial disputes with them. If Sudan’s support of Hamas is the issue, then Sudan should put its interests first. We should avoid foreign entanglements.

  • 26 November 2014 05:15, by Mi diit


    You are such an argumentative idiot. You wanted to challenge me by saying "asking for an independent and achieving it are completely different things" and yet you thought your faked letter by Garang in 1972 on right to independence was not completely different from achieving independence. Riek championed self-determination, Garang did not. See the difference!!!

    • 26 November 2014 05:27, by Mi diit

      What you have failed to understand is that I am not talking about who first mentioned or asked for self-determination and independence. Our forefathers talked about it even in 1950s, not recently in 1972 or 1991. But the question is who finally championed it until is it achieved. It is Riek Machar who led this from 1991 and Garang only joined it actively in 2002. Clear???

      • 26 November 2014 07:11, by Rommel

        Mi Diit:

        "Challenge" you? You are lower than dirt. A ’man’ with a bacterium size brain. I don’t have to "challenge" you. I laugh at you. Please tell me that the pedestrian, blithering drivel above isn’t the best you can do. It’s obvious that instead of actually disputing my posts you just sit there and whine about it like a silly child!

        • 26 November 2014 07:17, by Mi diit


          Can you for a moment stop that idiotic typical Dinka’s meaningless boastful attitude and begin to answer me? Riek actively championed self-determination and independence since 1991 but Garang only joined actively in 2002 on self-determination. What do you say about this? You sound so traumatized and desperate to distort history.

        • 26 November 2014 07:18, by Rommel

          It’s over Mi Diit. Get a new hobby, instead of playing online fantasy in public forums about history. You trying to understand politics, resembles a horse trying to count by stamping its hooves. You are guilty of investing in fantasy over fact, when it strokes your embittered and childish bias. You not only provide no evidence for your claims. You also ignore all findings that contradict you.

          • 26 November 2014 07:25, by Rommel

            Facts matter. Here are the facts:

            The letter is real. In this letter, Dr. John Garang acknowledged the right to self-determination long before Riek collaborated with the enemy in 1991. He then reaffirmed the right to self-determination one month prior to the Nasir declaration.

            • 26 November 2014 07:28, by Rommel

              Your ahistorical, tribally motivated, feel-good little narrative is built upon the foundation of sand. Why do I say this, you may ask? Well, because prior to your cherished Nasir Declaration, the SPLM/A had informed the Sudanese government that Self-Determination was to be discussed for the Abuja agenda on the 29th of July — one month prior to the Nasir Declaration!

              • 26 November 2014 07:30, by Rommel

                This is confirmed by the works of scholars such as Ann Lech. Her book states on page 22:

                "the independence option was therefore included in the still-united SPLM’s proposal for the Abuja agenda that was submitted to Nigerian and Sudanese government on 29th July 1991". (The Battle for Peace in Sudan: An Analysis of Abuja Conferences 1992 – 1993)

                • 26 November 2014 07:37, by Rommel

                  How exactly did Riek champion self-determination? Did he champion self-determination by getting into a military alliance with the Ignaz Nazis? By unleashing a tribal militia to slaughter thousands of civilians? By getting too dependent on Khartoum that he couldn’t maneuver without their approval?

                  • 26 November 2014 07:50, by Rommel

                    Did he champion the right to self-determination when his pathetic agreement was entirely dishonored by Khartoum? Did Riek champion the right to self-determination by supposedly ’succeeding’ in getting Khartoum to enshrine the right to self-determination in the ’constitution’, ’Scribbles on some sheets of paper’ as Dr. John Garang called it...

                    • 26 November 2014 07:52, by Rommel

                      Khartoum doesn’t regard documents, agreements, conventions and constitutions as worthy of compliance in the absence of force or an opposing military that is not dependent on them for weapons, ammunition, supplies and logistical support, like Riek was. Does Kharotum have any regard for the Geneva convention!? Of course it doesn’t...

                      • 26 November 2014 07:53, by Rommel

                        .. So what makes you think that Khartoum would regard the KPA with even a smidgen of sanctity!? The fact that Khartoum feigned sincerity when it enshrined the right to Self-Determination in the Constitution speaks volume of their cunning and political skill... and of their ability to manipulate the stupid, the naive and the myopic. Khartoum had no intention of honoring Riek’s stupid agreement.

                        • 26 November 2014 07:55, by Rommel

                          Dr. John Garang made it very clear that autonomy or independence couldn’t be "guaranteed by a few phrases scribbled on some sheets of paper stapled and bound together and christened “The Constitution”." Dr. John Garang warned Joseph Lagu that the Addis Ababa Agreement would be dishonored in its entirety if the South didn’t have a truly independent army.

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