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South Sudan seeks to bolster military cooperation with Egypt


September 30, 2015 (JUBA)- South Sudan’s Minister of Defence Kuol Manyang Juuk is in Cairo for talks on ways to enhance military strategic cooperation with Egypt.

South Sudan’s defence minister Kuol Manyang Juuk, speaks after a cabinet meeting in the capital, Juba, on 17 January 2014 (Photo: Reuters/Andreea Campeanu)

Juuk’s visit, according to the spokesperson of the government forces comes within the framework of the 2014 military cooperation in which the two sides agreed to develop strategic ties in areas covering military training, armament and exchange visit of high ranking military personnel.

Also, the four-day visit is expected to concentrate on how the two countries could work together to develop military cooperation and assess the progress made in the agreement which they have signed more than one year ago.

A military attaché at South Sudanese embassy currently visiting Juba from Cairo, Egypt, told Sudan Tribune on Tuesday that the embassy has worked to persuade Egyptian authorities to show commitment to working with the government of South Sudan in areas of defence, water, trade, electricity, education and health.

These fields, he added, represent the key areas in which the two countries should try to consolidate mutual trust, promote concrete cooperation, and strengthen communication on major international and regional affairs.

"The office of military attaché has worked collaboratively with the ambassador to persuade Egyptian authorities over the past years to adopt pragmatic cooperation with us on a host of bilateral issues, including military-to-military relations such as high-level visits, joint exercises and professional communication," he said.

The official further said that Egyptian authorities have always expressed willingness to expand cooperation to maintaining regional peace and stability within the framework of a stated goal advocating for a peaceful, stable, viable and progressive nation capable of defending and protecting its national sovereignty.


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  • 1 October 2015 04:43, by Shadrack Nuer Machut

    Bravo big man Mr. Juuk! We need a robust army that repels both internal & external threats. Never lose a friend but keep making good friends. Though some Spla comrades betray, conspire & sell away our pride, dignity, freedom & natural resources, still history & hope for betterment are in place.

    • 1 October 2015 06:54, by Mi diit

      Running from Uganda to a new Egyptian master in the north will not help the situation ya Kuol. Good that you may not be the next defense minister during the transition.

      What is strategic about Egypt when you don’t even share a single border.

      Running like a chicken which head is cut will soon earn you arms embargo and make your efforts useless.

      • 1 October 2015 07:33, by Mi diit

        Dinka of Greater Bor are leading in anti-peace because of their well known selfishness and cowardice.

        They preach against Kiir and Riek hoping that the world will give them leadership as an alternative group.

        They dined with former detainees, but now disappointed again as Kiir and Riek will lead the transition and go for elections.

        Greater Bor intellectuals succeeded in spoiling Kiir’s mind...

        • 1 October 2015 07:37, by Mi diit

          ...to commit massacre of Nuer civilians in Juba in 2013 as a revenge for what they called Bor massacre in 1991 by Nuer forces.

          Their plan since 2005 has been to destroy both Kiir and Riek and steal the leadership.

          But it seems these guys have a long waiting to do for their selfish leadership.

          Talks to Bor guys, you will see that they don’t like this peace agreement. Selfish!!!

          • 1 October 2015 09:11, by Khent

            Mi diit

            You really are stupid. Read the article again. Slowly this time. What does it say? It clearly states that Juba and Cairo are merely implementing accords they signed last year and so this isn’t evidence that Juba is running to Cairo because of recent developments. Juba and Cairo established close diplomatic links as far back as 2006, for obvious reasons...

            • 1 October 2015 09:22, by Khent

              ..But since you’re an incredibly slow little twit, allow me to break it down for you to tiny baby pieces. Cairo was concerned that should what was then southern Sudan attain Statehood, it would lose water rights to a State that couldn’t conceivably be regarded as subject to a treaty that was signed in 1929, and so it went on a diplomatic blitz in the hope that it could scuttle this inevitability.

              • 1 October 2015 09:28, by Khent

                And since we had just come out of a terribly costly war, we took help from anywhere we could get it. Cairo’s links with Juba were so close that Ali Osman Taha once jokingly asked South Sudanese diplomats how their people [the Egyptians] were doing. Cairo still wants influence over a region that is essential to its survival and so it maintains strategic links with various countries in this region.

                • 1 October 2015 09:35, by Khent

                  Egypt is Africa’s third most populous country, with Africa’s largest and most capable military and is the holder of the incredibly strategic Suez Canal. Its significance was not lost on the Soviet Union and the United States, and this is precisely why they both wanted it in their competing orbits. You’re an idiot. Concern yourself with things on your intellectual - Ngundeng’s ’prophetic’ songs.

                  • 1 October 2015 09:46, by Khent

                    Have you got evidence for any of your mindless prattle and conspiracy theory? Of course you don’t. You subject the entire forum to spams of hateful and worthless screeds without ever providing an ounce of evidence for any of your overwrought claims.

                    There will be no arms embargo. No veto wielding member of the Security Council has even suggested it.

      • 1 October 2015 08:02, by okucu pa lotinokwan

        midit you are correct,Drinka Bor in particular are not happy with signing of this peace,i do not know want they want? or if they can bring Rebbecca Nyadeng the wife of De mobior plus her son Mobior for more advise than seeing every equatorians as an enemy.
        And Dinka Bor seem they for gotten their hiding place is in equatoria land

      • 1 October 2015 11:37, by Muorcienggok

        it is clear that you guys are very dangerous enemies of South Sudan, your power hungry boss and the likes of you are busy rallying support for arm embargo to be imposed on South Sudan not knowing that it would make South Sudan weak and vulnerable to her neighbors in the region.you continue to betray and sell this country, you can as well sell your mothers’ ass to your masters

        • 1 October 2015 11:46, by Muorcienggok

          your effort in campaigning for an arm embargo will not change the facts on the ground, South Sudan will remain strong and will deter your betrayal tendencies; you will remain in your damn bushes until you will surrender or respect terms of the agreement. let me correct you, South Sudan’s head has not been cut off, it is walking with her head held up very high

          • 1 October 2015 11:52, by Muorcienggok

            the fact that you are crying to your masters in the West for support and an arm embargo is an evident that South Sudan’s head is still being held high and will continue to be like that. Besides there is nothing wrong with south Sudan seeking military cooperation with any country, no nation is an island, even your master US,has military cooperation with other countries, the best Example is NAT

            • 1 October 2015 12:01, by Muorcienggok

              I meant NATO dude, so your claims of South Sudan’s head to have been cut off is a lie only applicable in a movie.
              By the way where has the Euphoria and the self proclaimed might gone? you were so proud and boasting that you would over throw the government in a few months. Author: wen Kucbeny Wek

  • 1 October 2015 05:21, by Lorolokin

    You can’t cooperate with Egypt not only in military but also in any field . Egypt is a well known qualified liar gulf states know them most leave alone Africa. However this country belong to us South Sudanese not fake Splm party . Don’t sell South Sudan out ya jienge.

  • 1 October 2015 07:37, by Big Head

    Bravo Juuk, your stand since the inception of war of liberation is clean, you are not like those batrayers who keeps taking us back to senseless wars...prophet of doom Riek Machar is working day and night to destroy what you have worked for with your fallen heroes and heriones.
    leave them to move world’s cities and forsure they will be back as failures.

  • 1 October 2015 07:48, by Big Head

    Mi diit stop your shit, non of Dinka Bor have hand over your useless war of greed, fame, massacres and destructions, keeps in mind histroy will judge both of us right come what may. You idiot how long does it take to learn your mistakes, massacred innocent life from Bor 1991 and again you initiated what happened in Juba where many life were lost, rape women in Bor, killed old, destroyed propeties

    • 1 October 2015 07:53, by Big Head

      ...keep inciting voilence and we shall see who will be they loser, if you can’t stop your madness you will finished your tribe (sorry to say that) but you forced me to do, we lost many people for unknown cause and if you still sing its as song than you are far away from reconciliation and we can do what its take for you to pay for the demages.

    • 1 October 2015 08:04, by Panda Odhie

      This Animal and his uncle Riek are the people taking South Sudan back to square one, Riek is well known for preaching hatred and liars ,proclaiming and praise himself to be an angel,Walai we will burn this country into ash but allowing Riek ideologies in South Sudan will be like dream. The killed people in cleaning but denying it lol.

      • 1 October 2015 08:22, by Mi diit

        Small Head,

        Kuol has never been clean and will never be. He was responsible for recruiting child soldiers and killed thousands of them.

        He is also known as the "Butcher of Equatorians."

        Didn’t you listen to the BBC interview in 1992 when BBC lady described him as "Kuol Mangaar, sitting under a tree with terrifying big red eyes."

        The man is evil...

        • 1 October 2015 09:00, by Khent

          Mi diit

          Kuol will always be cleaner than Riek. You do realise that Riek recruited child soldiers as recently as this war? There is no evidence that Kuol killed child soldiers, you dog. Riek is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians, and we have evidence for this from Amnesty International and other human rights organisations...

          • 1 October 2015 09:04, by Khent

            ..A man’s moral character is to be judged by his actions not by the appearance of his eyes. Riek murdered tens of thousands of civilians directly and indirectly, and this is supported by evidence from institutions of international significance. All you have is worthless rhetoric.

  • 1 October 2015 08:21, by Redeemer

    Massacre was started in 1991 by Nuer for the first of its kind as Junubeen, so brothers try to work hard for a reverse, you started with Dinka and Mabaan people in 1991 and by 2013 you added Shilluk they are now in their thousands in grave with no cause, your intention is very clear, I said yesterday that we were wrong to say Dinka is the problem in South Sudan

    • 1 October 2015 08:28, by Mi diit


      You people either don’t know history of massacres or try to conceal them.

      Massacres by SPLM/SPLA started in Gaajaak-Nuer land in 1985 under the leadership of John Garang. Thousands were massacred when Garang unleashed his two most powerful deputies, Kerubino Kwanyin Bol and William Nyuon Bany.

      Don’t twist history ya Mr. Liar.

      • 1 October 2015 08:38, by Big Head

        Amok diit, so your evil Riek was paying back 1985 massacre by massacrcing Bor people in 1991 as you wanted us to believe, again stop claiming what your boss haven’t worked for, you were busy killing south Sudanese with your master from Khartoum. what is new here that you are trying to claiming, all us of were there and we are still following the history. stop your madness otherwise.

      • 1 October 2015 08:54, by Khent

        Mi Diit

        The Gajaak massacre was not the first massacre of unarmed civilians, you lying scoundrel. It was preceded by the massacre of thousands of unarmed Dinka recruits by Khartoum supported and armed Nuer militias of Anyanya II in 1984. The Dinka lost 5, 000 unarmed patriotic recruits [civilians at this point] to the Nuer. This happened before the Gajaak massacre.

        • 1 October 2015 08:55, by Khent

          Heavily armed by the Sudan, the Anyanya II attacked SPLA recruits on their way to the training camps in Ethiopia. In May 1984, more than three thousand recruits from northern Bahr el Ghazal were ambushed and massacred in the area of Fanjak, and in 1986 over two thousand were massacred in the Lou area. (Playing Different Games: The Paradox of Anywaa and Nuer Identification)

  • 1 October 2015 09:09, by Big Head

    you got its well brother, mi diit only concerntrate on one sided stories forgetting him and his boss made alots of massacres, destructions to this beloved nation, we can’t heal our wounds if we can’t accept our deeds.

    • 1 October 2015 09:58, by Khent

      Big Head

      Thank you, brother. I will sort out this lying traitor every time he tries to subject us to his nonsense. You are right about the need to acknowledge that great evil has been committed by all sides from the time of the struggle up until now. Taking responsibility is the first step to reconciliation.

  • 1 October 2015 16:15, by Bentiu Sudan


    Military cooperation with Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Angola, Namibia, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Russia, Israel, and now Egypt. How many countries are currently fighting with South Sudan? What a desperate directionless government?!

    • 1 October 2015 16:43, by Khent

      Bentiu Sudan

      You people have got to stop lying and distorting the facts. Other than Uganda no other military power has any presence on the ground. Juba’s cooperation agreement with Egypt is very limited; it doesn’t go beyond the possible acquisition of Egyptian arms and joint training programs. Like every other country on earth, we purchase weapons from abroad.

  • 1 October 2015 19:54, by Mabior Dhongbang

    No matter what? We Bor are a head of you millions steps , yes 1991 is revenged in 2013 /12 , and we are still planning for more stupid majority of Upper Nile hahaha.

    • 1 October 2015 20:06, by Khent


      I don’t think you’re a Dinka. You’re not convincing I’m afraid. I suspect that you’re actually a Nuer, engaging in the most desperate and pathetic sock-puppet routine ever. A lot of people have assumed the identities of rival tribes in order to present tribal attacks as merely. ..

      • 1 October 2015 20:13, by Khent

        ..outgrowths of introspection and self criticism. I’m sorry but it simply doesn’t work, and ends up making you look like a twit. I take it that this is suppose to be the digital equivalent of a false flag operation. LOL! Try again.

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